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1 Summer/Fall 2012 ARVO News The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Meet ARVOs new executive director 2013 Annual Meeting T he Board of Trustees has president ended in May this year. She has Highlights and approved the selection also served ARVO as president, trustee of Call for Abstracts of Sally S. Atherton, PhD, the Immunology and Microbiology Section, enclosed FARVO, as executive direc- and as a member of the Finance and Annual tor. She will start in January Meeting Program committees. 2013. Currently, Atherton As a representative of ARVO, she has is professor and chair of made numerous trips to visit members of the Sally Atherton, the Department of Cellular U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to PhD, FARVO Biology and Anatomy and discuss advances in ocular and vision research professor of ophthalmology and to press for increased funding for NEI. at the Medical College of Georgia. Atherton has been funded by NEI since She has been a member of ARVO for 1985 for research studies on the virologic over 20 years. Her term as executive vice See Executive director, page 5 ARVO 2012: Attendance, abstracts reach record numbers The latest on medical devices Special Advertising Report Learn about NEIs Audacious Goals contest and how to enter page 17 Inside Above: Keynote speaker J. Craig Above: Taking notes at a poster Venter, PhD. Below: Networking at session. Below: NEIs Matthew the ARVO Social. Center: Bringing McMahon speaking at the Presidents message 2 down the house at ARVO Rocks! Member-in-Training Job Forum. Governance 4 Spotlight on members 6 Around the globe 9 Awards and grants 10 ARVO Foundation Insert Meetings and education 11 A look back at ARVO 2012 12 NEI Directors message 17 Research funding 18 For a look back at the 2012 ARVO Annual Meeting, see page 12

2 ARVO Presidents message 2012 2013 The Annual Meeting and the Olympics Why Officers you need to be there PengT.Khaw,MD,PhD,FARVO President A s I write this column, the London 2012 community on various research findings was invaluable, as was the chance to be questioned by them and others to actively JacobPeer,MD,FARVO VicePresident Olympics are in full refine my own research. swing. This global If I think back over the years, some of JustineR.Smith,MBBS,PhD,FARVO sports event is buzz- the most important insights that I have President-elect ing with excitement gained in research and in developing and palpably lifting better treatments have been because of JohnS.Penn,PhD,FARVO PengT.Khaw,MD, the spirits of an entire one-to-one conversations I have had with PhD,FARVO VicePresident-elect country and many researchers from around the world. around the world. Many of the friends and colleagues DavidR.Williams,PhD,FARVO Although the news media is naturally I have come to know well and to work VicePresident-elect full of reports of outstanding achievement, with started with our conversations on many of the athletes success stories reveal the ARVO Annual Meeting floor. I came JeffreyH.Boatright,PhD,FARVO how meeting inspirational figures, and to realize that if you have a novel scien- ImmediatePastPresident lessons learnt from international exposure, tific hypothesis, presenting this in person have led to their world- is so much more CraigE.Crosson,PhD,FARVO leading gold medal effective, as it offers ExecutiveVicePresident performances now. The the opportunity for fact that the worlds best full discussions and sportsmen and women ultimately informs and ARVO Office are gathered together persuades people of also gives all the sports, its validity. Thus, your IrisR.Rush and their participants, research achieves its InterimExecutiveDirector an elevated prominence true impact. JoanneOlson that each would not Returning to the Director,Communications, achieve on its own. present, ARVO is now MarketingandSales Having met sev- so much more than just eral past a meeting. Modern sci- JohnSaville Olympians ence is a global activity Production&DesignDirector recently, I was and cannot be done in KatrinaNorfleet struck by the isolation, and ARVO plays SeniorWriter importance a critical role with many they put on important international 1801RockvillePike meeting face- activities, including world- Suite400 to-face. Being wide chapters, education Rockville,MD20852-5622 able to watch and and important advocacy Phone:+ learn in person activities for eye and Fax:+ from many others vision funding. and build lifelong However, the Annual relationships have e r o n van Meeting still has the nCam 00m been key in their o u t h Africa ldforthe1 tsLinda same buzz. Hearing in :S o lis lives. Above hreceivesg ARVOmeda ilverfor person about a wide rg : es derBu roke.Below ymanreceiv n. This brought my r e a s t st s li e H s o c ia tio range of advances in b w il l andLe stotheas thoughts back to the Zan g io n science well beyond ARVO 2013 fact: very first ARVO annual theirc ontrib u t our own fields helps us advance Seattles May rainfall is meetings I attended. our own thinking. The ARVO lectures also less than that of Houston, There was, and for include inspiring glimpses of the Olympic- me still is, the excitement of hearing the like dedication and persistence required to Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, talks and putting faces to names I only carry out outstanding research. They sum and New York City. knew from publications. The opportunity up many lifetimes of research in differ- to question them about fine details of ent areas, help keep us updated, and open their methods and the perspective of the opportunities for cross-fertilization. 2 ARVONewsSummer/Fall2012

3 Presidents message There is still nothing like meeting governmental policy makers and indus- funding research if they can be shown colleagues face-to-face to establish and try leaders from around the world dur- the potential gains for people and the develop the rapport and trust that lead ing the Olympics. I was asked to speak economy. to future collaborations and joint work. about some of the international scientific In addition, because of closer industry- Modern social media and technologies collaborations that our national biomedi- academia relationships, ARVO has now like videoconferencing are no substitute cal research center has developed with become a critical stop for companies for face-to-face meetings. In a recent sur- organizations worldwide. developing news diagnostics and therapies. vey, our Members-in-Training highlighted I took the opportunity to emphasize Whatever ones personal preferences about that networking is the most important the importance of eye and vision research working with the commercial sector, the aspect of ARVO. internationally and then showcased some vast majority of new therapies that pre- A perfect example was a prolonged of our collaborations with the United serve and restore vision have been made teleconference we had with colleagues States (including our recent collaboration possible by industry. There is no question attempting to set up a transatlantic col- with the NIH in inflammatory eye disease, that face-to-face meetings lead to more laboration, which got nowhere in the see page 9), through to Europe, Africa rapid development, trust and co-operation. month preceding the ARVO Annual and Asia. The seeds of most of these col- We enter an exciting new phase for Meeting. But once we were face-to-face laborations can be traced to relationships ARVO annual meetings with the move to at the ARVO meeting, it was rapidly and between inspired individuals, facilitated Seattle in 2013 and other cities after that. amicably agreed. Although personal meet- by participation in the ARVO meeting. With virtually all hotels within walking ings can be arranged throughout the year, What is clear is that governmental distance and the larger convention space, the fact that the world of ophthalmic and decision makers everywhere value the fact we will have greater opportunities to vision research is brought together during that we communicate between ourselves facilitate personal interactions, make new the ARVO Annual Meeting allows us to as a research community, and particularly contacts and reaffirm existing relation- meet a huge range of colleagues in just a that this clearly involves industry, too, so ships. few days. helping people and economies around the The ARVO Annual Meeting will focus Going back to the Olympic theme, world. In challenging economic times, the world on your research. Just like the the British government arranged a series there is no question that governments Olympics for athletes, AGS_FDA_ARVO_quarter_vert.pdf 1 you simply 8/13/12 have to 11:16 AM of life science seminars for visiting senior have found it much easier to continue be there. n REGISTER NOW! C Workshop M The Validity, Reliability, Y and Usability of Glaucoma 2012 Annual Meeting: Peng Khaw and Hugh Taylor, MD, FARVO, enjoy the Fellows Coffee (above); and meeting colleagues at ARVO Central in the CM Imaging Devices Exhibit Hall (below). October 5, 2012 MY CY FDA White Oak Campus Silver Spring, MD CMY Dont miss this unique opportunity to advance K the science and application of glaucoma diagnostic technologies and interface with colleagues from the Food and Drug Administration. For more information and to register, visit: Sponsored in part by the: american glaucoma society foundation 3

4 Governance 2013 Distinguished Meet the candidates: Election 2013 Service Awards T hese members have been nominated to stand in the 2013 Trustee elec- Glaucoma (GL) Section T he Distinguished Service Award is presented to elected ARVO officers and editors-in-chief upon completion of their tion: Claude Burgoyne, MD, FARVO, is the Anatomy and Pathology Van Buskirk Chair for terms, in appreciation for dedicated service Ophthalmic Research to ARVO. (AP) Section Sarah E. Coupland, MBBS, PhD, and director of the FARVO, is a senior Optic Nerve Head Sally Atherton, pathologist at the Royal Research Laboratory at PhD, FARVO Liverpool University the Devers Eye Institute in Portland, Medical College of Georgia Hospital and profes- Ore. He is also clinical professor of Executive Vice President sor of pathology at the ophthalmology at Oregon Health University of Liverpool Sciences University. He has been in Liverpool, U.K. She an ARVO member since 1990 and has been an ARVO member since has attended every ARVO Annual 1996 and is past chair of the ARVO Meeting since 1991. He is a past Jeff H. Boatright, Awards Committee, as well as past member and chair of the GL Section, PhD, FARVO member and chair of the AP Section, Annual Meeting Program Committee, Emory University Annual Meeting Program Committee. and has served on the IOVS edito- School of Medicine Coupland also serves as president rial board since 2008. He became an Immediate Past President of the European Ophthalmology ARVO Silver Fellow in 2009 and Oncology Group and president of the earned Gold Fellow status in 2011. International Society of Ophthalmic Carlo Traverso, MD, Pathology. She became an ARVO FARVO, is a tenured Paul L. Kaufman, Silver Fellow in 2012. professor and chairman MD PhD, FARVO Hans E. Grossniklaus, at Clinica Oculistica University of Wisconsin MD, MBA, FARVO, and director of the Editor-in-chief, is the Phinizy Calhoun residency program in Investigative Ophthalmology Jr. Professor of ophthalmology at the and Visual Science Ophthalmology and University of Genova, Italy. He has Pathology, and director been an active ARVO member and of the ocular oncol- has attended the Annual Meeting ogy and pathology service at Emory since 1981. He served as a past mem- Robert F. Miller, MD University School of Medicine in ber and chair of the GL Section, University of Minnesota Atlanta, Ga. He has been an ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee Vice President and member since 1980. He is currently pres- and also served on the Long Range VN Section Trustee ident-elect of the American Association Planning Committee and Commercial of Ocular Oncologists and Pathologists Relationships Committee. He became and immediate past council chair of the an ARVO Silver Fellow in 2009. Paul Mitchell, American Ophthalmological Society. Learn more about all the 2013 MD, PhD, FARVO He became an ARVO Silver Fellow in Trustee candidates at University of Sydney 2009. tions. n Vice President and CL Section Trustee Andrew B. Watson, PhD, FARVO NASA Ames Research Center Editor-in-chief, Journal of Vision 4 ARVONewsSummer/Fall2012

5 Governance When animal-rights extremists attack: Toolkit to provide advice, resources T he Animals in Research Committee (ARC) is busy this year with a major goal ARVOs Statement for the Use of Animals in Ophthalmic and Visual Research. In Adding Value to Clinical Data of updating and reorganizing January the NIH introduced IDDI, eClinical the Use of Animals in Vision Research state- the new Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory and Biostatistical Services ment and will be presenting it as Animals, 8th edi- tion and in June a toolkit to the issued clarifica- Trial Design . Randomization Board of Trustees tions to the Data Management . Statistics for approval at the Guide, as reported fall Board meeting. previously in The toolkit Insight. Look for will include an announcement information about ARVOs role about the revised ARVO state- 60+ when members are ment in Insight ophthalmic trials in attacked or harassed by animal this winter. Concurrently, the terrorists. Look for a checklist committee will be updating Dry AMD of what you should do and who the Importance of Animals in Wet AMD you should contact if you are Vision Research Statement. Conjunctivitis attacked, as well as strategies to Central Retinal Vein Occlusion prevent attacks, such as taking Victims to speak out Dry Eye down your social media pages. Diabetic Macular Edema This must-read guide will also at workshop Glaucoma include resources that can ARCs workshop at the 2013 Medical Device provide additional help. The Annual Meeting, titled Retinitis Pigmentosa current document is available Life-Changing Impacts of to members at International Extremism on Animal Research, will feature members who have been attacked by animal Updates to ARVO terrorists because of their animal use policy research. Topics will include In response to recent changes issues-related animal activism in U.S. and E.U. animal use and ideas on how to protect policies, ARC has formed yourself, your family and your a working group to revise lab. n Executive director, continued from She is currently a member page 1 of NCRRs Research Centers and immunologic mechanisms in Minority Institutions of ocular and CNS infections review group and has served on the editorial boards of IDDIs contributed methodology caused by members of the herpesvirus family. She has Investigative Ophthalmology & and eClinical suite supported Macugen market approval R published numerous articles Visual Science, Experimental Eye and book chapters and has Research and Cutaneous and Contact: Paul Milne been a member of many gov- Ocular Toxicology. Director Business Development US ernment and private review She has mentored basic sci- [email protected] panels, including VIS-A and entists and clinicians at every + 1 281 820 7850 Fight for Sight. career stage. n 5

6 Spotlight on members Nurturing essential links: An interview with Paul Sternberg, Jr., MD P aul Sternberg, Jr., MD, FARVO, who served as an ARVO Trustee from 2005 to 2010 and vice president (2009 2010), will begin his one- format. This was in the early 2000s, and it was a big change. And I can say the transfer went more smoothly than we expected. year term as president of the American Academy of Im a longtime participant in ARVO. Ive Ophthalmology (AAOphth) in January 2013. been involved with the organization longer: My He is the G.W. Hale professor of ophthalmol- first ARVO meeting was in 1976 and I attended PaulSternberg,Jr.,MD, ogy and chairman of the Vanderbilt Eye Institute my first Academy meeting in 1982. FARVO of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine When I served on the ARVO Board of in Nashville, Tenn. Sternberg has also served on Trustees there are two highlights. One was the board of scientific counselors for NEI, the a significant increase in our recognition of board of directors of the International Retinal international members, whose numbers were Research Foundation and the board of directors increasing greatly. I was proud to be on the of the Tennessee Academy of Ophthalmology Board when we elected our first international president [Martine Jager]. We also agreed that many sections on Annual Meeting Program Committee would have slots specifically for an international member. And in addition, I always tried to be an advocate for members-in-training (MIT). I rec- ommended that we introduce an MIT member of the Board, and Im really pleased that we now have an MIT Trustee in place. Q What goals do you have as AAOphth president? A First and foremost, I want to be an advocate for our patients. Ive grown concerned over the years that they can be forgotten. As eye disease continues to increase with our aging population, each of us sees and has been president of the Georgia Society more patients each day. I want to remind all of Ophthalmology. Currently he is president of Academy members that we need to be sensitive the Society of Heed Fellows and treasurer of the not only to their medical problems, but also to Macula Society. He is a recognized retinal special- the social effects of eye disease, as well as qual- ist and maintains research program studying the ity of life issues. ARVO 2013 pathogenesis of AMD. And I want to use my background as a Sternberg spoke to ARVONews about his clinician-scientist and a former ARVO Board fact: involvement with ARVO and AAOphth and his member to emphasize the importance of vision The U.S. Census plans for the year ahead. research to ensure advances are acknowl- edged and that resources are devoted to it. Our Bureau lists Seattle as the Q What do you consider the highlights of your involvement with AAOphth and with ARVO during your career? key advances in our practices, such as curing glaucoma and treating AMD, are linked to most educated research. city in the U.S. with more than A The major highlight with the Academy is being selected by my peers to be president. My father was an ophthalmologist Q How do you feel your significant role in ARVO during your career enhances what you half of residents bring to the AAOphth presidency, and vice versa? and a member of the Academy, so it has special over 25 years old having a meaning for me. Two other things that stand out: First, helping establish the Leadership Development A My experience with ARVO reinforces my commitment to advocate for vision research funding. When you go to the ARVO bachelors Program (LDP). And when I was secretary of Annual Meeting, you see not only how scien- degree. the communications committee, we moved tists are advancing our field, but also how they Academy communications to an electronic are advancing other fields. If you look at major 6 ARVONewsSummer/Fall2012

7 Spotlight on members developments in gene transfer, lasers, imaging, Academy committee and have served on the nanotechnology and more, vision scientists are at board. Having LDP on your resume has become ARVO 2013 the forefront of those as well. almost the sina qua non for success within the One area where my Academy experience helped Academy. fact: at ARVO is that ARVO Board members can have Youll be able less administrative experience. So my experience with the Academy was helpful there. I believe I Q You are the first former ARVO Trustee to become AAOphth president in nearly 20 years. Do you feel involvement is declining to print your could help fellow Board members look at challenges badge and get between the organizations? in new ways. I hope I assisted staff and the Board in your meeting helping make the organization more professional. A I hope not. The ARVO Annual Meeting has a strong component of clinical materials at Q You helped develop AAOphths LDP; what was the motivation? How do you feel the program is doing? research. And many clinicians have an equally strong intellectual curiosity about the latest three hotels as well as developments in treatment. But it is harder and the convention A The LDP was developed by myself and Mike Brennan, MD, out of our concern that not enough ophthalmologists were taking leader- harder to get away from the office. This may be challenging to ARVO in the future. The fact is that the essential link between the center. ship roles at the state level, and that those who Academy and ARVO is the clinician-scientist. did so did not have enough training to be success- And this is a challenging road to take. I fear that ful advocates for the profession. over time fewer and fewer are selecting it as a The purpose of LDP is to identity these potential career path. leaders and provide them with useful tools as well as The future success of ophthalmology as a clini- the opportunity to network with similar individuals, cal profession thrives because of treatments based to create an ever-growing cohort of talent. on ARVO members groundbreaking research. I have to say it has succeeded beyond our We need to nurture that, and we have to advo- wildest dreams. These leaders now populate every cate for each other. n connect at the 2012 ASCB Annual Meeting Special Focus Areas: Late Abstract ceLL bIOLOGY & meDIcINe Deadline: CELL BIOLOGY & THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES October 17 Keynotes: Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy Arthur D. Levinson, Chair, Genentech, Inc. and Apple, Inc. D ec em b er 15-19, 2012 The The science of life, the life of science Moscone Center San Francisco, CA, USA 7

8 Spotlight on members ARVO asks: Who was the most influential ARVO 2013 figure in your career? fact: Casual dress My first full-time research This credit goes to my post- (shorts, training was in Bristol, doctoral mentor, Dr. Fu-shin England, where David Easty Yu. He has always been very jeans, etc.) is was my mentor. This was a cli- supportive during my train- encouraged at nician with a genuinely open ing, as well as [my] transition the ARVO Annual mind who questioned disease to becoming an independent mechanisms in an exciting investigator. Meeting. and inspiring way. Ashok Kumar, PhD Frank Larkin, MD The most influential figure Professor Robert Machemer in my career is Dr. Anand strongly influenced me by Swaroop. He has been my his human attitude toward teacher and mentor since patients and colleagues, his I was a postdoctoral fel- scientific intransigence and low in his laboratory at the because he convinced me [to University of Michigan. Dr. use] intravitreal triamcino- Swaroop has taught me how to lone. think, plan and execute deci- Jost Jonas, MD, FARVO sions about matters ranging from experimental design to career choices. Hemant Khanna, PhD Learn online: An The most influential figure in my career is my PhD mentor, Introduction Dr. Samuel Wu. Even after my to Getting graduation from the lab, he has continued to mentor me and Published 2013 ARVO Foundation/ guide me through my career. Mark Pennesi, MD, PhD in Scientific MerckInnovative Journals Two distinguished scientists Ophthalmology have been my role models in T his course, aimed at non-native English speakers, covers how to Research Award vision research: Professor Dora Ventura and Dr. Eileen Birch. Awardedbienniallytoyoungresearch- Both paved my scientific path- write an article as well as way. Lucky me! where, when and how to ersaged45oryoungerwhoholdan Solange R. Salomao, PhD get your paper published. MD,PhD,oranequivalentdoctorate Registration is free for leveldegreewhoundertakeinvestiga- I have worked with many great ARVO members. tiveresearchincriticalareasofoph- people in my career and being Learn more at thalmologythatmayonedayleadto inspired by them. Drs. Jian- meaningfulimprovementstopatients xing Ma and Timothy Lyons The online course is very lives. were great mentors for me and helpful for learning the basics helped me establish my career 2013 Research categories in diabetes and vision research. on how to prepare an article Diabeticeyedisease Dr. Laurie Glimcher is my and face everything that hap- pens during publication. Genetherapyineyedisease role model and collaborator Lalan Kumar Arya, MSc Deadline for nominations: who inspires me to become an Aravind Medical Research outstanding woman physician- October 31, 2012. Foundation scientist. n Madurai Tamil Nadu, India Sarah Zhang, MD 8 ARVONewsSummer/Fall2012

9 Around the globe Project Gemini CHAPTER AFFILIATE ARVO-NED affiliated2008 Nijmegan,theNetherlands Asociacin de Investigacin en Visin y Oftalmologia (AIVO) affiliated2007 BuenosAires,Argentina Austrian Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (AARVO) affiliated2009 Vienna,Austria Brazilian Research Association AgroupofblindedU.S.veteranstraveledtoEnglandinMaytomeetwiththeirU.K.counterparts of Vision and Ophthalmology (picturedabove)toshareinsightswithandbecomerolemodelsformembersofthearmedforces whorecentlylosttheirsight.PengTeeKhaw,ARVOpresidentanddirectoroftheNIHRBiomedical (BRAVO) affiliated2006 ResearchCenter(BRC)atMoorfieldsEyeHospitalandUCLInstituteofOphthalmology,served SoPaulo,Brazil ashosttothedelegation,whichincludedARVOmemberColonelDonaldGagliano,MD,MHA. Gagliano,directoroftheDepartmentofDefense/DepartmentofVeteransAffairsVisionCenter Chinese Congress of Research in ofExcellence,andKhawtookpartindiscussionsaboutblindrehabilitationandreadjustment Vision and Ophthalmology (CCRVO) training,visionresearchandadaptivetechnologyfortheblind.CalledProjectGemini,theinitiative affiliated2010 isajointprojectbetweentheBlindedVeteransAssociationandBlindVeteransUK(formerly Beijing,P.R.China knownasSt.Dunstans). Colegio Nacional de Investigacin en Ciencias Visuales (MARVO) affiliated2010 U.S.-U.K. Consortium agreement MexicoCity,D.F.,Mexico Hungarian Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (HARVO) affiliated2007 Budapest,Hungary India Eye Research Group ARVO (IERG-ARVO) affiliated2011 Hyderabad,India Israel Society for Vision and Eye Research (ISVER) affiliated2006 Jerusalem,Israel ARVO Italy (IT-ARVO) affiliated2011 Catania,Italy DuringavisithostedbyPengTeeKhaw,MD,PhD,FARVO,inMay,representativesfromtheU.K. NationalInstituteforHealthResearch(NIHR)andtheU.S.NationalEyeInstitute(NEI)signed South-East European Association alandmarkConsortiumagreementtocombatinflammatoryeyediseases.TheHumanOcular for Research in Vision and ImmunologyConsortiumagreementwillencouragethetransferoftechnologies,scholarsand Ophthalmology (SEE-ARVO) biomaterialsbetweenthetwocountriestostudyuveitis,age-relatedmaculardegeneration affiliated2009 anddiabeticretinopathy.Khaw,ARVOpresidentanddirectoroftheNIHRBiomedicalResearch Sofia,Bulgarian CenteratMoorfieldsEyeHospitalandUCLInstituteofOphthalmology,wasjoinedbythreeother signatories:GyanPrakash,PhD(NEI);AndrewDick,MD(NIHR);andRobertNussenblatt,MD,MPH (NEI). 9

10 Awards and grants Congratulations: Achievement 2013 Achievement Awards recipients Awards 2014 Call for A RVO is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 ARVO Annual Awards. All awards and lectures will be presented at the 2013 ARVO Annual Meeting, May 5 9, 2013, in Seattle, Wash. Nominations For young investigators Proctor Medal a standard diagnostic in clinical ophthal- Vadim Arshavsky, mology and is used for the diagnosis and Cogan Award Recognizes a PhD, Duke University, monitoring of diseases such as glaucoma, researcher who is 40 years of age or younger at the time of nomination, and diabetic retinopathy and age-related and who has made important and Theodore Wensel, macular degeneration. worthwhile contributions to research in PhD, FARVO, ophthalmology or visual science that Baylor College of Weisenfeld Award are directly related to disorders of the Medicine David Epstein, MD, Vadim human eye or visual system, and who Arshavsky, PhD MMM, shows substantial promise for future Arshavsky and Wensel Duke Eye Center contributions. have been studying ARVO Foundation/Pfizer signal transduction in Epstein is an outstand- Ophthalmics/Carl Camras the vertebrate retina for ing clinician-scientist Translational Research Awards more than 25 years, and David Epstein, with major contributions Recognizes early career researchers, have made important MD, MMM to the field of ophthal- no more than 45 years old, who exhibit breakthroughs in this mology. He is widely excellence in research, scientific Theodore field, especially in the considered to be one of the most influ- Wensel, PhD area of photoreceptor ential leaders in the world of glaucoma discoveries, concepts and novel technologies that have led to, or biochemistry. Working and glaucoma research for the past 30 have the promise to lead to, clinical mostly independently but synergistically, years. He has developed novel drugs for applications. they were jointly responsible for the the treatment of glaucoma, leading to fundamental discovery and characteriza- 10 patents that involve all aspects of For long-term career tion of the GTPase activating protein ophthalmic patient care and treatment. achievement (GAP) complex in phototransduction, He also has had continuous support from n Proctor Medal Honors now known to comprise the constituents NIH for the past 32 years even while per- outstanding research in the basic RGS9-1, G5L, and R9AP. This is a forming the duties of a department chair or clinical sciences as applied to landmark achievement, the discovery for the past 20 years. He is credited for ophthalmology. process for which was intricate and his inspiration of generations of young extensive, and composed of a series of ophthalmologists as a gifted mentor and n Friedenwald Award Honors separate discoveries. In addition to these teacher with Socratic teaching style. outstanding research in the basic studies, Arshavsky and Wensel have each or clinical sciences as applied to gone on to separately make other pivotal Cogan Award ophthalmology. contributions to the retina field. Jonathan Demb, PhD, n Weisenfeld Award Recognizes Yale University distinguished scholarly contributions to Friedenwald Award the clinical practice of ophthalmology. David Huang, MD, Demb has made out- n Kupfer Award Honors PhD, OHSU/Casey Eye standing contributions distinguished public service on behalf of Institute to vision science in eye and vision research. the retina and in the Jonathan Demb, n Special Recognition Award Huangs research in the PhD central visual pathways Honors outstanding service to ARVO or development of OCT emphasizing three the vision research community. technology has revolu- areas of visual science: quantitative David Huang, MD, PhD tionized the field of oph- psychophysics, retinal microcircuitry thalmic imaging. David and molecular synaptic mechanisms. Deadline is March 1, 2013. Nominations must include a detailed was the first to recognize that cross- His work integrates knowledge of visual nomination letter, a CV and three brief sectional images could be generated and function gained from psychophysics with letters from colleagues who support the displayed in false color by scanning the its underpinnings in neuronal activity. nomination. Details and eligibility forms laser measurement beam, thus inventing He has always had an eye on clinical can be found at OCT. Since then, OCT has emerged as relevance emerging from his work. n 10 ARVONews Summer/Fall 2012

11 Meetings and education At the frontier of drug delivery: June conference Students/ continues series trainees: T his was a well-rounded presentation of up-to-date information relevant to the problems and progress in the development of ference, Drug and Gene Delivery to the Back of the Eye: From Bench to Bedside, in Aurora, Col. Struble, along with more than 160 researchers Network at drugs (and genes) to treat/combat diseases of the and clinicians from 14 countries, attended the upcoming posterior segment, said Craig Struble, PhD, of two-day conference that focused on nanotech- meetings Covance Labs after this summers research con- nology and current and emerging drug and gene delivery systems, and addressed clinical suc- cesses and failures in delivering drugs to the T he Members-in- Training (MIT) Committee is part- posterior segment of the eye. Other attendees commented that the nering with the two-day format was ideal, the content was American Academy of at the frontier of science and the presenta- Ophthalmologys Young tions were thought-provoking. Ophthalmologists and This meeting was a follow-up to a 2009 the American Academy session, titled Ophthalmic Drug Delivery of Optometrys student Systems for the Treatment of Retinal members to organize Diseases: Basic Research to Clinical two networking events Application. this autumn. Senior Conference organizers included Uday clinician-scientists from B. Kompella, PhD, University of Colorado ARVO will be at both Denver, Conference Chair; Henry F. events which are free Edelhauser, PhD, Emory University; Kay to meeting attendees Conference organizers from left: Adriana Di Polo, PhD (University Rittenhouse, PhD, Pfizer; Adriana Di Polo, to give tips to students of Montreal); Henry F. Edelhauser, PhD (Emory University); Cheryl PhD, University of Montreal; and Cheryl pursuing research Rowe-Rendleman, PhD (Omar Consulting Group LLC); and Uday careers. B. Kompella, PhD (University of Colorado Denver), Conference Rowe-Rendleman, PhD, Omar Consulting Chair. Absent from photo: Kay Rittenhouse, PhD (Pfizer). Group LLC. n American Academy of Optometry Annual Visit us this autumn Meeting I f youre traveling to any upcoming vision and ophthalmology meetings, please visit us. ARVO Phoenix, AZ will be exhibiting and having events at the following meetings: Student/Trainee European Association for Vision and American Academy of Ophthalmology/ Networking Reception Eye Research Annual Meeting MEACO Joint Meeting Friday, Oct. 26, 7 8pm Oct. 10 13, Nice, France. Nov. 10 13, Chicago, Ill. ARVO Booth #6 ARVO Booth # 2046 American Academy of Ophthalmology/ Clinical Applications of Ocular Imaging MEACO Joint Meeting Society for Neuroscience (combined meeting with ARVO) Chicago, Ill. Annual Meeting Tuesday, Nov 13, 10:15am, McCormick Oct. 13 17, New Orleans, La. Place, Room S406A YO ARVO! Exploring ARVO Booth # 3607 Careers in Research Ocular imaging has become integral to clini- Happy Hour cal practice in ophthalmology. From refractive Monday, Nov. 12, American Association of Optometry surgery to glaucoma to retinal disease, ocular 4 6pm Annual Meeting imaging helps to guide our practice. Imaging YO Lounge, McCormick Oct. 24 27, Phoenix, Ariz. often provides a clear picture of the pathologies Place, Grand Concourse ARVO Booth #624 affecting our patients, and gives ophthalmologists objective, quantitative measures on which to ARVO/AAO Joint Symposium: base treatment. This symposium reviews the cur- Rod Vision Structure, rent state-of-the-art techniques in clinical ocular Function, Treatment and imaging and looks ahead toward what the future Rehabilitation, Friday, Oct. 26, might have in store. Chairs: Joel S. Schuman, 10am, Room 124. MD, Kyung Rim Sung, MD, PhD. n 11

12 A look back at ARVO 2012 Highlights from the 2012 Annual Meeting W ith about 12,500 attendees, the 2012 Annual Meeting was the largest ever! Members may wonder what kind of feedback Global representation Survey respondents came from more than 40 different countries. ARVO received from attendees. Here are the What are people saying? highlights: The following are a few comments from Satisfaction guaranteed attendees who completed the Post Annual Most attendees 86% deemed the Meeting survey: meeting effective in terms of meeting I had a tremendous number of opportuni- their needs. Areas receiving highest levels ties to connect with researchers in my field of satisfaction include Registration and from around the globe. How can ARVO Quality of the Scientific Program. Almost 75% of those surveyed indicated This meeting is invaluable in determining industry and research trends. help fill your they are likely to attend another Annual I learned a lot of new skills and had a Meeting. education wonderful experience with other scientists. In addition, I made many new friends, too. Attend ARVO Annual Meeting, reap gaps? benefits, repeat I love this conference very much. Of those surveyed, 29% have attended Very exciting to learn about the research By John S. Penn, PhD, FARVO not one, not two, but at least 10 Annual in iPS-RPE and hES-RPE and innova- Vanderbilt University School Meetings previously. tive methods in development of delivery of Medicine Team collaboration and networking systems. Was also able to network with Professional Development opportunities colleagues working in the same area and and Education Committee A large percentage of attendees (75% contact vendors. I enjoy seeing where things are going in Chair of those surveyed) attended the Annual the next five to 10 years and ARVO serves T he Professional Meeting as a part of a team vs. attending solo. that purpose. Development and Education Committee (PDEC) is focused on several initiatives. Our major goal is to increase the number, quality and consistency of education Optic Nerve Degeneration 2012 ARVO and professional develop- Dec 5 7, 2012 ment programs offered by ARVO. Obergurgl, Austria We are currently develop- ing a comprehensive needs Bringing together clinicians and assessment survey that scientists to better understand Imaging Conference will be sent to all ARVO optic nerve degeneration and members to determine glaucoma Learn about current research what topics our members endorse and what educa- and state-of-the-art technology in tion formats have the Organizers: ophthalmic imaging greatest appeal. In particular, we are Franz H. Grus, MD, PhD focused on increasing Jonathan G. Crowston, MBBS, PhD May 4, 2013, 8am 5:45pm online education opportu- Washington State nities in the coming years. Convention Center Our goal is to develop webinars, online courses Seattle, Wash. and other exciting ways to deliver vital content, anytime and anywhere. 12 ARVONewsSummer/Fall2012

13 A look back at ARVO 2012 ARVO2011-2012BoardofTrustees.Backrow,fromleft:JohnPenn,PhD,FARVO;DavidWilliams,PhD,FARVO;JohnClark,PhD, FARVO;RobertMiller,MD,FARVO.Middlerow,fromleft:JacobPeer,MD,FARVO;CarolToris,PhD,FARVO;LindaMcLoon,PhD, FARVO;DimitriAzar,MD,MBA,FARVO;AntonKolomeyer,MD,PhD.Frontrow,fromleft:JustineSmith,MBBS,PhD,FARVO; President-electPengKhaw,MD,PhD,FARVO;FormerExecutiveVicePresidentSallyAtherton,PhD,FARVO;ExecutiveVicePresident CraigE.Crosson,PhD,FARVO;PresidentJeffreyBoatright,PhD,FARVO;ImmediatePastPresidentMarkPetrash,PhD,FARVO. Clockwisefromtopleft: anattendeechecksoutnew equipmentattheVolkOptical boothintheexhibithall; rapteditorsattheIOVS EditorialBoardmeeting (theseteddybearswere giftsforthevolunteereditors atthejournalboardmeeting); andattendeesmugging forphotosin ARVOCentral. 13

14 A look back at ARVO 2012 Clockwise from top left: enjoying Pizza with an Expert; attendees take up every available space at the IVAN/CATT study results presentation; tickling the ivories at the ARVO Classical Concert; Christina Zuniga and Paige Angle receive the Joanne G. Angle Award, named in honor of their mother and former ARVO executive director, from ARVO Executive Vice President Sally Atherton; Seattle coffee hour sponsored by the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau. Opposite page, top: networking in the halls; middle: attendees at the China-ARVO Networking Forum; bottom: a stellar performance at ARVO Karaoke. 14 ARVONews Summer/Fall 2012

15 A look back at ARVO 2012 Recognizing American Academy of Optometry grantees A RVOjoinstheAmericanAcademyofOptometry incongratulatingits2012ARVOStudentFellowship granteesaswellasits2012EzellFellowshiprecipients.The VisionCareInstitutesponsoredtheARVOStudentTravel Fellowships.Thestudenttravelfellowshipsweregivenoutat aneventsponsoredbytheAmericanAcademyofOptometry andtheAmericanOptometricAssoication. EzellFellowsatARVO2012are,fromleft,KathyDumbleton(American AcademyofOptometryFoundationpresidentelect),AndrewDavid Pucker,DanielPowell,KristinaHaworth,NimeshPatel,MarianaGarcia, AlexHui,DarrenKoenig,TatianaEcoiffier,PabloDeGracia,Lyndon Jones(chair,ResearchCommittee). ARVOStudentTravelFellowshipgranteesare,fromleft,KhaledChehab, XinWei,CristinaSchnider,NoelBrennan,FaryanTayyari,Thomas Keith,VinodMaseedupally,GiovannaOlivares,BradleyDougherty,Gang Huang,VivianWong,LinHe,DanielCoates,NaveenYadav,Preethi Thiagarajan,LeeBall,JohnBuch,EricRitchey,KarlaZadnik(American AcademyofOptometrypresident)andM.CharisLau. ARVO 2013 fact: All of the official ARVO hotels are within walking distance of the convention center in Seattle no need for shuttle buses or car rental. 15

16 A look back at ARVO 2012 Career Achievement Lectures [email protected] symposium E very year, VSS and ARVO collaborate in a symposium designed to highlight and pres- ent work from one society at the annual meeting of the other. This years symposium, held during the ARVO Annual Meeting, was titled Visual Rehabilitation. Speakers included Dennis Levi. OD, of the University of California, Berkeley; Krystel Huxlin, PhD, of the University Postponed from the 2011 Annual Meeting, Peter Sterling, PhD, of the University of of Rochester; and Arash Sahraie, Proctor medal awardee Robert Anderson, MD, Pennsylvania School of Medicine (left, receiving PhD, FARVO, of the University of Oklahoma his medal from ARVO Trustee Robert Miller, MD, PhD, of the University of Health Sciences Center presented The Insulin FARVO) presented the 2012 Proctor Lecture on Aberdeen. Receptor-P13K Signaling Pathway and Retinal Principles of Retinal Design. The symposium looked at the Neuroprotection. critical period and sensitive period for a variety of visual functions, including which alternative neural structures are recruited to restore visual functions. Experimental and clinical evidence was discussed for the rehabilitation of amblyopia and blindsightness. n CME credit is free C ontinuing Medical Education (CME) Certificates, as well as Certificates of Attendance, are John Forrester, MD, FRCSE, FRCSG, FRCOphth, FARVO, of the University of Aberdeen, received Jeffrey L. Goldberg, MD, PhD, of the University of Miami Bascom Palmer Eye now available at the Weisennfeld Award from ARVO Trustee Institute, received the Cogan Award for young Justine Smith, MBBS, PhD, FARVO. Forrester investigators. Goldbergs lecture was Retinal There is no charge for this service. spoke on Investigating Ophthalmology with Ganglion Cell Development and Regeneration. Certificates can be updated/printed Translational Science. for free at any time. ARVO is accredited by the Accreditation Council for ARVO/Champalimaud Lecture Continuing Medical Education to provide CME for physicians. ARVO designates the 2012 Annual The African Programme Meeting for a maximum of 38.75 for Onchoceriasis Control AMA PRA Category 1 Credits. (APOC) received the 2012 Physicians should only claim credit Champalimaud Award. Retired commensurate with the extent of program director Uche Amazigo, MD (left, with Alfred Sommer their participation in the activ- of Johns Hopkins University ity. The AMA has determined and Lenor Beleza of the that physicians not licensed in the Champalimaud Foundation), U.S. who participate in this CME presented the 2012 ARVO/Champalimaud activity are eligible for AMA PRA Award Lecture on behalf of APOC. Category 1 Credits. n 16 ARVONews Summer/Fall 2012

17 NEI Directors message Creating a national vision research agenda T he National Eye Institute is embarking on a new venture to expand and enhance its stra- tegic planning effort. In August, NEI launched areas: retinal diseases; corneal diseases; lens and cataract; glaucoma and optic neuropathies; strabismus, amblyopia, and visual processing; the Challenge to Identify Audacious Goals in and low vision and blindness rehabilitation. Vision Research and Blindness Rehabilitation. The most recent compilation of these six panel The Challenge is conducted under the America reports, Vision Research: Needs, Gaps, and COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010, Opportunities, was published in August 2012 Paul A. Sieving, MD, which President Obama signed into law in 2011. and outlines critical areas that need sustained PhD, FARVO Success will require engaging a large num- research. NEI now seeks to extend strategic Director, National ber of creative and innovative individuals who planning activities to prioritize and identify far- Eye Institute National Institutes can contribute novel and far-reaching ideas. I reaching goals with high promise to impact the of Health encourage all members of ARVO, who meet the Institutes mission. eligibility criteria for the America COMPETES The past decade has delivered powerful Act, to participate by submitting an audacious resources and tools to conduct research that will goal and by spreading news about the challenge facilitate breakthroughs in understanding and to your colleagues in the vision research commu- treating disease. Beginning in 2001 with the nity and other medical and scientific disciplines. elucidation of the human genome, significant NEI will award up to 20 Challenge contes- advances continued with the first demonstra- tants a $3,000 prize tion of human ocular for a short (~ 1 page) gene therapy, devel- description of an auda- NEI is looking for bold ideas opment of induced cious goal. The entries from vision researchers, the pluripotent stem cells, will be anonymized greater science community identification of silenc- and judged by NIH ing and micro RNAs, staff. Winners will be and the public that support and production of invited to attend the the NEI mission. organized neural retinal NEI Audacious Goals tissue in an eyecup Meeting, slated for developed from mouse February 2013, to present and discuss the impor- stem cells. Now, the stage is set to think boldly tance of their concept. Meeting participants about future goals for vision research. will explore, expand and refine the winning A new concept in NIH strategic planning, entries. After the meeting, NEI in consulta- the NEI Audacious Goals Challenge will garner tion with its National Advisory Eye Council, input from across the full spectrum of science will incorporate the most compelling audacious and engineering. The Challenge solicits original goals into a national research agenda that will and inventive approaches from academia, indus- inform research priorities for NEI and other try, the nonprofit sector and the general public. public and private vision research organizations. Thus, NEI is casting the widest net possible to What is an audacious goal? One that capture ideas transferable to vision science. How to enter fundamentally advances vision research or vision Why a contest? Challenges stimulate Read the entry and care by closing critical knowledge gaps, open- innovative thinking. Our greatest feats in eligibility rules and ing developmental bottlenecks, finding missing science and technology moon landings, submit a challenge at pieces to scientific puzzles, or providing key vaccines and genome sequencing transpired elements to translate scientific discoveries into when creative, bright individuals rallied around Submissions should clinical applications. NEI is looking for bold a singular cause. Even if the original idea address why the ideas from vision researchers, the greater science can be traced to a single investigator or team, audacious goal is community, and the public that support the NEI the most extraordinary ideas do not blossom important, how to mission to conduct and support research, without the greater community of science. achieve the goal within training, health information dissemination and Appealing to vision researchers and talented 5 10 years, and how other programs aimed at reducing the burden of individuals from other disciplines, the NEI realization of the goal vision disorders and disease worldwide. Audacious Goals Challenge will energize the will impact the NEI NEI was the first NIH institute to engage in research community and foster new collabora- mission. strategic planning. For four decades, NEI relied tive activities toward decreasing the burden of The deadline for exclusively on expert panels in vision science eye diseases and blindness worldwide. n submission is to create a research plan in six broad program November 12, 2012. 17

18 Research funding ARVO 2013 Big differences in House and Senate LHHS bills fact: There are I n July, the House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee marked up its FY2013 spending at $10 million versus $40 million as in the Senate bill. The House also specifies funding for the Clinical and Translational Science about 50 cafes, bill that would flat-fund NIH at $30.6 billion, Awards (CTSA) program within NCATS sandwich shops, per the Presidents budget request. This level at $487.7 million (amount not specified in is $100 million below that in the Senates bill Senate bill) and states that changes can- fine restaurants, (S. 3295, approved on June 14 by the Senate not be made to the CTSA program until bars and night Appropriations Committee). Institute of Medicine review of NIH changes spots within two The House bill also funds NEI at $701.8 mil- to its clinical trials programs. blocks of the lion, reflecting a minimal 0.01% cut from the Institutional Development Awards (IDeA) FY2012 level of $702.71 million. This differs program: The House bill funds the IDeA convention from the Presidents budget proposal, which cuts program, which is managed by the National center. NEI by $8.9 million (1.2%) due to a transfer Institute of General Medical Sciences within of AIDS funding reflecting dissolution of the NIH, at not less than $376.4 million, a full Cytomegalovirus Retinitis clinical trials. $100 million greater than that in the Senate The Senate bill cuts NEI funding by the $8.9 bill. million but then adds back in $2 million for Grants management: Although the Senate a net funding level of $695.1 million (a 0.9% bill was generally silent on grants manage- cut). This reflects a $6.7 million difference in ment issues, the House bill specifies that NEI funding levels between the two bills. NIHs allocation of funds should be 90% for The bills also differ in other ways. Highlights extramural activities, 10% for intramural include: activities, and at least 55% for basic science Salary cap: The House proposes to reduce activities. The House bill also precludes NIH it to Executive Level (EL) III ($165,300) from using any funds for economic research from EL II ($179,700), which was the level programs, projects or activities. proposed in the Senate bill and in FY2012 The House bill, which has already been funding. Both ARVO and NAEVR were heavily criticized by Democratic leaders since signatories on a May 16 letter to Congress it defunds and eliminates programs associated urging a return to EL I. with the Affordable Care Act, may not be Program evaluation transfer: Because able to secure enough votes to be approved by the House bill proposes eliminating the the House. However, it will be an important Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality marker in negotiations with the Senate when (AHRQ), it would reduce the 2.5% to FY2013 appropriations are finalized in 2013. 1% program evaluation transfer that all Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) agencies pay. The Senate bill does not eliminate AHRQ and maintains the CR expected; lower transfer at 2.5%, rejecting the Presidents grant funding may proposal to increase it to 3.2%. NCATS/CAN: The House bill reduces continue funding for NIHs new National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) by funding its Cures Acceleration Network C ongress is expected to take up a six- month Continuing Resolution (CR) that would fund the government in FY2013, which begins October 1. FY2012 FY2013 The CR, which is expected to fund opera- FY2012 of .189% Presidents FY2013 FY2013 tions at the FY2012 level through the first Final Rescission Budget Senate House quarter of 2013, takes pressure off Congress to finalize spending bills in a potential lame NIH* $30.7B $30.64B 30.6B 30.7B $30.6B duck session after the November elections. +1% +.81% 0% +0.3% 0% Although the Office of Management NEI $704.04M $702.71M $693.01M $695.1M $701.8M and Budget will provide official guidance on +.46% +.27% -1.2% -0.9%** -0.01% spending, a CR often means that NIH funds non-competitive grants at a level below * ProgramlevelNetoftransfers 100% until a final spending bill is enacted. ** $8.9McutduetodissolutionofCMVRetinitisstudy;Senateadds$2M 18 ARVONewsSummer/Fall2012

19 Research funding Sequestration looms large A RVO joined NAEVR and 3,000 other organizations as a The report, titled Under Threat Sequestrations Impact on Nondefense IOVS signatory on a July 12 Nondefense Jobs and Services, confirms that NIH Investigative Ophthalmology Discretionary Coalition letter to spending would be cut by $2.4 billion Congress urging its leaders to avert and NEI by $54.8 million. n & Visual Science sequestration. Sequestration refers New book: 50 years of to the mandatory budget cuts set to occur on January 2, 2013. The letter the best of IOVS urged Congress to adopt a balanced approach to deficit reduction that does not include further cuts to nondefense I OVS turns 50 this year. To celebrate, ARVO will be publishing a 700+ page volume of the best of IOVS. discretionary spending, including NIH And who better to select the ground- funding. breaking, seminal and controversial ARVO members also joined thou- papers from Volume 1 of Investigative sands of their research colleagues in Ophthalmology through Volume 52 of emailing letters to Congress. This came Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual after the Senate LHHS Appropriations Science than the most recent four editors- Subcommittee released the first in-chief? comprehensive report on the impact They are: of sequestration on education, health, SenatorTomHarkin(D-IA)addressedarally, n David Beebe, PhD, FARVO and labor programs in July. supportedbyNAEVR,toavoidsequestration. n Paul Kaufman, MD n Robert Frank, MD, FARVO n Gerald Chader, PhD, FARVO The team is reviewing articles and Bill would increase VTRP funding to $10 suggestions from members and past edi- tors and will be organizing the volume million to show the growth and changes in the dynamic field of vision research. I n July the Houses passed a bill increas- passed the full bill, and when Congress ing funding for the Department of Defenses Vision Trauma Research takes final action, likely in the first quar- ter of 2013, it will need to conference Can you name all of the distinguished members who have served as editor- in-chief? Youll know if you read this Program (VTRP) from $5 million to $10 these very different bills. volume, which will also include historic million. NAEVR and its information about ARVOs leading inter- Congressman advocacy colleagues national research journal. Tim Walz (D-MN), have requested Both hardback and paperback edi- who is the highest FY2013 VTRP fund- tions will be available for sale at the 2013 ranking enlisted ing at $10 million, Annual Meeting. n veteran ever to serve and Rep. Walz has in Congress, offered previously served the amendment, as the author of a that passed and Dear Colleague increased funding letter to fellow House from its original $5 Members urging million level. VTRP funding at $10 In August, million. the Senate During his floor Appropriations speech in support of ARVO 2013 fact: Lefttoright:Rep.TimWalz(D-MN)withARVO the amendment, Rep. Committee memberArthurSit,SM,MD(MayoClinic). If you book your hotel approved its bill, Walz emphasized through the ARVO Housing which includes the high number vision research as one of several areas of troops that have visual dysfunction Bureau, your room will of research eligible for funding but it related to traumatic brain injury (TBI) have free wifi. did not specify it as a line item funded at and how visual dysfunction can serve as a certain level. The Senate has not yet a marker for diagnosis of TBI. n 19

20 The Standard In Standardized ETDRS Testing ESV3000 ESV1500 Good-Lites ESV Series Cabinets provide the consistency and standardization you need. Standardized, self-calibrating ETDRS & logMAR Controlled by infrared wireless remote. testing is now a reality with photopic (85cd/m2) Chart storage in back. Compatible with or mesopic light levels (3cd/m2). all existing charts. Uses low-maintenance LED lighting. Move to the new age of standardization. No bulb burn-in time required. Scan the code for more information. 1155 Jansen Farm Drive Elgin, IL 60123 Toll-free: 800-3623860 Fax: 888-362-2576

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