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1 Issue Nine | March 2004 Katie Melua Debuts W8LM In this Issue: Eddie Gets Sexie Wigwam Backs Compacts Le Point de Vue Rings World Premiere The Martin Experience

2 THE EDGE | Issue Nine | March 2004 Contents Wigwams Major Commitment to W8LC/W8LM 3 New Additions to Blackline, Stadium and Amplifier Ranges 4-5 Katie Melua Tours with Concert Sound 6 Return Of The King: World Premiere in Wellington 7 Ozone Multiplex and by Royal Appointment in Horsham 8 DeHavilland Campus New Auditorium 9 Het Paard/Oosterpoort: Hot Installations in the Netherlands 10-11 Germany: Meatloaf on tour 12 Lola installation in Berlin 12 Carl Cox with Aurateq in Colombia 13 Nobel Prize Banquet and Club Aladdin in Stockholm 14 The Celebration City Spectacular in Branson 15 Eddie Izzard Takes Sexie Tour to the States 16-17 Green Bay Packers 17 Theatre Touring: Mayumana, Joseph and Les Misrables 18-19 On Tour with the Stereophonics 20 Point de Vue: Potent EM dance systems in Finistre club 21 W8LC Launches in Mexico 22 Major Rental Sale in Slovenia 22 Morrisson Opens in Auckland 23 Major Projects for TAG: ArtHouse Hotel 24 RIGHT AT THE CUTTING OneWorld Sport 25 Samolyot and Wizard Work for A&T Trade in Russia 26-27 Rea Sound Fit Out Terrace Hotel in Northern Ireland 28 C115s Work for Ampco at Turnhouts Beauregard and Flavour 29 Any lingering questions the role our new W8LC and W8LM Compact and Mini Line Array systems would occupy out in the field were answered with dividends this month. Flying High Above Barcelona: Alberdi Pro Take Charge 30 In a short space of time, the scaled-down versions of the W8L parent line array have found Emil Chau on Tour in China 31 their way into rental inventories throughout the world, and then straight out on tour. Blackline in Lux Restaurant 31 Capital Sound Hire, our premier London rental house, having reinforced their main W8L Line Wavefront Users 32 Array with their new Compacts on the Stereophonics tour before promptly shifting them to main PA hangs for the Eddie Izzard Sexie tour. We have covered the American leg of this, where Scott Scherban and Delicate Productions took control. At the same time we are delighted to announce a major investment by our friends Wigwam Acoustics in both the Compact and Mini Line Array (along with complementary subs and Where to see us drive racks). In so doing we are renewing an association with the premier hire company that extends back neary 30 years. March 19 - 21: NSCA, Las Vegas, N. America Another company eager to back the British signature sound of Martin Audio this month were March 31 April 3: Musikmesse, Frankfurt, Germany Concert Sound, who, faced with putting together a production for the mercurial Katie Melua on the variable and often difficult theatre circuit, saw the solution in the compact W8LMs May 16 19: CALM, Beijing, China sonic and rigging attributes. With neither system nor vocal processing required, FOH engineer Matthew Manasse has been able to bring the best out of the artistes bluesy voice June 9 12: INFOCOMM USA, Atlanta, N. America without any colouration. June 16 17: ABTT, London, UK Of course the last quarter hasnt been entirely about Line Array. As we watched Peter Jackson pick up a record haul of Oscars for The Return of the King we were reminded of the June 21 24: Cinema Expo, Amsterdam, Holland World Premier of the last in the Lord of the Rings trilogy at The Embassy in Wellington and the fact that the first time the soundtrack was heard anywhere was through a Martin July 15 17: PALA, Malaysia Audio Cinema system. Sept 12 15: Plasa, London, UK Elsewhere, we express continued gratitude to our distributors (and their customers) for the number of high profile projects they continue to undertake with our kit many of which are covered in this issue. We would be unable to maintain our record number of pages were it not also for the co-operation from our friends in the media. This month thanks go to Mike Cover: Katie Melua onstage at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Lethby at Gasoline Media, Dan Goldstein at Installation Europe, Nicola Reddy at am:pm, Alain-Marc Malga at SONO and Martin Audios own stalwart photographer who jetted up to Glasgow at a moments notice to shoot our front cover. Design and production: Red Square Interactive Ltd, Dartford, UK. Jerry Gilbert

3 Wigwam Commit to W8LC/W8LM Wigwam Acoustics have made a major investment in Martin Chris Hill has also given high priority to packaging the system, Audio Line Array technology, following an intensive search for and immediately commissioned another British company a compact system to complement their existing hire stock. VDC Trading to build all the racks, with specific panelling and cable systems. With the purchase, Wigwam renew an association with the High Wycombe company that began more than 25 years ago. With an eye on the future, Wigwam Acoustics confirmed the Both Wigwam managing director, Mike Spratt, and hire opening of their London depot later this year, where they will director, Chris Hill, stressed the significance of having the be near neighbours of fellow Martin Audio Line Array confidence to buy British after successfully auditioning the stockholder, Capital Sound Hire thereby creating cross-hire Martin systems at Manchester MEN and Liverpool Cathedral. potential for both companies. The initial order comprises 24 each of the Compact (W8LC) and Mini (W8LM) Line Array, along with 12 of the complementary WLX subwoofers and associated flying hardware. Powering the system, which will join the European tour of Lord of the Dance (a long-term Wigwam contract) will be a combination of 27 Martin Audio MA2.8s (1500W into 4 ohms stereo) amplifiers and five MA4.2s (2300W into 4 ohms). Chis Hill confirmed that his company had reviewed most of the available systems before favouring Martin Audio. We wanted a system that was compact, quick to rig and sufficiently versatile to handle venue sizes ranging from 2,000-seaters right up to 8,000 capacity. The Martin Audio system fitted all these criteria. The W8LC will fit into a small theatre and deliver tremendous power, while its size and weight make it easy to transport. He added that Wigwam had been keen to use a British system, and recalled purchasing 115 bass bins and the legendary 212 Philishave direct from Dave Martin back in the early days of the company. The clincher came with a final evaluation at Liverpool Cathedral, when 3,200 people flocked in to hear Christian band Delirious? It was the first rock gig in the cathedral for 30 years, recalls Mike Spratt, and in conjunction with Martin Pic: Left to right: Martin Audios Rob Lingfield and Wigwams Chris Hill Audios Jim Cousins, we rigged eight W8LM boxes a side on ALC towers. I couldnt believe the clarity and although I brought a lot of About The W8LC/W8LM extra reinforcement I only had to switch in two extra subs and The W8LC compact three-way, all-horn line array is the first true a small delay system, whereas I would normally set delay points mid-sized system offering the same exceptional audio, consistent every 10 metres or so. The sound quality was excellent and the coverage, high efficiency and rapid set-up time as the W8L. coverage it provided was stunning projecting across 60 The asymmetrical design allows mid and HF horns to function as metres effortlessly in a highly-reverberant area. separate devices, providing a true 90 through the mid and HF bands. The greater usable dispersion angle preserves the tonal balance as the He continued, The W8LC/W8LM system has so many plus listener moves off axis. points its compact, the rigging points are good, its British, The more compact and lightweight three-way W8LM is a scalable it can equally be run passive or active and it gives us choice. active/passive system that can be flown or ground stacked where space On top of that we like the people at Martin Audio, and the is at a premium. The W8LM is a full-bandwidth, 2 x 8in and 2 x 1in support that they will be able to provide. system that can be used without additional sub-bass. Wigwams W8LC system will debut in Germany before touring It uses line array principles from its larger predecessors, coupled with Russia and the Baltic states with one of the four Lord of the an evolution of the Hybrid horn loading technique. The use of unique mid-horn geometry and toroidal wave-guide allows the W8LM to Dance troupes, which are currently out. The W8LM will maintain constant directivity with a horizontal pattern of 120 degrees. typically be used for side hangs, infills and delays. 3

4 Musikmesse Gets First Showing of H3H Building on the immense popularity of the Blackline Series, Martin Audio is introducing the H3H. Given its first viewing at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, this high power enclosure utilises the same all horn-loaded components as the H3 but in a horizontal format. The trapezoidal three-way bi-amp Hybrid speaker is fully horn loaded, the components consisting of a single15in (380mm) horn and reflex-loaded low frequency transducer, a10in (250mm) horn-loaded mid frequency transducer with a phase-ball loading device, and a 1in (25mm) exit HF compression driver mounted on a constant directivity horn. The mid and high frequency sections are integrated by an internal 2kHz passive crossover network and the enclosure is of a multi-laminate birch ply construction. Aimed at the install market, where high SPL and articulation is required in a compact, low height package, the H3H has multiple inserts to facilitate easy, quick and safe installation. E1300 Expands Amplifier Range Martin Audio has expanded on its range of high-quality The key benefit of the E1300 is the plug-in module facility amplification with the introduction of the E1300. This no- located behind an easily removable front panel section. This compromise product features a high-frequency switching feature obviates the need for costly stand-alone dedicated power supply, with on-board intelligent control, providing very controllers. Various module options are available, dependent high performance in a lightweight 9.5kg, 2U package. upon application, including one that provides crossover and preset equalisation functions for most combinations of the A custom heat exchanger with massive surface area and Blackline Series. turbulent airflow, coupled with dual fan four-stage thermal control, ensure that the amplifier will provide maximum With an output of 720 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load and performance under any condition. THD 20Hz 20kHz of 0.08%, the E1300 provides uncompromising sonic performance and reliability as required TO3 dual die output devices providing high current and by the most demanding of todays sound reinforcement reactive load capabilities, with inbuilt protection against severe applications. amplifier clipping are just some of the features packed into this stunning new product. EWS PRODUCT NEWS PRODUCT NEWS PRODUCT NEWS PRO

5 Martin Audio Workshop a Big Success Pictured are international distributors attending the three-day technical workshop hosted by Martin Audio prior to the PLASA Exhibition in September 2003. With technical innovation (and Martin Audios design philosophy) at the forefront, the workshop is destined to become and annual event. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. Stadium Series Enhanced Continuing the companys surge into the installation market, Martin Audio has enlarged its Stadium Series to include three new enclosures suitable for more environmentally-demanding applications. These are the AM10, AM12 and AM15. These loudspeakers have been specifically designed for applications such as stadiums and arenas where high SPL and weather resistance are of prime importance. All three enclosures are of a vertical trapezoid design and horizontally formatted to reduce sightline obstruction. A new plastic paint finish, together with a galvanised and powder-coated steel grille, with a declon foam backing, ensures that the enclosure is waterproof in all but the most extreme conditions. The AM10 has a 300W 10in (250mm) LF driver coupled with a 1in (25mm) exit HF compression driver mounted on a rotatable 90 horizontal x 50 vertical constant directivity Connection to all three enclosures is via a flying lead secured horn. The AM12 has a 300W 12in (300mm) LF driver coupled through a waterproof gland. All internal metalwork is with a 1in (25mm) exit HF compression driver mounted on a galvanised. The enclosures have 12 x 10mm threaded inserts rotatable 80 horizontal x 50 vertical constant directivity fitted with copper coated and blacked steel bolts. Each horn. And finally the AM15 has a 400W 15in (380mm) LF driver loudspeaker is fitted with a passive crossover network and is coupled with a 1.4in (35mm) exit HF compression driver also available with an optional 150W or 50W 100/70 volt line mounted on a rotatable 80 horizontal x 50 vertical constant transformer; tapping adjustments are made via spade terminals directivity horn. which are accessed through a removable rear panel. DUCT NEWS PRODUCT NEWS PRODUCT NEWS 5

6 Concert Sound Debut Mini Array with Katie Melua Georgian-born jazz and blues marking his debut on a digital other mics as it tended to singing sensation, Katie mixing desk (the Yamaha negate any breathiness. Melua, has undertaken her DM2000). The flexibility With a singer as quiet as Katie first UK theatre tour to sell- afforded by both set-ups he Melua, an obvious advantage out audiences. quickly grew to love. of the W8LM, he says, is its ability to produce a good Audio production company, However, the W8LM system central image. Concert Sound, decided this held few surprises for the would be the perfect vehicle sound engineer, as he was Im running Katies voice to debut Martin Audios new quick to explain. By chance absolutely flat using Martin Mini Line Array (W8LM) one of his friends, Oz Audios standard factory system. With seating Bagnell, was system tech on settings, and tuning the capacities ranging from 1200 the recent Joan Baez tour system with 4dB boost on to 2500 ludicrously which also featured a Martin the sub. modest considering the 19- Audio Line Array. He invited The only vocal processing is year-old artistes mercurial me down to hear it and I provided from a solitary rise production needed could sense its potential Lexicon 480L in his outboard the versatility of an easily- immediately. When I heard rack (with any other reconfigurable system that that Concert Sound were processing provided by the was fast to rig, fielding up to considering it for Katies tour internal desk effects). 12 enclosures a side at the I recommended that we go larger venues (part with the system, because the Katie Meluas line-up groundstacked on Martin way it is being talked about comprises drums, double WLX subs, and part flown). and the way it sounds bass, electric and acoustic straight out of the box guitars, brass, keyboards Explaining the decision, inspires confidence. (electric, organ and concert Concert Sounds Tim Boyle piano), with Katie herself said, I kept hearing sound Using the systems ViewPoint switching between four engineers say that the Martin predictive software to guitars. The DM2000 is Audio system sounded optimise sound coverage in taking 39 analogue inputs but stunning and so when we each venue, Matthew says, by cross-patching internally specced the tour we thought As soon as we turn the Matthew has nearly 70 the W8LM would be ideal. system on it sounds great run channels at his disposal. We have a long relationship flat, delivering a huge amount with Martin Audio and its of power from a small Matthews sound mix has delightful to be using one of footprint. Using the Martin certainly earned the approval their systems again. I have software, all Ive had to do is of Mike Batt. At the first known (system designer) Bill tweak the horn levels to production rehearsal he was Webb for years and when we achieve the optimum out front with me for much ran the Line Array up in the coverage, although in some of the soundcheck to warehouse it bore all his instances Im using additional ensure we got her voice hallmarks of a natural- fills, depending on the sounding natural and sounding box that required auditorium layout. unprocessed. But once he no processing whatsoever. had heard the tapes played Matthew had worked back he was perfectly The tour was something of a carefully on Katies vocal happy. baptism of fire for FOH projection with her mentor sound engineer Matthew Mike Batt, at production (Matt) Manasse who rehearsals, and at the same would not only be sending time favoured the stalwart feeds to the Martin W8LM Shure Beta SM58A to the for the first time but also additional detail provided by

7 The Return of The King: World Premiere Over 100,000 Wellingtonians and visitors from around the The expertise of Optimum Cinemas Ewan Cole was called world descended on the home city of Peter Jackson for the upon to realise this final upgrade to the system. I was always World Premiere festivities for The Lord of the Rings The aware that the original surround system did not match the Return of the King. The World Premiere screening at the effortless quality of the Martin Screen speakers, said Ewan. recently-refurbished Embassy Theatre was attended by 750 The Embassy now has a truly breathtaking sound system to VIPs, including Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, match the fantastic refurbishment. and Sir Ian McKellen. The New Zealand contingent, headed by The central aim of the Embassy restoration has been to give Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson, and including Weta Wellington back its grand old 1920s cinema paradiso. The Workshop maestro Richard Taylor, also got a well-deserved sweeping marble staircases, high ceilings and other decorative heros reception from the crowd. features that have either disappeared, been altered or hidden The continued refurbishment of the Embassy Theatre (photos from view through decades of shifting fashions are now by Robert Catto) is a three-year project which has already reappearing. At the same time the opportunity has been taken resulted in Peter Jackson bringing The Return of the King to to ensure the Embassy offers a safe, comfortable, state-of-the- Wellington, New Zealand for its World Premiere. This art cinema experience. Air conditioning and high quality seating represented a real breakthrough for the city, its resident film have been key elements of the refurbishment agenda. industry, and New Zealand as a whole. An integral part of the refurbishment Embassy Theatre Equipment List was an upgrade to 3 x Martin Audio Screen 6: 4 x 15in low frequency section plus a unique mid-range and the current Martin high frequency horn which exhibits ideal pattern control across its operating range from 300Hz- 20kHz. Meets the THX specification for 3-way screen systems. Audio sound system. 8 x Martin Audio Screen Sub 1s: Provides low distortion true sub-bass response for any Previously upgraded cinema environment. Shallow profile designed for behind-the-screen placement. Single 18 to a full Screen 6 (460mm) long excursion high power driver. Twin ports ensure minimum turbulence. system for the New 24 x Martin Audio Effect 5 Surrounds: Two way10in bass and 1in compression passive Zealand premiere of cinema surround designed to produce the wide dynamic range and extended frequency response of digital sound formats. the first LOTR film, 4 x MA4.2 and 3 x MA1.6: Switch mode power supply. Superior sonic performance. Light the system was weight (10kg). Advanced protection circuits. Efficient copper cooling system. MLS minimum load further enhanced by switch. the installation of no 1 x CMX 2A Controller: Dedicated 3 in/6 out maximising performance of Screen 6 in bi-amp mode. Crossover frequencies, relative output levels, delay and screen compensated equalisation are fewer than 24 Effect all preset. Left, centre and right inputs are provided and there are low pass and high pass outputs 5s to envelope the for each channel. audience in the massive auditorium. 7

8 Double Feature for Sound Associates Cinema specialists, Sound Associates, have been involved in two high-profile installations using Martin Audio screen systems. The first was at the Capitol, the community arts centre in the Sussex town of Horsham, which was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II. Martin Audio cinema and theatre sound systems were installed throughout. Sound Associates were commissioned to provide an integrated design approach to the new audio and projection systems, including projection equipment, theatre PA, cinema sound, a combined PA/VA system and general communications. The building had been substantially reconfigured, its new layout featuring a small studio cinema, a larger 160-seat cinema, and the main 450-seat auditorium which is set up for dual use as a theatre and cinema. with Martin Effect 3Rs (for surround sound) and Screen Sub For all three cinemas, Sound Associates chose Martin Audios 1A for the low frequencies throughout the complex. Screen Series of loudspeakers, using Screen 4 three-way The Screen series is built to accommodate the various digital systems in the main auditorium and Effect 3s and EM15s for formats of modern film, providing the essentials of low surrounds. Martin has been making great inroads into the distortion, wide bandwidth and uniform coverage. cinema sound market in the last couple of years, explains Sound Associates sales and marketing manager, Jerry Murdoch, Graham Lodge of Sound Associates. Theyve come up with says that the Martin Audio systems are now really starting to highly competitive, quality products that match or exceed the prove their worth. We have been using Martin cinema usual benchmarks in specific areas, and they offer excellent speakers since they started trailblazing in the cinema market. customer support across the entire range. What we are looking for is high-reliability, high output and lower The Martin Audio support team completed an EASE design for power. In terms of bucks for the pound Martin provides a far the contractors installation in the theatre, supplying four WT3s better solution than any of the other manufacturers, and as for per side of the stage, with two auxiliary WS2A subs for use back-up and support they are exemplary. when necessary. Sound Associates had been recommended to the project on Sound Associates then moved to the home of Oxford United the strength of their reputation, and specifically work they had FC, where they fitted out a new nine-screen multiplex cinema carried out for the Odeon chain. at The Kassam Stadium. The company again chose a combination of the purpose- Top: The Ozone, at the Kassam Stadium designed Screen 4 and Screen 2 loudspeakers, both biamped, Below: The Queen opens the Capitol in Horsham

9 WT2 for 120m Campus Auditorium A Martin Audio WT2 theatre his company is a big fan of Martin Audio miniature QAV have made a generous system has been specified Martin systems. We have WM0.5 monitors while six of provision of patch bays, floor into the 450-seat auditorium used their components on the larger LE350 floor boxes and datapoints to on the new 120m previous projects and we run wedges will provide foldback provide system headroom deHavilland Campus brown- WT2s as our hire touring sound for any touring acts. and to allow for incoming field development at the rig along with Martin productions. There is also a The system which also University of Hertfordshire in Audio amps. live position at front-of- takes feeds from standard Hatfield, Herts. house. The WT2 is a powerful, playback formats is QAV (Quality in Audio Visual) compact theatre system powered by QSC RMX Acoustically designed by were awarded the contract which can be used as a stand- amplifiers and EQd using architects RMJM, the building for sound and vision after alone enclosure in a Yamahas DME-32 Digital was constructed by Carillion being placed on the tender distributed system or arrayed Mixing Engine. the main contractors for list following work they in multiples. QAV specified the entire site. A 24-channel Soundcraft k2 carried out for the two mounted either side of mixing desk, Sony Freedom University on its original site the proscenium arch, with a radio mics and ASL wireless in College Lane. pair of floor-mounted WS2As comms are also included in handling the sub frequencies. The Cambridge-based the sound specification, Front fills are provided by a contractors were tasked with which was originally drawn pair of Martin WTUBs. creating the infrastructure for up by consultants a multi-functional venue that While the latter are generally Theatreplan. There are two can act as a lecture theatre used as under-balcony fills 10U racks which, when (incorporating distance here they are positioned in plugged into the floor box, learning), a conventional the stage apron to project initialise the Crestron theatre entertainment venue over the orchestra pit as near management system under while providing video- fills into the first few rows. which the entire installation conferencing links and This is necessary as the runs. Also operating under allowing the University to dispersion of the WT2 Crestron control are Sony George Nolan, managing director patch in and call up feeds doesnt really peak until digital powered mixer amps, of system integrators, QAV from any projector in the the centre of the stalls, with mic inputs to handle the theatre. believes Julian. mixing away from the Soundcraft desk. QAV sales and project For stage side fills he has manager, Julian Moore, says selected the dependable 9

10 Het Paard Returns with W8LC Het Paard van Troje is a 20-year old club in Den Haag, desperately The design of the loudspeakers was undertaken by TM Audios in need of a total make-over. The L-shape of the original Jeroen van Keeken. Looking at the drawings I initially wanted to structure was far from ideal and leading technician, Peter use Martin Audio W8C enclosures because I know that system Kerkvliet who started out as a DJ at Het Paard was put in well. But when I visited the building for the first time I saw a few charge of refurbishing the venue. difficult areas which suggested I should change to the Martin W8LC, together with S218 subs. Thus the club was closed for five years. And after some difficult moments during the reconstruction it was finally able to reopen He decided to fly six W8LCs per side two stacked on an S218 its doors on September 3. and four subs per side, which proved to be a perfect combination. In the small venue Jeroen specified two W8Cs and Owned by the city of Den Haag, the venue now houses two three WSXs each side of the stage. Meanwhile, the original distinct zones. Whereas the old venue had only one stage, the Martin F2 system, installed in the old venue, has been reassigned main room now has a capacity of 1,100 people, while the smaller to side-fill duties. area holds 300. The club bought Martin Audio because they were impressed Although the budget was not unlimited Het Paard managed to with my design, and also the system demo, he says. I had also specify and install sufficient cutting-edge technology including known the lead technician, Peter Kerkvliet, for several years. a Martin Audio Compact Line Array (W8LC) system to place it among the top five venues in Holland. The new set-up, he believes, will service the diverse needs of the wide variety of bands who will play Het Paard not only smaller Only the fasia of the old building now remains the rest is Dutch groups but also major international touring bands. completely new. The new stages are formed from concrete boxes mounted on large shock absorbers so they are not The TM Audio technician concludes that in the first two months connected to any of the buildings surrounding it. of trading there has been nothing but positive remarks about the sound system, which even the sternest critics admit sounds great The impressive building is multi-purpose, hosting pop music (its if extremely loud during the dance events! primary function) as well as dance, theatre, ballet and conventions. The flexible venue contains two balconies with a moveable bridge so that it can be set up for an in the round production.

11 W8LC Meets Oosterpoort Criteria Oosterpoort in Groningen is had demanding criteria which The final and most important than enough power for our one of Hollands main concert the system had to meet, demand was decisive: The main hall, with 100 150 pop halls, hosting touring artists, including great sound, system should be adaptable concerts each year. bands, theatre shows, flexibility, portability, rider- for use in the big hall as well TM Audio supplied a complete corporate events and festivals. friendliness and minimum as the smaller theatre venue. touring system including setup time. This meant a compact system After six months of testing rigging hardware, amplifiers with high performance. and comparing seven Oosterpoorts 1900-capacity and ViewPoint prediction different line array systems, main hall is occupied most Initially I thought we had a software. Four Martin Audio Oosterpoorts technicians mornings by the local problem that couldnt be W2 cabinets were used to chose a 16-piece Martin classical orchestra, whilst in solved, until W8LC entered cover out-of-sight angles of the Audio W8LC rig. the evening the venue the market, says Pieter venue, while stage monitoring is predominantly used for Stov. It meets all our consists of eight Martin Audio Pieter Stov, head sound pop concerts. demands and delivers more LE12JB floor wedges. technician of Oosterpoort, Green-I Fits Foxs Excel Site Green-I have recently completed a fit-out for Fox Bars & Restaurants at the ExCeL Exhibition & Conference Centre in Londons Docklands. Faced with the difficult task of replacing an under- equipped system in the 1,100-capacity, split-level [email protected], Green-I turned to a Martin Audio solution. The vast downstairs space had been served by just six tiny speakers from a DJ feed when they arrived on site. While Fox operations director, John Dell-Ross, instigated some screening to separate the general bar area from the restaurant the installers set to work with a judicious configuration of EM Series architectural loudspeakers to achieve an even dispersion pattern. They installed eight EM26s finished in Martins textured green corporate livery supported by a pair of the ultra compact EM15s on the mezzanine level, and four further (white) EM15s on the light, airy ground floor. The design splits the venue into four sound zones, for all-day operation (commencing at 8am), handing control of three of these zones to the operators (since the upstairs control offset also manages the mezzanine area). Green-I have also recently fitted Foxs 380-capacity site in Stratford, East London, with six EM26s distributed around the L-shaped room. Green-I say they favour EM26s because they are reliable, indiscreet and pleasant to listen to. 11

12 Meatloaf Opts for Martin of 12 x W8Ls complemented by a side hang of between six and eight enclosures. The largest set-up was in the Manchester Evening News Arena in the UK, with a combination of 14 main hangs and eight side hangs, confirms Siriuss Holger Schader. At each venue they fielded 24 Sirius double 15in S1s subs, set up in four positions along the downstage edge of the stage. The W8Ls were driven by Martin MA 4.2 amplifiers, with a further column of four speakers powered by a set of three Martin MA 4.2 (plus an XTA DP 226). Meatloafs FOH engineer, George Wherlin, sent one stereo mix for the main hang, the sub bins and the pitfills, and a seperate mono feed for the side hang. System technicians for the tour were Klaus Bob Bolender and The recent Meatloaf European tour saw Sirius Sven Samson Geiger and Dirk Pinger. Production manager Showequipment AG field their Martin Line Array system. For was Joe Lennane, stage manager Donny Gordon and head the majority of venues the system was rigged with a main hang rigger, Patrick Ryan. Lola, Queen of Berlin A Martin Audio Blackline system has been installed in the new 300-capacity hybrid venue, Lola in Berlin. A combined bar, restaurant and club, it is owned by Jennifer Michaels and Uta Stoffers, and has been fitted from the ground up by Berlin-based Complete Audio (who will also service the venue). The sound system was designed by Stefan Mathias, project manager of Atlantic Audio who not only distribute Martin Audio, but also XTA, whose components provide the digital networking and system dynamic. Stefan said that Martin Audio had been chosen because of its superior sound quality ably demonstrated by Ata Macias, owner of the Robert Johnson Lounge in Offenbach, where a Martin PA is also installed. The system at Lola is configured as a four-point dancefloor application, with four Martin Audio Wavefront W3 tops and a pair of WS2A subs, augmented by three WTUB enclosures (off floor) and five EM15s, distributed in the lounges. The DJ sound is provided by the now standard Blackline F12 reference monitors. The entire system is driven by an XTA DP6i controller and limited via XTA DP324 SIDD digital dynamics. The dancefloor system is powered by the new Crest Pro 200 Series, with Crest CPX series assigned to the other ancillary systems.

13 Carl Cox: Beyond The Bleeding Edge Location: a huge ranch outside of Cali, Colombia. Occasion: a spatial mix across the site, greatly enhancing the immersive massive outdoor dance event starring DJ Carl Cox, world imaging and definition of the TiMax audio animations. innovator in creating propulsive audio environments. To open his set, TiMax flew in Carl Cox with a helicopter sample No question that the technology had to be far beyond the which literally shuddered around the site, followed by the artist bleeding edge to match Coxs creativity and the challenge of rising slowly out of the stage on a scissor lift. The gig itself totally ensuring a total audio club experience outdoors in the Colombia rocked the house, or as Austen put it, We annihilated em countryside. Staged by Colombias Mission Productions, owner of with Cox first coming on for two hours, and staying for over four, close to 400 assorted Martin Line Arrays and W8 variants, the spinning deep hardcore till dawn to over 5,000 manic revelers. event was breaking new ground in terms of new ways to Back home in New York, Derek and partner Rachel Stires run manipulate sound with the TiMax ImageMaker16 audio imaging Aurateq Systems, a multifaceted design, installation and matrix, essentially a surround processor that doesnt require production company. Martin Audios leading tour products dealer programme information to be pre-programmed on a disk. worldwide, Aurateq was originally formed in the 80s, creating Austen Derek of Aurateq Systems in New York, and Dave sound systems for concerts and clubs like the Sound Factory, Haydon of Out Board in London (TiMax), surpassed the challenge New Yorks Roxy, and Ministry of Sound in London. with an eight-channel surround system consisting of 32 Martin In the early 90s, an opportunity arose to produce large-scale Audio Wavefront 8 Compacts in eight stacks, and 64 WSX subs outdoor dance events in South America featuring US and arranged in four blocks at the corners of the site. The W8Cs European DJs, creating grand-scale outdoor events for Mission were processed by XTA, with TiMax used to create all-round L/R Productions, a Colombian/American company, which owned the images for the main mix with eight surround images and a leading club in Cali. scatter-delay synthetic image for overhead effects. Martin Audio has been a staple for Derek and Aurateq Systems The two stacks per side of the site (four total) were divided into for a long time. I love the sound of the boxes. A lot of engineers two channels each for delay imaging purposes. Thus the entire and production people down in South America say, Oh, they set-up was controlled by 12 channels of TiMax plus two channels have that typical Brit sound. Sometimes it takes a while for for front and rear subs, which in the end were all left undelayed. them to get comfortable but now these guys are flipping out Maximum stereo coverage was achieved with Martin W8Cs about how great they sound. assigned as alternate Left/Right pairs across the front and down Also the Martin W8L is the fastest flying Line Array sound system the sides and rear of the site, ensuring any two adjacent stacks without a whole bunch of gadgets you need to keep track of. were providing a stereo mix. TiMax was used to add subtle Everything is self-contained. rotating mix effects, triggered from a MIDI keyboard at various breakdown sections of the mix, while the system was left to just Aurateq will continue to collaborate with Mission Productions on run in solid multichannel stereo for the main beat content. The all types of large scale live tours through Colombia and other Latin smooth dispersion characteristics of the W8Cs provided a broad American countries. 13

14 W8LM Broadcasts Nobel Prize Winners Banquet DM Audio recently provided PL6.0s handling the Martin outboard processing. The Rigmor Gustavsson appearing top class sound reinforcement S18 subwoofers. show was mixed by DM as a special guest. They played for one of the key royal Audios Lars Wern on an Allen three pieces by Magnus. The orchestra was miked and command events in the & Heath ML5000 48-channel amplified through the Martin The event was also broadcast Swedish calendar. mixer, with TC Electronic Audio W8LM speakers five by Swedish TV. DM Audio System 6000 and Drawmer On December 10 the Swedish enclosures per side hidden provided a feed of the violins MX 50 as outboard gear. royal family attended the in the windows behind the and everything else Nobel Prize banquet, orchestra /soloists (the Lars Wern reported that the was shared through a BSS presented by the Nobel placement of the speakers small line array came through a splitter system. Foundation, at Stockholm being dictated totally by difficult live show with flying City Hall, featuring all the aesthetics). colours. We managed to the Laureates. shoot through the hall without All monitors consisted of leaking too much down into DM Audio has a long tradition Martin Audio Blackline F8s the microphones, he said. of supplying the sound system driven by QSC PLX 3402 for the Nobel entertainment amplifiers (the jazz quartet The entertainment this year and using the new Martin also used Samson IEMs). included the fantastic Audio W8LM Mini Line Array composer/sax/flute player, The system was processed for the first time, the PA Magnus Lindgren, who brought using Martin Audios dedicated company assigned the his quartet and 20 members of DX1 processors, with Rane, component parts of the three- the Royal Philharmonic TC Electronic and Drawmer way system, to QSC Orchestra and Stockholm components providing the PL1.4s and PL4.0s , with Sinfonietta with singer DM Beef Up Club Aladdin DM Audio have confirmed the installation of a Martin Audio system in the refurbished Club Aladdin, in the centre of Stockholm which has been transformed into a super class nightclub. Martin W8LM (in a 4x4 configuration) is used as a live PA, driven by QSC PLX series amplification (using Rane processing). Further Martin F10 sidefills and S18/F12 outfills are also driven by QSC. To the venues existing subwoofers DM have injected new life into the lower end, while a Yamaha 01V 96 now provides the front-of-house mix.

15 Celebration and Fine Wine One of the most popular family attractions in Branson, Missouri, looked like magic. LCI technical director, Rob Paul, worked is Celebration City, a night-time theme park for young adults closely with director Andrew Day, who adapted the original script and families. for a multi-media show that would include various projection surfaces, laser lights, and pyrotechnics. A high technology showcase, Celebration City Park uses multi- media including high-quality audio, laser lights, and projection The audio also provided a significant technical challenge. technology. The centrepiece is Celebrate, a one hour multimedia Coverage was required to span an area that measures the width laser spectacular that caps the show by taking the audience on a of two football fields, and half that depth, and so cabinets with a journey through five-and-a-half decades of life in the United wide horizontal but narrow vertical spread were required. The States culminating in a tribute for everyday American heroes specifications were forwarded to Martin Audio who such as firefighters, teachers, nurses. recommended the W8L line array system. The laser show itself is projected onto a 50ft high x 200ft wide The show ended up with W8L cabinets in the rock wall along man-made rock wall behind a man-made lake that forms a natural with 12 WSX bass cabinets for smooth, linear coverage and amphitheatre. The rockscape provides a flat, solid projection maximum bass impact with a detailed sound. Since coverage was service while maintaining a natural, outdoor look and feel. Three required over a large listening area, the long throw and dispersion Sanyo XF40 projectors cover the entire wall. characteristics provided complete clarity for each position in the Celebration Citys spectacular water laser and speaker tower. Even more unusual is the parks water screen, which brings seating area. This ran all the way to the back row without images of American icons to life. As project manager Joel Foster ripping off peoples heads with excessive SPLs in the first row. describes the impact, Elvis Presley rises up from a 270,000- As Foster puts it when asked about the sound of Martin Audio: gallon pond, larger than life and dancing to Jailhouse Rock before I would compare Martin Audio to a fine wine compared to an awestruck audience. other systems that sound like Ripple. The clarity and To achieve this extraordinary effect, UK-based contractor LCI smoothness of the sound without any rough edges is what (Laser Creations International) seamlessly integrated audio, video distinguishes their systems. On a clear night they can hear the and lighting to present the familiar in a surprising new way that show up to ten miles away. 15

16 Izzard Gets Sexie and Delicate If asked which British artist theres immediately the sense putting together a system to Scherban also pointed that, had the most successful tour that something is different, rival any concert music act in The line array approach is in terms of sold seating last exciting, and challenging an terms of output, fidelity, also vital to what were trying year, few would have figured edge that further pushes the and flexibility. to do, which is project a single on Eddie Izzard the gifted humour envelope. voice in huge rooms. These Not surprisingly, the system comic, actor, and verbal are great tools for a situation Izzards tour, Sexie, sold out was fronted by the latest improviser with a rather like this. Weve been able to 2,500-plus-seat theatres iteration of Martin Audio unconventional approach to attain coverage from the first across North America (just W8LC compact line array wardrobe and makeup. rows to the corner nosebleed 2% of total seats ended up loudspeakers, driven by Crest seats. Its just there, As described by journalist unsold), before moving along amplification and mixed by a consistent and where you Keith Clark in the cover story to 21 arena dates in the UK Yamaha DM2000 digital want it. of the February 2004 issue of and Ireland (serviced by console, with DPA miniature Live Sound International, Capital Sound Hire). Eddie mics and Sennheiser wireless. For the North American Izzard in the live realm is a admits to drawing most of his theatre leg of the tour, the System tech Scott Scherban, tour de force (pardon the inspiration from rock n roll approach included arrays of veteran of concert acts such pun), taking the audience on a and aiming for more ten W8LC three-way line as Tracy Chapman, the journey via and insightful audience impact this time array modules flown per side, Pretenders, and Natalie running monologue constantly around there was a real need tapering at the bottom into a Merchant, explains, There peppered with ad-lib riffs and for a concert-style sound gentle J configuration. were a lot of options, but free-form association, and system capable of delivering Scherban and a single crew when George heard this one, going in new directions from the goods. member were enough to he immediately liked it. The night to night. Dressed in assemble and fly both arrays Sound designer George precision was the difference, drag, a look he terms within 30 minutes. Glossop worked with L.A- along with the very natural executive transvestite, based Delicate Productions in signature.

17 Below on the deck, dual- profile wedges positioned stacked Martin W8 Hybrid stage left and right. horn-loaded subwoofers What weve got here is a reinforce the low-end with tight, efficient system that two Martin W2 two-way meets every need we have, compact trapezoidal loud- and could meet the needs of a speakers tight-positioned full band, Scherban summed close together for front fill. up to Clark. With fewer Additional fill in the centre components needed, theres portion of the front audience fewer things that can go came from low-profile Martin wrong, fewer pieces that can WTUB two-way enclosures, break, fewer complications. offering a very wide This rig is also financially horizontal dispersion pattern. beneficial with less to Stage monitoring was handled carry, it cuts costs and from FOH as well, with feeds saves money on manpower to single Martin LE12JB low- and time. Scott Scherban (top), and with tour manager, Mick Perrin Game-On for Green Bay and WT2 Craig Benzel, Director of Marketing for the Green Bay Packers, owner representation, and trained game operations crews. approached consultant Danny Abelson of In-Game Services (IGS, The nature of todays in-game sporting environment has Inc.), with a special challenge. changed, notes Abelson. Team owners and managers realise they Benzel and the Packers needed a special speaker system for the must entertain their fan base to maximise marketing opportunities Miller Lite End Zone, a premium seating area at Packer Stadium and customer enjoyment. We always recommend the most underneath the top bowl at the North End. A terraced area appropriate product for an application. That is why we are so beneath the main speaker cluster, the End Zone is for young adults satisfied with our decision to use the Martin loudspeakers in this between the ages of 21 to 28 a target market for the Miller application. Brewing Company. The Packers are a demanding organisation and Lambeau Field is The challenge was to create a special treatment for the area that well known for its harsh frozen tundra environment. The Martin would have the versatility to alternatively handle a live radio feed enclosures look great, provide great sound for the fans in the Miller from the local Packer Radio Network, and reproduce the stadium Lite End Zone, and can handle the elements. PA without having it conflict with and/or drown out the radio feed. Abelsons solution was to design a high quality specially-focused loudspeaker treatment fed with programme sources controlled by an automated ducking circuit. The circuit normally provides a feed from the home radio play-by-play announcers, and automatically switches to time-delayed in-bowl programming whenever the main end zone PA system is in use. The loudspeakers had to combine the clarity and power required for both tasks, so Abelson chose six Martin Audio WT2-WP weatherproofed enclosures for the job, based on their exceptional vocal intelligibility and reliability. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, In-Game Services specialises in applying high quality audio-visual techniques to the college and professional sports markets, along with management expertise, 17

18 Synco W8LM a Hit with Mayumana The Synco W8LM by Martin He also pointed out that the show plays constantly) sounds really good. Were Audio is being given what Synco can now provide all and has been enjoyed by still on a learning curve with some might describe as a three of Martins line array more than 500,000 people. the system, but so far Im baptism of fire as the Mini systems, explaining, The As well as the touring impressed. Line Array system makes its Synco Network of PA company, two kids versions One important guide for European touring debut with companies can offer the (Adraba) also now have working in a theatre, says the energetic and eccentric Synco W8L, W8LC and now shows in production. Schorr, is getting the actors Mayumana, one of the the W8LM in their Sound designer Amir Schorr, to be aware of how you biggest hits on the inventories. who also owns and operates work with microphones and international circuit in recent Following a most successful a successful recording studio loudspeakers. Many of them years. This touring version of House Full season at and the Fast Music indie dont understand about the Tel Aviv-based show, that Bilbaos elegant 1,500-seat record label in Israel, has working with technology. If encompasses dance, Teatro Arriaga, Mayumana been working on Mayumana youre going to create a percussion, mime and music successful complicated sound design, you must make the actors aware of what it is youre trying to do. Were very lucky with this production because the artistic director Boaz Berman has a high appreciation of technology. He understands the dynamics and coverage. The shows general director Roy Ofer observes, Embracing new technology is an important part of the production and our connections with Ampco Pro Rent, one of the biggest companies in the European market, have helped us to gain access to the most modern technology. The new Martin W8LM array gives us the flexibility to play venues of different sizes while still maintaining the feel and impact of the performance. depends heavily on accurate has moved on to a residency productions for four years and effective sound design. in Barcelona. Later this year, now. During rehearsals in the production moves Bilbao, he said, Over the The Synco system is part of a on to Amsterdam, continuing years, weve worked with a lighting and sound package a global merry-go-round number of different sound supplied by Hollands Ampco which covers North systems, and for this show, Pro Rent. Prior to the and South America, Asia were trying something really opening night in Bilbao, Fred and most of Europe. new (with the W8LM line Heuves, MD of Synco array). We needed a system Europe and of Ampco said, Mayumana was created by that is portable, easy to rig Obviously, this is an Eylon Nuphar and Boaz and adaptable to different important development for Berman and started life in sized venues and believe all of us Ampco, Synco, 1998 in a Tel Aviv warehouse small line arrays could be the Martin Audio and the basement. It now has its own answer. Everything looks and producers of Mayumana. We theatre-base in Jaffa (where are confident the W8LM will prove to be more than Top: Sound designer Amir Schorr and show co-creator, Boaz Berman capable of handling this Bottom: Ampco account manager Casper van Aalst with the Martin W8LMs sophisticated production.

19 Autograph Bring in WT3 for Joseph Bill Kenwrights record- show. I had used the WT3s breaking production of and baby subs before, and Andrew Lloyd Webber and liked the way the system Tim Rices smash hit musical sounded particularly with Joseph And The Amazing respect to throwing the sound Technicolour Dreamcoat has to the back of a venue. We are been using a Wavefront not touring delays as the turn- system for its redesigned around between venues is 2003/4 national tour. very short. Chris Full of Autograph Sound When it came to buying new has revamped the sound cabinets, the WT3 system design for the production, was my first choice, which has been on the road continues Chris. The high since 1997, touring the power handling of the regional theatres of the UK. Wavefront boxes gives me For the new rig, he has more than enough SPL in the chosen Martin Audio, room, along with plenty of specifically ten WT3s and headroom for a good four WS2A subs, with transient response. analogue processing. Joseph has played to well over The sound design for the five million people in the UK, tour of Joseph required a thanks to Kenwrights original versatile, high power sound 12 year tour (1979-1991) and system that also fulfilled the the current production, which budget requirements of the has been running since 1997. Line Array Joins Les Mis in Berlin One of Autograph Sounds longest-running success stories is its This is Lidsters first design of Les Misrables and it gave him the ongoing work on worldwide productions of Les Misrables. Most chance to view it with a fresh but experienced approach. His recently, the show opened in Berlin, with sound design by Nick updated design includes four Martin W8LC and two WSX subs, Lidster who was part of the original sound department when the supporting the main PA system. show opened at the Palace Theatre in London in 1985. Some of the changes are due to the particular demands of the Theatre des Westens in Berlin, a grand, four-tier European style opera house with a large, flat stalls area and three very shallow circle areas. Says Lidster, A conventional loudspeaker installation would struggle to cover this auditorium. By using two types of line array systems I can get the coverage I require. The Martin W8LCs are in a central cluster above the pros arch, covering a 500-seat gallery area starting about 15 metres from the stage. I felt I needed something slightly more powerful to cover this seating block and I liked the sound and long-throw capability of the W8LCs, which are suited to this type of coverage and distance. This is the first time Nick Lidster has specified Martin Audios new W8LC cabinets, having heard them for the first time at a demo at the Brixton Academy. Im very pleased with the enclosures. I also liked the prediction software and the fact that Martin Audio thoughtfully delivered our order in black rather than their customary grey livery! 19

20 Cap Sounds New W8LC Rig on Stereophonics Debut Capital Sound Hires newly- acquired W8LC line array was out in force for the Stereophonics massive, sold- out Christmas stadium and arena shows. The top London rental company had acquired 26 x W8LCs two months earlier, at the same time adding another four of the original W8L Line Array enclosures specifically to allow them to rig 16 cabinets per side as the main PA on the Stereos tour (alongside their 12 new dedicated W8LS subs, which were flown). The sound rig was supplemented by side hangs of eight W8LCs per side, eight groundstacked WSXs, with other W8LCs on near fill, front fill and delay duties. Stereophonics at Earls Court At the heart of the Woods using AudioCore on At the end of the time providing the delays loudspeaker control were his laptop PC. Stereophonics tour the (see feature elsewhere in XTA digital processors and W8LCs were turned around The Edge). I did a lot of walking around the system was powered by a overnight and deployed as the venue with the laptop, Below: Martin Audios Simon Bull (left) combination of Martin Audio main PA on the Eddie Izzard with Cap Sounds Keith Davis, and says Woods, using and Crown amplification. tour, where W8Cs were this some of the new W8LC enclosures AudioCore and SMAART to Following the November UK get the system perfectly tuned arena tour, the bands precision thats really seasonal celebrations were important, especially in some held over two nights at Earls of the more remote corners Court and a final homecoming of the big venues. date at the Millennium On stage, where John Burton Stadium in Cardiff. One of was mixing on an InnovaSON the London shows came console, Crown-powered complete with a mystery Martin LE700 wedges were guest appearance by Rolling controlled by XTA DP224 Stone Ronnie Wood. processing, along with W8S In command of it all was and W8C sidefills. system engineer and crew Says Roden: It was a great way chief Al Woods. The XTA to end the arena tour and the system, comprising of DP226 audiences were fantastic. Now Controllers and a GQ600 were looking forward to graphic equaliser was America, Australia and Japan controlled remotely by and then a summer of festivals.

21 Le Point De Vue An EM system is installed in Point de Vues two discothques the main space and the London. Each uses four EM 186 speakers, attached to four fixed poles at an angle to the The location: Laz, in Finistre, a town near the expansive dancefloor combined with four EM251 subwoofers, and is run Chateau de Tvarez. Situated on the north side of the as a tri-amped system (with three of the four frequency ranges Montagnes Noires, and bordered by the canal that links Nantes active, including the sub-bass model). The trapezoidal EM186 to Brest, it offers exceptional views. is equipped with a 15in, a 6.5in and 1in compression driver, giving a 65 (horizontal) and 45 (vertical) coverage, operating Le Point de Vue is a prosperous family-run business. Owner over a wide band (55Hz-18kHz) while the 2 x 15in subs Nicole Gestin set out with a bar in 1969, then a restaurant and operate across the 38 Hz-120 Hz band. later a dance club. She has since been joined by her partner Eric Bourles, and the couple are assisted by close relatives, A pair of EMX2A processors control the system in the main who are intensely involved in the future of this dance temple. club (including two EM76s providing infill sound at the rear of the club). The music bar, positioned between the two clubs and restaurant, is open every day. The bar is run separately from The Point de Vue doesnt suffer from output limitations, but the discothques, but restaurant customers circulate freely they do meet the legal requirements in hearing protection throughout the complex. 105 dB maximum acoustic pressure on the floor. In 1997 the entire complex was destroyed by fire just one In future the club is looking at the possibility of sound delivery week after a new club had been inaugurated. The to the mezzanine areas from the stage, and even to the open reconstruction provided the opportunity for an overall study of terraces in summer; Martin EM15s have already been the sound and light system, but the infrastructure was rebuilt. proposed as being perfectly equipped for this type of application. While the main rectangular club (measuring 10,000 sq metres of floor space) looks more or less as it did in 1976, the London Today, while the main space attracts hardcore dancers, the is an extension of the original building and was first used as a London provides a much more diverse music programme in restaurant before being converted to a dance club in 1980. the warm atmosphere of a typical English pub, equipped with an English sound system. Herv Morvan supervised the selection and installation of the sound system with recommendations from Jol Seveneant, the installer. The system had to offer definition comparable to that Adapted from an article by Alain-Marc Malga, that originally appeared in of domestic hi-fi listening, at the same time satisfying the Sono Magazine, February 2004. different requirements of live and recorded music. It was a natural decision to choose Martin Audio. 21

22 W8LC Launches in Mexico City La O Discoteque opened to the public recently and Audioacustica y Electronica SA de CV (Martin Audios Mexican distributor) selected the venue to present the new W8LC. Located in one of the most exclusive parts of the city La O had already installed eight W8Cs and eight WSXs as its main system, along with Blackline F12s and S12s for delays. Some of the countrys top rental companies, club owners and audio engineers, pre-registered for the event, which began with an introduction of Martin Audios catalogue by Audioacusticas managing director, Javier Posada, followed by the W8LC introduced by Erick Tapia, Audioacusticas product manager). At the end of the presentation everybody was eager to experience a demonstration. Robe Americas technical service manager, Ramiro Aguilera, and Audioacusticass product manager, Jeronimo Ramirez, prepared a lighting show for the W8LC with the new Robe Spot 1200 AT and moving head spots and washes (250XT and 575 XT). Two bands a covers band and an original rock outfit named Kerigma then put the system through its paces all were able to sample first hand the impact and clarity of the W8LC, and its true 90 horizontal coverage. Team Time in Slovenia Slovenian distributors KSL Studio have sold a major W8LC system to Martin Audio rental customers, Dejan Zuras db Team . Dejan first introduced Blackline into his hire fleet two years ago, following it up with the larger Wavefront W8C/WSX a year ago. Recognising the quality of Martin Audio components (and the growing competition in Slovenia) he then decided to go one step further and purchased 16 pieces of W8LC. Db Teams main market is parties and large concerts throughout Slovenia, and they recently serviced the DJ Time in Ljubljana, attended by around 4,000 people. The system was driven by Martin Audio and Crest ampliication, processed by XTA DP226 devices and mixed through a Crest Audio console. Dejan Zura is so pleased with his new Compact Line Array system that he is already planning to augment his inventory of W8LC and WSX enclosures. Left to right: Dejan Zura and Bostjan Konic of KSL Studio

23 World Class Morrisson Opens with Blackline The dance floor specification was for four Martin Audio W8C compact enclosures positioned in a quad around the dancefloor, supported by two pairs of Martin Audio WSX sub bass units. The coupled WSXs give an extra octave of bass Aucklands newest destination, Morrisson, has catapulted onto response for real slam. The core of the original specification the New Zealand club and dance scene. Owner Andrew was for a no-compromise, fully-active system, offering truly Clellands vision of raising the stakes and bringing a truly amazing control and detail without fatigue. Control and power international standard dance club to Auckland has set the stage are supplied by a pair of Martin Audio DX1s, four MA1.6s, for a phenomenal new venue. two MA2.8s and an MA4.2. From conception, Clelland wanted the best sound system The quality of the sound system was fundamental to the entire available and past experience said that it had to be Martin design process of the bar. Specialised acoustic paneling was Audio. With many Martin installations under his belt, Clelland installed in both the bar and dancefloor to substantially reduce had a clear idea of what was required. We wanted to create reflections and resonances. The massive air conditioning an environment where people wanted to stay all night and high system was treated to reduce vibrations, and specialised wall quality/non fatiguing sound is an integral part of that. linings and doors were used to contain the music to the The two-floor club features an upstairs bar/chill-out area dancefloor. In reality the sound system needed precious little combining the design elements of natural colours and leather adjustment. with an open fire for winter nights. The upstairs bar sound Martin Audios New Zealand distributor, Robert Judd, of system consists of an Allen & Heath Xone:62 DJ mixer feeding Technical Audio Group, was delighted with the results. A great six Martin Blackline F15s and two EM251 subs controlled by an deal of care was taken in the design stage to reduce room Allen & Heath DR128. Power is provided by three MA1400s interaction and resonance. The ongoing acoustic consultation and an MA2.8. Whilst capable of high levels of clean sound, the with the design and construction team has allowed us to use upstairs experience only whets the appetite for the main minimum EQ, giving clean, extremely transparent sound dancefloor system. quality and improved headroom. The basement dancefloor has arguably the best system in New This setup is the cleanest, most dynamic sound I have heard in Zealand. A custom designed semi-circular DJ booth gives a dance club, remarked owner, Clelland. Even at the highest plenty of room for multiple turntables and DJ mixers options. levels, there is an underlying feeling that the system is still just A great deal of care was taken over isolating the turntables and idling, that there is always more to come. We spent a lot of electronics from acoustic feedback. Pride of place is taken by time in the design stage making sure that the sound system was an Allen & Heath Xone:V6 rotary valve DJ mixer, a secondary not compromised by the building process and I think we have Xone:62 mixer and four turntables. achieved that. Weve had a really great response from both clients and DJs. It doesnt take long for word to get around, and Morrisson is the buzz on the streets who could ask for more than that. 23

24 Patron of the Arts A premier restaurant, a superb bar and a unique entertainment space thats the ArtHouse Hotel. But its much more than that. The ArtHouse Hotel occupies a unique place in Sydney as a hub of artistic activity and a meeting point for creativity. The new hotel is a key platform for emerging talent, creating the opportunity for artists of all media to exhibit and sell their work free of gallery commissions and hire charges. What better location for The ArtHouse Hotel than the former School of Arts Building at 275 Pitt Street, a stones-throw from Sydney Town Hall? Still retaining the original intrigue of the 19th century architecture, the heritage listed building has been immaculately restored and now comprises four truly beautiful spaces, including three separate bars and the Dome Restaurant. Such a profile demanded a first rate, high performance audio system. These issues landed in the very capable lap of Matthew Kline at Avsound Productions. High quality audio, flexible use and understated, visually presentable appearance spelt Martin Audio to me. he said. Despite a very powerful audio impact the Cocktail Bar, also The Milfair partners, Andrew Utiger and Graeme McBeath, located on the Ground Floor, benefits from smooth lines with who brought the ArtHouse to life, involved us at the beginning five EM26 (8in 2-way) speakers barely disturbing the visual and at every relevant stage along the way, continued Matthew. surface. A well hidden S18 (single 18in) subwoofer adds more It meant that we got an excellent feel for the venue, what was than enough bass punch. expected of the audio and what architecturally we could and couldnt do with speaker placement etc. It also meant that Upstairs a truly awe-inspiring space in both dimension and Andrew and Graeme understood the audio issues and valued scope has been turned over to The Dome, a lavish yet informal our acoustic and technical advice, which led to a rewarding and restaurant. In conjunction with renowned head chef Elizabeth enjoyable relationship. Willis-Smith and a coterie of specialist staff, four EM26s serve in the restaurant bar area. Once a chapel, a library then a theatre, The Verge with its majestic 19th century plasterwork, stenciling and skylights is With their audio very well taken care of The ArtHouse Hotel is now the elegant and innovative main bar. Two Martin Audio free to concentrate on an eclectic and ever-changing arts and Blackline H2 (10in horn loaded 2-way) mid/high satellite events program including the now infamous Life Drawing cabinets with six EM26 (8in 2-way) and a S218 (double 18in) Classes and Salsa Lessons and exhibitions of photography, subwoofer handle events from background music to full-on painting, fashion, sculpture and everything else the creative city club style performances. of Sydney has to offer.

25 Only One System for OneWorld Sport Food, Drink, Adrenalin. Thats the OneWorld Sport motto and its more than a fair description. Set on Church Street, the heart of Parramattas restaurant and bar strip, the new bar/club/restaurant follows an all-action formula with a barrage of audio visual carrying a non-stop feast of sports. With four big screens, plasmas by the dozen and six satellite feeds patrons are never far from live sports action wherever its taking place around the world. The internal fit-out by Sydney club specialists Swerve Design features numerous old and modern classics like a Ferrari racing car, Michael Schumachers suit, Don Bradmans bat and a massive Martin Audio Blackline Adjoining The Arena is The The system was designed to the obvious choice. Its more sound system. Sin Bin. Far from being run comfortably regardless of that apparent on special OneWorld Sport, Darling sidelined for bad behaviour the demands, commented event nights with a packed Harbour, invested in a Martin The Sin Bins occupants enjoy Greg de Vries, Saltecs house and 120dB on the Audio Wavefront 8 system an exclusive VIP area with six managing director, With dance floor. Food and drink back in 1997 and was only Blackline F10s and two S15 their reputation for solid for the hardware but 100% too keen to apply the same single 15in subs. On special reliability as well as great adrenalin for the patrons. successful formula at event nights the two audio Martin Audio/QSC was Parramatta. Sydney based rooms are combined to audio visual installers Saltec accommodate the increased were contracted for the fit- patronage. out which included over 50 OneWorld Bar is a second speakers all powered by live performance area QSC with Allen & Heath providing a more intimate mixing and control. venue for live acts. The In The Arena, an area for live audio complement includes and club entertainment, four two F10s and two S15s. Blackline H2 10in and horn The bar, restaurant, lounge mid/high satellite cabinets and gaming areas are and three S218 double 18in covered by more F10s, subs are complemented by C516 ceiling speakers, C115 QSC PLX amplifiers and an 5in install speakers and Allen Heath Xone2:464 club CS265 mini subs. mixer. A single Blackline F8 (8in 2-way) and four pairs of The multiplicity of rooms and F10s (10in 2-way) cover the zones was tailor made for the DJ monitoring and delayed central control and fill for the perimeters of processing of an Allen & the room. Heath iDR zoner system. 25

26 Samolyot Gets a New Hall However, the main business activity of this large entertainment facility will be bowling. The building also houses a motor racing circuit, multiple bars, a restaurant, a karaoke club, and other features. Despite its size, Samolyot never had a versatile concert area with its own infrastructure, capable of hosting large shows. The project for renovating the third floor for this purpose was accomplished in just four weeks. The new hall now hosts famous Russian musicians and bands. A&T Trade Company designed and assembled the audio system and carried out the complete schedule of works from acoustic surveys and solution provision to supply of equipment, assembly and final commissioning of the hall. A&T Trade experts amended, on their own initiative, the architectural project to enhance the halls initial zoning layout and acoustics (aided by computer simulation). On New Years Eve the famous Moscow entertainment complex Samolyot presented a beautiful gift to its guests when The new hall is equipped throughout with Martin Audio a new, multipurpose hall designed for live concerts, Blackline loudspeakers (and Blackline F12 stage monitors), corporate and childrens shows, sports programmes and other Crown CTs amplifiers, Tascam DM24 digital mixer and presentations was unveiled. industry-reference processing equipment.

27 A Wizard Result in Nizhni Novgorod Wizard Entertainment shows, chamber music, free ground up, whereas usual S218 subwoofers, four F12 Complex has opened in the wrestling, sports programmes scenarios involve adaptation front cabinets and two F10 city of Nizhni Novgorod a the list is endless. The of existing audio/ end cabinets. unique facility created by building itself is divided into lighting systems. Although initially the building various professionals, two sections quiet and Specialists from A&T Trades wasnt finished with sound including the Nizhni loud. The concert hall is Nizhni Novgorod office insulation, the application of Novgorod office of A&T located on the first floor, while directly participated in the this architectural solution has Trade Company, who the second floor houses design, giving advice on led to a brilliant acoustic designed and implemented billiards, games machines, finishing, and even persuading result, with the clarity of the the sound solutions for the restaurant and a bar. Martin Audio systems bringing new club. the client to apply the live For Nizhni Novgorod, Wizard the best out of the space. concert option. Wizard is intended for many is the first example of creating different applications comprehensive entertain- The concert hall is equipped discos, live concerts, ment facilities. The complex with the reliability of Martin presentations, childrens was designed from the Audio, including Blackline 27

28 The Roar from the Terrace Since the lovely new Terrace Hotel in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland, opened its doors in early December, its hard to remember what the town ever did without it. The only hotel in the area, it includes 16 stylish en-suite bedrooms, the traditionally styled Terrace Bar, the Courtyard Bar, which is used as a function room and a spill out area for busy weekend nights, and a great restaurant, located on the lower ground floor of the Church Street building. With a state of the art sound and lighting system, installed by Rea Sound, it is a wonderful example of a modern boutique hotel. Martin Audio loudspeakers are used throughout. The reception area sets the standard for the rest of the enclosures, with the low A walk down the wonderful sound system has been building. Stylish and modern, frequencies handled by four marble staircase in the carefully designed. In addition with clean beige marble ultra-compact EM150s. reception area will bring to the Martin Audio floors, square stone fireplace visitors to the Terraces components, the system The adjacent Courtyard Bar and wraparound glass fabulous new restaurant. Any utilises an Allen & Heath IDR has a more modern and sleek frontage it has a look of reservations the owner may digital mixer zoner, allowing look than its neighbour, with understated elegance. Sound have had about the lack of control in each specific area, long rows of high block tables from a multiplay CD player is natural light on the lower both of music choice and and brushed suede seats in distributed in this zone ground floor were quickly volume level. With multiple brown, black and beige. With through 18 Martin C115T overcome by the inputs including Sky, a Rolec its own bar, stage and DJ box, ceiling speakers. experienced team at Rea hard drive, the DJ system and which is built into the wall Sound, who fitted colour a multiplay CD player, a wide Moving into the Terrace Bar, high above the bar, the changing lights behind the choice of signal sources is the look is more traditional Courtyard is the perfect long rows of fitted seats available for every zone, with and comforting, with rich, setting for a private party or around the sides of the room, the Martin audio speaker warm woods and library corporate event. Punchy and cleverly positioned spots enclosures strategically features. The large central sound reinforcement was at the central bar area. They positioned to provide a high bar is built in heavy wood, called for and 12 Martin were also judicious with the quality sound no matter and its lines are followed Audio Blackline F8 compact sound system, discretely where the location. around by homely terracotta enclosures are reinforced by fitting eight further F8s and and beige mosaic tiling. a pair of S218 subs, the Adapted from an article by Nicola four EM150 subs. Here Rea Sound have system EQd using Martins Reddy, that originally appeared in installed ten Martin Audio F8 dedicated M3 controller. Throughout the hotel, the am:pm Magazine, Feb/March 2004. Telephone: +44 (0)1494 535312 Facsimile: +44 (0)1494 438669 E-mail: [email protected] Martin Audio Ltd. Century Point, Halifax Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP12 3SL, England. The Martin Experience

29 C115s the Flavour of the Month Ampco Belgium have recently a show, or simply to wind carried out two installations down in the evening with a (in conjunction with their fine selection of Cuban cigars dealer, Schepens) using Martin and single malts. Audio products. Here Ampco have Both Beauregard and recommended eight C115s Flavour represent highly- to distribute the sound designed spaces in the city of much to the approval of the Turnhout and both have owner, who commented, become instant hits with their The speakers are not customers. obtrusive and they certainly sound sweet. We love the Beauregard is a multilevel design, and they blend in lounge bar/fusion restaurant The venues owner injection-moulded enclosure perfectly. What else can situated in the towns main commented, We liked the withstands most weather I say? square. Very popular for design of the C115 from the conditions and protects the business lunches, it attracts start. They blend into the weather-resistant drive unit in a more trendy crowd in surroundings but have a lot of exposed locations. the evening. presence for their size. They The C115 is also flavour of were exactly what we were Ampcos Guy Balbaert the month in the aptly-named looking for. reports that the design Flavour which specialises in emphasis was on providing Containing a 5in transducer, cigars and stiff drinks. It is clear zone/mood definition the elegant surface-mount described as the ultimate late Ampcos Guy Balbaert (left) with Marc in terms of both sound and C115 is ideal for reproducing night bar for people who like van Nooten from Schepens lighting. To achieve this a total both speech and background their spirits and a good Cuban of 26 Martin Contractor music in a distributed smoke. Situated across the Since Schepens visit to Martin series C115s, reinforced by bar/resaurant sound system. road from the Warande Audio last year they have a pair of EM150 subs, Additionally, its unobtrusive, Theatre it has become the become regular customers of were installed. lightweight polypropylene place for people to relax after Ampco. 29

30 Flying High Above Barca In a city with as rich a However, it was in their to members and guests, example the GLP SD1 (Show reputation for contemporary desire to equip the hotel with offering live jazz four evenings Designer) has many more style as Barcelona any new the latest AV technology that a week and DJ nights on channels than we are hotel must have something La Floridas interior designers Thursdays, Fridays and currently using so that if the truly distinctive to offer. Four hit one of their many Saturdays. venue decides it needs more years ago, when it began problems, as Carlos Alberdi lights we can accommodate For sound Alberdi Pro renovating the Gran Hotel, La explains. The specification them. With the XTA DP6i we installed a Martin Audio F10 Florida, the Stein Hotels called for a Panasonic 37in initially programmed four loudspeaker in each of the group had one obvious thing plasma display to be installed settings, for jazz, dance, rooms four corners, in its favour: location. Perched in all 74 guest rooms. The classical and techno but configuring them as two on a ridge atop Mount designers wanted to build these have already changed. stereo pairs. These are Tibidabo, the hotel is 300m most of these plasmas into the Both the the SD1 and DP6i backed up by a pair of Martin above Barcelona, yet only walls but when the room can be programmed by EM150 subs mounted under 7km from the city centre. Not dimensions were set no computer, so we can create the stage. Power comes from only are the views from the allowance was made for the new settings in our offices and two MC2 T200 amplifiers hotel extraordinary but the speakers on either side of the download them here to see (one for the F10s, the other building itself is visible from screens. So they had plasma how they work. for the subs), while signal almost everywhere in town. images in the rooms but no processing is handled by This is a system which almost sound to accompany them. In other respects though Stein XTAs DP6i; this offers two cries out to be adapted as faced a daunting task. The Among Alberdis distributed inputs and six outputs, with time goes by, and as for hotel had been closed since lines the Amina range of NXT the former having eight-band Alberdi Pro as well as the 1979, its fortunes having exciters and flat panels parametric EQ, bass delay and brands installed, the prestige declined steadily since its 50s provided this solution, while gain control, while the latter of being associated with such heyday when the likes of elsewhere another of their has crossover filters, five-band a high-profile project clearly Ernest Hemingway, James major suppliers Martin parametric, high and low counts for a great deal. Stewart and Rock Hudson Audio came up trumps. shelving filters, limiter and signed the guestbook. The delay. Next door to the hotels Adapted from an article by Dan question arose: how to create conference space, but well The idea behind both the Goldstein, that originally appeared a new symbol or urban style in Installation Europe magazine, soundproofed from it, is Club lighting and sound was to in a city already bursting to December 2003. Luna La Floridas own night make sure the system was the seams with them? venue. Club Luna is only open adaptable, says Alberdi. For

31 Emil Chau Tours with W8L Emil Chau recently undertook a major Chinese tour to promote his new album Love Hotel the 34th of his career. Born in Hong Kong, Emil Chau, who has been one of the best-loved entertainers in Asia for more than a decade, kicked off at Shanghai Grand Theatre, before 8,000 people on August 8 before moving onto the Beijing Capital Indoor Stadium, which holds 18,000. The crooners opening show in Shanghai was the first held in the city since the SARS epidemic and was a sell out. It was also the first time the fielded 12 x W8L and eight In Beijing Hui Feng processing, Hui Feng fielded theatre had hosted a line WSX sub bass enclosures Performance Equipment 48-channel Midas H3000 and array system. Powermax each side of the stage, (Group) Co. Ltd took over the XL3 mixing desks, with (Asia) sound engineer, Daniel powered by 36 Martin Audio sound production duties and proprietary Klark Teknik Kwan, reports that in terms MA4.2S amplifiers, with fielded a similar Martin W8L and Drawmer processing, of power, coverage and system management via line array configuration, adding assorted Shure and Beyer dynamics, the Martin Audio XTAs DP-226. Other effects 24 Martin Audio LE400C stage microphones, as well as W8L delivered on all fronts. included a Lexicon 480 and monitors to the spec. With providing various musical Powermax (Asia) Engineering Midas XL88 matrix mixer. XTA again providing the DSP instruments. Hong Kongs De Lux Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments Lux Restaurant located in Hong Kongs California Tower has been the talk of the town since its opening. With its Mediterranean style food and wide selection of wine it creates a good atmosphere which guarantees a first-class dining experience. Contributing to the ambience is the emphasis placed on dcor, lighting and sound. Alan James Jewel is in charge of designing the audio and visual elements for the group and at Lux he chose a Martin Audio speaker configuration to replay music from a background music system on the basis that it would outperform any other system. Alan Jewel is also given reassurance by the support and service he receives from the local distributor, Dah Chong Hong, Ltd. For the background sound, he used eight Blackline F8s, four F10s and a pair of S12 subs, infilled with two C115s to provide even coverage throughout. On the dancefloor, a further four F15s and four S18 subs are employed. 31

32 Wavefront Rental Companies Around the World COOPERATIVA 56 + 39 051 6153339 CLEARWING AUDIO + 1 414 258 6333 W8 CORIPPO ALBERTO ELECTRA SERVICE EMPORIO ON STAGE FAST SERVICE + 39 030 2511722 + 39 0375 82919 + 39 055 720794 + 39 081 8237009 DELICATE PRODUCTIONS DYNAMIC PRODUCTIONS EMS INC. GO AUDIO + 1 805 388 1800 + 1 770 529 8100 + 1 401 331 5247 + 1 414 764 8290 AUSTRALIA FUMASOLI SERVICE + 39 0165 35806 LA SOUND COMPANY + 1 818 765 6900 3200 LIGHTING + 61 2 9693 1777 MAFFEI SERVICE + 39 0461 707852 MHA AUDIO + 1 301 733 9337 ANDY J SOUNDS + 61 8 8376 2771 MEZZA NOTA + 39 0444 695507 NORTHEASTERN PRODUCTION + 1 585 427 8760 AVL + 61 3 9387 1055 MISTER X SERVICE + 39 347 9602838 PHIL REIGH SOUND + 1 888 411 7445 AVLA + 61 8 9221 1888 MUSIC LIGHT INSTRUMENTS + 39 0566 56356 RALEIGH MUSIC + 1 919 965 4300 AVSOUND PRODUCTIONS + 61 2 9949 9000 MUSIC SERVICE + 39 0577 306032 SACRAMENTO PRODUCTION + 1 916 481 3679 CENTRESTATE PRODUCTIONS + 61 2 6362 0587 MUSIC SERVICE ALIBI + 39 011 3589532 SAI + 1 612 724 5395 DAVIDSON AUDIO + 61 29 36 81159 PHOENIX AUDIO SNC + 39 041 5342349 SATIN SOUND + 1 724 983 1938 DERRINGERS MUSIC + 61 88 37 11884 PIANO & FORTE + 39 0522 661506 SOUND CONSTRUCTIONS + 1 718 893 7352 ENTERTAINMENT INSTALLATIONS + 61 2 4324 3873 PROCOPIO NICOLA + 39 967 86718 SOUNDCRAFTERS + 1 619 697 4500 JAZZRIGHT PRODUCTIONS + 61 2 9311 1197 RADIO SATA SERVICE + 39 051 6332440 SOUNDWAVE PRODUCTIONS + 1 520 327 5590 JOHNSTON AUDIO + 61 9329 3311 T.S.S. + 39 0521 776810 STICHA BROTHERS + 1 608 276 5570 MARTIN PARKS PRODUCTIONS + 61 2 6360 4411 VOX SERVICE + 39 049 5380151 SUNBELT SCENIC STUDIOS INC + 1 480 598 0181 MASTER SOUND PRODUCTIONS + 61 2 9683 4971 W M AUDIO SERVICE + 39 0962 865013 TECHNICAL PRODUCTIONS + 1 314 644 4000 PHASE ONE AUDIO + 61 89 22 77979 ZOHO MUSIC SERVICE + 39 011 6645754 TECHNOTRIX + 1 815 935 0233 SOUND SOLUTION + 61 3 9686 4755 + 39 051 6332398 VERTICAL SOUND + 1 216 521 9994 STEPHEN SOUND + 61 3 9436 8981 KOREA WORLD AUDIO + 1 210 472 3932 TOP END SOUNDS + 61 8 8981 7744 JE-IL SOUND + 822 835 1608 AUSTRIA LIVE + 822 747 2162 BRUNNER & BRUNNER FOR MUSIC VERLEIH KRAXBERGER VERANSTALTUGSTECHNIK LTV - LICHT/TON/VIDEO + 43 676 4004404 + 43 2236 71684 + 43 7242 45193 + 43 662 828 989 MARTIN KOREA SOUND CO., LTD SHINHAN SOUND CORPORATION SOUND BOX CO TM SOUND + 822 419 5141 + 822 376 8383-4 + 822 419 5141 + 82 31 9778157 W8L/W8LC/W8LM MAYRHOFER VERANSTALTUNGS + 43 7667 6090 LEBANON AUSTRIA TOPLAK STAGE POWER + 43 22 39 50 58 ELTEK + 961 1 265048 LTV - LICHT/TON/VIDEO + 43 662 828 989 VIDEO & SHOW + 43 7229 81717 MACAU STAGEPARTNER GES.M.B.H + 43 676 4004404 BELGIUM CHIFU + 853 567847/8 VIDEO & SHOW + 43 7229 81717 ALL AUDIO ACCOUSTICS KORK BVBA + 32 475 5745 17 MEXICO BELGIUM BSL + 32 9 348 80 20 LARA POLANCE Y ASOCIADOS SA DE CV 01 722 2131983 D-RENT + 32 3 324 02 97 DELTARENT NV + 32 50 49 00 81 SISTENAS INTEGRALES + 52 5762 5941 PHLIPPO AUDIO BVBA + 32 3 491 91 76 D-RENT + 32 3 324 02 97 MOROCCO CANADA PHLIPPO AUDIO BVBA + 32 3 491 91 76 KILMI MUSIQUE + 212 332 44 23 S.P.L. SOUND + 1 250 763 3855 SOUND & LIGHT SYSTEMS + 32 59 27 66 46 NETHERLANDS CHINA SOUND ART PA & LIGHT SERVICES + 32 50 81 61 30 AMPCO PRO RENT + 31 30 241 3444 HUIFENG PERFORMANCE EQUIPMENT STAGE PROJECTS BVBA + 32 75 721710 EAST SOUND + 31 575 519365 (GROUP) CO. LTD + 86 20 8489 8888 STUDIO 2000 BVBA + 32 89 30 89 54 PURPLE HAZE + 31 348 424477 KUNMUNG YIFENG + 86 871 316 1287 CANADA SERVICE-CENTRUM APTRONICS + 31 315 631521 POWER MAX (ASIA) ENGINEERING LTD + 852 2661 0527 NORTHWEST PRODUCTIONS + 1 250 765 8451 VAN SAMBEEK PA + 31 653 902690 CZECH REPUBLIC S.P.L. SOUND + 1 250 763 3855 NEW ZEALAND PAVEL JAROLIM KOCENA + 420 602 755571 CHINA ACME AUDIO LTD + 64 9 302 0352 DENMARK D & E (INTERNATIONAL) LTD + 852 2898 8666 NORWAY EUROPEAN TOUR PRODUCTION APS + 45 36 30 70 80 HUIFENG PERFORMANCE EQUIPMENT AMAS LYDPRODUKSJON A/S + 47 55 39 38 00 FRANCE (GROUP) CO. LTD + 86 20 8489 8888 NORSTAGE A/S + 47 52 71 43 10 AVANT SCENE + 33 534 63 02 60 KUNMUNG YIFENG + 86 871 316 1287 PA PRODUKSJONER BERGEN + 47 55 598 598 GERMANY POWER MAX (ASIA) ENGINEERING LTD + 852 2661 0527 POLAND COMPLETE AUDIO BERLIN GERMANY + 49 30 661 00 45 CYPRUS MUSNICKI SOUND + 4822 773 24 73 EVENT & VERANSTALTUNGSTECHNIK V&M AUDIO + 357 22313088 PORTUGAL ENCHELMAIER + 49 2601 913116 CZECH REPUBLIC PURO AUDIO + 351 21 434 31 25 KAFER PA + 49 7721 408333 AV CENTRUM + 420 602 227357 SINGAPORE LIVEAUDIO EVENT TECHNIC GMBH + 49 531 2335592 SOUND SERVIS + 420 602 2220870 RHYTHMIC SOUND SERVICES + 65 841 0911 RAIN AGE VERANSTALTUNGSTECHNIK + 49 8191 305858 DENMARK SLOVENIA SIRIUS SHOWEQUIPMENT AG + 49 6101 609500 EUROPEAN TOUR PRODUCTION APS + 45 36 30 70 80 DEJAN ZURA + 386 41 336 869 ITALY RINGSIDE TOUR PRODUCTION + 45 3645 0701 MEGA AUDIO D.O.O. + 386 62 314063 BIG TALU SERVICE + 39 0174 45314 ESTONIA PLOHL MIRAN + 386 62 661 761 ELECTRA SERVICE + 39 0375 82919 AUDIOTEL + 37 252 44005 SOUTH AMERICA ELETTRA SERVICE + 39 141 855405 FINLAND MISSION PRODUCTIONS + 57 305 888 6333 FUMASOLI SERVICE + 39 0165 35806 RADIANT SOUND COMMUNICATION + 358 3 22 33311 SPAIN MUSIC SERVICE ALIBI + 39 011 3589532 SUOMEN TAPAHTUMATEKNIIKA + 358 3 225 8600 ELECTRIC-SO + 34 93 726 54 44 PHOENIX AUDIO + 39 041 5342349 UNITED SHOW ENTERPRISES FATSINI S.L. + 34 97 770 1257 PROCOPIO NICOLA + 39 0967 86718 HELSINKI LTD + 358 9 759 4180 LUC SON + 34 96 530 30 23 PRO SOUND SERVICE + 39 0422 460241 FRANCE MUSIBELIOS S.L. + 34 95 234 12 51 SPRAY RECORDS + 39 85 975031 ART SON ET LUMIERE + 33 4 94 03 03 52 MUSICA VIVA + 34 933 033 247 KOREA ATC + 33 5 56 69 60 60 PROSEC AUDIO S.L. + 34 985 98 07 01 OCEAN SOUND + 82 31 977 8157 AUDIO CONCEPT + 33 563 39 67 86 RED TSO + 34 977 64 34 95 MEXICO BALLOON FARM STUDIO + 33 299 321 111 SEGUNDO LASER + 34 967 40 10 96 MEGALITIC PROYECTS SA DE CV + 52 5519 3967 BGM + 33 4 66 84 39 34 SONARTE + 34 926 31 28 28 MOROCCO EURO LIVE + 33 296 743 326 SONER, SONIDO E ILUMINACION + 34 98 653 0555 KILMI MUSIQUE + 212 332 44 23 GPS + 33 251 686 900 SONOBEXI + 34 953 76 33 37 NETHERLANDS L & S PRODUCTION + 33 384 79 00 96 SONORIZACIONES Z, S.L. + 34 961 20 31 11 AMPCO PRO RENT (SYNCO) + 31 30 241 3444 LA COMPAGNIE LUMIERE ET SON + 33 437 40 21 60 SONOSET (MILWAUKEE AUDIO S.L.) + 34 93 372 40 53 PURPLE HAZE + 31 348 424477 PRODUCTION 44 + 33 2 40 52 07 07 TOUR SERV. PROF. SO I IL.LUM, S.L. + 34 93 477 04 95 POLAND REGI-SON SONORISATION + 33 555 062 020 SWEDEN MUSNICKI SOUND + 4822 773 24 73 RICHARD LAURIANT ECLAIRAGE + 33 385 391 535 DM AUDIO + 46 8 97 07 85 PORTUGAL STARS + 33 810 56 66 66 MUG HYR AB + 46 31 130990 PURO AUDIO (SYNCO) + 351 21 434 31 25 TECHNISCENE + 33 2 35 88 86 86 RIGHIRE + 46 16 145 300 SLOVAKIA GERMANY SKELLEFTEA LJUDUTHYRNING + 46 910 173 74 ROCK-CENTRUM ELECTRONIC PLUS + 421 434 36336 ART VERANSTALTUNGSTECHNIK + 49 2332 149093 SWITZERLAND SLOVENIA BIG BEAT PA SERVICE + 49 172 4304717 AUDIO-PHASE + 41 32 384 26 72 DB TEAM + 386 41 336 869 COMPLETE AUDIO BERLIN GERMANY + 49 30 661 00 45 SOUNDHOUSE + 41 41 259 20 90 SOUTH AMERICA EVENT & VERANSTALTUNGSTECHNIK X-LIGHT & SOUND GMBH + 41 62 923 95 75 MISSION PRODUCTIONS + 57 305 888 6333 ENCHELMAIER + 49 2601 913116 TAIWAN SPAIN GS LICHT & TON + 49 7561 986712 DINGLEY PROSOUND SERVICES + 886 7 384 3845 AUDIO DISSENY + 34 972 215 3 06 JA BESCHALLUNG + 49 5722 1342 REYANG PROFESSIONAL SOUND CO LTD + 886 2 8797 8687 COSTA ESTE + 34 986 530 855 KLEMENT MEDIENTECHNIK + 49 5626 8475 YASHIN PRO-AUDIO INC. + 886 7 322 2555 ESPECTACULOS LITO, S.L. + 34 986/530.855 LWS + 49 228 946760 TURKEY MUSICA VIVA + 34 933 033 247 MEGATEC + 49 351 8386811 TEMPO MUZIK LTD + 90 212 230 38 18 PANORAMA + 34 986 530 861 MUSIK BIRKHOLZ + 49 2227 82753 UNITED KINGDOM PROSEC AUDIO S.L. + 34 985 98 07 01 NEW NOISE TECHNIK FUR SHOW & EVENT + 49 201 8686010 ATOMIC SOUND SYSTEMS + 44 1636 702717 SWEDEN PA VERLEIH CALIMBA + 49 8441 6866 AUTOGRAPH SOUND RECORDING + 44 20 7485 4515 DM AUDIO + 46 8 97 07 85 PINK NOISE + 49 2405 95441 CABLE MUSIC PA HIRE + 44 1926 339780 UNITED KINGDOM RAIN AGE VERANSTALTUNGSTECHNIK + 49 8191 305858 CAPITAL SOUND HIRE + 44 207 978 5825 CAPITAL SOUND HIRE + 44 207 978 5825 SAL EVENT TECHNIK + 49 5132 4823 CAV + 44 1453 751865 WIGWAM + 44 1706 363400 SATION AUDIO + 49 8225 958134 CENTRE STAGE + 44 202 8208 1033 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA SCHALLDRUCK + 49 3531 65300 FX MUSIC + 44 20 8208 1771 A.C.E.S + 1 518 270 4747 SIRIUS SHOWEQUIPMENT AG + 49 6101 609500 HAWTHORN THEATRICAL + 44 1664 821111 A.S.R. + 1 407 767 5776 GUADELOUPE INTASOUND PA + 44 1905 841591 AURATEQ + 1 718 861 1416 SLP PRO SARL + 590 80 15 80 LIMIT AUDIO + 44 1527 892368 DELICATE PRODUCTIONS + 1 805 388 1800 HONG KONG PA PA + 44 1248 670980 GENESIS AUDIO + 1 602 426 0930 D & E (INTERNATIONAL) LTD + 852 2898 8666 QUANTUM SOUND + 44 24 7666 8457 GO AUDIO + 1 414 764 8290 POWER MAX (ASIA) ENGINEERING LTD + 852 2661 0527 ROSSCO LTD + 44 1462 431413 LA SOUND + 1 818 765 6900 INDIA STAGE AUDIO SERVICES + 44 1384 263629 LEHARDY SOUND + 1 787 627 5958 THUKRAL PRODUCTIONS + 91 11 431 1011 STARSOUND SYSTEMS + 44 1924 278875 MHA AUDIO + 1 301 733 9337 IRELAND ZU 2 + 44 7974 418867 PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS + 1 610 374 6998 REA SOUND + 44 1648 764059 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA RALEIGH MUSIC + 1 919 965 4300 ITALY A.C.E.S + 1 518 270 4747 SACRAMENTO PRODUCTION + 1 916 481 3679 BIG TALU SERVICE + 39 0174 45314 AURATEQ + 1 718 861 1416 SATIN SOUND + 1 724 983 1938 BLU STUDIO + 39 079 293179 AV PRESENTATIONS + 1 985 542 9196 SOUNDWAVE PRODUCTIONS + 1 520 327 5590 CLAPS + 39 0434 26882 BLIZZARD SOUND + 1 920 451 1343 SUNBELT SCENIC STUDIOS INC + 1 480 598 0181

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