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2 2 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 3 The Editors Notebook Church increased spending for child protection by more than 50 percent, annual audit finds 2014 Walking Stations of the Cross Im Sorry Most cases reported last year occurred 30 to 40 years ago; Youth Protection, said one reason By David Garick, Editor for increased costs on child pro- some go back half a century tection was the rechecks of back- Station 1: Jesus Is Condemned to Death We are heading down toward the final my face, and turn U.S. dioceses and religious orders ground for a majority of diocesan Site: Faith Mission days of Lent. Holy Week will be here from their wick- in 2013 increased what they spent Focus: Homelessness personnel. This year, for instance, soon. So how are we doing in our Lent- ed ways; then on child protection by more than in many dioceses, it was time for en observance? will I hear from heaven, and will 50 percent over what they spent the every-five-year background Station 2: Jesus Is Made to Carry His Cross The church calls each of us to focus on the year before, according to the check renewal. There was also an Site: Topiary Garden in Old Deaf School Park certain duties during this special time of forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Our culture 2013 report from the Center for increase in the number of roles that Focus: Caring for Gods Creation the year. First, there is fasting and absti- Applied Research in the Aposto- tempts us to look only at our own de- required background checks. He nence. Given the good turnout at local late (CARA). In 2013, dioceses Station 3: Jesus Falls for the First Time fish fry dinners, many of us are probably sires. Self-esteem is the cardinal virtue noted that some dioceses realized of the secular world. The world tells us and religious orders spent $41.7 that the system that was used 10 Site: Grant Hospital doing pretty well at remembering to ab- million for child protection efforts, stain from meat on the Lenten Fridays. that to humble yourself is to deny your years ago is no longer adequate to Focus: Illness and Death destiny to control your own life. We an increase of more than $15 mil- the task at hand and bought more Prayer is also part of our Lenten obser- vance. More and more people are find- forget that we are not our own creation: lion over the previous year, when sophisticated programs to help Station 4: Jesus Meets His Mother He made from one the whole human they spent $26.6 million. keep track of training, background Site: Former Site of an Abortion Clinic ing time to turn away from the hustle race to dwell on the entire surface of the The numbers were reported in checks, risk management, payroll, and bustle of modern life and spending earth so that people might seek God, Focus: Abortion some time in prayer, especially prayer in the 2013 Survey of Allegations etc. He added that it is encourag- the presence of Our Lord during Adora- even perhaps grope for him and find and Costs: A Summary Report for ing to see dioceses putting the nec- Station 5: Simon Carries the Cross him, though indeed he is not far from the Secretariat of Child and Youth essary resources into ensuring the tion or Exposition of the Blessed Sacra- any one of us. For In him we live and Site: Nazareth Towers ment. Third, we are called to almsgiv- Protection, United States Confer- safety of children in its parishes and move and have our being. God has ence of Catholic Bishops. The Focus: Elderly ing. We all could do more to recognize schools. overlooked the times of ignorance, but Georgetown University-based re- the blessings we have received and to now he demands that all people every- search organization has gathered in- The survey reported that most in- Station 6: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus give from those blessings to our broth- ers and sisters in need. where repent because he has established formation since 2004, as part of an stances of abuse of minors by cler- Site: Holy Cross Church The final pillar of Lent is penance. a day on which he will judge the world annual report required by the U.S. ics reported last year took place be- Focus: Discrimination, Multiculturalism with justice through a man he has ap- tween 1970 and 1979. However, the bishops Charter for the Protection This is a tough one. We do want to be closer to God. We can be drawn to pointed, and he has provided confir- of Children and Young People. The report noted there were 10 instances Join hundreds of Catholics from around the diocese in walking the streets of downtown Colum- Station 7: Jesus Falls for the Second Time mation for all by raising him from the of credible allegations against per- bus on Good Friday morning and remembering the Passion of Our Lord on his walk to Calvary. Site: St. Lawrence Haven prayer, to acts of charity, to making sac- dead (Acts 17:26-31). full report may be found at www. They will be praying the Stations of the Cross while visiting various sites that will remind par- rifices. But repentance? That means usccb.org/issues-and-action/child- sons who currently are minors, nine Focus: Hunger, Poverty So as we finish this Lenten season, against diocesan clerics, and one ticipants that sin and hurt are very present in everyday life. The diocesan Office of Youth and admitting that we have done wrong and-youth-protection/upload/2013- Young Adult Ministry and the Office of Social Concerns invite interested parishes to inquire about and changing parts of ourselves that we let us turn inward and find those times Annual-Report.pdf against a member of a religious order. Station 8: Women of Jerusalem Weep when we have sinned and admit them, writing and preparing one of the stations. Contact Sean Robinson at [email protected] Site: Park Near Greyhound Bus Station dont really want to change. Pride gets seek Gods forgiveness, and resolve The survey also found that in CARA also reported that the num- or (614) 241-2565 if you are interested in preparing a station. in the way. It was pride that led to the to live differently. As you will read 2013, the number of new allega- ber of instances of abuse declined Focus: Runaways, Refugees fall of man in the Garden of Eden. It on Page 20 of this edition of Catholic tions and victims decreased to its from the previous year. A total of is pride that leads humans away from Times, even Pope Francis takes advan- lowest level since CARA began 457 victims made 464 allegations Station 9: Jesus Falls for the Third Time the path of God to follow what each of tage of the Sacrament of Reconcilia- collecting the data. The number of against 352 offenders. Three-quar- Site: Columbus Downtown Business District us has deemed the course we want to tion to admit his failings and to redirect offenders decreased by six percent, ters of the alleged offenders iden- Focus: Economic Responsibility and Joblessness follow. The problem is, that path leads his life. How much more do you and I and the number of allegations and tified in 2013 were deceased, had to death. It may look attractive and need to take some time to say to God, I victims decreased by one percent. been removed from ministry, or had Station 10: Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments comfortable now, especially compared to the arduous path that Christ took and have failed, but with your grace. I will Deacon Bernard Nojadera, direc- already left the religious institute at Site: Ohio Supreme Court do better. Then we can truly rejoice on tor of the Secretariat for Child and the time the allegation was reported. Focus: Justice which we are called to follow. Easter morning, fully understanding that But Scripture tells us, If my people, the wages of sin is death; but the gift of Station 11: Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross which are called by my name, shall God is eternal life through Jesus Christ humble themselves, and pray, and seek our Lord. A picture caption in the March 30 Catholic Times listed an incorrect record for the Colum- Site: WBNS-TV Downtown Bureau bus Bishop Watterson High School boys basketball team. The teams record was 26-3. Focus: Responsibility of the Media Station 12: Jesus Is Raised on the Cross and Dies Site: Ohio Statehouse Front Page photo: Bishop Frederick F. Campbell, D.D., PhD. ~ President & Publisher CATHOLIC David Garick ~ Editor ([email protected]) Focus: Death Penalty Danville St. Luke Church, an example of the High Victorian TIMES Tim Puet ~ Reporter ([email protected]) Alexandra Keves ~ Graphic Design Manager ([email protected]) Station 13: Jesus Is Taken from the Cross Site: Statehouse Veterans Plaza Gothic style of church Jodie Sfreddo ~ Bookkeeper/Circulation Coordinator architecture, dedicat- Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. Catholic Times is the official newspaper of the Catholic ([email protected]) Focus: Peace ed in 1896. The Knox Diocese of Columbus, Ohio. It is published weekly 45 times County parish was per year with exception of every other week in June, July and Mailing Address: 197 E. Gay St., Columbus OH 43215 Editorial/Advertising: (614) 224-5195 FAX (614) 241-2518 Station 14: Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb founded in 1820. August and the week following Christmas. Subscription rate: Site: St. Joseph Cathedral Courtyard $25 per year, or call and make arrangements with your parish. Circulation/Business: (614) 224-6530 FAX (614) 241-2518 CT file photo by Ken Snow Postmaster: Send address changes to Catholic Times, 197 E. Gay St., Columbus, Ohio 43215. Please allow two to four weeks for change of address. Focus: The Church

3 4 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 5 Science Bowl winners Catholic Mens Luncheon Club Father Henry to Be Honored at PRACTICAL STEWARDSHIP Father Bob Penhallurick, pastor of Hilliard St. Brendan Church, for the Diocese of East Anglia in 1996. He served in Cambridge, Christendom College Commencement By Rick Jeric will speak on the subject Am I England, for three years as an as- The chancellor of Francis- vone of Priests for Life. Really My Brothers Keeper? at sociate pastor, university chap- can University of Steuben- During his tenure as presi- the Friday, April 4 meeting of the lain, and trustee of the diocese. Laser Catholic Mens Luncheon Club In 1999, Bishop James Griffin ville, Father Terence Henry, TOR, will receive Chris- dent of Franciscan Universi- ty (2000-2013), Father Hen- at Columbus St. Patrick Church, of Columbus gave him permis- tendom Colleges Pro Deo After last week, are you still sanguine? It would ry promoted Pope John Paul 280 N. Grant Ave. The meeting sion to come to Ohio for what et Patria medal for Distin- be such a very different world if we could all be IIs call, echoed by Pope will take place following the par- originally was to be a two-year guished Service to God and happy and optimistic all the time. We are human, Benedict XVI, for Catholics ishs 11:45 a.m. Mass and will temporary assignment, and he country during commence- and we battle the ups and downs of our moods, to influence every aspect of conclude by 1 p.m. No reserva- has been in the United States ever ment exercises at the Front the culture. He introduced emotions, and daily challenges. No one can be a tions are necessary, but a $10 do- consistently happy and optimistic person forever. since. He became a priest of the Royal, Va. school on Satur- new majors in catechetics, nation to cover the cost of lunch Diocese of Columbus in 2004. day, May 17. sacred music, and legal stud- Even Jesus Christ the man went through a variety is requested. He has served as associate pastor ies, and established the Fran- of emotions, just like you and me. He was joyful and celebrated the wed- The medal acknowledges ding feast at Cana. He was angry with the moneychangers and chased The purpose of the Catholic at Columbus St. Peter and Hilliard individuals who have given outstanding ciscan University Institute of Bioethics to them out of the temple with a whip. He mourned the death of His friend Mens Luncheon Club is to foster St. Brendan churches and as pas- service to God, the Church, and the na- provide a solid Catholic response to secu- A five-member team from Portsmouth Notre Dame High School defeated 27 other teams a Christ-centered spirituality in tor of Newark St. Francis de Sales Lazarus and wept. He was fearful and in anguish over His impending from 16 schools at the South Central Ohio Regional Science Bowl, sponsored by the U.S. De- tion, and who have taken their faith and lar assaults on the dignity of human life, suffering and death, as His sweat was bloody. In the end, He taught us partment of Energy and Fluor B & W. men that offers ongoing personal Church. He was appointed pastor have lived it concretely in the public marriage, and other human life issues. the greatest mindset of all: complete submission in the name of forgive- conversion; information neces- at St. Brendans in 2012. square. In 2012, Father Henry directed Francis- Notre Dame defeated Chillicothe High School in the final round. The team will travel to ness and love. It is a conscious effort of mine to do my best to be as Washington in late April to compete in the National Science Bowl. sary to be a positive witness in In seminary, he completed a can Universitys filing of a lawsuit in op- daily life; insight on how to have The president of Christendom College, optimistic, happy, and loving as possible. Of course, I fail miserably. But Its coach, Matt Mader, has been at Notre Dame for five years and teaches physics, chemistry, masters degree with a concentra- position to the federal governments man- a Christian impact in the work- tion in bioethics and health care, Dr. Timothy ODonnell, said Father Hen- the effort makes a difference, and I know that it could be so much worse and junior high science. ry has been a great champion of defend- date that sought to force the university without focus, prayer, and determination. May our prayer continue to be place; and a deeper understand- writing his thesis on the moral is- to provide health insurance coverage for Team mmbers are (from left): Scott Warren, Colin Haskins, Bobby Morris, Jessica Schmidt, ing and explaining Catholic social teach- as sanguine as our lives. and Will Haney, pictured with science bowl officials. Their coach, Matt Mader, is second from ing of the Catholic faith. sues surrounding the freezing of procedures and medications that violate human embryos. ing and has always brought a Catholic We all know what a laser is, and we all should know what an acronym the left in the back row. Photo courtesy Joseph Pratt, Portsmouth Daily Times The club meets on the first Fri- its religious principles. perspective to important social questions. is. A laser is a highly specialized and harnessed beam of light and is used day of each month excluding Last year. he completed the Na- Father Henry will offer the baccalau- January, July, and August to help He has always been a very strong voice for a variety of purposes. An acronym is a word or series of letters that stands for a particular phrase. For example, one of my favorites is Bishop Flaget Science Fair men keep the nine First Fridays tional Catholic Bioethics Cen- ters masters level certification in the public square, said ODonnell. In a very difficult time for the Church, Father reate Mass at Christendom on Friday, May 16. SNAFU an acronym that eventually became a word in itself which as a component of devotion to in bioethics, writing his final pa- He was ordained to the priesthood in the Sacred Heart. Meatless meals per on moral issues surrounding Henry has stood up with courage, humil- stands for Situation Normal, All Fouled Up. With one week left until ity, and intellectual acumen. He is a great 1976. In June 2013, he was appointed Palm Sunday, and only two weeks until Easter, I thought I would create are served year-round in keeping the diagnosis of medical futil- chancellor at Franciscan. In his new po- with Catholic penitential disci- ity in terminal illness and patient example of a strong priest and leader. my own acronym out of the word laser: Longing for Another Sanguine sition, he assists the alumni relations of- Easter Resurrection. Lent is almost over and we long for the celebration pline. For more information on therapeutic obstinacy. Past recipients of the medal include Fa- fice, the development office, and other of the Resurrection, which is our salvation. We are thankful that Lent the organization, go to www.Co- His talk on end-of-life issues ther Michael Scanlan, TOR, president of departments in advancing the mission of is relatively short, but long enough to focus our hearts and minds on lumbusCatholicMen.com. will be of interest to all Catholic Franciscan University from 1974-2000; the university. Father Henry also serves forgiveness, reconciliation, and love. That light we see at the end of the Father Penhallurick is a native of men, especially those facing such pro-life activist Nellie Gray; Philadelphia as local minister of Holy Spirit Friary, tunnel is the light of the risen Christ in the flame of the Easter candle. Cornwall in the United Kingdom, issues with parents, spouses, and Archbishop Charles Chaput; Cardinal J. located at the university, where he serves There is no stronger or brighter light than that first light at the Easter where he was ordained a priest in their own planning. Francis Stafford; and Father Frank Pa- his brother friars. Vigil. It dispels the darkness and forever heals us with the promise of eternal life. The light of a laser can be in a variety of forms. Covering most of the spectrum, and drawing parallels to our Lenten journey, we start with blue ray. This laser is a steady, ongoing light that gives us the FREE ROOF clearest and sharpest picture as we view a DVD, just as we pray and seek Four Chillicothe Bishop Flaget School students will be heading to the Ohio Academy of Sciences INSPECTION ! St. Francis DeSales High School is beginning their search for a clarity in our lives. The red laser is used in pointers and is pretty harm- State Science Day in May to showcase their science fair projects. They are (from left) Audrey Do you qualify Director of Campus Ministry. Application deadline is April 16. for a new roof Huggins, Jenna Lapurga, Joseph Herlihy, and Deloris Corcoran. All are seventh-graders except Please visit www.stfrancisdesaleshs.org to view job description. less, unless it is shined in our eyes. We need that blinding light here and Lapurga, who is in the sixth grade. They received superior ratings at the Southeast District paid for by there to bring us back to a proper focus on what is important in our Science Fair at Ohio University in Athens. Nine other students received excellent ratings. insurance? lives. It prepares us for the eternally brilliant light of the risen Christ. Photo courtesy Bishop Flaget School The green laser is used for some surgeries, cutting out the bad and leav- ing the good. Much of Lent is the proper use of our own spiritual green Nursing & Therapy Services lasers. Finally, the violet laser is used in many computers, allowing for in the comfort of greater learning and the search for answers. This never ends for all of us. YOUR home Our practical challenge this week is to check our respective power were here, call 614-336-8870 supplies for our personal lasers. Next Sunday is Palm Sunday, the start FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED H MEDICARE & MEDICAID CERTIFIED of Holy Week. Let us focus our beams of light this week on continuity of SHERIDAN the search for holiness, for a true reaction to the blindness that begs for OAKLAND NURSERY reconciliation, for the strength to cut out the bad in our lives, and for the GEORGE J. IGEL & CO., INC. VOTED BEST IN THE U.S. 2040 ALUM CREEK DRIVE . COLUMBUS, OHIO never-ending journey toward spiritual understanding. Let us continue to 614.445.8421 . www.igelco.com FUNERAL HOME Now is the best time to plan and Since 1967 design your landscape. Patios, pools, Long for Another Sanguine Easter Resurrection. Plumbing, Drains & Boilers Jeric is director of development and planning for the Columbus Diocese. SITE DEVELOPMENT . EARTHWORK . UTILITIES . CONCRETE 740-653-4633 walk-ways, retaining walls, lawn sprinkler systems 614-299-7700 STABILIZATION . EARTH RETENTION . ROLLER COMPACTED CONCRETE 222 S. COLUMBUS ST., LANCASTER 268-3834 www.muetzel.com OH Lic. #24318

4 6 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 7 Deacon as Communion referee; Chasing Ice Documentary Disciples 4 Life Retreat extends Lenten sacrifice and devotion are both species necessary? The Corpus Christi Center of Peace, 1111 E. Stewart Ave., Columbus, Catholic Climate Covenant, the Of- fice for Social Concerns of the Di- Forty days can seem like a very long time, especially when youve commit- also make a firm commitment to grow ever closer to Our Lord. Simple, yet For some, this may be a scary pros- pect, with the burning question of Him speak to you in prayer? This retreat is for you, whether you will sponsor a free screening of the ocese of Columbus, and National ted to doing something that is difficult. profound: Give up, add on. What is a retreat? What will be ex- have never been on a retreat or dont doumentary Chasing Ice from 6:30 Geographic for the Chasing Ice Ohio In preparation for Easter, many people What if we extended that concept be- pected of me? (Do not be afraid. No know much about the Catholic faith, QUESTION & ANSWER to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 1. Chasing Ice is an Academy Award- Tour 2014, an initiative to inspire consciousness and care around cli- use the 40 days of Lent to develop dis- cipline by giving up things they enjoy, yond the 40 days of Lent, beyond the prior knowledge is necessary. Your have a great love for theology and can celebration of Easter? open heart is enough.) For others, it quote from the Bible, or are somewhere by: FATHER KENNETH DOYLE nominated film that captures visual mate change and Gods creation, and like a morning coffee or sweets. The Disciples 4 Life Retreat Team from may seem to be far too big of a time between those two extremes. Catholic News Service evidence of climate change through to ignite an innovative call to action. This year, in addition to giving some- commitment. But consider this: What if Grove City Our Lady of Perpetual Help If you are intrigued by the thought of the use of time-lapse photography. After the documentary is shown, thing up, think about the idea of add- Church has a very concrete way that you you gave up your fear of the unknown extending the celebration of Easter by there will be conversation with some Q It had its premiere at the Sundance ing on. Give up going out to eat and can extend (or begin) the theme of giv- and added on a commitment to learn giving up and adding on, contact Pat . Our recently ordained deacon from its outset? Catholic teaching is of those involved in the filming. Film Festival, has been shown in add on a daily rosary. Give up com- ing up and adding on. On the weekend about our Catholic faith? What if you Flavin at (614) 871-7998 for more in- told a parishioner he did not clear and certain; strategies, under- 172 nations, and has won nearly 40 Anyone who wants to attend must plaining and add on a half-hour of of April 25-27, you have the opportunity gave up your reluctance to take a full formation about this years Disciples feel comfortable giving him Commu- standably, can vary. awards from festivals around the call in advance, because the size of Morning Prayer. Give up beer and add to attend a Disciples 4 Life retreat at St. weekend to be with Our Lord and add- 4 Life retreat. Youll be glad you an- nion because the man married a di- world. Q the screening room limits attendance on a daily Mass. Therese Retreat Center, 5277 E. Broad ed an opportunity to be open to hearing swered Gods call. vorced woman. (He was a widower.) . I have noticed that, at Commu- Even if the man should not receive nion, some people will take the It has been screened at the United to 35 people. By sacrificing something that we en- St., Columbus. The experience begins Nations, before Congress, and at the Communion, is it the deacons role to excommunicate this person? I am host but not drink from the chalice. Is Communion complete when you con- White House. To respond, email corpuschristi- [email protected] or call joy and taking up a practice that will improve our spiritual lives, not only do with dinner at 6 p.m. Friday, April 25 and concludes with a celebration of Mass at Father Raymond new president of a cradle Catholic; a deacon is not a sume the body but not the blood? Also, Chasing Ice is partnering with the (614) 512-3731. we prepare for the joy of Easter, but we noon Sunday, April 27. Holy Cross Family Ministries priest, and, needless to say, many why do some churches still provide people are leaving our parish because only the host at Communion? (Goose By Catholic News Service educational resources to families. of him. (Indiana) Creek, S.C.) Father Wilfred Willy Raymond, The institute is named after Father CSC, who has led Family Theater Pro- Patrick Peyton, CSC, a Holy Cross A . To clarify, in the situation you present, the man has not been A . From the earliest days of the churchs celebration of the Eu- charist, holy Communion was custom- ductions in Hollywood for nearly 14 years, has been named the new presi- priest who established Family Theater Productions, a radio and television excommunicated by the deacon, nor dent of Holy Cross Family Ministries, ministry in the 1940s, as an offshoot of by his own doing, nor by the church. arily received under both species -- in which encompasses Family Theater his Family Rosary Crusade. He coined accordance with Christs command to Productions. the slogan The family that prays to- The Catechism of the Catholic take and eat ... take and drink. Church, in No. 1651, says of Catholics Father Raymond succeeds Father gether stays together. A world at prayer who are divorced and remarried civilly It was only in the late 11th century John Phalen, CSC, who has been at the is a world at peace. that priests and the whole community that it became commonplace for only helm of Holy Cross Family Ministries During his tenure, Father Phalen en- must manifest an attentive solicitude, the host to be distributed. The Second for 18 years. He will take on a new as- ure enhanced the ministrys outreach so that they do not consider themselves Vatican Councils extension of the use signment in 2015 as novice director in to families by expanding Internet out- separated from the church. of both species was, then, a return to Peru for the Congregation of the holy reach, including e-blasts going to the original practice. Cross. Father Raymond takes over for more than 1.5 million people last year. Such persons are encouraged to con- tinue to attend Mass and to persevere The General Instruction of the Ro- Father Phalen on July 1. Significant outreach also was in prayer and in the works of charity. It man Missal is clear in stating in No. No successor for Father Raymond achieved through website visitors, app is true that they cannot receive eucha- 282 that Christ, whole and entire, and at Family Theater Productions has yet users, and those engaged through so- ristic Communion as long as this situa- the true Sacrament, is received even been named. cial media. Traditional forms of out- tion persists (No. 1650). under only one species. But that same reach remain on the forefront of the Father Raymond is the brother of document clearly encourages more ministrys activities through face-to- But the tactical question is how and Deacon Hector Raymond of Pickering- frequent use of both the consecrated face outreach to families with events when to present that teaching. I do it ton St. Elizabeth Seton Parish. bread and the wine since, in this way, and products. by occasional reminders in homilies the sign of the eucharistic banquet is Holy Cross Family Ministries, based or parish mailings -- expressed not in made more fully evident. in Massachusetts, includes not only He also opened Holy Cross Family the language of prohibition, but as Family Theater Productions but also Ministries offices in 10 nations, includ- a suggestion that those in a marriage The General Instruction, in No. 283, ing Bangladesh, Chile, Uganda, Kenya, Family Rosary, a prayer ministry in 17 not recognized by the church would authorizes each diocesan bishop to set Tanzania, France, Ghana, Haiti, India, nations, and the Father Peyton Family do well to consult with a priest to see norms regarding the use of both spe- and Mexico to better serve families. Institute, based in Peru, which provides if any steps might be taken which cies, That same section allows bishops would allow them to participate fully to delegate to a pastor the determina- in the Eucharist by receiving holy tion as to when Communion will be Theology on Tap Communion. distributed under both forms. Sister Mary Ann Fatula, OP, of Ohio ing insights through which Catholics That works better, I believe, than con- In our parish, which is blessed to have Dominican University, will be the fea- knowledge of the Blessed Trinity can fronting someone who presents him- a number of willing and devout lay tured speaker at this months Theology be explained to non-Catholic friends. self for Communion. I prefer to give ministers, reception under both species on Tap meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, is used for weekday Masses as well as Theology on Tap invites young adults that person the benefit of the doubt. April 10, at El Vaquero, 3230 Olen- to learn more about their faith and to on Sundays. tangy River Road, Columbus. In the case cited, how would I know share in their Catholic community. For the circumstances of the wifes first Questions may be sent to Father She will speak about the three per- more information, contact cbustheolo- marriage -- whether that marriage Kenneth Doyle at [email protected] sons of the Holy Trinity, growing close [email protected] or go to www. might have since been annulled, or gmail.com and 40 Hopewell St., to each person, and the difference this facebook.com/groups/ColumbusThe- not even recognized by the church Albany, N.Y. 12208. closeness makes in our lives, provid- ologyonTap.

5 8 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 9 Faith DISCRIMINATION AND MAKING SENSE HUMAN GENITAL SEXUALITY Out of Bioethics Father Tad Pacholczyk LIVING Discrimination is often understood as act- bisexual, transsexual, intersex, and other- It remains the better part of wisdom to dis- multaneously in the same act. ing out of prejudice against persons who dif- wise queer) people. He has explained that criminate, in the moral sense of the term, Conjugal acts, meanwhile, involve the fer from us and do not share our views, traits, he could no more embrace the hatred and between disordered uses of human sexual- language of giving and receiving, through values, or lifestyles. The word discrimina- discrimination of Christian brothers and ity and the ordered engagement of human a union of complementary human persons. TURNING TO GOD, EVEN WHEN IT FEELS CRAZY tion, however, has an older meaning, as well; sisters against the sexual minority than he sexuality within marriage. Conjugal acts address a mans and a wom- namely, to draw a clear distinction between could embrace the racism of apartheid, In the human body, our organs have discern- ans need for completion not only by the proper and improper, good and evil, to dif- now overthrown. ible functions: the heart pumps blood; kid- intimate bodily communication of them- ferentiate and recognize as different. This Regrettably, we all know of people who neys remove waste products from the blood selves to each other, but in a transcendent I dont know WHAT came over me. And somehow, it was all bearable. Somehow, I was older meaning generally carried favorable manifest a racist attitude against others, and excrete them in the urine; reproductive and ecstatic way to a reality greater than The kids were bouncing off the walls, the noise level fortified. connotations with it: a person of discrimi- nation was someone of good judgment and treating them improperly because of char- organs join man and woman as one, and en- themselves in the engendering of their off- was topping earth-shaking, and I had a list that was Finding Faith in In that moment, when I turned to God, at a moment detailed knowledge, as in the case of one acteristics they cannot control, like skin color. Even when a person can control cer- able the procreation of children. The ana- tomical and procreative complementarity spring. We intuitively view the world in purpose- still a half-mile long. Everyday Life when stopping and pausing and praying felt like the craziest thing I could do, I was freed. who could discriminate between fine wines, tain characteristics, like their sexual behav- of men and women is evident, and even the Maybe it just seemed fruitless to keep working before Sarah Reinhard driven ways, and we recognize the telos dinner. Maybe I realized that Scramble wouldnt cut it Freed from the pressure to be perfect. Freed from the detecting subtle but relevant differences, or iors, and they still choose to do something shapes of their sexual organs reveal how they (end) written into the realities that sur- someone on Wall Street who could discrimi- wrong and perverse, such as having sex with for what I needed. Maybe I was desperate enough to need to be in control. Freed to be instead of do. are designed for each other, something not round us. The telos of an acorn is to be- nate between the profiles of different com- animals, we must never choose to hate the true of nonconjugal forms of sexual activity. come an oak tree; the telos of human sexu- realize what I really needed. The day didnt end perfectly. To be honest, I dont panies, discerning which stocks would rally much snow). remember the details. What I remember, what I want person who engages in these wrong and As Dale OLeary points out, the reproduc- ality is to draw man and woman together I did something astounding. and which would decline. perverse behaviors. But loving the person tive/sexual organs of men and women are to procreate and raise children in the fam- No, I did something that felt waaaaaaay more crazy: to keep reminding myself, is the inner peace that came No, I didnt scream at the kids to HUSH, I didnt I cracked open iBreviary on my tablet and prayed from letting go and letting God. Only in more recent times has the term who commits sexual sins never entails that different and designed to fit together. When ily unit created by marriage. Acknowledg- discrimination assumed the second we should accept his sins and perversions; lock myself in the bathroom, I didnt put earbuds Evening Prayer. electricians refer to male and female plugs, ing the fashioning of our sexuality in this Im not in control. And, thank God, I dont have to be. meaning signifying prejudice, or an un- on the contrary, to love him authentically in and crank loud music. I didnt get in my van everyone can easily recognize which is which determinate way, and recognizing the con- The chaos didnt stop. Or still. Or change. founded bias against a person, group, or means we seek to help him rise out of his and why they are so named. and leave (I may or may not have been tempted), I Sarah Reinhard is online at SnoringScholar.com jugal union of marriage as an institution of and is the author of Catholic Family Fun: A Guide culture on the basis of racial, gender, or damaging behaviors, so that he can live in a didnt call or text my complaints to anyone (I may The background chorus was the typical before- OLeary further notes that nonconjugal nature, not a product of mans willfulness, for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or ethnic background. Sometimes people will more fully human way by means of better or may not have come close), I didnt run outside dinner roughhousing and screaming. There was acts are ultimately acts that one person enables us to discriminate between proper equate discrimination against people who moral choices. and attempt to escape across a field (there was too whining and interruptions and tears. Clueless. does to another, and that such acts involve and improper uses of the gift of our genital are gay or lesbian with racism, much like Clearly, then, nobody should embrace the language of using and being used. She sexuality. discrimination based on skin color. As Mi- THE NINTH STATION hatred and discrimination against any- notes that Although there are various Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, PhD, earned his chael Kirby notes: one, GLBTIQ or otherwise, but everyone acts in which two or more individuals can doctorate in neuroscience from Yale and Bishop Desmond Tutu, one time Angli- should show care and compassion toward engage for sexual pleasure, only one very did postdoctoral work at Harvard. He is a can Archbishop in South Africa, who had those with GLBTIQ dispositions, in the specific act consummates a marriage. The priest of the diocese of Fall River, Mass., By Sandra Bonneville, OPA bystander frozen in the crowd standing in, we turn on the nightly news. Such on the way of sorrows. However, I earlier tasted the sting of racial discrimi- hope that they might come to recognize other acts involve the hands, either end and serves as director of education at The on the cold stone, witnessing the abuse sadness when a life is taken, much bad am often lifted up revisiting in church nation, has been a valiant defender of the Many years ago, I would accompany and renounce the harmful and disordered of the digestive system, or physical objects, National Catholic Bioethics Center in Phila- and injustice of an innocent, sinless news of families, people experiencing and in my heart the ninth station, when equality and dignity of GLBTIQ (gay,lesbian, my third-grade son after school to forms of sexual activity that tempt them. but not the reproductive organs of both si- delphia. See www.ncbcenter.org. man, the Son of God Incarnate. pain and loss. Naturally, we become Jesus fell for the third time. choir practice at Columbus St. Mary Magdalene Church. To pass time until Why was my heart so painfully pierced remorseful. We shake our heads, say a Suffering, tired, and beaten down, practice ended, I would read, pray the by His humiliation and suffering? prayer, feel sorrow. carrying the cross profoundly laden Carry the Cross ~ Wilderness Outreach Program rosary, and just relax. One day, I was sitting in a pew next Wiping the tears from my face, I quickly attempted to compose myself, However, imagine if these poor souls we read and hear about through by our sins, Jesus asked His heavenly Father to help Him persevere. And The annual Carry the Cross hike for Those taking part in the hike should park. Men are encouraged to arrive by 7 dernessoutreach.net. Information also at to the wall with the Stations of The as my son would soon be finished with the news were people we know -- dear Jesus got up, again. men, sponsored by Wilderness Outreach, bring a day pack with two to three li- a.m. Morning Prayer will start at 7:30. www.wildernessoutreach.net or http:// Cross. As I glanced to the side, my sight choir practice. I was perplexed at my friends, family members, those we love I, too, ask God to help me rise from will take place on Holy Saturday, April ters of water, and rain gear. During the www.facebook.com/pages/Wilderness- reaction. This weighed heavily on my and hold close within our hearts? We the heartaches and sufferings in my life. For information, call John Bradford at fixated on the ninth station, Jesus Falls 19, at Clear Creek Metro Park, just off hike, silent meditation on Jesus Passion 614.679.6761 or via email at [email protected] Outreach/290062497564. mind and heart, as I mourned for days would be devastated. We would feel And He lifts me up, again. for the Third Time. As I contemplated U.S. 33 near the border of Fairfield and is encouraged. Spoken prayers are also with the ninth station on my mind. the pain, the grief, the loss much deeper the beautiful mosaic on the church An act of hate and cruelty became the Hocking counties. encouraged. Participants do not have to wall, I was suddenly overwhelmed After all, I had walked the Stations of and much longer in our hearts. It would walk the entire 12 miles. greatest act of love and peace. Carry the Cross is a 12 mile Stations with remorse. Tears began to flow the Cross many times. I knew well the be personal. of the Cross hike. A cross constructed This year will begin the first year of story of Christs Passion. Id always felt From Jesus suffering to paradise, uncontrollably. My heart ached for On that day many years ago, when I of six-by-six-inch timber, approximate- the Carry the Cross challenge. The par- a sense of deep sadness. But why on this from the cross to Eternity, Jesus Jesus sorrow and pain. glanced up at the ninth station of the poverty became our redemption. Jesus ly 10 feet long with a seven-foot cross ish with the most men attending will be day had the Stations of the Cross, the cross, it was personal. beam, will be carried by the men on the presented a replica of the larger cross, With each sob rising from my soul, I ninth station in particular, affected me obedience became our courage. Jesus journey. which it will keep for the coming year. could not understand why I was filled in such a private, distressed manner? That was the day when I knew Jesus surrender became our salvation. A sin burlap bag will be attached to A plaque inscribed with the name of the with such heartfelt compassion for as the heartbeat of my life, the veritable Jesus death became our life. parish with the most participants will be his Passion. As I gazed at the image Several days later, during a sleepless caretaker of my soul, my closest friend, the cross. Each man will anonymously placed on the cross each year. of Jesus attempting to get up with night as I lay in bed pondering my grief, my family. I truly felt His pain, His It was personal. write down the sins he wants to be healed and forgiven of and place them in the The starting location will be in the park- the weight of the cross struggling to the answer came to me. It was personal. humiliation. His love and forgiveness Sandra Bonneville is a parishioner bag. At the end of the journey, the bag ing lot and shelter house at the Barneby continue his journey to Golgotha, my Too often in the daily newspaper, we -- His everlasting, undying peace. My at Columbus St. Mary Magdalene will be burned. Hambleton area, at the western end of the heart drifted back in time. I felt like a read about tragedies. Before we turn heart remains somber while reflecting Church.

6 10 Catholic Times/ April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014/Catholic Times 11 ST. LUKE PARISH BLENDING TRADITION, ACTIVITY BY TIM PUET ish also has a turkey dinner in early November. Reporter, Catholic Times The buildings constant use means there are a lot of things which have to be stored for the various events, A new sound is coming from one of the oldest church- and were at the point that weve run out of space, said es in Ohio. Father Victor Wesolowski, pastor of St. Lukes since St. Luke Church, which has been part of the Knox July 2012. We plan to use our returned BAA money and County village of Danville for nearly 200 years, three proceeds from the festival to help pay for an addition to weeks ago installed a new electronic carillon system, the center which will include an extra classroom, and are which uses compact discs to produce the sound of the planning down the road to expand the storage space. bells which call people to worship five minutes before Masses and ring the Angelus at 9 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. The parish actively participates in the communitys Above (from left): Father Homer Blubaugh, St. Luke parishioners Ed Bennett, Janet Butts, Marilyn Arnold, Margaret Samples, interfaith group, the Association of Danville Area Min- Donald Butts, and Martha Neighbarger, and Father Victor Wesolowski, pastor. Right: The churchs main altar. CT photos by Tim Puet The system, from the Verdin Co. of Cincinnati, re- isters (ADAM). Every Thursday during Lent, except places reel-to-reel tapes which had been in use since Holy Thursday, St. Lukes hosts a noontime prayer the 1970s. It includes a greater variety of music than distance across the street from the church. Sanctuary clothing, and medical transport and prescription assis- service sponsored by ADAM, followed by lunch in the director Barb Mickley, a St. Lukes parishioner, said tance. the older system. Money to pay for it came from the community center. Pastors from Methodist, Lutheran, Bishops Annual Appeal, which has a policy of return- both groups were started in the mid-1990s, manily St. Lukes has about 400 families, a figure thats re- Brethren, and Wesleyan churches are taking turns of- through the efforts of Father Snoke and his colleagues ing to a parish any excess BAA funds it raises in excess fering reflections from the Gospel according to St. mained stable for several years, said longtime parish- of the stated parish goal. in the ministerial association. Though separate, the or- ioners Margaret Samples, Marilyn Arnold, Ed Bennett, Mark during the series, which will conclude on Good ganizations work together in many ways. The bells can be heard throughout downtown Dan- Friday when Father Wesolowski speaks about Marks and Martha Neighbarger. They said that although some ville and are an auditory symbol of how St. Lukes is Sanctuary provides a central location for social ser- people have moved from their rural roots in the area, account of Jesus Passion. vices programs in eastern Knox County, such as home- an integral part of the community it serves. A more vis- Father Wesolowski is continuing a tradition of having their loss has been balanced by the arrival of people who ible symbol of that link is the community center locat- delivered and on-site meals, immunization clinics, the way because of the type of community this is. You see the pastor at St. Lukes speak at the community Good have retired and come to Apple Valley, a resort commu- ed behind the church. Dedicated in 1969, the center is Women, Infants, and Children program, legal aid, tax everyone at Mass and things like the chicken dinner Friday service. The practice started under his predeces- preparation, the high-school equivalency diploma pro- nity built around a man-made lake near the parish. 60 by 120 feet, includes space for religious education sor, Father F. Richard Snoke, who served the parish for The village of Danville, which has about 1,100 resi- and the raccoon dinner, you get to know them, and then gram, and senior citizens and veterans assistance. It is Above: Danville St. Luke Churchs exterior. Below: Stained-glass windows classes and the parish offices, added a picnic pavilion 25 years from 1987 until retiring in 2012. dents, and its surroundings include several families when something happens where someone needs help, not affiliated with any religious organization. of Sts. Joseph, Peter, Paul, and Patrick. CT photos by Ken Snow (top), Tim Puet through an Eagle Scout project this past fall, and has a who have lived in the area for generations. people always come together to provide it. hall that seats 500 people, making it the largest meet- Also benefiting from the parishs community involve- Interchurch Social Services is an emergency needs ment are the Sanctuary Community Action Service provider offering services similar to those of the Joint I came here about 15 years ago, so Im still sort of ing space in town. Im 86 and have been a part of the parish all my life, Center and the Interchurch Social Services organiza- Organization for Inner-City Needs in Columbus. It has a newcomer, Bennett said. The thing that impressed Samples said. Ive always felt I know everybody here, The hall hosts community events such as monthly tion, which are located in adjacent buildings a short a food pantry and provides aid for rent and utility bills, me here from the beginning was the values everybody and I think most everyone in the parish feels the same meetings of the towns senior citizens group, Red around town seems to have. Father Snoke was a great Cross bloodmobile visits, flu shots, classes for medical part of what made the town special, and Father Vic has professionals, testing for the Danville public schools fit right in. (the high school is across from the church), prescrip- The word devout is the first thing that comes to tion drug dropoff programs, wedding receptions, and mind when I think of the parish, Neighbarger said. banquets. People around here have great respect for each other, Parishioners say in a manner both humorous and se- no matter what their religion, and this carries over. Ive rious that it doesnt take much of an excuse to find a had people talk about our students from the public high reason to put together a dinner at the center. Two food- school and say they thought it was a Catholic school, related events in particular draw hundreds of people not just because its across the street, but because of the there each year the Danville Lions Club raccoon din- respect the young people showed. ner in February and the parish chicken dinner in July. St. Lukes lists its official date of incorporation as The raccoon dinner dates to 1945. All 200 raccoons 1820, when a log church was built, and says its the which were hunted and trapped for this years dinner second-oldest Catholic church in the diocese and the were local, with about 120 provided by parishioner state. The first Catholics in the Danville area, George Leonard Mickley and his nephew, Brian Payne. The and Catherine Sapp, came to Ohio from Maryland in chicken dinner is part of the parishs one-day festival, 1808. A Catholic cemetery was laid out in 1812. Father which this year will take place on Saturday, July 12 Edward Fenwick and other pioneer Dominican mis- from 5 to 10 p.m. The festival also includes a country sionaries based at the states oldest church in Somerset store, raffles, bingo, fish pond, inflatable bouncer, and began regular visits two years later. other games and activities, plus a themed basket auc- tion which last year raised more than $6,000. The par- Scenes from the annual Danville St. Luke Church chicken dinner and parish festival, which will take place this year on Saturday, July 12. Photos courtesy Danville St. Luke Church See ST. LUKE, Page 12

7 12 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 13 ST. LUKE, continued from Page 11 ANNUAL THREE BAGS FULL CHILDRENS SPRING CONSIGNMENT EVENT Good Friday Passion play with The 11th annual Three Bags Full chil- Seton Parish, 600 Hill Road North, ceive a presale pass for consignors a week, consignors receive a check St. Lukes youth Knights of Columbus drens spring consignment event will Pickerington. only. This gives them a chance to shop in the mail for the profit on the items Photos courtesy St. Luke Church at parish cemetery take place at several central Ohio lo- The sale began in 2004 in Newark on the evening before public shopping, they sold. cations this spring. The sale benefits with 12 participating families. Today, getting best selection of the thousands All items must be clean, neat, and of Catholic and pro-life charities such as more than 800 families sell quality of items for sale. The early bird sale good quality. Items are all inspected, the Joint Organization for Inner-City childrens and teen items of all types, also is open to first-time mothers and and anything stained, damaged, worn- Needs, the Pregnancy Decision Health and thousands of shoppers come to the to families of military, police, fire, and out, or out of style is not accepted. Centers, and the Josephs Coat clothing event, which takes place in the spring emergency medical personnel. Fami- Families interested in selling their ministry. and fall. lies in these categories may register in items must preregister online at www. Sale dates, times, and sites are: Families sell items they no longer need advance at the organizations website, threebagsfull.info. There are deadlines Thuursday, April 10, from 9 a.m. to or want, using an automated, online bar- www.threebagsfull.info. to register before each event, as listed 8 p.m., Friday, April 11, from 9 a.m. to coded tagging system, Each family, On conclusion of the sale, consign- on the website. 2 p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m., and Saturday, upon registering, receives a consignor ors may pick up their unsold items, For more information, go to the web- April 12, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Hart- number which identifies the family and or they are donated. More than 8,000 site or call Joyce Black at ford Fairgrounds, 14028 Fairgrounds is built into the bar code. Families price items are donated each season. Within (614) 561-5300. Road, Croton. their own items, determining the selling It was replaced by a frame church in 1838. One year later, the church had its Knights of Columbus hall. A compan- ion statue of St. Joseph, also removed 74, a tenure succeeded only by those of Fathers Snoke and Teipe. conducts monthly card parties in the community center, as well as a Christ- Thursday, April 24, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday, April 25, from 9 a.m. to price of each. Bar codes are scanned at checkout, so families can log into their The Catholic Foundation Hosts Ryan Anderson for first resident pastor, Father Jean Bap- tiste Lamy, who was in Danville from because of renovation, is to be replaced by a similar statue from the Holy Family The remaining two, both relatives of the Durbins, are diocesan priests today. mas bazaar during the November tur- key dinner, and handles bereavement 2 p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m., and Saturday, April 26, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., High- online account to see a listing of what sold each day. A Conversation on Marriage 1839 to 1847 and also served parishes Jubilee Museum in Columbus. A small Father Homer Blubaugh is retired, lives lunches following funerals. point Nazarene Church, 795 Pollock Families earn 65 percent of the selling The Catholic Foundation will host A scholarly journals, including The New in Mount Vernon, Newark, and else- wooden St. Joseph statue purchased near his home church, and celebrates Parishioners have continued a long- Road, Delaware. price. If they volunteer, then can earn Conversation on Marriage from 6 to York Times, The Washington Post, where in Ohio. He eventually moved from a group which sells religious goods or concelebrates Mass there frequently standing tradition of forming a volun- as much as 80 percent. The entire sale 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 22 at its offices, Christianity Today, and many others. to New Mexico, where he became from the Holy Land once a year at the Thursday, May 1, from 10 a.m. to 7 when not assisting at other parishes. teer choir for this years Easter Vigil p.m., Friday, May 2, from 9 a.m. to 2 is run by families volunteering to help, 257 E. Broad St., Columbus. He has appeared on many broadcast archbishop of Santa Fe and the subject parish is being used as a temporary re- Father James Colopy is in residence at service and have been practicing since from setup to teardown. and cable news outlets, including CNN, of Willa Cathers classic novel Death placement. p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m., and Saturday, May Ryan Anderson, co-author of What Columbus St. Peter Church. March. A similar tradition exists for the is Marriage? Man and Woman: A De- Fox News Channel, and MSNBC. Comes for the Archbishop. 3, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., St. Elizabeth In addition, families participating re- In 194 years, there have been 18 pastors The parish staff includes secretary Christmas midnight Mass. The parish fense, will discuss and defend the rea- Periodically, The Catholic Founda- A brick church dedicated in 1877 was at St. Lukes. Father Snokes 25-year Sandy Mickley, treasurer Betty Hoff- also has a mens choir and a folk group sons for the historical consensus of tion offers Conversation events as a destroyed by fire and replaced by the tenure was exceeded only by that of Fa- man, and Thomas Harrmann, who as which sing twice and once a month re- marriage between a man and a woman, way to bring issues in the Diocese of current church, also of brick, dedicated ther Clement Teipe, who served the par- religious education director is in charge spectively at Sunday Masses. Pianists and will explain why redefining civil Columbus and beyond to the forefront in 1896 and built in the High Victorian ish for 38 years from 1912-50, except for of a Parish School of Religion that has Laura Wills and Rochelle Adams and marriage is unnecessary and contrary and to offer for people to learn about Gothic style, with an ornate altar and a 14-month period in 1923-24. 10 teachers and includes 54 students organist Chris Hedge also provide litur- to the common good. a variety of topics. For more informa- stained-glass windows of Sts. Joseph, I knew I had a tough act to follow from grades kindergarten through 12. gical music. Anderson researches and writes about tion, visit www.catholic-foundation. Peter, Paul, Patrick, Dominic, Aloysius, with Father Snoke, said Father We- Four family names mentioned in this For several years, parishioners have marriage and religious liberty as the org. Space is limited. Reservations are Elizabeth, and Rose of Lima.. solowski. I told myself not to try to story are prominent throughout the taken part in the Blessing Cup devo- William E. Simon Fellow at The Heri- available from Betsy Sewell at (1-866) The building has undergone several compete with him, and recognize that parish roster, which has 22 listings tion, in which families take the cup into tage Foundation. He also focuses on 298-8893 or [email protected] renovations since then, most recently he gave me big shoes I hope to grow under Mickley, 12 under Durbin, their homes for a week at a time. Lent- justice and moral principles in econom- dation.org. for the parishs 175th anniversary in into. I realized that it would take time nine under Colopy, and seven under en events at the parish this year, besides ic thought, health care, and education, 1995. With a building as old as this, to get to know the people here, and Im Blubaugh. the ADAM series, include a Seder meal The Catholic Foundations mission and has expertise in bioethics and natu- is to inspire giving and assist donors there always will be need for minor grateful that they have accepted me as Parish organizations include Knights and viewing of Father Robert Barrons ral law theory. repairs, but its structurally sound, the new guy in town and adjusted well Catholicism series. to provide for the long-term needs of of Columbus Council 910 and the Par- Andersons recent work at Heritage the 23-county Diocese of Columbus. Father Wesolowski said. As funds are to the change. ish Council of Catholic Women, both St. Lukes also has a Giving Tree pro- available, were doing exterior things focuses on the constitutional questions It fulfills its mission by seeking donors Father Wesolowski had some famil- of which began in the early 1900s. The gram for Christmas which provides an- surrounding same-sex marriage. What to establish funds designed to support such as mortar work, tuckpointing, and iarity with St. Lukes before coming Knights operate their own hall, where other example of the parishs connec- sidewalk repair. Is Marriage? was written by Anderson, current and future needs and by distrib- there, as he was active in politics and they conduct weekly Lenten fish fries tion with the community. Parishioners with Princeton Universitys Robert P. uting earnings according to community Father Wesolowski also has made social justice work in Mount Vernon, and monthly pancake-and-sausage work with the Danville Fire Depart- George and Sherif Girgis. Justice Sam- priorities and donor intent. It is one of some interior changes in the past two the Knox County seat, and worked with breakfasts. They award scholarships ment to provide a gift of toys and food uel Alito cited the book twice in his dis- the oldest and largest Catholic founda- years. The tabernacle has been returned the county public defenders office be- each year to students from the parish for every child in need in the commu- senting opinion in the Supreme Court tions in the nation, distributing more to the center of the church from a side fore being ordained a priest in 2008 at and, like Knights everywhere, theyre nity. Last year, assistance was given to case involving the Defense of Marriage than $65 million in the diocese since altar. A large cross which formed part age 50. always willing to help whenever I ask, more than 100 children. Act. 1985. For additional information about of the structure of the communion rail The parish has provided a number of Father Wesolowski said. For a number of years, the parish has Andersons work has been featured The Catholic Foundation, visit www. in the pre-Vatican II era and had been religious vocations, with a 175th anni- The council also is one of the few in sponsored a bus trip to the March for catholic-foundation.org. purchased by parishioner Mark Hedge in major newspapers, magazines, and versary history published in 1995 list- the diocese with an affiliated Colum- Life in Washington in January that was restored by parish member Donald ing eight priests, three brothers, and 27 bian Squires circle. The Squires are the goes a little beyond the one-night ex- Butts and was placed above the presid- sisters from St. Luke. Knights youth group for boys ages 10 cursions other diocesan parishes offer ers chair. Five of those eight were members of the to 18. Father Snoke was the Squires to the event. The St. Lukes trip covers In addition, a statue of the Blessed Durbin family Fathers Carl, Clarence, state chaplain for several years. four days and three nights and includes Check us out at Mother which had been removed in an Samuel, Clement, and Walter. Another Every woman in the parish has been a tour of historic sites in the nations earlier renovation was returned to the was Father John J. Brent, St. Lukes third considered part of the womens group capital, conducted by former Danville www.ctonline.org church from its location in the parishs pastor, who served the parish from 1851- since its founding in 1906. The group resident John Durbin.

8 14 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 15 Fifth Sunday of Lent (Cycle A) The Weekday Bible Readings Gods Not Dead: Theres Something Happening Here Jesus weeping is ultimate proof of his humanity MONDAY Theres something happening here, but what it is Not Dead, but, sadly, most are not. Daniel 13:1-9,15-17,19-30,33-62 aint exactly clear. The opening words to the Buffa- HARTLINE: College student Josh Wheaton emerge from earlier in Johns Gospel, especially the titles of Christ and Son of God. Marthas con- Psalm 23:1-6 John 8:1-11 lo Springfield classic For What Its Worth, written in 1966 but released in 1967, certainly resonated with THE TIDE IS TURNING appears to be the nondescript everyman. While everyone else accedes to the professors atheistic Father fession becomes the model cry of faith for all future believers and involves coming to believe. TUESDAY those who heard them, whatever their political lean- TOWARD CATHOLICISM rants, Josh decides to take up the challenge, even Numbers 21:4-9 ings. There was a sense, even before the events of though hes far from being a theologian. Is there a David Hartline Lawrence L. Hummer When Mary arrives on the scene, she says the same thing Martha had said to Jesus: Lord, if you had been Psalm 102:2-3,16-21 John 8:21-30 1967 such as the Newport Pop and Folk Festival and San Franciscos Summer of Love, that something in message there for most of us? SOLOMON AND KONZELMAN: Its a ques- here my brother would not have died. Unlike Mar- WEDNESDAY society was changing. The same could be said today, Daniel 3:14-20,91-92,95 in the public square. tion of being willing to try ... and fail, if necessary. tha, Mary is weeping, and this has a great impact on in light of a flurry of religious-themed movies re- Daniel 3:52-56 (Ps) Mother Teresa got it right: God does not require us Jesus: He became perturbed and deeply troubled. leased in the first three months of this year. HARTLINE: I think a faithful Christian, or any- Ezekiel 37:12-14 John 8:31-42 However, it seems that what is bubbling under the one of faith, feels a lot has changed in the last five to be successful, only faithful. Secular humanism We would say he is deeply moved and badly shaken, has really been racking up the score in the culture Romans 8:8-11 and only then does he weep. THURSDAY Genesis 17:3-9 current is what catches everyone by surprise, and or six years. People of faith are often mocked or wars lately, largely because of the unwillingness so it is with the years first big surprise, Gods Not belittled in popular culture, and the faithful are of many Christians to counter their efforts. Un- John 11:1-45 We have to think Jesus was marking his complete Psalm 105:4-9 accused of all sorts of bigotry and ignorance. We and total humanity in his tears. How else can any hu- John 8:51-59 Dead. The films entire production budget was be- fortunately, doing nothing is doing something: tween $1 million and $2 million, no bigger than the are told to get with the times, as if our conscienc- Its enabling the other side. Every time we roll Ezekiels vision of the Lord opening the graves of man react at a close friends death? Tears naturally FRIDAY advertising budget of most medium-size films. The es could really leave the truth behind. It seems the over and dont confront the challenge, our forfeit the people to bring back the exiles to the land of Isra- flow from a deeply shaken spirit, and, of all the lines Jeremiah 20:10-13 movie is addressing that underlying feeling in the el was symbolic. He could never have imagined what Psalm 18:2-7 screenwriters are faithful Catholics Cary Solomon shows up as a win in the other teams column and in all of Scripture, nothing could highlight more the faith community. Jesus would do in the Gospel. He thought the exiles John 10:31-42 and Chuck Konzelman, who I met four years ago encourages them to push further. mystery of the Incarnation than the simple statement would return, and that would mark the fulfillment of while giving a talk at Family Theater in Hollywood. SOLOMON AND KONZELMAN: Yes, thats Jesus wept. People weep when they are very hap- SATURDAY When it comes to entertainment, this is just the I was impressed by Cary and Chuck, their frequent definitely the nerve thats been touched. Secular his vision that the Lord had brought his people back py or deeply saddened, but all of us know the high Ezekiel 37:21-28 tip of the iceberg. There are a host of contempo- Jeremiah 31:10-13 (Ps) Mass attendance during the week, their fervent humanists insist that Christians in general and to their homeland. emotion involved when someone weeps. Were there rary Catholic musical stars that are beginning to John 11:45-56 study and practice of the faith, and their embrace Catholics in particular are supposed to leave What Johns Gospel does in a dramatic way is to any doubt that Jesus emptied himself of his divinity, shine, such as Matt Maher, Dave Wang, Audrey of the sacramental life, especially the Sacrament of their belief system at home when it comes to mat- provide a vivid portrait of Gods power unleashed taking on the form of a slave, like us in all things but Assad, and Lancasters very own Sarah Hart, who Penance. ters in the public sphere. So, according to the through Jesus. The story starts out simply enough. sin, his weeping at the death of his friend Lazarus recently sang before Pope Francis. Where once the Both men werent living some fantasy of want- rules they propose, their belief system is allow- contemporary Christian musical line-up was almost There is a sick man, Lazarus, from Bethany, the vil- seals the deal. DIOCESAN WEEKLY RADIO AND ing to hobnob with Hollywoods hipsters. They able ... and ours isnt, which is a deliberate at- entirely evangelical, now we have some serious lage of Martha and Mary. His sisters send for Jesus, Many commentators dismiss the weeping of Jesus had been down that road, successfully working tempt to subvert the whole democratic process. saying Master, the one you love is ill. John uses the as insignificant and having nothing at all to do with TELEVISION MASS SCHEDULE Catholic players on the field. Theres something WEEK OF APRIL 6, 2014 and mingling with the likes of Sylvester Stallone, As someone else pointed out: Democracy is sup- happening here! word Kyrie in Greek, which could just as easily be his humanity. I have argued quite the opposite. The among others. Cary and Chuck felt called to write posed to be about more than two wolves and a translated here as Lord. Later, Martha will address reader must decide what has merit. I stand by my SUNDAY MASS faith-based scripts. In an interview with me that sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Hartline is the author of The Catholic Tide Con- him as Lord, not Master, using the same word own remarks. 10:30 a.m. Mass from Columbus St. Joseph was published in the National Review, both men I then asked them why some people are willing to tinues to Turn and a former teacher and adminis- in Greek, Kyrie. We must assume their faith in Jesus Finally, the command to Lazarus (Lazarus, come Cathedral on St. Gabriel Radio (820 AM), Co- spoke of the hypocrisy the faithful have to endure trator for the diocese. lumbus, and at www.stgabrielradio.com. defend their faith, as did the college student in Gods to be able to heal their brother, so we would expect out) is straightforward and direct. Jesus yells it out the translation Lord throughout the passage when Mass with the Passionist Fathers at in a loud voice (as if waking the dead?). The emer- 7:30 a.m. on WWHO-TV (the CW), Channel the word is used, but the editors have decided to do gence of Lazarus from the tomb, still wrapped in 53, Columbus. Check local cable system for it this way. burial cloths, is surreal. The command of Jesus is WWHOs cable channel listing. Jesus refuses to go when he is summoned, confi- quite to the point: Untie him and let him go! Mass from Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, dent that the illness is not to end in death but is for Elsewhere in the New Testament, Luke mentions Birmingham, Ala., at 8 a.m. on EWTN (Time the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glori- fied through it. Jesus knows what has happened to the name Lazarus, but this Lazarus is one who died and rested in the bosom of Abraham. No other Warner Channel 385, Insight Channel 382, or WOW Channel 378) (Encores at noon, 7 p.m., and midnight). St. Brendan Lazarus (has fallen asleep and I am going to awak- en him), which his disciples are unaware of. They do not know that Jesus is talking about the death of mention of Lazarus exists in the Gospels. In Johns unique presentation, this sign of the raising of Laza- Mass from Kenton Immaculate Conception Church at 10 a.m. on Time Warner Cable Chan- Spelling Bee rus completes the entire series of signs worked by nel 6 (Hardin County). Lazarus, which Jesus then clarifies: Lazarus has Jesus in the first half of this Gospel. It is unlike any Mass from Portsmouth St. Mary Church at died. The disciples are afraid to return to Judea be- of the other signs worked by Jesus, beginning with noon on Time Warner Channel 24 cause of troubles they had with the authorities during the wedding at Cana and culminating with this sign in Scioto County. Hilliard St. Brendan School conducted their last trip there, but Jesus urges them on. of the glory of God reflected in the actions of the Son. its annual junior spelling bee earlier DAILY MASS this month for students in grades one Upon arrival, they find Lazarus has been entombed Clearly, Lazarus would have to die again one day, 8 a.m., Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in through three. Pictured are the three four days. Martha comes out to greet Jesus with her until he was raised with Christ to ultimate glory, but Birmingham, Ala. (Encores at noon, 7 p.m. and midnight) See EWTN above; and on I-Lifetv class representatives and one alter- plaintive cry, Lord, if you had been here my brother the New Testament is silent about it. We shall have nate from each class who participated. to wait till we get to glory ourselves, when we can (Channel 113 in Ada, Logan, Millersburg, Mur- would not have died. But even now I know that what- ray City and Washington C.H.; Channel 125 in Evan Vulic (sixth from left, first row) ever you ask of God, God will give you. She does ask Lazarus in person What in the world happened Marion, Newark, Newcomerstown and New was the winner and Warren DSouza not ask him to raise Lazarus, but it is implied. In- to you? In the Greek Church, a legend says he went Philadelphia; and Channel 207 in Zanesville); (seventh from left, first row) was the stead, Jesus claims to be the resurrection and the life. on to be a bishop in Cyprus. It remains one of those 8 p.m., St. Gabriel Radio (820 AM), Columbus, alternate. Marthas belief in Jesus is steadfast: Yes, Lord, many questions left for us to wonder about. and at www.stgabrielradio.com. Photo courtesy St. Brendan School but she adds that she also believes that he is the Father Lawrence Hummer, pastor at Chillicothe We pray Week IV, Seasonal Proper Christ (or Messiah), the Son of God, and the one St. Mary, can be reached at of the Liturgy of the Hours who is coming into the world. These latter titles all [email protected]

9 16 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 17 H A P P E N I N G S Pray for our dead APRIL Road, Columbus. Hawks2B Extravaganza, showing fifth- to seventh-graders and their parents some of the oppor- of Lay Missionaries of Charity, affiliated with Blessed Mother Teresas religious order, the Missionaries of Char- parish prayer group meets for praise, worship, ministry, and teaching. 614-886-8266 tunities the school offers. 614-237-5421 ity. Day includes Mass, prayers of thanksgiving, studies of Bible Study With Bishop Campbell for Young Adults BAGLEY, Agnes M., 101, March 23 FAIELLA, Elmo G., 87, March 25 SACHS, Richard F., 91, March 8 THOMPSON, Mark S., 59, March 22 Catholicism 101 Program at Columbus St. Patrick the LMC statutes and related literature of Mother Teresa, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., Undercroft, St. Joseph Cathedral, 212 E. THROUGH APRIL 13, SUNDAY St. Philip Church, Columbus Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Grove City St. Francis de Sales Church, Newark St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Zanesville 40 Days for Life 7:30 p.m., St. Patrick Church, 280 N. Grant Ave., Colum- lunch, Eucharistic Holy Hour, and Benediction. Confes- Broad St., Columbus. Conclusion of six Bible study pro- BAUER, Ella I., 79, March 27 FIX, Brenda M., March 24 SEIPEL, Robert J., 73, March 26 VISINTAINER, Haven Ruth, 8 hours 25 minutes, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., sidewalk in front of Complete Health- bus. Study of Dr. Scott Hahns Catholicism 101 series sion available. 614-372-5249 grams with Bishop Frederick Campbell for young adults care for Women, 5858 Cleveland Ave., Columbus. 40 presented by seminarians Brian Becker and Bradley Seven Deadly Sins Program at St. Rose ages 22 to 40. Refreshments provided. 614-221-4640 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Grove St. Paul Church, Westerville Pope John XXIII Church, Canal Winchester March 25 Days for Life campaign of daily vigils at clinic. Individu- Nursey. Part 6: Vocation: Marriage and Holy Orders. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Community center, St. Rose Church, 309 Spanish Mass at Columbus St. Peter City GENEREUX, Meredith J., 70, March 20 St. John Church, Logan SHEPARD, Janet L., 79, Feb. 27 als may sign up for one- or two-hour shifts. Churches, 614-224-9522 N. Main St., New Lexington. Time of examination based 7 p.m., St. Peter Church, 6899 Smoky Row Road, Colum- BLUBAUGH, Richard J., 67, March 26 St. Vincent de Paul Church, Mount Vernon St. Francis de Sales Church, Newark schools, and other organizations may select one day on Father Robert Barrons DVD Seven Deadly Sins, Seven bus. Mass in Spanish. 706-761-4054 4, FRIDAY Lively Virtues, with lunch at conclusion. 740-342-1348 Oremus Program at St. Peter in Chains St. Vincent de Paul Church, Mount Vernon HEUBACH, Eulalia Lilly, 93, March 8 in which their representatives will cover all shifts. St. Cecilia Adoration of Blessed Sacrament Adoption Information Seminar at Seton 7 p.m., St. Peter in Chains Church, 2167 Lick Run Lyra St. Francis de Sales Church, Newark Organizations national campaign director, Shawn CLASSIFIED BOZICH, Mary A., 73, March 29 Carney, will speak at the vigil at noon Friday, April 4. St. Cecilia Church, 434 Norton Road, Columbus. Begins 10 a.m. to noon, Herrmann Hall, St. Elizabeth Seton Par- Road, Wheelersburg. Oremus, a retreat-like experience Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, HUDAK, Mary M., 94, March 18 614-445-8508 after 8:15 a.m. Mass; continues to 5 p.m. Saturday. ish, 600 Hill Road N., Pickerington. Seminar on adoption, featuring a 30-minute DVD with Father Mark Toups, fol- Columbus Monthly Adoration of Blessed Sacrament lowed by faith sharing. Also on April 8. 740-574-5486 St. Nicholas Church, Zanesville providing information on the process and the legalities HOLY ROSARY-ST. JOHNS FRIENDS OF HOLY SPIRIT 3, THURSDAY Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, 5225 Refu- of the process. 614-833-0482 Compline at Cathedral BRIGGS, Stanley G., 84, March 18 JESINGER, Jean, 83, March 26 Institute for Maturing Spirituality Webcast gee Road, Columbus. Begins after 9 a.m. Mass; continues St. Nicholas Church, Zanesville FISH FRY GOLF OUTING Easter Basket Assembly at Delaware St. Mary 9 p.m., St. Joseph Cathedral, 212 E. Broad St., Columbus. St. Brendan Church, Hilliard 640 South Ohio Ave. Columbus 43205 Cumberland Trail Golf Club 2 to 3:30 p.m., Martin de Porres Center, 2330 Airport Drive, through 6 p.m. Holy Hour. 10 a.m. to noon, Beitel Commons, St. Mary Chanting of Compline. 614-241-2526 APRIL 11, 5-8 P.M. Columbus. Institute for Maturing Spiritualty webcast on Shepherds Corner Ecology Center Open House BROOKS, George M. Jr., 75, March 25 MASSARA, Charles F., 77, March 25 Sunday, May 4, 2014 ~ 1:30 pm Shotgun Start Church, 82 E. William St., Delaware. Assem- All meals $7 Parking in rear Ethical Wills: A Legacy of Values with Andrew Siegel, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Shepherds Corner Ecology Center, 987 N. 7, MONDAY St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Zanesville St. Elizabeth Church, Columbus 4-Person Scramble; $80 per golfer bling of Easter baskets for children in need. chief executive officer of GenShare LLC. Also available Waggoner Road, Blacklick. Center, a ministry of the Do- Prayer Shawl Ministry at Corpus Christi Center of Peace Reservation form available at NFP Informational Program at Newman Center CARROLL, Lillian M., 96, March 24 MELFI, James A., 67, March 25 www.holy-spirit-school.org or call 614.861.0475 for viewing at Corpus Christi Center of Peace, 1111 Stewart minican Sisters of Peace, will be open, weather permit- 10 a.m. to noon. St. Thomas More Newman Center, 64 W. 10 to 11:30 a.m., Corpus Christi Center of Peace, 1111 E. Pope John XXIII Church, Canal Winchester Our Lady of Peace Church, Columbus ST. CHRISTOPHER CHURCH Sponsor and ad opportunities available. Ave., Columbus. 614-416-1910 or 614-512-3731 ting, for tours. 614-866-4302 Lane Ave., Columbus. Informational program on Natural Stewart Ave., Columbus. Prayer shawl ministry for all LENTEN PASTA DINNER Proceeds benefit Holy Spirit Tuition Assistance Fund Holy Hour at Holy Family Catholic Mens Luncheon Club Meeting Family Planning for engaged and married couples, includ- knitters, crocheters, and quilters, regardless of experi- De STAZIO, James A., 78, March 27 MITCHELL, Josephine G., 79, March 25 1420 Grandview Avenue / Trinity School Cafeteria Sponsored by Holy Spirit School Board 6 to 7 p.m., Holy Family Church, 584 W. Broad St., Colum- 12:15 p.m., St. Patrick Church, 280 N. Grant Ave., Columbus. ence level. 614-512-3731 ing short audiovisual presentation and question-and- St. Andrew Church, Columbus Holy Rosary-St. John Church, Columbus Fridays March 7-April 11/ 5PM to 8PM bus. Holy Hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Catholic Mens Luncheon Club meeting, with Father Bob answer session with a practicing NFP couple or teacher. Aquinas Alumni Luncheon $ 7.00 for adults / $ 4.00 for kids followed by meeting of parish Holy Name and Junior Penhallurick, pastor of Hilliard St. Brendan Church, speak- 11 a.m., TAT Ristorante di Famiglia, 1210 S. James Road, Co- DIMEL, Cindy L., 63, March 28 PISHNER, Eva A., 86, March 28 ST. STEPHEN THE MARTYR CHURCH Register at buckeyecatholic.com/marriage. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Grove City St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Zanesville $ 25.00 per Family Holy Name societies, with refreshments. 614-221-4323 ing on Am I Really My Brothers Keeper? Details at www. Centering Prayer Group Meeting at Corpus Christi lumbus. Monthly Columbus Aquinas High School alumni Pasta Sauce Provided by local area restaurants 4131 Clime Road, Columbus Reconciliation, Mass, Lenten Talk at Pond Creek columbuscatholicmen.com. luncheon. 10:30 a.m. to noon, Corpus Christi Center of Peace, 1111 E. DURBIN, Rita M., 93, March 27 RITCHEY, Natalie C., 34, March 26 April 4 Bravo Cucina Italiana WEEKLY LENTEN FISH FRY 6:30 p.m., Holy Trinity Church, 9493 Careys Run Road, St. John Chrysostom First Friday Sale Stewart Ave., Columbus. Centering prayer group meeting, Evangelization Through Eros at Delaware St. Mary St. Vincent de Paul Church, Mount Vernon St. Michael Church, Worthington Fridays, Mar 14-Apr 11- 5:00-7:00 pm Pond Creek. Reconciliation, Mass, and Lenten talk by Fa- 4 to 6 p.m., St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic beginning with silent prayer, followed by Contemplative 7 to 8 p.m., Beitel Commons, St. Mary Church, 82 All you can eat fish (fried or baked), choice of ther Stephen Virginia. 740-858-4600 Church, 5858 Cleveland Ave., Columbus. First Friday sale E. William St., Delaware. Second of three talks by ST. LADISLAS PARISH Outreach DVD and discussion. Group will begin discuss- 277 Reeb Avenue two side dishes, beverage and dessert. Holy Hour of Reparation at Columbus Sacred Heart of pirogi, stuffed cabbage, noodles, baked goods. ing Thomas Keatings book Open Mind, Open Heart. Father Michael Watson for teens and adults on Evangelization through Eros: A Path to True Love. Sister Rose Clement Stalter, OP $9/adults, $8/seniors, $4.50/ages 4-12 7 to 8 p.m., Sacred Heart Church, 893 Hamlet St., Colum- 614-882-7578 ANNUAL SPAGHETTI DINNER bus. Eucharistic Holy Hour following Holy Hour of Repa- Angelic Warfare Confraternity at Columbus St. Patrick 614-512-3731 740-362-0917 SUNDAY, APRIL 6, 2014 12 5PM (family discounts available) Anointing of the Sick at St. Pius X ration prayer format, concluding with Benediction and 7 to 9 p.m., St. Patrick Church, 280 N. Grant Ave., Colum- 5 p.m., St. Pius X Church, 1051 S. Waggoner Road, Reyn- Marian Movement for Priests Cenacle Funeral Mass for Sister Rose Clem- School. She also taught or was princi- Pasta, Home-made Meatballs & Sauce, Salad, Bread, For further information call 614-272-5206 7 p.m., St. Patrick Church, 280 N. Grant Ave., Columbus. social period. Prayers for intention of deepened holiness bus. Monthly meeting of Angelic Warfare Confraternity, oldsburg. Administration of the Sacrament of Anointing ent Stalter, OP, 91, who died Monday, pal at schools in the Diocese of Steu- Home-made desserts & beverage and an increase in the virtue of fortitude for bishops and with talk on chastity-related issues followed by Holy Mass for Catholic family life. Homily: The Fifth Joyful Adults: $8.00 Child: $5.00 of the Sick during Mass. 614-866-2859 March 25, was held Friday, March 28 benville and in Connecticut and New LENTEN FISH FRYS - COME JOIN US! priests. 614-372-5249 Hour. 614-224-9522 Talk by Franciscan Brothers Minor Mystery: The Finding in the Temple. 614-235-7435 (Child portion available to seniors) at the Motherhouse of the Dominican York City. Carryouts available. ST. ANDREW CHURCH All-Night Eucharistic Vigil 5:30 p.m., 531 Brookside Drive, Columbus. The Lamb Cath- Sisters of Peace. Burial was at St. Jo- Hawks 2B Extravaganza at Bishop Hartley She was registrar at Albertus Magnus Raffle and Spring Gift Mart Info 614-443-2828 Nugent Hall (below the Church) 1899 McCoy Rd. Upper Arlington 7 to 9 p.m., Bishop Hartley High School, 1285 Zettler Holy Cross Church, 205 S. 5th St., Columbus. 7:30 p.m. olic Worker presents talk on Living the Life of Poverty 8, TUESDAY seph Cemetery, Columbus. College in New Haven, Conn. (1970- March 7- April 11 4:30-7:00 PM Mass; Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament; prayer until with members of the local Franciscan Brothers Minor Serra Club of North Columbus Meeting She was born Aug. 29, 1922, in Som- 81) and ministered as treasurer, activi- LENTEN FISH FRY Baked cod or deep fried perch, sides, dessert & bev- 11:30 p.m.; private prayer until 7:30 p.m. Saturday. community, preceded by dinner. Reservations required. Noon, Jessing Center, Pontifical College Josephinum, 7625 erset to Harry and Rose (McGonagle) ties director, and pastoral minister at FRIDAYS MARCH 7 APR 11, 5-8 PM erage included, also cheese pizza & macn cheese All fund-raising events (festivals, bazaars, All-Night Exposition at Our Lady of Victory Monica 614-832-9525 N. High St., Columbus. Serra Club of North Columbus Stalter. Nazareth Towers (1981-1997) in Co- Adult $9, Child (10 and under ) $4 spaghetti dinners, fish fries, bake sales, Our Lady of Victory Church, 1559 Roxbury Road, Colum- Filipino Mass at Holy Cross meeting, with Father James Coleman, pastor, Columbus ST. MICHAEL CHURCH Carry out $8 (no dessert or beverage) bus. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament from 8 p.m. un- Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, speaking on She earned a bachelor of arts degree lumbus. After taking part in the Chris- 5750 N. Hight St., Worthington pizza/sub sales, candy sales, etc.) til Mass at 8 a.m. Saturday, sponsored by churchs Knights 7:30 p.m., Holy Cross Church, 204 S. 5th St., Co- Pastoring an Urban Parish. Reservations required. from the College of St. Mary of the tian Appalachian Project (1997-98), FISH DINNER: Reg-$8; SMALL-$6 will be placed in the lumbus. Monthly Mass in the Tagalog language Fund-Raising Guide. An entry into the of Columbus council and Columbus Serra Club. for members of the Filipino Catholic community. Bread of Life Cooking Club at St, Joan of Arc Springs (now Ohio Dominican Univer- she served in the Diocese of Columbus MACARONI-CHEESE DINNER-$6 OUR LADY OF VICTORY CATHOLIC CHURCH 6:30 p.m. (doors open at 6), St. Joan of Arc Church, 10700 1559 Roxbury Road, Marble Cliff (Parish Life Center) Guide will be $18.50 for the first six lines, 614-224-3416 sity) and a master of arts degree from missions office (1999-2005). Follow- Dine In, Drive Thru & Carryout and $2.65 for each additional line. For more 4-5, FRIDAY-SATURDAY Liberty Road, Powell. Bread of Life Cooking Club program the Catholic University of America. ing her retirement, she was coordina- FISH FRY DINNERS information, call David Garick St. Francis DeSales Presents Oklahoma! 6, SUNDAY on Treasures of the Sea, with demonstration by chef tor of mailings at the Motherhouse. ST. ELIZABETH CHURCH FRIDAYS, 3/7- 4/11, 4:30 - 7 PM She entered the novitiate of the for- at 614-224-5195. 7 p.m., St. Francis DeSales High School, 4212 Karl Road, Anointing of the Sick at St. Pius X Justin Hernandez and food and wine tasting. mer Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of She was admitted to the Mohun Health 6077 Sharon Woods Blvd, Columbus Fresh Ocean Perch, Potatoes or Rice Salad Columbus. School drama department presents Rodgers 8:30 a.m., St. Pius X Church, 1051 S. Waggoner Road, Reyn- Josephinum Priests, Poets, and Philosophers Series the Springs in Columbus in 1941 and Care Center in Columbus in 2012. LENTEN FISH FRY EVERY FRIDAY or Slaw, Beverages, Dessert - Pizza for kids and Hammersteins classic musical Oklahoma! oldsburg. Administration of the Sacrament of Anointing 7 p.m., Jessing Center, Pontifical College Josephinum, $9 Adults, $5 Kids - Carryouts available made her profession of vows in 1943. She was preceded in death by her MARCH 7 - APRIL 11 5-7PM Happenings submissions of the Sick during Mass. 614-866-2859 7625 N. High St., Columbus. Father James V. Schall, SJ, parents; brothers, Neil, Charles, and Baked & Fried Fish, Shrimp, Pierogies, 5, SATURDAY St. Christopher Adult Religious Education Georgetown University political philosophy professor, In the Diocese of Columbus, she Notices for items of Catholic interest and Fish or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Marys Little Children Prayer Group 10 to 11:15 a.m., St. Christopher Parish Center, 1420 Grand- talks on Why Do Priests Worry About Philosophy? taught at Newark St. Francis de Sales James; and sisters, Louise Grimm, ST CATHARINES K OF C FISH FRY must be received at least 12 days be- Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, 5225 Refugee view Ave., Columbus. Discussion of Illuminations: A Prayer Group Meeting at St. Mark School (1947-48) and Zanesville Rose- Marguerite Augustus, and Bonnie Wal- Meals: $9 adult, $6 child, Dessert & beverige included 500 S Gould Rd, Columbus fore expected publication date. We will Grilled Cheese or small pierogie dinner $5 Road, Columbus. 8:30 a.m., confessions, 9 a.m., Mass, fol- Novel of Hildegard von Bingen. 7:30 p.m., St. Raymond Room, St. Mark Center, 324 Gay crans High School (1959-61) and was ters. Survivors include several nieces Fridays, Mar. 7, Mar. 21 & Apr. 4, 5 - 8pm print them as space permits. Carryout available Come and have a great time lowed by Fatima prayers and Rosary (Shepherds of Christ Exposition at Church of the Resurrection St., Lancaster. Light of Life Prayer Group meeting. principal of Lancaster St. Mary High and nephews. ALL YOU CAN EAT Items not received before this deadline format); 10 a.m., meeting. 614-861-4888 Our Lady of the Resurrection Chapel, Church of the Res- 740-653-4919 Dine-in, Carry-out & Drive-thru may not be published. Life and Mercy Mass in Plain City urrection, 6300 E. Dublin-Granville Road, New Albany. 8-10, TUESDAY-THURSDAY ST. BRENDANS FISH FRY Adults $10; Seniors (65+) $8 Listings cannot be taken by phone. 9 a.m. Mass, St. Joseph Church, 140 West Ave., Plain City. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, beginning with pro- Walk With Jesus at St. Andrew School in the school @ 4475 Dublin Rd, Hilliard Children (under 12) $5; Under 5 Free Mail to: The Catholic Times Saturday Life and Mercy Mass, followed by rosary and cession into chapel following 11 a.m. Mass and continuing St. Andrew School, 4081 Reed Road, Columbus. Walk Family Special $40 (Parents and ALL kids) Happenings, Send obituaries to [email protected] FRIDAYS DURING LENT 3/7- 4/11, 4:30 - 7:30 PM confession. 614-565-8654 to 5 p.m. 614-933-9318 With Jesus, a 40-minute presentation of Jesus Passion Adults / $9.00- Children / $3.75 Fried Ocean Perch, Baked Cod, Fries, Macaroni, 197 East Gay St., Columbus, OH 43215 Carry-out available Fax to: 614-241-2518 Lay Missionaries of Charity Day of Prayer Prayer Group Meeting at Christ the King by the schools eighth-grade class. Four programs Tues- Coleslaw, Applesauce, Rolls, Dessert & Beverage E-mail as text to [email protected] 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sacred Heart Church, 893 Hamlet St., 5 to 7 p.m., Christ the King Church, 2777 E. Livingston day and Thursday, beginning at 8:50 a.m.; two programs Columbus. Monthly day of prayer for Columbus chapter Ave., Columbus (enter at daily Mass entrance). Weekly Wednesday, beginning at 4:15 p.m.

10 18 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 April 6, 2014 Catholic Times 19 NEWS IN PHOTOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD TheatER production President Barack Obama talks with Pope Francis during a private audience at the Vatican on March 27. THE GREAT DIVORCE CNS photo/Gabriel Bouys, pool via Reuters At the Capitol Theater, Columbus nounces that C.S. Lewis The Great and Saturday, April 12 at 4 and 8 p.m. great divorce between Heaven and April 11 and 12 Divorce will be presented at the Capi- This journey to Heaven and Hell is a Hell. tol Theater at the Riffe Center, 77 S. provocative exploration of human na- There are only two kinds of people Max McLean, artistic director of Fel- High St., Columbus, for three perfor- ture, featuring vivid characters drawn in the end, Lewis writes in The Great lowship for the Performing Arts, an- mances on Friday, April 11 at 8 p.m. with Lewis trademark wit. Divorce, those who say to God, Thy Fellowship for the Performing Arts will be done, and those to whom God also produces the nationally ac- says, in the end, Thy will be done. NEW PROGRAM SCHEDULE claimed hit The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce remains one of which is in its seventh year after ap- Lewis most influential works and Local pearing in more than 50 major cities throughout the United States. Fol- lowing the overwhelming success of rightly earns its place among classics such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Screwtape Letters, and programs The Screwtape Letters, McLean con- Mere Christianity. ceived the idea of adapting The Great The Great Divorce stars Tom Beck- Divorce for the stage. ett (Bobby Boland, Epic Proportions, This is Lewis at his imaginative WEEKDAYS AT NOON best, he said. In The Great Divorce, and The Father on Broadway and Elbridge Gerry in HBOs John Ad- several of Lewis most fascinating ams), Joel Rainwater (The Lion King 12:00 PM 12:30 PM characters are invited to take a bus national tour) and Christa Scott-Reed Family Sanctuary with ride from Hell or purgatory to the (The Pitmen Painters on Broadway). St. Gabriels Trumpet with MONDAY Mary Ann Jepsen and edge of Paradise. But the provocative Chip Stalter Tickets are $29 to $49. Student seats Peggy Hartshorn question the play asks is: Will they are $20 (student ID required). For like it? Will they choose to go back? groups of 10 or more (including stu- Answering the Call with Are the doors of Hell really locked TUESDAY The Seminarians dent groups) call (1-866) 476-8707. Elizabeth Ficocelli from the inside? To purchase tickets, visit www.great- More than a dozen witty characters divorceonstage.com or call (614) tell this fantastic morality tale about The Catholic Doctors with 469-0939. WEDNESDAY Drs. Parker and Turek Bishop Frederick Campbell good and evil. On the bus is a man who is going to demand his rights, Tickets are available in person at the a woman who cant stop grumbling, Ohio Theater box office, 39 E. State Raising Saints with Katy a gentleman who likes Heaven but St., from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday THURSDAY Msgr. Eugene Morris through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sat- Wyatt realizes staying there means giving up his precious pet lizard, and a car- urday, and at the Capitol Theater two petbagger who has seen it all and be- hours before performances. Treasures of Our Faith with Foundations in Faith with lieves Heaven and Hell are just a pro- Bishop Oscar Cantu of Las Cruces, N.M., ducks under a barbed-wire fence as a group of U.S. bishops FRIDAY Local Priests Msgr. Frank Lane Pictured: Stars of the world pre- tours an area of the Arizona desert north of Nogales on March 31. The bishops participated in a two- Pope Francis blesses a woman during an audience with paganda stunt run by the same people. miere of C.S. Lewis The Great Di- people who are deaf or blind in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican day tour focused on U.S.-Mexico border issues, using the opportunity to again appeal for changes As each ghost is welcomed by a ce- vorce are (from left) Tom Beckett, in the U.S. immigration system. CNS photo/Nancy Wiechec on March 29. CNS photo/Paul Haring TUNE IN ON AM820 OR ONLINE AT STGABRIELRADIO.COM lestial spirit, the choice of staying or Christa Scott-Reed, and Joel Rain- going back brings vivid clarity to the water. (Photo by Gerry Goodstein)

11 20 Catholic Times April 6, 2014 Bless me, Father: Pope leads by example, goes to confession By Carol Glatz dont matter and that cant last for In that missionary spirit, the peniten- Catholic News Service long, he said. tial liturgy opened an initiative called Leading a penitential liturgy in St. Pe- Shedding sinful behaviors and focus- 24 Hours for the Lord, sponsored by ters Basilica, Pope Francis surprised ing on the essential become a daily the Pontifical Council for Promoting his liturgical adviser by going to con- commitment so that a life deformed New Evangelization. fession during the service. by sin can become a life illuminated The council asked dioceses around After an examination of conscience by grace from God. the world to have at least one parish on March 28, the pope and 61 priests When hearts are renewed and created open all day and night March 28, so moved into confessionals or to chairs in Gods way, good behavior follows, that anyone could go to confession and set up against the walls to offer the sac- he said, for example: always speaking take part in eucharistic adoration. Its rament to individual penitents. the truth and steering clear of all lies; no part of the popes focus on celebrating However, as Msgr. Guido Marini, stealing, but, rather, sharing what one Gods mercy and power of forgiveness. master of papal liturgical ceremonies, has with others, especially with those Young people belonging to different was showing which confessional the in need; not giving in to anger, rancor, parishes and different movements in pope would be using to hear confes- and revenge, but being meek, magnani- Rome were to be out on the streets dur- sions, the pope pointed to another mous, and ready to forgive; not taking ing the night, inviting their peers to go confessional nearby, indicating that he part in malicious gossip that ruins the into the churches to pray, to confess, or himself was going to first confess. good name of people, but looking main- just to talk to a priest. The pope, dressed in a simple white ly for the good side in everyone. In his homily, Pope Francis praised alb and purple stole, spent about three The second aspect of Christian life is the initiative and those who would be minutes kneeling before the priests living in Gods eternal love, the pope hitting the streets to share the joy of open confessional and received absolu- said. God never tires of looking out Gods mercy and invite others to dis- tion. The priest also clasped the popes for his children, both those who have cover a deeper relationship with Christ. hands and kissed his simple silver ring. created in Gods way and living in lost their way and those who have re- Tell them that our father is waiting Pope Francis then went to another and sharing Gods love. mained faithful by his side. for us, our father forgives us, and even confessional and spent about 40 min- Renewal in Christ comes with bap- Jesus, in fact, calls on everyone to more, he celebrates, the pope said. utes hearing confessions. tism, which frees people from sin and imitate this same merciful love and Even with all of ones sins and mis- In his homily, the pope said follow- welcomes them as children of God and become credible disciples of Christ in takes, God, instead of scolding us, ing Gods call to conversion is not members of Christ and his church, he the world, he said. he celebrates, the pope said. And supposed to happen only during Lent, said. Gods love cannot be held inside. Its you have to tell this, tell this to lots of but is a lifetime commitment. He also This new life lets us see the world open by its very nature, it spreads and people today so they can experience spoke about two key characteristics of with different eyes without being dis- is fruitful, it always generates new Gods mercy and love. Christian life: putting on a new self, tracted any more by the things that love, he said. (CNS photo by Paul Haring) Pope to priests: Draw people to confession, be available, show mercy By Carol Glatz in helping form good confessors who are loves sinful humanity and, with this love, he Priests must offer lots of quality time to Catholic News Service aware of how important their ministry is. attracts people to him and invites them to the sacrament of reconciliation, he said. A Dont be too lax or too harsh during con- The power to forgive sins comes from the conversion, Pope Francis said. priest who does not spend time tending to fession and always make sure people know Holy Spirit, therefore, priests must be men During confession, priests need to avoid his lost sheep is like a father who forgets when the sacrament of reconciliation is of the Holy Spirit who are both tender and the two opposite extremes of being too about his lost child and neglects waiting for available, Pope Francis said. strong as they give witness and proclaim the strict and too lax, the pope said. Neither of him, the pope said. Lets not forget that the faithful often new life offered by the Lords resurrection, the two does good or helps the penitent, For that reason, it is important to clear struggle to take part in the sacrament, both the pope said. he said. away the many difficulties often associated for practical reasons and because of the This witness is read on the face. You hear Mercy truly listens with the heart of God with confession, which is an immense gift natural difficulty in confessing ones own it in the voice of the priest who administers and wants to accompany the soul along the the Lord gave his church, he said. sins to another person, he said March 28. the sacrament of reconciliation, he added. road of reconciliation. Its very important that every diocese For that reason, we have to work really Because the way the priest speaks and re- Confession is not a prosecuting court, but and parish community take particular care hard on who we are, on our humanity, so as acts is important, he must welcome peni- an experience of forgiveness and mercy, in celebrating this sacrament of forgiveness to never be an obstacle, but to always help tents not with the attitude of a judge and the pope said. and salvation, the pope said. people be drawn to mercy and forgiveness, not like a simple friend, but with the charity A priests heart should find itself easily He added that a top priority is for every he told confessors and other participants of God, with the love of a father who sees moved, he said, not out of sentimentalism parish to let people know when they can attending a course sponsored by the Apos- his son returning and then heads his way, like or mere emotion, but because he has the find a priest. Churches run by religious com- tolic Penitentiary, a Vatican court that han- the shepherd who has found his lost sheep. Lords mercy in his guts. A confessor has munities should especially be able to guar- dles issues related to the absolution of sin. Mercy is the heart of the Gospel. Its the the dual role of a doctor who heals and a antee a constant presence of confessors, The pope thanked the court for its work good news that God loves us, that he always judge who absolves, he added. he said.

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