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1 school of undergraduate studies For students who want more

2 And you know that a quality education from You know a respected university is key to achieving your you want dreams. So much depends on getting the right education, and you wisely refuse to compromise more on the school you choose. You want an accred- ited university that soars above the ordinary and offers you moremore programs, services, out of life. flexibility, and convenience. Thats precisely what awaits you at University of Maryland University College (UMUC). One of the best things about teaching at UMUC is PHOTOGRAPH BY MARK FINKENSTAEDT the wealth of real-world experience that the students themselves bring to the classroom. Our students come from many walks of life and have varied backgrounds and ages but are united by the same goal. Even though they are confronted with a number of obstacles, they stay the course and keep their dream alive. This is what I admire. We share a common bond as I have taken a similar journey. David P. Johnson, PhD Director, Digital Media and Web Technology UMUC School of Undergraduate Studies

3 UMUCs School of Undergraduate Studies Delivers More of What You Need to Succeed As you explore UMUCs School of Undergraduate Studies, one thing is immediately clear: everything UMUC does is u m u c f as t f ac t s geared toward helping adult students like you earn a high- One of 11 degree-granting institutions quality degree or certificate quickly and conveniently. Youll get a multitude of helpful servicesonline and in-person of the University System of Maryland. including academic advising, financial aid services, regis- Accredited university dedicated to tration help, and comprehensive library resources. Whats providing degree programs that have more, faculty members can offer you personal assistance, practical application in the real world. because both online and on-site classes are kept small. In short, UMUC offers the resources and advantages of a large Innovative pioneer in the development university with the personal attention of a small one. of distance education. Best of all, when you earn a degree at UMUC, youll be equipped with both academic knowledge and practical real- Expert in meeting the unique needs of world skills that can immediately transfer to the workplace. adults in the workforce, military personnel, So, whether youre seeking to advance in your career, and other students, since 1947. prepare for a new one, or reach a personal goal, UMUC is the smart choice for you to further your higher education. More conne cti on s to get y ou wh ere you need to go To better meet the needs of adult students like you, UMUC has forged strategic relationships with many outside organizations. UMUC welcomes transfer credit from approved institutions and partners with many community and technical colleges to provide you with a single curricu- lum plan for earning your associates and UMUC bachelors degree. UMUC also works closely with businesses to develop and improve its programs. And to support the military, UMUC col- laborates with key military schools and programs, including Army (SOCAD) Degree Builders, Defense Acquisition University, Air University Associate-to-Baccalaureate Cooperative (ABC), and the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership. UMUC is also a member of the CONTENTS Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges. INTRODUCTION More programs to ch oo se fr omea ch tailored to meet 4BUSINESS AND the needs of th e ma rk etplac e MANAGEMENT UMUC offers a wide range of programs so that whatever your field of interest, youll find a major to help you gain the knowledge and skills that the workplace demands. Programs range 6COMMUNICATION, ARTS, from the liberal arts to business to high tech and focus on some of the fastest-growing career AND HUMANITIES fields, such as emergency management, homeland security, and cybersecurity. Every major has benefitted from the input of an external advisory group, including employers and professionals, 8COMPUTER who help define the appropriate learning outcomes for graduates. INFORMATION SYSTEMS Consequently, every major has specialized content thats tailored to employer trends, AND TECHNOLOGY opportunities, and demands. And the regular cycle of evaluation and review assures that 10LEGAL STUDIES, the curriculum remains relevant and up-to-date. CRIMINAL JUSTICE, AND PUBLIC SAFETY 12PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL SCIENCE, AND SCIENCE 14CAREER PATHS 1

4 Faculty me mber s wh o g iv e y ou More More wa ys to ea rn cred itoutside academic cre den ti als plu s pr ac tica l, th e classroom real-world skills Credit for prior learning. Through the Prior Learning pro- What really sets UMUC apart from other universities is its gram, you can earn credit for what you already know faculty. The majority of UMUCs faculty members hold senior either by documenting the college-level learning youve positions and advanced degrees in their fields, so they are gained on the job or in volunteer positions or by taking uniquely qualified to keep you apprised of emerging trends. a course-challenge examination. Plus, the faculty is experienced and trained to work with adults who have busy personal and professional schedules. Credit for new learning in the workplace. You can earn up to 15 credits for new learning acquired on the job. Through the Cooperative Education program, you can gain work- place experience, develop highly sought-after skills, and build a professional network in your chosen field before you graduate. Faculty and staff at UMUC are committed to helping students be successful in their educational journey. The undergraduate programs are focused and sequenced to help students proceed through courses to their degree in a way that builds upon foundational knowledge toward capstone experiences. UMUCs undergraduate curriculum is based on learning outcomes and principles of academic rigor. By achieving the learning PHOTOGRAPH BY MARK FINKENSTAEDT outcomes, UMUC students graduate with skills that can be applied in their careers Jennifer L.W. Thompson, PhD Assistant Academic Director, Psychology, and Collegiate Associate Professor UMUC School of Undergraduate Studies 2

5 MORE SUPPORT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY More personali zed stu den t s upport services Effortlessly map were th e re wh en yo u n eed us out your education Comprehensive library services. All day, UMUC has developed easy- F inancial aid and payment options. to-use degree planning work- every day, you can request books from Highly trained financial aid specialists sheets to take the guesswork any University System of Maryland help you determine if you qualify for out of planning your educa- library and access articles and e-books a variety of grants, scholarships, tion; youll know up front online. Plus, you can get help from a work-study programs, and loans. An which courses to take and librarian via live online chat or e-mail interest-free monthly payment plan is when to take them. Degree 24 hours a day, seven days a week. also available. planning worksheets for each major are available at www. O nline writing assistance. You can 2 4-hour tech support. Staff members hone your writing skills through are standing by to assist you. the online Effective Writing Center. You should also plan to Experienced staff will provide valuable C omputer labs. Several UMUC locations enroll in UMUC 111 Virtual feedback on your work, usually within have cutting-edge computer labs avail- Meet and Greet, a free online 48 hours. able for use. In some cases, you can opportunity to meet other also access UMUCs host computers students, faculty, and staff C areer services. UMUCs Career from home via the Internet. and get connected with the Services offers free career planning UMUC community. UMUC resources to current UMUC students. S tudent success strategies 111 received a 2009 WCET and programs. UMUCs Center for Outstanding Work (WOW) A cademic advising. Skilled advisors Student Success helps you stay con- Award for innovative use of help you select the courses you need nected to the university and fosters educational technology in to earn your degree efficiently. self-development and lifelong learning. student academic support Programs like tutoring, mentoring, services. More information is academic clubs, and honor societies available at support you every step of the way. umuc111. Get started on the path More fl exib l e a nd c o n ve n i e n t to your degree w a y s to ear n y our de g r e e In the pages that follow, youll be introduced to the Online programs. Most degree and certificate programs complete range of under- can be completed entirely online, so you can attend class graduate degree and cer- at your convenience from anywhere in the world. tificate programs available through the UMUC School of Convenient hybrid and on-site classes. Daytime, evening, Undergraduate Studies. Youll and weekend classes are offered at several locations in find program descriptions for the Washington, D.C., metro area, as well as at military each major and be able to installations in Europe and Asia (including the Middle compare and contrast the dif- East). Hybrid classes combine on-site class meetings with ferent career opportunities for graduates in each major by online study. using the helpful Career Paths More scheduling options. Undergraduate classes begin chart. This guide will help several times a year to provide you with maximum flexibility you discover which program is right for you and get you in scheduling your courses. Choose the start date that works on the right track to reaching best for you. your goals and dreams. 3

6 Business AND MANAGEMENT Thrive in Todays Global Business Climate with a UMUC Business Education. Globalization has changed the face of business forever. To be successful, companies must com- pete in a world arena, understand and react to changes in the labor force, adapt to new busi- ness cultures, and constantly watch for new technologies and processes that will give them a competitive edge. This challenging new busi- ness climate presents enormous opportunities for people with the skills to lead organizations into a prosperous future. Whether youre looking to start a new career in todays turbulent business environment or get ahead in your current job, UMUC offers a program to help you aquire the skills you need to succeed. UMUC offers seven business-related majors, 11 minors, and seven certificatesB that allow you to master the basic core of business knowledge along with skills that are specific to your field of interest. Accounting tems, financial analysis and research and analyze business ing career in financial analysis, reporting, auditing, and taxation situations using contempo- portfolio management, banking, Business growth and globaliza- in profit, nonprofit, and govern- rary business tools, including insurance, risk management, tion have made financial transac- ment organizations. decision-support and strategic and related fields. tions more complex. This major planning systems. As you advance through the prepares you to identify the Busi ness This program is ideal for curriculum, youll develop an in- managerial and business issues Adm in istration those who want to use critical depth knowledge of the theory critical to analyzing accounting thinking skills and team build- and application of finance and data and other information that A major in business administra- ing to solve business manage- financial management. Youll is used to assess opportunities tion equips you with extensive ment problems and is excellent study business finance, finan- and risks, develop organizational business knowledge, as well as preparation for todays business cial management, investments, plans, and allocate resources. the leadership, communication, environment. security analysis, risk manage- The accounting curriculum and team-management skills ment, and valuation builds on a solid foundation you need to effectively man- of business, economics, and age in a for-profit, nonprofit, finance accounting principles to give or public organization. When The field of finance is broad Global Business you an in-depth knowledge you graduate, youll understand and dynamic, offering many and Publ ic Policy of the theory and application key concepts and theories in and varied career opportunities A major in global business and of accounting and accounting management, the impact of for professionals with the right public policy helps prepare you management. Youll learn the the global marketplace, and training and experience. The to take advantage of career theory and practice of manage- the principles of social respon- major in finance provides you opportunities in all economic rial accounting, compliance sibility and managerial ethics. with the theoretical and quanti- sectors, including domestic accounting, accounting sys- Youll be prepared to perform tative foundation for a reward- and global business, govern- 4

7 ment, and international man agemen t studies marketing nongovernmental or nonprofit Today, many business, gov- Fueled by increasing globaliza- organizations. ernment, public service, and tion and the developing role of The program provides a technical environments require the Internet in business, mar- unique and innovative cur- knowledge of management keting is constantly evolving. riculum that combines a solid principles from multiple disci- As global competition intensi- foundation in the functional plines. This major helps you fies, organizations increasingly areas of business (finance, gain that expertise through rely on skilled professionals to Majors management, and accounting) with an in-depth focus on global Accounting business and public policy. The Business Administration curriculum captures the dynamic trends in todays marketplace, Finance where increasing globalization F ac ul t y F ac t s Global Business and Public has blurred the lines between Policy business and public sectors. Most faculty members hold masters or Human Resource Youll learn skills that address doctoral degrees in their fields Management the complex nexus between of expertise. the functional areas of global Management Studies business management and Most are practicing professionals in Marketing their strategic public policy private industry, government, implications. nonprofit, and consulting organizations. human resource Many hold senior-level management Minors management positions and additional professional Accounting Employees are an organiza- certifications. Business Administration tions most important asset. Business Law and Public This makes recruiting, training, Policy and developing high-quality personnel crucial to a com- Business Supply Chain panys success. A degree in a broad and flexible course identify and develop profitable Management human resource management of study focused on decision new products and markets. Customer Service equips you with the skills and making, problem solving, and As a marketing major, youll Management strategic and practical knowl- leadership. This individualized study the strategic market- edge of human resource (HR) approach is ideal if you are an ing processes for consumer Economics management youll need in experienced manager or mid- and organizational markets: Finance this field. career professional looking to environmental scanning and The coursework is based on complement your experience positioning; marketing research Human Resource the needs of the HR profes- with a bachelors degree. It can and analysis; segmentation, tar- Management sionas defined by industry also prepare you for an entry- geting, and positioning; product International Business and professional associations level management position. development and differen- Management and the supporting theory The curriculum focuses on tiation; valuation and pricing; Marketing and research. Youll study HR management principles and channel and value-chain man- principles, labor relations, com- understanding of organizational agement; integrated marketing Strategic and Entrepreneurial pensation, employee training dynamics for todays global, communication; and relation- Management and development, employ- multicultural, and multinational ship building. You can also aug- ment law, hiring and retention organizations. It also includes ment your study of core con- strategies, communication, a full spectrum of related busi- cepts by examining special top- certif icate negotiating strategies, conflict ness courses. ics in marketing, such as global programs B management, and other issues. marketing, e-marketing, selling Youll graduate ready for work and salesmanship, customer AccountingIntroductory or advanced study in business relationship management, or AccountingAdvanced administration or HR. nonprofit marketing. Business Project Management Financial Management Fraud Investigation Human Resource Management Management Foundations More information about certificates, including gainful employment B disclosures, is available at 5

8 communication, arts, and humanities Make an Impact on the World Through Innovative Thinking and Expression. Changing social, political, and technological COMMUNICATION EAST ASIAN STUDIES conditions around the world have placed STUDIES The East Asian studies major new demands on todays workforce. To Communication media change will lead you on an interdis- thrive, it helps to have a global perspective, rapidly today, and a major in ciplinary journey through the be an innovative thinker, understand vari- communication studies will help history, economics, politics, put you ahead of the curve. As languages, and religions of ous cultures, write succinctly, speak clearly, a communication studies major, Asia, exploring the cultures and present ideas effectively. Thats pre- youll study conflict negotia- of China, Korea, and Japan. cisely what UMUCs Communication, Arts, tion, intercultural communica- Youll learn about the regions tion, and the new technologies rich traditions and follow its and Humanities programs can prepare you that are used to design and continuing contributions to the to do. You can choose from seven majors, deliver messagesfrom social world by delving into research 12 minors, and three certificates.B Each networking communications to about these areas and articu- helps you develop a variety of skills commercial advertisements. lating your ideas orally and in Once you complete the pro- writing. By learning to commu- including oral and written communication, gram, you will have gained the nicate in one of the East Asian research and analysis, and interpersonal extensive knowledge required languages, youll gain a deeper skillsthat are in demand among employers. to understand, analyze, and understanding of the lives of create effective and appropri- the people who speak it. Skills ate messages in society, in the gained in the East Asian stud- media, and in the workplace. ies program are applicable to a These highly valued skills can broad range of careersinclud- prepare you for work in cor- ing government and military porate communication, public workthat focus on the East relations, journalism, marketing, Asian region, international and professional writing. affairs, and graduate study. 6

9 ENGLISH GRAPHIC political, social, and economic A major in English is designed COMMUNICATION structures over time and develop a deeper appreciation for the to equip you with analytical, The graphic communication cultural achievements of the critical, and communication degree is a multidisciplinary worlds civilizations. skills to help you succeed in program designed to help you In addition, youll develop graduate study or pursue master the skills and technology strong research skills, sharpen a career in education, law, needed to compete in todays your ability to express yourself publishing, journalism, rapidly changing visual arts and orally and in writing, and be well public relations, business, or communication environments. prepared to analyze the world management. You will combine your train- around you. These analytical Coursework in literature and ing in graphic art and design, and communication skills open writing provides cultural lit- computer graphics, communi- many career paths, while also eracy, a foundation in the study cation, business-oriented writ- preparing you for graduate of language and literature, and ing, and publication to earn this study in history, the humanities, the opportunity to recognize bachelors degree. Once you or law. Majors and appreciate great works of complete this program, you can literature. Through the applica- apply these real-world skills Communication Studies tion of critical approaches to the in business, government, and HUMANITIES East Asian Studies study of literature, youll learn industry as a graphic designer, This major gives you a critical to articulate ideas with clarity, manager, or communications understanding of the world English conduct original research, and specialist. community through a com- General Studies* convey complex information in parative study of the ideas and Graphic Communication* logical, accessible language. HISTORY values of its cultures. And that UMUC is one of only a few understanding is critical to suc- History institutions nationally to pro- If one is to comprehend the cess in a global marketplace. Humanities vide you with an opportunity to complex forces that are shap- Youll be immersed in a mul- earn your bachelors degree in ing the 21st century, the study tidisciplinary study of global English entirely online. of history is essential. With culture by analyzing the forms this major, youll be equipped Minors of expression that define and to understand the evolution of connect it: art, philosophy, lit- African American Studies erature, religion, film, theater, Art* music, and technology. Plus, youll develop the analysis Art History* FOREIGN LANGUAGES and communication skills that Communication Studies employers demand and that are UMUC provides proficiency-based instruction in applicable to careers in areas East Asian Studies many world languages, including Arabic, Chinese, as varied as publishing, jour- English German, Japanese, and Spanish. Many courses in nalism, advertising, sales, law, these languages are available completely online, management, human resources, History using sophisticated, Web-based tools to help you and insurance, as well as edu- Humanities practice speaking and listening, as well as reading cation, museum, and other and writing. In addition to learning to communicate Journalism nonprofit organizations. with others in their language, you expand your cul- Philosophy tural knowledge and intercultural understanding. These skills will complement any major, enhance any GENERAL STUDIES Speech Communication rsum, and help you stand out in a global market- This program is available only Womens Studies place or move you ahead in your military or public to active-duty military and service career. certain other students who UMUCs online language courses combine the best conform to special stipulations. certif icate instructional design with the latest distance learn- Students outside UMUC Europe program s B ing theories and practices available anywhere. The and UMUC Asia should not University Professional and Continuing Education select this major. Computer Graphics Association (UPCEA) honored the universitys elemen- and Design* tary Chinese course with its 2010 Distance Learning Workplace Communications Community of Practice Meritorious Course Award. Workplace Spanish Consult an academic advisor before choosing this major. * Not fully available online. More information about certificates, including gainful employment B disclosures, is available at 7

10 computer information systems and technology Program a Future in One of the Worlds Most Challenging, Exciting, and Lucrative Professions. The need to manage, support, and protect computer and COMPUTER NETWORKs information AND SECURITY massive amounts of information has made science the ever-changing information technology The computer networks and This major equips you with security major prepares students (IT) field one of the fastest-growing employ- the problem-solving skills and to enter or advance in com- ment categories in the United States. For techniques you need to provide puter networking fields where those equipped with leading-edge skills, it solutions to practical problems industry-standard certifications using information technol- are considered essential in hir- offers high-paying career opportunities and ogy. Youll learn how to use ing and promotion decisions. dynamic work environments that are excit- object-oriented programming The curriculum focuses on the ing and challenging. languages, relational databases, techniques, policies, operational At UMUC, you can choose from six operating systems, computer procedures, and technologies networks, and distributed sys- needed to design, implement, majors, one minor, and 12 certificatesB that tems while applying solid soft- administer, secure, and trouble- deliver the academic focus you need to pros- ware engineering skills. shoot enterprise-level networks. per in the world of computing. Youll learn The program is structured It can prepare you for a career practical information gleaned from the fac- around the primary areas of as a network manager, systems employer interest so that, when administrator, or network secu- ultys years of real-world experience and then you graduate, you can be ready rity analyst. The program also apply it, gaining hands-on experience. to work as a programmer/ provides the opportunity for analyst, system administrator, you to prepare for IT industry database programmer, data- certification exams, includ- base administrator, or software ing the Microsoft Certified IT engineer. Professional (MCITP) certifica- tion, Cisco Certified Network 8

11 Associate (CCNA) certification, manager, or system adminis- developer, animator, graphic vendor-neutral CompTIA cer- trator responsible for informa- artist, electronic publisher, and tifications (A+, Network+, and tion systems and the security visual effects designer. Security+), and other certifica- of those systems. tions in networking and security. INFORMATION SYSTEMS DIGITAL MEDIA AND WEB MANAGEMENT COMPUTER SCIENCE TECHNOLOGy Information systems man- If you have a strong background The major in digital media agement is an increasingly in mathematics and an interest and Web technology prepares important part of the decision- in the theory, practice, and sci- you to enter the dynamic and making process in public ence of computer programming, fast-changing field of digital and private organizations. At this major is for you. Youll media by exposing you to the graduation, youll be armed study the design and develop- principles, practices, processes, with the skills you need to ment of computer organization techniques, and theories that successfully participate in and system architecture, the govern the effective design and supportthe role IT plays design and use of algorithms, and development of digital in todays organizations. and data structures for writing media for print, Web, and The curriculum focuses on the computer programs and models mobile devices. The program methods, concepts, and practi- majors of computation. offers a unique curriculum that cal applications of information The computer science integrates study of Web tech- systems in the workplace. As Computer and Information program gives you more nologies, graphic design, and you study, youll acquire an Science mathematical and theoretical motion graphics with graphic integrated skill set that includes Computer Networks and preparation than many com- communication and computer a deep understanding of the Security puting majors and is oriented science. It also introduces you technology. Youll also hone Computer Science toward specific positions, to emerging trends and tech- your ability to conceptualize and including software engineer, nologies in the digital design manage the design and imple- Cybersecurity application software designer, industry and provides hands-on mentation of high-quality, secure Digital Media and Web system programmer, software experience in industry-standard information systems. This major Technology architect, system engineer, and software and tools. prepares you to pursue a career computer games programmer. The interdisciplinary as a manager or supervisor of Information Systems approach can prepare you for information systems, system Management CYBERSECURITY a variety of positions, includ- analyst, database administrator, ing multimedia specialist, Web IT project manager, or informa- The major in cybersecurity offers designer, Web application tion assurance manager. a practical program of study Minors designed to prepare you to Computing be a leader in the protection of data assets. The curriculum focuses on the techniques, Fa cul ty F ac t s policies, operational proce- certif icate dures, and technologies that Many faculty members hold professional program s B secure and defend information positions as computer scientists, IT special- Computer Networking and information systems, in ists, software engineers, IS engineers, system Database Design and local as well as more broadly administrators, project managers, database Implementation based domains. The availabil- ity, integrity, authentication, designers, application designers, Web design- Database Management confidentiality, and nonrepu- ers, or company executives. Desktop Publishing diation of data are examined. Many hold not only advanced degrees but also Game Development In addition to knowledge and skills in information systems industry IT certification from vendors such as Information Assurance and cybersecurity, youll also Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Cisco. acquire a global outlook and Information Management interpersonal and manage- Many faculty members work for presti- Internet Technologies ment skills. gious organizations, such as IBM, Sun Object-Oriented Design and As a graduate of this pro- Microsystems, the National Institutes of Programming gram, you will be able to Health, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the U.S. pursue a career as an infor- Project Management for IT Census Bureau. Professionals mation systems security professional, senior system Visual Basic Programming Web Design More information about certificates, including gainful employment B disclosures, is available at 9

12 Legal studies, Criminal Justice, and Public safety Answer Your Countrys Call to Lead, Protect, and Serve. Our world is rapidly becoming a global com- munity, bringing with it an ever-expanding list of challenges, including national security, disas- ter preparedness, and emerging issues in justice and the law. These critical needs call for profes- sionals who are equipped with both the latest knowledge and field-tested techniques. Thats precisely what UMUCs programs deliver. UMUC offers seven majors, six minors, and four certificatesB designed to help you prepare foror advance incareers ranging from emergency preparedness and security to legal studies and political science. CRIMINAL JUSTICE EMERGENCY FIRE SERVICE network and one of only Criminal justice is a dynamic MANAGEMENT ADMINISTRATION seven accredited colleges and universities in the country field, filled with opportunities In the aftermath of the terror- UMUCs fire service admin- participating in the National for people with a thorough ist attacks of September 11, istration program covers the Fire Academys Degrees at a understanding of current and 2001, all-hazards emergency management and administra- Distance Program. emerging criminal justice response and the coordina- tion of fire-protection services issues. As a criminal justice tion of response services have and provides an understanding major, youll learn the nature become vital concerns. UMUCs of interagency coordination, as HOMELAND SECURITY of crime and the institutions major in emergency manage- well as analytical approaches The homeland security major and processes that prevent and ment focuses on disaster to investigation and program focuses on the domestic and respond to it in a democratic prevention, planning, prepared- management. It is designed international security issues of society. Youll also discover the ness, response, mitigation, and to provide the knowledge and homeland security, including role of police, courts, and cor- recovery. It covers needs and skills to help you pursue a international and domestic ter- rections in the administration issues, operations manage- management-level position in rorism, infrastructure protection, of justice, while developing a ment, planning and response, a public, private, or military fire intelligence operations and eval- coherent base of job-related and terrorism. department. uation, and strategic planning skills. Coursework may also ful- The fire service administra- and program management. UMUCs criminal justice offer- fill requirements related to tion program is endorsed by The program provides a global ings have been developed in the National Fire Protection the U.S. Fire Administrations outlook, awareness of current consultation with professional Association Standard National Fire Academy and the issues, and interpersonal and organizations like the American on Disaster/Emergency International Association of management skills to help you Correctional Association Management and Business Fire Chiefs. become a leader in government and the American Society of Continuity Programs and pro- UMUC is part of the national and industry security. Industrial Security. fessional certification as an Fire and Emergency Services emergency manager. Higher Education (FESHE) 10

13 INVESTIGATIVE FORENSICS A key element within the field of criminal investigation today is the work of forensics special- iststhe people who gather, process, and report on physical evidence from crime scenesin discovering the facts of a case. The role of forensics is also expanding within the field of civil justice. A major in investigative forensics provides the founda- tion youll need to be part of a collaborative work group in investigative forensics. The curriculum covers fieldwork and evidence detection, collec- tion, and reporting, as well as criminal procedure and digital analysis of evidence. Youll gain practical experience through majors specialization in digital or scien- Criminal Justice tific coursework. Emergency Management LEGAL STUDIES Fire Service Administration* Fueled by increasing demand Homeland Security for legal services, rising costs, Investigative Forensics and technologies that are Legal Studies altering the way law firms, courts, and government agen- Political Science cies operate, the legal profes- sion remains one of the most dynamic fields in the country. Minors The curriculum follows It acquaints you with the knowl- ful in the increasingly complex national standards and Criminal Justice edge, skills, abilities, and ethics professions within government addresses the organization, that will help you to be success- and politics. Emergency Management function, and processes of law- Fire Service Administration* making institutions, legal spe- cialties, and legal ethics. The Forensics coursework emphasizes legal Homeland Security analysis, legal writing, legal research, and the use Fa cul ty F ac t s Political Science of technology. Faculty members are active professionals POLITICAL SCIENCE in their fields and hold key positions in the certif icate court system, the military, law firms, police program s B UMUCs political science program not only provides departments, fire departments, security Criminal Justice Intelligence academic knowledge of firms, and more. Fraud Investigation American politics, compara- tive government, international Many faculty members regularly publish Paralegal Studies relations, and political theory articles in trade journals and present Terrorism and Institutions: and methodology, but it also material at professional conferences. Prevention and Response** addresses how political theory relates to its actual application. * Only available online. ** Not fully available online. More information about certificates, including gainful employment B disclosures, is available at 11

14 psychology, social science, and Science Leaving Your Mark on the World Begins with a Quality Education from UMUC. Only one things for certain in todays world: biotechnology ENVIRONMENTAL change. And as the pace of change accelerates, Earning a degree in biotechnol- MANAGEMENT businesses, government institutions, and non- ogy equips you with knowledge Over the past several decades, of the principles of biotechnology global environmental issues profit organizations are faced with increasing- and biology. It also provides you have come to the forefront. ly complex issues. To meet these challenges, with valuable hands-on experi- The environmental manage- it is helpful to have people who understand ence in the standard procedures ment major helps prepare social systems and the natural world in which used in biotechnology and you to become an environ- molecular biology labs. mental manager who not only they live and work. Above all, communities Through upper-level study understands all aspects of this need people who are driven by a desire to at UMUC, youll complete an changing industry, but also make a tangible difference in society. internship in biotechnology and possesses valuable skills in be able to apply biotechnology areas such as critical thinking, For people like you who have that pas- laboratory principles to prob- problem solving, project man- sion, UMUC offers six majors, eight minors, lems encountered in medicine, agement, interpersonal rela- and five certificatesB to help you tailor your public health, research and tions, and team building. education to your specific needs and interests, development, agriculture, indus- Youll also gain a firm trial and commercial production, grounding in basic scientific whether youre looking to update your skills and environmental science. principles, governmental regu- or prepare for a new career. latory policies, environmental and occupational health and safety, hazardous materials, pollution prevention and management, and global sus- tainability issues. 12

15 GERONTOLOGY The older adult population is one of the fastest growing segments of society. As a result, there is an increasing need for professionals trained in gerontology. The UMUC gerontology major can help you prepare for a career as a gerontological services manager, program planner, program/policy ana- lyst, product/service developer, or senior housing manager by equipping you with the skills needed to implement and manage gerontological health and human services programs. Through your studies, youll majors learn about various aspects Biotechnology* of aging and gain an under- standing of the programs, Environmental Management** services, and policies related Gerontology to aging and older adults. This program also prepares you for Laboratory Management* graduate study in gerontol- laboratory. It combines in-depth and principles to individual Psychology ogy, aging services, and other study of scientific concepts and cognitive and emotional func- procedures with laboratory tioning, the workplace, and Social Science human services areas. management skills. Graduates interpersonal relationships. LABORATORY of the program may pursue The program emphasizes MANAGEMENT careers as biological or chemi- application of biological, Minors cal technicians, lab managers, social, and professional princi- UMUCs program in labora- Biology or project managers. ples and concepts in response tory management is unique in to psychological needs. Environmental Management** Maryland. No other university It is aligned with national PSYCHOLOGY Gerontology in the state (and only one other American Psychological nationwide) offers a bachelors This major can help prepare Association guidelines for Mathematical Sciences* program in laboratory man- you for graduate study or for undergraduate study. Microbiology* agement. Yet the need within a career as a mental health the biotechnology industry for professional by providing a Natural Science solid grounding in both the SOCIAL SCIENCE employees with both scientific Psychology and management skills is great. major theoretical schools of A degree in social science UMUCs program prepares psychology and the findings of provides you with an interdisci- Sociology you to coordinate the activities research. Youll learn how to plinary education that includes that contribute to a well-ordered apply psychological concepts gerontology, sociology, and behavioral and social science. certif icat e This program is ideal if you program s B wish to pursue a career as a Applied Behavioral and Social program/policy analyst, social Sciences science research assistant, pro- Faculty Fa c t gram developer and manager, Clinical Mental Health Care or reporter. Many adjunct faculty members hold key posi- Diversity Awareness Youll learn how to under- tions at premier organizations, including the stand social reality and how to Health Issues for the Aging National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins address social issues from an Adult University School of Education, the U.S. interdisciplinary perspective. In Human Development Department of Transportation, BAE Systems, addition, youll be able to iden- the United Nations, Ipas USA, and others. tify implications of the study of social science to develop Consult an academic advisor before policies and programs that choosing this major. enhance human welfare. *Not fully available online. ** Only available online. More information about certificates, including gainful employment B disclosures, is available at 13

16 career paths for each major This chart will help you select the major you need to reach your goals. Theres one thats right for you! ACCOUNTING Begin preparing for the certified public accountant (CPA), certified management accountant (CMA), or certified internal auditor (CIA) exams. Prepare to work as an auditor, financial accountant, management accountant, tax accountant, or risk manager. BIOTECHNOLOGY* Prepare to work as a research or production assistant in laboratories specializing in biotechnology or genetic engineering. Prepare for graduate study in bioinformatics, bioengineering, biotechnology, genetic engineering, genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, or protein engineering. BUSINESS Prepare for a managerial career in contracting, procurement, e-business, policy analy- ADMINISTRATION sis, international business, customer service, finance, commercial law, banking, insur- ance, entrepreneurial ventures, small business, operations, production, logistics, health care administration, strategic planning and management, media or communications management, or another field of business management. COMMUNICATION Prepare for a career in public relations, marketing, advertising, customer STUDIES communications, technical writing, customer service, employee training, sales, or public information. Prepare to work as a writer or communication specialist in business, government, or nonprofit organizations or in evolving new media outlets, including online newsletters, newspapers, and magazines. COMPUTER AND Prepare for a career as a programmer/analyst, working with programming languages INFORMATION SCIENCE (such as Java, C#, Objective-C, or C++), the UNIX operating system, or Oracle databases. Develop problem-solving skills and techniques to help you provide computer-related solutions to practical problems. COMPUTER NETWORKs Prepare for technical certification as a network administrator, network manager, AND SECURITY system administrator, or network security analyst. Prepare to work in a technical or technology management role for a business, corporation, government agency, or nonprofit organization. COMPUTER SCIENCE Prepare for a career as a computer scientist, software engineer, systems analyst, programmer analyst, or game developer. Prepare to work as an independent consultant for new programming languages or specialized areas of application. Cant decide on a major? Visit This site will give you tips for assessing your goals, interests, strengths, and more. * Not available entirely online. 14

17 CRIMINAL JUSTICE Prepare for a career as a police officer, correctional officer, probation officer, security manager, information security officer, victim advocate, or policymaker. Prepare for law school or graduate study in criminal justice or criminology. CYBERSECURITY Prepare for a career as an information systems security professional, senior systems manager, or system administrator responsible for information systems and security of those systems. DIGITAL MEDIA AND Prepare for a career as a multimedia specialist, Web designer, Web application WEB TECHNOLOGY developer, animator, graphic artist, electronic publisher, or visual effects designer. EAST ASIAN STUDIES Prepare for a career in government, international affairs, journalism/writing, education, the military, or the tourism industry with an East Asian focus. Combine with business or computer-related study to pursue careers in global business, technology, and human resources. Prepare for graduate study in East Asian language, literature, history, religion, economics, or art. EMERGENCY Prepare for a career as a national, state, county, or municipal emergency management MANAGEMENT director; emergency planner; or corporate crisis manager. ENGLISH Prepare for a career in education, business, publishing, or the nonprofit sector using the written communication and critical-thinking skills needed in todays workplace. Prepare for a graduate degree in English, the humanities, or law. ENVIRONMENTAL Manage the integration of environmental compliance, pollution prevention, and other MANAGEMENT aspects of environmental change at a business, government, or nonprofit organization. Prepare for a career as a hazardous materials manager, occupational health and safety specialist, educator, conservation or environmental scientist, or program manager. FINANCE Prepare for a career in corporate finance, commercial banking, investment banking, insurance, money management, risk management, or real estate. Prepare for graduate study toward an MBA. FIRE SERVICE Prepare for a career as a chief executive, manager, or senior leader in the fire service ADMINISTRATION or in a military fire department, public safety, law enforcement, government, health services, insurance, or private-industry emergency response. GERONTOLOGY Prepare to work as a gerontological services manager, program manager, program/ policy analyst, product/services developer, or senior housing manager. Prepare for graduate study in gerontology, aging services, or human services. GLOBAL B USINESS Prepare for a career in international trade or in a state, federal, or international govern- AND PUB LIC P OLICY mental organization; in a nonprofit organization; or in any of the many corporate areas where a keen sense of the interface between international business and government policy is key. GRAPHIC Prepare for a career as a commercial artist, graphic designer, design studio manager, COMMUNICATION newspaper or magazine designer or editor, Web site developer, printing production manager, electronic communication specialist, digital photographer, art director, video producer, or media manager in publishing or television. 15

18 Career Paths for each major HISTORY Prepare for a career in education, business, publishing, nonprofit organizations, or government. Prepare for graduate study or law school. HOMELA ND SECURI TY Prepare for a career as a corporate or homeland security director, an infrastructure protection officer, or an intelligence officer. HUMANITIES Develop analytical, organizational, and communication skills for advancement as a manager, writer, speaker, teacher, or information specialist in for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations. Prepare for graduate study in law, religion, or international relations. HUMAN RESO URCE Prepare for a career as a human resource manager, benefits specialist, corporate MANAGEM ENT recruiter, labor relations manager, or mediator. Work in employee relations, employee development, training, or labor negotiations. INFORMATION SYSTEMS Prepare for a career as a systems analyst, information systems manager, or database MANAGEM ENT administrator. Work in a managerial or supervisory role in the integration of information systems in a business environment as a project manager, providing advice and direction. INVESTIG A TIV E Prepare to work as a private consultant, law enforcement officer, support staff FORENSICS member, or supervised forensic technician in a government agency, private security firm, hospital, school, or law firm. LABORATO RY Prepare to work as a biological or chemical technician, lab manager, or project MANAGEM ENT* manager in the biotechnology field. LEGAL STU D IE S Prepare for law school or work as a paralegal, senior paralegal specialist, nurse/ paralegal, legal service coordinator, circuit court clerk, senior contract administrator, litigation specialist, or intellectual property specialist. MANAGEM ENT STUDI ES Prepare for increased managerial responsibility or midcareer professional development. Pursue a managerial career in for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations with an emphasis on business planning, innovation, and problem solving. MARKETING Prepare to work for an agency specializing in integrated marketing communications, including advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, e-commerce, or marketing research. Prepare for a career in a corporate marketing department, become a professional salesperson, or work in retailing. POLITICA L SCIEN CE Prepare to work in various professional positions in government, international businesses and organizations, journalism, and law. Prepare for independent research or graduate school. PSYCHO LO G Y Prepare to work as a research analyst, social services worker, human resource manager, military or law enforcement officer, or consultant for a business or nonprofit organization. Prepare for graduate study in psychology to become a researcher, teacher, or therapist. SOCIAL SCIENCE Prepare for a career in business administration, elder care, government, health services, law enforcement, human resources, community service, education, or research. * Not available entirely online. 16 x

19 This brochure was printed on Chorus Art with soy-based Its easy to get started inks on recycled FSC-certified paper from well-managed for- at UMUC! ests using an environmentally friendly process. 1. Contact UMUC. Phone: 800-888-UMUC (8682) E-mail: [email protected] Web: 2. Apply for admission. 3. View UMUCs undergraduate schedule of classes. Questions? Call 800-888-UMUC (8682) or send an e-mail to [email protected] to speak with a new student advisor about admission, financial aid, or guidance on choosing a major. My interaction with UMUC has been positive and uplifting. The schedule of classes is flexible, making it very easy to integrate home, work, and school life, and the passion that faculty members have for their chosen career fields shines through in the classroom. They encourage and support students and clearly want them to be successful in their course- work. Their professionalism and years of experience provide a real-world learning environment, making it easy for students to apply what they have learned in their PHOTOGRAPH BY MARK FINKENSTAEDT professional lives. Vanessa Lee UMUC undergraduate student in Criminal Justice

20 ABOUT UMUC University of Maryland University Col- lege is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 3624 Market Street, Philadel- SERVING ADULT STUDENTS WORLDWIDE phia, PA 19104 (267-284-5000), one of the six regional accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. UMUC is governed by the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) is the University System of Maryland Board of Regents and certified by the State largest public university in the United States. As one of the Council of Higher Education for Virginia. 11 degree-granting institutions of the University System of UMUC is a constituent institution of Maryland, this global university specializes in high-quality the University System of Maryland. academic programs tailored to working adults. NONDISCRIMINATION: UMUC is com- mitted to ensuring that all individu- als have equal access to programs, UMUC has earned a worldwide reputation for excellence as facilities, admission, and employment a comprehensive virtual university and, through a combina- without regard to personal characteris- tion of classroom and distance-learning formats, provides tics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by educational opportunities to 90,000 students. The university UMUC and/or University System of is proud to offer highly acclaimed faculty and world-class Maryland policy or by federal, state, or local authorities, in accordance with student services to educate students online, throughout UMUC Policy 40.30 Policy and Pro- Maryland, across the United States, and in 27 countries cedures on Affirmative Action, Equal and territories around the world. UMUC serves its students Opportunity, and Sexual Harassment ( through undergraduate and graduate programs, noncredit shtml). UMUC does not discriminate leadership development, and customized programs. For more against or harass any person because of race, religion, color, creed, gender, information regarding UMUC and its programs, visit marital status, age, national origin, ancestry, political affiliation, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status (including Vietnam- Era veterans). All inquiries regarding UMUCs Nondiscrimination Statement or compliance with applicable statutes and regulations should be directed to the director of Diversity Initiatives, Office of the President, UMUC, 3501 University Boulevard East, Adelphi, MD 20783-8000 (phone 800-888- UMUC, ext. 1-7940). 3501 University Boulevard East Adelphi, MD 20783-8080 11-UGP-028 (08/11)

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