Energize Vermont Overview 3-Fold Handout

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  • May 17, 2010
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1 Join an Energize Vermont Chapter Near You Southern Vermont Steve Thurston, Manchester [email protected] Powering community driven energy (802) 384-5267 Central Vermont Justin Lindholm, Mendon [email protected] The mission of Energize Vermont (802) 773-4249 is to educate and advocate for establishing renewable energy Northwestern Vermont solutions that are in harmony Dan Fitzgerald, Milton with the irreplaceable character [email protected] of Vermont, and that contribute (802) 310-6724 to the well-being of all her people. Northeastern Vermont Kevin McGrath, Lowell We achieve our mission by [email protected] researching, collecting, and (802) 673-7645 analyzing information from all sources; and disseminating it to the public, community leaders, Energize Vermont legislators, media, and regulators P.O. Box 605 for the purpose of ensuring Rutland, Vermont 05702 informed decisions for long term stewardship of our communities. phone: (802) 778-0660 email: [email protected] www.energizevermont.org

2 Community Energy Solutions that Work For Vermont What Does the Solution Look Like? BOARD OF DIRECTORS Energize Vermont is committed to protecting Instead we need to connect our environment, conserving energy, and developing energy consumers with John S. Liccardi, Castleton - President clean energy sources all at the same time. production to protect the John is an attorney who lives on the west side of Birds- We want to be part of the solution. environment and make con- eye Mountain. A lifetime outdoorsman, he was Chair of servation efforts even more the Vt. Fish & Wildlife Board from 1987 to 1993. We are committed to the idea that you do not have effective. Solar, small-scale to destroy the environment to save it. We do not hydro, biomass, and small Alta Johnston, Ira - Vice President Alta has lived in Ira for nearly 60 years. A retired have to destroy our communities either. Energize and medium wind generation teacher, she was married to the late Robert Vermont is working to use our collective imagina- all have a place. All can be Johnston, a dairy farmer, a life long resident of Ira. tion, ideas, effort and ingenuity to develop suitable developed, and developed forms of energy production that can work in collabo- better, with community A. Jeffry Taylor, Clarendon - Secretary ration with the land that we all value so much. engagement and support. Jeffry is an attorney who has previously worked for VELCO and the US Dept. of Justices Antitrust Division. First, we have to identify the problems and find Community support will lead to solar panels on He served as an Adjunct Professor at Vermont Law solutions that can make a meaningful difference every suitable building and to energy conservation School and as Bar Counsel to the Vermont Professional and work for Vermont. Together, we can develop in every business and home. Community discus- Conduct Board. new ways to meet our energy needs that support sions will lead to biomass Vermonts communities and bring people together. projects that employ Michael R Lutz, W. Rutland - Treasurer Mike is a former senior executive at Praxair who worked Vermonters in the plants in engineering, production management, energy man- American renewable energy development is and in the forests and agement, cost reduction and business management. usually done on a very large scale. The projects are protect our landscape for large even generations to come. Grant C. Reynolds, Tinmouth huge and Grant is a retired attorney who served as an Assistant they produce Under such a concept, not General Counsel for the Air Force. He also taught Envi- electricity on just energy is created ronmental Politics at Bates College and Environmental a large scale. community is built and Law at George Mason University. A seventh generation Regulations strengthened. Local Vermonter, he now focuses on local historical projects. and politicians solutions to our energy and encourage environmental challenges are more democratic Greg Ullstrom, Clarendon Greg is a legal assistant in a Rutland law firm. production and resilient. If consumers become producers, He has owned a small business and worked in with incen- managers, and innovators, perhaps the world can commercial real estate. tives and tax be saved. credits. We Elizabeth Cooper, Middletown Springs are trying to Community-supported projects, Elizabeth is a student in Sustainable Landscape generate our designed and developed in Planning and Design at the Conway School. She has way out of the collaboration with local people, previously worked in environmental education and as problems that part of a mix of solar, conserva- a land management consultant. short-sighted tion and others and the poli- policy created. cies to make that happen -- this Mary Pernal, Poultney is Energize Vermonts vision. Mary is an English professor at Green Mountain We need community-supported projects that are part College and is a strong supporter of the colleges of a mix of solar, wind, conservation, and other energy environmentally sustainable vision. sources and the policies to make that happen. Join us in making it a reality.

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