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1 JANUARY 2016 Volume XCII Number 1 2016 KYC Commodore Richard Perkins and wife Donna

2 KYC Calendar January February 2016 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 1 2 JAN Commodores Reception LH 2 PM Club Blessing Family BBQ Snack Bar 11-4 PM 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 CG #17 UD 6:30 PM CG# 14 UD 6:30 PM MP UD 8 AM El Toro Clinic Brunch 9-11 AM Tennis Fleet LH 6 PM Locker 10-Noon Express Window 5:30-7 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ Snack Bar 12-4 PM YOGA UD 6-7:15 PM Deckhands LH 6:30 Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 El Toro Clinic Mooring Mtg UD 6 PM Ladies RR Bulkhead Race 2 PM MP LH 4 PM Brunch 9-11 AM Locker 10-Noon Express Window 5:30-7 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ Snack Bar 12-4 PM Membership Mtg UD 6:30 Fleet Ops Mtg UD 6:00 PM Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 MP LH 5 PM MP LH 6 PM MP UD 11 AM F + P Mtg UD 6 PM Brunch 9-11 AM Locker 10-Noon Express Window 5:30-7 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ Snack Bar 12-4 PM YOGA UD 6-7:15 PM Club Ops Mtg UD 6:00 PM Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 30 25 26 27 28 29 24 Pac Cup Mtg UD 6 PM MP LH 8 AM Boat Blessing COL LH 4 PM Brunch 9-11 AM Locker 10-Noon Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ Snack Bar 12-4 PM YOGA 6-7:15 UD BOD Mtg UD 6:30 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 Opening Day 9 AM FEB CG #17 UD 6:30 PM CG# 14 UD 6:30 PM Class Boat A MP LH 4 PM MP LH 11 AM Brunch 9-11 AM MP UD 12 PM Locker 10-Noon Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ YOGA UD 6-7:15 PM Snack Bar 12-4 PM Deckhands LH 6:30 Express Window 5:30-7 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Super Bowl Sunday Mooring Mtg UD 6:30 PM IRF A1 MP UD 9 AM Molokai Cruise Brunch 9-11 AM Locker 10-Noon Express Window 5:30-7 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ Snack Bar 12-4 PM Membership Mtg UD 6:30 Fleet Ops Mtg UD 6:00 PM Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Bulkhead Race 2 PM F + P Mtg UD 6 PM Ladies RR Tennis Fleet LH 6 PM Molokai Cruise Molokai Cruise Brunch 9-11 AM Locker 10-Noon Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ Snack Bar 12-4 PM YOGA 6-7:15 UD Club Ops Mtg UD 6:00 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Class Boat B COL LH 3 PM MP LH 8 AM Brunch 9-11 AM Pac Cup Mtg UD 6 PM Locker 10-Noon Snack Bar 12-4 PM Cribbage & Bridge 6:30 PM Locker 5:30-7 PM Family BBQ YOGA 6-7:15 UD BOD Mtg UD 6:30 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Dinner 6-9 PM Express Window 5:30-7 PM Snack Bar 11-4 PM 28 29 IRF A2 Brunch 9-11 AM Locker 10-Noon Snack Bar 12-4 PM YOGA 6-7:15 UD On the cover: 2016 Commodore Richard Perkins and wife Donna. Photo Lilia Cantu

3 Commodore Vice Commodore Rear Commodore Richard Perkins Tom Wood Frederic Berg Hau'oli Makahiki Hou Aloha all, and Mahalo to those of you Welcome to 2016! welcome to 2016! We that had the courage to vote have a lot to look forward for this Rear Commodore! I As all members must to this year as we start the look forward to carrying the know by now Club New Year building on a Flag and in the process Manager Ken Rakta maintaining the special challenging but highly decided to retire at the end ambience we share here at of 2015. I just want to successful 2015. Kaneohe Yacht Club. thank Ken for his years of Thanks very much to last years Fleet Captains RC is probably looked upon as the most service to the club and wish him well with his and Regatta Chair as well as all of those who helped challenging volunteer position at the Club, but it is recovery. To clarify any rumors, we just started our with Race Committee and other efforts along the made much easier by having a competent Regatta search for a new General Manager and I have way. Many of you are returning for 2016 along with Chair. A big Mahalo goes out to Eric Aakhus who appointed a committee to be involved in the search a few new faces and I am looking forward to has agreed to another year a the helm and wants to and selection. This process may take a couple of working with all of you throughout the year as we mentor the next Regatta Chair for 2017. Also, thank months as we dont want to rush into this search / tackle the very full schedule for the year. Thanks you to all the Fleet Captains, some returning and selection process and we want to make sure we hire for volunteering, without you the club cant do what some new, that will make up the Fleet Operations the right Manager to join our KYC family. Committee meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every it does; your time, talent and enthusiasm are I want to extend a Mahalo to all the members of month. the Board of Directors and the Finance and Planning essential to making KYC the great club that it is. As The 2016 HYRA Calendar has been in the Committee for stepping up during a challenging year many of you already know KYC leads the state in works for some time now and is in pretty good in 2015. Everyone worked together and put in the sailing programs, and you all make it happen. shape. Thanks to all who contributed in its making. extra effort to deal with the challenges. I also want to This years calendar also includes KYC We start off in January with the El Toro Clinic on thank Staff Commodore Chico Cantu for his excellent hosting the finish for the Pacific Cup Race and we the 9th and 10th and the Second Sunday at 2 service and support for the last four years. Tom will be reaching out to the Club members over the Bulkhead race on the 10th as well. Later in January Pochereva as Commodore deserves a lot of credit as next few months to participate in that effort as well. we have the Boat Blessing followed by Opening his leadership was critical to our success. He set the It will be fun, and a great opportunity to meet new Day on the 31st. Then the drumbeat of regattas stage from the beginning of the year with a strategic people. starts in earnest with Class Boat A on February 6th planning session that gave us guidance for the entire and IRF A1 on the 13th. Also the Molokai Cruise is We have an event-filled January coming up. year and years to come. This process will continue this on the Presidents Day weekend the 13th through the year with another strategic planning session planned in Our season officially starts with Opening Day on the 15th of February. I know the Fleets will be looking January. 31st of January. We are building on last years for volunteers to support the Race Committee. Director Ralph Goto's term is up on the Board fun-filled event, so be on the look-out for some new Please sign up for on the volunteer sheet as soon as and and Frederic Berg's last year will be filled by Karl changes to this years event. Details are included possible, so the Fleet Captains can rest soundly Mench. They both contributed a lot and I want to on the back cover of this edition of Telltales. knowing its covered. thank them for their contributions over the last three My first year as one of your Commodores sped I grew up at Kaneohe Yacht Club, so Ive years. Frederic is stepping up to be Rear Commodore by looking back I am hugely grateful to all of you always been aware of the many volunteers that make while Ralph is stepping off the board. who participated in activities and volunteered your the whole operation work. In my early years, except Another member of our team last year who time and skill to make the Club a better place. I am for a shortened stint as Junior Commodore, I was stepping is Port Captain Bob Hurd. Bob has been Port mostly a user and I have to say, I enjoyed my time also grateful for the vast wealth of knowledge and Captain for seven years and has gone above and racing and hanging out immensely. I never knew beyond with his service to the Club. The Port Captain experience resident within our membership. If you how rewarding it was to actively participate in the position is a thankless job and Bob has done a fantastic havent had the opportunity to appreciate how very execution of everything we do here at the Club. For job and I wish he was not leaving. He has agreed to special our Club and our members are, you may be those of you that are like I was in my early years, I mentor the next Port Captain so if anyone is interested, missing out on one of the finest aspects of belonging would encourage you to dip your toes into the please contact any Commodore. A BIG MAHALO to KYC. Pull up a chair and strike up a conversation, volunteerism at the Club. You may be as pleasantly goes out to Bob. you never know what you might learn or what a surprised as I continue to be every day. I also want to welcome to our team our new unique individual you might meet. directors Mark Andrade and Karl Mench. They both This promises to be an exciting year with great add valuable experience to our board and I look activities all year long. Stay safe, watch out for each forward to work with them. other, and I hope to see you all at the Club or on the I would be remiss without thanking the KYC staff for stepping up during 2015. We had two new water. staff join us in 2015 and they have been great contributors to our success in 2015. A special thanks Special Thanks to the Commodores Ball Planning and Decorating Committees goes to Dwayne and Jean for their efforts in 2015 as their experience and knowledge were priceless with Decorations and party planning: Bob and Frannie Haws for the large burgee. dealing with all of the challenges. We have a great Amy Hammond, Lori Lloyd, Bill Leary, Anne and Thor Orndahl for storing the horse Kimo. staff going into 2016 and I look forward to another Sherri Phillips, Andy Bates, Sime and Patrick Ching for letting us borrow the horse Kimo. successful year. John Gross, Anita and Tom Valentine, Bill Leary dressed as the Canadian Mountie. Terry Beuret, Sally Bogert, Jenny and Seth Bond, Beth Grainger, Kai Andrade, KYC Juniors: Sailing Instructors: Mahalo from Team Telltales Leslie and Malia Johnson, Kim Ickler, Malia Johnson Junior Sailing Director We would like to say a big Mahalo to all who Lucrecia Fry, Lilia and Chico Cantu, Summer Johnson Jesse Andrews have contributed to Telltales. Your photos and Tom Wood, Bruce Vollert, Roselle and Kaila Baker articles continue to keep the publication current Makamae Nottage, Greg Lelesch, Lauren Baker Instructor Maddy Kennedy and make it fun to read. Please keep it coming. Jesse Andrews, Hiromi Grantham, Kahea Heitzman Instructor Jenny Guzik If you see something interesting around the club, and Rennie Faith. Kiana Heitzman send it in to [email protected] Tommy Henshaw A special Mahalo goes out to Lilia Cantu Susan and Steve Chamberlin, Anita and Tom Kawika Tumilowicz who has photographed countless events over the Valentine for providing the beautiful greenery last few years. Thank you so much Lilia! and flowers.

4 Junior Sailing Director Junior Commodore Jesse Andrews Malia Johnson I would like to formally congratulate Malia Hello everyone Im Malia Johnson your 2016 Johnson for being nominated and elected as the Junior Commodore! Im 13 years old and have been 2015/2016 Kaneohe Yacht Club Junior Commodore. sailing at KYC my whole life. I am really excited for Malia was introduced at this year's Commodore's Ball this year and have so many amazing ideas for the as the Junior Commodore. She gave a heartwarming Junior Sailing Program such as: speech thanking Commodore Tom Pochereva for all Campouts the work he has done with the Juniors and for our Work parties Sailing Program. Fun races This years KYC Junior Sailing award went to Tommy Henshaw who Movie nights placed second in the El Toro North Americans and won El Toro A Season's Annual End of Year Celebration - Kamalii Paina. Points. Most Improved went to Kaila Baker whose determination and dedication I look forward to the months ahead and working with you all. If you see me has really showed in her sailing ability this year. Sportsmanship went to Morgan around the yacht club feel free to say hello or give me some fun ideas. Thank Vodzak who volunteers to help out with the program and any kids who have you again to the junior sailors for nominating me as their Junior Commodore! needed help throughout the year. Special Achievement was awarded to Kahala Furukawa who placed third in the El Toro North Americans and won El Toro B Aloha, Season's Points. Malia Johnson In December we held the HYSA Laser Clinic and had perfect light trade winds and over 25 participants. We hope to see even more participants join us for the El Toro Clinic January 9 and 10 at KYC. This clinic is open to anyone who would like to improve their sailing skills in the El Toro. Contact me if you would like to reserve a club El Toro for the clinic. Laser Clinic - Waikiki 420 States Results Skipper/Crew Race1 2 3 4 Total Sandy Park/Max Roth 5 3 3 3 14 Michael Magnussen/Mike P 1 4 4 4 16 Dylan DiMarchi/Mason Comerford 1 1 1 1 4 Jeremy/Kelly Yamada 3 5 5 5 18 Giacomo Polletti/Cole Brauer 2 2 2 2 8 Aaron Tsuchitori 420 State Champs Dylan Dimarchi and Mason Comerford Tommy Henshaw Kawika Tumilowicz

5 Manager Ken Raktas Parade of Lights Keiki Christmas Party Retirement Party December 19 December 19 December 28 The Annual Parade of Lights was scheduled for the 19th of December, but had to be cancelled due to weather concerns. While Mother Nature was not fully cooperative with our plan for an evening cruise, those who came to the dock party had a great time. Christmas Dinner December 17 Photos: Lilia Cantu

6 Deckhands Corner Sandy Ragley & Lynn Pease Do you like to Plan Keiki Parties and Meet New People? Saturday, December 19, KEIKI CHRISTMAS PARTY Deckhands Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of 15 KYC Members, The Deckhands team did it again- they managed to get Santa Claus to drop snow Spouse Members or Significant Other energetic females (only) who are on the lawn, make a stop at the club by boat and bring gifts to the keikiall in interested in helping out with Keiki parties, BUNCO Nights, Newcomers Pupu one day! The keiki had fun on the snow as usual and were very well- behaved parties, selling KYC Logo wear in the Locker and being part of a dynamic team this year thanks to the parent participation! The Deckhands are truly an amazing of women volunteers! This is truly the BEST opportunity for females to group of ladies who worked very hard but would also like to thank the club volunteer at KYC! We are forming a waitlist so if you are a female (only) members (Deckhand volunteers) who helped out with the craft tables and Member, Spouse Member or Significant Other, have computer skills and want donated sandwiches and snacks for the keiki- we could not have done it without to get involved in the fun, please call or text President Sime Gross at all of you. 808-673-1445 or V.P. Sandy Ragley at 808-780-4833. JANUARY DECKHANDs of the MONTH: Paul and Janis Meierdiercks get 25% off merchandise on an up-to $100 purchase at the Deckhands Logo Locker. Ask a lovely Deckhand at the Locker how you can become eligible to become the Deckhand of the Month and get your discount! The Deckhands Locker: ANCHORS AWEIGH! The new anchor design for adults and keiki is available on hoodies and long sleeve shirts of several types and colors are flying off the shelf! In 2016 there are many new plans for the merchandise in the Locker. The Locker will be open more days and hours depending on activities happening at the club. The Locker Committee has been CURRENT EVENTS an unstoppable force in getting together the new merchandise. A new batch of our popular Reyn shirts in fabulous designs have just arrived so be the first in The Presidents Message line before they are gone, gone, gone! We have in stock new and colorful polo The Deckhands would like to thank all of our KYC club members for their shirts, some are a very soft wicking fabric (bamboo blend) that you just have to awesome support throughout 2015 and were looking forward to your continued feel and see to believe! Make sure you stop by the Locker and see what we support in 2016. The Deckhands Board ladies did a great job in 2015 and are have in store- there is something for everyone! enthusiastically looking forward to starting off 2016 planning more great events for the adults and keiki of KYC. Please stay posted to the Telltales for upcoming RECENT EVENTS events and stop by the Locker to check out our ever-changing selection of merchandise! Aloha and Happy New Year! Sime Gross Saturday, December 12 DECKHAND OF THE YEAR AWARD-2015 Mark your calendar for The Deckhand of the Year Award, also known as the Aloha Trophy is given to the Deckhand or Deckhands of the Year who has gone above and beyond UPCOMING EVENTS what is required in a dedicated, exemplary and/or noteworthy fashion during Saturday, January 19, VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION PARTY the year. This special award went to two amazing Emeritus Deckhands, Betty January, Deckhands Membership Drive Night/Day, date TBD Birdsong-McDowell and Becky Dodini. Betty joined the Deckhand Board Sunday, January 31, OPENING DAY, Theme: Music of 50 yrs Ago (1966) nineteen years ago. She's held every position except Treasurer (That would 9:00 am -1:00 pm Table decorating at the Bulkhead have been a disaster, - quote from Betty), and Second Vice President of Purchasing/Locker. Ironically, the Locker became her forte and she served as the Assistant Second Vice President of Purchasing/Locker for many years, and continues as a 'background consultant' to this day. Becky Dodini was on the Deckhands Board for over 25 years and serves as the Board of Directors Advisor as well as the Locker/Merchandise Advisor and is invaluable in her service with the countless volunteer hours she dedicates to the Deckhands Locker. Between the two of them, their numerous hours of dedication and commitment to the Locker and our Board Members during this past year most clearly went above and beyond what was required and that is why they were recognized with this award. If you see them, please congratulate them!

7 Commodores Reception & Club Blessing January 1, 2016 Photos: Lilia Cantu Reverend Galindo delivers the club blessing January 1, 2016 at the Staff Commodore Tom Pochereva, Director Karl Mench, Director Tim Hudson, Commodores Reception. Treasurer Greg LeLesch, Commodore Richard Perkins, Vice Commodore Tom Wood, Rear Commodore Frederic Berg, Secretary Lucrecia Fry, Director Mark Andrade Staff Commodore Tom Pochereva and wife Mele Commodore Richard Perkins and wife Donna Staff Commodore Chico Cantu, Darcie & Steve Logan, Staff Commodore Mark Logan Members assemble for the blessing Sandy Ragley & Tom Wood Marie Larson, Bob & Frannie Haws, Wes Larson, Charlotte Starr, Corinne Waterhouse Cathy Fortmann, Lynn Albrecht, Mac & Sharon Pascale & Frederic Berg Sue McBride and Noelani Fowler Marsh McMorrow

8 Tennis Fleet Donlei Darnell The Tennis Fleet is traditionally quiet in December as everyone is busy with Christmas, yearend events (think Commodore's Ball, Awards Banquet) and New Year's activities. So we don't have a tournament or a potluck but we did have a wonderful dinner at KYC on December 27 catered by the KYC galley. The meal was great and we thank the staff for their superb service. Everyone looked sparkly and fresh and a good time was had by all. Recapping 2015 winners: we have the Tom Collins Tournament in May with Linnea Brooks and Betsy Denzer for the women and Keegan Giles and Rob Rietow for the men. In October's Clare Lang Tournament the winners were the team of Rob Rietow and Sue Ashford. Their names will be added to the trophies. Season's Points was awarded to Betsy Denzer and Rob RietowRob sure got around the tournaments in 2015! Kit Beuret announced that the calendar for 2016 has been sent to members via email and it looks like it will be an exciting year. Planned are the annual Shrimp Boil, three catered dinners and various themed potlucks including Irish, Asian, Italian, German, Family Favorites, Courtside BBQ, and Wild West (think Corinne Waterhouse Chili!). Our exciting Tom Collins and Clare Lang tournaments will be in May and September. Watch our Tennis Fleet Bulletin Board for reminders as each date approaches. The fleet is always happy to announce new members and some of our newest members are Lynn Pease, Barbra Green, and Richard LeClerc. Tell your friends what a great group we are.. ask if they want to join! At $20 a year per person, it is worth every penny! And don't forget to pay your own dues to JoAnn Goebert at 684 Kaimalino, Kailua, 96734 or drop off at the office to be put in the Fleet inbox. Checks should be made out to KYC Tennis Fleet. January will start the year with a tournament on the 9th with an Asian potluck in the evening. Signups will be announced soon. See you on the courts! Beautiful Sime Gross Photos: Donlei Darnell Mark and Betsy Denzer and Bob Babyack in the foreground with fleet members filling the Long House Gail Hutchinson, Jim Fernie, Sime Gross, Clay Hutchinson

9 Commodores Ball December 12, 2015 Andy Bates, Elise Leroux, Commodore Pochereva, Sandy Ragley, Donna Perkins, Mele Pochereva Linda and Bruce Vollert Maureen Bates and Mele Pochereva Roger Goodwin surrounded by babes Lilia and Chico Cantu Shari & Chuck Cotton Vice Commodore Dick Perkins and wife Donna Greg & Donna Lelesch Mark and Blossom Logan Pascale and Frederic Berg Makamae and Roselle Nottage Jim and Rennie Faith Greg Lelesch, Dick Perkins and Tom Pochereva Sue and Kris Gourlay Eileen Blanc and Tim Hudson

10 Commodores Ball December 12, 2015 Photos: Lilia Cantu The KYC Longhouse was decorated beautifully by Commodore Tom Pochereva and wife Mele arrive at Beautiful oragami boats Donna Perkins and her team the Ball Bob Wrigley receives the Outstanding Service Traditional flag ceremony Becky Dodini receives the Deckhand of the Year Award for his work with Finance and Planning award from Sime and John Gross Mountie Bill Leary, Ruthanne Quitiquit & Don Brown Junior Commodore Malia Johnson and fellow junior Lori Lloyd, Mountie Bill and Mele Pochereva sailors greet the Pocherevas Roselle Nottage Chico & Lilia Cantu, Blosson & Mark Logan Commodore Pochereva Gary Weigand, Jef Schneider, Sally Bogert, Jane Sawyer, Katarina Weigand George Losey & guest, Charlotte & Joe Starr, Leslie Johnson and Glenn Clark Mele and Tom enjoyed the night Spotswood Robertson

11 3$&,),&&83 3 $&,),&&83 the t h e FUN F U N race r a c e to t o Hawaii H a w a i i July J u l y 2016 2016 SAFETY AT SEA SEMINAR March 5, 2016 7:30am Kaneohe Yacht Club 44-503 Kaneohe Bay Drive Kaneohe HI 96744 Essential training for offshore sailors. Certification is nationally recognized for 5 years. Advance Advance Registration Registration Discount! Discount! $135 per per person son ($150 after 2.20 2.20.16) .16 6) Photo by Leslie Richter / www.rockskipper.com 7 7R5HJ R5HJLVWH HU3 U3OH HDDVH H9 9LVLW ZZZ Z Z 3 DFLILF&XS D F L I L F & X S R R UJ U J HYHQWN\FVD HYHQWN\FVDV

12 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! 2016 PACIFIC CUP is on the Horizon!!! Pacific Cup, the Fun Race to Hawaii, runs every other summer from the San Francisco Bay and has been an event since 1980 coming to Kaneohe since 1988. For up-to-date information and history on the race, visit the website at www.pacificcup.org KYC, as Finish Line host, requires lots of volunteers to fill our various committees Escort Boats will be chaired by Mike Barker, [email protected] Escort and make this event a success with the expertise and Aloha KYC is known for. boats are scheduled to bring racing yachts from the finish line to mooring at KYC through both the Main Ship Channel and the Sampan Channel at any time, day The first start in San Francisco Bay will be on July 11. We expect our first arrivals or night, til theyre all here. Captains use their own boats and normally gather on or about July 21; after all we do have 5 Hawaii Boats/Boats with Hawaii crew their own crew to assist them; however, some volunteer crew is always needed. on board this year! The action wraps up for our racers on July 29 at the Awards Party. Most committees work 24/7 during the time period the boats are arriving. Mooring is Team-Chaired by Ralph Foulger, [email protected] , Ken Volunteer sign-up begins in January and scheduling continues through June. Schmidt [email protected] and looking for a few additional Co-Chairs who Training will be provided by Committee Chairs as the race draws near. will be responsible for mooring the finished yachts at the bulkhead, in a slip, or anchored outside the coral patch. Easier said than done, this committee will be To sign up: There is a sign-up sheet on KYC's main notice board, or you may VERY busy this year, with seventy entries! Members with slips on G-pier may contact the Chair of the committee or committees below for the Committee(s) be asked to relocate during the race period to help accommodate our visiting you'd like to volunteer for and/or sign-up on the Main Bulletin Board near the yachts. Also, anyone leaving the yacht harbor for any length of time in July is Bar. There will also be future opportunities to have all your questions answered reminded to advise our new Port Captain so he/she may have the flexibility of and assist you with getting involved during upcoming Pacific Cup Sign-up events moving boats around to create more useful space for our guests. TBD. Committee Descriptions are below. Leis & Trays: With lots of aloha, this committee prepares mai-tais and fresh Communications Chair Ellis Abram, [email protected] schedules radio pineapple and delivers them and a fresh lei, to all on board the finishing yacht, operators in the room on the Upper Deck and will begin communication with after they are cleared by the Staff Duty Officer (SDO). Linnea Brooks, the racers long before they reach the finish line. Watch standers are scheduled [email protected] and Karla Silva [email protected] are 24/7 until all racers are safely finished. MUST have computer skills. co-chairing this fun group and have a fun agenda planned for these receptions! Staff Duty Officer Operations are being chaired by Beau Lani Barker Parties and Emcees: Parties? Who said that? Cathy Pratt, [email protected] This team volunteers 24/7 to receive, record and [email protected] and Roselle Nottage, [email protected] are post racing yacht check-ins, ETAs, and disseminate information to committees. working on some really great evening experiences for KYC and our visitors. SDO is also first aboard the yachts after they are moored to ensure that they are They can use some support! They also need nightly Emcees to introduce events, in compliance with certain racing rules and Hawaii State Ag. Regs., etc. Security the day's arrivals, make announcements, awards door prizes, and etc. functions fall in here alsoSDO keeps it all together! Decorations: Jenny Bond, [email protected] and Donna Perkins, Finish Line is led again this year by Lynda Jones, [email protected] and [email protected] will be keeping our Longhouse beautiful throughout is looking for a Co-Chair. Watch standers are posted at Kansas Tower on MCBH the week and will need volunteers to bring fresh flowers and greenery, as well as and are scheduled 24/7 to finish racers, turn them over to escort boats on VHF assist with creating arrangements and maintaining them during the week. radio, and record and report finish times for all racers. Information Desk: Our concierge service for the racers and their family and friends is set up to provide useful information to them while theyre visiting. Our Know-It- Alls are being organized by Becky Dodini, [email protected] Anyone having housing available or willing to babysit should also contact Becky. Deckhands: During Pacific Cup Week the Deckhands expand their hours and operations to sell more logo merchandise to our visitors. They also need additional sales minded, outgoing volunteers. Ruthann Quitiquit, [email protected] will be happy to sign you up. For more information about any of these committees, please call/text/email Sandy Ragley, [email protected], 808-780-4833

13 SPRING 2016 KYC JUNIOR SAILING PROGRAM KYC's 2016 Spring Junior Sailing Classes are held every Costs Saturday from February 20th through May 14th. This Spring we Junior Spring Sailing Class tuition will be $270 for Members have expanded our classes from 11 to 13 weeks. We will be and $320 for Non-members for all classes. Tuition for students starting one week earlier and are keeping the prices very registering for both Saturday morning and afternoon classes will affordable at $5 to $7 an hour per student. Whether or not a be $480 for Members and $565 for Non-members. student was enrolled in the Summer Program or some other A 10% discount is applied to students using their own boat session, take this opportunity to participate in our Spring Junior and for sibling signing up at the same time. No refunds will be Sailing Program! available for missed classes. As a primary benefit, the Spring classes are normally a Partial scholarships may be available. Please contact the smaller class size so students can take advantage of a better KYC front office at 247-4121 if you have any questions. instructor to student ratio. Students in the Topper class will also have more opportunities to sail by themselves and accelerate up Registration into other classes at a faster pace. These classes focus on Registration and packets will be handled through the KYC safety, fun and sailing skill building. In addition to regularly Office. All appropriate registration and release forms along with scheduled classes, the program offers participation in local full payment must be completed in order to guarantee a place in regattas, Friday night El Toro races, and Sunday Laser and 420 the class. Races. For further information contact Jesse Andrews, Director of Spring Sailing Program Schedule Sailing, Kaneohe Yacht Club, 247-4121, ext. 122 or by e-mail [email protected] Novice Topper Sailing - This is a Learn-To-Sail class for students aged 8 to 18. If a student has little to no sailing Sunday Class Boat Racing- On scheduled Sundays throughout experience or has taken a few years ashore and wants to the Spring,420s and Lasers are welcome to race in the KYC rediscover sailing, this is the class. Classes are primarily taught Classboat races. The start is at Noon and there will be three in Toppers, our beginning sailboat. Boats are provided for all races a day around the harbor buoys. There is no entry fee for students enrolled in this class. Curriculum will include the basics the series but to use one of KYC's 420s, a reservation must be of sailing, including parts of the boat, points of sail, and boat made for the boat through the KYC Office. handling. The goal of this course is to have fun in a safe and educational atmosphere. Adult Sailing Class- The class will be from 9:00 - noon on four Classes will be held on Saturday, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. consecutive Saturdays, January 9,16, 23, 30, 2016. Introduction to Racing- This is for the sailor who understands the basic fundamentals of sailing including, rigging, points of sail, docking and terminology. Sailors must be competent in capsize recovery and be able to sail a boat by themselves. Curriculum will focus on performance dinghy handling in El Toros and 420s and will introduce racing skills. The goal of this class is to improve sailing skills and to gain a basic understanding of sailboat racing and tactics. Classes will be held on Saturday from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM Advanced Racing- No messing around!! Junior Sailors interested in more advanced levels of sailing including racing, tactics, boat handling, and boat maintenance, should enroll in this class. Students who participate in this class will work closely with students of all ages to improve sportsmanship, leadership and sailing competence. This class will require more time and effort on the part of the sailor and will require attendance at local regattas. El Toro classes will be held from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Laser and 420 Classes will be from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Special Notes for Intermediate and Advanced Class Students: There are additional fees for regattas usually around $10.00. Parent participation is appreciated to help with loading and unloading of the trailers and transportation of sailors to and from the regatta sites.

14 SPRING 2016 JUNIOR PROGRAM 2016 SPRING JUNIOR PROGRAM APPLICATION _______________________________________________________________ LAST NAME FIRST (NICKNAME) AGE HOME PHONE ADDRESS CITY ZIP E-MAIL ADRESS MOTHERS NAME WORK # FATHERS NAME WORK # PERSON TO NOTIFY IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PHONE # Please state any medical conditions: _____________________________ __________________________________________________________________ SAILING CLASS Class Time COST: MEMBERS/NON-MEMBERS Novice Topper Sailing Saturday 9:30 to 12:30 $270/$320 Introduction to racing Saturday 1:30 to 4:30 $270/$320 Morning El Toro/Laser Racing Saturday 9:30 to 12:30 $270/$320 Advanced Racing 420 and Laser Saturday 1:30 to 4:30 $270/$320 Both Saturdays Classes Saturday 9:30 to 4:30 $480/$565 Total: ARE YOU A MEMBER? YES NO 10% discounts for students that have their own boat and for sibling signing up at the same time. PAYMENT ENCLOSED: Payment in full is required for class placement. No fees will be returned after February 19, 2016 and no fees will be prorated for missed class time. Partial scholarships may be available. Please contact the KYC front office at 247-4121 if you have any questions. PARENTS OF PARTICIPANTS: I, , agree to hold Kaneohe Yacht Club ("KYC"), its officers, employees, and all committees concerned, harmless and free of liability, of any nature whatsoever, for accident to my child while participating in the 2016 Spring Sailing Programs. In addition, I agree that I will be responsible for any damage to any property caused by this applicant. DATE_______________ PARENT OR GUARDIAN____________________________

15 A Christmas Tree An 18 Norfolk Island Pine nicknamed Bruce the Spruce started off his Hawaiian life in a small pot about 25 years ago. He was the family Christmas tree for Tony and Irene Slater for several years, constantly outgrowing his pot. Slaters moved to the mainland and Spotz and Ramona Robertson took Bruce and planted him in their front yard as a free range tree, and he prospered mightily. On 29 Nov 2008, Joe Starr, Don Brown, Jerry Small, Charlie Stone and Mike Morelli harvested about 20 of Bruce for the KYC tree in the bar. Ramona supervised and Bruce became rejuvenated and grew large again. On 29 Nov 2015, Noodle Leary and Sime and John Gross took Bruce to task again and harvested another 17 for this years tree. Bruce will rise again, see you in 2022. Ramona Robertson Nov. 29, 2088 - Harvest #1 Spotzwood Robertson Commodores Ball 2015 Joe Starr, Don Brown, Jerry Small, Charlie Stone and Mike Sime Gross- Harvest #2 John & Sime Gross, Bill Leary. Nov. 29, 2015 - Harvest #2 Morelli. Nov. 29, 2008 - Harvest #1 Tree trimmers 2015: Tom Wood & Sandy Ragley, Ruthanne Quitiquit, Spotswood Robertson, Eldon Fry, Sime & John Gross, Don Brown, Lucrecia Fry, Bob Palmer, Sally Blanchard

16 GRILL. BAKE. SMOKE. The Big Green Egg creates culinary perfection with appetizers to entrees to desserts. The new MiniMax is versatile, convenient, and high performance in a portable compact version. It is the first model to include its own easy grip carrier. Grid Dia: 13 in Height: 19.5 in M-F 8-5 SAT 8-4 SUN GONE FISHING We Got It. NEXT TO NICOS AT PIER 38 (808) 537-2905 POP-HAWAII.COM Art Nelson Sailmaker Ullman Sails Hawaii 1163 Kona Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 808.593.9958, 808.591.9056 Fax e-mail: [email protected] Awnings & Canvas Riggers & Sailmakers by Trade Open Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Contact our sailmaker Marc Barra for pick-up and delivery to KYC. OUR PRODUCTS COME WRAPPED IN OUR SAILING EXPERIENCE. Hardware Line Epoxy Rust Protection Antifouling Paint Remember, Ullman Sails, the fastest sails on the planet. Visit Art Nelson Sailmaker for your boating needs. Special order equipment is welcome.

17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING All ISLAND MARINE SURVEY Classified ads are free to KYC members. To submit your ad please notify Telltales by the 15th of the Pre-Purchase /Insurance/Damage Survey/Consulting month prior to publication. (808) 597-0086 [email protected] - 247-4121 Mahalo Rob Oakley, Association of Certified Marine Surveyors No. 318 MISC JIB ROLLER FURLER FOR SALE - Originally from a Cal 20, but may fit similar STATE OF HAWAII CERTIFICATION, NO. 16.005 sailboats. $100. Sail sold separately. Call Rob 225-4948 www.allislandmarinesurvey.com LOST & FOUND SMALL PLUMERIA PRINT FABRIC PURSE - Found in the Longhouse on Thanksgiving Day. Contact the KYC office for more information. Membership Count as of January 1, 2016 SENIOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .610 LIFE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 ASSOCIATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29 INTERMEDIATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26 FAMILY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 LIFE FAMILY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 JUNIOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 NON-RESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109 SERVICE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 TOTAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .904 Letter to Santa from the Race Committee Dear Santa, The race committee has been very good this year. We have run lots of races and we have tried to do a good job. Sure, some of our lines might not have been completely straight, but the wind shifts (surely a flying-sleigh-pilot like yourself should understand that). We might have blown an errant horn on occasion or raised the wrong flag once in a while. But, we tried really hard, we hope to have avoided the naughty list. We deserve more than a lump of coal! So Santa, here is what the Race Committee would like for Christmas this year: We would like all the racers to read the Sailing Instructions (SIs) before the race (crew too!). Can you have them register for the race before the race, preferably at least a day in advance and not when they are on the water, Santa? Especially the dinghy sailors! Can you let them know? The right sail numbers on the sails is always nice. You know the ones they register. And if they have to change sails that is OK. Just let us know the numbers change, preferably in writing. We also dont like white sail numbers; they are really hard to see. Read the SIs did we ask for that already? Oh, if a boat quits a race, especially a long distance race, could you have them radio the committee boat. We are listening! I promise we will respond. If we dont it is because we didnt hear you. They can call again when they get closer. We arent supposed to give information to sailors from the committee boat. So have them read the SIs so we dont have to act like we are being smug. We would love to have people volunteer on the committee boat, just one or two days a year. Skipper or crew members are welcome. We have fun. And, they will learn something We would love it if all our equipment worked. It seems something is always breaking down. Perhaps you can bring the racers a little extra sympathy this year when we do have that inevitable equipment failure. And beer, we always like beer. So Santa, there are probably a few other things we would like, but that will do for now. What we really want is good racing and for everyone to have fun. We promise to try to be good again in 2016. Communications, AV/IT, Navigation Merry Christmas to everyone! All the Race Committees (Scuttlebutt)

18 KWE/E'z-h>'^Z' ,/D/

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