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1 SPRING 2012 | VOLUME 15 NUMBER 1 What is Servant Leadership? PAGE 12 David Needham Reflects on Four Decades of Faith and Teaching. PAGE 18 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 i

2 letter From The Editor R O B E RT L E A RY Just Serve Jesus WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? and requirements. Often our checklists are based on At Multnomah, we believe that we develop leaders for our perception of successful leadership qualities, not the church and for the community in general. We even biblical examples of personal influence. Many times we put it in our Mission Statement.* We think were pretty feel as though were settling for second-best in someone good at it. But how do we know? And what, exactly, is who doesnt meet all of our qualifications. Leaders are a leader anyway? Why do we say things like servant expected to live up to all of these qualities and often leader? Furthermore, how do we even know what it fail, burn out, or worse, fall into sin in the face of the takes to be a good one in the first place? pressure. They have to be tall enough to ride the ride. A student once publicly asked President Dan So, after reading these articles, I am sure you will Lockwood a direct question regarding the Mission agree that the answer to our questions about leadership Statement: Why do you include the phrase servant in the Church is refreshingly simple: leader? That phrase isnt found anywhere in the Bible. To be a good leader, you must first love Him. Its a good question, especially since common Worship Him. Follow Him. Christian words and phrases are used without thought, Serve Jesus first. like some kind of church code. It was motivation for Dr. Lockwoods column inside. There seems to be a lot to say about serving as a leader. GREAT EXPECTATIONS If the issue of servant leadership as featured in Scripture seems clear, the complex issue of leadership coping with pressure found its way onto the cover. Being a leader comes with all kinds of man-made expectations Robert Leary Director of Promotions & Communications *Multnomah Universitys mission is to equip Christian students through higher education to become biblically competent, academically proficient, spiritually formed, and culturally engaged servant leaders, shaped to be a transforming force in the church, community, and world. MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

3 contents SPRING 2012 | VOLUME 15 NUMBER 1 FEATURES 4 GREAT EXPECTATIONS Humans leaders rarely measure 12 What is a Servant Leader? Dr. Dan Lockwood engages a question up, so what can church leaders posed to him by a student and explores the biblical basis for the term servant do to be good leaders? Two leadership. professors say that it starts with worshipping Jesus. 18 Stretching His Legs; Stretching His Soul Professor David Needham reflects on more than 40 years of teaching students and growing in his own spiritual journey. 28 Homecoming Wrap-up Multnomahs 75th Anniversary Homecoming was a week to remember. Its the beginning of a new tradition of celebration for the Multnomah family. 30 2012 Alumni Awards Find out why Ben Vegors has been named the newest Alumnus of the Year and what makes Jon Collins the latest Distinguished Young Alumnus. REGULARS 2 Your Letters 22 Devotional 24 Advancement Article 42 Alumni News 49 Faculty Calendar SPECIALS 26 Student Ministries 34 A Decade of Intrigue 38 Student Life in the Nineties 1

4 letters To The Editor Love Wins I want to commend and thank [Dr. Dan Lockwood] for the different from the ones we printed last time, weve chosen with Readers wonderful and cogentresponse [he] gave to Bells book. two representative letters below. eds. Its important that issues like this be answeredand you stepped If what they described was up with class and goodwill, happening to their children in while excellently affirming and the U.S. these same children enunciatingnon-optional biblical would be taken away due to truths.Both the substance and neglect...yet [these parents] spirit of your piece were great. still continue to force their You didnt get personal, stayed children to experience these on point, and took the high dangerous things. road.Very redemptive I can appreciate his deep Furthermore, and effective. concern for the well-being of Thoughts for Us Pastor Steve Ost, Th.M. children.Id think Mr. Simonsen I just received my Fall 2011 B.S. Biblical Education 74 has seen a lot in his profession Multnomah magazine. I have to as a LMFT. Im wondering what say, I am very, very disappointed Thank you for your measured hed suggest to address the in your decision to print David and reasonable response to well-being of the local children Simonsens...letter. Lord, I pray Rob Bells book, Love Wins. in that remote village in Nepal his feedback never reaches the [Dan Lockwood] set a wonderful for whom these unthinkably Isensee family. example for how Christians dangerous living conditions Is your magazine trying to stir up should respond when errors are, sadly, the norm. Each of us, controversy or supporting alumni arise. This is why I support the follower of Christ, is given in their pursuit of what God has Multnomah! a different gift and a different laid on their hearts? calling at different stages of our Kelley (Bourland) Unger lives. But if God is a living God, Honestly, if I as an alum ever A.A. Biblical Studies 82 should we be shocked that He did anything worthy of being does something that doesnt fit reported in the magazine, I Children in Missions our expectations? How can we, dont know if I would want it Debate Continues all Multnomah alumni, support to. I dont think I would want one another and help each criticism from fellow alumni if The letters about our cover story they disagreed. from the Spring 2011 issue titled other to pursue this creative Aliens kept coming in. This God who never ceases to Please dont turn into [other time, they were prompted by the surprise us with unique ideas Christian magazines] that stir letter published from fellow alum and callings for each one of us? up controversy by sharing David Simonsen. In an effort to Nadia Chandler discouragement in the name of represent the main point of the Grad Certificate 94 reporting every side. responses that were markedly MAPS Intercultural Studies 01 Theo Wilson B.S. Biblical Studies 03 2 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

5 the Writers Benjamin Tertin Prof. Stan Campbell Alaina Arp Seminary Student College Faculty Freelance Writer Great Expectations The Posture of Worship Alumnus Of The Year Multnomah Bible College graduate Benjamin Prof. Stan Campbell is a professor of Music Distinguished Young Tertin is currently a student in the Seminary. He Ministry and is the Music Ministry Department Alumnus Of The Year resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Alison, Chairperson at Multnomah University. He Alaina Arp is a 2011 graduate of Multnomah and daughter. resides in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, Cindy. University. She resides in Beaverton, Oregon. Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood Andrea Laurita Chris Thielen President Freelance Writer College Student A Biblical Basis Student Ministries Student Life in the Seventies* for Servant Leadership Homecoming Wrap-Up Chris Thielen is a History major at Multnomah Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood is the President of Andrea Laurita is a 2011 graduate of University. Multnomah University. He resides in Portland, Multnomah University. She works for the Reid Oregon, with his wife, Jani. Saunders Evangelistic Association and resides in Salem, Oregon. Rebecca Ovall College Student Kim Felton John Zareva Freelance Writer Student Life in the Nineties* Executive Director of Stretching His Legs; Advancement Rebecca Ovall is a History major at Multnomah Stretching His Soul University. Ordinary People, Multnomah Bible College graduate Kimberly Extraordinary Hearts *Jennifer Osborn (Claassen, 96) Felton writes and edits in a John Zareva is the Executive Director of Contributing Editor number of genres, most appreciating the Advancement. He resides in Portland, Oregon, assignments that bring with them comical with his wife, Sharon, and twin daughters. relief or spiritual growth. She lives in Dundee, Oregon, with her husband, Rob, and daughter. SPRING 2012 | VOLUME 15 NUMBER 1 multnomah Multnomah magazine will be published two times a yearspring and falland sent free of charge to the friends and supporters of Multnomah University. Multnomah is located PUBLISHER: Dr. Daniel R. Lockwood, President EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Robert Leary, Director of Promotions/Communications; at 8435 Northeast Glisan Street, Portland, Oregon 97220-5898. All correspondence MANAGING EDITOR: Kristin Kendall, Communications Coordinator should be sent to Multnomah magazine or call us at 503.251.6452 or e-mail us at EDITORIAL COUNCIL: Paul Griffin, Senior Vice President; Eric Rice, Vice President of [email protected] Advancement; Michelle Peel, Director of Alumni Relations No part of this publication may be reproduced without the expressed written permission COPY EDITING: Ellen Bascuti, Josh Friesen, Michelle Grimms of Multnomah University. PHOTOGRAPHY: Dave Hardy, SJ Harmon Photography To learn more about Multnomah, visit our Web site at www.multnomah.edu. DESIGN: Thot Communications, Inc. MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 3

6 feature Cover Story B E N T E RT I N Stylish. Caring. Well-spoken. Accomplished. Courageous. Well-groomed. Dynamic. Winsome. Visionary. Purposeful. Musical. Disciplined. Organized. Uncompromising. Projecting. Cool. Serious. Prompt. Relevant. Adaptive. Popular. Courteous. Personable. Energetic. Tech-savvy. Devoted. Smiling. Punctual. Enthusiastic. Educated. Published. Likeable. Articulate. Old-school. Adaptable. Down-to-Earth. Caring. Well-spoken. Accomplished. Courageous. Well-groomed. Dynamic. Winsome. Visionary. Purposeful. Musical. Disciplined. Organized. Uncompromising. Projecting. Cool. Serious. Prompt. Relevant. Adaptive. Popular. Courteous. Personable. Energetic. Tech-savvy. Devoted. Smiling. Punctual. Enthusiastic. Educated. Published. Likeable. Articulate. Old-school. Adaptable. Down-to-Earth 4 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

7 Why Church Leadership Falls Short Postmodern. Post-Christian. Post-this and post-that. Everyone seems fairly confident about what we are moving away from, but who can see with clarity where we are headed? Even fuzzier: Where should Christians be going? MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 5

8 feature Cover Story B E N T E RT I N Such timely handed me a solid course regard to whom they think their Q&A INTERVIEW IMAGES inquiries call correction. Ive synthesized those leader should be. for the socially conversations here in an attempt Heres a classic example: engaged activist to pass their helpful direction One hundred years ago, the or the magnetic along to you. As a Christian pastor, most educated person in our minister who, student, spouse, and parent, I community, and probably one of through profound affirm that their insights have the best spokespeople we would community provoked me to rethink each part ever hear in our lives, was the awareness and of my life. My hope is that you will person behind the pulpit. As a forward-thinking experience something similar, and result, we shared an amazing level Q&A SUBJECT: Dr. Andrews #1 creativity, has tallied perhaps, together as believers, we of respect and admiration for this high scores in the can begin to see where the Church leader. Today, with the click of a church attendance- is headed by looking with averted button, in mere seconds, we can giving-growth game. vision to our own here and now. listen to any number of sermons Yes, my gut says this that far exceed what our local visionary wisdom Ben Tertin: Having sealed the church pastor is doing. Then we comes from the books on seventy-five years at say, Do we really need to go to popular front man Multnomah, were looking toward worship with our local church? whose sensitive the next seventy-five, as it were, If so, we say, Do we really need to Q&A SUBJECT: Dr. Andrews #2 finger rests upon our and trying to get a perceptive read listen very carefully? And if we do cultures main artery, on the future of Church leadership. listen, Is this guy really giving us the one who can feel Some say were in big trouble. what we need? a relevant pulse in Some say true visionary leaders I dont think were going to todays world. But will be the answer. Your thoughts stop communication technology, my gut is too big, about what is on the horizon? and Im not sure we want to. But and it rarely leads I think that people will become to wise decisions. Dr. Roy Andrews: This is no more inoculated against its Trust me: in this doubt a prevalent topic. Some of effects as the mass of information Q&A SUBJECT: Dr. Andrews #3 case, it might be best the so-called experts claim that continues to numb us. We will to head in the exact there has been more written about likely start to say, OK, I get all of opposite direction. leadership in the last fifty years this information, but so what? I So we turn toward two than ever before. George Barna can do everything and anything unlikely candidates: Multnomah says were at a crisis point right on my phone, but eventually I will Universitys resident historical now and that if we dont have get to the point where I realize theologian, Dr. Jon Robertson, good leadership, we dont have that just because I can, doesnt and its education department anything. mean I should or I want to. People chair, Dr. Roy Andrews. A history Why is it such a big deal? will startand perhaps they professor and education expert I was thinkingand I hope already arestepping back from talking about the future of real- Im not reading too much into this infatuation with dynamic world Church ministry? Stale, thisbut I think that advances performances that comes through you might say. Boring. Might as in communication technology ease of information access. At well ask Grandpa about how to during this age of instant global that point, they will follow the tweet, yeah? information access have raised leaders who are competent, wise, Actually, no. During several peoples expectations to an and discerning. These leaders will discussions, these two scholars exponentially high level with be humble and well-respected, 6 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

9 Christianity is not about persuasion; it is about the power of God in peoples lives. and their message will become effectual even if it is not excellent when compared to Chuck Swindoll or another famous TriMet and the Trinity preacher. More importantly, these leaders will be building Dr. Jon Robertson, professor of historical theology is three persons existing in mutual love at Multnomahs seminary, tells this story to his throughout eternity. We believe that Christ, who many interdependent leadership students, urging them to consider the power is one person in that Trinity, came to become a partners and will genuinely care of God that enters peoples lives when we live man in order to, in a sense, open a door for us, about peoples real lives in their faithfully in the here and now. to create an open invitation to enter into that congregations. Most days, I ride the TriMet bus to work from perfect mutual love, that community, throughout Tigard. Its about an hour-long ride, but I dont all eternity. Dr. Jon Robertson: The best want to sound like some kind of martyr. At that time in the morning, there arent too leader? This has to do with a heart One day, I was getting off the bus in front of many people heading out from downtown on the that only God sees, but I think Multnomahs seminary building, and the driver 19 bus. But when I turned around, I saw that the said, Oh, do you work there? seven or eight people who were on the bus had that we will recognize the person Yeah, I do. all gathered around, and they were all listening simply as one who follows hard Well, what is this about the Trinity anyway? with rapt attention. after Jesus. These are the kinds I didnt know what to say there, halfway down I wish you could have seen the looks in their of leaders that God always wants the stairs. It was hilarious. I thought, Youre eyes, which seemed to be saying in awe, If and that he will use to build his asking me this now? So I told him, Ask me onlyif only this might be true. kingdom. People who stop using another day, earlier in the ride, and we can have But then I told them, And the Church is words like, We commit our plans a discussion. supposed to be that kind of unified, loving to you, and instead say, We want A few days later, I noticed that I had the same community here on earth, the gateway into to know your plans. driver, so I stood up by the front of the bus on viewing what this kind of world is like. purpose so I could be there if he wanted to ask Unfortunately, thats when I saw the eyes rolling. One of my professors at his question again. Sure enough, as we were And I did say, I admit, we Christians have a lot Oxford said that we Christians crossing the Burnside bridge downtown, he of work to do here. too often live in the past or in the turned to me and said, OK, lets talk about this. Still, a lot of people were looking at me like future. We either say, Some day Most of his thoughts had come from some they had never heard these things about Jesus or or Back in the good ol days. reading that he had done on his own. He God before, like this was their first-ever exposure. But he said, Real Christians ought actually knew quite a bit, though he had a few I sometimes wonder if we need to step back a to be the most here. This is where misconceptions that we cleared up. After that, I little and say, OK, what are we actually calling God is. Our now is Gods, too. He thought to myself, I dont want this to just end the gospel? What are people actually hearing with a historical discussion about the doctrine of from the Church, and what kind of love are they is acting. We need to get past the the Trinity, so I continued by saying, You know, seeing? some day kind of thinking. when we Christians talk about God, were really talking about ultimate reality. Tertin: Shifting to the broader For us as Christians to say landscape of the Church as a that God is Triune means whole, what are the beautiful or that ultimate reality is not an ugly elements, and what do you impersonal force. It is not a see changing? monolithic being, but rather, it MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 7

10 feature Cover Story B E N T E RT I N One hundred years ago, the most educated person in our community, and probably one of the best we would ever hear...was the person behind the pulpit. Andrews: I think that the postmodern impulse has pushed us to move away from the simply cognitive idea of theology, that orthodox belief is all there is. We are not merely brains on a stick, though, and I think that some of the ways we have confronted people with belief and truth may have been abusive. Some of it has led to significant legalism and division in our churches. But now I feel like were moving toward a place that says that good theology has correct practice too, toward a better balance. We need to be careful here to remember that the Church of Jesus Christ has a long history and a sure future. The essence of the Church never changes, even when the how of what were doing does. I shudder every time I hear someone say, The Church is one generation away from extinction. That is not right. A Robertson: First of all, agreeing with Roy, we go down the wrong path when we say, Gosh, what can we do to save the Church? or Its going down the tubes if we dont fix it! To say that, we really miss what Christ has said: the 8 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

11 Church will prevail. people, we try to attract people the world? Q&A INTERVIEW IMAGES In terms of something that away from other congregations and Over and over, I is beautiful and hopeful, I think end up disconnecting from them. keep thinking about we have suffered too long from that ideathat when an opposition between faith and Robertson: This question the Church has the works. We rightly affirm the strong brings up what is sometimes unity of mutual point of justification by faith, but called visible versus invisible love, thats when we have often lived that out by Christian community. Students people will say, suggesting a faith so utterly devoid often say to me, The Church Wow, this isnt just of works that its really not a faith that is one; that is, the invisible another religion. that works. This is changing now. Church. And they say it without Christ must have Q&A SUBJECT: Dr. Robertson #1 I see a lot of churches today more even thinking, as though this is come from God. open to say that our faith calls us just a given. But I say to them, What if the to be busy doing things to really be Where do you see that in peace of the Church the Church. This is a healthy sign. Scripture? Where is this idea of really is the key to an invisible Church? Thats an the peace of the Tertin: We have so many invention of Luther. Even if its world? conflicting ideas about what it not necessarily all bad, what am I means to be the Church, though. supposed to tell the people on the Tertin: It seems It seems like every disagreement bus [see the Bus Story sidebar like I hear louder Q&A SUBJECT: Dr. Robertson #2 or personal preference leads to to this article] when I say, The voices demanding an explosion where each piece church is one loving community, that real Christians of shrapnel emerges as its own and they say, Really? Are you will be developing autonomous local church. What serious? Am I supposed to tell new strategies to do you think about this abundance them, Well, you know, its a unity engage in countless of radically different churches, that you cannot actually see. Its social justice issues about the growing idiosyncratic just kind of there somehow? and increase the nature of the Church? Roy is right when he says that common good. the multiplicity of churches isnt Nobody is saying Q&A SUBJECT: Dr. Robertson #3 Andrews: Ive never been necessarily bad. But if there is not unity doesnt matter, bothered by the fact that we have visibly a Church, I think we are but its like you so many churches. What bothers poorer for it. I believe that one of said: unity has been abstracted me is how we interact with one the greatest tragedies in the history into some kind of ethereal and another. Our culture has to of the Church is that we no longer unrecognizable idea of an invisible be wondering, Why dont the have a visible unity of mutual love. bond. As such, I suppose that the churches get along? Why dont This needs to change. occasional call to deny ourselves Christians work together? Im reminded of a time that for the sake of brotherly kindness Unfortunately, it often feels my wife and I went to hear a and loving Christian unity gets like we compete against one woman speak about a Russian muffled, quieted behind the more another. I think that some in saint, Saint Silouan, and she exciting conversations about the the Church have taken on that offered us a simple question she next big issue. corporate organizational identity, had discovered in her research and thus we only succeed when of his writings, one I will never Robertson: But Scripture tells we have more bodies, bricks, and forget: What if the peace of the us that when we live as the bucks. So rather than reaching new Church is the key to the peace of ChurchIm thinking of Christ MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 9

12 feature Cover Story B E N T E RT I N are people who have one year of experience five times. That last one is the cycle defined in the book of Judges, and it is a cyclical, unhealthy, dysfunctional way of life. Too often we look at that person who has been in it for half a decade and say, Oh, wow! Youve been in it for five whole years. He may be well-intentioned and passionate, but we need to look closer and ask if thats really experience. The person with real, transformative experience will have as the general trend of his or her life growth, maturity, and progress, rather than just year after year of running the gerbil wheel. The Church leader who is caught in the cycle needs the educator, the pastor, the leader who will help him or her break out of that cycle. Solid biblical education is what breaks that kind of cycle. Robertson: Strong leadership is not leadership that just keeps attendance numbers and organizations growing. Strong in John 17as we love one Tertin: So how do we get there? leadership comes from a person another, that seems to be a key Immediately, I feel pressure to who says, This is who we are, and to the world saying, Oh, Christ launch a unity movement or, as such it may cost us. It may cost must be who he said he was. again, to discover that highly us attendance, it may cost us jobs, Look what has happened in the experienced, vision-casting leader but we will stay true to who we are. Church! I think that authentic who can chart the Churchs course I dabble with amateur worship for God alone is the kind across our ever-quaking cultural astronomy. I built my own of evangelism that will grasp the landscape and help us meet such a telescope. There is a technique imagination of the world because lofty goal. What would you say to that astronomers call averted it is based on the power of God someone like me? vision that is used for looking rather than on our best structures at something very faint, like a or plans. One of the Apostolic Andrews: Be careful with the nebula. Even though charts and Fathers, Ignatius of Antioch, said, value of experience. There are coordinates make it possible to The Christian is not the result of people in this world who have focus your telescope exactly where persuasion, but of power. five years of experience, and there the nebula is supposed to be, 10 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

13 What if the peace of the Church is the key to the peace of the world? sometimes when you look straight means to authentically worship Scriptures saying, Worship God. at it, you wont see a thing. But our God right now, today; what Quit fighting and devouring. Love if you use averted vision, if you it means to be transformed into one another. look a little to the side while still people who love one another and concentrating on the nebula, it our neighbors today. If you do that Andrews: I think of how God will pop up and youll be able to to the best of your ability in a way expressed himself to Moses in see it more clearly. that is pleasing to God, evangelism name as I Am, not as I Was or I think that a lot of what were takes place in a powerful way. I Will Be. In these coming years, doing in the Church today calls if we keep our focus on the Great I for averted vision. So many issues Tertin: So if the church leader Am, we wont become so enamored are so important. Evangelism is during the coming years would with the past or the future. so important. The future of the operate with this averted vision, church is so important. But when with an eye toward Christian Robertson: And that goes back to we focus on those specifics so transformation right now, then what we were saying right at the much, we actually lose sight of the peripheral picture of where beginning, where we mistakenly where were headed. we are going as a Church comes worry, This is all up to us. Oh! If I look off a little to the side into view because God himself is How can we lead Gods Church into the present day and say, OK, charting the course. I love how so it doesnt fold? He will prevail. my first call is to be Christ here you said earlier that this kind Our focus needs to be re-directed and now, to follow him, and to be of leader will quit saying, We to say, God, I will worship you like him, its like a nebula popping commit our plans to you and with my whole life. Here I am now. up. Those other goals get met. We instead say, What are your plans, We certainly want to be successful, need to look carefully at what it God? Immediately, I hear the but only on Gods terms. M A MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 11

14 feature From The President DR. DANIEL R. LOCKWOOD 12 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

15 What is Servant Leadership? Was Jesus a Servant Leader? year ago last fall, I conducted a Presidents Forum, a university- wide assembly where I update undergraduate and graduate students on issues relating to them and the university. I always conclude with an opportunity to answer questions. On this occasion, I announced our newly revised mission statement. Multnomahs mission is to equip Christian students through higher education to become biblically competent, academically proficient, spiritually formed, and culturally engaged servant leaders, shaped to be a transforming force in the church, community, and world. MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 13

16 feature From The President DR. DANIEL R. LOCKWOOD I really expected no questions about this statement. While some of But if you wish truly to excel, to become numero uno, the wording was revised to incorporate ideas helpful for accreditation, most everything, including the phrase servant leaders, was retained from the earlier 1980s version. to stand at the top of the heap, then go the extra mile. Naturally I was surprised when a student raised his hand. Why do you include the phrase servant leader in the statement? he asked. That isnt found anywhere in the Bible. I gave as good an Become a slave! answer as I could off the cuff and went on to the next question. I remember thinking that this was probably some quirky hobby horse and put it out of This puts Jesus servanthood beyond is really only about them. True disciples my mind. question. He expresses his mission in should resist letting Gentile examples A few months later, I was in a terms of service, establishing servant shape their ministry vision. meeting with some local Portland leadership as central both to who Jesus is Then Jesus adds the clincher. If pastors. Somehow the issue of servant and what he came to do. you want to be great, the Lord says, be leadership came up. A pastor sitting This follows an incident where a servant. But if you wish truly to excel, next to me leaned over and whispered, the mother of James and John request to become numero uno, to stand at the I dont believe in servant-leaders. I positions of power for her sons in Jesus top of the heap, then go the extra mile. thought to myself, Thats interesting. All coming kingdom. Say that these two Become a slave! along I have been asking the Lord to help sons of mine are to sit, one at your That sharpens the focus of his me become one! But I decided to keep right hand and one at your left, in your mission, doesnt it? Jesus did not come to my thoughts to myself. kingdom, she asks audaciously. be servedthough as the eternal Son of However, in an issue of a magazine Jesus responds with three God he deserved to be. Rather, he came dedicated to the theme of leadership, I important points. First, such positions to serve, he came as a slave. What was the think it is important to explain why I are granted by God the Father. Jesus ultimate example of this selfless, slave- believe the phrase servant leader should earns the right to sit at the Fathers right like service? It was that he offered himself be retained in our mission statement, in hand because of his completed work as a ransomas the atoning sacrifice of our theology, and in our practice. In a on the cross. It is he who will drink the redemptionto many! word, I believe it because Jesus did, even cup of Gods wrath, after all. Others though he never used the phrase itself. will be placed in roles of leadership JESUS DEFINES GREATNESS AS Consider with me three biblical passages in the kingdom solely at the Fathers BEING A SERVANT-LEADER (LUKE 9:4650) that point the way. discretion. The disciples argue over who is to be Second, such requests sound more the greatest in Jesus kingdom. This JESUS MISSION IS TO BE A SERVANT- like Gentiles who wield authority over wrangling probably began because LEADER (MATT. 20:2028) their subjects than Christlike disciples of the earlier events in Luke 9, where Jesus connects his own redemptive who seek humbly to serve others. three times the chapter emphasizes the mission with being a servant, when he Gentile rulers love to lord it over their kingdom of God: it is proclaimed in says, The Son of Man did not come to subjects, Jesus says. They enjoy both the villages (Luke 9:2); it is preached be served, but to serve, and to give his the exercise and the external trappings before Jesus feeds the 5,000 (Luke 9:11); life as a ransom for many (Matt. 20:28). of power. For the Gentile rulers, power and Jesus predicts some of the disciples 14 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

17 will observe the kingdom before they JESUS IS THE EXAMPLE OF SERVANT- die (Luke 9:27), probably a reference to LEADERSHIP (JOHN 13:120; LUKE 22:1428) Jesus transfiguration (Luke 9:2836). The most vivid example of Jesus They believe a political kingdom servant leadership occurs in the Upper established by Jesus is imminent, so Room on the night of his betrayal. they begin to jockey for top roles in To see this clearly, we must correlate his cabinet. Lukes account, which describes the Last Thats when Jesus enters the room. Supper, with Johns, which includes the He quietly addresses their pride, one of foot washing. the major obstacles to true, Christ-like The disciples gather in the Upper leadership. It is pride that causes the feud Room to celebrate the Passover with in the first place. Jesus. Following custom, Jesus takes Without a word, Jesus brings a the Passover matzo, which is broken young child into the middle of the before the meal, and imbues it with group. (Mark tells us that Jesus takes new meaning. This bread is my him in his arms, Mark 9:36). I can body broken for you, he says. Eat it imagine the disciples shock; Jesus was remembering me. honoring one of the most helpless During the meal, Luke tells us, and least respected members of Jewish the disciples begin to argue again over society. Do you want to embrace me? who is greatest. Who knows how it Jesus presses, Then accept the least. started? Perhaps Peter is upset that he And do you want to receive the Father is farther away from Jesus than John You can almost hear their outrage: who sent me? Then receive even a is. Maybe Philip as the youngest has to and we understand why. Jesus is small, helpless, disenfranchised child in play the role of the child who asks the performing the task of a slave, and not my name. traditional questions in the Passover just any slave, mind you, a Gentile slave, Significantly, Jesus does not criticize ritualagain. since according to Jewish tradition only their desire to be great; he encourages This is when Jesus arises from a Gentile slave could be compelled to it! But Jesus pathway to greatness the table without a word. He goes to wash anothers feet. Peter, of course, contradicts every secular, worldly model the door, removes his outer garment, protests the loudest, and Jesus insists he of greatness that seeks dominance girds himself with a towel, pours water must do this if Peter is to be a part of through power-wielding, intimidation, into a basin, and carries the basin to Jesus company. or amassing strength and favors. By stark the first pair of feet sticking out like When all the feet are washed, Jesus contrast, his path to greatness lies not spokes around a wheel. Then Jesus does returns the basin to its place, puts on his simply in embracing the weak, but in the unthinkable. He kneels down and outer garment again, and resumes his becoming the least. begins to wash the disciples feet. position at the table. I imagine ...his path to greatness lies not simply in embracing the weak, but in becoming the least. MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 15

18 feature From The President DR. DANIEL R. LOCKWOOD ...who is more of a leader than Jesus, the Master and Lord of the cosmos? And who is more of a slave than the Savior, who washed his own disciples dirty feet! every eye was on him and not one sound being no different than anyone else. was heard. What will Jesus tell us? they We have lost our distinctiveness; we must have wondered. have ceased becoming salt and light in Do you know what I have done the world. Being leaders who refuse to to you? he asks. No one says a word. use the power-seeking, glory-hogging, You call me Master and Lord, and intimidation-wielding approaches of youre right! Thats who I am. So if I, as secular leadership models obliterates your Master and Lord, am willing to do our uniqueness as Christian disciples. the work of a Gentile slave by washing Instead, as we lead by loving and your feet, how much more should you serving the least among us, the world serve one another, even to the extent of will know we are truly Christs disciples washing their feet, too? Jesus response (John 13:35). M in John 13 is the clearest statement of servant leadership youll find in the gospels. After all, who is more of a The Origins of Servant Leadership by Dave Funk, Ph.D. leader than Jesus, the Master and Lord The phrase Servant Leadership was first coined by Robert K. Greenleaf (1904-1990) in The of the cosmos? And who is more of a Servant as Leader, an essay that he published in 1970. Founder of the Center for Applied Ethics slave than the Savior, who washed his (later renamed the Robert K. Greenleaf Center), Greenleaf wrote and spoke extensively on the own disciples dirty feet! subject. The 1970 essay titled The Servant as Leader, which contained the following excerpt, was instrumental in launching the servant-leadership movement in the United States. WHY DOES IT MATTER? The servant-leader is servant first It begins with the natural feeling that one wants I believe becoming a servant-leader to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first, perhaps because of the need to assuage an deeply matters for two reasons. First, unusual power drive or to acquire material possessionsThe leader-first and the servant- it matters spiritually. We are called to first are two extreme types. Between them there are shadings and blends that are part of become conformed increasingly into the infinite variety of human nature. Christs image. If Jesus is the ultimate The difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant-first to make sure that servant leader, then it is our right, our other peoples highest priority needs are being served. The best test, and difficult to duty, our responsibility, indeed our administer, is: Do those served grow as persons? Do they, while being served, become privilege, to become the same. Besides, healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And, Jesus commanded it (John 13:14). what is the effect on the least privileged in society? Will they benefit or at least not be further deprived? Second, it matters missionally. Christians are often considered by SOURCE: Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership www.greenleaf.org. the world as not emulating Jesus, of 16 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

19 U R BI B LE GET YO MULTNOMAH E BIBLE COLLEG ha Start or finis egree. Bible college d MULTNOMAH ARY IN BIBLICAL SEM ge D e v e lo p a d eeper knowled fo r ministry. of G o d s W o rd MULTNOMAH DIES U GRADUATE ST P u rs u e a b ib lically-based e. masters degre R PORTLAND, O 72 800.275.46ure n o m a h . e d u / fut www.mult accredited by NWCCU & ABHE

20 feature David Needham K I M B E R LY F E LTO N Stretching His Legs; Stretching His Soul Grown from the depths of his own soul-searching, David Needhams hallmark imagination transformed students spiritual journeys for more than four decades. avid Needham remembers what I knew God wanted me to be. I just description. He pulls a cloth over his that day, standing on the step wanted to walk and walk, and never go head when he comes home, so I dont see leading from ocean sands to up those stairs. the glow, she said. highway. The Continental Divide of his Former students of Needham might Nearly five decades later and one life, reality sloping eastand desires wonder at such discouragement in the thousand miles north of those beach trickling away to the west. professor who seemed to talk more to stairs, Needham explained how he It was a beautiful day in Laguna God than to them in Theology Proper arrived at Multnomah in the fall of 1963 Beach, California; what day wasnt? He classes. The teacher who began lessons as a professor. He never applied; never walked to work each day: ten blocks with, Imagine, his voice carrying the let them know he was interested. Only from home to ocean, then north along anticipation of a little boy introducing miracles; no other explanations, he said. the sand until he reached the stairs up fellow adventurers to a whole new to the highway. Laguna Beach Calvary world, painting this world with words FROM RANCH BOY TO PROFESSOR Evangelical Free Church was just one so vivid they could see it too. Students Needham grew up on a ranch not five block further. recall him as the man who walked six miles from what was, in the 1930s, the A tall man, Needham was thin sleepy town of Vista, California, in enough to be embarrassed by it northern San Diego County. No but hed gotten over that years ago. stoplights. A graduating class of He walked the fields A married man, with a wife he fifty-two students. loved and a brand new baby theyd of his heart and plowed the To put himself through college, just adopted. he raised stock on a ranch for a A well-qualified man, with a furrows of his soul for many Los Angeles nursery. He plowed bachelor of arts in ancient history his fields with a mule. Not many from Westmont College and a years before he felt the rich soil people are used to walking behind a master of theology from Dallas mule, he said. turn, the sun dig its fingers in, Theological Seminary. He served Perhaps thats where as youth pastor at his home church and life spill forth. Needhams long walks began, for four years, and now had his stretching his soul while stretching own church; he was pastor. his legs. He walked the fields of his Yet on this day he paused. I inches off the ground and like Moses, heart and plowed the furrows of his soul remember standing at the bottom of the had been in the presence of God and his for many years before he felt the rich stairs from beach to highway, wondering, face was still glowing. soil turn, the sun dig its fingers in, and David, do you really want to go up Mary Jo, Needhams wife of fifty- life spill forth. there [to the church]? So hard to be seven years, laughed out loud at the last Needham had known since high 18 18 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

21 Between Theology Proper and school that God wanted him in Christian work. I didnt want it, he said. I Old Testament Prophets, I became wanted to be a rancher like my dad. I felt terribly inadequate in pointing people to overwhelmed with Gods greatness and Christ, but I just believed that was where God wanted me to be. my own infinitesimal smallness. He grappled anew his senior year at Westmont, his battle fought as he walked the wooded acres of campus grounds. Where could these things be Perhaps he could become an agricultural effective? missionary; transfer to a university with A Bible college. Only one school an agriculture major? No, he determined, interested him. he must go on to seminary. There was During Needhams time at Dallas, no option. I knew it was right, he said, Dr. John Mitchell, co-founder and vice but it was not a happy choice. president of Multnomah, would lecture Seminary did nothing to dissipate for two weeks each year. He impressed his internal struggle about why he, as me as a man of God unlike anyone Id a Christian, felt defeated. But he did known, Needham said. There was a determine he wasnt meant for the passion, a vitality about him. He invited mission field. The invitation to be youth me to enter into the life he knew in his pastor at his home church in Vista relationship with God. turned out to be the perfect place, While Mary Jo and Needham prayed he said. about his desire to teach at Multnomah, After four years he began to wonder a faculty position opened there. When if there might be something more, so he Dr. Willard Aldrich, the president, and Mary Jo prayed. The invitation came requested suggestions, a former to pastor, and the Laguna Beach church Westmont classmate of Needhams was full of wonderful people, Needham suggested him. But the pieces of this said. Yet he was still painfully aware that puzzle were not revealed until Pete my Christian life was not the way Paul Scruggs, Multnomahs business manager, described the Christian life. showed up at Needhams Laguna Beach Despite Needhams internal office saying, Im here on behalf of the misgivings, God blessed his ministry, president to see if you would like to and people were appreciative. Still he was accept a position at Multnomah. longing, searching. Craning his neck to I didnt need to think about it. Yes! see where God might shine the light. And Needham said. The details were settled walking. Every day walking along the over the phone with Dr. Aldrich. beach to his church office, talking with God along the way. FINDING HIS NICHE At the start of his fourth year as If Needham had been walking the pastor, Needham quizzed himself on one field of his soul for years, now God of those walks. David, where does God sharpened the plow. The courses Dr. seem to bless you? Aldrich asked Needham to teach forced People are blessed by my teaching, him to focus on Gods attributes. blessed in one-on-one relationship. Between Theology Proper and MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 19 19

22 feature David Needham K I M B E R LY F E LTO N ...at Multnomah he found this whole fresh sense of awe and wonder. I could hardly wait to get to class to tell my students about God. Old Testament Prophets, I became extension of my own adventure with high learningmaybe by necessity, focus overwhelmed with Gods greatness God. For this professor, teaching was on methodology and academics. And I and my own infinitesimal smallness, not just methodology or theology. He was very aware that there were men on he said. I became a worshipper, and was inviting them to join me on my the faculty that were far more scholarly that was a big, big change in me. That adventure; and were going to go through than I was. I think sometimes that God transformed my whole sense of wonder this adventure together. had a very real sense of humor, putting with God. Where the academic courses of me into that mix. Needham continued to stretch his seminary had just about killed me If Needham decries himself as legs and soul after evenings of study. spiritually, at Multnomah he found this an academicdespite pouring over The scriptural and spiritual truths whole fresh sense of awe and wonder. I commentaries as his favored and most- hed longed for dug in deeply, and his could hardly wait to get to class to tell my used method of devotions, outside students reaped the benefit. students about God. of the Bible itselfhe thrives as a My students were the context The irony does not escape philosopher. His long strides that once where these things flourished, he Needhamthat he thrived in an covered acres of Westmont campus, and said. My teaching was merely the atmosphere of academia. Institutes of then miles of ocean shore, now walk 20 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

23 What is the difference between performing as a Christian or the sloping streets around his living as Christian? The question is: Do you hear the music? home as he grapples with the whys of God. I always ask, Why is this so? or to parse Hebrew and Greek, he bends his Why does it work? Its not just, This is ear to hear the Holy Spirit speak through what I believe so lets get on with it, analogiessuch as when he grappled he said. with understanding the living reality of During one such walk five or so God in his life. years after moving to Portland, Needham Imagine a person sitting in a room, discovered he had unwittingly built listening to music, he began. That fences; the Holy Spirit could come this person is tapping his foot, snapping his far, but no farther. finger, and nodding his head. You walk David, he asked himself, if the into the roombut you are deaf. You do Holy Spirit gave you a gift or expressed not hear the music, but think, I can do his power in your life in a new way that. And so you tap your foot, snap your would you be willing? finger, and nod your head. My first thought, No! he said. Theres a world of difference, If something dramatic happened, Id Needham said. Youre doing what probably get fired. Yet he wanted to be theyre doing, but youre not hearing willing, and so gave permission. it. What is the difference between Another night, another walk, performing as a Christian or living as a another question. Gifts are good Christian? The question is: Do you hear thingsshouldnt you want them? the music? Needham decided he did, and told God, Needham hears the bass beat of The Holy Spirit is not only free to that music through his life verses, 2 express anything he wants in my life, but Corinthians 4:6-7. We have this treasure I want him to. And Im trusting you to in these inadequate earthen vessels so protect me from any satanic counterfeit. the excellency of Gods power will show and speak for Multnomah, and soon No more walls. My life radically in these earthen vessels, he said. It will release a free e-book, How Does it changed in the days that followed, wasnt as though God showed some light Look from the Top of the Wall?, from his he said. Of his fullness have we all of knowledge into mehe has shown studies in Isaiah. Many evenings you can received, in grace upon grace. I felt that the light of Christ into me! Light shall still find him walking the slopes of Rocky night the fullness of God I was receiving shine out of the darkness, in creation. Butte and the fields of his soul. M as never before. And yet he himself is light, and he shines There would be other discoveries into me. So the light of the knowledge of in years to come. Ones that would open the glory of God in the face of Christ is wide his understanding of the new life alive in me. Find David Paul teaches about in Romans, leading God had to take me through Needhams book to publishing Birthright and Alive for this long process, seeing my smallness Birthright: Christian, the First Time (an updated version of before his greatness, discovering that Do You Know Who Birthright, which eventually returned to my spirit is alive, but only because God You Are? online the original name). The material from is alive in me. or at Multnomahs his theology classes found their way into In 2007, Needham retired campus bookstore. Close to His Majesty, published in 1987. after forty-four years of teaching at Where Needham lacks in his ability Multnomah. He continues to travel MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 21

24 regular Devotional S TA N F O R D C A M P B E L L 22 22 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

25 The Posture of Worship t my elementary school, my friends and I played a who are lower than the angels and rebel sinners, acknowledge favorite game during recess. It was called King of the that our maker and redeemer is God and we are not. Mountain. The object of the game was to become Acknowledging our humble status as creatures is the first step the sole occupant of a mound of dirt. The king was not born in honoring God. Even if we had never sinned, our creatureliness to that position, nor did he assume it out of recognition of his would still require in us a humble and dependent soul. We are, great intellect or his ability to govern wisely. There were no however, a fallen race. Our sin excludes us from right standing campaigns, no pollsters, no debates, and certainly no election. No, before a holy God. Only by the blood of Jesus Christ may we that sovereign summit was attained by good old-fashioned brute boldly come before God. force. Though the kingdom was small and each reign short-lived Sometimes pastors and worship leaders shy from talking (there was always someone to challenge the new about sin and judgment, perhaps not wanting to king), that didnt dampen our zeal. This simple, Come, let us alienate spiritually lost people. But sin is an affront ruthless game would sustain our interest through to a holy God. Brokenness and humble contrition an entire recess because the game appealed to one bow down in are the necessary conditions in the soil of the human of our most basic, fallen desiresto dominate worship, let us heart before acceptable worship can blossom and others and to be served by them. I doubt King of bear fruit. Bishop J. C. Ryle said, Once let us see that the Mountain will be a game played in heaven, or kneel before the sin is far viler and far nearer to us, and sticks more if it is played there, it wont last very long. There Lord our Maker. closely to us than we supposed, and we shall be led, I would be no point to the game in the realm of trust and believe, to get nearer to Christ. unselfconscious worship and mutual submission. PSALM 95:6 A woman once came to Jesus during a meal and Worship is the game of heaven. This game is unashamedly, in front of many onlookers, wiped not about many people vying for one position of preeminence, his feet with her hair and anointed his feet with her perfume. but about the One before whom all other wills must yield. True What was her motivation for such a humble expression of love? worship is the response of humble and willing submission to the It was deep devotion born out of her absolute authority of the King of kings. It involves much more awareness of Gods grace. He than external displays of deference. Even Gods enemies outwardly who fashioned the universe acknowledge His authority. The posture of true worship involves with his fingertips also the whole personthe affection of the heart, the reasoning of the cares for sparrows and mind, the will and the emotions, as well as the bodycontinually little children. He who recognizing Gods right to rule. dwells in unapproachable We can learn a lesson about humble worship from the light touches lepers and heavenly beings who serve in the presence of the Lord and bore our shame. witness his unveiled glory. These creatures are not the chubby What should motivate our babies with wings of Renaissance paintings. They are warriors, love for God, our expressions powerful and wise beyond our comprehension. A single angel of worship to God? It should be killed 185,000 men of the Assyrian army in one night. The a deep awareness of undeserved Bible records instances in which men and women fell in fearful grace. Our prayer and our motive worship when angels appeared to them. Angels are truly awesome for worship should be as Davids: creatures! But even these splendid beings cover their feet and faces Save me from bloodguilt, O with their wings in the presence of God as a symbol of their great God, the God who saves me, reverence and humility. Even the most elevated of beings fall down and my tongue will sing of Your before Gods lofty throne. How much more shall we, as creatures righteousness. M MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 23 23

26 regular Advancement J O H N Z A R E VA Ordinary People, Extraordinary Hearts A Lesson in Giving from Luke 8 uring His earthly Christ, Joanna and Susanna ministry, Christ are only mentioned here. Yet performed Scripture speaks of them in the numerous miracles, many same company as His apostles recorded in the Bible. By our and Mary Magdalene, putting Lords hand, thousands were these so-called ordinary fed, cleansed of diseases, or people on an equal level of freed from demonic control. importance in Gods eyes. What we think about less So what can we learn often are the times that Christ from these ordinary people did not perform a miracle, yet who gave to Christs ministry? needs were still met. How was this possible? WHAT THEY HAD WAS CHRISTS: Ordinary peoplepeople From their means came their like you and Istepped forward gifts. As Paul tells us in 2 to support Christs ministry. Corinthians 8:12, the gift is They gave money, food, acceptable according to what materials, time, or gifting. the giver has not according to Lets take a look at one what he does not have. example, found in Luke 8:1-3, of how followers of Christ GRATITUDE FLOWED YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE Today, Christ is still again, everyday humansgave FROM THEIR HEARTS: In choosing not to calling upon ordinary to Christs ministry. They gave out of gratitude miraculously bring forth people just like you to give in As Jesus moved for the changes Christ had food or money every time the way your heart prompts through cities and villages made in their lives and hearts, there was a need, Christ youwhether thats working proclaiming the gospel, his helping not only him but his modeled a life of trust and with your hands, giving apostles were with him. Luke followers. faith in the providence of from your pocket, or simply also notes that women who his heavenly father. He also reaching out with your had been healed of evil spirits THEY DISPLAYED taught us that God chooses spiritual gifting to one person and infirmities, specifically SENSITIVITY TO NEEDS: to work through us to show at a time. Take a moment to Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and With dozens or often Christ to the world. And he reflect and pray how you, who Susanna, also traveled with hundreds of people gave us opportunities to see may think of yourself as an him. While we see Mary in following them, these women the kind of true love that ordinary person, can make an Scripture as arguably the most contributed to daily human springs from his followers extraordinary difference in the well-known female disciple of needs such as food. faith in action. lives of those around you. M 24 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

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28 special Student Ministries A N D R E A L AU R I TA Student Ministries Real Application of Classroom Learning in the Community ince Multnomahs before. They impress me. is passionate about seeing teach guys who want an inception seventy- Alicia Hovanas, a students take their talents outlet for their aggression five years ago, service Multnomah senior, fulfilled and interests and reach out to be real men, he said. learning has been an integral her Student Ministry from the classroom. This is When Paul talks about component to the schools requirements by volunteering a core part of Multnomah, fighting the good fight, hes mission. Student Ministries at Oregon Health and Science to have students engage with not talking about anger. I brings balance to academic Universitys Doernbecher the church at a local level want to help train these men learning, putting hands Childrens Hospital. Hovanas and penetrate subcultures, to contend for their families and feet to the knowledge spent time each week pulling grappling with the reality of and to understand their students gain in the children in wagons down taking Jesus to that people motivations. He uses classes classroom. However, it is far hospital halls, building Lego group, he said. Application like Bibliology Theology bigger than that. Multnomah towers, reading books, or is the transformational Proper, which focuses on the students are pouring valuable drawing pictures. piece that takes place when attributes of God, to apply resources back into their Hovanas ministry students do theology, when fresh concepts as he speaks community. exposed her to suffering and they see that their lives are with his students each week. During the spring loneliness. Student Ministries making a difference. Nathan Holms semester of 2011, forced me to put myself in Dan Stewart is part grandmother taught him approximately 350 students circumstances where I had to of Multnomahs Degree the love of Jesus when he completed Student Ministry live out theology, she said. Completion Program. As a was a boy. Now, a thirty- credits, averaging two to Trite answers dont help professional fighter, known two-year-old Multnomah four hours of service hours people. I need to exude hope in the Mixed Martial Arts sophomore, Holm serves each week. Together, they for people in the midst of (MMA) world as The the residents at St. Andrews pumped nearly 29,500 hours their pain. Outsider, Stewart has taken Care Center, including his of non-academic work Jim Saemenes, director of his passion for fighting and grandmother who has severe into local churches and the Student Ministries since 2002, turned it into ministry. I Alzheimers. The elderly are surrounding community. Of the students polled, only 17 percent were engaged in paid ministry, leaving 83 percent When Paul talks about fighting the as volunteers. Our students good fight, hes not talking about understand that building bridges by doing tangible things is part of living out the anger. I want to help train these men gospel, said Dan Lockwood, Multnomahs president. In to contend for their families and to understand their motivations. some ways, our students now are more passionate than ever 26 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

29 Ive seen how just sharing time with people pastor. If I wasnt so involved in the church, I wouldnt seeing the significance of being involved in local have the opportunity to churches. This is Gods plan. is enriching their lives. have those conversations, he said. Fernandez is helping However, we are broadening the definition of what I want to consistently his church design a service project to impact their ministry means to include the marketplace or school. Like remind them of their neighborhood. I learn a lot everything around here, were better when Im doing. [Im] constantly assessing how to also able to teach others apply our values in a way hope, so they remember and bring them alongside, Fernandez said. thats helpful to students. We want to fulfill our mission, where theyre going. Students continue to nurture connections and Christian service is an essential part of what made during their Student Multnomah is about. M Ministries semesters. Rachel a forgotten people group, in Student Ministries as youth Wilson, a 2006 graduate, Holm said, but Jesus hasnt leaders, athletes, care givers, came to Multnomah from forgotten them. Each Sunday afternoon, musicians, English teachers, interns, and advocates. In one a small community in Minnesota. She had a desire Update: Holms wife drives him to semester alone, Multnomah to serve the city, but was Since the printing of this the senior care center. Holm, students potentially save afraid. Wilson joined a group article, there have been some who is blind, leads a group of local churches and other of students working with developments with the structure of the Student Ministries program. residents in Bible study. The organizations more than half Manna Ministries, serving group has grown from eight a million dollars because of meals to the homeless Beginning on July 1, 2012, the residents to more than twenty. the volunteer hours invested population under the College Student Ministries Program Each week they listen to audio in Jesus name. Burnside Bridge. will be merged with the Seminary Student Internship Program that is books of the Bible and pray Mickey Fernandez, a That was an enriching currently administered by Dr. Roger together. There is one woman transfer student, volunteers season because the homeless Trautmann. This means that the who interrupts by plucking at his church, The Door became my neighbors; I internships, student ministries, and on the piano and singing Community of Faith. learned their names, Wilson career services functions will serve songs, Holm said. Another Student Ministries is said. Years later, Wilson the whole University out of one man doesnt remember who teaching me how to balance occasionally bakes cookies department. It also means that Jim Seamenes, featured in this article, his wife is, but he remembers a full-time job, which for to deliver to people on the will no longer serve at Multnomah. who Jesus is. Recently, one of now is school, and to also be streetteaching her two sons the caregivers surrendered her intentional in ministry, he to intentionally serve the Multnomah would like to thank Professor Seamenes for his ten life to Christ. Ive seen how said. It has pushed me to people she once avoided. years of faithful service. His just sharing time with people find a ministry, and that has Dr. Lockwood has seen efforts have helped thousands is enriching their lives, Holm solidified what I want to do. the practical expression of of students apply their gifts in said. I want to consistently Community Development is education flex as Multnomah practical ways with ministries and remind them of their hope, a good fit for me. continues to develop relevant other organizations in the Greater so they remember where Fernandez takes notes service-learning components Portland community. Jim, you will be missed, but were glad to have theyre going. from his Introduction to fit for each generation. As served with you. Countless lives are Pastoral Theology class and a school, one of the values I touched by students registered discusses them with his hope we dont lose is students MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 27

30 feature Homecoming A N D R E A L AU R I TA Homecoming Wrap-up 75th Anniversary Brings About a New and Bigger Celebration n Valentines Day ground-breaking ceremony, and Wellness Programs, at Multnomah upon their in 1936, Christian an awards program to facilitated the resident lives and their relationships leaders gathered honor the Alumnus of the assistant/student government with the Lord. Dr. Reeves life as Rev. John G. Mitchell Year and Distinguished reunion. Student leaders and words encouraged us to shared his vision for a Bible Young alumnus, a release spanning several generations persevere and to be faithful school. This year marked and signing of Dr. Dan attended the event, during to our calling. Multnomahs seventy-fifth Lockwoods new book, which Dr. Pamela Reeve Alumni from across the anniversary as an institution Unlikely Heroes, alumni shared about the seasons United States and the world dedicated to instructing spotlight interviews with of her relationship with the gathered in Multnomahs men and women in Gods radio host Georgene Rice, a Lord. Although most of dining hall during the Friday Word. Multnomah threw an basketball game, reunions, those in attendance did not banquet to remember Gods eventful, four-day birthday and an alumni and friends know one another, Prof. faithfulness. Christian music party, February 1418, banquet. Fancher said, there was a artist Wayne Watson led hosting its Homecoming Karen Fancher, dean bond of shared experience worship. Dr. Rick McKinley Celebration. of Spiritual Formation of the impact of their time spoke on Multnomahs Multnomahs halls Multnomahs halls were dizzy with were dizzy with activity during the special week. The celebratory events included: a seventy-fifth anniversary birthday chapel and activity during the special week. 28 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

31 Alumni from across the United States and the world gathered in Multnomahs dining hall during the Friday banquet to remember Gods faithfulness. motto: Reflecting the Light love of the Son to obey his director, said, When [Prof. I was very excited of Christ. Professor David Father by being crucified. Needham] finished speaking, about Homecoming Week, Needham shared about the Could there be any greater there was a tangible presence Dr. Lockwood said. He love of God, reflecting on miracle or sign that would of reverence felt within the appreciated how the events Jesus words before being impact our world more than room as we sat reflecting on drew together students, arrested and crucified and to see that love poured out? the miracle of such amazing faculty, and staff, and his prayer that his people he asked. Not just our feeble lovenot only the love of especially how they engaged would be unified and made love, but the very love of God for the Son and Jesus alumni. This provided a known by love. God, [which is] like water on love for the Father, but also foundation to do a similar Prof. Needham thirsty ground, like light in Gods love for usfor all format in the future and make described the love of a Father the darkness. humanity and his charge for it a real tradition, he said. M to glorify his Son, and the Michelle Peel, alumni us to love the world. MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 29

32 feature Alumnus of the Year ALAINA ARP Alumnus of the Year: Ben Vegors en Vegors has lived with a clear focus: to serve Christ in ministry. From combat in World War II to shepherding churches and counseling veterans, Bens unwavering faith has touched many lives. Bens pulse is knowing life serving God if he lived. the Word and allowing it to Unexpectedly, the German continue to impact his life, fighters left, and the crippled Michelle Peel, Multnomah plane managed to cross Universitys Alumni Relations the English Channel back Director, said. He exemplifies to safety. God protected living a life of ministry and a Ben through the rest of the heart to finish strong. war. He flew thirty combat Ben became a Christian missions without a scratch. while attending a Bible camp The crews of the few missions as a boy, and grew up in a he missed never returned. single-parent Christian home So many times the Lord during the Great Depression. delivered meit was just like When World War II broke a habit by the end of the war, out, Ben joined the Air Force Ben said. It strengthened my as a tail gunner on a B-24 faith. I believed that He had the most dangerous position some purpose for my life. David and Peter. Ben saved up money and on the plane. True to his prayer, Ben In the 1980s, Ben spent his annual three- After one bombing attended Multnomah School sent Bibles to persecuted week vacation preaching in raid, enemy fire shot out of the Bible after the war to churches in Eastern Europe Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, two engines on Bens plane. get equipped for full-time without knowing if they ever Hungary, and Poland. Ben Chased by German fighters ministry. There he met his made it past government still corresponds with the and fearing they were going wife, Betty, and graduated in censors. He then met the churches he visited and gives down, Bens crew put on 1949. For more than twenty head of European Baptist toward the work there. parachutes even though they years, they pastored churches Fellowship, who offered Over the decades, Ben were flying too low to bail in Oregon and then moved him the opportunity to go transitioned from full-time out. Terrified, Ben prayed, to Walla Walla, Washington. behind the Iron Curtain. pastor to full-time chaplain. saying he would spend his Ben and Betty had two sons, For the next eleven years, For the last forty years, he 30 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

33 I love the work with veterans... I look at it as the most fulfilling part of my life. has served as chaplain at the Walla. He began by taking Veterans Administration night calls at the Chief Medical Center in Walla Chaplains request. Now, Ben faith, said Dr. Robert spends fifty hours a week Johnson, psychiatrist at the providing spiritual counseling VA. Ive never seen him work, and I just happen to be to veterans. At eighty-nine, vary from that promise here when they were open to he is the oldest full-time and that dedication. He has the Lord and came to Him. chaplain in the United States. tremendous command of Dr. Johnson attributes I love the work with Gods word and a facility with Bens effectiveness to his faith veterans, Ben said. I find language. But at the same demonstrated and developed it so rewarding, being able time, when youre talking during trials. He struggles to feed them and help them with him about spiritual with things, which I see as along. I look at it as the most things, it doesnt sound significant to people of faith. fulfilling part of my life. canned. Its from the heart. They struggle with things that Bens duties include As chaplain, Ben hurt them, but always come visiting patients daily, interviews every new patient to know a deeper sense of checking up on local veterans and has found that a veterans Gods purpose. in nursing homes, heading struggle with substance abuse Ben has struggled up a Sunday chapel service, usually begins when he stops through combat, the death of and leading a substance going to church. Dr. Johnson friends, financial uncertainty, abuse recovery and a spiritual said Ben masters being both and the death of his son, recovery class. non-judgmental toward David. In 2010, Betty passed Its hard to miss Bens patients while encouraging away, but Ben has never them to have a meaningful lost sight of Gods purpose relationship with God. Ben for him. Although he is has seen many veterans he almost three decades past worked with commit their retirement age, Ben has no lives to Christ, but said he plans to stop his ministry. cant claim credit. He says he will continue to In every case, it hasnt follow Hezekiahs example in been something Ive said; 2 Chronicles 31:21. It says it was either their mothers that in every work he began, praying for them, or in the service of the house somebody gave them a tract, of God and in the law and in or theyd listened to Billy the commandments to seek Graham and thought he was his God, he did it with all his crazy. And when they hit rock heart and prospered, Ben bottom, they come to Christ, said. I believe thats what Im Ben said. Its the Lords to do until my dying day. M MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 31

34 feature Distinguished Young Alumnus Award ALAINA ARP Young Alumnus of the Year: Jon Collins n three years, Jon Collins turned his theology were a lot of opportunities gifts effectively. He found the to be creative and explore. potential of video appealing education and passion for communication into a [Elsewhere], I wouldnt have and spent the next two years had those opportunities to creating videos as a hobby. highly successful video advertising company, Epipheo think of ways to communicate In 2008, Jon made a and entertain, which is what promotional video for Imago Studios. Through Epipheo, Jon explores how to Epipheo does. Dei Communitys Advent Jon graduated in Conspiracy, and within two balance business and ministry. 2003 and married fellow months the video had more Multnomah alumnus, than one million views. Jon Jon grew up in Federal fell in love with theology. Tristen Collins. As he settled decided to try and turn his Way, Washington, in a Multnomah taught me into life as a full-time hobby into a business. He vibrant Christian home. how to be a thinker and gave pastor, Jon found he loved called up his old friend Jeremy After high school, he planned me a passion for the church communication but struggled Pryor, another Multnomah to attend Multnomah and for being a student of with other pastoring duties. alumnus-turned-entrepreneur, University for one year but the Bible, Jon said. There He looked for a way to use his and asked him to partner in a 32 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

35 We believe a business founded on believers should look different. Relationships come first. video marketing company. nonprofits such as the Luis in the marketing world by For me and my business It seemed like a really Palau Association and The communicating truth and the partners, Abraham is a model great niche on the Internet. Justice Conference. reason why a product or idea of family life in the secular There werent many players Our biggest challenge should matter. Jeremy said world, Jon said. In Genesis, who had figured out how to has been growing fast enough their faith is fundamental to theres an entire chapter do that well, Jeremy said. to meet demand, Jon said. their corporate actions. where you watch Abraham He said Advent Conspiracys [I] was constantly stepping We believe a business do a transaction. I think God success showed them video into a bigger pair of shoes. founded on believers should put that in there as a model marketing could also be an Jon said his partners look different, Jeremy said. for us. influential ministry. have been vital to Epipheos Relationships come first. As Epipheo continues With friends Stephen success, and he feels fortunate Epipheos employees expanding, Jon continues Mowry and Ben Crawford, to work with them. Running are encouraged to bring exploring his role as a Jon and Jeremy started a fast-growing company something new to the businessman, father, and Ephipheo Studiosa also challenged him to build company and to focus on Christ-follower. combination of epiphany deeper trust with his business their families. Jon described We talk about having a and video. All four founders partners and craft a ministry- Epipheo as a kingdom kingdom business, Jon said. had theological education, minded corporation. business: they need to make We want to use the business but no business degrees. They Epipheos founders hope money, but act in a Christian in a way that cooperates with built their business around to create a paradigm shift manner. the kingdom of God. M communicating the truth behind a product, service, or idea in a way that changed peoples lives. We thought if we can take epiphanies and turn them into videos, well have a successful company, Jon said. We all share this desire to figure out the meaning behind stuff, which really has come from our faith. The team applied their method to explain Google Wave, and the video quickly went viral. The next week, Google called and asked to work with them. Since 2009, Epipheo has made more than four hundred videos for high- profile clients such as Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft, and MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 33

36 special The 1970s CHRIS THIELEN A Decade of Intrigue: The 1970s at Multnomah School of the Bible hat can be said about the Saigon and the surrender of South Vietnam. In a decade To describe the 1970s as 1970s? Were already filled with turmoil they eventful years? Were from the war, a number of intriguing would be an they tumultuous times to other events occurred as well: be a student? How about the Watergate scandal, Roe understatement. With the to be a Christian? Would v. Wade in 1973, the Jesus the decade prove to be movement, the Apollo 13 Vietnam War still raging on, the historically significant to the mission, and the Jonestown United States? The answer to all of these questions is a Massacre of approximately 900, led by the infamous familiar sights of the 1960s resounding yes. To describe the 1970s Reverend Jim Jones, in 1978. In the midst of a citizen rallies, demonstrations, as intriguing would be an understatement. With the nationally significant decade full of difficult and life- and student protests Vietnam War still raging, the familiar sights of the changing events, Multnomah School of the Bible continued continued into the new decade. 1960scitizen rallies, demonstrations, and student protestscontinued into the new decade. Out of one of those protests came the Kent State shooting of 1970, a tragedy that caught the attention of the entire country. At home in Portland, which had also had its fair share of dissension over the war in Vietnam, students at Portland State University took to the streets after Kent State. They traversed the downtown area in protest, blocked traffic, and refused to go home. It would take another five years for the war to finally end with the fall of 34 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

37 Comprised of MSB basketball players and cheerleaders, (the Sports Ambassadors) traveled to other countries to compete in basketball 70s Current Events Revisited 1970 games, and at halftime of each game, they sang 4 are killed and 9 wounded at Kent State University as National Guard troops fire on students and gave the Gospel to the listening crowd. protesting continued U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war. to experience growth and change, as well. Additions were made to the campus, with the newly constructed 1971 Lytle Gym (named in honor The VCR is introduced. of Fulton Lytle, Dean of 1972 Students) in 1973 and the The TV show M*A*S*H premieres. A-frame building, completed in 1974. Dr. Al Baylis joined 1973 The landmark Roe vs. Wade the Multnomah faculty in decision makes abortion legal 71, Dr. Garry Friesen in 76, in the U.S. Dr. Dan Scalberg in 77, and 1974 President Dan Lockwood in President Richard Nixon resigns. 79. In between these additions 1975 to the faculty Microsoft is founded. and campus, the gospel. One of Multnomahs these was the Sports second president Ambassadors 1976 The U.S. celebrates its and one of its (sometimes Bicentennial ten founding referred to as the members, Dr. instructor of the Bible, and Gospel Team), a group 1977 Willard Aldrich resigned asked to consider taking over of athletic emissaries sent The movie Star Wars is released. after thirty-five years of the position. As the story around the globe with the 1978 service to the school. After goes, though Dr. Joe took six good news. Comprised Peoples Temple cult leader Jim careful consideration, his months to accept the position of MSB basketball players Jones has followers commit revolutionary suicide by son, Dr. Joe Aldrich was of president, he had known and cheerleaders, this group drinking cyanide-laced fruit offered the presidential immediately that it was where traveled to other countries to punch. 912 die. position. Joe was an alumnus he belonged. On May 19, compete in basketball games, 1979 of Multnomah himself 1978, Dr. Joe Aldrich was and at halftime, they sang Mother Theresa is awarded and had been pastoring a inaugurated as Multnomahs and gave the Gospel to the the Nobel Peace Prize. church in Newport Beach, third president. listening crowd. In 1971, they California, for seven years. From this time of new were invited by the North He was contacted by Dr. faces and transitions in the American Indian Mission, John Mitchell, Multnomah 1970s, new ways arose for the teams first international Vice President and beloved Multnomah students to share game, to play and testify MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 35 2012_Interior_05.indd 35 5/3/12 8:53 AM

38 special The 1970s CHRIS THIELEN in villages along the British Columbian coastline. Following the Canadian excursion, the group made regular trips to Alaska via Arctic Missions, Inc. (a missionary organization and co-sponsor of the tour) to play basketball and share the Gospel. In the spring of both 1976 and 1978, the team traveled to France. During their first trip, they played games in the north of the country, at Gauchy, Noyon, Paris, and Soissons. All of their games were well- received both by the public and the media. Significant media attention was given to a few of the games, and many missionaries at work within the culture told the team how encouraged and grateful they were by their trip to France. The Sports Ambassadors certainly are another interesting piece of the schools history. Among all the events at Multnomah during the 1970s, perhaps the construction of the John and Mary Mitchell Library is the most fascinating in the history of the school. Before it was built, Multnomahs new President Dr. Joe Aldrich and the board of trustees went looking for a new location for the school, due to the overcrowded As the story goes, though Dr. Joe took six months facilities. Theyd been considering the campus to accept the position of president, he had known of Marylhurst College and Judson Baptist College, immediately that Multnomah was where he belonged. 36 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

39 Over a period of two days, 31,000 books were passed between faculty and students, via a human chain. Each book was put in its proper place within the new library. respectively. Marylhurst (now story of how the books were the overturning of values. Even as Multnomah Marylhurst University) had moved from the old library Though the Multnomah of University, the love for Jesus been considering selling its to the newly constructed today differs in many ways and the belief in the truth campus to Multnomah, but John and Mary Mitchell from its inception in 1936 of Scripture remains central decided against it at the last Library is a remarkable part as Multnomah School of the inside these walls, no matter minute. Judson (now no of Multnomah history. Over Bible, it remains the same in how the world around it varies longer an institution), which a period of two days, 31,000 mission and fundamentals. from decade to decade. M at the time was moving to books were passed between The Dalles, Oregon, was faculty and students, via a deemed too small. In the human chain. Each book end, Aldrich and the board was put in its proper place decided that rather than within the library. moving, it would be best to The decade of the 1970s expand Multnomahs current was in many ways a time campus with a new library of turmoil and change, of and a new mens dormitory. the uprooting of ideals and Once the decision to build had been made, the next task was to fund this estimated $1.2 million project. Imagine the surprise Aldrich and the board of trustees must have felt when they were notified of a potential donation of $1 million. Naturally, construction began on the new library in the spring of 1979. Though the donation was not ultimately made to Multnomah, with great faith, Aldrich and the board moved forward with the building plans. The library was completed and then dedicated in the new decade of the 1980s. Portlands city mayor, the governor, Luis Palau, and Charles Colson, among others, were all invited to the dedication ceremony. The MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 37

40 special The 1990s R E B E C C A OVA L L Student Life in the Nineties: The 1990s at Multnomah Bible College and Seminary s one would expect, born, allowing international TECHNOLOGY: business. Multnomah commerce and new levels NOT QUITE THERE YET Another advance was University has of communication. Cell Multnomah advanced slowly the increased popularity of seen many changes in its phones went from brick-size but surely into the world personal computers. Alumna seventy-five year history. But to comb-size; DVDs and of modern technology. In Sherina (Staton) Sours, a who would imagine that a CDs replaced tapes; and the 1993, for example, cash was Multnomah student in the span of twenty-two years invention of mp3s enabled the only method of payment late 1990s, was there when from 1990 to 2012could people to share music via the accepted in the lunchroom. Multnomah entered the age create such differences in Internet, revolutionizing the By 1996, the cafeteria of the Internet. student life? Though students music industry and changing introduced another way to of this generation attend the way the world accessed pay called flex credit, and Sherina: [In the dorms], Multnomah for the same entertainment. saw a dramatic increase in there was no Wi-Fi. You reason as their predecessors to prepare themselves to reach the world with Gods message of hopeadvances in technology and adaptation of campus rules have greatly changed the dynamic of student life. In the 90s, as it does today, the world around Multnomah spun with chaos. America was at war in the Middle East under President George H.W. Bush. Politicians fought about nationalizing health care. Harold Camping predicted his (first) rapture. People were preparing for the Y2K scare. And like today, a starving, hurting world needed Jesus. Along with the sociopolitical upheaval of the 90s came rapid change and In the 90s, as it does today, the world around innovation in technology. The World Wide Web was Multnomah spun with chaos. 38 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

41 Multnomah advanced slowly but surely into the world of modern technology. In 1993, for example, cash was the only method of payment accepted in the lunchroom. 90s didnt have Internet, really. If you did, it was connected to Current Events Revisited the phone line andit was super slow and didnt work 1990 very well. Teachers were just Hubble telescope is launched. starting to communicate a little bit through e-mail, but not everybody had an e-mail address. There was really nothing done through e-mail. 1991 The U.S. undertakes Operation Desert Storm. RULES: COUNTING THOSE MINUTES 1992 Rules at Multnomah were The official end to the Cold War. also vastly different in the 90s. 1993 Back then, resident assistants Internet use grows exponentially. (RAs) acted as the enforcers 1994 of student handbook O.J. Simpson arrested for murder. guidelines. According to the 1992 Ambassador yearbook, 1995 when rules werent followed, Oklahoma City Bombing time fines were levied. Students were fined three minutes each for throwing a napkin, making loud 1996 noises after quiet hours, or The Unabomber is arrested. questioning an RAs authority. Both Sherina and Tabitha have been just a verbal Climbing through a window (Kippenhan) Presser, who thing. [The student code 1997 Princess Diana dies in car crash. was an automatic campus worked as an RA when she of conduct] was in your five hours of forced labor. attended Multnomah in the admission packet. 1998 When the students tally of late 90s, had to sign a physical Titanic is the most successful minutes reached thirty, they contract agreeing to the As for some of the rules? movie ever. received a campus, and student code of conduct. worked it off by pulling Tabitha: You couldnt have weeds, shoveling gravel, Sherina: [That was] why TVs. You could have a raking leavesor anything you got the campuses if you computer, but you couldnt 1999 else the campus services [broke the rules]because watch anything on it. You As the new Millenium nears, assigned them. It was the only you signed something. couldnt watch rated R fear of the Y2K Bug spreads. system where thirty minutes [movies] at all, and if you equaled five hours. Tabitha: Otherwise it would watched one and told on MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 39

42 special The 1990s R E B E C C A OVA L L yourself, you got a campus. of which would eventually She remembered one become the Joseph C. Aldrich time in particular that she felt Student Center. In 1994, the sting of the minute rule. the Multnomah School of the Bible sign was knocked Tabitha: I was late for curfew down and replaced by a sign and the security guards bearing the new name of would tell the resident Multnomah Bible College. directors because I lived in Coinciding with the the dorms. I got a five-hour boards decision to change campus for being late. So I the name of the school, had to clean mailboxes, I had Multnomah began its four- to clean lint out of dryers for year curriculum offerings in five hours for free. the 1994-95 academic year. In spite of the Changes included second consequences, students found majors, general education on many creative ways to break the rules. Sherina: You couldnt have a Christmas tree over so many NEW LEADERSHIP, NEW feet, and one guy brought an BUILDINGS, AND A NEW NAME eight- or nine-foot tree into Changing technology and his room and decorated it. He the presence of campuses got a campus for that. You got to enforce rules were not minutes for throwing stuff the only things that marked out your dorm room window, the decade. The 1990s at so this one guy thought, Multnomah began with a sad Three minutes? Im going to farewell to John G. Mitchell, throw this huge pumpkin out one of the schools original of my second story window, founders, and the end of an and he totally chucked it out there. [Students] found era in Multnomah history. In 1997, after nineteen years Once the cherry blossoms creative ways to get around those rules because whats of service, Dr. Joseph C. Aldrich stepped down as would start falling, the weather three minutes? Its nothing. While today Multnomah president of Multnomah due to Parkinsons disease. Dr. would start getting nicer and still has rules in place that other colleges would Daniel Lockwood was then appointed as Multnomahs the couples would just emerge. consider strict, the model is fourth president on less of a punitive approach September 28, 1997. My senior year, three of us had and more of a redemptive Several building projects approach to reconciliation were also undertaken. One of these shirts made that said, and acknowledging personal the first of these projects was responsibility. the student commons, part Resist the Mist. 40 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

43 campus, and more freedom guaranteed a ring by spring ADVICE FOR TODAYS Sherina: The main advice I to choose which classes to or your money back. Sherina MULTNOMAH GENERATION got that really helped me was take within the Bible major. and Tabithas memories about Even though many things this: When you come to a Bible This signified a giant step the pink mist mirror this about campus life have college, its very easy for the toward the ultimate goal of observation. changed, the basic tenet Bible to become a textbook accreditation. for Multnomah students to you. And its very easy to Sherina: My freshman and remains the same: grow look at it and think of it as a THE GREAT GOLDFISH my sophomore yearthere more and more in the homework assignment. Make DISASTER OF 1990 were over 300 engagements. knowledge of God and the sure that you are still having Near the beginning of It was an insane number, and Bible. Tabitha and Sherina your time with the Lord where the decade, the structure primarily seemed like it was believe advice they received its not for an assignment, its of student government freshmen. and followed when they not for a class, its just you transitioned from the class were students will help and God having your time system to the fellowship Tabitha: We called it the pink students of this generation, and you still enjoy your Bible. system in an effort to get mist as well. Its easy to make it about the more students involved on campus. As a result, student government was responsible for planning many of the activities for the students. One notable and, as it turns out, humorous event was the Junior-Senior banquet in 1990. As the sounds of Kenny G. played softly in the background, goldfish swam in fishbowls used as centerpieces, sharing their space with a floating candle. Unfortunately, a goldfish could only live about three hours in that small of a space and, by the end of the banquet, the poor fish were belly up in the centerpieces! THE PINK MIST Sherina: because spring Tabitha: Dont believe things knowledge and the testing and Another phenomenon of would happen. Once the just because its what the the grades, but to be able to set the 1990s at Multnomah cherry blossoms would start [professors] tell you. You that time aside and say, No, was the illustrious so-called falling, the weather would need to figure out on your this is the Word of God that pink mistthe seeming start getting nicer and the own what your belief is and is life to me, that is living and explosion of new couples couples would just emerge. what your belief system is active and changing my life. brought on by spring weather My senior year, three of us because youve dug into the By the time I was done with and new blooms. The had these shirts made that Wordand youve prayed Multnomah, I loved my Bible. 1992 Ambassador jokingly said, Resist the Mist. about it. I was in love with it. M MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 41

44 current Alumni COLLEGE News Multnomah Bible College 1944, 1944 Ralph and Alberta preparing to record the dramatized audio 1979 Gene Poppino and wife, Anne, Wood fondly remember their time at version of the New Testament. joined Cadence International in 2006 after Multnomah. Their engagement was more than thirty years in youth ministry. announced by Dr. Bernard Sutcliffe in the Ex 1973 Georgia (Grimes) Shaw and Traveling extensively, Gene has directed spring of 1944, and they were married by Dan Shaw spent three weeks in the Samo the pastoral care ministry to missionaries Dr. John Mitchell in 1945. The Woods are village in the Western Province of Papua for five years. PHOTO 2 part of a great Multnomah family, with New Guinea in August 2011, following Ralphs siblingsMerle Wood (41), up on an eight-month visit to the village 1988 Wayne Hagen is now a child Lola Wood (Ex 40), Lucille Wood in 2010. While there, they established the welfare caseworker for the State of (43), and Bill Wood and his wife, Lois Karen Shaw Memorial Library in honor Oregon. He also sells life insurance part (Ex 48)all attending. Ralph and Alberta of Dans first wife who was a translator time. His wife, Elizabeth, is an instructional are now living in a retirement village in of the Samo language with Dan from assistant for Roseburg Public Schools. They Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 1969 to 1981. Karen had taught fifth have three teenage children: two in high grade at Pasadena Christian School in school and one in college. Currently, the 1967 Cheryl Forster will complete California for twenty years, and the Hagens attend Redeemers Fellowship. thirty-five years with World Venture in current students provided funds for two the Philippines on May 15, 2012. Cheryl laptop computers, two solar panels, and 1993, ex 1976 Roger and Margie has worked in Sunday school teacher books. Georgia instructed four teachers Lanier currently live in Vancouver, training and in the national office of the and three translators in the use and care Washington, where Roger serves as a Conservative Baptist Association of the of computers. janitor and Margie is the activities director Philippines. at Stonebridge Memory Care Facility. They 1979 Jim Moreschi manages Boeing have a son, Isaiah, who is twenty-three. 1968, 1965 Tad and Cindy Aldrich Tooling Inspection personnel in the are looking forward to a big change. maintenance of all contract tools used in 2006, 2006 Brian and Kristy After eight years of serving as a youth the manufacturing of Everett Site Wide (McIntire) Humphreys have been pastor, and nearly twenty years of Body Airplanes. Jim and his wife, Saranne, serving in the Peace Corps in the pastoring three different churches, they currently live in Mukilteo, Washington. Dominican Republic since August of are raising support to move to Vicenza, Italy, to work with Cadence International and run its Hospitality House for the men and women of the Army Airborne 173rd Combat Brigade. PHOTO 1 1969 Judy Gunn recently completed forty years of serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, mostly working on a Bible translation project among the Buglere 1 2 people of Panama. Her team is currently translating Old Testament portions and 42 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

45 whereRonnie believed she was going to spend a fun girls night in. However, candles that were originally set up to provide a romantic atmosphere ended up setting several fire alarms off and melting a hole through the carpet! After quieting the alarms, opening windows and blowing out candles, there was little self-consciousness 3 4 remaining and laughter reigned when Jeremy proposed. They were married on August 27, 2011. Currently, Ronnie works in Multnomahs alumni relations 2010. Brian is an economic development College Weddings department, and Jeremy works part-time in volunteer and is coordinating a national the admissions department. PHOTO 4 business plan initiative (Construye 2010 Nathan Kellogg and Susannah Tus Sueos) for at-risk youth that Gardner were married on July 2, 2011. College Births encouragesentrepreneurshipand Susannah is working as a nanny. Nathan innovation. Kristy is a youth, family, works for a graphics company and is going 1963, 1960 Neil and Leah Johnson and community development volunteer to Western Seminary. are the proud grandparents of another and is helping coordinate a national baby girl, Gemma Grace Johnson. Gemma girls initiative (Chicas Brillantes) 2010 Ronnie (Glazner) Piehler, made her appearance on November 20, that focuses on gender equality and and current seminary student, Jeremy 2011. She weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces, female empowerment. They are also Piehler were set up on a blind date by and was 21 inches long. leading several community based mutual friends at Multnomah University. classes and youth groups focused Despite having not noticed one another on 1972 Craig and Beth Ewoldt became on health, education, and personal a small campus until that point, Jeremy and grandparents to two more grandsons last fall: development. You can follow their story Ronnie knew they were on to something Caleb, whose parents, Kristen and Ted, live at humphreysabroad.wordpress.com. special. On March 4, 2011, Jeremy laid in Oregon; and Karsten, whose parents, Elsie out a spring picnic, including chocolate and Bob, live in Illinois. Craig and Beth will 2009 Scott Holte joined the Rural and candlelight at a friends apartment have completed thirteen years of service in Stearns Faith in Action team in Nigeria by the end of September 2012. When August as an AmeriCorps VISTA. After they left for Nigeria, they were a family of six. online resources Multnomah, Scott earned an MS in They have now grown to a family of eighteen, Mass Communication from St. Cloud and will be returning permanently to the U.S. State University and has been gaining to spend more time with them. experience in media and marketing during multnomah.edu/blog the last six years. He will be using his 2003, 2003 Jesse and Krista experience to facilitate the care of people facebook.com/multnomah (Martens) Ashmen welcomed their in rural communities throughout Stearns second baby girl, Adalyn Joy, into the County, Minnesota. His wife, Angelina twitter.com/mutlnomahu world on February 13, 2012. She weighed (Jones) Holte works at South Middle 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and measured 19 School in St. Cloud, Minnesota. PHOTO 3 pinterest.com/multnomahu inches long. The Ashmens moved to Sweden in 2005 to disciple young believers who ww.multnomah.edu/social enroll at Holsby Bible School. They have a two-year-old daughter named Eleri. MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 43 2012_Interior_05.indd 43 5/3/12 9:01 AM

46 current Alumni COLLEGE News 2004 Donna (Datin) Avery and her with Loaves & Fishes. He enjoyed puzzles, (Hammersley), at Multnomah School of husband, Dana, welcomed baby girl crosswords, and baking. His wife, Donna, the Bible. They were married in 1954 and Emma Ellen on February 18, 2011. She and his nine brothers and sisters all had three children. He worked for a local joins big brother Kyle, who is four years preceded him in death. PHOTO 3 builder, learning principles he would use to old. PHOTO 1 build everything from simple jungle huts to Ex 1953 Dorothy Jean (Cudney) a million-dollar home in Sunriver. During 2007 Richard and Jennifer Witmer Durr went to be with her Savior on a midweek trip to hear a missionary welcomed their first baby, Avynlea Renee, November 18, 2011. Originally from speaker, they read a Wycliffe Bible on June 16, 2011. PHOTO 2 Tacoma, Washington, Dorothy attended Translators brochure that declared a need for carpenters. That brochure led them to the Summer Institute of Linguistics at the University of Oklahoma and three months of survival training at Jungle Camp in Southern Mexico. Following a year at Wycliffes Jungle Aviation and Radio Service (JAARS) headquarters in Waxhaw, North Carolina, they were assigned to Brazil where they studied Portuguese and Orlie built study centers, 1 2 houses, and simple huts for missionaries in tribal villages. However, Orlie suffered a back injury that required surgery and more than a year of recuperation. He Multnomah where she met Spencer, whom resumed the building trade in Prineville, College Deaths she married in August of 1952. She spent Oregon, after his recovery. When cancer 1950 James Earl Olsen went to be her life in faithful ministry with Spencer: made him retire, he did wood turning, with the Lord on February 8, 2012, at fifteen years in Montana, one year of cut difficult jigsaw puzzles, made intarsia eighty-six years old. Originally from Tyler, missionary service in Louisiana, fifteen birds, and did Sudoku puzzles. He fought Minnesota, James joined the Navy after years at Lake City Church in Lakewood, his diseases with courage and humor, high school and served during WWII. He Washington, four years of camp work in wanting his attitude to honor his Lord. received an honorable discharge in 1946 at Poulsbo, Washington, and fifteen years at He is survived by his wife, three children, the rank of radioman 3rd class. Following Multnomah University in the Stewardship five grandchildren, and five great- his military discharge, James moved to Department. In her free time, Dorothy grandchildren. Portland, Oregon, where he attended enjoyed scrapbooking and movies, but Multnomah School of the Bible. It was most of all loved spending time with her 1988 Robert Bob W. Person there that he met Dondeline Donna C. family and friends. Dorothy was preceded went home to his Savior on October 9, Soloman, and they married in 1951. They in death by her children, Janice Elaine Durr 2011. Originally from Chico, California, later moved to Gresham. James worked and Douglas Stewart Durr. She is survived Bob received his secondary teaching for the U.S. Postal Service as a mail clerk by her husband of fifty-nine years, Spencer credentials in music from Westmont for thirty years, retiring in 1979. He also Durr, her six children, nine grandchildren, College. He married Joyce Ann Richmond drove school buses for the David Douglas, and three great-grandchildren. PHOTO 4 in 1960, and they had four children: Gresham-Barlow, and Parkrose school Robin, Carla, David, and Laura. In 1972, districts, retiring in 1993 after forty years. 1955 Orlie Austin died at home on Bob moved his family to Alaska to teach James was a member of Good Shepherd August 24, 2011. He was seventy-eight for two years with Arctic Missions at Community Church and volunteered years old. He met his loving wife, Alice Victory High School, a school for native 44 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

47 Regional Medical Center in Lewiston, Washington. She was seventy-nine years old. Clara was born in 1931 to John Howard and Cleta Marvine Anderson in Ottawa, Kansas. She moved to California with her parents and brother in 1941, finishing high school in 1949. She attended Multnomah School of the 3 4 5 Bible for two years. Clara then moved to Lewiston where she lived for fifty years. During that time, she completed her bachelor of science degree at Lewis-Clark Alaskans. Bob wanted to get formal and missionaries in partnership with Svet State College and taught at Jenifer Junior Bible training, so he moved his family to Evangelia (Light of the Gospel), and in High for three years. She later worked as Portland, Oregon, to study at Multnomah. 1993, he taught the Bible for two weeks a clerk and loan officer at the Clearwater After this, Bob was asked by Arctic in Vladivostok, Russia. In 1992, as his Credit Union. Retiring in 1993, she worked Missions to return to Alaska and become work in Alaska was nearing completion, part-time for Valley Meals on Wheels academic dean and Bible teacher at Arctic Faith Bible Church asked him to be as bookkeeper until retiring in 2005. Bible Institute (ABI), where he spent their pastor. He served there for nearly Clara was active in Christian service as a seventeen years training native Alaskan seventeen years until his retirement in pastors wife from 1951 to 1976. She was spiritual leaders. During these years, Bob March of 2009. Bob is survived by Joyce, a missionary with the American Sunday earned his masters degree in Biblical his wife of fifty-one years; their four School Union from 1957 to 1976, then Studies from Multnomah, applying the children; and many grandchildren. she served the Lord teaching ladies Bible insights hed learned to his ministry at studies and helping in the Clarkston First ABI. In the summer of 1992, he taught Clara Rose (Howard) Himple, passed Baptist Church. PHOTO 5 the Bible to eighteen Russian pastors away November 1, 2011, at St. Josephs Alumni Events & Activities Alumni Gathering Find Out More Minneapolis, MN July 28, 2012 [email protected] or call 877.9ALUMNI Upcoming Regional Alumni Events Get Involved Alaska If you are interested in becoming an Bay Area area regional alumni representative Puget Sound be sure to contact us soon! Southern California MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 45

48 current Alumni S E M I N A RY News Multnomah Biblical Seminary 1962 Maralyn (Dover) Killorn and Multnomah, especially the learning and 2004 Peter Mead and his wife, Melanie, her husband, Raymond, are currently the community. Their children are Analisa welcomed their fifth bundle of joy, Kaylah serving with Wycliffe Associates. (15) and Lukas (12). Amy Eliana Mead, on February 1, 2012. Kaylah weighed 9 pounds and was 20 1974, College 1976 Timothy and 2009 David Martin, after graduating inches long. She was eagerly received by Hope Mink currently live in Texas and from Multnomahs seminary, proposed to her four older siblings. Peter and Melanie have six sons. After leaving Multnomah, his now wife, Kerry Fuller, in July of 2009. serve with OM International in England. Hope received a MABS from Dallas In the fall of 2009, David started teaching Theological Seminary, where Timothy two classes at Northwest University Salem Seminary Deaths taught on the faculty from 1992 to 2000. Campus. David and Kerry were married After their six sons were all in school, she March 6, 2010. In March of 2011, David 1969 Ken Crowell, follower of Jesus taught elementary and secondary students started his sixth year as the pastor of and co-founder of MegaVoice, passed in a Christian school for twelve years. She Gilham Community Church in Eugene, peacefully into the presence of the Lord then served on the faculty and as dean Oregon. In April of 2011, they were able on January 25, 2012. Margie, his wife of of women at Liberty University for seven to travel to Turkey and Greece to tour fifty-seven years, sends her thanks to each years. Timothy also served on faculty at Pauls Ministry locations. David is currently of you who prayed for Ken. He had been Liberty Theological Seminary from 2001 taking a break from teaching at Northwest battling myelofibrosis, a type of chronic to 2006 and as a pastoral counselor from University and is working on a doctorate leukemia, for five years. In the 1980s, Ken 2007 to 2010. Currently, Timothy is the of ministry program at Western Seminary felt there was a need for a revolutionary senior pastor of a church of about three in Portland, Oregon. Kerry and David are new kind of shortwave radio for missions hundred members in Texas, and Hope is enjoying married life and serving the Lord work. His vision was confirmed when he enjoying her role as pastors wife. together in ministry. PHOTO 1 met Harold Kent and Alan McGuirl at a missions conference in 1989. Together 1979 Jean (Yourkowski) Mitchell they launched Galcom ministry and Seminary Weddings and her husband, John, live in Oregon and immediately began developing the Go have experienced many big changes in 2010, College Ex 2004 Rachel Ye radio. Two decades later, more the last year: John has retired, their son, (Starr) Heath married Mark Heath than 800,000 of these radios have been Daniel, celebrated his USAFA graduation on October 22, 2011. Rachel is working distributed in 126 countries. Even as the to flight training, and their daughter, at Warner Pacific College and Mark first radios were being sent to the Middle Ruby, began her Peace Corps assignment is working at Hillsboro Aviation. They East, Ken met Tom Treseder, an Australian in Jordan. Jean enjoys serving as missions continue to be involved in FOCUS outreach with a vision to reach billions using a chair at their church. to international students. PHOTO 2 device yet to be inventedan audio Bible with no moving parts. Today, the solar- 1983 Cary Wong and his wife, Lillian, powered miracle, called the MegaVoice, Seminary Births are on sabbatical in the U.S. after holds Scriptures and Bible stories in 4,500 seventeen years in North Africa. They 2002 Stephanie (Stone) Anderson languages. More than a half million of are currently in transition, preparing and her husband, Seth, welcomed baby these players are in circulation, allowing to start a new assignment in SE Asia. girl, Tallia Grace, in June of 2011. Tallia millions to hear the word of God. Ken Cary fondly remembers his time at joins big sister, Faith Sarah. leaves behind a great legacy including 46 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2

49 1 2 3 4 three children (James, Judy, and Hollie), Gloria moved from New York to Aurora, Darland (1971) was an English Professor ten grandchildren, and three great- Wisconsin, where Curtiss parents, Simon at Multnomah during that time. Curtis grandchildren. PHOTO 3 and Florence Lidbeck, lived. A few years served as a carpenter and Gloria was later, the couple moved to Bellingham, secretary to various professors and the Washington. Curtis and Gloria attended Missions Department, retiring in June Former Staff Rome Community Bible Church where 1988. They were beloved by staff and Gloria Polacek Lidbeck graduated their son Rev. Scott Lidbeck, (1972) students alike. The legacy of Glorias to heaven on October 8, 2011, the is currently the pastor. In 1971, Gloria life lives on in her five children, twelve day before her eighty-seventh birthday. and Curtis felt called by God to work at grandchildren, and eighteen great- Gloria was born in New York and married Multnomah Bible College in Portland, grandchildren. She was preceded in death Curtis Lidbeck in 1945. A new bride, Oregon. Their daughter, Barbara by Curtis on February 8, 2004. PHOTO 4 Letters To The Editor continued from page 2 Wrong Place, Wrong Time I read the Fall 2011 Anniversary Edition and need to give you a little clarification. The first picture of the basketball players [pictured in the photo spread] was lumped on a page from the 50s. It is The second picture is also from Aldrich and on his left is Tom actually a picture from the early the early 60s and is a picture of Garrett. The front row left is Jim 60s since I am #40 in the picture. the Track Team that competed Hopson and the front row right It looks like the picture was taken in a few meets.The coach is is Marlin Shultz. I think all of us in the Columbia Christian College Chuck Charnquist who taught graduated in 64 or 65. gym (later to change to Cascade Journalism. The second from Rich Remsburg College). the right in the back row is Tim Diploma 65 MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 47

50 Faculty Calendar Dr. Daniel Lockwood 08.05.12 Dr. Robert Redman 10.30.12 OREGON Faith Evangelical Free Church, Dallas, OR & 11.06,13,20.12 First Presbyterian Church, Portland, OR Dr. Lockwood will preach at Faith Evangelical Free Churchs Sunday services. Dr. Redman will teach at First Presbyterian Dr. Martin Alphonse 06.03.12 MORE INFO: [email protected] Churchs Adult Education class. Beaverton Christian Church, Beaverton, OR MORE INFO: [email protected] 09.0103.12 Dr. Alphonse will preach at Beaverton Vietnamese Grace Baptist Church, 11.06.12 Christian Churchs missions service. Portland, OR Chinese Baptist Church, Portland, OR MORE INFO: [email protected] Dr. Lockwood will teach at Vietnamese Dr. Redman will preach at Chinese Baptist Dr. Michael Gurney 0708.12 Grace Baptist Churchs youth and college Churchs Sunday morning service. St. Matthews Anglican Church, Portland, OR retreat. MORE INFO: [email protected] MORE INFO: [email protected] Dr. Gurney will teach the adult Sunday Prof. David Jongeward 11.2630.12 School for St. Matthews Anglican Church Dr. Keith Swenson 08.03.12 Ecola Bible School, Cannon Beach, OR on the Sermon on the Mount: Kingdom Design Science Association, Portland, OR Living according to Jesus. Prof. Jongeward will teach on the Doctrine MORE INFO: [email protected] Dr. Swenson will speak on biological of God the Father at Ecola Bible School. recovery at Mount St. Helens. MORE INFO: [email protected] MORE INFO: [email protected] WASHINGTON OTHER U.S. INTERNATIONAL Dr. Deborah Miller 05.1920.12 Dr. Daniel Lockwood 07.15.12 Dr. Garry Friesen 07.0410.12 Canyon Creek Church, Everett, WA Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX Africa New Life Ministries, Kigali, Rwanda Dr. Miller will speak at Canyon Creek Dr. Lockwood will teach at Dallas Dr. Friesen will be speaking to African Churchs womens retreat which will be Theological Seminarys Global Proclamation believers as well as assisting in setting held at Warm Beach Conference Center. Academy. up a library from the 20,000 books that MORE INFO: [email protected] MORE INFO: [email protected] Multnomah University sent for the new Africa College of Theology. Dr. Roy Andrews weekends from Prof. Holley Clough 07.2327.12 MORE INFO: [email protected] 06.23.12 07.29.12 Christian Adult Higher Education Association, Evergreen Bible Church, Vancouver, WA Nashville, TN Dr. Rob Hildebrand 09.0710.12 Evangelical Mennonite Church, Dr. Andrews will preach at Evergreen Bible Prof. Clough will speak on strategic Gimli, Manitoba, Canada Churchs weekend services. planning and assessment through the lens MORE INFO: [email protected] of a core theme matrix. Dr. Hildebrand will speak for the MORE INFO: [email protected] Evangelical Mennonite Church. Dr. Rob Hildebrand 07.0821.12 MORE INFO: [email protected] Black Lake Bible Camp, Olympia, WA Dr. Hildebrand will speak at Black Lake Bible Camps Junior High Camp. MORE INFO: [email protected] MULTNOMAH MAGAZINE | S P R I N G 2 0 1 2 49

51 multnomah Multnomah University Nonprofit Org. U.S. Postage 8435 Northeast Glisan Street Portland, Oregon 97220-5898 PA I D www.multnomah.edu Portland, OR Permit No. 1102 SPRING 2012 | VOLUME 15 NUMBER 1 Join The Conversation! Connect with Multnomah, find old friends, or just stay informed about current happenings... www.multnomah.edu/social 2012_Interior_05.indd 50 5/3/12 9:34 AM

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