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1 Inspiring Generational Impact Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley Annual Report 2014

2 $48,062,016.27 2014 Community Foundations Accomplishments of the Hudson Valley Consolidated Financial Statement Opened 30 new charitable funds. Fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 (Unaudited) Received $5 million in contributions. Awarded almost $3.2 million in grants ASSETS* Total and scholarships. Unrestricted Cash 294,754.71 Received an unrestricted bequest Prepaid Expenses 14,711.87 of almost $86,000 to the Community Accrued Interest Receivable 102,522.87 Foundation of Dutchess County. Total Current Assets 411,989.45 Received a grant from the New World Foundation Local Economies Project of Investments45,122,108.35 $1.25 million over 3 years. The purpose Restricted Cash Endowments 1,883,368.65 of this grant is to bring farm fresh food Residual Interest - Split Interest Agreement 243,000.00 to the food insecure. Beneficial Interest - Life Insurance 382,741.00 Received a grant from the Dyson Fixed Assets, Net 18,808.82 Foundation of $475,000. $150,000 is for Total Long Term Assets 47,650,026.82 Community Foundation of Putnam County operations; $100,000 to create a Total Assets 48,062,016.27 grantmaking fund for Putnam County which must be matched $1 for $1 over five years; and $225,000 for overall operations. LIABILITIES Accepted the Foundation for Community Accounts Payable 24,877.19 Health (FCH) as a Type I Supporting Agency Endowments 6,694,765.97 Organization. We share this role with the Deferred Income 112,562.27 two other community foundations that Grants Payable 657,960.26 cover FCHs service areas in New York Total Current Liabilities 7,490,165.69 and Connecticut. $ 23,611,483 Launched a newly redesigned website with a mobile friendly application. NET ASSETS Unrestricted Net Assets 18,280,920.10 Presented two training programs for nonprofits and professional advisors. Temporarily Restricted 1,639,231.73 Permanently Restricted 20,651,698.75 Recognized John J. Wadlin and Stephen $ 18,360,149 E. Diamond at our annual Professional Total Net Assets 40,571,850.58 Advisors Council breakfast for their work Total Liabilities and Net Assets 48,062,016.27 in promoting charitable giving to their clients by partnering with the Community Foundation. A copy of our Form 990 is available by visiting *Assets by Affiliate You can also obtain a copy $ 11,096,712 Dutchess County 45,119,905.54 of our Form 990 and audit by visiting our website or by requesting a copy by mail at Ulster County 2,211,423.47 the Community Foundation, 80 Washington Street, Putnam County 85,150.09 Suite 201, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601; by phone Hudson Valley 645,537.17 845-452-3077; or by email [email protected] Asset Growth Cover top to bottom: Lorraine Roberts, 1969-2014 Community Foundations Trustee; Barbara Cohen (See page 5); Stewart Cahn (See page 9); $ 3,710,000 Kim Anne Pedersen (see page 7). $ 149,506 $ 405,037 $1,458,774 $100,000 $ 189,774 1969 1974 1979 1984 1989 1994 1999 2004 2009 2014 2

3 Celebrating 45 Years of Inspiring Generational Impact Dear Friends, To acknowledge our first forty-five years is to truly witness that time flies. Thanks to you, we have been positively impacting our Community through philanthropy since 1969. The most rewarding aspect of our work is helping you craft your charitable Nancy Brownell and Andrea Reynolds legacy a legacy that will impact generations to come. Every story in this annual report tells about a person or organization that specifically chose the Community Foundations to carry out their charitable dreams. Dreams they have or had to bring hope, help and a hand up to people who need it to people they may never meet. The Community Foundations exist to help people help their communities. Weve been honored to be your charitable giving partner since 1969 and look forward to our continued partnership and the positive impact we can make together. Nancy Rossi Brownell, Chair Andrea L. Reynolds Board of Trustees President and CEO Our Mission To strengthen our communities by offering donors the means to establish National Standards is a rigorous process, charitable legacies, by making grants, and by providing leadership to address guaranteeing Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley demonstrates excellent community needs in a manner that is responsible, responsive and lasting. philanthropic practice. 3

4 Generational Impact Begins People come into our lives Harland The Colonel everyday; all types and sizes. Sanders not only for his Everyone is special, but some way of doing business, based stand out. It may be a look in upon the principles of hard their eyes, or the way they carry work and grassroots ethics, themselves. A smile or laugh, a but also for his legendary gesture or comment that moves corporate philanthropic model you in some way. Darlene and personal generosity. Darlene Pfeiffer Pfeiffer is one of those people. Darlene has continued the and drew upon her personal Colonels tradition in both philosophy to establish the Darlene noted, My life is like of these respects. Darlene L. Pfeiffer Fund with a candle which is burning the Community Foundation bright and afterwards my hope Darlene helped establish the of Ulster County. This Donor is that it illuminates the path national Colonels Scholars Advised Fund will support her for those that follow. Foundation that awards favorite causes which include 50 four-year scholarships The more you give, annually to qualified high education, health care and spirituality. the more abundantly school seniors for tuition at a state sponsored school. Darlene explains that her and completely you live, As a result of Darlenes efforts trajectory in life was because more than $120,000 in not just now, but forever. of special people who came scholarships have been awarded forward and encouraged or to students from Ulster and Darlene Pfeiffer assisted her. Because of this Dutchess counties. Darlene she says, My greatest pleasure Raised in a single parent home, also gives $6,000 each year is helping others and by Darlene was always blessed in scholarships to students witnessing those results it with drive and personality. at Ulster Community drives me to give more. Both of her grandmothers College. Darlene meets each were instrumental in providing recipient and invites them The Community Foundation models of women who succeed, to dine to get to know them is a perfect fit for Darlene to with style and compassion. personally. Additionally, continue her philanthropic Darlene has established The work now and far into the As chief executive officer and Center for Entrepreneurial future. holder of two franchises with Studies at Ulster Community Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) College to encourage and Darlene says, The more you for over forty years, Darlene educate students to the give, the more abundantly and Pfeiffers entrepreneurial business world. completely you live, not just spirit is equal only to her now, but forever. commitment to philanthropic When estate planning causes. To this day, she pays discussions began, Darlene homage to KFC founder reflected on her activities 4

5 Generations Preserving the Past to Educate our Future are little changed since the The Reher Center offers building was first constructed a unique opportunity to in the late 1870s, providing preserve for the public a part an exceptionally vivid window of Kingstons past that is on the past. Little needs to be representative of river towns recreated to bring to life the throughout the Hudson Valley. story of Kingstons 19th and In the words of Board member early 20th century immigrant Barbara Cohen, Its everyones and mercantile heritage, immigrant experience. reflecting the patchwork society of immigrants and settlers who built the roads, The Community Foundation mined the bluestone, constructed the barges and broadens the impact of what we helped grow the nation. hope to accomplish, by reaching The Reher Center for all segments of the community. Immigrant Culture and A scrap of paper bag found on the site lists the many names of the families served on a particular Sunday: Gallagher, History was founded to Geoff Miller Polacco, McDermott, Ambrose, Dittus, Fulton, Bruck, Tremper document, embrace, and and the list goes on. promote regional cultural In 1908, Frank Reher, a Jewish history and diversity. immigrant from Krakau, opened a bakery in the Geoff Miller, Chair of the Rondout district of Reher Center, along with Kingston, NY. The Reher several board members Bakery supported two established an endowed generations who lived and fund with the Community worked on the premises Foundations to send a from 1908 until 2004. Hymie, clear message that their the last of the Reher family plan included a long term bakers, deeded the bakery investment strategy that to the Jewish Federation to would return financial establish a cultural center support over time in to preserve the story of the perpetuity. As Geoff puts once thriving Rondout-West it, The Community Strand Historic District. Foundation broadens the impact of what we hope to The interior of the bakery accomplish, by reaching all and the upstairs apartments segments of the community. Reher Center Committee showing the building faade | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 5

6 Field Trip Grants Make a Difference to this Generation Even before the great Field trips often provide recession arrived, schools opportunities to students were being forced to cut their that they may never have budgets to make ends meet. throughout their lives. Many programs considered dispensable were removed Noting this, the Dyson from the school year; programs Foundation has awarded many would think were vital. grants to the Community Cindy Car ubia, 1st Grade Teac Elementa her at Ker Field trips were often on the Foundations to assist schools were able ry. Our fir st grade cl asses (62 honkson to enjoy a students) chopping block. in providing field trips cational ex m em orable an perience d highly ed on behalf at Mohon u- k Preserve. to strengthen students that we ar of all of ou r first grad I speak e deeply ap e te ac I went into teaching to try to educational experiences. In especially given the so preciative ci o- hers in sa of the opp ying ortunity, the families economic total, $382,000 has been in our com munity. Yo strain felt by make science more interesting awarded to public schools truly gave a gift to ou r children. ur organiza tion throughout Dutchess and and fun for students and your Ulster Counties. help over the last 24 years has With your help, the enabled me to do that! Community Foundations bring positive life Maribel Pregnall experiences to many. You, too, can make a difference Field trips offer an opportunity in peoples lives, impacting for students to get exposure generations. to real people and events and the opportunity to make graders connections with others. 170 Wappingers Junior High 7th ns titu tio n in Boston, S Co explore the US riences. about their expe quizzing sailors Matthew Gruber, 3 Thank yo rd Grade u so much Teacher at for choosi Chamber the Field ng us as s Elemen Trip Fund an award tary. shock of . My clas winner fo being ch s and I ar r o se e just now of the stu n ! I wish yo getting o School. dents wh u could h ver the at Arlington High en they w ave seen Pr eg na ll, Sc ience Teacher ve ne ver grant. Yo ur foundat ere told th the eruptio Maribel logy classes ha ion made at we wer n in the Marine Bio able History p ossible. T th is trip to the e awarded Many students 100 stu de nts we re hank you Museum the t on the Hu ds on River. Over sh ed s, zebra the oppo rtunity to so much of Natura been ou ter for giving l learn about wa experience these stu the cruises and ing to try wouldnt somethin dents to participate in er. I we nt int o tea ch be able to . g th at most o history of the riv students and f them mussels and the sting and fun for mo re int ere to make science enab led me to do that! lp ov er the las t 24 years has ce fun! your he for making sc ien unity foundation Thank you comm 6

7 Remembering a Life to Serve Future Generations sorrow and provided purpose Christian reached out to the in a time of despair. Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley for help. For decades, a local church administered the scholarship In 2013, the Kim Anne and faithfully distributed Pedersen Memorial Scholarship an annual award of $500 to became a permanently deserving high school graduates endowed fund with the in Saugerties. In 2012, Community Foundations William Pedersens rapidly of the Hudson Valley. The declining health left him lessons and benefits of the unable to oversee the proper scholarship will now continue. Kim Anne Pedersen management of the fund. It It gave us a place to put our On a sunny day in May 1982, was a really challenging time Kim Anne Pedersen, a seventh for my family, said Christian. sorrow and provided purpose grader at Saugerties Junior Lots of decisions needed to be High School, was struck by a made and I was living hundreds in a time of despair. car while riding her bicycle. of miles away. Christian Pedersen The accident, which occurred Christian was looking for a way That I could step up and play in front of her parents house, to continue the scholarship. As a small role in this outcome left Kim critically injured and I contemplated the situation, was incredibly fulfilling, said in a coma. Sadly, Kim would I could not help but think of Christian. While our family later succumb to her injuries how Kims death inspired me still suffers from that tragic day upon being removed from life to become an attorney and in 1982, we are comforted in support. She was thirteen. the role that education played knowing that Kims legacy will Though devastated by the in affording me a great life, live on. loss of their daughter, Kims said Christian. I let those parents, William and Linda experiences and the love of Pedersen, looked to create my sister drive the decision. something positive from the tragedy. With help from friends and family, they formed the Kim Anne Pedersen Memo- rial Scholarship. While I was just ten years old at the time, I remember how important the scholarship was to my family, said Kims brother Christian H. Pedersen who is now an attorney living in Ohio. It gave us a place to put our Christian Pedersen with his wife Kerry Kirk and their daughter Piper Kimberly | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 7

8 Gift Includes New Generations Ivy Detterbeck was, in the Grace Episcopal Church, now what? It was Anns words of her friend and attor- the Millbrook Rescue recommendation that she ney Ann Gifford of Teahan & Squad, the SPCA of Dutchess consider the Community Constantino, LLP, Full of life County, Sloan Kettering Foundations that led Ivy to and someone who always saw Research Center, and the choose to leave half of the Community Foundation of remainder in her estate to the Ive taken care of my friends Dutchess County. Dutchess County Foundation. Said Ann, Ivy would be so and family, now what? According to Ann, the decision pleased that some of her money to include the Community Ivy Detterbeck is supporting the good work of Foundation in her will arose the Community Foundation in out of a conversation in which the bright side of everything. Dutchess County. Ivy asked her, Ive taken This, despite losing both care of my friends and family, parents and a brother when she was just a child. The long time Millbrook resident worked for 38 years as a seamstress at Bennett College in Millbrook, and lived a full life throughout her 106 years. A frugal woman who invested wisely, she was dedicated to her many neighbors and friends, as well as to her husbands family in England and Germany. In her estate plans Ivy remembered nearby friends and far-flung relatives, as well as local charities such as Ivy Detterbeck The Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley: Connecting People Who Care with Causes That Matter. 8

9 Generations Impacted Now and Forever Sadie Jane Effron Cahn was established at the Community established a charitable trust, born in Poughkeepsie, one of Foundations. She established leaving a major part of her five children of Sam and Fannie a scholarship for Beacon High estate to benefit both local Effron, Belarussian immigrants School students attending her and national charities with who settled in Poughkeepsie in alma mater, Vassar College, distributions of the corpus the 1890s. Sadie, who passed and named in memory of her over 19 years until she would away July 4, 2012, lived in son Richard Elliot Cahn who have reached 120, the age Dutchess County all her 101 died from polio at age 17. Her of Moses when he died. years. According to her son strong commitment to Jewish Even though Sadie is no Stewart, his mother always continuity is reflected in the longer with us, she will live felt she had the responsibility funds she established with the in spirit to 120 and beyond Community Foundations to through the additional We like what the support Jewish education in generous bequests she made Community Foundation the Hudson Valley, and to help to the three funds she maintain the Beacon Hebrew established in her lifetime at does. Youre in perpetuity. Alliance Synagogue whose the Community Foundations founders included her father- in perpetuity and the We know that were not. in-law and where her husband establishment of an additional served as President. fund under her will. Sadie Stewart Cahn Cahns generous spirit Mrs. Cahn continued her to help build her community, continues to benefit her philanthropic legacy through which she did as both a chosen causes today, and will her estate plan which dedicated volunteer and a for generations to come. philanthropist. Mrs. Cahns commitment to strengthening organizations in her beloved Hudson Valley included serving as a Trustee of the Community Foundation of Dutchess County from 1987- 1991, as well as on boards including the former Highland Hospital, the Sisterhood of the Beacon Hebrew Alliance, and the Fishkill National Bank (now M&T). She memorialized her loved ones and endowed support for several local institutions in her lifetime with funds she Sandy Cahn, Terry Youngelson, Stewart Cahn with Sadie Jane Effron Cahn on her 100th birtday. | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 9

10 2014 Grants and Scholarships Awarded Impacting Generations The Community Foundations awarded $3,179,951.25 in grants and scholarships. These grants and scholarships come from the more than 530 charitable funds we administer funds established by individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations to carry out their charitable goals. Fiscal Year 2014 By the Numbers 828 576grants = 252 scholarships = $29 million awarded since Grant and Scholarship Awards $2,825,051.25 $354,900 1969 Grants by Grants by Program Area Region Other 15% Education 18% Outside the Hudson Valley 10% Religion 4% Other Human Hudson Services 13% Valley 29% Health and Arts, Culture Putnam Mental Health 20% & Humanities 13% County 2% Dutchess Scholarships 11% Community Improvement 6% Ulster County 13% County 46% 10

11 Hudson Valley Farm Fresh Food Initiative Inspiring Healthy Generations The Community Foundations was awarded a three-year $1,275,000 grant from the New World Foundation Local Economies Project to work in partnership with the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley to support a range of programs and activities to ensure individuals who dont have enough to eat have access to local, healthy, farm fresh food. In 2014, as part of the Initiative, $150,000 was awarded by the Community Foundations to 8 organizations addressing food insecurity issues in Dutchess, Putnam and Ulster counties through the Hudson Valley Farm Fresh Food Grant Program. $150,000 will be granted out again in 2015 and 2016. Grants awarded include: 00, to Common Gro n, $5,0 en und Farm, Be in g s to support a farm acon, $21,00 ast, K kitch capacity build 0, to Food E food into their ir HIV/ ing project whi Angel c a l r the expand cultiva tion and produc ch will esh, lo tion fo tivity to broade bring fr meal prepara ounty. to farm fresh food to those n access in Ulste C r in need, especi for use ts throughout ally children. North Eas AIDS c lien Millerto t Communit n, $21,0 y Cent the Sha 00 er, re the B , to expand donatio ounty p np rodu consum rogram and in ce ption o c food to f locally rease food in grown their ar secure ea. families in Dutchess Outreach, Poughkeepsie, Peoples Place, Kingston, $25,000, to $21,000, to establish the Poughkeepsie support their food pantry by offering a wide Mobile Farmers Market for food insecure r range of farm fresh vegetables and fruits residents of the City of Poughkeepsie. to the community. St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Amenia, Family of Woodstock, Kingston, $35,000, $10,000, to support their Food of Life/ to work collaboratively with a network of 00, to Comida de Vida Pantry Garden Project by food providers to increase fresh food o u n ty, $12,0 od C fo constructing an on-site vegetable garden Putnam ount of provide fresh organic produce at relatively to available to local food pantries throughou t d O u t reach, crease the am e Foo nd in lds. low cost. Ulster County, provide meals for children Hillsid their impact a ure househo during the summer and increase the iz e in s e c maxim 0 food- d to 10 capacity for food storage and distribution. provide | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 11

12 (L-R), Honorees Michael and Clare Graham and Victoria St. John Gilligan are joined by Foundation President Andrea L. Reynolds and Board Chair Nancy R. Brownell. Matt Gillis Photography Annual Garden Party Recognizes Philanthropists $115,000 raised for charitable programs and grants in three counties On a stunning September Community Foundations. education, environmental afternoon, the Community We sincerely thank everyone protection and much more. Foundations of the Hudson who helped us celebrate their With your support we will Valley and our three affiliates achievements. continue to strengthen our the Community Foundation of ability to effectively respond to Thanks to the generous support Dutchess County, Community the needs of our communities. of our sponsors, supporters Foundation of Ulster County and guests, all net proceeds Platinum Sponsors and Community Foundation from this annual Garden HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley of Putnam County held Party provide critical resources M&T Bank our annual Garden Party. to support our Community At this signature event the Gold Sponsors Response Grant programs in Foundations annually Alpha Apple, Inc. Dutchess, Ulster and Putnam recognize the community AT&T Counties. service and contributions Bruderhof Communities Hampton Inn of Kingston, New Paltz and of local citizens. This years Matamoras Community Response Grants setting was a private home in IBM Corporation help build the capacity of local Stone Ridge, New York. Key Bank, Hudson Valley Metro New York nonprofit organizations so they Marshall & Sterling Insurance Honorees Michael and Clare can be even more effective in Merrill Lynch Bagtas, Cassalina & Murphy Graham and Victoria St. John their work. Grants support a Rhinebeck Bank Riverside Bank Gilligan epitomize the culture diverse range of organizations John G. Stote, Jr., and Family of community service that is providing basic needs, health Tinkelman Architecture, PLLC the basis of what we do at the and human services, arts, 12 Lang Syne, 2014 Garden Party location

13 Funds of the Community Foundations Thomas and Irene Chalmers Youth Development Fund Dennis G. and Karen I. Meyer Charitable Fund The Community Foundations help donors carry out their Clifford - Ulrich Fund Meyer Family Fund charitable giving. This is accomplished through charitable John J. Csizmar Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Charitable Fund Foundation Grant Fund funds that individuals, families, businesses and organizations Elizabeth C. Davis Charles J. and Mary Ringwood have established with us. Each fund is unique, but all share Memorial Fund Miller Donor Advised Fund the common goals of supporting nonprofits and strengthening Gladys E. Davis Mitchell Fund Charitable Fund Dan and Mary Mullan Fund+ our communities. Carol W. and G. Vincent Dean, John and Nancy OShea Jr. Fund Charitable Fund You, too, can impact generations by building a fund that Digestive Disease Center Dr. Jeffrey S. Perchick Memo- benefits your community forever. Charitable Fund rial Donor Advised Fund Downey-Alexander Darlene L. Pfeiffer Fund* Community Deborah and Noel Ulster County Community Family Fund Richard and Barbara deCordova Fund Foundation Fund* DRA Imaging, P.C. Fund Funds Brian and Judith Drabkin John B. Woodward Fund Pierce Fund Dutchess County Bar Premier Cares Foundation Community funds Trust Fund* Robert and Patricia Association Fund Grant Fund support the work Irving Feldman Fund Wright Fund Ann and Abe Effron Fund - Zach Dalton Pruner and grantmaking John F. Foley Memorial Fund Donor Advised Memorial Fund of the Community Foundations, Lester H. and Kathryn E. Donor Advised Dana and Ira Effron Fund George A. and Catherine V. Freer Fund ensuring an even Funds William and Sadie Effron Fund Quill Donor Advised Fund Fund for Dutchess County Eisberg Family Trust Fund Renegades Pitch for Kids better quality of Often a popular Fund for the Hudson Valley^ Ralph V. and Patti M. Ellis Fund life now and for alternative to starting Fund for Putnam County+ Donor Advised Fund Rhinebeck Grange P of H generations to come. a private foundation, Fund for Ulster County* Detective John M. Falcone 896 Fund donor advised funds Catharine M. and John J. Memorial Fund Rhinebeck Rotary Club Fund Administrative are established by Gartland, Jr. Fund Richard S. and Harriet K. Fein Judith Riedeburg Memorial Endowment Fund those who enjoy the Greenspan Family Fund Donor Advised Fund Donor Advised Fund Anonymous Unrestricted Fund convenience and Robert Hoe Memorial Fund Katie Filiberti Memorial Fund William F. Ritcheske Donor Area Fund of Dutchess flexibility of these Ilse Holzer Fund Frehling Family Donor Advised Fund County Fund funds and the ability HSBC/Marine Midland Advised Fund Ritter Family Fund James J. Austin and to recommend grants Jeannette VanWagenen Bank Fund to the causes they Garraghan Family Fund* Jerome and Stella Rossi Brett Hunt Memorial Fund Gellert, Klein & MacLeod, LLP Family Donor Advised Fund Austin Fund care about most. Rosalie K. Ballien Fund Byron V. Losee Fund Donor Advised Fund Rotary Club of Fishkill Donor Maud W. MacMurray Fund Geremiah Fund Advised Fund Charles and Fanny V.W. Adelante Donor Advised Fund Boos Fund Margaret W. Mair Fund Maxwell Gold Donor Rotary Club of Wappingers ALR Fund Advised Fund Falls, Inc. Fund Todd and Beverly James J. McCann Fund Anonymous Donor Advised Brinckerhoff Fund Miriam and Burton Gold Donor Joseph Peter and Carola Mary Catherine Fund # 1 Advised Fund Ruggiero Hospice Allison and Arrie Mosher Butts McCarrick Fund Anonymous - Donor Advised Myron Gold Fund Memorial Fund Memorial Fund Henry and Janice Fund # 3 Zoey Gold Donor Advised Fund Robert Ryan Jr. Family Fund* Bunny and Steele Meagher Fund Anonymous Fund #118 Cameron Fund Stanley and Bette Senator Stephen M. Saland Richmond F. and Margaret S. Assur-Rodrigues Fund Greenwald Fund Legacy Fund C.G. and R. Fund Meyer Fund Robert G. Auchincloss Grimaldi Family Helping Irving and Gloria Schlossberg Robert N. Chambers Board Donald A. and Virginia H. Advised Fund Hand Fund Family Fund Designated Fund Moore Memorial Fund BANT Fund* Here Comes the Sun Fund Shatz Marshall Fund Robert N. and Mary Ellen Thomas W. Murphy Jr. Fund Rosalie Beinstein Chambers Fund Hillcroft Childrens Donor Jonah Sherman Family Fund Clifford and Jane W. Memorial Fund Community Foundation Nuhn Fund Advised Fund Chip and Karen Simon Jeremiah E. Berk Donor Trustees Endowment Teddy and Ned Hoe Fund Charitable Fund Genevieve C. OBrien Fund Advised Fund Fund^ Barry G. Jordan Sports Fund Howard K. Spieler Joseph L. Petz Fund Berlin Family Fund Community Response Fund Memorial Fund Samuel and Freda Birchez Foundation Fund* Joy Fund Community Response Grants Stevens Family Fund Reifler Fund Melissa D. Bisaccia Memorial Khurana Family Fund Endowment Fund Anne Parks Strain Leonard E. Simon Donor Advised Fund Kirchhoff Family Fund Community Response Grants Flower Fund Charitable Fund Fanny V.W. Boos Trust Fund Lucy I. Meyer Harrison Leclair Endowment Fund - Putnam Glenn B. Sutherland and Thomas Sweeney/Darby Deborah Bailey Browne Fund Charitable Fund County+ Cynthia A. Lowe Fund* OToole Fund Maynard and Ferne Brownell Joseph C. Lei Memorial Donor Community Response Grants Taconic IPA Donor John E. Taylor Memorial Fund Family Fund Advised Fund Fund - Putnam County+ Advised Fund Charles J. and Frances M. David Butler Memorial Fund James and Elizabeth Manion John J. Csizmar Fund William and Marcella Teahan Turck Memorial Fund* Charitable Fund* Canter Family Donor Memorial Fund Cunneen-Hackett Ulster County Community McCabe & Mack Donor Advised Fund Thomas Family Fund Foundation Fund Foundation Community Advised Fund Response Fund* | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 13

14 Turk Family Fund Sadie Jane Effron Cahn Hudson River Sloop Adelaide English Rafferty Fund Field of Interest Vassar Brothers Institute Fund for Vassar College Clearwater Donor Randolph School Endowment Donor Advised Fund Landscaping Designated Fund Donor Fund Funds Lucie M. Walker S. J. Cahn Fund Ed and Barbara Joba Fund Edward P. Sr. and Margaret F. Field of interest funds Memorial Fund* Charlie Carroll Music for the Hudson Valley Ringwood Memorial Fund are established to Helen Mary Alice Watkins Enrichment Fund Philharmonic Robert J. Rizzuto Volunteer support particular Donor Advised Fund Center for Performing Martin Laforse Memorial Appreciation Award Fund charitable interests Ronald J. and Mellina Miller Arts at Rhinebeck Scholarship Fund* Leslie C. and Irene G. or geographic areas, Weiss Fund Endowment Fund Jay Lamando Fund Roe Fund ensuring flexibility William B. and Grace Staub Eleanor and Martin Charwat Denise M. Lawlor Fund Rombout Fire Company to meet changing Weiss Donor Advised Fund Charitable Fund Mair Fund Annual Appeal Fund situations and needs. West Mountain Mission Fund Brian Cook Memorial Mary L. McKee Fund St. Joseph School Fund* Malcolm Whittier Scholarship Fund Florence and Raymond E. Town of Wappinger War Florence and Theodore Pennington Fund+ Jacqueline and Russell Croce Meagher Fund Memorial Trust Fund Budnik Fund Ross and Karen Williams Fund Memorial Fund* Merola Family Memorial Fund Scout Fund- Dutchess County Maj. Harry Caldwell Fund for Jill Battistoni Dickett Council- Boy Scouts Military Families Wollner/Troccia Family Fund Mid-Hudson Chapter of Memorial Fund the American Statistical of America Margaret J. Campbell and Vinny Zaccheo Memorial Fund Stephen and Julia Association Fund Scout Fund- Dutchess County Dorothy P. Campbell Fund Dunwell Fund Girl Scout Council Cardiovascular Fund of Designated Dutchess County Arts Mount Beacon Incline Railway Dutchess County Restoration Society Ellen B. Shapiro Fund* Funds Council Fund Donor Fund Sigma Xi Fund for the Robert R. Chapman Fund Designated funds Dutchess County Historical Kathleen M. Murtaugh Fund Dutchess Regional Children with Cancer Fund allow donors to Society Donor Fund Margaret Murtaugh Fund Science Fair Chilee Memorial Fund support one or more Dutchess County Interfaith for Education Smith Metropolitan African Cleopatra Fund nonprofit organization Council Fund August Noller Fund Methodist Episcopal Zion Dean Family Fund forever. Dutchess Music Fund Jacob and Sarah Church Fund Stephen and Mary East Fishkill Community Nussbaum Fund Stanford Free Library Donor Dubois Fund Beacon City School District Library Founders Norman and Rita Nussbickel Designated Fund Dutchess Health 2000 Fund Parent University Fund Endowment Fund Memorial Scholarship Fund Stone Ridge Library Eastern Dutchess County Beacon National Night Ann and Abe Effron Fund Sgt. Mark C. Palmateer Foundation, Inc. Donor Rural Health Network Fund Out Fund for The Adriance Memorial Fund Designated Fund* Bertha Effron Fund Big Read/Poughkeepsie Fund Memorial Library Sandor David Strauss Plattekill Public Library Richard S. and Harriet K. Marion Blankenhorn Art Ann and Abe Effron Fund Building Fund* Shofar Fund Fein Fund Appreciation Fund for The Bardavon 1869 Walkway Over the Hudson Poughkeepsie Boys Field Trip Fund Joanne Marie Brady Opera House Donor Fund Choir Fund Four-Legged Ranger Fund Memorial Fund Ann and Abe Effron Fund Wappingers Central School Poughkeepsie Day Forget U Cancer Fund Sadie Jane Effron Cahn for The Hudson Valley District Technology Fund School Fund John and Gloria Golden Beacon Hebrew Alliance Philharmonic Society Jeffrey D. Wood Fund* Poughkeepsie Public Schools Fund for Hyde Park Endowment Fund Conrad and Ruth Heisman Patricia A. Wright Fund Foundation Fund Clara Lou Gould Fund Sadie Jane Effron Cahn Fund Beautification Fund* Prenting Family Fund for the Arts for Hebrew Education Howland Chamber Music for Poughkeepsie Laura Moody Hoskins Fund Circle Donor Fund Community Foundation Volunteers Volunteers are essential to the work of the Community Foundation. We are grateful for the hundreds of hours they give evaluating grant and scholarship requests, monitoring our investments, tracking our revenues and expenses, recruiting donors, making our annual Garden Party a success, and helping position the Community Foundation as Your first resource for everything charitable. Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley 2014 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Nancy R. Brownell, Chair John E. Mack IV Sandy Arteaga Ann C. Meagher Ellen L. Baker Thomas J. Murphy Joseph A. Bonura, Jr. Frederick H. Osborn III William A. Brenner Patrick Page Robert R. Butts Lorraine M. Roberts James F. Davenport Sheila E. Scott Timothy Dean Arthur R. Upright John K. Gifford Kimberley S. Williams Sue Hartshorn Jeffrey D. Wood 14 Peter Krulewitch 2015 Board of Trustees

15 HVFCU Financial Bardavon Opera Fund Mediation Center of Dutchess United Way of Dutchess Premier National Bank Services Fund Beatrix Farrand Garden County Endowment Fund County Endowment Fund Endowment Fund Its Not Who I Am Fund* Association Mental Health America of H.W. Wilson Foundation Red Hook Grange Teaching JDM Fund Endowment Fund Dutchess County Fund Fund for the Stanford Resources Fund Joseph J. Mastroianni Fund Centennial Fund for Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Free Library John and Anne Van New York Community Trust - Poughkeepsies Library Foundation Fund Benschoten Fund Alice D. Beal Trust Center of Performing Arts at Mohonk Preserve Nature and Partnership in World Affairs Council - Rhinebeck Fund Environment Fund* Mid Hudson Valley Global New York Community Trust - Education Funds Studies and World Affairs Lola J. Sherman Fund Child Abuse Prevention Mount Beacon Incline Railway Center Fund Restoration Society Fund These field of interest Teacher Award Fund The Nina Fund Cosimo DiBrizzi Scholarship National Association For The funds support Northern Dutchess Fund education by providing Dolly Sidoti Fund For the Arts Endowment Fund Dually Diagnosed Fund* Project Funds Dutchess County Historical New Horizons funding to teachers John T. Sloper to bring creative Project funds are Society Fund Endowment Fund Community Fund established by Dutchess County Regional Old Rhinebeck curriculum to their Stanford Fund classrooms. organizations working Chamber of Commerce Aerodrome Fund Von der Linden Fund on short-term projects Foundation Premier Cares Zacks Angel Fund Endowment Fund Bank of New York Fund or awaiting approval Foundation Fund Dorothys Marionettes and of their 501(c)(3) status. Dutchess County SPCA Fund Randolph School Nonprofit Dutchess Outreach Fund Endowment Fund Puppets Fund ACES Fund Organization East Fishkill Historical Society Reher Center Stephen J. Feron III Amenia Town Hall Garden Memorial Fund Funds Endowment Fund Endowment Fund* Project Fund Family Services Heritage Fund Resource Center for Fund for Excellence Nonprofit organizations in Education Beacon Centennial Fund Friends of the Kingston Accessible Living, Inc. establish funds with us Fund* Irene G. Gatanis Fund Melissa D. Bisaccia Fund Library Fund* in order to grow assets Rhinebeck Chamber Music Roy C. Ketcham Fund Carmenstrong Betty Howard Fund to meet both current Society Fund Donald P. and E. Lorraine Memorial Fund* Howland Chamber Music and future needs. Robins Fund for Love Fund City of Kingston Fund* Circle Fund Using the Community Complementary Medicine Margaret W. Mair Digestive Disease Center Hudson River Sloop Foundations frees Education Fund Community Fund Clearwater Fund Stanford Free Library Fund the nonprofit to focus Dutchess Rail Trail Jewish Federation of Dutchess Stone Ridge Library Marine Midland Bank on their mission and Education Fund Amenities Fund County Endowment Fund Foundation, Inc. Building programs while Farm Fresh Food Fund Kingston Lions Club Sub-Fund* Dennis J. Markle Community providing a constant Foodstock Fund Foundation Fund* Stone Ridge Library Service Award Fund and permanent Klyne Esopus Museum Fund* Foundation, Inc. Mildred McManus Fund Friends of the Cold Spring Tots revenue source for Endowment Sub-Fund* David Kennon Moody Fund Park Fund+ the organization. Lampell Fund For Vassar Temple Benjamin R. Strong John J. and Margaret M. Friends of Little Italy Opera Fund Mulvey Fund Poughkeepsie Fund Always There Fund* McCann Ice Arena Dreams of Gold Foundation for Ulster County Historical Robert Polhill Fund Friends of the Milton-On- Athena Endowment Fund Society Fund* Hudson Train Station Fund* the Promotion of Ice Poughkeepsie Savings Bardavon 1869 Opera House Friends of Peach Hill Fund Skating Fund Bank Fund Endowment Fund Community Foundation of Dutchess County BOARD OF ADVISORS Joseph A. Bonura, Jr., Chair Charles A. Freni, Jr. Maria A. Morgan Robert G. Auchincloss Kevin Hamilton Michelle S. OReilly William A. Brenner Sue Hartshorn Samuel P. Phelan Peter J. Brent Susan M. Miccio Lisa Wilson Nancy R. Brownell Vincent J. Miller EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Community Foundation of Ulster County Community Foundation Nancy R. Brownell, Chair of Putnam County Joseph A. Bonura, Jr. BOARD OF ADVISORS William A. Brenner Arthur R. Upright, Chair Tony M. Hall BOARD OF ADVISORS Robert R. Butts Susan R. Cary Johann Huleatt Eric Gross Timothy Dean Philip Coombe III Elizabeth S. Manion Robert Morini John K. Gifford Brian Drabkin Thomas J. Murphy Frederick H. Osborn III Sue Hartshorn Stephen Hakim Marianne Murray Nathaniel S. Prentice Ann C. Meagher Vincent M. Tamagna Arthur R. Upright Jeffrey D. Wood | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 15

16 Friends of Rhinebeck Supporting Melissa D. Bisaccia Melissa Gleichenhaus Juan Lafuente Memorial Lacrosse Fund Organizations Scholarship Fund Choral Leadership Scholarship Highland Educational Ben-Allen Breslow Memorial Scholarship Fund Endowment Fund Foundation Fund* Supporting Scholarship Fund Michael Goldberg Memorial LaGrange Soccer League Hudson Valley Guns and organizations Stephanie D. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Scholarship Fund Hoses Fund operate under the Scholarship Fund East Hudson Youth Soccer Jay Lamando umbrella of the League, Inc. Scholarship Fund Hudson Valley Wine and Maynard and Ferne Brownell Culinary Center Fund Community Foundation Family Scholarship Fund Natia Gorgen Award Fund Harold I. Long, Class and receive maximum Robert K. Gould Memorial of 1930 Fund Joy Events Fund Alexander Cervone tax advantages Scholarship Fund Russ Mann Memorial Lower Esopus Watershed Scholarship Fund afforded public Frank Thomas Groff Scholarship Fund Project Fund* Joseph Chupay Memorial charities while avoiding Scholarship Fund Mid-Hudson Antislavery Award Fund Dennis J. Markle Memorial the administrative Joseph S. Guarneri, Sr. Scholarship Fund History Project Fund Brian Connolly requirements of a Memorial Scholarship Fund Mid-Hudson Heritage Scholarship Fund Mary McKenzie Memorial private foundation. Center Fund Jennifer Coudrey Memorial Thomas W. Haggerty Memorial Scholarship Fund Millbrook Museum in the Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund Joseph H. and Mildred C. Foundation for McManus Scholarship Streets Fund Jacqueline Joyce Croce Sandy Hamilton Community Health Fund Momentum Sculpture Fund Memorial Scholarship Scholarship Fund Plattekill Veterans Fund* Brooke Horton Memorial Mid-Hudson Mensa Memorial Fund* Scholarship Joyce Kopf Memorial Scholarship for Theatre Scholarship Fund Pop Warner Youth Sports Fund Funds Scholarship Fund* Arts Fund Mark Milano Scholarship Fund John J. Csizmar Hudson Valley Financial Miles of Hope Breast Poughkeepsie Waterfront Donors established Scholarship Fund Professionals Cancer Foundation Redevelopment Fund scholarship funds to John F. De Gilio Science Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund Franklin D. Roosevelt Library benefits students at Scholarship Fund Hudson Valley Guns and Ronald W. Miller Fund and Museum Fund any education level Doherty - Package Pavement Hoses Scholarship Fund Richard W. Mitchell Roosevelt-Vanderbilt or institution. Company Scholarship Helen H. Huntington Memorial Memorial Scholarship Conservancy Fund Trust Fund Scholarship Fund* Endowment Fund Rosendale Pool Fund* Mary Abdoo Fashion Memorial Marshall R. Effron Fund in David Jagaciewski Lisa Moray Memorial Sargent-Downing Gardens Scholarship Fund Honor of the Poughkeepsie Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund and Nursery Fund Christopher Ambrose High School Class of 1938 JFK Scholarship Fund Edward A. Mulvey Memorial Saugerties Public Schools Memorial Scholarship Audrey Evert Citizenship Michalene D. and Michael R. Scholarship Fund Program Support Fund* Fund* Award Fund Joseph Memorial Michael P. Murphy Public Tangent Theatre Tom Aposporos Fund Katie Filiberti Memorial Scholarship Fund Service Scholarship Fund Company Fund Andrew David Arenson Scholarship Fund JTN Scholarship Fund Patrick G. Nestler Upper Landing Fund Scholarship Fund Alecia Hicks Forster Fund Lorien Niniel Kimlin Scholarship Fund Veterans and Families Baker Family Bret Alan Frattellone Scholarship Fund William J. Nichols Medical Fair Fund Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund Paul S. Kleidman Memorial Scholarship Fund Walkabout Education Stephen P. Becker Joseph H. Gellert - Dutchess Scholarship Fund Ruth Oja Environmental Foundation Fund+ Scholarship Fund County Bar Association Jeanne C. and Howard C. Scholarship Fund Wallkill Alumni and Justine S. and Stephen P. Scholarship Fund Knauss Science On My Own Scholarship Fund* Community Education Becker Fund Christopher M. Gent Memorial Scholarship Fund Sgt. Mark C. Palmateer Foundation Fund* Ronnie Berg Drummers Scholarship Fund Dr. Daniel Lack Memorial Memorial Scholarship Fund Wee Play Park Fund Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund* AUDIT COMMITTEE GRANTS COMMITTEE Fund for Excellence DEVELOPMENT FINANCE COMMITTEE John K. Gifford, Chair Jeffrey D. Wood, Chair in Education Grants COMMITTEE William A. Brenner, Chair Arthur DeDominicis Nancy R. Brownell Subcommittee Sue Hartshorn, Chair Nancy R. Brownell William A. Brenner Richard Brownell Linda Cantor Sandy Arteaga Thomas R.B. Campbell John J. Cina, Jr. Eleanor Charwat Linda B. Clarke Ellen L. Baker Joel Canter Brenda K. Santoro Linda B. Clarke Maria DeWald Nancy R. Brownell Kenneth J. Christman Sheila E. Scott James F. Davenport Thomas A. Florio Susan R. Cary John J. Cina, Jr. Brian Drabkin Paul Fritz James F. Davenport Michael Marino GOVERNANCE Elaine Fernandez John J. Horgan Timothy Dean Lorraine M. Roberts COMMITTEE Richard Grinnell Melanie Klein Stephen E. Diamond Brenda K. Santoro Ann C. Meagher, Chair Diane Hart Betsy Kopstein-Stuts Alexander P. Frederick Sheila E. Scott Ellen L. Baker John J. Horgan Vincent J. Miller Tony Hall Jeffrey Thatcher Robert R. Butts Peter Krulewitch Dwight Paine Sarah Levine Steven Tinkelman Timothy Dean Maria A. Morgan Lorraine M. Roberts Thomas J. Murphy John E. Mack IV Dean J. Nelson Glenda Williams Mark T. Newton Sheila E. Scott Patrick Page David R. Wise Patrick Page Arthur R. Upright Niloufer Rodrigues Melissa Walsh 16 Glenda Williams Kimberley S. Williams

17 Luigi and Elisa Panichi Arthur R. Satz Memorial Andy Vito/Harold Tompkins/ Charles S. North Scholarship Wappingers Central Memorial Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund* Ron Vece Scholarship Fund for Music Fund School District Steven A. Parascandola Art H. Normington Schofield Dennis Edward Walden Norman and Rita Nussbickel Investment in Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund Memorial Scholarship Children Funds Pawith Educators Helen and William Schwerman Marie Whearty Exceptional TCF Fund The Community Scholarship Fund Memorial Award Fund Effort Award Fund Foundations Kim Anne Pedersen Memorial Claudia Ann Seaman Award Justine Winters Memorial Funds for the Benefit administer Wappingers Scholarship Fund* for Young Writers Fund Scholarship Fund of Poughkeepsie Public Scholarship Funds. Poughkeepsie High School Steven N. Siciliano Memorial Kathleen H. Zwissler Memorial School District Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund+ Scholarship Fund The Community Philip DaGasta Aviation Scholarship Fund Jim Slater Memorial Foundations administer Memorial Award Fund George A. and Catherine V. Scholarship Fund Dutchess County Poughkeepsies Harvey S. Lederstein Memorial Quill Scholarship Fund Shane L. Smith Regional Chamber Scholarship Funds. Scholarship Fund Caring Fund in Memory of Scholarship Fund of Commerce Donald L. Lockwood Patricia Racicot Southern Dutchess Scholarships Miriam Brown Scholarship Fund P.J. Ransley Memorial Exchange Club Youth The Community Memorial Award Ricky Lombardo Scholarship Fund Achievement Fund Scholarship Fund Foundations administer Alexander Caven Awards Red Hook Grange Springfield Baptist Church - the Chamber of I. Ann Davidson Gayle Petty Pfaff Social Scholarship Fund Rev. Mattie Cooper and Studies Memorial Commerces Scholarship Fund Cheryl Ann Reis Memorial Jack Cooper, Sr. Award Fund Scholarship Fund Scholarship Funds. Andrew H. Erdreich Scholarship Fund Heide Somers Class of 1962 Award Coach Robert Relyea St. Stanislaus Knights Scholarship Fund Athena Scholarship Fund David Gould/Natia Scholarship Fund of Columbus Cosimo DiBrizzi Memorial Gorgen Award through different eyes Fund Rhinebeck Community Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund Poughkeepsie High School Clark and Dwight Townsend Scholarship Fund Lida Stewart Memorial Fund James T. Hammond Athletic Educational Opportunity Memorial Scholarship Fund Marjorie A. Rifenburg Rob Stone Scholarship Fund Leadership Scholarship Scholarship Fund Memorial Scholarship Fund Maureen and Stan Straub Fund Poughkeepsie City School Maria E. McCarthy Ringwood Scholarship Fund Eileen Hickey Nursing District Initiatives Memorial Scholarship Fund Martha Strever Scholarship Community Foundation of Scholarship Fund PCSD - 5th Grade Acacio Roger Rodrigues for Achievement in Dutchess County (no mark) Hudson Valley Young Graduation Award Memorial Scholarship Fund Mathematics Fund * Community Foundation of Professionals Next PCSD Foundation Scholarship Franklin and Eleanor Nora Zeller Strudwick Ulster County Funds Generation Scholarship Poughkeepsie High School Roosevelt Institute/Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund + Community Foundation of Fund Alumni Association Fund Luther King Jr. Stanley J. Tarver Memorial Putnam County Funds Juan Lafuente Memorial Joseph E. Ruscher Award Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund ^ Community Foundations of the Scholarship Fund Pvt. Herman Siegel Edward Rosen Memorial Sheldon J. Teitelbaum Hudson Valley Funds Steven and Linda Lant Family Memorial Award Scholarship Fund Award for Excellence in Scholarship Fund William Smalley Beatrice and David Mathematics Fund Manufacturing and Trade Memorial Fund Rosenthal Memorial Christopher M. C. Ulanmo Scholarship Fund Robert J. Susky Scholarship Fund* Memorial Scholarship Fund Richard W. Mitchell Memorial Memorial Award Rotary Club of Wappingers I. Budd Venable and Naomi A. Scholarship Fund John Thompson Award Falls, Inc. Scholarship Fund Venable Golf Scholarship Endowment Fund Audrey Morgenstern Memorial Leah Ryans Fund for Scholarship Fund Emerging Women Writers Garden Party Investment Community Subcommittee Subcommittee Foundations Staff Jane Garrity, Chair Amy Hardisty Steven Tinkelman, Chair Michael Marino Andrea L. Reynolds Sandy Arteaga Sue Hartshorn Darrelyn A. Brennan John S. Morgan President and CEO Mellany Bagtas Christine Hein Nancy R. Brownell Nathaniel S. Prentice Emily Robisch Rebecca Blahut Candace Lewis Thomas R.B. Campbell Andrea L. Reynolds Chief Financial Officer Nancy R. Brownell Haynes Llewellyn Joel Canter Scott R. Sweeney Kevin J. Quilty Paula Digilio Susan M. Miccio Kenneth Christman Jeffrey Thatcher Vice President, Ulster Joyce Garrity Sylvia Murphy John J. Cina, Jr. Jeffrey D. Wood Sally Cross Arthur L. Gellert Thomas J. Murphy Stephen Dahnert Director of Planned Giving Charles Glasner Kip ONeill Ira Effron Jennifer Killian Carla Gude Shoshanna Speyer Peter Krulewitch Director of Programs Jennifer Nolan Donor Relations Manager Cristin McPeake Database Administrator | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 17

18 Gifts For Our Communities Thomas, Drohan, Waxman, Petigrow & Mayle, LLP The Community Foundations accepted 3,900 contributions last year, totaling Truist Mr. and Mrs. Philip K. VanItallie more than $5 million. These gifts, ranging in size from $2 to $1 million, Viscount Wines & Liquor supported hundreds of organizations and thousands of people and animals in William G. Miller & Son Funeral the Hudson Valley and beyond. Gifts were used to feed the hungry, protect Home, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. Williams the abused, bolster the arts, enrich young peoples lives, engage our senior Patricia A. Wright Fund population, support those with disabilities, teach people to read and so much more just as the donor intended. While we are unable to list everyone who Hudson Valley gave to the more than 530 charitable funds we administer, we are grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Adams your ongoing support of our communities. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Arnold Ms. Susan Brown and The list below includes the Edible Arrangements Michael Torsone Funeral Home, Inc. Dr. Langdon Brown names of individuals, families, EFCO Products, Inc. Ms. Jody B. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brownell businesses and organizations Ms. Sara Effron Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm J. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Clark Bullock who made gifts specifically Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Effron F. Kennon and Mary L. Moody Mr. Robert R. Butts to the Community Founda- Dr. Walter F. Engel Jr. Montgomery Row Ms. Sally J. Cross tions. Thank you for support- F.W. Battenfeld & Son Mr. Luis Natal Mr. and Mrs. James F. Davenport ing our mission and ensuring Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Foley Network For Good Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dean a stronger quality of life in Donald J. Gallo Esq. New Horizons Resources Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. DuBois our region. Mr. Lavergne F. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Ira Effron Mrs. Mary Meeker Gesek North River Abstract Corp. Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick, Jr. Dutchess County Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Ghee Kip Bleakley ONeill Mr. and Mrs. John K. Gifford Mr. and Mrs. Donald Adams GKG CPAs Ms. Patricia A. OShea Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Graham Mrs. Elizabeth Peale Allen David M. Goldberg Esq. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Page Ms. Barbara A. Hadden Dr. and Mrs. Morton A. Alterman Ms. Clara Lou Gould Mr. Bruce Phipps and Mr. and Mrs. John Klassen Anonymous Gift Louis Greenspan Charitable Trust Ms. Miriam Tannen Mr. Peter Krulewitch Arlington Wine & Liquor Hon. and Mrs. Stephen L. Greller Planned Parenthood of the Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. LaColla Arthur DeDominicis CPA & Consultants Bernard and Shirley Handel Mid-Hudson Valley Ms. Michelle Leblanc AXA Foundation Ms. Sue Hartshorn Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Pletcher Mr. and Mrs. J. Joseph McGowan Mr. and Mrs. David S. Bagley Ms. Jean Taylor Hartwig Mr. and Mrs. Theodore O. Prenting Ms. Susan J. Ragusa Mr. and Mrs. James E. Baker Ms. Dorli J. Hausermann The Prudential Foundation Ms. Lorraine M. Roberts Bank of Millbrook Matching Gifts Ms. Lisette E. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Irving J. Scott Ms. Virginia Banks Mrs. Marilyn Pukmel Ms. Janet Houston Jonah Sherman Family Fund Bondib Hotels, Inc. Ms. Susan J. Ragusa Hudson Valley Hospice Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Smith Fanny V.W. Boos Trust Fund Ms. Alida Ransom John G. Ullman & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Smith Ms. Patricia Breen Margery Nancy Steven Reifler Christine and David A. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Nevill Smythe Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brenner Ms. Andrea L. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kegan Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Tatelbaum Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Brent Rhode, Soyka & Andrews Jim and Jennifer Killian Truist Robert R. Butts, Esq. Consulting Engineers Mr. Peter Krulewitch Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Ulanmo Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R.B. Campbell Mrs. Mary F. Ritz Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Deane Leonard United Way of the Dr. Joel Canter Riverstone Wealth Management Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lumb Dutchess-Orange Region Mr. Robert Chambers Ms. Emily C. Robisch William and Mary Lunt United Way of the Greater Capital The Chazen Companies Rocking Horse Ranch Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lynne Region, Inc. Dr. Gregory Chiaramonte Rutberg Breslow Personal Injury Law Ms. Wendy M. Bush Lyons Ms. Barbara A. Searle Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cina Jr. Mrs. Christine Mackay Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Sheldon Putnam County Committee to Elect Adrian Ms. Cora M. Mallory-Davis Mr. James D. Sheridan Community Foundation Garden Party Butch Anderson Mrs. Karen A. Markeloff Ms. Jane Barber Smith Community Foundation of Community Foundation Garden Party Mr. Alfred F. Marotta Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Smith Dutchess County Ms. Sally J. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Byron D. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Smith Ms. Sally J. Cross Tim and Alicia Dean Mr. Vincent McCabe Hon. David L. Steinberg and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. DiVestea Mr. and Mrs. John F. DeGilio Mr. Willis McCree and Mr. John Fromer Hon. Katherine A. Moloney The Dyson Foundation Estate of Ivy Detterbeck Mr. and Mrs. David M. McHugh Maureen and Stanley Straub Mr. Arthur L. Gellert Mr. Peter M. Donnelly Ms. Ann Chambers Meagher Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sullivan Mrs. Marjorie L. Nichols Keith and Dr. and Mrs. Irving H. Dreishpoon Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meagher TD Bank Mr. David Keith Dutchess County Agricultural Society Dr. and Mrs. Roy H. Merolli Mr. Robert W. Terry, CLU, CHFC Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Osborn III The Dyson Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christian W. Meyer III 18

19 Ulster County Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Amodeo Empire State Bank Murphy Realty Group Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Silverman Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Erena Mr. Regis M. Obijiski and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slauson Arold Construction Friends of Mike Hein Ms. Vicki Lucarini Mr. Glenn B. Sutherland and Mr. and Mrs. Eli B. Basch Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Gade Mr. James F. Passikoff Ms. Cynthia A. Lowe Mr. and Mrs. William F. Berardi Gillette Creamery Pfeffer-Beach Foundation Mr. Gregg Swanzey and Bob and Joyce Carey Ms. Sasha Gillman Ms. Cusie Pfeifer Ms. Emma Sears Mr. and Mrs. John Cary Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Haberski Ms. Darlene L. Pfeiffer Ms. Rita J. Truesdell Mr. Glenn S. Clarke and Mr. Ed DeSoto Mr. Tony Hall Joan and James Quigley Ulster Federal Credit Union Community Foundation Garden Party Hudson Valley Foot Associates Mr. Kevin J. Quilty Arthur and Linda Upright Community Foundation J&A Roofing Company Resource Center for Accessible Living The Valley Group of Dutchess County Mr. Ronald Knapp Ms. Andrea L. Reynolds Jan and Alyce Van Etten Community Foundation of Mr. Floyd Lattin and Mr. Ward Mintz Mrs. Theresa T. Reynolds Viking Industries, Inc. Ulster County Advisory Board L.T. Begnal Motors Mr. William P. Reynolds Mr. Chauncey W. Wilbur Coombe, Bender & Co. Mr. and Mrs. John Macauley Robert Green Auto & Truck, Inc. Ms. LaGreta Williams Ms. Sally J. Cross Dr. and Mrs. James J. Manion Dr. and Mrs. J. Peter Roberts Mr. Jeffrey D. Wood Mr. and Mrs. William W. Davenport Martco Ms. Myrna Sameth Mr. Stephen J. Wood Deegan - Sanglyn Commercial Matthew C. Hall & Co., LLP Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shuster The Woodstock School of Art, Inc. Real Estate Sickler, Torchia, Allen & Churchill, Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Mr. and Mrs. Brian Drabkin Credit Union CPAs, PC Legacy Society The Legacy Society was created by the Community Foundations to honor and thank those individuals whose commitment to our communities inspired them to make a planned gift through their wills and estates to support the causes they care about most. Legacy Society Members Anonymous (7 donors) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen DuBois Ms. Cynthia A. Lowe and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Seaman Mr. Robert G. Auchincloss Mr. Vern Fish Mr. Glenn B. Sutherland Mr. Phillip Shatz and Ms. Deborah Bailey Browne Mr. John M. Garesch Mrs. Edward A. Mulvey Ms. Natalie Marshall Dr. Roy Budnik Mr. Arthur L. Gellert Mr. and Mrs. John OShea Mr. and Mrs. Nevill Smythe Mr. Russell J. Croce Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Heisman Ms. Darlene L. Pfeiffer Mr. Jeffrey D. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Brian Drabkin Mr. James M. Krivo The Prenting Family Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Wood Ms. Imogene Drummond Dr. Daniel Lack Ms. Andrea L. Reynolds Ms. Patricia A. Wright Mr. David J. Ringwood Thank You Ellen L. Baker, Esq. McCabe & Mack, LLP Beth Jones, RLP Third Eye Associates, Ltd. Professional Advisors William A. Brenner, CPA Vince Pangia, CPA, CFE Citrin Cooperman & Pangia & Company, LLC Since our founding 45 years ago, the Community Company, LLP CPA Martha M. Roberge, Esq. Foundations have enjoyed the strong support Robert R. Butts, Esq. Mike Senkier of and partnership with this regions professional Donald Cappillino, Esq. Northwestern Mutual advisors. Cappillino & Rothschild, LLP Charles Chip Simon, CFP Wayne Day, CPA Taconic Advisors, Inc. Every year, the Community Foundations annual Day Seckler, LLP Vincent Teahan, Esq. Professional Advisors Breakfast honors two Paul DeLisio, CFP Teahan & Constantino, LLP advisors for their exceptional work. This years Main Street Financial John Wadlin, Esq. honorees were Stephen E. Diamond, Esq., of Stephen E. Diamond, Esq. Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner & Stenger, Roberts, Davis & Martuscello, LLP Stenger, Roberts, Davis & Diamond, LLP and Diamond, LLP John Wadlin, Esq., of Rusk, Wadlin, Heppner We make every effort to maintain Arthur L. Gellert, Esq. a complete list of advisor referrals; & Martuscello, LLP. Gellert, Klein & MacLeod, LLP Esq. if your name was omitted, were John K. Gifford, Esq. sorry! Please contact Sally Cross We would also like to thank the following advisors Van DeWater & Van DeWater, LLP at [email protected] or for recommending the Community Foundations Austin Brud Hodgkins 845-452-3077 to correct Hodgkins Agency our oversight. to their clients during the past year: | Community Foundations Annual Report 2014 19

20 NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID C R S T. N E T 12550 80 Washington Street Suite 201 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Inspiring Generational Impact Create Your Own Generational Impact Ways to Give by Building a Fund that Benefits Your Give Today Community Forever Cash Questions? Stock, Bonds and Mutual Funds Our staff is available to assist you with information about all Life Insurance things charitable including starting a fund, ways to give, donor Closely Held Stock resources, grants, scholarships and the nonprofit sector. Real Estate Charitable Lead Trusts 80 Washington Street, Suite 201 280 Wall Street, PO Box 3046 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 Kingston, NY 12402 Give Tomorrow 845.452.3077 845.338.2535 Bequests [email protected] [email protected] Retirement Funds Life Insurance Charitable Gift Annuities Charitable Remainder Trusts Art teacher Rachel Swersey-Forte presents a thank you card to the Community Foundation from field trip students

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