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  • Aug 6, 2013
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1 Solving Business Challenges with the Winning Mindset from Sport 10 Secrets from High Performing Teams Innovation Centre, Airfield Business Park Wellington Way Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 7WB T: +44 (0)1858 414 214 E: [email protected] www.thespor

2 Build Stronger and more Resilient Teams Despite our evolutionary need to create communities and working groups, the science and management of team dynamics remains intriguing. Sporting Edge understands how difficult it is to get this right all the time so we interviewed some of the most successful leaders in sport to fuel our research. These exclusive insights deliver proven results - how does your team compare? 1 INSPIRING VISION Leaders need to create a compelling and inspiring vision which the team members can see their own story in. "Our vision was at the very heart of everything we did during London 2012 and acted as a promise to use the Olympic spirit to inspire everyone and reach out to young people across the world. Has your organisations vision been clearly articulated and communicated and do your staff feel inspired to be part of it? Lord Coe Chairman of the British Olympic Association 2 RECRUITMENT Team culture starts and ends with the people. When you get a chance to change a piece of the jigsaw, make sure that the new recruits share the values and drive you need to become world-class. If you dont have the right people then it is impossible to achieve success so recruitment is critical because what it also does is create the environment you work in. Does your recruitment process consider character and attitude Gareth Southgate Former England as much as technical skill? International and Premier League Manager 3 TRUST Trust galvanises teams under pressure, to fast track it team-mates need to know each other as people not just as performers. Trust develops through shared experience, its comes through a team coming together over a period of time and when you start looking at your team mates and you see them suffering too, thats when you start thinking, I trust that person. What practical techniques does your team use to develop trust? Ade Adepitan MBE Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Medallist www.thespor Your Winning Mindset

3 4 ROLE CLARITY Role clarity precedes role acceptance and role delivery. Clearly defining the roles of your performers helps them to see how their strengths and those of their team-mates align to the overall objective. There are some real basics sometimes overlooked, you need structure, a real clarity over roles and responsibilities. People like to know exactly where their job starts and exactly where it finishes and what authority do I have, you know am I responsible for, am I accountable, or am I just consulting. What exactly is everybodys role? Sir Dave Brailsford CBE Performance Director British Cycling Does your team have the role clarity it needs to succeed? 5 ACCOUNTABILITY Elite teams develop a set of standards which clearly articulate what is acceptable and what isnt. Whether written or unwritten, they hold everyone accountable to the teams shared objective. When there is not a great sense of accountability people hide or they make excuses, if everybody is fully aware of what is expected that already lifts everything. Are your team hiding behind a lack of accountability? Charles Van Commenee Elite Athletics Coach 6 TEAM CONFLICT Consider team conflict as a Goldilocks principle: too much or too little will be detrimental to performance. Judging the boundaries between apathy and personal attacks is the key, keep conflict task focussed. I like to select athletes that can add some discourse because conflict is really critical to achieving high performance. Has your team got the tools required to harness productive conflict? Biz Price Team GB Synchro Swimming Coach 7 DIVERSITY See diversity as a strength; varied viewpoints provide many solutions to a stubborn problem With many different cultures in the South African Cricket Team, embracing everyones unique background was a big part of us getting to number one in the world. Does your teams diversity help or hinder its problem solving? Graeme Smith South African Cricket Captain www.thespor Your Winning Mindset

4 8 MASTERY Create a culture where everyone is striving to be the best that they can be. Leaders will be a role model here and buddy systems encourage knowledge transfer and shared learning. We create an environment where individuals professional development is important to them and equally important to us. Where aspiration and desire to succeed is rewarded and celebrated. Its that whole business of creating an environment where excellence is an expectation not something that only a few can achieve. Baroness Sue Campbell Chair of UK Sport Is your team constantly striving and learning? 9 KISS THE BADGE People perform best when they are emotionally connected to the purpose of the organisation. Balance profit with purpose and use storytelling to engage stakeholders at all levels around the team cause. What I want is people to have such a good feeling about wearing the badge but, also other people seeing it that you say, if what they look at is the best then what were putting into it is everything it should be. If you can get people doing that, then they dont leave anything behind. Sir Ian McGeechan Elite Rugby Coach What makes your teams story emotionally engaging? 10 RESILIENCE Great teams are not just good on their day but create a belief, a habit of winning from any situation. They are relentless and create an era of sustained success. We believed that there was always someone in our team who could change the game, no matter what position, we knew we could find a way through it, find a way to win. How resilient is your team and does it thrive in adversity? Shane Warne Australian Cricket Legend www.thespor Your Winning Mindset

5 About Sporting Edge Founded in 2005 by former England cricketer Jeremy Snape, Sporting Edge translates the essential techniques from the worlds most successful coaches and athletes to fast-track your success. By blending practical tools from performance psychology with exclusive video insights from proven champions, Sporting Edge helps organisations to develop confident and resilient performers and stronger teams. Jeremy Snape MSc Sporting Edge Founder Practical New Techniques = Improved Team Results CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOS Use over 1000 game changing insights from Sporting Champions to boost your performance Sporting Edge understand the pressures of the modern workplace and has designed a series of keynotes, workshops and bite-sized learning events to inspire your team to improved results. Our fresh approach to corporate learning has consistently delivered results across a variety of organisations - contact us today to find about how we could support you. Clients include The Sporting Edge programme has not only reinforced our partnership with the London 2012 but it will also create a leadership legacy which will benefit the business for years to come. BMW - Sales Director Richard Hudson Centricas business leaders enjoy Sporting Edges creative and professional approach. Their unique multimedia content has powerful transferrable learning for the business challenges they face. Bill Lawry Head of Leadership Development Centrica www.thespor Your Winning Mindset

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