Eligibility & Qualifications - Institution of Engineers (India)

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1 ELIGIBILITY FOR VARIOUS CLASSES OF MEMBERSHIP (Technician and Senior Technician Members) 1. TECHNICIAN MEMBERS Council, be making satisfactory progress in the acquisition of qualification for corporate 1.1 Every candidate for election as a Technician Member membership provided that temporary shall satisfy the Council that he possesses the following: unemployment is no bar to his election. (a) Age (c) Examination He shall have attained the age of 17 (seventeen) He shall have passed either (a) an accredited years on the date of his application for election. diploma examination in engineering or technology (b) Educational Qualification or its equivalent as recognised by the Council or (b) such other examination recognised by the He shall possess an educational qualification Council as exempting from passing Section A recognised by the Council as given in Appendix I. (Non-diploma) Examination of the Institution. (c) Academic Training 2.2 Educational Qualification He shall, in the opinion of the Council, be making (a) Candidates, who have passed an examination as satisfactory progress in the acquisition of listed in Appendix II (Part I), shall be eligible to qualification for corporate membership. apply for Senior Technician membership. 2. SENIOR TECHNICIAN MEMBERS (b) Candidates, who possess any qualification as listed 2.1 Every candidate for election as a Senior Technician in Appendix II (Part II), shall be eligible to apply Member or transfer from Technician Member to Senior for Senior Technician membership, claiming Technician Member shall satisfy the Council that he complete exemption from Section A Examination of possesses the following : the Institution. (a) Age 3. FOREIGN QUALIFICATIONS He shall have attained the age of 18 (eighteen) Engineering qualifications from abroad are not listed in years on the date of his application for election or Appendices II and III, but holders of such qualifications may transfer. also apply for admission to appropriate class of membership and the case will be considered on an individual merit after (b) He shall be engaged in the engineering profession ascertaining the standard of the qualifications from the as a pupil or apprentice or assistant under a national society of engineers of the countries concerned. Corporate Member and shall, in the opinion of the 1 of 17

2 APPENDIX I EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS FOR TECHNICIAN MEMBERSHIP Candidates, who have passed 10+2 level or having passed any of the following examinations in English and secured at least 45% marks in aggregate as well as 45% marks in aggregate in science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), shall only be eligible to apply. 1. Intermediate Science Examination with English, 11. Vocational Higher Secondary Course from Directorate Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. of Vocational Higher Secondary Education, Kerala. 2. Bachelor of Science Examination with Mathematics, 12. Senior Secondary School Certificate from National Physics and Chemistry. Institute of Open Schooling, New Delhi. 3. Passing of the first year examination or promotion to 13. Diploma in (i) Diesel Mechanics, (ii) Electrical the second year of a three-year Bachelors degree course Instrument Mechanics, (iii) Vocational Training for Fitter with any one of the subjects : Mathematics or Physics conducted at Sumant Moolgaonkar Engineering or Chemistry, provided the candidate has passed the Institute, Kymore (MP). Pre-university or 10+2 or an equivalent examination with 14. Diploma in Surface Coating Technology conducted by English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Board of Technical Examinations, Maharashtra. 4. Passing of the two-year course (10 + 2 + 3 system) with 15. Certificate of Vocational Education Examination in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Telecommunication Engineering Technician conducted conducted by any State Board of Higher Secondary by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination. Education or recognised Indian University after 10 years of school education. 16. Intermediate Vocational Course in (i) Automobile Engineering Technician, (ii) Road and Buildings 5. Pre-professional Examination in Engineering or the Construction Technician, and (iii) Construction passing of the first year examination of five-year Technology conducted by Board of Intermediate integrated course in Engineering. Education, Andhra Pradesh. 6. Pre-engineering Examination. 17. Vocational Course in Electronic Repair Technician 7. Board of Apprenticeship Training admission Examination, conducted by Goa Board of Secondary & Higher West Bengal. Secondary Education. 8. B. Arch. Preliminary Examination of Calcutta 18. Auto Engineering Technician course conducted by University. Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune. 9. Passing of first year examination of B.Tech. Ed. of Regional College of Education, Ajmer. 19. Vocational Higher Secondary course from Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, Tamil Nadu. 10. Passing of two-year course of Indian Military Academy/ National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla and 20. Vocational course in Rural Engineering Technician from Dehradun. Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh. 2 of 17

3 APPENDIX II EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS FOR SENIOR TECHNICIAN MEMBERSHIP Part I (If there is no footnote with reference to an accepted qualification, it was accepted by the Council from the first year of its award) ALL-INDIA COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION Special Diploma Course in National Certificate Examination in Electronics (Spl. in Computer Engineering) Civil Engineering Electronics (Spl. in Communication Engineering ) Electrical Engineering Electronics (Spl. in Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation ) Mechanical Engineering Special Diploma Courses (otherwise known as Model NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR RURAL HIGHER EDUCATION Diploma Courses for Technicians in Electrical Diploma in Engineering/Electronics) STATE COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION, Civil and Rural Engineering ARUNACHAL PRADESH STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND Diploma in TRAINING, ANDHRA PRADESH + Civil Engineering L.A.E. Computer Science & Engineering L.C.E1 STATE COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION, ASSAM L.E.E1 Diploma in L.E.C.E2 Agricultural Engineering L.M.E1,3 Architectural Assistantship Automobile Engineering L.Met.E. Civil Engineering1 L.Min.E. Chemical Engineering L.R.E. Computer Engineering L.T.E. Electrical Engineering Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Instrumentation Technology Architectural Engineering4 Mechanical Engineering1 Biomedical Engineering Textile Technology Ceramic Technology Textile Chemistry & Design Chemical Engineering6 STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, BIHAR Chemical Engineering (Sandwich) (Spl. in Oil Diploma in Technology) Agricultural Engineering Chemical Engineering (Spl. in Plastic & Polymer) Automobile Engineering Chemical Engineering (Spl. in Petrochemicals) Ceramic Engineering Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering1,7,8 Computer Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering5 Electrical Engineering1,7,8 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics Instrumentation & Control Electronics Instrumentation Engineering Mechanical Engineering1,7,8 Food Technology6 Mining and Mine Surveying Leather Technology Textile Technology & Textile Design Mechanical Engineering Open Cast Mines & Machinery Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration & Air-cond.) Polymer Engineering Printing Technology & DTP Sugar Technology6 Production Engineering Textile Technology6 Rural Engineering TV and Sound Engineering Textile Technology 1. Four-year part-time course is also recognised. 2. Changed to Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering from 1977-78. 3. Sandwich course is also recognised. 4. Formerly Diploma in Architectural Assistantship till 1990. 5. Formerly Diploma in Electrical Engineering. 6. Sandwich diploma is also recognised. 7. Obtained after course of study of two-years or more. Candidates who passed the two-year course must possess minimum admission qualification I.Sc. with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or its equivalent. 8. Candidates who passed the two-year Diploma qualification must possess minimum Higher Secondary with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. + Correspondence-cum-Contact Courses (C.C.C.) are also recognised provided regular diploma courses in same disciplines are accredited. 3 of 17

4 BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, DELHI Production Engineering Diploma in Shipbuilding Engineering Architectural Assistantship TECHNICAL EXAMINATIONS BOARD, GUJARAT11 Automobile Engineering Diploma in Civil Engineering9 Architectural Assistantship Civil and Rural Engineering Automobile Engineering12 Chemical Engineering Ceramic Technology Computer Engineering Civil Engineering9 Construction Engineering Chemical Engineering Digital Electronics Chemical Engineering (Sandwich)13 Electrical Engineering9 Computer Engineering14 Construction and Structure Electronics Engineering Electrical Communication Engineering Electronics (Spl. in Digital Electronics & Electrical Engineering9 Microprocessor System Design) Electrical Technology Electronics (Spl. in Medical Electronics) Electronics Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering10 Electronics and Communication Engineering15 Electronics and Electrical Communication Electronics, Sound and TV Engineering16 Engineering10* Fabrication Technology Instrumentation and Control Instrumentation and Control Mechanical Engineering9 Information Technology Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Maintenance Internal Combustion Engineering Engineering) Man-made Fibres Fabrics Plastic Technology Man-made Fibres Wet Processing Pharmacy Mechanical Engineering9 Production Engineering Mechatronics Engineering Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Public Health and Environmental Engineering Metallurgy Tool and Die Making Mining Engineering Post Diploma in Plastic Engineering Advance Manufacturing Technology Power Electronics Industrial Engineering Printing Technology Petrochemical Engineering Radio Technology BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, GOA10A, 10B Textile Chemistry Diploma in Textile Manufacture Automobile Engineering Textile Manufacturing Technology17 Civil Engineering Textile Processing Technology17 Civil Engineering (Construction Technology) Transportation Engineering Computer Engineering Water Resources Engineering STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, HARYANA Construction Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering Agriculture Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Architectural Assistanship Electronics Engineering Automobile Engineering Electronics Engineering (Marine) Ceramic Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Civil Engineering Fabrication Technology and Erection Engineering Chemical Engineering Food Technology Chemical Engineering (Spl. in Pulp and Paper Industrial Electronics Technology) Instrumentation & Control Computer Engineering Instrumentation Engineering Electrical Engineering18 Mechanical Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Electronics and Television Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Heat Power) Electronics and Video Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Material Handling) 4-yr Post-diploma in Computer Engineering18A Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Refrigeration and 4-yr Post-diploma in Mechanical Engineering18A Air Conditioning) Instrumentation & Control Medical Electronics Information Technology Mining Engineering Mechanical Engineering18 Mining and Mine Surveying Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Tool & Die Making) 9. Part-time courses are also recognised. 10. Formerly Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering and Electrical Communication Engineering, respectively. Four-year part-time course is also recognised. 10*. Part-time course of 4-year duration is recognised. 10A. Diploma courses under Multi Point Entry, Exit and Credit System also recognised. 10B. Formerly Board of Technical Examination, Goa. 11. 4 Year Diploma Course in Distance Learning Mode also recognised. 12. Conducted on Sandwich-base since 1970. 13. Formerly Diploma in Technician in Chemical Industry. 14. Formerly Diploma in Computer Technology prior to July 1992. 15. Formerly Diploma in Electronics and Radio Engineering. 16. Formerly Diploma in Electronics and Sound Engineering. 17. Diplomas in Man-made Fibres Fabrics and Textile Manufacture and Diplomas in Man-made Fibres Wet Processing and Textile Chemistry have been merged and renamed as Textile Manufacturing Technology and Textile Processing Technology, respectively since August 1991. 18. Four-year sandwich course is also recognised. 18A. Both exempted from Section A Examination 4 of 17

5 Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Metallurgy and STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, JAMMU AND Production Engineering) KASHMIR Plastic Technology Diploma in Production Engineering18A Architectural Assistantship Production Engineering and Industrial Management Automobile Engineering Pulp and Paper Engineering Civil Engineering Textile Technology Computer Engineering Textile Processing Computer Science & Engineering Textile design Electrical Engineering Sandwich Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering Chemical Engineering (Spl. in Paper and Pulp Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation Technology) Information Technology Industrial Electronics & Instrumentation Mechanical Engineering Plant Maintenance Medical Electronics HIM TAKNIKI SHIKSHA BOARD, HIMACHAL PRADESH Public Health Engineering (Civil) Diploma in Textile Designing (with Physics, Chemistry & Architectural Assistantship Mathematics at 10+2 level) Automobile Engineering STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, JHARKHAND Civil Engineering Diploma in Computer Engineering Civil Engineering (Rural Technology) Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Computer Application Engineering Instrumentation Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electronics Instrumentation and Control BOARD OF TECHNICAL EXAMINATIONS, KARNATAKA Environmental and Pollution Control L.C.E. Information Technology L.E.E.9 Mechanical Design and Drafting L.M.E.9 Mining Engineering L.Met.E. Sugar Technology Diploma in BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, KERALA Architecture Diploma in Architectural Assistantship Architectural Engineering Automobile Engineering19 Automobile Engineering Ceramics Technology Applied Electronics Chemical Engineering Biomedical Engineering Civil Engineering (Draughtsmanship) Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering (Public Health Engineering) Chemical Technology27 Computer Science Civil Engineering9 Computer Science and Engineering Civil and Rural Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering Computer Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering9, 26 Computer Hardware Maintenance Horological Engineering Electrical Engineering9 Information Science & Engineering Electrical & Electronics Engineering (with Physics, Instrumentation and Control22 Chemistry & Mathematics at 10+2 level) Information Technology Electronics9 Leather Technology Electronics and Avionics Mechanical Engineering (Heat Power Technology) Electronics Engineering (Power Electronics) Mechanical Engineering (Instruments) Electronics & Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Machine Tool Technology) Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Welding & Sheet Metal) Electronics Production Technology Mechatronics Engineering Instrument Technology Mining and Mine Surveying20 Mechanical Engineering9 Paper Technology Medical Electronics Plastic Technology24 Medical Instrumentation Printing Technology23 Polymer Technology Rubber Technology24 Power Electronics Sound Recording and Engineering25 Quantity Surveying and Construction Sugar Technology Management Telecommunication Engineering Telecommunication Technology (Electronics/Telecommunication)21 Textile Technology Textile Technology Tool & Die Engineering Tool and Die Making Wood Technology 18A. Sandwich Diploma is also recognised. 19. Formerly Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (AT). 20. Formerly L. Min. E. 21. Formerly (i) Diploma in Radio Engineering, (ii) Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering (Electronics). 22. Formerly Diploma in Instrumentation Technology. 23. Subject to passing the subject Engineering Drawing and Graphics of Section A (Non-diploma) by obtaining minimum Grade C till its inclusion in the diploma course of the Board. 24. Formerly Diploma in Polymer Technology. 25. Formerly Diploma in Sound Engineering. 26. Formerly Telecommunication Engineering 27. Formerly Chemical Operators Course. 28. Formerly Madhya Pradesh Board of Technical Education. 5 of 17

6 RAJIV GANDHI PROUDYOGIKI VISHWAVIDYALAYA, Electronics Engineering (Industry Integrated) B HOPAL 28 Electronics and Radio Engineering Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering34 Architecture Electronics and Video Engineering Automobile Engineering Environmental Technology Cement Technology Fabrication Technology Chemical Engineering Fabrication Technology and Erection Engineering36 Civil Engineering29 Information Technology Construction Technology and Management Industrial Electronics Computer Science Instrumentation and Control Engineering37 Electrical Engineering29 Internal Combustion Engineering Electronics Knitting Technology Electronics Y-scheme Machine Tools and Maintenance38 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Man-made Fibre Manufacture Electronics and Television Engineering Man-made Textile Chemistry Food Technology30 Man-made Textile Technology Information Technology Mechanical Engineering34 Instrumentation Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Industry Integrated) Mechanical Engineering29 Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Metallurgy Medical Electronics Mining Engineering31 Metallurgy Mine Surveying Mining Engineering39 Opto Electronics Packaging Technology Optometry and Refraction32 Plant Engineering Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical Engineering Plastics Technology40 Plastic Technology Plastic & Polymer Engineering Production Engineering Printing Technology (full-time and part-time) Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Production Engineering Textile Technology Production Technology Video Production Production Technology (Industry Integrated) Model Technician Diploma in Machine Building Prosthetic and Orthotics Engineering Technology Rubber Technology Postgraduate Diploma in Shipbuilding Engineering Computer Applications Sound & Television Engineering Town Planning and Architecture Sugar Manufacturing Advance Diploma in Textile Chemistry Manufacturing Engineering Textile Manufacture Mechatronic Textile Technology Industrial Electronics Transportation Engineering BOARD OF TECHNICAL EXAMINATION, MAHARASHTRA L.C. & S.E. Diploma in MEGHALAYA STATE COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL Automobile Engineering EDUCATION, SHILLONG Chemical Engineering Diploma in Chemical Technology Civil Engineering Civil Engineering33 Computer Application Civil and Rural Engineering Computer Science & Engineering Civil Engineering and Rural Reconstruction Electrical Engineering Computer Technology/Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Construction Engineering Mechanical Engineering Construction Technology MIZORAM STATE COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL Dairy Engineering EDUCATION, AIZWAL Digital Electronics Diploma in Electrical Communication Engineering Electrical Engineering33 Civil Engineering Electrical Power System Computer Science & Engineering Electrical Technology Electrical Engineering Electronics Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Electronics Engineering35 Mechanical Engineering 29. 2--year Diploma, Part-time Diploma, Diploma in Design Draughtsmanship and 4-year sandwich courses are also recognised. 30. Recognised subject to passing Engineering Drawing and Graphics (AN-207) subject of Section A (Non-diploma) by obtaining minimum Grade C. 31. Formerly Diploma in Mining and Mine Surveying. 32. Recognised for the candidates who studied Mathematics at 10+2 level. 33. Part-time, sandwich pattern and correspondence diploma courses are also recognised. 34. 4-year part-time course is also recognised. 35. Formerly Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Electronics & Communication Engineering, respectively. 36. Formerly Structural Fabrication and Erection Engineering. Sandwich course is also recognised. 37. Formerly Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering. 38. Sandwich course is also recognised. 39. Formerly Diploma in Mining and Mine Surveying. 40. Formerly Diploma in Plastic Engineering. 6 of 17

7 STATE COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION, NAGALAND Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Refrigeration and Diploma in Airconditioning) Civil Engineering Plastic Technology Electrical Engineering Textile Chemistry Mechanical Engineering Textile Processing S TATE C OUNCIL FOR T ECHNICAL E DUCATION AND Textile Technology VOCATIONAL TRAINING, ODISHA41 Tool and Die Making/Technology L.M.E.E. BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, RAJASTHAN Diploma in Diploma in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation43, 58 Architectural Assistantship Architectural Assistantship Automobile Engineering Automobile Engineering43 Civil Engineering1 Biotechnology Civil and Rural Engineering Ceramic Technology Computer Science and Engineering Chemical Engineering43 Electrical Engineering1 Civil Engineering18, 42, 44, 45 Electronics Engineering47 Computer Science and Engineering Electronics (Communications/Digital) Computer Programming & Application Electronics (Fibre Optics & Communication Drilling Engineering39 Engineering) Electrical Engineering18, 42, 44, 45 Instrumentation Engineering Electronics and Telecommunication Machine Tools and Tool Technology Engineering43, 53 Mechanical Engineering1 Food Processing and Preservation Mining and Mine Surveying48 Information Technology Plastic Technology Instrumentation and Control Refrigeration and Airconditioning Leather Technology Sandwich Diploma in Mechanical Engineering18, 42, 44 Architecture Metallurgical Engineering43 Cement Technology Mine Surveying Engineering43 Chemical Engineering Mining Engineering51 Mechanical (Agriculture) Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineering43 Mechanical (Maintenance) Rural Technology Textile Technology Plastic Technology PUNJAB STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND Printing Technology INDUSTRIAL TRAINING, CHANDIGARH46 Production Engineering Diploma in Textile Technology Architectural Assistantship STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION SIKKIM Automobile Engineering Diploma in Chemical Engineering Tool and Die Making48A Civil Engineering9 STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING, Computer Engineering TAMIL NADU Electrical Engineering9 Diploma in Electronics (Microprocessor) Agricultural Farm Equipment Technology49 Electronics and Communication Engineering Apparel Technology Electronics and Radio Engineering Architectural Assistantship Electronics and Telecommunication Automobile Engineering Electronics and Television Technology Chemical Technology54 Industrial and Production Engineering Civil Engineering55 Information Technology46A Civil Engineering (Architecture) Instrumentation Technology Civil and Rural Engineering Knitting Technology Computer Networking Mechanical Engineering9, 18 Computer Technology57 41. Formerly State Council of Technical Education & Training, Orissa. 42. Formerly L.C.E., L.E.E and L.M.E., respectively. 43. Sandwich pattern withdrawn since 1982. 44. Certificate course is also recognised. 45. Post I.Sc/B.Sc. 2-year condensed course is also recognised. 46. Before the formation of the State Board, the awarding authority was the Director of Industries, Punjab. Sandwich course is also recognised. Formerly State Board of Technical Education, Punjab. 46A. For candidates passing the diploma on and from 2007. 47. Formerly Industrial Electronics Engineering. 48. Formerly Mining Engineering. 48A. Diploma is conducted in collaboration with NTTF, Bangalore. 49. Formerly Agricultural Engineering. 50. Formerly Diploma in Cinematography and Sound Engineering. 51. Formerly Electrical Engineering. 52. Formerly Electronics. 53. Both Sandwich and regular courses are recognised. 54. Now being offered as Sandwich course only. 55. Part-time and Sandwich diploma courses are also recognised. 56. Sandwich course is also recognised. 57. Formerly Computer Science and Engineering. 7 of 17

8 Electrical and Electronics Engineering51, 55 Civil Engineering1, 61, 62 Electronics (Spl. in Instrumentation) Civil Engineering (Spl. in Mgmt of Water & Power Electronics and Communication Engineering52 Resources) Electronics & Instrumentation Civil Engineering (Spl. in Environment Pollution and Environmental Pollution & Control Control) Film Technology50 Civil and Rural Engineering Fisheries Technology and Navigation Engineering Computer Engineering Foundary Technology53 Construction Technology Garment Technology Dairy Engineering Information Technology Electrical Engineering1, 61, 62 Instrument Technology58 Electrical Engineering (Spl. in Industrial Control) Instrumentation and Control Engineering Electrical Engineering (Spl. in Microprocessor) Knitting Technology Electronics9, 61 Machine Tool Maintenance and Rapairs Electronics Engineering (Spl. in Microelectronics) Man-made Fibre Technology Footwear & Leather Goods Technology (Spl. in Marine Engineering Computer Aided Shoe Design) Mechanical Engineering55 Glass and Ceramic Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Tool & Die) Instrumentation and Control Mechanical and Rural Engineering Leather Technology Mechatronics Engineering53 Mechanical Engineering1, 61, 62 Metallurgy Engineering Printing Technology Mining Engineering Product Design Paper Technology Production Engineering Petrochemical Technology Public Health Engineering Petroleum Engineering Plastic Technology Plastic Technology Refrigeration and Airconditioning Polymer Technology Textile Chemistry Polymer Technology (Plastic) Textile Design Polymer Technology (Rubber) Textile Technology Printing Technology Tool Engineering Production Engineering Tubewell Engineering Pulp and Paper Technology56 OVERSEER EXAMINATION BOARD, BENGAL Refrigeration and Airconditioning L.C.E. Sugar Technology WEST BENGAL STATE COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL Telecommunication Engineering EDUCATION, KOLKATA64 Textile Designing and Weaving59 L.C.E.9, 63 Textile Engineering L.E.E.9, 63 Textile Manufacturing L.E.T.E.65 Textile Processing L.M.E.9, 63 Textile Technology L. Min. E. Tool Engineering L.R.C.E. Tool and Die Making (Sandwich) Diploma in Licentiate in Automobile Engineering Architectural Engineering66 Licentiate in Sanitary Engineering Automobile Engineering Sandwich Diploma in Chemical Engineering Foundry Technology Civil Engineering and Rural Technology Textile Technology Computer Science and Technology STATE BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, UTTARAKHAND Information Technology Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering /Technology Civil Resources Engineering Metallurgical Engineering BOARD OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, UTTAR PRADESH Mining Survey (sandwich pattern) Diploma in Printing Technology67 Agricultural Engineering Production Engineering Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Survey Engineering Architectural Assistantship Sandwich Course in Automobile Engineering Ceramics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Chemical Engineering60 Structural Fabrication Engineering Chemical Technology (Fertiliser Technology) Diploma in Engineering for Training of Technicians in Chemical Technology (Spl. in Petrochemical) Mechanical Engineering Chemical Technology (Rubber and Plastic) Electrical Engineering 58. Formerly Instrumentation and Control Engineering. 59. Formerly Textile Designing. 60. Four-year Sandwich course only is recognised. 61. Also conducted in Hindi. 62. Two-year diploma and 3-1/2 year Sandwich diploma are also recongised. 63. Now called diplomas. Previously called certificates. 64. Formerly State Council for Engineering and Technical Education, West Bengal. 65. Formerly L.E.C.E. 66. Formerly Architectural Assistantship. 67. 4 Year Part-time Diploma Course also recognised. 8 of 17

9 UNIVERSITIES JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY Diploma in Diploma in Civil Engineering68 Architectural Assistantship Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Part IV (Evening) Drafting and Designing (Civil/Mechanical) Electronics Engineering Electrical Engineering Environmental & Pollution Control Engineering Electrical Instrumentation Mechanical Engineering Electronics Engineering KERALA UNIVERSITY69 Interior Design Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Automobile Engineering Mechanical - Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Chemical Engineering BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY Civil Engineering B.Sc. (Applied Science) Electrical Engineering B.Sc. (Applied Science Computer Technology) Mechanical Engineering BIRLA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MESRA LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY, JALANDHAR Diploma in Diploma in Automobile Engineering Automobile Engineering Computer Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering* Computer Science Electronics Engineering Information Technology Manufacturing Technology Electronics and Communication Engineering Mechanical Engineering* Electrical Engineering Technology (Computer Science) Mechanical Engineering C HHATTISGARH S WAMI V IVEKANAND T ECHNICAL MAHARAJA SAYAJIRAO UNIVERSITY OF BARODA UNIVERSITY, BHILAI Diploma in Diploma in Civil Engineering70 Metallurgical Engineering Electrical Engineering70 DR BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR TECHNOLOGICAL Information Technology UNIVERSITY, RAIGAD Mechanical Engineering70 Diploma in Petrochemical Technology Chemical Engineering Textile Chemistry Computer Engineering Textile Technology Electrical Engineering Diploma in Technology of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Processing of Oil and Gas Instrumentation Engineering Production of Synthetic Resins and Plastics Petrochemical Engineering Production of Fertilizers Polymer & Plastic Engineering MANIPUR UNIVERSITY THE GANDHIGRAM RURAL INSTITUTE, GANDHIGRAM Diploma in (DEEMED UNIVERSITY) Diploma in Civil Engineering Khadi & Handloom Technology (with Physics, Electrical Engineering Chemistry & Mathematics at 10+2 level) Electronics Engineering71 INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY, Mechanical Engineering NEW DELHI NAGPUR UNIVERSITY Advance Diploma in L.A.E. Construction Management L.C.E. Diploma in L.E.E. Civil Engineering L.M.E. Electrical Engineering NIRMA UNIVERSITY, AHMEDABAD Mechanical Engineering Diploma in JABALPUR UNIVERSITY Information Technology Diploma in NORTH-EASTERN HILL UNIVERSITY Architecture and Town Planning Diploma in Civil Engineering Agriculture Engineering Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Public Health Engineering Electrical Engineering JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. degree in Applied Geology PT. RAVISHANKAR SHUKLA UNIVERSITY, RAIPUR Diploma in Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Metallurgy * Two-year diploma courses for sponsored employees of Tata Steel having 2/3 years apprenticeship training in different trades with five years experience. 68. Formerly Diploma in Civil and Rural Engineering. 69. Formerly Travancore University. 70. Extended Diploma course is also recognised. 71. Formerly Electronics & Communication Engineering prior to 1996. 72. Formerly called Overseer certificate. 73. Formerly called Draftsman certificate. 74. Part-time course is also recognised. 75. Part-time, sandwich and condensed courses are also recognised. 9 of 17

10 ROORKEE UNIVERSITY Four-year Advance Diploma in Diploma in Die and Mould Making Civil Engineering72 CENTRAL TOOL ROOM AND TRAINING CENTRE, Electrical Engineering72 B HUBANESWAR Mechanical Engineering72 Diploma in Draftsmanship Diploma in Tool and Die Making Civil Engineering73 CENTRAL TOOL ROOM AND TRAINING CENTRE, KOLKATA Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Tool and Die Making R AJIV GANDHI PROUDYOGIKI VISHWAVIDYALAYA, CIVIL ENGINEERING SCHOOL, ALLAHABAD BHOPAL Overseer Certificate in Diploma in Civil Engineering Computer Science and Engineering72 Electrical Engineering Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Mechanical Engineering SAUGOR UNIVERSITY CIVIL ENGINEERING SCHOOL, LUCKNOW Diploma in Overseer Certificate in Architecture and Town Planning Civil Engineering Civil Engineering COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, GUINDY, CHENNAI Electrical Engineering L.C.E. Mechanical Engineering Upper Subordinate Diploma Public Health Engineering COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, OSMANIA UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE, DHARWAD Overseer Certificate Diploma in Upper Subordinate Diploma76 Agricultural Engineering COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, PUNE COLLEGES, POLYTECHNICS, SCHOOLS AND Diploma in ENGINEERING INSTITUTES Civil Engineering ANGEL TECHNICAL COLLEGE (POLYTECHNIC), MUMBAI Electrical Engineering Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Production Engineering74 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, JADAVPUR ASSAM ENGINEERING INSTITUTE, GAUHATI Diploma in Certificate in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering Diploma of Overseer Course Electrical Engineering Junior Technical Course Mechanical Engineering CUSROW WADIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, PUNE SHRI BHAGUBHAI MAFATLAL POLYTECHNIC, MUMBAI Diploma in Diploma in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering75 Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering Electronics and Radio Engineering Digital Electronics Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering75 DAYALBAGH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, DAYALBAGH, AGRA Industrial Electronics Diploma in Mechanical Engineering75 Automobile Engineering Plastic Engineering Electrical Engineering B.V. BHOOMARADDI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND Mechanical Engineering TECHNOLOGY, HUBLI DELHI POLYTECHNIC Diploma in All-India Diploma in Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering77 Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering77 Mechanical Engineering DIRECTORATE OF INDUSTRIAL TRAINING, HARYANA BIHAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, PATNA Diploma in Civil Engineering Subordinate Diploma Mechanical Engineering78 CENTRE FOR ELECTRONICS DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY, A URANGABAD DIRECTOR GENERAL OF CIVIL AVIATION (DGCA) Diploma in 3-yrs Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (after 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) Electronics Production & Maintenance DOEACC SOCIETY, AURANGABAD CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF PLASTIC ENGINEERING AND Diploma in TECHNOLOGY, CHENNAI Electronics Production and Maintenance Diploma in DOEACC CENTRE, IMPHAL (Affiliated to Manipal University) Plastic Mould Technology Diploma in Post-diploma in Plastic Mould Technology Computer Science and Engineering CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF TOOL DESIGN, HYDERABAD FOREMAN TRAINING INSTITUTE, BANGALORE Diploma in Diploma in Tool Making Foremanship CENTRAL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS ORGANISATION, GANDHIDHAM POLYTECHNIC, ADIPUR, KUTCH INDO-SWISS TRAINING CENTRE, CHANDIGARH Diploma in Overseer Certificate in Instrument Technology Civil Engineering 76. Passed in First Class only. 77. Redesignated National Certificate. 78. Now awarded by the State Board of Technical Education, Haryana. 10 of 17

11 GOVERNMENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE, HYDERABAD Electrical Engineering L.A.E. Electronics L.C.E. Instrumentation and Control L.E.E. Mechanical Engineering L.M.E. Production Engineering L.M.E.E. Public Health Engineering GOVERNMENT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, GORAKHPUR Diploma in Plastic Technology Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Refrigeration and Airconditioning GOVERNMENT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, LUCKNOW Tool Engineering Final Diploma in Tubewell Engineering Electrical Engineering INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT, Mechanical Engineering THIRUANANTHAPURAM GOVERNMENT TOOL ROOM TRAINING CENTRE, B. Sc. Degree in BANGALORE Computer Science Diploma in Tool and Die Making Electronics HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTE OF TOOL ROOM TRAINING, LUCKNOW AND TECHNOLOGY, JORHAT Diploma in Certificate in Tool and Mould Making80A Civil Engineering INSTITUTION OF ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATION Electrical Engineering ENGINEERS, NEW DELHI Mechanical Engineering Diploma Examination HEWETT ENGINEERING SCHOOL, LUCKNOW Overseer Certificate in M.B.M. ENGINEERING COLLEGE, JODHPUR Civil Engineering Diploma in INDIAN INSTITUTE OF HANDLOOM TECHNOLOGY, Civil Engineering VARANASI / SALEM Electrical Engineering Diploma in Handloom Technology79, 80 Mechanical Engineering Post-diploma in MURLIDHAR GAJANAND TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, HATHRAS Textile Chemistry Computer Class Examination INDIAN TELEPHONE INDUSTRIES TRAINING INSTITUTE, Surveyors Class Examination BANGALORE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING, HOSHIARPUR Two-year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Diploma in INDO-DANISH TOOL ROOM, JAMSHEDPUR Mechanical and Electrical Technology82 4-year Diploma in NATIONAL SUGAR INSTITUTE, KANPUR81 Tool and Die Making (Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs) INDO-GERMAN TOOL ROOM, AHMEDABAD, Diploma of Associateship of the National Sugar AURANGABAD AND INDORE Institute (ANSI) 4-year Diploma in NETTUR TECHNICAL TRAINING FOUNDATION, BANGALORE83 Tool and Die Making 4-year Diploma in Tool and Die Making INDO-SWISS TRAINING CENTRE, CHANDIGARH Diploma in NTTF TRAINING CENTRE, BANGALORE Instrument Technology Diploma in Advance Diploma in Computer Engineering Mechatronics and Industrial Automation Electronics INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND RURAL TECHNOLOGY, ALLAHABAD Mechatronics Engineering83A Diploma in NILOKHERI POLYTECHNIC, NILOKHERI Automobile Engineering Diploma in Civil Engineering Civil (Architecture & Town Planning) Engineering Electrical Engineering Construction Technology Mechanical Engineering 79. Earlier this diploma was awarded by All India Handloom Board. 80. The Diploma conducted at Jodhpur and Guwahati is also recognised. The Diploma conducted by respective State Boards at Venkatgiri (AP) and Gudag (Karnataka) where examinations are conducted by the Institute is also recognised. 80A. The Institute is under Industrial Development Department, Govt. of UP. 81. B.E. Degree holders, who have obtained the above diploma (ANSI), they can become Associate or Corporate Members of the Institution, on individual merit. 82. Four-year course only. 83. Course is also conducted at its units at Coimbatore, Dharwar, Tellicherry and Vellore. 83A. The course is being conducted at Coimbatore, Dharwad, Jamshedpur, Jeganathpur (Orissa) 11 of 17

12 NORTH-EASTERN REGIONAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE & Electrical Engineering TECHNOLOGY, ITANAGAR Electronics Engineering Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering SRI JAYACHAMARAJENDRA OCCUPATIONAL INSTITUTE, BANGALORE ORISSA SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, CUTTACK Diploma in L.C.E. Automobile Engineering L.E.E. Boilers and Engines L.M.E. Draftsmanship and Estimating (Civil) L.M.E.E. Draftsmanship and Estimating (Mechanical) Subordinate Diploma in Civil Engineering Electrical Technology P.M.V. POLYTECHNIC, MATHURA Instrument Mechanics Diploma in Machinist Mechanical Engineering84 Metal Work PUNJAB AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING Radio Technology Welding Technology COLLEGE, PATIALA STATE INSTITUTE OF CO-OPERATIVE VOCATIONAL Diploma in EDUCATION, TIRUCHIRAPALLI Aeronautical Engineering & Aircraft Maintenance Diploma in PUNJAB POLYTECHNIC85 Architecture and Interior Design Draftsmanship Course in Electrical Appliances and Systems Civil Engineering Textile and Fashion Design Overseer Diploma in ST XAVIERS TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, MAHIM, MUMBAI Civil Engineering Diploma in RAMGARHIA POLYTECHNIC, PHAGWARA Electronics & Radio Engineering SKYTECH TECHNICAL TRAINING FOUNDATION, Diploma in ATTIKOLLA, DHARWAD Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Diploma in Draftsmanship Diploma in Tool & Die Making Civil Engineering TATA ENGINEERING AND LOCOMOTIVE CO. LTD., Mechanical Engineering JAMSHEDPUR Overseer Diploma in 4-year Part-time Diploma Course in Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering SAGI RAMAKRISHNAN RAJU ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Electronics Engineering BHIMAVARAM Mechanical Engineering TECHNICAL COLLEGE, DAYALBAGH, AGRA B.Sc. (Applied Science)86 Diploma in SANT LONGOWAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & Electrical Engineering T ECHNOLOGY , L ONGOWAL Mechanical Engineering Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Computer Servicing and Engineering86A TIRHUT SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, MUZAFFARPUR SCHOOL OF BUILDING S CIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, Subordinate Engineering Course in CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING AND Civil Engineering TECHNOLOGY, AHMEDABAD Electrical Engineering Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Building Construction TOOL ROOM AND TRAINING CENTRE, GOA Diploma in Tool and Die Making SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING, BANGALORE VICTORIA JUBILEE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE, MUMBAI Civil Engineering L.C. & S.E. Electrical Engineering L.E.E. Mechanical Engineering L.M.E. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, MEERUT L.San.E. Diploma in L.T.C. Civil Engineering L.T.M. 84. Three-year course only. 85. Formerly Punjab Government School of Engineering, Nilokheri, Gurdaspur and Kalasia. 86. Passout candidates of this course are exempted in subjects AD 01, AD 03 and AD 04 of Section A (Diploma). 86A. Formerly known as Diploma in Computer Servicing and Maintenance. 12 of 17

13 Diploma in ELECTRICAL AND INSTRUMENT TRAINING INSTITUTE94, Civil and Environmental Engineering AIR FORCE STATION, JALAHALLI, BANGALORE Electronics Engineering All Through Course in Electrical Fitter (G)95, 111 Y.M.C.A. INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING, FARIDABAD All Through Course in Instrument Fitter95, 111 Four-year Sandwich Course in ELECTRONIC TRAINING INSTITUTE96, AIR FORCE Electrical Engineering STATION, JALAHALLI, BANGALORE Mechanical Engineering Conversion Course to Group I DEFENCE ESTABLISHMENTS Tradesman in SIGNAL TRAINING CENTRE, JABALPUR Radar Fitter93 Diploma in E.M.E. SCHOOL, BARODA Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Instrument Mechanics (Basic) Course AIR FORCE TECHNICAL COLLEGE, JALAHALLI, E.M.E. SCHOOL97, BARODA AND MILITARY COLLEGE OF BANGALORE ELECTRONICS AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING98, Aircraft Apprenticeship Course in SECUNDERABAD Airframe Fitter87 Electrical Fitter87 Diploma in Engine Fitter87 Armament Production Technology99 Instrument Fitter87 Automobile Engineering99 Radar Fitter87 Electrical Engineering99 Radio Fitter87 Electronics Engineering99 Weapon Fitter87 Instrument Engineering99 ANDHRA PRADESH AVIATION ACADEMY AIRCRAFT Mechanical Engineering99 MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING COLLEGE, HYDERABAD INDIAN AIR FORCE 3 year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering87A Conversion Course to Group I APPRENTICE TRAINING SCHOOL, BHOPAL Apprentice Course in Tradesman in Missile Fitter Armourers INSTITUTE OF ARMAMENT TECHNOLOGY, POONA Electricians Basic Engineering Course (Introductory) Fitters Technical Staff Course Instrument Mechanics Naval Technical Staff Course Telecommunication Mechanics I.N.S.SHIVAJI, LONAVLA Turners Engine Room Artificers, 5th Class Vehicle Mechanics Engine Room Artificer Apprentice (ICE/Steam/GT) COLLEGE OF MILITARY ENGINEERING, KIRKEE Engine Room Mechanician (Steam)100 Diploma in Architecture Assistentship90 I.N.S.VALSURA, JAMNAGAR Civil Engineering88 Electrical Artificers, 5th Class in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering89 Control Draftsman Estimating and Design90 Mounting Officers Supplementary Engineering Course91 Power COMMUNICATION TRAINING INSTITUTE92, AIR FORCE Radio STATION, JALAHALLI, BANGALORE Air (Power) Conversion Course to Group I Air (Radio) Tradesman in Electrical Mechanicians, 4th Class Radar Fitter92 Electrical Artificers (Power) Radio Fitter92 Electrical Artificers (Radio) 87. Formerly Fitter Airframes, Electricians, Fitter Engines, Instrument Repairs, Radar Mechanics, Wireless Operator Mechanics and Fitter Armourers, respectively. 87A. After 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 88. Previously Overseers and Road Course. 89. Previously Machinists Electrical and Mechanical Class 3. 90. Previously Draftsman Estimating and Design Class 3. 91. Passed but below 66 per cent marks in aggregate. 92. Formerly No 3 Ground Training School. 93. Formerly known as Radar Mechanics and Wireless Operator Mechanics, respectively. 94. Formerly No. 5 Ground Training School. 95. Formerly known as Electricians and Instrument Repairs, respectively. 96. Formerly No. 6 Ground Training School. 97. Previously E.M.E. School (North). 98. Previously E.M.E. School (South). 99. Formerly Armament Artificers Course in (i) Gun, (ii) A/B Vehicles, (iii) Electrician, (iv) Radar/Radio, (v) Instrument, and (vi) B Vehicles, respectively. 100. Formerly known as Engine Room Mechanician. 13 of 17

14 I.N.S.SHIVAJI, LONAVLA, I.N.S.VALSURA, JAMNAGAR SHIPWRIGHT SCHOOL , VISAKHAPATNAM AND NAVAL INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL Shipwright Artificers Apprentice Course ENGINEERING, COCHIN101 SIGNAL TRAINING CENTRES AND COMMAND TRAINING Aircraft Artificers, 5th Class SCHOOLS/MILITARY COLLEGE OF Aircraft Artificers (Weapons), 5th Class TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING, MHOW108 Aircraft Mechanicians, 4th Class Advanced Electronics and Systems Engineering Aircraft Mechanicians (Weapons), 4th Class Course Electrical Mechanicians (Air) Class I Course of the Corps of Signals in Electrical Mechanicians (Air Radio) Technician Electronic Radio109 WORKSHOP TRAINING INSTITUTE102, AIR FORCE Technician Electronic System110 STATION, TAMBARAM Foreman of Signals Course All Through Training Course in TRAINING INSTITUTES OF FERTILIZER Airframe Fitter103 ESTABLISHMENTS Engine Fitter103 FERTILIZER CORPORATION OF INDIA LTD., Weapon Fitter103 GORAKHPUR UNIT Workshop Fitter (Machinist)103 Part-time Advance Course in Electricians104 Chemical Engineering and Technology Instrument Repairers104 Electrical Engineering and Technology Mechanical Transport Fitter105 Instrumentation Engineering and Technology M. S. Fitter Mechanical Engineering and Technology Workshop Fitter (Mechanical) RAMAGUNDEM DIVISION MECHANICAL TRANSPORT TRAINING INSTITUTE106, AIR Part-time Advance Course in FORCE STATION, AVADI Chemical Engineering Conversion Course to Group I Electrical Engineering Tradesman in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Transport Fitter Instrumentation Engineering MILITARY COLLEGE OF ELECTRONICS AND SINDRI UNIT MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, SECUNDERABAD Part-time Advance Course in Class I Course in Civil Engineering Telecommunication Mechanic (Radio) Electrical Engineering112 Class III Telecom Mechanic Course in Instrumentation112 Radar (basic) Mechanical Engineering112 Radio (basic) Production Engineering112 Line (basic) TALCHER UNIT GCE (basic) Part-time Advance Course in Technician Radar (Basic) Chemical Engineering Technician Comn (Basic) Electrical Engineering Technician GCE (Basic) Mechanical Engineering NAVAL DOCKYARD SCHOOL, MUMBAI Instrumentation Engineering General Apprentice Course HINDUSTAN FERTILIZER CORPORATION LTD., Electrical Engineering-Apprentice Course BARAUNI UNIT S HIPWRIGHT S CHOOL, M UMBAI107 Part-time Advance Course in Shipwright Artificers Course Chemical Engineering 101. Formerly Naval Air Technical School, Cochin. 102. Formerly No. 2 Ground Training School and Mechanical Training Institute, respectively. 103. Formerly known as Fitter Airframes, Fitter Engines, Fitter Armourers and Machine Tool Setter & Operator (MTSO), respectively. Formerly these courses were known as Conversion Course to Group I. 104. These courses were transferred to No. 5 Ground Training School, Air Force Station, Jalahalli, Bangalore in 1963. Formerly this course was Conversion Course to Group I. 105. This course was transferred to No. 4 Ground Training School, Air Force Station, Avadi. Formerly this course was Conversion Course to Group I. 106. Formerly No. 4 Ground Training School. 107. Formerly I.N.S. Angre, Bombay. 108. Previously known as School of Signals, Mhow. 109. Formerly Radio Mechanics. 110. Formerly (i) Line Mechanics, (ii) Telegraph Mechanics. 111. Formerly Conversion Course to Group I-Tradesman in Electrical Fitter, and Instrument Fitter, respectively. 112. Formerly Electrical Maintenance, Instrument Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, and Production Group, respectively. 14 of 17

15 Electrical Engineering INDIAN RAILWAYS INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL AND Instrumentation Engineering ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, JAMALPUR119 Mechanical Engineering Apprentice Mechanics DURGAPUR UNIT113 Final Examination Part-time Advance Course in INSTITUTE OF PERMANENT WAY ENGINEERS (INDIA) Chemical Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering Railway Engineering Instrumentation Engineering EASTERN RAILWAY KANCHRAPARA TECHNICAL Mechanical Engineering S CHOOL , K ANCHRAPARA HALDIA DIVISION Apprentice Mechanics Part-time Advance Course in Final Examination Chemical Engineering EASTERN RAILWAY TECHNICAL TRAINING SCHOOL, Electrical Engineering CHITTARANJAN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, Instrumentation CHITTARANJAN Mechanical Engineering Apprentice Mechanics NAMRUP UNIT114 Final Examination Part-time Advance Course in NORTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM TECHNICAL SCHOOL, Chemical Engineering L UCKNOW Electrical Engineering Apprentice Mechanics Final Examination Instrumentation Apprentice Train Examiners Course Mechanical Engineering NORTH-EASTERN RAILWAY SYSTEM TECHNICAL PROJECTS AND DEVELOPMENT INDIA LIMITED, SINDRI S CHOOL , G ORAKHPUR Part-time Advance Course in Apprentice Mechanics Final Examination Civil Engineering Apprentice Train Examiners Course Electrical Engineering NORTH-EAST FRONTIER RAILWAY SYSTEM TECHNICAL Instrumentation S CHOOL , N EW B ONGAIGAON Mechanical Engineering Apprentice Mechanics Production Engineering Final Examination NATIONAL FERTILIZERS LTD., NAYA NANGAL UNIT115 Apprentice Train Examiners Course Employee Education Scheme (Advance Course)116 in SOUTHERN RAILWAY SUPERVISORS TRAINING Chemical Engineering CENTRE120, BANGALORE Electrical Engineering Apprentice Train Examiner121 Mechanical Engineering SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY SYSTEM TECHNICAL Instrumentation Engineering S CHOOL , S ECUNDERABAD RASHTRIYA CHEMICALS AND FERTILIZERS LTD., Apprentice Mechanics TROMBAY UNIT117 Final Examination Part-time Advance Course in SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY SYSTEM TECHNICAL Chemical Technology S CHOOL , K HARAGPUR Electrical Technology118 Apprentice Mechanics Instrumentation Technology118 Final Examination Mechanical Technology118 Apprentice Train Examiners Course Production Technology WESTERN RAILWAY SYSTEM TECHNICAL SCHOOL, RAILWAY ESTABLISHMENTS AJMER CENTRAL RAILWAY SYSTEM TECHNICAL SCHOOL, Apprentice Mechanics J HANSI Final Examination Apprentice Mechanics INDIAN RAILWAYS Final Examination Intermediate Apprentice Mechanics Course 113. Formerly FCI Training Institute, Durgapur Unit. 114. Formerly FCI Training Institute, Namrup Unit. 115. Formerly FCI Training Institute, Naya Nangal Unit. 116. Formerly Part-time Advance Course. 117. Formerly FCI Training Institute, Trombay Unit. 118. Formerly Electrical Maintenance, Instrumentation, Mechanical Maintenance, respectively. 119. Formerly Indian Railways School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jamalpur. 120. Formerly Southern Railway System Technical School, Bangalore. 121. Formerly Apprentice Mechanics Final Examination. 15 of 17

16 EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS FOR SENIOR TECHNICIAN MEMBERSHIP Part II Schedule of Accepted Educational Qualifications for Exemption from Section A of the Institution Examinations Anna University1 Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur B.Sc. (Applied Sciences) University B. Tech. (Chemical Technology)3 in Bhopal2 Biochemical Engineering B.Tech. Ed. of Bhopal University Food Technology Bhubaneswar Paints Technology B.Sc. B.Ed. (Tech.) of Utkal University Oil Technology Plastic Technology Bombay University Food and Fermentation Technology B. Sc. (Tech.) in Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad Chemical Engineering A.I.S.M. (Geology)/M.Sc. (Applied Geology) Food Technology Technology of Intermediates and Dyes Institute of Paper Technology4, University of Roorkee, Technology of Oils Saharanpur Technology of Oils, Fats and Waxes University Diploma5 in Technology of Pigments, Paints and Varnishes Process Instrumentation Pulp and Paper Technology Technology of Paints Technology of Plastics Jadavpur University Textile Chemistry M. Sc. in Engineering and Applied Geology Calcutta University Intermediate Engineering Laxminarayan Institute of Technology, Nagpur University M.Sc. in Applied Physics B. Sc. (Tech.) in Cellulose Technology College of Agricultural Engineering, Marathwada Chemical Engineering Agricultural University, Parbhani Food Technology B.Tech. (Food Sciences) Oil Technology Petrochemicals Technology College of Engineering and Technology, Jadavpur M. Sc. in Engineering and Applied Geology Madurai Kamaraj University6 B.Sc. (Applied Sciences) College of Military Engineering, Pune Part I of OUPG College, Nalgonda, Osmania University Engineers Officers Degree Engineering Course M.Sc in Physics and Instrumentation Electrical and Mechanical Officers Degree Periyar University7 Engineering Course B.Sc. (Applied Sciences) Signal Officers Degree Engineering Course Regional College of Education, Ajmer Government Engineering College, Anantapur and B.Tech. Ed. of Rajasthan University Kakinada Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology, Compressed Diploma in Longowal Civil Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering Chemical Technology Mechanical Engineering Computer Programming and Applications 1. Formerly Perarignar Anna University of Technology. 2. Formerly affiliated to Vikram University. 3. Formerly B.Sc (Chemical Technology). 4. Formerly affiliated to the Board of Technical Education, UP. 5. Formerly Diploma. 6. Formerly Madurai University. 7. Formerly Madras University 16 of 17

17 Electronics & Communication Engineering Electrical Engineering Food Processing Electronics Engineering Instrumentation and Process Control State Board of Technical Education, Haryana Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Industrial and Production Engineering)7 4-year Post-diploma in Computer Engineering Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Foundry 4-year Post-diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology)7 Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Maintenance Y.M.C.A Institute of Engineering, Faridabad (under State and Plant Engineering)7 Board of Technical Education, Haryana) Mechanical Engineering (Spl. in Welding 4-year Post-diploma in Technology) 7 Computer Engineering10 Shavak Nanavati Technical Institute, Jamshedpur8 9 , Diploma in Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 7. Earlier the nomenclature of courses were Industrial & Production Engineering, Foundry Technology, Maintenance and Plant Engineering, Welding Technology, respectively. 8. Formerly Jamshedpur Technical Institute, Jamshedpur. Now, six-year diploma courses in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are also recognised subject to passing the paper Society, Environment and Engineering from 1990. 9. Complete exemption from Section A granted for students passed out on and from 1995 for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering; from 1996 for Diploma in Electrical Engineering; and from 1998 for Diploma in Electronics Engineering. 10. The candidates will be allowed to opt Computer Engineering or Electronics & Communication Engineering discipline in Section B Examination. 17 of 17

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