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1 Casper Shipping Limited Contents Title Page Welcome 01 The Past 03 Our Roots 04 Servicing the Shipping Industry 05 Chart of the River Tees, February 3rd 1849 06 The Road to Now 09 The Present 11 24 hours a day... every day of the year 13 Geography 15 Casper throughout the UK 17 Outsourcing: Customer feedback 18 A Sporting Heritage since 1872 20 Professional Shipping Links 21 Logistic Support Services 22 Acknowledgments 23 Our Staff: Our most vital asset 24 Our Clients Vessels: A few of the reasons why we are here 25 Kevin Shakesheff Chairman Casper Shipping 26 How to contact us 29

2 Casper Shipping Limited Welcome Since 1872, the Casper name has been associated with professional Ships Agency in the United Kingdom. Over a hundred and thirty years of experience have created todays vibrant, independent Company, dedicated to providing high quality Agency and Forwarding Services. The technology we utilise in this task may have evolved beyond imagination, but the standard upon which Casper Shipping was founded still holds true; a total commitment to providing the best possible service for our customers. This book is a celebration of Caspers heritage and our valued relationship with our clients, port authorities and suppliers. 1

3 Casper Shipping Limited The Past In 1872, Queen Victoria still had 29 years to reign, Ulysses Grant was re-elected as President of the United States, Mahlon Loomis patented the wireless radio and Middlesbrough Rugby Union Football Club was born. In this same year, Danish brothers Hans and Harald Casper arrived in north-east England and founded two fledgling Shipbroking and Agency businesses on the River Tees- Casper Edgar and Company in Hartlepool and H. Casper and Co. in Middlesbrough. Here at the Casper offices in Middlesbrough, we hold a remarkable record of the early years of our Company: two original Turn Books, the first of which spans the years from 1890 to 1903. The information contained within its pages, recorded in meticulous copperplate script, provides a spellbinding insight into the day-to-day workings of the hardworking young business. It makes fascinating reading. The entries capture the cargoes that built Northern Europes great industries and the poetry in the lyrical ships names Greek gods and stately women sit side by side on the faded, delicate paper. top right: Thanks to our anonymous Victorian scribes we know that on 8th May mv. Southgare, owned by Clarkson 1890, the Zeus sailed for Iceland with a cargo of petroleum, that on Brothers, which sank in 1918, with 29th June 1891 the Valhalla sailed for Civitavecchia carrying pig iron the loss of 21 crew and ferrosilicate. On 1st June 1892 the Octa took a cargo simply left: labelled as Alkali to Gothenburg. There are also tantalising details of Page from the Companys Cash the hazardous seas. For example we are told that March 1898 was a Account Book covering the period particularly stormy month, as both the Risk and the Grimstead were 1890-1906 put in through stress of weather. below: Paddle Steamer berthed at Stockton on the Tees 1897 2 3

4 Casper Shipping Limited Our Roots Servicing the Shipping Industry with a passion since 1872 The second Turn Book charts the years between The Company survived these hard times and in 1912 and 1926 and covers some dark times for March 1919 Hans Casper sold the business to the Company. Clarkson Brothers, creating Clarkson Brothers and Casper Limited. In 1912, Hans Casper was appointed Vice Consul for Sweden. His son, also part of the Company, The following years marked a time of prosperity. was seen as the natural choice to run the Business came from Liner Services and industrial business, but tragically fell overboard from a ship cargoes pig iron and pitch, saltcake and slag, in Stockton-on Tees and drowned. ferro manganese and fluorspar were all cargoes handled by the business. Fortunes were good, Just two years later, the First World War broke but further challenges lay ahead. out. This was a perilous time for merchant shipping and the book reflects the Companys The slump came as the Roaring Twenties ended. struggle to survive. In 1915, just a year after the The global Depression struck and soon our war started, Casper handled 139 agencies. customers consisted of small timber agencies By the end of hostilities in 1918, this number and little else. By September 1932 the Company had dwindled to a meagre 12. Most of the consisted of Norman and Tommy Clarkson as wartime trade kept to the coast, but some brave Directors. Tommy also doubled as the office boy. ships risked the U-Boat blockade to take cargoes Gross income was a mere 400 and Norman to Norway and Denmark and others sailed to Clarkson himself drew only 150. It is thanks to France. The Turn Book records that on 23rd the benevolence of our bankers that the firm November 1914, the Alexy took coals to Caen survived and trading continued. and on 25th February 1915, the Phylis carried Pitch to Chantenay. background image: Middlesbrough Dock 1897 inset top: Sail and Steam on the Tees c.1890 overleaf, pages 6 and 7: Chart of the River Tees from Stockton to the Sea. Based on 4 inset above and also p.28: The Tees from the Transporter Bridge c.1940 a survey by James Johnston for the Tees Navigation Company, February 3rd 1849 5

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6 Casper Shipping Limited The Road to Now In 1939 the start of the Second World War The 1970s saw boom years for the offshore staff and their professional development as we threatened a business that was just beginning industry and Clarkson Brothers and Casper do about the demands of our clients. to recover its fortunes. The Clarkson Brothers Limited enjoyed a long, loyal relationship with were called to play their part in the Forces and Kvaerner Offshore, working on many In August 1997 we were responsible for the shipping traffic fell under the Ministry of War ambitious, pioneering projects. Heerema barge that took the massive new Transport, who, to the detriment of Clarkson Kvaerner Oil and Gas integrated deck module, Brothers and Casper, favoured rival shipping 1989 saw major changes for the Company. weighing 10,400 metric tonnes, out to the agency Constantines. Gebr. Broere BV of Dordrecht and Genchem North Sea. So huge was the structure that it Holdings Ltd of London made an approach to was initially suggested that a member of the Yet again the Company refused to give in and take over the complete shareholding of Casper team stand on top to ensure it cleared an upturn occurred in 1941 when the United Clarkson Brothers and Casper Limited. the Transporter Bridge that straddles the River States entered the theatre of war. Norman Negotiations were completed in September Tees at Middlesbrough. In the event, no-one Clarkson, knowing that Lease Lend materials 1990, when CBC came under new ownership. was asked to volunteer for the task, but the would be travelling across the Atlantic, secured structure went under the famous north-east sole Agency for all shipping. Clarkson Brothers In 1991 MD Peter Clarkson retired and Kevin landmark with only six feet to spare. and Casper were soon inundated with Liberty Shakesheff was headhunted to join the Ships and the business thrived once more. Company as Chief Executive. Also in 1997 a further merger with Genchem saw yet another name for the Company- By 1946, Clarkson Brothers and Casper was The Company has prospered under Kevins Clarkson Brothers Limited. With further offices flourishing, handling both liners and tramp leadership. Ambitious expansion plans have at Liverpool, Ipswich, Birkenhead and ships. By now, some 90% of all cargo carried been developed and his hands-on approach Southampton we also secured the Bischoff by the liners was steel, much of it destined to business has added a new, dynamic Express Container business at Immingham. The for the great shipyards of Norway and Sweden momentum. In 1991 an internal team, led by following year we successfully undertook the and their steel stockists. The tramps dealt Doreen Power, put the ISO9002 quality TRITON project for Kvaerner. Further offices primarily with the staple raw industrial system in place, formally recognising the were to open at Barry in Wales and Le Havre in materials- coal, coke, chemicals, saltcake, Companys long standing commitment to Northern France. pitch and inward cargoes of iron ore. providing a quality service to our customers. The Millennium was marked by the opening of Tankers were still vessels of the future, with In 1992 we celebrated our 120th year of our Grangemouth office and the resumption of only two or three a year carrying creosote to trading by moving into our new head office in the Corus agency on Teesside. We represented the United States, but within two decades this the Cleveland Business Centre in customers in every major port in the United was all set to change. Middlesbrough and opening an office in Hull. Kingdom and the principal ports of Northern We continued to expand and in 1994 we France. Through our association with Royal 1965 saw such intense growth that it was opened our Immingham office. It was this Vopak the new name of Broere BV we had impossible to keep the disbursement account office that handled the British Steel Agency become part of the largest network of service books running. The liner trade was thriving, Saskatchewan Pioneer, the largest ship ever to providers for the global shipping industry. steel shipments continued to grow and the berth at Immingham. tanker business began to develop with a vengeance, setting the scene for the Company We achieved our Investors in People award in we know today. 1995, proof that we care as much about our 8 9

7 Casper Shipping Limited The Present In 2002 the opportunity was presented for Casper Shipping has never been a Company to Kevin Shakesheff to lead a management simply rest on its successes. Our forward- buyout of Clarkson Brothers northern thinking management is always looking for interests. opportunities for synergetic growth. Today, under the leadership of Chairman Kevin Such an opportunity presented itself in August Shakesheff, Casper Shipping is a modern 2004, when we were delighted to announce the Company that nonetheless remains firmly acquisition of BS Freight, an international freight rooted in the traditions of its founders and forwarding Company based at the newly named enjoys excellent relationships with clients and Durham Tees Valley International Airport. In the port authorities alike. previous two years Casper had enjoyed real growth in the freight and customs support Over a centurys experience in liquid, dry bulk arena, so this opportunity to expand by and steel shipping provides customers with acquisition was entirely in line with our the assurance that their business is in safe, corporate strategy. professional hands when Casper is chosen as their agent. BS Freight operates a bonded warehouse at the Air Cargo Centre at the airport, providing a vital In addition to attending vessels at their home import centre for both the public sector and ports of Tees, Hull, Immingham and local industry. A major part of its operations Grangemouth/Hunterston, Casper provides a involves prompt delivery to customers premises complete UK port coverage through a using its own transport system. In addition, selected sub-agency network. exporters use the Company for road and sea transportation as well as air freight. Eventually below: We oversee all aspects of the Port call and Caspers customs section will integrate with BS Lifeboat Drill at sea. co-ordinate operations through Ship-Agent, a Freight, maximising the huge benefits of our Picture courtesy of web-based communication system that electronic clearance facilities. Seatrans DA Bergen allows clients up-to-the-minute information about their ships and cargoes, whatever their Now 100% owned by Casper, BS Freight has locations. established a unique position in the marketplace and will continue to develop its operation, Different cargoes, different crews, different demonstrating the same impressive ports all connected by a common commitment to quality as the rest of our denominator: Casper Shipping Limited. operations. 10 11

8 Casper Shipping Limited 24 hours a day... every day of the year... 24 hours a day, every day of the year, we plan, Safety Procedures organise, communicate, inform, prepare, Safety awareness is a pre requisite for all evaluate change, then we do it all over again. Casper staff. All boarding personnel have Tanker agency is a demanding business undertaken approved safety on board needing planning and preparation, plus the awareness courses, not just on gas, chemical ability to be flexible when the best laid plans and oil tankers but in the dry bulk and steel fail due to a host of unforeseen circumstances, traffics. bad weather, off spec cargoes, crew illness etc. Different cargoes, different ships, different Our many years of experience in the liquid, dry ports - one common denominator Casper bulk shipping and steel sectors, benefits our Shipping Limited. Casper understands the customers, with the assurance that their needs of their Principals. Deep draft business is in professional hands when Casper restrictions, jetty availability, tugs, pilots, is selected as their agent. boatmen, stevedore services, transport positioning, customs documentation, proforma We are always on hand at any time, to assist, estimates. That is what we do well with many guide and advise. years of experience and trust built within the Port Industry. A major part of Caspers work entails keeping ahead of legislation, both from Europe and our own Government. The need to produce correct documentation to meet the stringent standards of Customs, Port Authorities and other legal entities involved in the shipping industry, is essential. ....always on hand, at any time, to assist, guide and advise 12 13

9 Casper Shipping Limited Geography We operate from sites throughout the United Kingdom and each port has its own unique characteristics. What follows may only be a brief flavour of these ports, but Casper can guarantee a complete understanding of all its centres of operation. The North East of England is traditionally associated with coal, steel and the chemical industry and not surprisingly, given its own heritage, Casper represents many clients from these sectors. We have an excellent relationship with all the port service providers in Tees, Hartlepool and Newcastle ports, nurtured over more than 130 years of trading. Teesport and Tees Dock The deep-water ports of Tees and Hartlepool, known together as Teesport, are at the core of the industrialised Tees Valley and provide a natural gateway to the North of England and Scotland. Between them these ports handle over 50 million tonnes of cargo a year and deal with 6,000 ship arrivals, including vessels of up to 200,000 dead weight tonnes. These statistics help make Teesport the second largest port in the United Kingdom. Tees Dock lies 5 kilometres from the sea and is a deep-water tidal from the top: inlet facility that provides lock-free- access for Panamax size vessels. John Mitchell, David Mead, The port of Hartlepool comprises a deep-water tidal harbour and a Directors single enclosed basin, handling dry bulks, steel, grain, cars and forest Casper Shipping Limited products. 14 15

10 Casper Shipping Limited Casper throughout the UK 15 Hull Immingham The port sits on the north bank of the Humber Immingham sits on the south side of the Estuary the United Kingdoms biggest Humber Estuary and handles a wide variety of trading estuary 35km from the North Sea. ships, with the newly erected Humber All berths are available 24 hours a day, seven International Terminal providing a significant days a week. volume of deep sea trade. Imminghams location is ideal for inter-Europe traffic and its Following the change of ownership in 1990, provision of chemical storage makes it a vital the Company was eager to find new part of the logistics for many international development opportunities. BP Chemicals producers and traders. were already major customers of Broere BV and in 1993, it seemed a logical step for Since their inception in the 1990s both the Clarkson Brothers and Casper to develop with Hull and Immingham offices have thrived, BPs support, a new location at the Port of making us one of the leading Ships Agents on Hull. The influx of new customers to this site the Humber. The same solid management that led to the need for a further development, this created these twin successes would take the time on the south side of the Humber, at Company into most other UK ports and even Immingham. into France. Our office in Hull is uniquely located at BP Grangemouth and Hunterston Saltend, enabling us to be as close as possible The youngest of the Casper agency offices, to the ships that we attend. Nearby we handle our Grangemouth office has quickly gained a coal and steel at the King George and strong position within the port, handling both Alexandra Docks. liquid and steel cargoes and acting as a vital hub for our activities in Scotland and attending Hulls location is such that it serves as a vessels at other Scottish ports. crossroads for the traffic between Northern Europe and the United Kingdoms industrial North and Midlands. A combination of its proximity to these English hinterlands and short voyage time to the continent has created a truly thriving port. 16 17

11 Casper Shipping Limited Outsourcing: Customer feedback Corus was created in 1999 as the result of works. This development is still in its infancy, the merger of metal manufacturing giants but its evolution is typical of the strong British Steel and Koninklijke Hoogovens to relationship with Corus. create one of the worlds largest steel producers. Casper enjoys a firm relationship Former Corus employees have become key with Corus Shipping Services, dating back to elements of this partnership. Peter ONeill and the 1970s and the days of British Steel. Mark Hornby, now dry cargo specialists for Casper, moved to the Company when Corus From importing coal and ores to exporting re-structured its Tees Shipping Agency as part finished and semi-finished steel products, the of a rationalisation programme and today Corus international maritime operation is a continue to work closely with their former vital, integral part of its daily activity on a vast employers, bringing to bear more than half-a- scale and calls for experience and centurys knowledge of this steelmaking professionalism of a similar magnitude. For this leviathan. The move to Casper brought Peters reason Corus appoints Casper Shipping. career full-circle, as prior to his 24 years with Corus he worked for Clarkson Brothers and Casper Director, Peter Chapman, has special Casper when it was the shipping agent for responsibility for the Corus contract. British Steel. We are proud that we have been able to assist Corus through the outsourcing of Over a hundred and thirty two years of history certain activities. The relationship with Corus and experience makes Casper Shipping the is very much a partnership, developed over successful, thriving business it is today- a many years and constantly changing to meet story of triumph, of struggling through hard the requirements of what is a huge times, but never losing sight of our international organisation. commitment to excellence. We thank the staff that have made all this possible. We are diversifying by providing a Forwarding Agents operation for Corus, importing spare parts from around the world for the steel Casper continues to provide an important link in the chain to get raw products discharged at the Redcar Ore Terminal and then assist in the swift and smooth loading of export parcels. above: Howard Dodds and Chris Wimhurst of Corus Shipping Services with Kevin Shakesheff and Peter Chapman at the signing of a new contract between Corus and Casper Shipping Limited left: Discharging Ore at the Redcar Terminal 18 19

12 Casper Shipping Limited A Sporting Heritage since 1872 Professional Shipping Links Casper can claim a unique business and sporting relationship Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in its links with Middlesbrough Rugby Football Club. Through Caspers strong connections with the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, our customers are represented on Government and legislative issues on a local and Historically, both organisations were founded in 1872 and national basis. Historically, we have used the Institute as a conduit to access former owners Tommy and Peter Clarkson were both European legislation and procedure and from experience we know that the Institute officers of the club and players. Middlesbrough has been one is invaluable as a forum on such important and far-reaching decisions. At a more of the foremost influential clubs in the North East for the last local level, issues relating to Port activities and developments are monitored and 132 years, a longevity record mirrored by Casper Shipping discussed at the regular branch meetings. Limited. Casper Shipping presently has three Fellows of the Institute: Don Mussett, Humber Above: This close relationship between Company and club continues Vice-Chairman; David Mead and Kevin Shakesheff, who is a former Tees and Peter Clarkson, front row third from right. today, both in sponsorship of the team and more direct Hartlepool Chairman, a current National Federation Representative and a member of Clarkson Brothers and Caspers former M.D. involvement. Present Chairman, Kevin Shakesheff is playing the Controlling Council. Richard Booth (MICS), is currently Tees and Hartlepool in his 43rd season, holding a special record at Middlesbrough Chairman. Below: in having made his first team debut at the age of 50. Colin Kevin Shakesheff, front row, centre. McNeill, Caspers Quality Manager is also a team player and Casper also uses the excellent ICS professional examinations to train its younger Former M.D. Clarkson Brothers and Casper and Director of Rugby for the club, organising the coaching and staff members. present Chairman, Casper Shipping Limited training of the next generation of players. ISO9001 Our practices are underpinned by a strict adherence to the ISO 9001 quality standard, which forms an important part of the Casper ethos of high quality service provision. Investors in People Our staff remain our main asset and through IIP we have developed corporate strategy plans, advanced training on legislative issues and a management structure that helps to create a rewarding and satisfying working environment for all our employees. 20 21

13 Casper Shipping Limited Logistic Support Services Acknowledgments It has taken Casper many years to build a rapport with the The pictures here depict three very good friends of Casper many regional industry providers who look to us for Shipping. It was the faith and support of Peter van Loef and support in their logistics operations. Piet Hoogewaard that enabled us to negotiate a settlement under extremely difficult circumstances. Our customers are professionals who know their business inside out, yet we can help with those myriad details, from Since the Management buyout, Peter van Loef has taken local knowledge to current legislative issues, that often the chemical ship ownership element to the Essberger require prompt and appropriate action to make their organisation and returned to its rightful Company name- operation a success. Broere Shipping BV, a customer associated with Casper for over forty years. Traditionally such support services have evolved from the top to bottom Tees but the same good practice is now found throughout We would also like to thank: The Huntsman Team the Casper group, at Hull, Immingham, Grangemouth and The management of PD Teesport and Sue Paul, who Phil Heseltine Hunterston. supplied us with many of the images used in this book Joanne Slatter Rob Robinson The intensive and detailed backroom work involved in Peter and the late Tommy Clarkson for their work in documentation may not have the same kudos as ship documenting the history of the Company boarding, but without it ships would be delayed and from the top: unnecessary costs incurred. Suzi Hunton Copywriter Peter Van Loef Bryan Tismond, Piet Hoogerwaard Director of Casper Casper is there 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with Keith Hodgson Graphic Designer Wim de Leeuw Shipping Limited qualified staff to assist our customers. 22 23

14 Casper Shipping Limited Our Clients Vessels; A few of the reasons why we are here Throughout this commemorative book, we have placed ghosted images of some of the vessels we are privileged to handle. Full resolution versions of these ships, Our Staff; Our most vital asset their names and their owners are listed below. The staff listed below were all employed by Casper Shipping Limited at the time of publishing this book. Featured elsewhere are images of vessels Owned or Chartered by: Seatrans D.A. Our grateful thanks go to these colleagues together with all previous employees of Clarkson Brothers and Brostrom Tankers A.B., Huntsman Petrochemicals (UK) Limited, Odfjell Tankers Casper Limited who have contributed to the success of Casper Shipping Limited. Their dedication to customer K.S., J.T. Essberger Gmbh & Co., Broere Shipping B.V. and Jo Tankers B.V. care, Owners, Charterers, Ships Crew and Officers has made Casper a major Shipping Agent in the UK. lpg. Coral Actinia Authority to use these images was kindly granted to us by our customers. Anthony Veder Chartering B.V. Tees Office Kevin Shakesheff Chairman John Mitchell Director Peter Chapman Director David Mead Director Bryan Tismond Director Michael Shakesheff Marketing Richard Booth Manager Tony Bodger Agency Operations Noreen Dickson Agency Operations Michael Halasz Agency Operations Mark Hornby Agency Operations Graham Johnson Agency Operations Colin McNeill Agency Operations Carlo Mura Agency Operations Peter O'Neill Agency Operations Amanda Bage Documentation Sally Brown Documentation Hazel Harding Documentation Joanne MacKenzie Documentation Zoe Butler Accounts Ellen Clarke Accounts Derek Rudland Accounts Stephen Field Agency Operations Grangemouth Office Douglas Couser Manager mt. Dutch Engineer mt. Sarah Wonsild mt. Chemical Sprinter Broere Shipping B.V. Wonsild & Son A/S Chemship B.V. Hull Office Don Mussett Manager Mark Daniel Agency Operations Gavin Shann Assistant Manager Immingham Office David Healey Joint Manager Bob Bell Joint Manager Tony Porter Agency Operations Rob Stainton Agency Operations Shirley Johnson Documentation BS Freight Ann Cook Manager Lynda Smith Operations Michael Lee Operations Helen Foulds Operations mt. Puccini Gefo Gesellschaft Fur lpg. Ben Flor lpg. Greta Kosan Oeltransporte M.B.H. Gaschem Services Gmbh / Co. Kg. Lauritzen Kosan A/S lpg. Sigas Champion lpg. Kemira Gas mt. Caribbean Sprint Sigas Kosan A/S Kemira GrowHow Group T/C Waterfront Shipping Co. Ltd mt. CT Sun mt. Oriental Wisteria Sturgeon Chemtrans A.G. Serromah Shipping B.V. Chemgas Shipping BV Holland 24 25

15 Casper Shipping Limited Kevin Shakesheff, Chairman, Casper Shipping Limited What brought me to Casper Shipping? In a way my own journey reflects the broad As a team player, I do not like losing and make geography and calculated risks that were part sure that my colleagues and I learn from the of the Companys early years. experience so that we can improve our performance next time. If we then lose again, At seventeen years old, I started my first job Im unbearable!. as a junior shipping agent in a small, busy port agency company in South Wales. I learned I know this drive is important. Today we have about all aspects of the shipping business, to charter a difficult course, training myself to be a Chartered Shipbroker. facing constant challenges from much larger By the time I was twenty-four I was Branch international organisations and changes in Manager and a year later Regional Manager, business trends and international legislation. with responsibility for one hundred staff. From my first years in the industry, I always At thirty-five I needed a new challenge and a dreamed of developing and running a highly new language. Moving to Barcelona I learned a specialised quality shipping service. To have different trade as a specialist Chartering realised this ambition is a privilege and could Broker, eventually becoming a partner in the only have been achieved with the help of my Company. professional, committed staff and through the high expectations of our clients. Ever wanting to move forward, I was delighted at the opportunity to come to the north-east From this strong base, Casper will continue to of England. The weather may be too cold but grow, driven by its customers' needs and the people are friendly and its a region that responding to the demands of an ever- has provided me with an enjoyable lifestyle. changing industry. Outside of work, I escape into all sorts of sports, but have a particular passion for rugby. On the pitch, Im not driven by winning; the participation is the important factor. However in business I would love to win every challenge and eagerly await each problem and opportunity that arises. Kevin Shakesheff 26

16 Casper Shipping Limited How to contact us We look forward to hearing from you! Our website: Teesside Head Office Hull Agency Cleveland Business Centre Saltend Office DL1 (Upper Floor) 1 Watson Street Saltend Hedon HU12 8DS Middlesbrough TS1 2RQ England Near Hull East Yorkshire England tel +44 (0) 1642 243662 '24 Hours' tel +44 (0) 1482 891533 '24 Hours' fax +44 (0) 1642 243936 fax +44 (0) 1482 891186 telex 58462 telex 592802 e-mail [email protected] e-mail [email protected] Immingham Agency Grangemouth Agency Riverside House East Riverside 2nd Floor Room 11 Immingham Dock Immingham 5 Kerse Road Lincolnshire DN40 2LZ England Grangemouth FK3 8HQ Scotland tel +44 (0) 1469 575246 '24 Hours' tel+44 (0) 1324 486486 '24 Hours' fax +44 (0) 1469 575589 fax +44 (0) 1324 486444 telex 52420 e-mail [email protected] e-mail [email protected] 28 29

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