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1 Create Possibilities. Your path to becoming a CMA 2012 Edition TM

2 Your path to becoming a CMA Step 1 FREE Transcript Evaluation post secondary degree Degree with all required topics Step 2 Graduate from Accredited Program More Topics Required Complete CMA Accelerated Program through Part-time Studies Entrance Examination Preparation Program AND Step 3 CMA Entrance Examination spring or fall SLP Phase I: Development Step 4 Blue indicates CMA Case Examination CMA Strategic necessary steps Leadership Orange indicates Program and optional steps SLP Phase II: Application Practical Experience CMA board report TM Why pursue the CMA designation? The CMA designation opens the door to a competitive income, a broad range of career opportunities and exciting workplace challenges. CMAs provide employers with the ideal balance of three essential and interdependent business disciplines: accounting, management and strategy. This powerful combination of skills defines a CMAs unique value to organizations, or as an entrepreneur, and makes CMA the designation of choice for accounting professionals in management.

3 Step 1 - Transcript Evaluation The free transcript evaluation is your first step to becoming a CMA. What you need to do: 3 Photocopy your official transcript(s). Ensure your name and the name of the educational institution are clearly visible 3 In order for an evaluation to be completed on transcripts, the transcript must include the institution name, courses completed, grades achieved, year in which the course was completed, and the date of degree conferral. 3 Use the transcript evaluation form found on page 15 of this brochure or the fillable and printable form from: 3 Mail, fax (416-977-2128) or email ([email protected]) your transcript(s) to the CMA Ontario Accreditation Department 3 S it back and wait. You will receive your free official transcript evaluation by mail within 15 to 20 business days 3 N ote: You must have your transcript evaluation completed to receive applications for the Accelerated Program and the CMA Preparation Program and Entrance Examination 3 O riginal transcripts required to enter the Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) 3 Students in accredited post secondary programs looking to receive an exemption from the CMA Entrance Examination will only receive the exam waiver once a transcript evaluation has been completed and all requirements are met. This includes having successfully completed all 17 CMA required topics within the program and having an overall CGPA greater than or equal to 75%. Important: Pre-registration for CMA Preparation Program and Entrance Examination for Graduating Students If this is your graduating year, mail, fax or email CMA Ontario your grade reports and current course enrolment forms at the beginning of your last post secondary term so we can confirm your eligibility for the exam and send you a registration package. Return your registration form for the CMA Entrance Examination and you will become pre-registered for the Preparation Program and the Entrance Examination. Finally, dont forget to forward CMA Ontario your transcripts containing your final grades and proof of graduation once they are available. Pre-registration for Students Graduating from an Accredited Program Students graduating from a CMA Accredited Program looking to register in the CMA Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) can also submit their in-progress transcript(s) for evaluation by the CMA Accreditation Department. Those having met the accreditation requirements will then be sent the registration forms for the Strategic Leadership Program once available. However, to complete the registration for the Strategic Leadership Program, an original transcript containing your final grades and proof of graduation must be submitted prior to starting the program. 2

4 Step 2 - Post Secondary Degree and Required Topics Complete your post secondary degree including the CMA required topics. You must obtain a minimum grade of 60% in each undergraduate course or 70% in each graduate level course counting toward the required topics. The required topics for your post secondary degree consist of the following subject areas: Management Studies General Accounting Studies M anagement Accounting: Financial Accounting: Introductory Introductory Intermediate Intermediate A dvanced Advanced Financial Management Taxation Operations Management Internal Control Information Technology Related Studies Strategic Management Economics (Macro and Micro) Human Resources Statistics Marketing Canadian Business Law *(online course available through CMA Ontario) Specific courses vary by post secondary institution. The CMA course charts for each institution can be found at: International Degrees Please ensure that any foreign transcripts are translated into English or French by your university or by a certified translator from your local Embassy or in your community. Options to Qualify for the CMA Entrance Examination Should you need additional required topics after your transcript evaluation has been completed, you can pursue one of the four following options to qualify as a candidate for the CMA Entrance Examination: Option One - Accelerated Program CMA Ontarios Accelerated Program is designed to assist candidates with: 3 Qualifying more quickly for the CMA Entrance Examination The Accelerated Program has three offerings each year, enabling candidates to fast-track to the CMA Entrance Examination: 1. Accelerated Program (7 months) starting in September leads to the June Entrance Examination. 2. Accelerated Program (7 months) starting in January leads to the October Entrance Examination. 3. E xtended Accelerated Program (14 months) starting in January leads to the June Entrance Examination. Program Details The topics are covered in 22 lessons plus four tests over a seven-month period split into two segments. The program is available by full-day Saturday lectures in selected centres, or Sundays in downtown Toronto, and by online study. * Not required for June 2012 Entrance Examination. Bridging available at no extra charge for 2012 Accelerated Program and October 2012 Entrance Examination. 3

5 For a more flexible learning schedule, a 14-month Extended Accelerated Program is available. The Extended Program is offered via lecture in downtown Toronto on weekday evenings, and by online study with test centres across Ontario. Candidate evaluation is based on two three-hour tests worth 20 marks each and two four-hour tests worth 25 marks each, and weekly quizzes worth 10 marks. A minimum grade of 60% is required in each segment to pass the program. The candidates must also write and pass six online tests on the management topics covered through online self-study. After enrolling, candidates are provided with access to an interactive web-based learning environment. This website contains detailed lesson notes, reinforcement problems with solutions, and related materials. All students also receive access to online video streaming of the lecture sessions. Online students can pose specific questions about the material to an instructor via an online discussion board, whereas Lecture students will be able to attend classes and ask questions directly to their instructor in person or online. Additionally, all students will be provided with a Financial Accounting primer to review prior to beginning the program to assist in reinforcing the Introductory Financial Accounting material. The lesson notes and related reinforcement problems and solutions have been designed to assist candidates in developing a good understanding of the topics. It is recommended that candidates allow for 20 or more hours of study time, on average, per week of the program material, in addition to the in-class or online lectures. Eligibility: To be eligible for the Accelerated Program, candidates must: 3 Have a post secondary degree; and 3 Have achieved a minimum grade of 60% in the following CMA required topics: Introductory Financial Accounting Introductory Management Accounting Economics (Micro and Macro) Statistics Canadian Business Law* Pre-requisite courses to qualify for the Accelerated Program CMA Ontario offers the pre-requisite courses required to qualify for the Accelerated Program online. In addition to Introductory Financial Accounting and Introductory Management Accounting, CMA Ontario now offers Economics and Statistics. Canadian Business Law will be available online soon. Students will receive CMA credit as a pre-requisite for the Accelerated Program upon successful completion of the course. Successful completion of Introductory Financial Accounting is a pre-requisite for entrance into Introductory Management Accounting. Students must achieve a minimum grade of 60% to pass the course. The course fee includes a textbook, online quizzes (worth 40% of the overall grade), and a final exam (worth 60% of the overall grade). Students will also receive lesson notes outlining the objectives of each chapter. Final exams are available in centres across Ontario, eight times per year to fit your schedule. Each course must be completed within six months of registration. To register today, visit: For details regarding Accelerated Program dates and price, please see page 16 of this brochure, or visit: *Bridging available at no extra charge for 2012 Accelerated Program. 4

6 Language Assistance Registered candidates who speak English as a second language can participate in a free online English language self assessment at: When you register for the assessment, you will receive, free of charge, a CMA ESL Lecture Ready Accelerated Program workbook developed by Language Education for Accounting Professionals (LEAP). This will assist you throughout the program with definitions, study coaching and more. CMA Ontario will also provide you with additional online support from an experienced CMA instructor. The Accelerated Program online lecture videos are closed captioned to enhance understanding. A Reading Comprehension course is available to Strategic Leadership Program Candidates to help prepare them for the Case Examination. If candidates discover that additional English language skills are required, they can also participate in a series of courses provided by LEAP at Option Two - Additional Studies If you have completed your degree without completing all of the CMA required topics, you can complete your studies at any of the institutions listed at A final mark of greater than 60% is required to qualify for the CMA required topics. Option Three - Combined Programs This alternative path to the designation is a unique opportunity for qualified candidates to pursue the CMA designation while earning their Masters/MBA degree. CMA Ontario has partnered with 10 prestigious universities to provide unique learning opportunities for students. These combined programs enable students to achieve the credits required to earn the CMA designation while earning a Masters/MBA degree. Equipped with both credentials, graduates score a winning advantage in todays highly competitive job market where many progressive positions require an accounting designation. You also save significant time and money by acquiring both credentials concurrently instead of achieving them individually. Combined and/or Masters/MBA Programs are available at the following schools: Brock University Royal Military College MBA (Full-Time, Part-Time) MBA Sprott School of Business, University of Toronto-Mississauga Carleton University Masters of Management and Professional MBA Accounting (MMPA) DeGroote School of Business, University of Waterloo McMaster University Bachelor of Accounting and Financial MBA (Full-Time, Part-Time or Management with Masters of Accounting Co-op, AMBA (Accelerated) Wilfrid Laurier University Telfer School of Management, MBA (Part-Time, Weekends, University of Ottawa Accounting Stream) Executive MBA, MBA Schulich School of Business, Queens University York University Accelerated MBA, Executive MBA, MBA, MBA (Full-Time and Part-Time), IMBA Queens-Cornell EMBA Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto Executive MBA For details concerning each of the programs listed above, visit: 5

7 Option Four - CMA for MBA Candidates who have completed an MBA program have the opportunity to fast-track their learning. To qualify, MBAs must successfully meet the program requirements to be eligible for the Strategic Leadership Program. Candidates will then complete a CMA program designed specifically with MBAs in mind. The CMA Case Examination, the CMA Board Report and eligible practical experience are also required components in this condensed pathway to the CMA designation. For more information, visit: Step 3 - The CMA Entrance Examination After completing your degree and the required topics, your next step is to prepare for and write the CMA Entrance Examination. Note: Students who graduate from a university program accredited by CMA Canada and meet its requirements are not required to write this exam. Students will have three years from date of graduation to qualify for this exemption. For a complete listing of accredited post secondary programs and requirements, please refer to page 12 of this brochure. CMA Entrance Examination and Preparation Program The seven-day CMA Entrance Examination Preparation Program develops exam writing skills and techniques along with approaches to multiple choice exams. The program focuses on the five elements of management accounting, financial management, financial accounting, taxation and internal control. Program hours have been allocated to these topics based on their exam content weighting. You will put your knowledge to the test on two of the scheduled days by writing two mock examinations which are electronically marked and reviewed in the classroom or online. You will receive feedback as to how you performed relative to your peers across Ontario. The preparation program is offered in the fall and spring prior to writing the Entrance Examination. It is available through in-class lectures on a first come, first served basis, or through online study. Registration for the CMA Entrance Examination automatically enrolls you in the Preparation Program. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) are reflected in the CMA Entrance Examination. All Entrance Examination Preparation Program students have access to the IFRS bridging manual and IFRS and ASPE online lecture videos. For the CMA Entrance Examination: 3 You must achieve a minimum grade of 60% on the CMA Entrance Examination to be eligible for the CMA Strategic Leadership Program. 3 The exam is held twice each year, in mid-June and mid-October, and consists of one, four-hour multiple choice exam. The exam will test candidates on the technical skills required to enter the Strategic Leadership Program: financial and management accounting, financial management, taxation and internal control. The exam may be written in either French or English in June. The October exam is offered in English only. 6

8 A candidate who receives less than 60% on the Entrance Examination and wishes to rewrite, must do so within 13 months of the first attempt. A maximum of three attempts are offered. 3 C andidates successful in June will enter Septembers CMA Strategic Leadership Program. 3 C andidates successful in October will enter Januarys CMA Strategic Leadership Program. For more information, please visit: Step 4 - The CMA Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) The SLP is delivered in two phases, each integrating the competencies of the CMA Competency Map. The Quadrants of the CMA Competency Map The Creating Value quadrant comprises the skills normally associated with strategy, including the design and formulation of strategies, policies, plans, structure, and initiatives. The second quadrant, Enabling Value, comprises the execution of strategy and the planning, implementing, monitoring, and improving of supporting processes. Preserving Value involves the protection of value against strategic and operational risks. Finally, Reporting Value represents the traditional accounting role the transparent communication of the delivery of value to stakeholders and the general public. The Enabling Competencies are distributed in each quadrant. Enabling Competencies 3 Problem-Solving and Decision-Making 3 Leadership and Group Dynamics 3 Professionalism and Ethical Behaviour 3 Communication CMA Competency MapTM Year One is the Development Phase and it consists of an orientation session and three modules. Cases will be assigned for each module and will focus on different industry sectors including manufacturing, services, government and not-for-profit. The majority of the assessments in this phase will be individually-based. At the heart of the SLP are interactive sessions during which candidates exchange views and experiences on program aspects under the guidance of moderators with extensive business experience. Each of the program modules includes a two-day interactive session. Candidates also complete a series of individual assignments to reinforce the program material and apply the concepts to their own organizations. 7

9 Upon completion of the SLP Development Phase, candidates will be required to write the CMA Case Examination. This four-hour exam will test a candidates understanding of the competencies and the higher order skills of strategic thinking, analysis, integration, judgment and written communication introduced thus far in the program. This exam is offered twice each year, in May and August. Year Two candidates will then enter the Application Phase of the SLP. Fostering group development, this three-module phase focuses on communication, leadership, decision-making, professionalism, ethics and problem-solving skills. The final evaluation component of the SLP is the CMA Board Report. Here candidates will demonstrate, both orally and through a written submission, their mastery of the knowledge and competencies to join the profession and become Certified Management Accountants. All of these elements come together to enable you, a CMA candidate, to learn new concepts, to explore them with your peers and to apply them within your own business environment. To enrol in the CMA Strategic Leadership Program, you must be a Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work in Canada. Finding employment in Canada may be difficult for VISA students. Please see for detailed information and procedures for studying, working, immigrating to, and visiting Canada. Aspiring CMAs should also be aware of the joint CMA/Public Finance Accountant (PFA) program. Through CMAs partnership with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), the PFA credential can be obtained concurrently with the CMA within the SLP. CMA/PFA is the most relevant competency-based professional accreditation available to strategic financial management professionals working for or with the public service. For more information, visit: Practical Experience Practical experience in a management accounting environment, concurrent with the CMA Strategic Leadership Program, is an essential component of becoming a CMA. The candidate must demonstrate competency through verifiable work experience. Candidates must be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills from the CMA Competency Map at an overall Professional Proficiency. The duration of work experience will be 24 months, at least 12 of which should be concurrent with the SLP. Up to 12 months of applicable and verifiable experience can be obtained prior to beginning the SLP, either in co-op or full-time employment. To verify work experience, all candidates submit an online Practical Experience report outlining the nature, duration and time of the practical experience completed, which is verified by the candidates employer. For more information, visit: Note: If your employment takes you outside of Canada, you are still required to complete all of the Strategic Leadership interactive weekend sessions in Canada in order to meet the designations requirements. 8

10 Become a CMA Student Today Complete the CMA Student application available on page 14 or visit: Fee $42.94 (includes $4.94 HST) CMA Student Benefits: E mployment opportunities targeted at CMA-bound students sent via email C onnections Career and Networking Fair which connects you with prospective employers ( 1 00 CMA personalized business cards identifying you as a CMA Student Compass Newsletter specifically published for CMA Students N etworking opportunities attend CMA District Events and meet with CMA members and employers Student discounts available. See for event information D iscount on CMA Entrance Examination must be a CMAStudent before March 1 ($100 value) Invitation to CMA Student events Access to exclusive online community ( Access to CMA Members Only Career Website Online subscription to CMA magazine ( P articipate in the CMA Case Competition (CMACC) for undergraduate students. Winning team receives $5,000 Resum critiquing and research services through Career Services Career guidance workshops C o-op experience evaluated to determine if it qualifies towards the Practical Experience requirement A bility to note CMA Student on your resum to advise employers you are pursuing the CMA designation O ne-on-one appointment with CMA regional marketing representative in your area Y ou must be a CMA Student to be considered for the CMA Student Ambassador position available at some post secondary institutions. See for details Note: If you are taking less than three credits per term and would like to become a CMA Student, please submit your transcript(s) for evaluation and request an application for the CMA Pre-Professional Student (for candidates who are in the workforce). 9

11 Create Possibilities for your Career with the Fall Connections Career and Networking Fair Held annually in September, Fall Connections brings together top employers, industry experts, CMA Students, Accelerated Program Students, CMA/MBA Candidates and Strategic Leadership Program Candidates from across Ontario. Be proactive in your career search. If you are graduating or just beginning your studies, then you will have a unique opportunity to speak with leading employers about potential career opportunities. Participate in the speakers series and hear from industry experts on topics such as networking, personal branding, and interview strategies. Meet one-on-one with on-site Career Services representatives for resum critiquing and career advice. Also, this event will provide you with an opportunity to grow your network by meeting other Students and CMA Candidates with similar career goals. The 20th Annual Fall Connections was held at the CMA Ontarios Professional Development Institute, at 25 York Street in Toronto. Top employers were in attendance including Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Dundee Wealth, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, Investors Group, Loblaw Companies Ltd., Manulife Financial, Office of the Auditor General, Ontario Public Service, Research In Motion, Sears Canada, The Hospital for Sick Children and the Treasury Board Secretariat. To attend Fall Connections, become a CMA Student. See page 14 of this brochure or visit: Student Employment Program The Student Employment Program is designed specifically for CMA Ontario Students and Candidates. This program provides an opportunity to gain valuable information about organizations across different industries. Sign up for our weekly email notices to receive job postings from the Student Job Board and career enhancing tips. To sign-up for weekly job postings, email [email protected] The Student Job Board is a free resource for CMA Students featuring jobs for individuals pursuing their CMA designation. New jobs are posted daily and more than 450 full time, contract, internship and co-op placements with employers across Ontario are featured annually on the Student Job Board. Access the Student Job Board by visiting: 10

12 CMA Case Competition (CMACC) CMA Ontario invites all CMA Student Members to compete in the sixth annual CMACC. This live online business case simulation challenges teams from across Ontario to develop a successful business strategy for a company. Space has been reserved for two teams per institution. When: Saturday, January 28, 2012 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Main Location: 3 McMaster University Prizes: $5,000 Winning Team $2,500 Runner Up Team To enter you must be: 3 A CMA Student see page 14 or visit: 3 A participant on a team of four 3 An undergraduate student in a post secondary degree program who has or is in the process of taking Introductory Management Accounting. For more information, see: 3 Not a previous participant in CMACC Note: All team members must register individually. Register online at by January 20 spaces are limited! If you have any questions about the competition, please contact Jean MacKinnon, MBA, CMA at [email protected] CMA Student Ambassador Position This position is open to post secondary and/or MBA students who are CMA Students and who demonstrate the leadership qualities needed to be a successful CMA. The recipient must also be interested in leadership opportunities as the CMA Student Ambassador on campus and in the community. This role will include partnering with the CMA regional representative to market CMA on campus. For further details and a listing of participating post secondary institutions, visit: 11

13 Accredited University Programs Select university programs have been accredited by CMA Canada. The accreditation process has been designed to recognize those universities that achieve high standards of instruction in management accounting. Consequently, graduates from any of the Accredited University Programs will be exempt from writing the CMA Entrance Examination provided they have met their program requirements. For each programs requirements, visit: This includes having successfully completed all of the pre-requisite courses required to cover the 17 CMA required topics within that program and having an overall CGPA greater than or equal to 75%. Students graduating without Canadian Business Law will be able to take the course online through CMA Ontario. Graduates will have three years from date of graduation to qualify for this exemption. Note: The accreditation status only applies to those students who graduated after the accreditation was granted to their university. University Year Accreditation Program Status Granted Brock University 2007 Bachelor of Accounting Carleton University, 2009 Bachelor of Commerce Sprott School of Business (Accounting Concentration) 2011 Masters of Business Administration Lakehead University 2002 Honours Bachelor of Commerce McMaster University 2001 Masters of Business Administration 2009 Honours Bachelor of Commerce University of Ottawa 2009 Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Major) University of 2003 Masters of Management and Toronto-Mississauga Professional Accounting (MMPA) University of Waterloo 2004 Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management (BAFM), Management Accounting Stream The University or Western 2008 Honours Bachelor of Business Ontario Administration 2010 Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) Wilfrid Laurier University 2000 Bachelor of Business Administration 2008 Honours Bachelor of Economics 2003 Masters of Business Administration (Accounting Stream) York University, Schulich 2002 Masters of Business Administration School of Business 2009 International Masters of Business Administration 2011 Honours Bachelor of Administrative Studies Your Next Step Students in an Accredited University Program may qualify for the Entrance Examination exemption by submitting a copy of their transcripts for a free evaluation. Use the transcript evaluation form on page 15 or use the fillable and printable form at: Join as a CMA Student it is a great way to stay connected and informed. There are many benefits and opportunities available to you as a Student Member. See page 14 for an application form or visit: 12

14 CMA Timeline to Your Designation* Graduate April 2012 with all Graduate August 2012 with all CMA Required Topics CMA Required Topics 2012 2012 April/May CMA Entrance August/September CMA Entrance Examination Preparation Program Examination Preparation Program June CMA Entrance Examination October CMA Entrance Examination September Start Year One Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) 2013 January Start Year One 2013 Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) May CMA Case Exam August CMA Case Exam November Start Year Two SLP November Start Year Two SLP 2014 2014 May/June CMA Board Report May/June CMA Board Report October CMA Convocation October CMA Convocation Graduate April 2012 Graduate August 2012 missing CMA missing CMA Required Topics** Required Topics** 2012 2013 September Start Accelerated January Start Accelerated Program Program (7 months) (7 months) August CMA 2013 Entrance Examination April/May CMA Preparation Program Entrance Examination Preparation Program October CMA Entrance Examination June CMA Entrance Examination September Start Year One 2014 Strategic Leadership January Start Year One Strategic Program (SLP) Leadership Program (SLP) August CMA Case Exam 2014 May CMA Case Exam November Start Year Two SLP November Start Year Two SLP 2015 May/June CMA Board Report 2015 May/June CMA Board Report October CMA Convocation October CMA Convocation *Program components, requirements and timing are subject to change due to changes in the Competency Map and program delivery. **Timeline applies to graduates who have Introductory Financial Accounting, Introductory Management Accounting, Economics (Micro and Macro), Statistics and Canadian Business Law to qualify for entrance to the Accelerated Program. 13

15 CMA Student Application For Full-time Ontario Students TM Please print or visit Given Name Middle Name Surname/Family Name Preferred First Name Title ( Mr. ( Mrs. ( Miss ( Ms. Preferred Mailing Address Address City Province Postal Code Telephone ( ) Cell Phone ( ) Email Address Home Address if different Address City Province Postal Code Telephone ( ) Cell Phone ( ) Institution Campus or School Degree program and specialization Expected date of graduation Year currently enrolled Please answer each of the following questions and provide full details on a separate sheet if required: Have you ever been removed or dismissed for cause from an academic institution or professional organization and/or are you currently subject to an outstanding conduct complaint in any professional organization? ( Yes ( No Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offence for which you have not received a pardon? ( Yes ( No If yes, please provide full details on a separate sheet. Which one of the following most influenced your decision to seek information regarding CMA programs? Check (3) only one. ( Employer, Agency ( Professor CMA Presentation: ( Advertisement ( Friend, Colleague ( Career Office ( Secondary School ( Website ( CMA Member ( Student Club ( Post Secondary ( Other: ( CMA Staff ( Career Fair/Conference Registration Fee $42.94. Registration valid until June 30. Fee is non-refundable and includes $4.94 HST. HST Registration No. 12396 9610 RT0001. Method of payment (check one only): ( Cheque ( Visa ( MasterCard / Card Number / / Expiry Date / Cardholders Name Cardholders Signature If paying by cheque, please mail the cheque, payable to CMA Ontario, and this form to: Certified Management Accountants of Ontario, 25 York Street, Suite 1100, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2V5 If paying by credit card, you may submit this form by email as a scanned pdf to [email protected] or by fax to 416-977-6079 or by mail to the address above. I certify that I am taking a minimum of three post secondary credits per term. I agree to abide by CMA Ontarios regulations and Professional Misconduct and Code of Professional Ethics regulation, located at I understand that, in the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information, CMA Ontario abides by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and Section 61 of the Certified Management Accountants Act, 2010. ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Signature Date 14

16 Transcript Evaluation Cover Sheet TM To allow us to serve you better, please complete the following information (if applicable) Date Total Pages (including this cover) Have you previously completed a transcript evaluation with CMA Ontario or another province? ( Yes ( No If yes, please indicate the province: Surname Given Name Middle Name Preferred First Name Title ( Mr. ( Mrs. ( Miss ( Ms. Preferred Email Address (Note: evaluation results will be emailed to you within three to four weeks of receipt) Email Address Address City Province Postal Code Home Telephone ( ) Work Telephone ( ) Fax Number ( ) Please indicate below the course code(s) and final grade(s) on your post secondary transcript(s) that correspond to the CMA pre-requisites. Please indicate in the space provided below which intake you are interested in. In order to be eligible for the CMA Entrance Examination both the pre-requisites listed for the Accelerated Program and those listed for the Entrance Examination below (all 17 pre-requisites) must be fulfilled. Accelerated Program Entrance Examination Fall:(year)________ Winter:(year)________ Fall:(year)________ Spring:(year)________ Pre-requisite required Course code(s) Grade Pre-requisite required Course code(s) Grade Statistics ______________ _______ Inter. Financial Acct. ______________ _______ Economics (Micro/Macro) ______________ _______ Adv. Financial Acct. ______________ _______ Intro. Financial Acct. ______________ _______ Inter. Management Acct. ______________ _______ Intro. Managment Acct. ______________ _______ Adv. Management Acct. ______________ _______ Cdn. Business Law* ______________ _______ Financial Management ______________ _______ Marketing _____________________ *Not required for the June 2012 Entrance Operations Management ______________ _______ Examination. Bridging is available at no extra charge Information Technology ______________ _______ for the October 2012 Entrance Examination and 2012 Strategic Management ______________ _______ Accelerated Program. Taxation _____________________ Internal Control ______________ _______ Human Resources ______________ _______ Post Secondary Degree Earned? ( Yes ( No (Please note - Proof of Degree must be submitted with your transcripts for this pre-requisite to be granted.) In order for an evaluation to be completed on transcripts, the transcript must include the institution name, courses completed, grades achieved, year in which the course was completed, and the date of degree conferral . If you are interested in the MBA-CMA Combined Program, please state year, university and program name: If you are interested in the CMA Executive Program, please state year and Ottawa or Toronto Program. Section 300-2.1 of the CMA Ontario Regulations states Although a copy of a transcript is sufficient for assessment purposes candidate must submit an official transcript prior to enrolling in an accreditation program. Please complete this cover sheet and submit it with your transcripts by mail, email or fax to the addresses below. CMA Ontario Office Use Only 25 York Street, Suite 1100 Toronto, ON M5J 2V5 (416) 204-3102 | (866) 999-3102 | f:(416) 977-2128 [email protected] 15

17 Summary of Important CMA Dates and Fees* Accelerated Program *Estimated Deadline Pre-Requisites, Exam Dates Fees (Excluding Registration Date if required** HST) Select From: Introductory Financial Accounting Anytime - Introductory Management Accounting Course must be completed within 8 times annually $472.50 each Economics 6 months of Statistics registration Canadian Business Law **** Deadline Accelerated Program Start Date Registration Date Accelerated Program Applications go Lecture: $3,199 August 2012 September 2012 (7 months) Fall out early July Online: $2,599 Accelerated Program (7 months) Applications Lecture: $3,199 Extended Accelerated go out early December 2011 January 2012 Online: $2,599 Program (14 months) November Winter CMA Entrance Deadline *Estimated Fees Exam Date Results Examination Registration Date (Excluding HST) Preparation Program and CMA Entrance Examination Non-CMA CMA Student*** Spring April 2012 June 13, 2012 August 2012 Student Fall July 2012 October 11, 2012 November 2012 Preparation Program Options Lecture Preparation Program including Entrance Examination $1,475 $1,575 Online Preparation Program including Entrance Examination $1,050 $1,100 Strategic Leadership Deadline Start Date Program (SLP) Registration Date Applications $8,400 paid in SLP Fall go out mid-late September 2012 September 2012 installments August over two years $8,400 paid in Applications go SLP Winter December 2011 Late January 2012 installments out late November over two years Event Date CMA Student Connections 2011 Free to Members Career and September 22, 2011 CMA Student must register Networking Fair Members for this event Deadline Event Date Registration Date CMA Student Free to CMA Case Members Friday, January 20, Saturday, January 28, CMA Student Competition (CMACC) must register 2012 2012 Members for this event * Program dates and fees are subject to change at any time. **Available for post secondary graduates requiring Introductory Financial Accounting, Introductory Management Accounting, Economics and/or Statistics to meet Accelerated Program entrance requirements. Successful completion of Introductory Financial Accounting is required for entrance to Introductory Management Accounting. Available online through CMA Ontario. *** Individuals taking a minimum of three post secondary degree credits per term may apply to become CMA Students. ****Not required for the June 2012 CMA Entrance Examination. Bridging available at no extra charge for the October 2012 Entrance Examination and 2012 Accelerated Program. 16

18 Take your first step toward the CMA designation Submit your transcripts to CMA Ontario for a free evaluation. Complete the form on page 15 and submit by mail, fax to 416-977-2128 or email to [email protected] For more information, visit Become a CMA Student for exclusive discounts, access to career and networking resources and more. Complete the form on page 14 and submit by mail, fax to 416-977-6079 or email to [email protected] Or apply online at

19 Contact Us For Frequent Updates CMA Ontario on CMA Activities: 25 York Street, Suite 1100 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2V5 Follow CMA Ontario Tel: 416 204 3102 or 1 866 999 3102 Fax: 416 977 2128 on Twitter: Email: [email protected] Southwestern Ontario Join 1 877 318 2422 Certified Management Deborah Clarke, MBA, CMA [email protected] Accountants of Ontario on Facebook: Mid-Western Ontario & Niagara 1 877 243 9556 Jean A. MacKinnon, MBA, CMA [email protected] Northern and Eastern Ontario 613 898 0834 Marcie Chase, CMA, PFA [email protected] [email protected] GTA East, York, Durham and Liftlock Regions 905 604 3644 Lori Dalton [email protected] GTA Universities and Colleges 416 482 5556 Mira Sirotic, CMA [email protected] 01 2012 2012 Certified Management Accountants of Ontario. All rights reserved. / Registered Trade-Marks/Trade-Marks are owned by The Society of Management Accountants of Canada. Used under license. TM

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