2015, ISSUE 2 - Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

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1 HARBOUR LIGHTS JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG MAGAZINE 2015, ISSUE 2 T MEN ER W PO D AN EM I ON I C UC AT O M ED O N EC Interview with Prof. Joseph Sung, SBS, JP The Vice-Chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

2 Editorial Advisory Board COVER HARBOUR LIGHTS National President Anthony Leung National Executive Vice President STORY JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG MAGAZINE 2015, ISSUE 2 Zenith Lin National Publication Director Iris Lam Editorial Team Issue Two Chief Editor Law Chi Ho (JCI City) Editor Caroline Ho (JCI City Lady) Rainbow Chow (JCI Harbour) Design & Printing Corporate Press (HK) Limited Word from The Editor It is my great pleasure to be the Chief Editor of Harbour Lights Issue 2. The topic of this issue is Education and hence we have conducted an interview with the Vice-Chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Prof. Joseph Sung. Just before we arrived Prof. Sungs office, our team had witnessed the scene of Prof. Law Chi Ho Sung being caught by fans-like students for selfies. As an alumnus of the CUHK, I was so impressed to see how Chief Editor current students like and support him. We would like to share with you all on Prof. Sungs beliefs and views on education. Hope all of you will enjoy reading! Follow Us!! P.4-6 Table of Contents Message from National President P. 3 Interview with Prof. Joseph Sung, SBS, JP P. 4-6 JCI HONG KONG BUSINESS ACADEMY 2015 INNOVATION & START-UP the Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK 13-16 AUGUST 2015 JCI Hong Kong News P. 7-17 www.jcihkbusinessacademy.com P.12 P.13 JCI Hong Kong Recommended Events P. 18 Local Chapters Activities P. 20-22 SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS: SPONSOR P.14 P.15 JCI Creed We Believe: That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; That government should be of laws rather than of men; That earth's great treasure lies in human personality; P.16 P.17 And that service to humanity is the best work of life. 2

3 MESSAGE FROM NATIONAL PRESIDENT ANTHONY LEUNG The JCI Hong Kong 65th Anniversary Celebration Programs in May have all been successfully launched. I am pleased that our goal this year Action with Appreciation is also achieved. From the welcome reception for JCI Executive Vice President to the welcome party for National Presidents and delegates from Cambodia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and Jordan; the JCIHK Eco Forum on Food Waste policies sharing by the Secretary for the Environment and the Asian countries to the JCIHK Asia Youth Forum with Mainland China Youth Federation to discuss on Youth Competitiveness; the Senate Reception and presentation of the JCI Senatorship to new baby senators; the 2015 Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection Nomination Press Conference; officiating local chapter projects to the 65th Anniversary Ball with over 800 members, distinguished guests and partners; I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to you all for the unfailing support, heartfelt sharing and inspiration. My special appreciation on all the efforts, dedications, commitments of our dearest 65th Anniversary OC team, National board of directors, TOYP 2015 OC team, Commission teams for International Affairs, Corporate Communications, Mainland Affairs, IA ambassadors, PR stars, Membership Affairs for long service awards, UN Affairs, helpers, the Senate Committee and last but not least, all my Advisors, the Past National Presidents - you all are unsung heroes of JCI Hong Kong, very much appreciated! I truly believe that our members have become todays leaders through learning by doing of these projects, that we are united with very positive thinking and actions of turning challenges to opportunities. JCIHK is the best platform of youth leadership development, training, international exchange and we are ONE team of positive leaders and active citizens with passion, knowledge, love and commitments to Hong Kong. Lets continue to celebrate with our appreciation for our past and act for a better future. I wish you all had a wonderful and memorable JCIHK 65th Anniversary and keep serving our HK community with JC spirit in the next 65 years! Action with Appreciation - 3

4 HARBOUR LIGHTS INTERVIEW WITH PROF. JOSEPH SUNG, SBS, JP THE VICE-CHANCELLOR AND PRESIDENT OF THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (CUHK) INTERVIEW WITH PROF. JOSEPH SUNG, SBS, JP the Vice-Chancellor and President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Prof. Sung started his career in 1985 as a Medical Officer in the Prince of Wales Hospital. 7 years later in 1992, Prof. Sung has started his education journey by joining the Department of Medicine of CUHK as a Lecturer. According to CUHKs biography, Prof. Sung was promoted to Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics in 1998, and then he was further promoted to be the Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics in 1999-2010, Associate Dean (Clinical) of the Faculty of Medicine in 2002-04 and Associate Dean (General Affairs) in 2004-09, and Head of Shaw College in 2008-10, and eventually has been delegated as the Vice- Chancellor and President since 2010. 4

5 In 2003, Prof. Sung led his different faculties, characteristics not just a vocational training, but medical team to fight against and background. Prof. Sung is the students are required to read books SARS and was named type of educator that likes to build in different fields (and different from Asian Hero by the Time magazine up relationships with students: he their majors), and be provided with in recognition of his outstanding actively joins different activities opportunities to experience the real contributions. with students, he likes to share his world. The best way in helping them to get mature is to get them From being a gastroenterology to reflect on what they have scientist, to being named read, learnt and experienced. as an Asian Hero after the SARS epidemic, and now Nowadays, our society has being delegated as the Vice started to realize the problem Chancellor and President of monster parents, and Prof. of CUHK since 2010, we are Sung feels the same problem curious of what leads him as well. He summarizes the such a transition from a doctor problem as Overprotection. and scientist into the field of Prof. Sung refers to the term education. Me Me Me Generation generated by Time Magazine, Prof. Sung said that there are which the overprotection and three main roles throughout rich of resources have made his career as a doctor and professor: stories and values with students, and the new generation self-centered. They diagnosis, research and education. also to communicate with students think the world is built around them, After the SARS epidemic in 2003, he through blogs, Facebook etc., and dont know how to put themselves into has understood that besides diagnosis, Surprisingly, students are very willing others shoes and what benefits our a good doctor should have empathy and happy to interact with me Prof. society at large. and able to feel the pain of patients. Sung said. He thinks that students Many of Prof. Sungs colleagues were are observing their teachers as well; infected during the SARS epidemic. He building a good relationship with them recalls that a fifth year Medical student is the best way to deliver your value who has been infected wrote him a through interaction with them as well letter after the epidemic. He told Prof. as lead by example. Sung through his letter that although he was frustrated during the infection, Many of you may be interested of Prof. he has learned a lot as a patient; he Sungs education ideals. Prof. Sung is has learnt something that he could not passionate to tell us that one of the learn from school. most important missions of a University is to Guide students Prof. Sung was inspired by the letter, to be good people. Students leading to the decision to delegate have to build up their own more time in the education field. values, and this cannot be Besides teaching skills, Prof Sung just a spoon-feeding process, would like to educate more young there needs to be discussion doctors with good values, and one of with students, and to provide the best ways to teach is to lead by the opportunities to think and example. experience. After being the Dean of Shaw College This is the reason why CUHK and then the Vice Chancellor of is very keen on General the CUHK, Prof. Sung has been in Education. The whole touch with many more student with concept is education is 5

6 HARBOUR LIGHTS INTERVIEW WITH PROF. JOSEPH SUNG, SBS, JP THE VICE-CHANCELLOR AND PRESIDENT OF THE CHINESE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG (CUHK) Entrepreneurship is certainly one of they will need to meet different people team needs talents from different areas. the hottest topics in the world now, and experience the real world, they CUHK has also set up a Pre Incubation which is pushing the development learn how to cooperate with others. Center to stimluate creativity and of new technologies and business Even they fail, so-what? They are entrepreneurship by offering working models which are greatly influencing still young to stand up again Prof. space and mentoring services to our worlds future. We have noted Sung smiled. He thinks Hong Kong students that are starting companies that CUHK has organized her very needs ambitious youngsters and to commercialize technologies and first CUHK Entrepreneur Day on entrepreneurs to lead the future. It may implement innovative business models 22nd and 23rd May. Over 100 alumni sometimes be too ordinary to follow for profit and for the benefits of society. and students of CUHK (over 40 stereo-type steps and only willing to teams / units in total) exhibited their take calculated risks. Last but not least, Prof. Sung has told businesses with coverage including us his view on how to be an active Intelligent Monitoring, Gene Testing, As Prof. Sung recalls, he can feel the citizen. Before being an active citizen, Mobile Gaming, 3D Printing, Arts entrepreneurship desire in the school you have to aware of and care about Promotion, Environmental Protection, from around 2-3 years ago, when the world, without that you would not Baby Spa, and Caterings etc. And there there were students who want to start have mobility to explore the world. were also many different seminars and their tutor school, and approached Prof. Sung also thinks Hong Kong cases sharing which made it a very Prof. Sung to ask for support and students are shy in general and are successful event. subsidies. Prof. Sung told us that not outreaching enough. Prof. Sung Entrepreneurship was just a course/ believes a break year for students to Prof. Sung does support students to training in Business Faculty, however experience the world would be a great follow their ambitions and dreams it has been extended to other faculties idea to facilitate their growth. With to build their own businesses. For as well. Because Entrepreneurship awareness and understanding of the youngsters, creating their own applies to a wide range of areas and society, students will be in a better businesses can speed up their maturity: industries, and also a good founding position to be active citizens. 6

7 The Nomination Kickoff Press Conference of the JCI Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2015 (JCIHK TOYP 2015) was held on 10 May 2015, with more than 200 members and guests from press, media and general public. We have invited Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim, SBS, JP, Secretary for Education, as our Guest of Honour of this event, and we have partnered with Threatre in the Dark and Hon Kong Seeing Eye Dogs Services in this press conference. With the objective of servicing the community, part of the press conference and a music performance were conducted in the dark. Below are the upcoming event dates and we would like to sincerely invite every one of you to participate: Result Announcement Press Conferene 11 October 2015 Community Service Day 15 November 2015 Awards Presentation Banquet 13 December 2015 W are looking forward to seeing you in our upcoming events. JCIs TOYP, Hong Kongs TOYP JCI HONG KONG TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG PERSONS 2015 7

8 1200 PARTICIPATED IN EITHER ONE OF THE EVENTS DURING THE ACTIVE CITIZEN WEEK MORE THEN 1000 COFFEE SOLD DURING JC MEMBERS, OVERSEAS EXTERNAL GUESTS CELEBRATED THE NOTHING BUT COFFEE CAMPAIGN TO THE 65TH ANNIVERSARY WITH JCI HONG KONG FOR MOSQUITOS NET. NATIONAL PRESIDENTS FROM 8 COUNTRIES PLUS 20 MEMBERS FROM MAINLAND FRIENDLY ASSOCIATION JOINED DISCUSSION AT THE ASIA AND PACIFIC JC FORUM. ACTION WITH APPRECIATION ACTIVE CITIZEN WEEK 3M A WEEK IMPACT THE SOCIETY ay This year is the 65th Anniversary of JCI Hong Kong and the 100th Anniversary of JCI. In May, our young leaders have launched a series of projects to create positive change to our community. As an active citizen, we have demonstrated a fruitful and impactful week to the society. Action With Appreciation 18 Districts Roadshow 8 @ Lockhart Public Library


10 HARBOUR LIGHTS 2015 JCI ASIA-PACIFIC CONFERENCE (ASPAC) KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA 2015 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference (ASPAC) Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia This year we have total 186 JCIHK members attended JCI ASPAC held in Kota Kinabalu Malaysia, during 11June to 15June! Thank you very much for supporting International Affairs!! Members as trainers and moderators at ASPAC The Hong Kong Night! JCIHK members at the GA and Award Ceremony 10 10

11 11

12 HARBOUR LIGHTS JCI HONG KONG NEWS JCI HONG KONG BUSINESS ACADEMY 2015 INNOVATION & START-UP 13-16 AUGUST 2015 EXPLORE HONG KONG, START-UP YOUR INNOVATIVE BUSINESS! KEYNOTE SPEAKER In 2015, JCI Hong Kong gives you a Golden Opportunity to explore The Pearl Of The Orient, Hong Kong. A 4-days 3-night journey, we provide you an intensive and in depth overview of the business opportunity in Hong Kong. Throughout your journey you can meet many expertise, potential business partners. LET US JOIN TOGETHER AND DISCOVER THE BEAUTY OF HONG KONG. The Honourable Nicholas W. Yang WHAT WILL YOU GET FROM THIS TRIP? Advisor to the Chief Executive on Innovation and Technology Non-official Member of the Executive Council of HKSAR LECTURE SHARING CASE SHARING INCUBATEES SHARING CULTURAL EXCHANGE EXPLORE HONG KONG BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES STAR SPEAKERS Professor Simon K. W. Tam Simon K. W. Tam is an assistant professor in Entrepreneurship Day 1: 13 August 2015 Day 3: 15 August 2015 at the Business School of the University of Hong Kong Morning Morning - Orientation and overseas delegate check-in - Visit Hong Kong Science Park Mr. Charles Ng Associate Director-General of Investment - Business matching Evening Promotion at Invest Hong Kong - Guest Speakers Sharing by Airbnb and Spotify - Welcoming Dinner hosted by JCI Hong Kong Afternoon Prudence Mak Day 2: 14 August 2015 - Lunch Founder of Chocolate Rain - Visit Cyberport Morning - Business matching SK Lam - Opening by InvestHK representative - Mr. Charles Ng - Guest Speaker Sharing Founder of Allrightreserved Associate Director-General of InvestHK Evening - Lectures by PolyU Innovation Programme - High Table dinner with Guest Sharing Sam Gellman General Manager of UBER Hong Kong Afternoon - Luncheon hosted by Be Better Hong Kong Foundation Day 4: 16 August 2015 with Guest Sharing Morning COMPANY SHARING - Visit PMQ Guests Sharing: - Group Assignment at Innocentre Hong Kong Airbnb - Prudence Mak - Founder of Chocolate Rain Afternoon - SK Lam - Founder of Allrightreserved - Nicholas W Yang, Advisor to the Chief Executive Flyday Evening on Innovation and Technology, also Non-official - Explore Hong Kong Member of the Executive Council of HKSAR Sportify - Prof. Simon Tam - Co-founder and CEO of Academy of Innovation - Closing remarks by JCI Hong Kong National President MODERATOR Anthony Leung Alvin Yip Director of the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Event Detail: SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS: SPONSOR DATE: 13-16 AUGUST 2015 VENUE: HONG KONG NORMAL USD210 (PROGRAM ONLY) Registration: www.jcihkbusinessacademy.com National Business Director: Mr. Eugene Chan Email: [email protected], Phone: (852) 9609-6136 21/F., Seaview Commercial Building, 21-24 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 25438913 | Fax: (852) 25436271 12 URL: http://www.jcihk.org | E-mail: [email protected]

13 HARBOUR LIGHTS JCI HONG KONG NEWS 65TH ANNIVERSARY 18-DISTRICT ROADSHOW CUM PMO YUEN LONG DISTRICT 65th Anniversary 18-District Roadshow cum PMO @ Yuen Long District The second part of the 65th Anniversary 18-District Roadshow cum PMO has been held on 5 April 2015 (Sunday) at Yuen Long Town Hall. There were over 80 participants including JCI members, prospective members, students and local residents whom have participated in this meaningful event. The theme of 65th Anniversary 18-District Roadshow is to spread out our spirit of Action with Appreciation and to promote the history and contribution of JCI Hong Kong in the past 65 years to Hong Kong. The topic of Yuen Long District is related to the issue of the effect of grey goods traders to the public. We have invited stakeholders from the government, commercial circles and public to discuss on this controversial topic. National Membership Director Colin Chan have also shared an introduction of JCI Hong Kong to the prospective members. 13

14 HARBOUR LIGHTS JCI HONG KONG NEWS JCI PRESIDENT, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT RECEPTION W e were honored to have JCI President Ismail Haznedar, II) JCI Executive Vice President Natalie Viselli JCI Executive Vice President Natalie Viselli and JCI Vice We have invited youth leaders from mainland, together with President Batkhishig Purevdoo making an official visit the National Presidents from Asia Pacific for the meeting. to JCI Hong Kong in April and May 2015. This meeting is the first we have engaged different parties, to discuss on the single topic of Youth Competitiveness. Before During their visit, they accomplished a number of objectives the meeting, we have invited JCIEVP to share her insights from including motivating JCI Hong Kong officers and members, the angle of leading global network of young active citizens, induction of new members, promoting the organization among and every participant was invited to share their views on the HKSAR government officials, business/organization leaders, topic. It was a very fruitful and inspiring afternoon, and we had a training our local chapter presidents and witnessing the networking session to get everyone connected with each other. establishment of a provisional chapter. I) JCI President Ismail Haznedar Participating in Asia Pacific NP meeting Other events JCI Executive Vice President attended: 65th Anniversary 18 District Roadshow in Wanchai public library JCIHK CSR day & meeting Secretary for the Environment, HK government JCIHK UN project Nothing but coffee (hosted by local chapter JCI Tsuen Wan) Meeting with Chairman of the Commission on Youth JCIHK 65th Anniversary Ball JCIHK Flagship project - TOYP and meeting with Secretary for Education, HK government Meeting with Federation of Australia and Australia Alumni Association III) JCI Vice President Batkhishig Purevdoo The Political Assistant to Secretary for LWB, Ms. Jade Lai, highlighted to JCI VP the latest development on the governments policies and activities in Labour and Welfare. The Bureau thanked JCI Hong Kong and its affiliated Chapters efforts over the years in organising various projects benefitting our community. We have introduced the Active Citizen Framework and the 18 District Roadshow which promoting JCI values and UNMDGs. Visiting Labour & Welfare Bureau Visiting Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Meeting Political Assistant to the Secretary for Labour & Welfare Bureau (LWB) of Republic Of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Hong Kong government We have engaged JCI President for the visits with government & Other events JCI Vice President attended: partners, i.e. Labour and Welfare Bureau of HK and Commission UNESCO Peacemakers Day on Youth, to exchange how JC can cooperate in the policy JCIHK TDC Trainer Learning & Development implementation and how to penetrate our work in the youth Lantau Day visiting HK Airport Authority & restricted areas community. During the visits, we introduced JCI and Active President Forum Citizen Framework, and exchanged ideas on different cultures Charter Night of JCI Lantau and international collaboration. 14

15 HARBOUR LIGHTS JCI HONG KONG NEWS The National Community Concern Group The National Community Concern Group (NCCG) has conducted a one minute survey on the topic (CSR & Food Waste Recycling) primarily focusing on the opinion of young people. CSR Day The event served as a neutral platform to bring together international and Hong Kong professionals, academics, leaders and corporate executives to share their opinions on CSR issues, discuss the industry best practice and measures to enhance institutional capacities in the private sector and create an active dialogue for providing solutions to the sustainability of The survey was divided into 2 parts: Awareness and Views our environment. on Corporate Social Responsibility and Awareness and Views on Food Waste Recycling. We have invited Secretary for the Environment of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Mr. Wong Kam-sing, JP and JCI A total of 510 samples were collected from young people Executive Vice President Senator Natalie Viselli to be the aged 18-40. The survey result announcement was successfully Guests of Honour of our UN project - CSR day. completed on 8 May 2015 at ECO Forum hosted by JCIHK with Mr WONG Kam-sing, JP, the Secretary for the Environment, We have kicked off the CSR day by a survey announcement on as Guest of Honour and 11 media organisations in attendance. CSR and Food Waste Recycling, by analysing the root cause of CSR and food leftover problem in Hong Kong. We have Results have shown that over 90% of interviewees supported invited experts from different areas to discuss the creation of Food Waste Recycling, but the majority of the respondents sustainable solutions to solve the problem, including: were concerned with the hygiene of the recycled food waste. Mr. Mike Kilburn, Senior Manager, Environment, Airport Highest Participation Active Citizen Award is dedicated to Authority Hong Kong the local Chapters which responded actively to the survey. The list of winners is as follows: Prof. Patrick Lau, SBS, JP, President, UNESCO Hong Kong Association Champion: JCI Sha Tin Mr Henry Ngai, CEO, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling 1st Runner-up: JCI Dragon 2nd Runner-up: JCI Apex Centre Limited We hope to have your continuous support to NCCG and join This aroused the participation of over 40 members and over our good cause to become active citizens. Please LIKE our 10 media partners. The participants acknowledged that food NCCG fans page at http://www.facebook.com/jcihknccg. waste is a problem in Hong Kong and urged various sectors of the economy to work together for a sustainable Hong Kong. 15

16 HARBOUR LIGHTS JCI HONG KONG NEWS Public Speaking Contest Public speaking is a critical skill for leaders to motivate others toward positive change. At the JCI World Public Speaking Championship, members faced the challenge of expressing creative ideas in a clear and captivating manner. On 26 Apr 2015, JCI World Public Speaking Championship 2015 - Hong Kong Selection Contest was held at the JCIHK Office. The panel of judges for the contest included 2006 Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young National Business Network Person Sean Lin, 2014 Division Governor of Hong Kong Toastmasters International Cecilia Introduction Luk, Distinguished Toastmaster Karen Cheung Dyer and 2009 Hong Kong Selection Contest National Business Network (NBN) serve as a platform Champion Foley Lam. for members building their own network, polishing entrepreneurship and enhancing management skills. With The topic of this year is Commit, Connect, a series of networking activities , we aim to Care. Akash Karia was 1st place, Shoaib Ur enable JC members to have an active role in the business Rehman 2nd, and Zoe Chung 3rd. Akash Karia community, and to learn how to conduct business through will represent JCI Hong Kong in the final round leadership skills. of the JCI World Public Speaking Championship On the other hand, to cope with social media trend, NBN at the JCI Asia-Pacific Conference to be held Apps had been launched in June, so as to promote our in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, June 11 - 15, 2015. members business externally, at the same time boosting Congratulations to all these contestants !! BYOB channel. NBN facebook fan page, LinkedIn & We Chat have also been actively promoted throughout the year. Our Activities 3 April, 2015 -> Development - Break through bottleneck in business Guest speaker Jackeline Yang, Founder & Managing Director, Jackeline Beauty shared with us on the factors to be considered in making business decisions in time of up or down market, and how to make a right decision to cope with uncertainties. 5 June, 2015 -> Expansion - Intellectual Property & marketing skills We are honored to have 3 speakers with extensive practical Nothing but Coffee experience and share their personal experience in IP & marketing skills. JCI Tsuen Wan is hosting the Guest speaker Johnson Lam, Hon Fung and Rickael Cheung fund raising event, Nothing- shared with us on how to register of trade marks, domain but-Coffee 2015, initiated by names, designs and patent, and also some technical skills JCI Hong Kong. The kick-off when facing media. ceremony was successfully hosted on 9 May, 2015 at the Pacific Coffee Emporium. Up & coming - 16 October 2015 -> Success - Expanding your business It is our honour to have Pacific Coffee sponsoring 2,000 coffee vouchers to support the campaign for two consecutive years. We are going to share how a successful business can expand With every HKD100 donation, Pacific Coffee is expressing further and tips for business expansion. their appreciation with a cup of heartwarming coffee. Each mosquitos net donated can prevent more than one child from 21 November 2015 Shenzhen day trip Malaria. 1 day china trip visiting BYD Automobile, Tencent, Huawei; finding out investment opportunities in Qianhai and Nothing-but-Nets has been launched by United Nations Nanshan. Kindly join us for more business opportunities and Foundation since 2006, to fight malaria through a series of networking. educational promotion and fundraising activities. Studies revealed that the most effective weapon to fight malaria is prevention. Bed nets can reduce infections in an area by up to 90%. Malaria is a leading cause of death among children in Africa. Every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection, which is especially dangerous for children under 5 and pregnant women. Back when the campaign was first launched, another child dies from malaria every 30 secounds. Using mosquitos nets is a proven solution to prevent this deadly disease. Nothing- but-Nets has successfully made an effort in improving the figure through out the years. We believe that prompt actions of the public to donate mosquito nets can save African children and families from malaria. 16

17 HARBOUR LIGHTS JCI HONG KONG NEWS JCI HONG KONG ALUMNI CLUB Xian Trip What will you think of when you come across Xian? Mausoleum May Lunch Gathering of the First Qin Emperor? Huaqing Pool or Silk Road? More than Alumni Club held a Lunch gathering on 30th May, we shared an 30 senior JC fellows visited Xian with excitement during the last interesting topic about how your finger print can tell the fortune. Easter holiday. The program was well designed. The group went This brought us a relax and pleasant weekend. city sightseeing including Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Famen Temple and the most famous attraction Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor. Local food like dumpling feast, vegetarian feast as well as scissor-cut noodles were yummy and irresistible. The gorgeous and elegant furnished Gran Melia Xian Hotel made our stay even more comfortable. Last but not the least, the daily lucky draw pushed the atmosphere to the climax. The tour Xian at all times was ended with laughter, joy and memory. Visit JCI Macau Senior Member Association JCIHK Alumni Club and Macau Senior Member Association(SMA) have joint dinner every year, this visit not only for increase friendship between HongKong and Macau, but also exchange ideas on the preparation of Macau SMA Official visit Hong Kong in coming October. JCIHK 65th Anniversary We have a wonderful evening in Asia Expo on 9th May to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of JCI Hong Kong. There were over 200 Sen- ior member who attended the event and members who served over 10 years had a recognition by JCIHK. Before that Alumni club also join the oversea delegates reception dinner. JCI Hong Kong Alumni Club SMCC and Excom members Happy Hour Happy hour is a good way to gather friends in city life, this time we invited all Chapter Senior Member Club chairman and coordinators 2015 to have a happy hour, so they can stay connected more closely. This time we have Alumni Club excom members to join the event, also followed by a dinner afterward. 17

18 HARBOUR LIGHTS JCI HONG KONG RECOMMENDED EVENTS JCI Harbour : Star-gazing Camp JCI Yuen Long: The 20th 5-Star Training Camp Enthusiastic JCI friends came together for a star-gazing camp on 16-17 May 2015 in Yuen Long. The event started off with a game requiring participants not only to dash around, but also to answer ten challenging questions on light pollution. A scrumptious BBQ dinner was offered, followed by a sharing by Mr. Lee Yat Tien, Honorary Advisor of the Hong Kong Joint School Astronomical Society. He introduced The 20th 5-Star Training Camp 2015 hosted by JCI Yuen Long knowledge on star-gazing as well as ancient myths about the was successfully held on 11-12 April 2015, with a full house of over skies. To mark the end of the camp, participants painted on 40 participants from 17 Chapters. recycled bags about their wish for a less-light-polluted Hong Kong. This was a truly memorable experience that gave all During the 2-day-1-night camp, participants get trained in participants an opportunity to experience the darkness and organizing projects and discovering the powerful tools and tranquility that only remote areas in Hong Kong can offer. values in JCI such as Friendships, Leaderships, JC Protocol, Parliamentary Procedure, ACF, etc. Participants also built up JCI Kowloon : The 3rd Inter-LOM JCI Quiz network and fellowship with members from other chapters through building-team games and competition. Competition The final project was to build a villa by the co-operation of 40 trainees to go along with the fantastic monopoly model , which was developed by the creative Trainers team. In the Graduation Ceremony of the Training Camp, over 100 participants joined the touching moment of the trainees sharing session and certificate presentation, and new members positive changes and friendships were also withnessed. This year is the 3rd Inter-LOM JCI Quiz Competition hosted by JCI Kowloon. The Inter-LOM JCI Quiz Competition is a competition : 3 on 3 based on different kinds of JC knowledge, in particular, relating to JCI protocol, parliamentary procedures, constitutions, general JCI knowledge. Current events and civic affairs of Hong Kong 6 6 16 were also being part of the competition. The objective of the < 3 on 3 > competition is to raise members interest and knowledge in JCI and related matters by an interactive competition, thus to enhance their sense of belongings towards the organization. On May 31, 2015, 16 LOMs and over 100 members from JCI Hong Kong participated in the competition. All participants were well prepared, especially during the semi final & final of the LOM Cup, 95% of the questions were answered correctly. JCI Tai Ping Shan, JCI Yuen Long and JCI North District were distinguished by a small margin and awarded as champion, 1st Runner up & 2nd Runner up respectively. 2015 JC Sports Day held by JCI Island : On 1 May, JCI Island held JC Sports Day with more than 280 participants. It is a remarkable event of JCI Island held once a year. During the Day, our JC members became athletes and all participants tried their best to win the competition. Though the weather was unstable on that day with occasional raining, the athletes showed their perseverance to finish the events. We were especially touched by the scene that the athletes move their steps towards the Goal, with rain dropping on their faces. Not only did we admire the spirit of the athletes, we also appreciated the support and cheers given by other JC members to their teammates. We wish every participant, including the cheering spectator enjoyed the Day. 18

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20 HARBOUR LIGHTS LOCAL CHAPTERS ACTIVITIES JCI Victoria JCI Kowloon JCI Island www.vjc.org.hk www.jcikowloon.org www.ijc.hk U Jump! I Jump! Alibaba.com Hong Kong e-Commerce Managing Your Business Relations With Business Competition 2015 Mei Ling As a supporting organization of Alibaba.com, JCI Kowloon members attended the final competition of On 6 May, JCI Island held a seminar which mainly Alibaba.com's " Hong Kong e-Commerce Business covered business opportunities and hints for Competition 2015". While witnessing the birth of networking with more than 100 participants. We 4 - U Jump! I Jump! @Trampoline the "Best e Commerce champion", Kowlooners also promoted our Chapter to non-JCI members at Park , ! learned about important business elements to be the event and successfully recruited a number of successful in today's e commerce world. prospective members. Sister Chapters: JCI Seoul DongDaeMoon, Korea | JCI Osaka, Ja- Sister Chapters: JCI Mandaue, Philippines | JCI Taipei Jayceettes, Sister Chapters: JCI Sendai, Japan | JCI Seoul Korea | JCI Bukit pan | JCI Tawau, Malaysia | JCI Tainan, Taiwan | JCI Ulaanbaatar, Taiwan | JCI Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | JCI Orchid, Singapore | Mertajam, Malaysia | JCI Makati, Philippines | JCI Manilena, Mongolia JCI Nagoya, Japan | JCI Pan Mac, Macao | JCI Daegu Suseong, Philippines | JCI Taipei, Taiwan Korea | JCI Capital, Mongolia JCI Peninsula JCI HK Jayceettes www.hkpjc.org www.hkjtt.org New Stars of Social Enterprises born in Hong Kong Young Social Entrepreneur Contest 2015 on 28 Jun 500 After the successful opening ceremony attended by 5 400 participants and visits of two social enterprises 17 namely Friends & Dialogue Experience, CCC Ming Yin College won the first social enterprise business writing competition in Hong Kong by creating a 16 business model that addresses the urgent issue of aging population. The winners will be given internship in social enterprises to enhance their entrepreneurship skills for life planning. Sister Chapters: JCI Minoh, Japan | JCI Mapo | Seoseoul, Korea | Sister Chapters: JCI Manila, Philippines | JCI Dhonburi, Thailand | JCI Hou Kong, Macao | JCI Capitol, Philippines | JCI City, Singa- JCI Kaohsiung, Taiwan | JCI Yokohama, Japan pore | JCI TaiChung, Taiwan | JCI Honolulu Chinese, USA JCI Lion Rock JCI Harbour JCI Yuen Long www.jcilionrock.org.hk www.hjc.org.hk www.yljc.org.hk 2015 - 2015 5 2 40 2015 Q Bighead Creative Sister Chapters: JCI Kariya, Japan | JCI Sibu, Malaysia Sister Chapters: JCI Penang, Malaysia | JCI Balikatan, Sister Chapters: JCI Kyoto, Japan | JCI Seoul JCI Sanchung, Taiwan Philippines | JCI Kanazawa, Japan | JCI Marina, Singapore | Gwangjin, Korea | JCI Keelung, Taiwan JCI Songpa, Korea | JCI Kaohsiung Ladies, Taiwan 20

21 HARBOUR LIGHTS LOCAL CHAPTERS ACTIVITIES JCI Tai Ping Shan JCI Bauhinia JCI Dragon www.jcitps.org.hk www.bjc.org.hk www.jcidragon.org.hk - DDED DDED DDED Sister Chapters: JCI Toyama, Japan | JCI Hsinchu, Taiwan Sister Chapters: JCI Uji, Japan | Sister Chapters: JCI Song Jeong, Korea | JCI Elite, Malayasia JCI Nishinomiya, Japan | JCI San Juan, Philippines JCI East Kowloon JCI City JCI Queensway www.jciek.org www.jcicity.org.hk www.jciqueensway.org.hk Read Together, Family Forever! - Volunteer Education Thankful Heart Family Harmony 2015 EKs flagship project Family Harmony is 10! This year 2015 we are promoting the importance of family story time. Benefits of this program include increased quality family Thankful Heart provides a free voluntary moral time and communication, and development of childrens education workshop to students. Expressing critical thinking and interest in reading. appreciation is the best way to spread love and downplay hatred in this society. Love is the greatest of all virtues. Sister Chapters: JCI Mandarin, Singapore | Sister Chapters: JCI Fukuoka, Japan | JCI Incheon Songdo, Korea Sister Chapters: JCI Okinawa, Japan JCI Ipoh, Malaysia | JCI Sike, Taiwan JCI Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | JCI Windy City, Taiwan JCI North District JCI Ocean JCI Sha Tin www.ndjc.org.hk www.oceanjc.org.hk www.jcishatin.org 2015 1 Dragon Boat Race T h e r e a r e 2 co m p e t i t i o n s i n t h e coming Dragon Boat Festival. The first one will be held in Tsuen Wa n Wate r f ro n t Promenade on 7 Jun 2015 and the second one would be conducted in Sha Tin S h i n g M u n R i ve r o n 20 Jun 2015. Come (MH) ( ) and join us, to witness 150 ( ) how we share the 31 exceptional moment together! Sister Chapters: JCI Naha, Japan | JCI Cosmopolitan, Taiwan Sister Chapters: JCI Suita, Japan | JCI Boai, Taiwan Sister Chapters: JCI Wakayama, Japan 21

22 HARBOUR LIGHTS LOCAL CHAPTERS ACTIVITIES & ACKNOWLEDGMENT JCI Apex JCI City Lady JCI Tsuen Wan www.ajc.org.hk www.jcicitylady.org.hk www.jcitsuenwan.org 2015 Nothing but coffee 2015 Studies proved that malaria and economic growth 4 12 are negatively correlated. The mechanisms that could cause malaria to have such a large impact on the 5 3 Think Small Shoot Low economy, such as foreign investment and economic networks within Africa, have been significant. Nothing but Coffee aims to drive public awareness to the matter and to support UN Foundation to fight against 7 11 Fun malaria by raising fund for mosquitos nets. For every $100 donation made, Pacific Coffee is expressing their appreciation with a heartwarming coffee. Empower Sister Chapters: JCI Gifu, Japan Sister Chapters: JCI Yamagata, Japan them with us today! CORPORATE PLATINUM SPONSOR RUBY Paul Wu - National Presidential Advisor Johnny Kwan - National Immediate Past President PEARL JCI Victoria | JCI Kowloon | JCI Island | JCI Peninsula JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes | JCI Lion Rock | JCI Harbour JCI Yuen Long | JCI Tai Ping Shan | JCI Bauhinia | JCI Dragon JCI East Kowloon | JCI City | JCI Queensway | JCI North District CORPORATE SPONSOR JCI Ocean | JCI Sha Tin | JCI Apex | JCI City Lady | JCI Tsuen Wan JADE Spencer Suen - 1998 National President Alice Liu - 2003 National President Ellen Tsang - 2005 National President Gene Tang - 2010 National President TOURBILLON WATCH Timmy Lee, MH - 2011 National President Memorigin Watch Company Limited GOLD Star Diamond Paul Yin, SBS, JP - 1976 National President Anthony Leung - National President Clement Woo - 2007 National President Ken Wong - JCI Treasurer 2015 JCI Hong Kong National Directors James Tsui - Strategic Planning Committee Chairman Eric Tang - 2008 National President SILVER Sam Sio - JCIHK Alumni Club Chairman George Lung, BBS, MH, JP - 1993 National President Brian Kwan - National General Legal Counsel Henry U - 1997 National President Ronald Kan - National Executive Vice President Pokit Lok - National Vice President Zenith Lin - National Executive Vice President Olive Chan - National Secretary General Matthew Li - National Honorary Treasurer Aron Wong - JCI Kowloon President Ivan Mok - 2014 Alumni Club Chairman Noman Choy - 1978 JCI Harbour President BRONZE Connie Woo - 2011 JCI Victoria President Edmond Pang - 1981 National President Eddy Wong - 1992 National President Jeff Ng - 2014 JCI Peninsula President KK Hon - National Vice President Petula Wong - 2015 JCI HK Jayceettes SMC Chairman Calvin Kwok - National Vice President Stephen Ma - 2015 JCI Dragon Business Affairs Officer Victor Lam - National Vice President Alex Lam - JCI City Member Maurice Leung - National Vice President Anna Wong - National Vice President MEDIA SPONSOR Everyideas Creation Limited 22

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