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  • Oct 21, 2015
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1 2016 WALKING TOUR Gallery Without Walls Presented by the Arts Council of Lake Oswego

2 Gallery Without Walls Take a Docent Tour An Award-Winning Want to learn more about the sculptures on display? Public Art Program We offer docent-led tours for groups of any size. Our docents are trained volunteers eager to share their Welcome to the 2016 Gallery Without Walls outdoor enthusiasm and knowledge. Consider scheduling a tour sculpture exhibit of over sixty permanent and loaned for your school, youth group, company, class reunion, works of art. Its open all year and is free for everyone club, out-of-town visitors or professional association. to enjoy. Our downtown rotating exhibition features Contact us at 503.675.3738 to schedule. approximately thirty sculptures on-loan from artists for a period of two years. They are available for purchase. Explore on Your Own All other artwork in the Gallery Without Walls belongs This brochure includes maps and information about to the City of Lake Oswegos permanent art collection. all of the sculptures in our rotating and permanent collection. In addition, self-guided digital tours are Art For Everyone! available through your smartphone. Download the free The Gallery Without Walls is administered by the app by searching for L.O. Art Tour in the Apple App Arts Council of Lake Oswego, a nonprofit 501(c)3 arts Store, or access this URL from your smartphones web organization. We work in partnership with city agencies, browser: local businesses and community members to bring the sculptures to our streets. Our mission is to ensure the Have a Favorite? Make it Yours! arts are an integral part of life in Lake Oswego. We Our on-loan sculptures are available for purchase. support arts education with free school tours through a Enhance your home, garden, neighborhood or office partnership with Art Literacy. We offer exhibitions, artist building with art from the Gallery Without Walls while presentations and special events at our 510 Museum & supporting the Arts Council of Lake Oswego. ARTspace, and we also maintain the permanent art collection for the City of Lake Oswego. Were on Social Media Follow us on Twitter: @ArtsCouncilofLO And on Instagram: artscounciloflakeoswego View our photos on Flickr: artscounciloflakeoswego Like us on Facebook: Arts Council of Lake Oswego

3 Thanks to Our Sponsors Accessories from the Heart Ater Wynne, LLP Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Beth Schulberg with Cruise & Travel Specialists Bill and Barbara Warner Bonnie Cartwright Cascade Coil Drapery CenturyLink Don Caldwell Family for Connor and Cameron Don Nussmeier Dyke Vandenburgh Jewelers Eric J Weberg, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Jackie MacGregor Jeff and Teresa Metke, Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes Johnstone Financial Advisors Kathi Noles KeyBank Lake Oswego Rotary Club Lake Oswego Vision Clinic Nicolettas Table & Marketplace Gallery Without Walls Paul and Teri Graham PHK Development, Inc. Selection Committee Robert and Bonnie Schlieman Margaret Snow Benoit, Chair; Bonnie Cartwright; Step It Up Studios Pat Howell; Carrie Kaufman; Pasha Stinson; Pat Vessely; World Class Wines Lynne Wintermute ACLO Board of Directors Public Art Committee Carol Winston, President Bob Liddell, Chair; Debi Bradway, Vice Chair; Liane Cabot, Vice President Liane Cabot; Patty Thurmond; Barbara McDonald; Andrew Gibson, Secretary W. Curtis Schade; Rieko Warrens Malcolm Mathes, Treasurer Mark Buser, Bonnie Cartwright, Allison Fryer, Staff Andrew Gibson, John LaMotte, Katherine Mead, Nancy Nye, Executive Director Chuck Pollak, Kirk W. Smith, Lori Goldstein, Program Manager Margaret Snow Benoit, William Tierney Sheri Richards, Education & Outreach Coordinator Special Thanks ACLO Volunteer Docents Join Us! Bob Liddell, Craig Liddell Bring your skills and your passion! The success of our Alan and Shari Newman organization is dependent on the many volunteers who Deb Hollister Pure & Simple Graphics give their time and talent generously. Contact us at Joy and Brian Strull, Judy VanDeGraff 503.675.3738 or visit to learn more Lake Oswego Rotary about volunteer opportunities. Lynne Wintermute, Marilyn Nycum Mike Suri Suri Iron Patti Mertz Mertz & Company 5

4 Downtown Walking Tour 4 Journey Home Angelina Marino-Heidel and Joel Heidel Salmon swim through reeds on their Begin your Gallery Without Walls tour at any way home to their spawning grounds. sculpture in downtown Lake Oswego. All artwork is powder-coated steel, vitreous accessible within a six-block radius. Refer to the map in glass enamel $18,000 Sponsored by the centerfold for the location of each sculpture. Dyke Vandenburgh Jewelers Key to the sculptures: Spirit of the Marsh Rotating exhibit until Summer 2016 Rotating exhibit until Summer 2017 5 Mark Andrew A detail of the installation in City of Lake Oswegos Peoples Choice Winner Lakewood Bay. permanent art collection in City of Lake Oswegos bronze permanent art collection 1 Fortuna Simon Toparovsky The Greek myth of Icarus is used to celebrate the importance of daring 6 Enterprise Jim Scott and living courageously. Pushing balance and gravity One of several sculptures by to their extremes. Toparovsky in Millennium Park. bronze, basalt painted steel $9,700 Sponsored by Kathi Noles 2 Angkor I Lee Kelly This sculpture, inspired by the 7 Ben Dore Capitani artists travel in East Asia, connects idea!!! contemporary and historic urban environments across diverse cultures. powder-coated steel, copper sparkle stainless steel coating $11,000 Sponsored by Bill and Barbara Warner 3 Sprout Mike Suri 8 Sunflower Patricia Vader Fall trees inspire a great sense of Like the circles that you find in awe and thoughtful calm. the windmills of your mind. steel stainless steel, aluminum Gift of the ONeill Family 6 7

5 9 Wormy Apple #2 Ed Humpherys 14 Crows Tamar Assaf A three-dimensional, com- Synanthropic species positional representation of flourish in response to a wormy apple. human habitat expansion. cast aluminum high-fired ceramic The Four Seasons Ballroom 10 Zephyr Devin Laurence Field 15 Merrilee Moore My ongoing study of how Lakeshore breezes, an osprey color, form, texture and patrolling the waters, and festive implied motion can convey ribbons as a heraldic element. emotion & allow me to stainless steel express my visions. stainless steel, blown glass $25,000 11 The Awe and Wonder Lonnie Feather 16 Wyeast (Mt. Hood) Glacial The essence of our relation- Lin McJunkin ship to the universethe Global warming rapidly melts Mt. awe and wonder of life. Hoods glaciers into steely rivers. glass steel, fused glass $8,500 Sponsored by CenturyLink 12 Anillos Maria Wickwire Evokes annual rings which show 17 Twist James Ellingboe the history of a tree, just as life An abstract manipulation of experiences are written in the cells a simple geometry inspired of our bodies. by diatomic organisms. ceramic Cor-Ten steel with weathered finish $9,500 Sponsored by Bonnie Cartwright 13 The Craftsman Jordan D. Hall 18 SirenaSerena M.J. Anderson A mans face is the paper on which A mermaid born of the sea his lifes story is written. Every line a with ancient geologic word, every wrinkle a phrase, every patterning. scar a chapter. polychromed cold cast iron $3,200 Italian marble $28,000 Sponsored by Robert and Bonnie Schlieman 8 9

6 19 Ascending Leaves Bruce West 24 renovation Sharon Warman Agnor Leaves blowing in the wind really A visceral commentary on conditions enjoy the ride. required for recovery and repair. stainless steel, copper, burnished stainless steel $11,000 cast glass, enamel $15,000 Sponsored by Don Nussmeier Sponsored by Beth Schulberg with Cruise & Travel Specialists 20 Crossroad of Eternity Dave Haslett 25 Tsunami Memorial John Zylstra A continuance of time without The Fukushima Reactor is the inspi- beginning or end which at some ration: rusted metal & shoji style top. point a vital decision must be made. mild steel, plexiglass $20,000 Sponsored by NW granite, NW basalt $15,000 Nicolettas Table & Marketplace and Sponsored by Paul and Teri Graham Berkshire Hathaway Home Services 21 Lookout Heather Soderberg-Greene 26 Cultus Ehkhnam Anthony Heinz May Lookout is coyly playful, Up-cycled while simultaneously preening in the sun, showing off gridded by the devices of time. his shimmering patina. river birch $4,500 bronze with patina $8,500 Sponsored by PHK Development, Inc. 22 The Way it Is Frank Boyden 27 Emerald Springs Don Anderson Engraved with a poem by Up from the Earthhope springs William Stafford (19141993) eternal. basalt Donated by Drew R. Prell stainless steel, copper, metamorphic and James A. Morton sandstone $11,000 Sponsored by World Class Wines & Step It Up Studios 23 Water, Water, Water Bruce West 28 Capricorn Robert H. Foster A visual ballet of the first The Zodiac sign Capricorn and most basic element of portrayed as a classic sculpture the fire-fighting craft. on a classic pedestal. stainless steel bronze with aluminum pedestal $5,250 Sponsored by Accessories from the Heart 10 11

7 29 Sunbathers Ken Patecky 34 Clackamas Mike Suri A statement of life embodied by Three plates pressed into a simplified and flowing forms. vessel form. concrete weathering steel $10,000 Sponsored by Johnstone Financial Advisors 35 Spiral Petite 30 Upstream Mark Andrew & Randy Ortiz Micajah Bienvenu An uplifting spiral, inspired by math Creating a symbol for what we can and nature. all believe inSalmon Upstream! stainless steel $15,000 bronze, marble, Sponsored by Eric J Weberg, AAMS, steel $28,000 Sponsored by KeyBank Financial Advisor, Edward Jones 31 Cloud Totem 36 Zip Jason Johnston Riis Burwell Each of us responsible for the unity My work explores what is unseen of all. in nature. The negative space is an bronze $23,000 essential element of the design Sponsored by Ater Wynne, LLP suggesting that what is unseen is just as important as what is seen. bronze 32 What Does the Nose Know? 37 Bread Upon the Water Ron Simmer Jerry Joslin (19422005) Big Brother knows you better than A familiar Lake Oswego scene you know yourself. three children feed the ducks. aluminum, steel, resin, bronze polycarbonate lenses $20,000 Sponsored by Lake Oswego Vision Clinic 33 Breaktime Anthony Teixeira 38 Planta Triformis Sue Friesz Anthony uses familiar objects to The transformation of a plant from invoke personal reflection. a drawing in the field to a sculpture through reduction and exaggeration. cast aluminum, steel $16,000 coated aluminum $9,000 Sponsored by Jeff and Teresa Metke, Sponsored by Bill and Barbara Warner Metke Remodeling & Luxury Homes 12 13

8 Downtown Lake Oswego 15 B Avenu Arts Council of e Lake Oswego 22 14 Fire Station et 23 21 6th Stre et 16 5th Stre et 24 4th Stre et 17 et 3rd Stre 25 2nd Stre t 40 1st Stree 41 44 42 20 26 13 A Avenu 43 45 e 27 39 19 38 18 37 36 35 30 29 City Hall 28 Lake View 12 Village way 43 34 11 10 et / High Evergre 33 en Road 32 31 re State St Peoples Choice winner 1 37 Rotating exhibit (until Summer 2017) 2 Millennium Rotating exhibit (until Summer 2016) Plaza Park 3 Lower Permanent art collection Millennium 5 4 Park map not to scale N 6 7 8 Oswego Lake Sundeleaf 14 9 Plaza 15

9 39 Hobbes Claw Unsheathed 3 44 Age of Iron Tom Hardy Stephen Klema Welded metal placed in The underlying theme in my harmony. work is visual reduction of a reclaimed steel complex form into definable shapes which combined present a coherent figurative form. wood, metal, plastic $6,500 45 Klein Suspension Paul W. West 40 Origami #3Totem Ken Hall If a gourd with 1 side & no edges existed in nature, it might sprout The origami series is an exploration from the artists mind into matter of folded steel. like this; two dimensions represented steel with powder in 3D to conceptualize the 4D! coat and natural patina finish $12,500 bronze, stone, steel, aluminum $15,400 Sponsored by Jackie MacGregor Sponsored by Cascade Coil Drapery 41 Aspens 2015/16 EVENT SCHEDULE Reven Marie Swanson A pleasant walk through the woods 510 Museum & ARTspace under a canopy, flickering and 510 First Street, Lake Oswego dancing. Monthly First Friday Receptions, 57 pm powder-coated steel and painted enamel $15,000 October 230 Pressed Into Form Sponsored by Lake Oswego Rotary Club Sculpture by Mike Suri November 20 Holiday Gallery December23 42 Bartholomew the Black Rhino Jud Turner January 829 ArtMart Second Friday Reception Cognitive provocation on January 8 through visual seduction. March 425 Pacific Northwest Woodturning welded steel, Guild & Lake Area Artists recycled materials $15,000 April 129 Print Arts Northwest Sponsored by Don Caldwell May 627 Mothers Day Show Family for Connor and Cameron Special Events 43 First Footsteps Jim Demetro February 13 Art Throb! Marylhurst University Love, freedom and a blessing to the June 2426 Chronicle of Lake Oswego, bright hope for the children who step Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, into this world. Main Building cast bronze August 21 Unveil Your Art! Fall 2016 Plein Air Lake Oswego 16 17

10 City-Wide Collection 50 Going for Your Vision Alisa Looney A symbol of the determination, These permanent sculptures are located throughout the energy and action it takes to create city and require a short drive. Refer to our smartphone our lifes dream. app or visit for a map. fabricated steel, pow- der-coated Hwy 43 and Terwilliger Blvd. 46 Guardian of the Lake Brian Mock 51 Bearly About Steve Tyree My work embraces the notion that I want to take people to the with a new perspective comes the times they have seen bears opportunity for a renewed life. and to that excitement for reclaimed metal these great creatures. Luscher Farm, Stafford Basin Trail bronze Donated by the artist Library entrance at D Ave. and 4th St. 47 Complement II Merrilee Moore 52 The Guardian Ted Shillock Complement II is a play on Guardian or protector of knowledge, similarities and differences and how feelings and ideas. they benefit each other. Italian marble Library entrance at D Ave. glass, stainless steel and 4th St. Dedicated to Judie Hammerstad 16325 Boones Ferry Rd. 48 Mutatio Ben Dye 53 Swoop II Devin Laurence Field Technology and math play a critical Terns and other migratory birds swoop part in my sculpture. It is meant to and play in the sky over the lake. challenge the mind and the eye. stainless steel stainless steel, basalt Donated by the Lakewood Neighborhood 15955 Boones Ferry Rd. Association corner of State St. and Middlecrest Road 49 Vincent Keith Jellum 54 Trillium Matt Cartwright This is not a rabbit. I hope to demonstrate the structure bronze and beauty of mathematics as Dedicated to Jack Hoffman expressed in nature. Adult Community Center, 505 G Avenue powder-coated steel, aluminum with acrylic George Rogers Park 18 19

11 55 Tidal Pool Mary Ann Baker 60 The Goal Lee Hunt Rough rocks, tumbling waves, playful The Goal refers to the goal of critters. community sports, which is painted steel, bronze participation. Donated by the artist Foothills Park bronze Westlake Park 56 Stafford Stones Frank Boyden 61 Blue Light Tower Joel Cottet (19482002) A tribute to William Designed and produced as a Stafford, Oregon Poet prototype garden light sculpture, Laureate. as well as to show that large scale basalt ceramic pieces are possible. Foothills Park ceramic Bangy Rd. and Meadows Rd. 57 Pinecone Bollards Valerie Otani 62 Rams Head Benches Ken Patecky Detail of one of three installed wood, carved concrete bollards. Can you spot the mice? Boones Ferry Rd. near Lake Grove bronze Old River Rd. and Glenmorrie Dr. School Dream 58 In the Flow Stuart Jacobson 63 Guruhans Kroesen Depicts our destiny, a path for life to An abstract depiction of the stroll uponwhich will guide you to Willamette Falls in Oregon your dream. City, where the first power fabricated steel generation facility was sited. Boones Ferry Rd. near Lake Grove School basalt Glenmorrie Park 59 Sunrise in the City Jesse Swickard 64 August Trunk Alisa Formway Roe Built to see the sun within the city. August Trunk hopes to stimulate steel Donated by conversation regarding complex the McVeySouth Shore Neighborhood issues of a global society. Association intersection of McVey Ave. and Laurel St. welded mild steel 15964 Boones Ferry Rd. 20 21

12 65 Time and Space Stuart Jacobson A three dimensional representation of the concept of time as being with us divided into the past, present and we need your support future. granite __Patron $100 Waluga Park __Business $150 __Steward $250 66 Untitled Bruce West __Trustee $500 __The Medici Society $1,000+ Rhythm, pattern, balance and __Art Guild $35 (for participating artists) movement in structural composition. __Senior/Student $50 (limited income) stainless steel West Waluga Park Name: _____________________________________ Mailing Address: 67 Totem Travis Pond _____________________________________ Wolf, Beaver, Orca, Frog, Raven. City/State/Zip: repurposed steel, automotive finish Donated by _____________________________________ community members, Don Caldwell, and Email*: the Fairbridge Foundation Fire Station at Bryant Rd. and Jean Rd. _____________________________________ Phone: 68 Lotus Tower Joel Cottet (19482002) _____________________________________ Symbolizing the path from __Check enclosed limited awareness to expansive __Bill me consciousness. __I will join online at ceramic moved to storage for restoration __Please keep my donation anonymous Thank you for your gift! The Arts Council of Lake Oswego is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All contributions are tax deductible. Please mail this form to Arts Council of Lake Oswego, P.O. Box 369, Lake Oswego, On cover: Lookout by Heather Soderberg-Greene; OR 97034 page 2: Hobbes ClawUnsheathed 3 by Stephen Klema; page 4: Breaktime by Anthony Teixeira; page 5: Journey Home *Please print clearly. We use email to communicate by Angelina Marino-Heidel and Joel Heidel; page 23: Aspens with our members. We never share our list. by Reven Marie Swanson; back cover: Clackamas by Mike Suri 22 23

13 Are You a pARTner? Our Gallery Without Walls is an invaluable community asset, but a gallery without your support simply cannot exist. When you become a pARTner, your support dollars make it possible to install and maintain our rotating and permanent art collections that enrich our families, our economy and our city. Your support also makes it possible for thousands of K-12 school children to take guided tours as part of our Art Literacy partnership, putting art education back into the school curriculum. Lake Oswegos public art program involves a collaborative process; we depend on you! Become a pARTner todaybecause even a gallery without walls needs your support to keep its doors open. Become a pARTner at or see reverse side for a tear-out membership form 503.675.3738 520 First Street PO Box 369 Lake Oswego, OR 97034 CLACKAMAS COUNTY CULTURAL coalition

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