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1 First Presbyterian Church Report of the year 2012 Annual Meeting February 3, 2013 2701 Rochester Ave. Iow a City, Iow a 52245 Ph. 319.351.2660 Fax 319.351.2901 www.firstpresiowacity.org P a ge 1 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

2 2012 Session Sam Massey, moderator Judy Terry, clerk of session Larry Bruner, treasurer Elders, Class of 2012 Elders, Class of 2013 Elders, Class of 2014 Ken Miller Sue Dallam Chad Greimann Tarrell Portman Carol Kirsch Dan Katalinich Connie Richardson John Barr Tom Martin Don Ross Lara Marsh Margaret Ketterer Steve Schomberg Dan Thedens Ron Mildenstein Conner Graves (not ordained youth) Nancy Weber Judy Whitford Neve Heimer-Lang (yth, not ordained) 2012 Deacons Vern Dengler, moderator Ann Grosscup, secretary/treasurer Deacons, Class of 2012 Deacons, Class of 2013 Deacons, Class of 2014 Rick Boland Anita Burnett Tim Fehr Jeremy Fletcher Vern Dengler Becky Crutchfield Ann Grosscup Carol Martin (through June 29, 2012) David Carlson Roxanne Boysen Mary Linn Liz Hall Glen VanRoekel Mike Phelps Sue Olson Arielle Soemadi (yth, not ordained) Bill Terry Steve Smith Xavier May (yth, ordained) Corporation Officers Robert Woodburn, president Jeri Smith, vice president Partners in Ministry Where Every Member is a Minister Director of Music and Liturgical Arts (full time beginning Aug 1, 2012) ...................................... Darlene Bergman Director of Instrumental Music ............................................................................................... Dennis Pedde Organist........................................................................................................................... Melanie Sigafoose Assistant Organist, Handbell Choir Director ......................................................................Edna Mae Fisher Director of Christian Education and Youth (Children, Youth and Families) .................................. Beth Gier Director of Christian Education and Youth (Adult) .................................................................. George Minot Nursery Supervisor ..................................................................................................Debbie Torrens-Semler Program Secretary ......................................................................................................... Tammy Schroeder Office Manager ..................................................................................................................... Tammy Foster Financial Secretary .................................................................................................................... Saira Steen Sexton .......................................................................................................................................... Gerald Hill Seminary Student Intern (through May, 2012)) .................................................................................. Rob Smith Parish Nurse (through July, 2012)................................................................................................. Mary Jo Keith Parish Associate ...................................................................................................................... Gary Burnett Parish Associate (through June 29, 2012) ........................................................................................ Mark Martin Pastor ...................................................................................................................................... Sam Massey P a ge 2 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

3 TABLE OF CONTENTS DOCKET Page Annual Congregation-Corporation Meeting DOCKET OF ANNUAL MEETING 3 FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH STATISTICS February 12, 2012 Membership and Necrology I. Call to order and opening prayer New Members, Baptisms, Marriages 4 & 5 II. Presentation of the 2013 budget LEADERSHIP REPORTS III. Q and A based on congregational reports from church Pastor 6-7 organizations Parish Associate 15 IV. Presentation of pastors terms of call and motion for Music & Liturgical Arts 8 congregational conversation and decision-making Christian Education V. Motion to approve session to read and approve congregation Adult 9-10 meeting minutes Children, Youth and Families 11-14 VI. Motion to adjourn with prayer ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS Clerk of Session 15-16 VII. Closing prayer Administration and Personnel 16 Message from Administrative and Personnel Council chairperson Building & Grounds Council 17 Elder Dan Thedens: Christian Education Council 17 Columbarium Committee 18 Constitutionally the session and congregation have an obligation to Mission Council 18-19 review annually the pastors terms of call for fairness. At last years Outreach Council 19 congregational meeting and thereafter questions arose from church Stewardship Council 19 members as to the appropriateness of Pastor Sams terms of call, both Worship and Fellowship 20 in financial compensation and in time off. As the Administration and Deacons 21-22 Personnel Council has been studying and making recommendations Congregational Health Ministry Team 22 about other staff members compensations in past years, the council Nominating Committee 23 responded to members requests by focusing on Pastor Sams terms Endowment/Memorial Committee 23-24 of call for this year. The council relied on denominational and Finance Committee 24 university data to create the following motion that was approved by Needles, Hooks & Yarn 25 session (January 15. 2013) and is now being brought forward for Friends of Pasrur 25-26 congregational consideration: Presbyterian Women 26 In recognition of the fact that Pastor Sam's current Eve Circle 27-28 compensation is considerably under market norms for a pastor Martha Circle 28 of his education and experience and for a congregation of our FINANCE size, university setting, and expectations, the personnel Presbyterian Womens Financial Report 28-30 committee recommends that Pastor Sam's salary be brought Deacons Financial Report 31 into conformity with expected levels based on these factors over Treasurers Report a three year period. The personnel committee's assessment is Memorial Fund Report 32 that Pastor Sam's total effective salary is presently $18,000 or 2013 Church Budget 33 more below what is appropriate, and recommends that this be Assets Statement 34 rectified over a three year period. To that end, the personnel Pastors Terms of Call 35 committee recommends a total effective salary increase for Pastor Sam of 6.7% for the 2013 year. It is the committee's 2013 Officers Contact Information 36 intent to propose this same level of increase for 2014 and 2015. The committee also recommends leave time of five weeks First Presbyterian Church, Iowa City, Iowa vacation, and three weeks study leave. The study leave may be Called Congregational Meeting to Elect Officers, accumulated over a maximum of three years per the church October 28, 2012 operations manual. The meeting was called to order at 11:30 a.m. A quorum was Time off resulting from accumulated study leave would be taken off declared. Pastor Sam opened with prayer. Elder Judy in consultation with session. Whitford made the presentation of officer-elect on behalf of the Nominating Committee. There were no nominations In order to expedite the flow of information prior to the from the floor. congregational meeting, please direct your questions to Dan Thedens, Motion: Approved Elders nominated for the class of 2015: chairperson of Administration and Personnel Council. He can also Ann Burton, Ann Grosscup, Ken Miller, Connie be reached by telephone at (319) 936-1061 or by email at Richardson, Carol Ulch, Robert Youngquist. [email protected] Motion: Approved Deacons nominated for the class of 2015: Rhonda Barr, Jeremy Fletcher, Jennifer Ross Kirschling, Paul Schaeffer, Sarah Swisher, Glen Van Roekel Motion: Approved 2013 nominating Committee: Rick Boland, Deb Minot John Raffensperger, Mary Ellen Stamp. Motion: Approved Endowment Committee members for class of 2015: Kevin Keith, Jan Wicks. PMotion: a ge 3 To authorize Session to read and approve minutes F irst of thiser Pr esbyt meeting. i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org Pastor Sam closed with prayer. Respectfully submitted, Judy Terry, Clerk of session

4 Annual Report of Membership January 1 - December 31, 2011 Beginning Membership - January 1, 2012 626 Necrology Report Membership Gains Grace Piro Martha McCann Profession of Faith, Reaffirmation March 3, 2012 May 5, 2012 and Restoration 17 and under 9 18 and over 13 Joanne Cryder Alice Sharp Certificate gains 18 March 23, 2012 December 2, 2012 Total gains 40 Jo Barnes March 30, 2012 Membership Losses Certificate losses 3 Deaths 5 Other losses 3 Placed on Inactive Roll Total losses -11 November 22, 2012 Net gain +29 Tom Kruckeberg Ed Barker Membership - December 31, 2012 655 Joanna Kruckeberg Baptisms: Adult 4 Children 6 2012 Membership Transfer out Marriage Blessing 1 Brenda Eckland May 15 Dorothy Bain September 18 2012 Baptisms Jonanthan Stensvaag October 16 Brent Foster, April 7, 2012 parents: Jeff & Tammy Foster Gabrielle Wadsworth April 7, 2012 parents: John Wadsworth & Janet Lyness Columbarium Niche Request Mark Lewis April 15, 2012 Jill (Thompson) McDonald foster son: Jerry and Tarrelll Portman John Feagins April 7, 2012 Rachel Nicholson April 7, 2012 2012 Columbarium Internment Jodi Saunders April 7, 2012 Jill (Thompson) McDonald, April 2, 2012 Janene Edwards November 18, 2012 AngelTulizo, December 16, 2012 Glory Mutula, December 16, 2012 2012 Marriage Blessing Gloria Mutula December 16, 2012 July 14 John Feagins and Emily Folkerts parents: Mutula (Moses) Kasiriba & Meli Tulizo Pastor Sam Massey - blessing Rachael & Ben Nicholson Robert & Millie Youngquist Linda Woito Bob & Roslyn Cargill P a ge 4 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

5 Amanda Edwards, Hong Suh & Sunny Lee, Meli Tulizo & Moses Mutula Sarah Klemuk, with Charlie & Ben Mark Nathan DJ Matthew Brent Logan Janene Edwards, Sue Cross, Eileen Gieswein and Barb Davis Gabrielle Hailey Gabrielle Emily Folkerts & John Feagins Dorothy & Jack Hoak Ben Urick Jodi & Cayden Saunders Rahm & DJ Lee & Carol Tippe, Ginger Troughton, Earline Moll and Julie Dahjlberg Jane Skinner Bob Mikelson P a ge 5 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

6 Pastor Sams Annual Report of 2012 The grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all! The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you! It is spiritual gifts and talents ministry, and other means to my honor to give you a brief report concerning my address the aforementioned twin foci. The fine and participation in our ministry this year. I imagine most faithful leadership of George, Beth, and our many of this report you know already through observation. I terrific volunteers in ministry, to the children of God have continued to help prepare, lead and preach at of all ages, will be critically important. the 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. worship services in Our expanding health ministry has offered classes this company with Darlene, Melanie, Edna Mae, Dennis, past year that remind us that we are integrated and wonderful volunteers. I have visited the hospitals beings, our physicality being inseparable from our and taken out home communions. I have moderated spirituality. Increasingly, it makes perfect sense that session and congregational meetings and attended this ministry deserves our encouragement and many other meetings as a participant. As is always the investment. case, everything I do involves ministry to, for, and with you. Even sermon and prayer preparation emerge Our financial campaigns have allowed us both to from our interaction with God, the world, and one support our missions, program, and daily expenses another. and also to work on creating new lighting for our sanctuary and Coover Lounge. I have been proud of To name some of the highlights of this year is a the responsiveness of our members and friends to challenge, yet I might begin with my gratitude to the these campaigns. The faithful have handled positively joy provided me by our staff, paid and volunteer. This these stewardship requests even in the midst of a year Maeleen Thorius took up duties calling in our climate of economic uncertainty. Indeed, openness to hospitals on Wednesdays and Carol Tippe on Fridays. Gods call to embrace the future is one definition of Between these two, Pastor Gary Burnett, and our very being faithful, is it not? competent Deacons, I am receiving fine assistance in pastoral care. Pastor Gary has also been assisting me I am excited by the new members joining the church: in the delivery of home communions and preaching, Most of them are actively involved in the life of our and after the first of the year Pastor Patte Henderson congregation, and they are really interesting people. will be joining our team of pastors. Also serving us From my perspective, they are here to rejoice in our pastorally is United Methodist pastor Doug Peters, artistically vibrant worship, children and youth who with his wife Martha Schut are active in our ministry, mission work, and message that affirms the music program. Doug is helping us with the Adult values of justice, mercy, and faith characteristic of the Education task force, and he has also led 8 a.m. Realm of God. This makes sense, as our members as a worship. Doug is also on the bench for pastoral whole are really interesting people! Of course, I grieve calling, weddings, or funerals if other pastors are not the loss of some of the saints: They have died, moved available. I should note that I am always pleased when away, or gone to other congregations. Some are not my clergy colleagues attend worship and participate in gone, but have become inactive due to age or illness. our congregations. They feel nurtured here, and to All these absences I grieve. nurture the faith of a clergyperson is no simple matter. You deserve a lot of credit for their sense of I cant say enough good about our ministries and welcome. missions, the strength of our officers and groups like Presbyterian Women, and our staff and The Adult Education task force, led by elder Sue congregational participants. I believe that all together Dallam, is getting down to the work of thinking all of you give God joy. through what it means (1) to grow in faith and (2) to share our faith with other persons, both in deeds and As for me, I continue to try to give support to words. The congregational survey we took a year ago immigrant justice. Unintentionally, this fall I became a suggested that these two foci are worthy of our prophetic voice in our presbytery. I have just returned exploration as we seek to build on the good from travel to Pakistan to visit our Pasrur mission foundation already in place in our educational there (thanks to the Friends of Pasrur) and Forman ministry. The persons serving in this ministry with Sue Christian College, God willing, with George Minot, are congregational educators George Minot and Beth Nancy Weber, and Steve Weber. This trip has been a Gier, Anita Burnett, Patte Henderson, Doug Peters, life-changing event. This past September my Tammy Schroeder, Judy Whitford, Carol Ulch, and me. dissertation proposal (the first three chapters) was Out of their work I imagine will come the need to find approved, meaning that I was given the green-light to ways to put resources into small-group ministry, do research. While this approval is considered the largest obstacle to a dissertation, and a good bet P a ge 6 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

7 would be that I would complete the dissertation in keeps the doors open, the bathrooms clean, and 2013, other obstacles remain that may push actual multiple other building and grounds services. reception of the degree into 2014 or 2015. As far as I Volunteers alternately support and lead the staff, can tell, however, I will not need to go to Gonzaga for persons who put in numerous hours such as our clerk any future coursework. of session, Judy Terry, and our treasurer, Larry Bruner. Where can I possibly stop? Some serve in the kitchen, I begin my fifth year of ministry with you at First some clean the kitchen, some usher, some pick up Presbyterian Church in the service of the Risen Christ. scattered papers, some fold papers, some collect It is such an honor to be your pastor. I am excited money for mission, some vote to disperse money for about the many possibilities for mission and ministry mission . . . I am exhausted trying to think of them all. that lie in the future of our congregation. Already there Please forgive me if I failed to mention one of you, are marvelous opportunities in the pipeline, one because all of you deserve mention. example being a large mission and justice initiative focused on Lucas School. Yet I realize that we will need I conclude by giving thanks for our session members, more resources, human and financial, that will test our who have demonstrated that they can lead the church resolve to continue to grow the congregations vibrant joyfully and supportively by working through their witness. One of our long-term needs will be to have an differences to good and faithful conclusions. I am very endowment of sufficient size to leverage projects over proud of the hard work offered to Jesus Christ and our and above our congregational giving, the latter being congregation by all of our officers. dependent on the waxing and waning of our Gods blessings! congregations membership and generosity. Your pastor, I would be remiss not to mention the multitude of persons working behind the scenes who make First Presbyterian Church a truly joyful experience. We have the two Tammys and Saira providing administrative, Sam Massey finance, program, and communication support, and they are assisted by committed volunteers. Gerald Annual Report Parish Associate, Pastor Gary L. Burnett I am grateful to the Congregation, the Session, and Pastor Sam Massey for making it possible for me to continue in ministry through the position of Parish Associate here at First Presbyterian. Some of my parish involvement includes: Moderate Session when requested by Pastor Sam Provide pastoral care as assigned by Pastor Sam. Serve home communion (Ruling Elders assisting: Sadie May, Don Ross) Hospital visitation on Mondays and as otherwise requested Officiate funeral(s) when requested Preach in worship Because of training I took at Ghost Ranch in spring of 2011, the Presbytery of East Iowa has authorized me as a first response interim pastor. That designation, plus my many years as an intentional interim pastor, led Presbytery to assign me to the First United Presbyterian Church of Mediapolis as the Moderator of the Session and pulpit supply pastor. This is in addition to on-going service as your Parish Associate. I view my service to the larger church as an extension of my ministry among you, and I appreciate the spiritual nurture and fellowship of First Presbyterian Church as I continue my assignment from the Presbytery of East Iowa into 2013. P a ge 7 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

8 Music and Liturgical Arts Program2012 Submitted by Darlene Bergman When one seeks to give voice to the inexpressible, that which we call sacred, holy, mysterious, what do we do? We turn to the arts! Through rhythm, melody, imagery, or movement, our arts teams and volunteers faithfully rehearse and lead the congregation, give voice to our praise and proclamation of the Word. In addition to our weekly ministry, these are some highlights of the past year. ~Ministry~ ~Two Worship Service options continue to be offered at 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. each Sunday. This new schedule began in the fall of 2011. Worship council is continually evaluating this new ministry and after a 3-year period determination will be made about continuation of the two-service ministry. ~Youth Sunday service featuring Junior and Youth Choirs and Youth Chamber Ensemble. ~Special music throughout the year, including Advent, Annual Christmas pageant, two Christmas Eve services, World Communion Sunday, Reformation Sunday, All Saints Day Hymn Festival Service with remembrance and candlelighting. ~Aaron Ziegler offered weekly Lenten Drumming Circle. ~Junior Choir presented The Tale of the Three Trees during worship on Good Shepherd Sunday. ~Music and Arts ministries welcomed new volunteers into each group: Singing Choirs, Ringing Choirs, Instrumental Ensembles, Readers Theater, Banner Team, etc. ~Sanctuary Choir, soloists and strings presented Edwin Penhorwoods Psalm 145 during Eastertide. ~Mission to the Larger Church and Community~ ~Hosted many outside artists: Gerhild Krapf, organ, Chamber Singers of Iowa City, Preucil School of Music Organ Workshop facilitated by Melanie Moll Sigafoose and Matthew Penning, local piano teacher recitals, music and special interest clubs throughout the year. ~Junior Choir led worship at Ecumenical Towers followed by Gelato party. ~Service of Advent Lessons and Carols with JuBELLation prelude concert. ~Melanie Moll Sigafoose presented noon organ concert as part of the Lenten Series sponsored by AGO. She was also elected chair of the local AGO Chapter and Darlene Bergman was elected chair of the local Choristers Guild Chapter. ~Edna Mae Fisher served as clinician for the Eastern Iowa Choristers Guild/American Guild of English Handbell Ringers workshop held in Cedar Rapids. ~Darlene Bergman was re-elected to the Presbyterian Association of Musicians National Board and serves as Secretary through 2015, and served on the planning team for the Mo-PAM Worship and Music Conference in Hunt, TX. She led a worship workshop for a sister Presbyterian Church in Hartford, CT. ~Fellowship~ ~Sanctuary Choir Fall Retreat and Potluck Gathering to welcome new members and begin preparation for fall leadership. ~Celebrations throughout the year to celebrate significant events in lives of choir members. ~Annual Youth and Alumni Choir Worship Leadership at Oaknoll Retirement facility and pizza party. ~Annual ice cream sundae party for Junior Choir graduate recognition with presentation of hymnal and Youth Choir Senior farewell. P a ge 8 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

9 Learning for Adults2012 Submitted by George Minot In response to the grace of God in Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Iowa City is to witness to the presence of Christ in the world by: Celebrating the good news of Jesus Christ as a gathered community in the reverence, beauty, joy and dignity of Christian worship; Nourishing the faith and commitment of children, youth and adults through study, prayer and Christian fellowship; Sharing our faith with our families, neighbors and strangers; Dedicating our individual spiritual gifts, talents, time and material blessings to Gods use every day of the week; Working for peace and justice in our homes, local community and world through individuals, our congregation, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and ecumenical organizations. Adult Education at First Presbyterian seeks to embody the churchs mission statement by offering a variety of classes and forums, including Sunday small groups and weekday gatherings. Celebrating the Good News and Nourishing the Faith Sunday Coffee Caucus Love and Happiness! In the Spring a new gatheringfacilitated by Pastor In June and July, we gathered together in Coover Sam Masseymet on the first Sunday of each month Lounge and talked of marriage and spiritualityand and enacted a sort of Wittenberg Door for the sharing how marriage is often a place where many of us work of ideas and faith. Topics discussed included Faith and out our salvation before God. We listened to a poem Work, the new technology, and Easter. or two, looked at how the Bible describes love, and Welcome to the Wired Word! celebrated our congregationa people whove lived good faithful lives filled with love and happiness. Our continuing adventure in Coover Loungethe Wired Wordis a series of questions and answers Home from Asheville! offered each week that links the latest national and This summer we celebrated our High School Youth world news to cutting-edge Biblical scripture. Group and their travel and mission trip to Asheville, Developed by a panel of ministers and lay leaders, North Carolina during a week of worship and work, young and old, the Word selects a significant headline the group toiled at different sites in and around the of the week and connects it with the Holy Bible. The city, and experienced God on the edges and the group was led by Don Kolsrud in the Spring and marginsand at the center of all of life. Andreas Soemadi this Fall. Pray Always! Keeping Holy Time In the Fall, we defined prayer as the core act by which This conversation in Coover Lounge centered on the we stay in faith, by which we hope for the world, and reading of the Bible according to the church year. The by which we keep justice as the issue before God and readings help nourish the faith and celebrate the ourselves. We talked in September about praying great themeslove and hopeof scripture. alwaysand looked for guidance, of course, at the Take up your Cross! Lords Prayer as a wonderful and sustaining way of praying and helping each other. Lent is a time for spiritual renewal and reconnection with the fundamentals of our faith and relationship Christmas Stories with God. Through a series of questions and answers, During Adventa time for repentance and renewal we explored the Bible, deepened our passions for the we rediscovered the wonderful Christmas story of life and death and resurrection of our Lord, and Charles DickensA Christmas Carola wonderful, testified to Gods Spirit within us. Ruth Westfall chilling tale of sin and salvation. facilitated. P a ge 9 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

10 Continued...Learning for Adults2012 Submitted by George Minot Working for Peace and Justice A Forum on Capital Punishment When will there be Good News? In 2010 the General Assembly of the Presbyterian How can Christians find a bettermore faithfulway church reaffirmed its stance against capital to do politics and be citizens? How can we participate punishment, and called for an immediate moratorium in a democracy and remain true to our faith and work on all executions. In a one week conversation-forum, for justice? This fall in the midst of a bitter Presidential we discussed this still volatile issue, and talked about campaign, we met and gathered and talkedand tried social justice and our community and country. to share the Good News with each other! Weekday Studies and Small Groups---and Retreats! Faith Seeking Understanding Jewish-Christian Dialogue A small group of theologians met on alternative This small group met at the Hillel House in downtown Monday nights during the year, and talked of faith and Iowa City on Saturdays after worship. They talked about understanding. Books discussed included C.S. Lewis a variety of faith issues and concerns. classic, Mere Christianity; Head and Heart, by Gary Living in the Shadowlands: A Lenten series about Wills; and The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Living on the margins of life and faith. Divided by Politics and Religion, by Jonathan Haidt. During Lent, we explored how friends and family from Fall Bible Study Series: The General Epistles First Presbyterian church have faced significant Led by Anita Burnett, this group met in Coover Lounge hardships in lifeand how they did so while dancing, on Tuesday nights and rediscovered the six letters near struggling and wrestling with God. The Thursday nights the end of the Bible that carry big messages about life were a time of testimony (and tears), and also an in the community. The study included material from encouraging witness of the power of God in our lives. the Horizons Bible study published by Presbyterian FPC Mens Spiritual Formation Group Women. Our mens group continued to meet on Wednesday Wednesday morning Bible readings mornings and participate in breakfast and robust This little lively gathering, which has been meeting for fellowship. We also had a fly-fishing retreat in over two dozen years, met regularly in Coover Lounge Highlandville, Iowa in Aprila wonderful weekend of and read selections from the Old and New Testament good fishing and fellowship. Galatians, The Book of Ruth, Jonah and Thessalonians. Laugher and Latte: A Womens Retreat Thursday night Bible Study with Pastor Sam Massey All the women of the church were invitedand if you and Rev. Patte Henderson have a retreat, people will come!for an informal time The Apostle Paul proclaimed that the Gospel is the to make connections with God and with each other. power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith. Held at Prairiewoods Retreat Center in Hiawatha, Iowa, This gathering in the Spring became a study journey the womens retreat was a spectacular success surely and worked as a parallel track with the sermon series a time of refreshment and renewal. Thanks to the on Pauls letter to the Romans. planning committee of Nancy Gardner, Judy Whitford, Spiritual Formation Class Amy Fletcher, Anita Burnett, Lara Marsh and Rev. Patte Henderson. Led by Pastor Sam Massey, this Spring and Fall gathering centered on the basics of faith and church membership. The FPC Book Club On the last Wednesday of each month a big and happy group of good readers gathered at Sycamore Mall outside of Paneras Bakery Caf. We read theology, novels and nonfiction, including In the Garden of Beasts. P a ge 1 0 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

11 Learning for Children, Youth and Families2012 Submitted by Beth Gier Beth Gier, Director of Christian Education and Youth (Childrens & Family Ministries As we look back on another year, we are grateful, once again, for all those who give of themselves as part of our churchs ministry of education. Thanks to all of you for your committed service! New in 2012: Augsburg Fortress Spark curriculum for preschool 6th grade online training videos for teachers, accessible through FPC website monthly trip to the Crisis Center by junior high youth Advent food drive sponsored by junior high youth online sign-up for Thursday night youth dinners, accessible through FPC website Families & Faith (parents group) meets twice a month, lead by Gina and Scott Pottorff Faithful Moms Fellowship planning begins, led by Amanda Edwards coffee fellowship provided to parents at VBS summer Bible story movie series for children on Sunday mornings 2011-2012 Childrens and Youth Sunday School Teachers 2012-2013 Childrens and Youth Sunday School Nursery Coordinator: Debbie Torrens-Semler Teachers Nursery Staff: Liliana Coelho, Nora Holman, Aysun Zeynalova Nursery Coordinator: Debbie Torrens-Semler Preschool: Chris Miller, Carol Shreves, Mary Ann Pedde, Emma Gier Nursery Staff: Nora Holman, Jill Swanson, Gwyneth Forsythe K-6: FPSea! (see details below) Preschool: Deb Minot, Sue Olson Junior High: Dan Thedens, Kevin Keith, Marilyn VanRoekel K-6: FPSea! (see details below) Senior High: Jim Claypool, Susan Massey, Andreas Soemadi Junior High: Roslyn Cargill, Sarah Klemuk Senior High: Susan Massey, Tanner Minot The FPSea! (Sunday School for Children in Kindergarten Grade 6) At the FPSea!, children in kindergarten through sixth grade are divided into three groups. Each group is accompanied by a lifeguard, an adult who has made a year-long commitment to guiding a group of children through their Sunday morning activities, but does not have any actual teaching responsibilities. There are four workshops: Bible Stories By-the-Sea, Cast-Your-Nets Creations, Disciples Drama Company, and Fishy Films. Students study the same story for four weeks, but each week their group visits a different workshop and explores the story in a completely different way. By the end of four weeks, our hope is that our children have gained a real understanding of what God is saying to them through that months story. While the lifeguards will remain constant throughout the year, workshop teachers change; teachers are asked to commit to teaching one rotation, each of which lasts four weeks, on average. Teachers teach the same material (with some modification for age differences) each week during the rotation, so prep time is minimal. FPSea! Volunteers LIFFEGUARDS (2011-2012) LIFEGUARDS (2012-2013) Kindergarten Grade 1: Doris Yoder, Karen Hurt Kindergarten Grade 1: Emma Gier, Taylor Dengler Grades 2-3: Tammy Foster, Brenda Bradley Grades 2-3: Arielle Soemadi, Emma Greimann Grades 4-6: Joyce McMaster, Emma Greimann Grades 4-6: Brenda Bradley, Conner Graves P a ge 1 1 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

12 Continued Learning for Children, Youth and Families Submitted by Beth Gier FPSea! Rotations/Stories for 2012 Rotation 2.4: When Jesus Was a Child (January 8-29) Rotation 3.1: Noah and the Ark (September 9-30) Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Sue and Gary Olson Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Mary Linn Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Valerie and Arielle Soemadi Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Linda Morris, Mishelle Disciples Drama Co.: Amy Fletcher Eckland Fishy Films: Lara Marsh Disciples Drama Co.: Chris Greimann Rotation 2.5: The Miracles of Jesus (February 5-26) Fishy Films: Tammy Schroeder Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Janie Schomberg, Jeri Smith Rotation 3.2: Joseph and his Brothers (October 7-28) Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Laurie Thedens, Sharon Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Patte Henderson Raffensperger Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Laurie Thedens, Sharon Disciples Drama Co.: Linda Morris, Tarrell Portman Raffensperger Fishy Films: Marv Bergman Disciples Drama Co.: Amy Fletcher Rotation 2.6: 101 Ways to Pray (March 4-April 1) Fishy Films: Valerie Soemadi Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Patte Henderson Rotation 3.3: Queen Esther (November 4-18) Cast-Your-Nets Creations: DeAnn Claypool Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Janie Schomberg, Jeri Smith Disciples Drama Co.: Chris Greimann Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Valerie Soemadi Fishy Films: Tammy Schroeder Disciples Drama Co.: Jenny Kirschling Rotation 2.7: The Beatitudes (April 15-29) Rotation 3.4: Jesus is Born (December 2-9) Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Anita Burnett Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Sarah Swisher Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Karen Heimer and Neve Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Mary Ann Pedde Heimer-Lang Disciples Drama Co.: Mishelle Eckland Rotation 2.8: All About the Bible (May 6-20) Bible Stories by-the-Sea: Mary Linn Cast-Your-Nets Creations: Sue Dallam Fishy Films: Jenny Kirschling P a ge 1 2 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

13 Continued Learning for Children, Youth and Families Submitted by Beth Gier 2012 VBS: Operation Overboard Families & Faith Vacation Bible School was held June 25-29, from Families and Faith, a group for parents of younger 9:00 a.m. to noon each day. We had a wonderful children, began meeting in late 2011, and has grown week together; thanks to all of the children who in 2012. At the request of participants, this group attended, and to the 40+ volunteers who helped to meets twice a month on Sunday mornings. Thanks to make VBS run so smoothly! Chris Greimann, Judy Terry, and Scott and Gina Pottorff for serving as facilitators. The Way (for 4th-6th graders) The Way met monthly during the school year for FPC Children and Youth Attend fellowship, food and fun. Camp Wyoming Several children and youth from FPC attended (and th th worked at!) Camp Wyoming during the summer of The Rock (for 7 -8 graders) 2012. Our church supported these campers in a The Rock met weekly on Thursday evenings for variety of ways: Many were beneficiaries of dinner, games and conversation, sharing our evening camperships provided by our PW group. In addition, meal with members of The Edge, our high school our church provides some funds in its regular budget youth group. The group performed a variety of service for this purpose. Finally, we support Camp Wyoming projects around the church and in the community, with our Unified Mission Giving to the Presbytery of including a food drive for the Crisis Center during East Iowa. Thanks to all who helped to make a week Advent, and monthly visits to the Crisis Center to at camp a reality for these children and youth! volunteer. This group is led by Beth Gier. The Rocks 11th Annual Lenten Trip to Chicago Members of The Rock spent Palm Sunday weekend in Second-Graders Receive Bibles Chicago as participants in the DOOR program. This It is the tradition of our congregation to give Bibles to marked our 11th consecutive Lenten trip to the Windy our second-graders each spring. Receiving Bibles in City! The group included Brent Foster, Logan 2012 were Charlie Faden, Ben Faden, Rachel Marsh Schroeder, DJ Massey, Mark Lewis, Matthew Dodge, and Luke Smith. Erick Fletcher, Gabi Wadsworth, Courtney Hurt, Chase Eckland, Nick Mendoza, Nate Katalinich and Gabi Summer Sunday School Hiatt. George Minot, Jim Claypool and Beth Gier Summer Sunday School for kids of all ages took the accompanied the group. form of a childrens movie series in 2012. Thanks to all of the volunteers who made this happen! They 2012 Confirmation Class include: Ann and Sara Burton; Laura Jacobus; Sarah Congratulations to our 2012 confirmation class! After Klemuk; Jeri Smith; Sue Dallam; Tammy Schroeder; being examined by the Session and presenting their Marv Bergman; Linda Morris; and Fred and Sarah statements of faith, they were received into Harris. membership at the Easter Vigil service. The class was taught by George Minot, and included Brent Foster, Logan Schroeder, DJ Massey, Mark Lewis, Matthew Dodge, Gabi Wadsworth, Nate Katalinich, Gabi Hiatt and Hailey Fay. The Edge (for 9th-12th graders) The Edge met weekly on Thursday evenings for snacks, study, discussion and fun, joining members of The Rock (our junior high youth group) for dinner. In December, they joined the youth choir in leading Advent worship at Oaknoll Retirement Center. Members of the Edge also enjoyed a lock-in. George Minot led this group. P a ge 1 3 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

14 Continued Learning for Children, Youth and Familes Submitted by Beth Gier High School Youth Mission Trip to Asheville, NC Members of the The Edge, our high school youth group, traveled to Asheville, NC, July 28-August 3, for a week of work, worship and reflection as participants in a Mission Immersion offered by Asheville Youth Mission. From the AYM website: AYM offers broad based experiences where each group serves in several different settings in the Asheville area. Our hope is that youth who experience a variety of settings and a variety of work will eventually discover their God- given gifts and how they can use them. By experiencing God in the unexpected (on the edges and in the margins of the community), we hope they go home having made some decisions to use their gifts in their own community. Participants included: Joel Hurt, Chaz McVay, Emma Gier, Emma Greimann, Taylor Dengler, Lauren Dengler, Arielle Soemadi, Conner Graves, Cullen Schroeder, Hope Shreves, Gwyneth Forsythe, Katelyn Campbell, James Portman, Ethan Zierke, Alexis Donohoe and Tayler Foster. They were accompanied by Tammy Foster, Nick McMillan, George Minot and Beth Gier. They reported on their experiences on Sunday, August 5, during adult education time and morning worship. Other Activities and Events All-Church Mardi Gras Celebration (February) Easter Egg Hunt (April) The Great Pumpkin Hunt! (October) All-Church Advent Candle-Making (November) Christmas Pageant (December) High School Graduates Recognized Our 2012 high school graduates were recognized in worship in May. They included Francesca Crutchfield- Stoker, Lauren Dengler, Michael Boysen, Rachel Fehr, Grant Forsythe, Linnea Gustafsson, Hailey Klabo, Emily Merritt, Sara Jane Mildenstein, Katherine Smith and Aysun Zeynalova. Thanks to The many volunteers who keep our programs for children and youth going; we couldnt do it without you! Chad Greimann, Sue Dallam, Linda Morris and Tammy Schroeder for their service on the Christian Education Council. P a ge 1 4 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

15 Clerk of Session 2012 ~Submitted by Judy Terry, Clerk of Session ATTENDANCE Average Weekly Worship Attendance 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Jan.May 217 228 243 236 251 243 242 261 252 252 248 JuneAug. 158 186 192 191 184 183 186 192 180 176 183 Sept.Dec. 221 239 223 269 249 228 267 253 247 254 234 1. Approved the financial report given by Treasurer Larry 13. Worship and Fellowship Bruner, who remarked that the year 2011 was very Council requested good financially and that more pledges were received feedback regarding than expected. continuing the 8 a.m. Sunday service. It 2. Approved Sunday, February 12, 2012 after the 10:30 was approved the service service as the annual meeting and to present the will not be held after May Pastors terms of call, reports of councils and 20 but will resume committees and time for questions and answers. September 9. 3. Approved corporate officers for 2012. 14. Session discussed the Memorial funds and whether or 4. Approved Worship Council and Fellowship Council not the committee should contact families of whom the joining to become one council. memorial gifts are given in order for them to designate. Session will draw up a list of possible needs for donors 5. Approved sending a letter signed by the clerk of session to choose from. asking other congregations assistance in raising $1,100 needed to send our overture advocates to General 15. A special session meeting May 7 was held in fellowship Assembly. hall from 6-9 p.m. for studying the outcome of our congregational survey. 6. Discussion regarding personnel committees examining all salaries of staff compared to other congregations our 16. Recommendation from Administration and Personnel size. Councils approved to move Director of Music Darlene Bergman to full time beginning August 1, 2012. 7. Concurred with $4,500 from Burianek Trust to Pasrur School for Scholarships, which concurs with Friends of 17. Motion approved that session offers no objection to the Pasrur report. Board of Pensions decision to offer benefits to same- gender partners of Board of Pension participants. 8. Reported that University of Iowa United Campus Ministry will be closed by June 2012. 18. Approved changing the Endowment Committee to Endowment and Memorial Committee. 9. On behalf of the Endowment Committee Connie Richardson explained the 1840 Legacy and how 19. Stewardship theme for this year is Growing in Joyful contributions can be made to the Endowment Fund. Giving. 10. In March, Rob Smith presented his plan for coffee shop 20. In August Finance Committee moderator Ken Miller ministries and what would be involved in setting it up in reported that most councils have stayed well within Iowa City. Session received the report and moved to their budgets and that this has been an outstanding encourage him in this ministry. year. 11. In April, at a called session meeting, 15 new members 21. It was reported that Rob Smith accepted a call to a were received into membership and fellowship of First church in Apple Valley, MN. Session approved a gift of Presbyterian Church. $500 in appreciation of his service. 12. Also in April at a called meeting, 9 confirmands were 22. Session approved Buildings and Grounds bringing a plan received into the fellowship of membership of First and timetable for renovations. A proposal to replace Presbyterian Church. Each read from a prepared sanctuary overhead lightning was submitted. statement regarding their faith and their desire to be a member of the church. (Clerk of Session continued on page 16) P a ge 1 5 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

16 (Clerk of Session continued from page 15) purpose of voting on elders, deacons, endowment 23. Administration and Personnel are working on changes committee and nominating committee members for to our churchs child protection policy at the 2013. instigation of our insurance company. 30. Special meeting called November 18 to received into 24. A need for a pictorial directory was discussed and staff membership and fellowship in First Presbyterian will be asked about procedure by clerk of session. Church 16 new members. 25. Discernment Task Force report, as follow-up to 31. Approved that Mission Council be renamed Mission Congregational Survey, addressed issues such as the and Justice Council. future of the church in light of aging members and the 32. Elected Pauline Miller to fill a one-year term on need to do spiritual formation with impact on staff and Deacons. education ministry. 33. Approved signing of contract for sanctuary lights. 26. Correspondence received included a letter from the Deacons to Pastor Sam in appreciation for his pastoral Session meetings begin with Pastor Sam lighting the Christ care. candle and inviting the Holy Spirits presence during the meetings. An elder leads with prayer, scripture reading and 27. Approved a capital campaign for new lights in the song. Each meeting ends with sharing joys and concerns sanctuary. and a prayer by an elder. This was a full year of meetings, 28. Called session meeting for purpose of hearing special meetings and congregational meetings to consider resignations of pastor Mark Martin as Parish Associate the many issues involving the church. We were pleased to and Carol Martin as Deacon, which were received with receive 40 new members, including 9 new confirmands, regret. this year. The Session works to represent Gods purpose for the church and to continue striving to make the church 29. Approved a congregational meeting October 28 for the Christ-centered. Administration and Personnel Annual Report Submitted by Dan Thedens, moderator For 2012, the Administration Council was merged with the Personnel Council to reflect the fact that the work of both councils primarily concerns staff activities and resources. The summer brought several changes to our staffing and volunteer arrangements. Mary Jo Keith stepped aside from formal responsibilities as our volunteer parish nurse to spend more time on family matters. She goes with our thanks for her dedicated service to our health and caring ministries for more than two years. Parish Associate Pastor Mark Martin also moved on to focus more on disaster relief, and we also thank him for his support in the pulpit and for pastoral care over the year. Pastor Gary Burnett stepped further into the Associate role in the latter half of 2012, and he and Pastor Patte Henderson will assist as well in 2013. We also said goodbye to our intern Rob Smith, who accepted a call to lead a church in Apple Valley, MN. Darlene Bergman's position as Director of Music and Liturgical Arts was increased to a full time position to reflect the additional needs arising from the 8:00am worship service and to further assist in all areas of ministry. The committee also worked on updates to areas of the church's operations manual. Particular focus was given to child protection and equal opportunity policies. We expect to continue this review and update in 2013 for other areas of the manual. On the technology front, Circle Computer Resources (CCR) took over our information technology support to address shortcomings in the service of our previous provider. We also continued to upgrade computer hardware and software for several of the staff to ensure smooth operations, and will continue in 2013. Additional equipment for a display monitor for announcements was acquired, and we are working with Outreach for its final usage and placement. We concluded the 2012 year (in January 2013) with our annual staff evaluation brunch held in the church Youth Room. I was especially gratified to see the dedication and mutual support among all the staff come through at this event. As always, we give thanks for the blessings and talents of all of them. Council members in 2012: Dan Thedens (moderator), Judy Whitford, Jim Claypool, Kevin Keith, Nancy Ross, Perry Ross, Pastor Sam Massey (ex- officio). P a ge 1 6 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

17 Building and Grounds Council Submitted by Don Ross Members of the committee: Richard Brown, Norvall awaiting the availability of funds and a committee to be Clemons; Sue Farran; Jim Heims; Anthony McMillan; Ron appointed to determine the style and color. Mildenstein, co-moderator; Sharon Raffensperger; Don Other works included refurbishing the restrooms. The one Ross, co-moderator; Darin Schroeder; Bill Terry. near the kitchen has been reclaimed as a restroom and Much of the year was spent working toward completing redone with insurance money received from the damage the proposal for the relighting of the sanctuary. Our done by a broken toilet tank. All stored items were proposal was to use some of the money from a bequest, replaced to the storage areas, new fixtures installed, room but we were later informed that the money was not painted, new flooring laid, and a cabinet refurbished to available. The Finance Committee then began a fast- become a supply cabinet and a changing table. The moving campaign to raise the money and have it available restroom now is a complete family restroom. The by December 31, 2012. This campaign was a huge success, restrooms near the choir room were repainted, flooring and the contract has been signed, with installation to relayed, and some new accessories installed. begin as soon as the fixtures arrive. Numerous items still need to be addressed. The most The extreme dedication of Dick Brown and Norvall urgent at present is having the spring, summer, and fall Clemons on this project is greatly appreciated, and the yard work done. Larry Pugh has been our Guardian congregation gives them our biggest thanks. Angel as to the mowing for a number of years on a volunteer basis and has stated that the summer of 2012 Plans were also made to replace the carpet in the was to be his last. Our SINCERE THANKS to him for his sanctuary, narthex, hall to the choir room and the stairway dedicated service to First Presbyterian Church. to the lower level. A bid has been received, and we are Christian Education Council Submitted by Chad Greimann, moderator Council members: Elders: Chad Greimann, Sue Dallam, Council member: Linda Morris Staff: Beth Gier, George Minot, Tammy Schroeder The CE Council had an exciting and rewarding year in 2012. allows many more members to participate in the This report is not an exhaustive record, but rather a look at education of our youth. The program has been embraced some highlights and milestones this year. by the congregation, for which we are grateful. Countless hours of talent and skill have been applied by our CE staff, Early in the year CE worked on a proposed procedure for FPC staff and members to bring the ancient fishing village the selection of youth officers. The proposal focuses on to life. Our teachers and shepherds have risen to the the education of our youth as to what role Elders and occasion and are doing an outstanding job. Thanks to God Deacons play in the Presbyterian Church. This proposal for all of you! We are getting very good feedback so far was accepted by Session as a motion and is now part of from members and visitors alike. the Nominating Committee process each year. Our youth program continues to thrive. The Edge, The Adult Education continued to offer engaging and thought- Rock, and the Way are continuing to grow and upcoming provoking classes, including The Wired Word, Pray events are posted on Facebook. Trips to Chicago and Always! and When Will There Be Good News? There are Ashville, NC continue to inspire our youth to serve God in also many ongoing and new small-group weekly meetings their daily lives. Vacation Bible School, with the theme such as the Thursday night Bible study, Mens spiritual Operation Overboard, was held in the church this past formation group, FPC book club, Jewish-Christian Dialogue summer with great success. Many comments were heard and Faith Seeking Understanding, just to name a few. The complementing this mission to provide VBS at no cost to Presbyterian Womens group had a very successful fall our community with an All Are Welcome philosophy. two-day retreat at Prairie Woods. Sam Massey continued Scholarships were made available for kids to attend Camp to lead two (spring and fall) spiritual formation classes for Wyoming, a program we will be continuing to support. new (and all) members this year. We are thankful for his spiritual leadership. The Council appreciates all of the support, effort, and work displayed by many devoted church members and looks FPSea, our workshop rotation Sunday School, continues to forward to your continued participation and the sharing of be a success. The rotation of teaching responsibilities your gifts with others. See you at church and in class! P a ge 1 7 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

18 Columbarium Committee Report 2012 Submitted by Tammy Schroeder The First Presbyterian Church Columbarium provides a final resting place for members of the church family and, with its garden, serves as a visible representation of the great cloud of Christian witnesses. It symbolizes the unity of the Christian community, and it serves as a peaceful gathering place for families and friends. Physically, the Columbarium is a round structure of Dakota mahogany granite with 96 niches capable of interring the ashes of 192 people. The Church encourages advance planning. Church staff seeks to make it possible and desirable for members to work with them to complete all arrangements in advance for interment and the worship services. We currently have 71 available niches remaining, and donations to the Columbarium fund are gratefully accepted. Please call the church office for a planning appointment with Tammy Schroeder. The committee would like to extend a Thank You to Saira Steen for her work on refreshing and maintaining the landscaping this fall. Members of the Committee: John Barr, Dick Brown, Nancy Cech, Norvall Clemons, Sarah Parker and Tammy Schroeder, staff. Mission Council Submitted by John Barr Providing direction for our involvement with global, national, and local mission projects. Mission Council goals: be attentive to creating a balanced spending of budgeted funds ($30,000) and special collections to global, national, and local projects throughout the year educate ourselves as a Council about requests for funds by inviting responsible parties to meet with us and explain their programs and needs inform and educate the congregation about projects and places to which mission funds are being sent by ongoing communication through newsletters, bulletins, announcements, and bulletin board. Based upon the generous support and involvement of members and friends, FPC has completed another successful year of mission work. Budgeted funds (your pledges) and special offerings (your donations) have had important mission impact at the following levels: Global Mission: Pasrur School, Pakistan (classroom addition, scholarships, special projects, travel expenses for 2013 visit) Frontier Fellowship (Woody & Barbara Busse, Central Asia) Kids Against Hunger CROP Walk General Assembly and Presbytery: Shared, unified & directed mission Camp Wyoming Theological Education Fund Travel to National Presbyterian Womens Conference Special offerings: Christmas Joy, United Campus Ministry One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking, & Pentecost National Mission: Presbyterian Disaster Relief (Hurricane Sandy) The DOOR (Chicago) Local Mission: Consultation of Religious Communities ToGather ToGether (Lucas School) (dues; common fund; ToGather ToGether) Geneva Campus Ministry Crisis Center (including food bank) Local Emergency Mission Fund Salvation Army Domestic Violence Intervention Program (Continued on page 19) P a ge 1 8 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

19 (Continued from page 18) Stronger Together (1105 Project) Four Oaks Shelter House Free Lunch Program Operation Backpack Home Ties Child Care United Action for Youth (UAY) Iowa City Hospice Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity Incentive Program, Family Treatment Court of Johnson Co. Sincere thanks for your enthusiastic mission support again this year! You have given generously of your money, time, and prayers to each of our mission endeavors. We anticipate 2013 to be even more productive. Please consider using the 2013 Presbyterian Mission Year Book for prayer and study related to mission throughout this year. Print copies are available in the FPC library, office & in Fellowship Hall; an online link, including daily devotions is available at the FPC website. Mission Council members John Barr, Amy Fletcher, Faryle Nothwehr, Perry Ross, Nancy Stensvaag, Dave VanDusseldorp, and Judy Terry, have worked diligently to be good stewards of FPC Mission activities and funds. Outreach Council Report of Activity in 2012 Submitted by Dan Katalinich Continued work related to the new church logo, Fashionable Acres to introduce them to First including production and sales of logoed gear. This will Presbyterian. This will be an ongoing project, as the be ongoing, with an emphasis on working with a new developers indicated lots will be sold and built on for the vendor who will allow us to feature more attractive next 1-2 years. pricing on all items. Various members doing drive-thru ministry with Lara Moved forward with the landscaping portion of our Marshs cards engaging in random acts of kindness to Marquee enhancement project, including consultation folks on behalf of their friends at First Presbyterian. with Dale at Liberty Iron Works in Mt. Vernon for the Council Members: Mary Linn, Carol Ulch, Tammy logo sculpture. Forecast completion in Spring 2013. Schroeder, Lara Marsh, Jeremy Fletcher, Dan Katalinich Cookie-greeted new residents in Rochester Ridge and (Moderator); Sam Massey Ex Officio Stewardship Council 2012 Submitted by Tom Martin, moderator The 2012 Stewardship campaign drew from the last two Presbyterian Church? If so, it was suggested the years for its theme and emphasis. Variances of More congregation think of 10% or 10%. Either tithe 10% or Than Enough were the guiding theme. At the risk of increase your giving by 10%. We are happy to report being redundant, we wanted to remind ourselves of that is exactly what happened. As is always the case what Paul told the church at Corinth in 2 Corinthians 9:7 from year to year, we had a few pledging units move -8, CEV. Each of you must give as you have made up away from the church and a few pledging units move your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God into the church. The net result was: every councils loves a cheerful giver. God can bless you with budget requests were met; the staff received a 2% raise, everything you need, and you will always have more and the budget will be balanced without using than enough to do all kinds of good things for others. endowment money. Exact numbers are included in the Finance Committee Report. Besides leading to a balanced budget, the discernment process by the congregation in 2009 produced a lengthy The Stewardship Council would like to thank all who list of wonderful things they would like to see happen in have chosen once again to support all the great the future. All of these things would work together to programs at First Presbyterian Church that work to enhance our worship of God and spread the joyful news glorify, worship and honor God, his son Jesus Christ and of the Gospel to our neighbors, both locally and around the Holy Spirit, not only locally but around the world. the world. Ten of these goals have been reached and Council Members are: were described in a letter to the congregation on July Ken Miller, Connie Richardson, Brenda Dodge, Larry 16, 2012. Bruner, Sue Farran, Pastor Sam, ex-officio and Tom In that letter the question, is the continuation and Martin (moderator) improvement of the 10 goals part of your vision for First P a ge 1 9 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

20 Worship/Fellowship Council 2012 highlights Submitted by Carol Kirsch The Worship and Fellowship councils were combined in 2012 in order to ensure better coordination of the activities of the two groups. Members of the council included Rebecca Stockman, Joe Graves, Audrey Van Roekel, Ann Grosscup, Ron Mildenstein, Anne Dengler, David Carlson, Carol Kirsch, Meg Ketterer and Nancy Weber, Darlene Bergman, ex officio. At the end of the year we were joined by new FPC member Earline Moll. Meg Ketterer was responsible for recruiting ushers for the 10:30 service. Nancy Weber oversaw arrangements for monthly communion services at the 10:30 service, and Carol Kirsch made arrangements for fellowship between and after worship services. All council members assisted with setting up the 8 AM service and carrying out the various tasks associated with both worship services. To gain a better understanding of Presbyterian worship and why we do what we do, council members are reading and discussing the section in the Book of Order devoted to worship. Notable actions and decisions of the council this year included: Decision to purchase new hymnals, which will be available in the fall of 2013. The new hymnals will replace both the blue and green hymnals currently in use. The cost of the new hymnals will be entirely covered by a generous memorial gift from an FPC member. Old hymnals will be offered to FPC members, Oaknoll Retirement Facility and other area churches and organizations. Decision to continue the two worship services for a third year. The council felt that three years of attendance records were necessary to adequately evaluate the realization of the two-service model. During the 2013 summer months there will be a single service. Decision to schedule the summer worship service at 9 AM with fellowship time after worship and CE at 10:15-11:00. This decision was made in response to congregational feedback that 10:30 was too late for summer worship. The summer schedule will begin on Memorial Day weekend and run through Labor Day weekend. Developed a policy for personal celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) during fellowship time after worship services. The church office or council moderator, Carol Kirsch, can supply a copy of the new policy. Refined the 8 AM worship set-up procedures. Refined the procedures for coffee fellowship. A group of 5 volunteers took turns coming in on Saturdays to make the coffee and juice and lay out the communion elements for the 8 AM worship service. This has lightened the burden for Sunday morning volunteers. P a ge 2 0 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

21 Deacons Report 2011 Submitted by Vern Dengler The members of the Board of Deacons during 2012 were: Rick Boland, Roxanne Boysen, Anita Burnett, David Carlson, Becky Crutchfield, Vern Dengler, Tim Fehr, Jeremy Fletcher, Ann Grosscup, Liz Hall, Mary Linn, Carol Martin (who later resigned), Xavier May (youth), Sue Olson, Mike Phelps, Jennifer Ross Kirschling, Steve Smith, Arielle Soemadi (youth), Bill Terry, and Glenn Van Roekel. Moderator: Vern Dengler Secretary/Treasurer: Ann Grosscup Newly elected Deacons participated in officer training in Transportation and Valet (2012 Coordinator: Tim Fehr) November 2011. The December 2011 meeting included The transportation team provides rides for people who a chili supper and the welcome of new Deacons for have requested a ride through the church office 2012. The Board of Deacons held 10 regular meetings in transportation line. This service is used by two to five 2012. people, occasionally one or two more, each week during the year. This committee also handles the valet service. In April, the Deacons attended a training opportunity to Valet service is provided at the 10:30 a.m. Sunday help with caring ministry. Training was led by FPC worship service, Easter Vigil, and Christmas Eve service. members Mary Jo Keith and Maeleen Thorius. Deacons park and retrieve vehicles for members who In 2012, the Deacons continued several relatively new may have difficulties walking across or up the hill of the services as part of our caring ministries. These include parking lot, especially during inclement weather. The Deacon Pairs, Casseroles-To-Go, and valet parking. service is used by at least one individual, to as many as Deacon Pairs are assigned an alphabetical segment of four, at the 10:30 a.m. service. In addition, the Deacons the congregation. The Deacon Pairs serve as a point of often provide assistance to those who can use a hand contact for the corresponding members and friends of making their way from the edge of the sidewalk to the FPC. The purpose is to create a more caring church church door. community; Deacon Pairs identify any caring needs Cards (2012 Coordinator: Mary Linn)Cards are sent to among the members, assess the situation, and respond members on momentous birthdays and anniversaries, directly by accessing appropriate ministries. The for congratulation on newborns, and to send get well Deacons held a Meet Your Deacons event to introduce wishes and extend sympathy. There were approximately themselves in January 2012. 200 cards sent. Casseroles-To-Go, which started in the fall of 2009, Prayer Chain (2012 Coordinator: Jeremy Fletcher)The continued in 2012. This service stores main dish prayer chain is an electronic mailing list used to casseroles in the church freezer for use when providing a distribute joys and concerns of people who have asked meal to anyone. The Deacons monitor the inventory of them to be sent to prayer list members. The prayer casseroles and arrange for replenishment. Any individual chain contains approximately 120 members and friends may distribute when there is need. At least 10 meals of FPC. Requests may originate through email to the were shared in 2012. Coordinator, FPC website or notifying the church office. Care packages for college students and military service Requests can also be made by completing a prayer members were sent in April and November. The request card at Sunday worship or speaking directly to Deacons arranged for sending the packages near college the pastor. In 2012, at least 290 prayer requests were final exam times to help relieve the stress that comes sent out using the electronic mailing list. with these times. Fifteen packages were sent in April and Hospital Visitation (Rick Boland, Carol Martin (until fourteen packages went sent in December. resigning), Anita Burnett, Bill Terry, Jen Ross Kirschling) The regular activities of the Board are arranged into Members of the hospital visitation team visit people in seven committees. the local hospitals after the pastors initial visit. Requests to visit those hospitalized originates at the church office Support Team (2012 Coordinator: Bill Terry)At 10:30 or from the pastor. a.m. Sunday worship, the Deacon support team members distribute, collect and replenish pew pads plus Caring Connection (2012 Coordinator: Ann Grosscup) pick up prayer request cards. A Deacon stands with the The Caring Connection coordinates short-term care for pastor at the end of the service to assist with pastoral members who are home from the hospital, ill or just care requests. (Continued on page 22) P a ge 2 1 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

22 (Continued from page 21) need help. Examples of services provided include meals, overnight companionship, moving, outdoor plantings and local transportation. Shepherds (2012 Coordinators: Anita Burnett, Carol Martin until resigning) Shepherds visit members and friends who live in local care centers or are at-home. Easter and Christmas flowers were delivered to these members by the Shepherds and other FPC volunteers. The Deacons also arranged for sanctuary beautification to include spring flowers at Easter, poinsettias during Advent and hanging decorations during Advent. Congregational Health Ministries Team2012 Submitted by Rhonda Barr, Chair 2012 Team Members: Rhonda Barr, Chair Anne Dengler Toni DeRyke Jan Wicks Sue Olson Johanna Kruckeberg Mary Jo Keith, Parish Nurse Maeleen Thorius Glen Van Roekel, Deacon Liaison Pastor Sam Massey (ex-officio) CHM Team Activities for 2012 6. The position of Volunteer Parish Nurse 1. Monthly blood pressure screenings were held on was reviewed, with the second Sunday of each month, before and recommendations to the after worship. Toni DeRyke has continued to Deacons to support the coordinate this valuable service. creation of a permanent 2. Emergency and first aide kit maintenance. The paid staff Parish Nurse position at FPC. automated defibrillator upkeep and supply 7. Completed the purchase and installment of the readiness is an on-going task. Thanks to Tammy alternative seating for the sanctuary, with the Schroeder for her assistance. help of the Worship Council and Buildings and 3. Health Ministries Education: We have offered Grounds. information on health and healing topics through 8. Transferred leadership to Jan Wicks and Maeleen the following programs: Thorius as co-chairs for 2013. a. Bulletin board display Sun and heat Plans for 2013: exposure, flu prevention, hand washing and preventing falls. 1. Sponsor two blood drives (Mississippi Valley) in March and September, 2013. b. An 8-week program, Matter of Balance, provided by the Johnson County Livable 2. On-going health information, BP checks Community for Successful Aging Program. (monthly) and fall Flu Clinic. c. Summer class for practicing balance and 3. Provide, with the assistance of Ben Urick and fall prevention exercises. Katie Owen, a brown bag medication review for members (January and February, 2013). d. Weekly beginning Yoga class taught by Helen Chadima. 4. Continue to provide weekly Yoga classes for interested participants. 4. Two blood drives administered by Mississippi Valley were held in March and September. 5. Provide CPR and AED training for FPC staff. 5. A Flu Clinic was offered on Sunday, October 6, 6. Plan for continued health education through the Visiting Nurses Association. The flu opportunities at FPC. shot, Flu Mist and Pneumonia vaccinations were available to FPC members and the public. P a ge 2 2 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

23 2012 Nominating Committee Annual Report Submitted by Judy Whitford (Elder representative) The Nominating Committee worked diligently from September to November to nominate the slate of Elders and Deacons for the class of 2015, two-at-large members of the Endowment Committee as well as the at-large members of the 2013 Nominating Committee. I would like to recognize the 2012 Nominating Committee members and thank them for their commitment and efforts in carrying out their responsibilities on this committee: Rhonda Barr Nancy Gardner Sadie May John Raffensperger Tarrell Portman (Elder representative) Vern Dengler (deacon representative) Sam Massey (ex-officio) At the fall congregational meeting, the Nominating Committee presented the following slate of nominees for office: The nominees for Elder, Class of 2015: Ken Miller (second term), Connie Richardson (second term), Ann Burton, Ann Grosscup, Carol Ulch, Bob Youngquist The nominees for Deacon, Class of 2015: Jeremy Fletcher (second term), Jen Kirschling (second term), Glen Van Roekel (second term), Rhonda Barr, Paul Schafer, Sarah Swisher The nominees for at-large members of the 2012 Nominating Committee: Rick Boland, Deb Minot, John Raffensperger, Mary Ellen Stamp The nominees for the Endowment Committee: Kevin Keith, Jan Wicks This slate of nominees was unanimously accepted by the congregation. Due to the resignation of Carol Martin, after the congregational meeting we also nominated Pauline Miller (Class of 2013), and she will be voted on at this meeting. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with this Nominating Committee. Endowment and Memorial Committee Submitted by Connie Richardson In 2012, Session asked the Endowment Committee to The Wilsons and Joan Summerwill are the newest members administer memorial gifts, so the name of the council has of the 1840 Legacy Society. All members are listed below been changed to the Endowment and Memorial Council. and on a plaque in the church narthex: In 2012 we are pleased to report new gifts: Anonymous (1) John Barr From the estate of Linda Kobler, about $225,000; Rhonda Barr the amount added to the unrestricted portion of Janice Baumback the endowment is about $200,000. About $23,000 Jacquelyn Harb of this estate gift will be used at the discretion of James McDonald Session; Sharon P. Oglesby A gift from Herb and Janice Wilson to the William B. Oglesby endowment to support the Pasur Girls School in Rebecca Stockman Pakistan; Joan Summerwill Herbert Wilson A gift from Joan Summerwill to the Community Janice Wilson Foundation of Johnson County to establish the Joan Summerwill Fund for the Handbell Choir at First The distribution from the endowment for 2013 will be Presbyterian Church. around $35,000: $31,000 will be used to fund grant requests (Continued on page 24) P a ge 2 3 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

24 (Continued from page 23) the end of 2011; this is an increase in market value of over from church entities; the Updegraff Organ fund will be 12%, net of fees and additions from the estate of Linda about $3,200; the building fund will be about $1,600, and Kobler. The agency fund at the Community Foundation of the Pasrur fund will be about $200. Johnson County is not included in these numbers: its value is just over $20,000, which includes a new gift from Joan From the $21,300 2012 distribution, the following grant Summerwill to endow the handbell choir at FPC. requests were funded: As of 12/31/2012, the memorial fund was $20,547. The Camp Wyoming Capital Campaign for Deer Ridge - council will actively work to make appropriate distribution $3,500 of these funds in 2013. Consultation of Religious Communities family-to- family program - $1,500 Council members for 2012: Ken Fisher, Jackie Harb, Connie Richardson-Moderator, Four Oaks, for health kits for the Johnson County Tom Martin, and Dave Van Dusseldorp. Ex-officio foster care program - $2,000 members were Pastor Sam and Larry Bruner, Church FPC Congregational Care Committee for Treasurer. alternative sanctuary seating - $3,000 Council members for 2013: FPC Outreach Committee for improved church signage - $6,000 Jackie Harb, Kevin Keith, Tom Martin, Connie Richardson, Moderator, Jan Wicks. Ex-officio members are Pastor Sam FPC Overture Advocates Lara Marsh and Judy and Larry Bruner, Church Treasurer. Whitford for travel expenses to General Assembly - $1,300 For information about making a current or future gift to the endowment or to the Community Foundation of Iowa City Free Lunch Program - $4,000 Johnson County for FPCs benefit (Endow Iowa tax credits As of 12/31/2012, the value of the endowment, which are available), including establishing a permanent named continues to be managed by Hills Bank and Trust fund, please contact any council member. Inquiries are Company, was $917,678.78 compared to $671,250.01 at confidential. Finance Committee Submitted by Ken Miller The Finance Committee oversees the We continued that process in 2012. As more budgetary financial operations of First Presbyterian accountability is being required of each ministry area, the Church of Iowa City. The committee reporting needs also are increasing. It is the Committees meets regularly to discuss both the intention to provide all financial information necessary to income and expenses of the church as assist each area in their ministry. well as its overall financial position. The The congregation should be commended as 99.25 percent committee also addresses any of the pledges have been honored this past year. The impending issues which may become a committee encourages more members to consider using challenge. Each month a presentation is ACH as a vehicle for honoring their pledges. It is believed made to the church, through Session, of that this contributed to the superior performance by the the status of budgetary integrity as well congregation. as pledges that have been received. For the fourth year in a row, we have again balanced the The committee played an integral role in ensuring that budget. The congregation and each ministry area should there was adequate funding for the purchase of new feel a sense of satisfaction as income has again exceeded lighting for the sanctuary. The congregation should be expenses. congratulated for its willingness to fund this project without interfering with the annual operating budget or The committee members are: incurring any debt in this process. The congregation also should be commended as 99.25 percent of the pledges Dave Van Dusseldorp, Larry Bruner, Tom Martin, Jeri have been honored this past year. Smith, Pastor Sam Massey, Ken Miller (Moderator) and Saira Steen (Financial Secretary). In 2011, an effort was made to improve the reporting of our financial position to the congregation through Session. P a ge 2 4 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

25 Needles, Hooks and Yarn Submitted by Tammy Schroeder Several FPC members and friends from the Iowa City Weve continued the prayer shawl ministry community meet on Saturday mornings to knit and to comfort friends and members of our crochet. Some friends arent able to make our Saturday congregation. During 2012, 14 shawls and meeting but help this ministry by knitting at home and lap robes were delivered, with several donating their work for distribution through our network more ready to go as needed. These items not only of charities. We focus mainly on local organizations. A provide warmth but are also a tangible example of Gods sample of where our work has gone is below: presence in our lives. If you know of someone in need of comfort or who is celebrating a joyous occasion, such as a Home Ties birth, please let us know; send requests to Tammy 8 sets of hat & mittens, 10 pair of mittens, 3 hats, 10 adult Schroeder. hats and 1 blanket We have given out 117 shawls since we started this UIHC ministry in 2007. 34 preemie hats and 18 chemo caps Although we engage in mission activities, many also work Lucas School on personal projects, as well. Our needle backgrounds are 19 sets of hat & mittens, 20 sets of scarves and hats, 3 diverse a few in the group are first timers, others are scarves learning again, while others have knitted and crocheted Pasrur Girls School in Pakistan (a mission of FPC) for years. Come share the fun and fellowship of Needles, 140 scarves as gifts to the girls Hooks, & Yarn on Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Contact Carol Macon or Tammy Schroeder for more information. Special Olympics 12 hats, 11 headbands, 3 scarves, 2 pair of mittens Friends of Pasrur Submitted by Janice Baumback Friends of Pasrur (FOP) is a small group of dedicated women and men that promotes support for the Presbyterian Education Board school in Pasrur, Pakistan. This school educates about 600 Christian and Muslim students grades one through ten. (There are 700 on the waiting list.) For the past seven years our church members and some friends have sponsored 100 Christian girls, allowing them to attend school and to live in the dormitory we financed. Sponsorships cover tuition, uniforms, books, room, and board and are $450 each. We have also agreed to sponsor (room, board and tuition) six young women who have completed During each year of our involvement we can note their studies at the Pasrur school, have passed the continuing progress for our school. This year in response requisite examinations, and are now pursuing further to the growing enrollment FOP and church members education preparing them for teaching jobs or for contributed the funds for a classrooms and bathrooms continuing into college. Each scholarship (tuition, room addition to the original classroom building. This addition and board, etc.) for this Higher Secondary Education (11th has been completed and is now in use. The Pasrur and 12th grades) is $750. Education will open doors for all students have excelled in nation-wide competitive these young women who otherwise would have little hope examinations. to break free from poverty and oppression. (Continued on page 26) P a ge 2 5 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

26 (Continued from page 25) Education Board. Veeda preached on Sunday morning and Using contributions from two families, a vegetable and attended a variety of informative events in the fruit garden has been established, a supporting well has community. We continue to solicit your contributions of been drilled, and a pump installed on the school grounds, ink cartridges, cell phones, etc. that finance all our permitting the school to provide freshly grown produce incidental expenses. for the students. In addition, a memorial in Kelley Lind's Members of FOP are Nancy Ross, Nancy Weber, Nancy name has established medical services of inoculations and Gardner, Becky Crutchfield, Becky Ross, Mary Linn, Katie regular medical examinations for our boarding students Lind, Sharon and Bill Oglesby, Jane and Ed Cranston, for this school year. Finally, Kelley chose to have $5,000 Janice Baumback, Leann Graves, Julie Lindower, Susan from her estate go to Pasrur, and this will be used for Massey, Anita Burnett, Liz Hall, John Barr, Janice Wilson, much needed computers. Nancy Stensvaag, and Sue Dallam. Jane Cranston also In March, FOP hosted a Back to School party during the serves as head of the Friends of Presbyterian Education fellowship hour after church, honoring our Pasrur Board in Pakistan, headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota. students. We served a Pakistani cuisine of rice pudding We welcome new members who are committed to and almond cookies. In October we welcomed a visit from working with us to make a difference in the lives of young Veeda Javaid, Executive Director of the Presbyterian women in Pakistan. Friends of Pasrur Financial Report2012 Funds raised and sent to the Presbyterian Girls School in Pasrur, Pakistan in 2012: for Apr 2012-13 tuition for 100 girls (K-10th) $45,000 for Sep 2012-13 tuition for 6 girls (11th-12th) 3,750 for vegetable garden, well and pump, and for medical services 5,200 for completion of the Four Classroom Addition 5,120 for the library 1,000 for computers (Memorial gift) 5,000 As of January 2013, FOP have nearly reached our 2013-14 goal of 100 (K-10th) scholarships plus scholarships for those who qualify to continue their higher secondary education. Nancy Stensvaag, FOP Co-chair Presbyterian Women 2012 submitted by Toni DeRyke The Spring Workshop, held at attend the inspirational meetings at Mechanicsville on April 12, was the Gaylord Palms Resort. The theme, attended by several of our local PW River of Hope, was taken from members. The Fall Gathering, held at Psalm 46: 4-5, and was used in many Vinton on October 6, also had some of ways to demonstrate the power of our members involved in the program. water in our lives. We continue to make our pledge to Eve Circle and Martha Circle continue PWPEI for carrying on the work of PW, to meet on a regular basis, providing and the missions being sponsored. fellowship and spiritual growth for the Presbyterian Women includes all Fellowship of the Least Coin, Thank participants. Needles, Hooks and women in the church, and is a vital Offering, and the Birthday Offering are Yarn continues to make many articles part of our ministry at First also supported. which are donated to various Presbyterian. We are active in the East This year the triennial Churchwide community groups. Iowa Presbytery (PWPEI) and the Gathering was held in Orlando, FL Synod of Lakes and Prairies (PWSLAP), A new group was formed, Rags to from July 18 to 22. Three of our as well as many activities within First Stitches, and has met at various membersNancy Ross, Anita Burnett, Pres. (Continued on page 27) and Toni DeRykewere able to P a ge 2 6 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

27 (Continued from page 26) 5:15 on Tuesday afternoons. Anita Estyl Breazeale has been chair for the times to sew. Five quilts have been Burnett was again the leader for this funeral receptions for many years. completed for veterans in the NAMI challenging Bible Study. Only two receptions were held here program; and 15 flannel baby this year. A Womens Retreat held on October 6 blankets, 15 little girls dresses, and and 7 at the PrairieWoods Retreat Among the donations for the year, in several boys shorts were made and Center in Hiawatha was organized by addition to the $2,400 to eight given to Home Ties Preschool. These Judy Whitford and Nancy Gardner. The different local mission groups, was articles were made using donated 26 women who attended were $4,000 to the Let There Be Light materials from several sources. inspired and refreshed, and hope to campaign, and paying for half of the Kids Against Hunger on January 28 have another retreat. cost of the new refrigerator in the provided almost 24,000 meal packets kitchen. Providing scholarships for Camp for hungry people. The assembly lines Wyoming has been a project for the There will be 3 new members on the were staffed by people of all ages past few years. Our fundraiser in Coordinating Team in 2013. Esther from our church, who very efficiently October was a camp-style meal after Viksten, who served as secretary for packed the rice, vitamins, vegetables, church on October 21, enough money many years, is being replaced by Ann and soy into packages that would each was raised to provide a $200 Robinson (Ann is also our church serve 4 people. This ongoing project scholarship for any new camper and representative to Church Women was sponsored by PW with some $100 for any returning campers. We United). Vice moderator will be Nancy money from Mission Council as well. want to encourage participation in the Ross, replacing Jan Erickson. The The Book and Bake Sale, held on Camp Wyoming programs. Two representative for Martha Circle will March 24, was again a great success. campers received scholarships this be Carol Ulch, replacing Grace Personnel from Four Oaks assisted in year. Olmsted. We thank these three this major project, and thousands of women for their many years of The 26th annual Cookie Walk and Mini- books were sold. The participation service. Remaining for another year on bazaar held on December 8 was the from the whole church family is much the team will be Toni DeRyke as most successful yet, with over 400 appreciated. Sharon Raffensperger moderator, Gloria Zajicek as treasurer, dozen cookies sold and nearly $4,000 acts as chair for this event, and spends Jan Wicks with Together In Service, raised. The mini-bazaar was chaired by countless hours in preparation. Lee Ann Koch on the Kitchen Jan Wicks. A silent auction featured Committee, and Liz Hall as The Spring Salad Luncheon is always a several items including a quilt hanging representative for Eve Circle. We highlight. Held on April 14, there were that had been made at the time of our continue to meet on the first Thursday many delightful salads for the guests churchs 150th anniversary, donated by of each month during the school year. to enjoy. The program provided by Dixie Jurgens. Sally Rickey as chair of Mary Evans, Attic Treasures, and a the Cookie Walk, and Liz Hall doing This brief rundown of activities does vocal solo by Sarah Mildenstein, were publicity, were able to generate a lot not begin to cover all the things the the entertainment. The PW Woman of of enthusiasm and assistance from the Presbyterian Women do in the church. the Year Awards were given to Ann whole church family. Having the Youth Many thanks are due to those who Fedderson, a long-time member of Group decorate some of the cut-out work behind the scenes in a variety of First Pres, and to Toni DeRyke, current cookies provided some unique cookies ways to promote the life of First moderator of PW. to sell, as well as fun for the Presbyterian Church. Remember that participants. The money raised was ALL women are a part of PW. The PW Bible Study, Dispatches to designated for the Kids Against Gods Household - The General Hunger project for January 2013. Epistles, met for 9 weeks in the fall at Eve Circle Annual Report2012 Submitted by Mary Ann Clemons Eve Circle met regularly at 7:30 p.m. in Coover Lounge or member joined our ranks. the Fellowship Hall on the first Tuesday of each month Eve Circle members make individual pledges to the excluding the summer months and January and at 6 p.m. Womens Association which are given to the Presbyterian in December for the annual Christmas salad supper. Women in the Presbytery of East Iowa. Easter and Officers in 2012 were Leader, Judy Terry; Secretary, Mary Christmas plants were purchased for the altar. Ann Clemons; Treasurer, Gloria Zajicek; Council Representative, Liz Hall. Eve Circle had 16 members in 2011. Then two retired and moved away, but one new (Continued on page 28) P a ge 2 7 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

28 Programs in 2012 were arranged by Eve Circle members. Women activities including the Spring Luncheon, Book Sale, Lanny Kampfe, representing the Mission Warehouse in Cookie Walk with Mini-Bazaar and Silent Auction, Womens Wisconsin, brought us boxes of remnant fabric from Lands End Spring and Fall Gatherings. Some members of Eve Circle and other clothing makers. Eventually Eve Circle and other attended the October Church Womens Retreat titled members of the church formed a sewing club that made Laughter and Latte held at the Prairiewoods Franciscan childrens clothing for a preschool and quilts for mental health Retreat in Hiawatha. Toni DeRyke and Nancy Ross of Eve Circle patients. Another program was given by George Rickey, FPC and Anita Burnett of Martha Circle attended the International member. He helps fund and organize the Honor Flights for Presbyterian Womens Churchwide meeting in Orlando, FL. WWII veterans that fly out of Cedar Rapids to Washington, DC. Over 2,000 international women attended. The theme was Liz Hall, Eve Circle member, and Don Bolin invited Eve Circle to River of Hope. walk through Dons amazing forest garden, which covers Eve Circle member Toni DeRyke and Ann Fedderson, FPC several acres and includes many trees, wildflowers and member who was very active in Presbyterian Women in planted flowers with walkways and seating areas. A Bible recent years, were both presented the Presbyterian Womens study program was given titled Bible with Conflict: Genesis lifetime achievement award at the Spring luncheon. 29 that included a DVD portraying Leah as reliable and invincible. All women of the church are invited to attend Eve Circle for meaningful worship, service projects and fellowship. Eve Circle members have been very active in Presbyterian Martha Circle Submitted by Janice Baumback Martha Circle met in the fellowship hall at 10:00 a.m. on the contribution), leaving a balance of $42.43 in the Tea Fund third Wednesday of the month March through May and Cash Box. Our savings account (Tea Fund) at MidwestOne September through November. We now have 14 regular Bank now has a balance of $139.72, with accumulated participating members with an average attendance of 12. interest. $314.00 was paid through pledges to support the work of Presbyterian Women of East Iowa Presbytery. We Our officers were Anita Burnett, Moderator, Janice also, as individuals, contributed $172.10 to the Birthday Baumback, Secretary/Treasurer and Grace Olmsted, Offering, $110 to the Thank Offering. Womens Council Representative. Our programs were varied and interesting, with some outside speakers and some by our We supported the projects of Presbyterian Women own members. Coordinating Team such as the Cookie Walk and Mini-Bazaar, Book and Bake Sale and the assembling of food packs for Kids At the beginning of the year we had $8.95 in the Fellowship Against Hunger. We assisted in the serving of food at funeral of Least Coin (FOLC) account in cash. We made individual receptions. contributions of $17.67 to the FOLC for a total of $26.62. $25.00 was turned over to the Coordinating Team Treasurer We encourage the participation of all the women of the leaving a balance of $1.62 in the FOLC cash bag. The Tea Fund church in the work of Presbyterian Women and would is used for special church or mission projects. We began the welcome their membership in Martha Circle. year with $7.58 in the Tea Fund Cash Box. We contributed $90.85 to the Tea Fund for a total of $98.43. Our expenses from the Tea Fund totaled $56.00 ($36.00 for seasonal plants in the sanctuary, $20.00 for the Churchwide Gathering Presbyterian Women P.W. Report 1 of 3 P a ge 2 8 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

29 P.W. Report 2 of 3 P a ge 2 9 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

30 P.W. Report 3 of 3 P a ge 3 0 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

31 Board of Deacons Treasurers Report 2012 General Fund Beginning balance $16.89 Income Expenses Advent flowers 2011 849.00 Emergency Fund activity 425.00 300.00 Cards & postage 165.88 Care Package boxes & postage 193.41 Prayer cards 14.70 Training food 108.27 Easter flowers 2012 522.70 Donation 20.00 Total $1310.89 $1304.96 Ending balance $5.93 Emergency Fund Beginning balance $925.26 Income Payments General Fund activity 300.00 425.00 Cynthia Heims Care Fund 1000.00 Easter flowers 2012 924.83 Emergency requests 150.00 Interest 0.03 Total $2150.12 $1575.00 Ending balance $575.12 Respectfully submitted, Ann Grosscup Secretary / Treasurer P a ge 3 1 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

32 First Presbyterian Church Memorial Fund December 31, 2012 Funds Funds Fund Received Dispersed Balance NON-DESIGNATED MEMORIALS Jay Oehler $549.00 $549.00 Joy Beese $383.00 $383.00 Lucille Swails $230.00 $230.00 Walter Schmidt $440.00 $440.00 Thelma Sams $20.00 $20.00 Whitey Piro $2,410.00 $2,410.00 Linda Kobler $415.00 $415.00 Jim Powers $545.00 $545.00 Grace Piro $2,175.00 $2,175.00 Betty Erickson $25.00 $25.00 Alice Sharp $100.00 $100.00 General Memorial Gifts $40.00 $40.00 Margaret McDonald $50.00 $50.00 Subtotal General Memorials $7,382.00 $7,382.00 DESIGNATED MEMORIALS Jeanne Torrens Iowa City Hospice $157.72 $157.72 $0 Ken Olmsted 1/3 Columbarium 2/3 Music $445.00 $445.00 Margaret Nusser Education-Free Lunch $1,390.00 $1,390.00 Wendall Whitford Chancel Furniture $3,875.00 $3,875.00 Wayne Robinson Hymnals $1,110.00 $1,110.00 Kelley Lind Pasrur-Health $5,700.00 $5,700 Helen Simmons Worship $645.00 $645.00 Subtotal Designated Memorials $13,322.72 $157.72 $13,165.00 FUND BALANCE $20,547.00 P a ge 3 2 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

33 2013 Approved by Session on 12/18/12 2012 Budget /2012 Year to Date/2013 Budget The 2012 Budget/Actual comparison and the 2013 Budget are presented below. Please be aware that the figures do not include the use of endowment trust or special purpose fund 2012 Income/Expense Detail and 2013 Budget 2012 Budget 2012 Y-T-D 2013 Budget Income Contributions $522,500 $526,065 $537,500 Other Income $26,500 $32,805 $26,500 Special Offerings $75,391 * Total Income $549,000 $634,261 $564,000 Expenses General Expense $22,000 $21,510 $22,000 Administration $23,000 $23,962 $22,000 Building & Grounds $54,000 $40,221 $49,000 Christian Education $15,700 $14,033 $15,700 Fellowship $4,500 $2,917 $4,500 Mission $30,000 $30,000 $30,000 Christmas Joy Offering $1,440 * One Great Hr of Sharing $2,686 * Peacemaking $1,724 * Pentecost Offering $2,540 * Pasrur $66,704 * Produce Exchange $297 Outreach $3,000 $2,332 $3,000 Stewardship $1,000 $219 $1,000 Liturgy & Music $7,000 $6,935 $8,800 Caring Ministry $1,100 $300 $1,700 Personnel Clergy $110,520 $110,367 $118,626 2,3 Parish Ministry $10,470 $5,370 $7,400 Director of CE Children (3/4 position) $42,759 $43,199 $43,579 1,2,3 Director of CE Adult (1/2 position) $29,099 $28,845 $29,632 1,2,3 Director of Music & Arts $59,092 $64,748 $71,773 1,2,3 Office Administrator $44,828 $44,834 $45,920 1,2 Instrumental Music Director (part-time) $4,747 $4,741 $4,836 1 Financial Secretary (2/5 position) $14,013 $13,994 $14,274 1 Nursery Workers (hourly) $4,190 $4,473 $4,274 1 Organist (part-time) $15,185 $15,153 $15,590 1,2 Program Assistant (3/4 position) $28,453 $28,452 $29,771 1,2 Sexton (part-time) $16,240 $16,239 $16,564 1 Other Personnel Expense $3,000 $3,706 $4,000 Subtotal Personnel $382,596 $384,121 $406,239 Subtotal Operating Expenses Additional Church Service $5,000 Total Expenses $548,896 $601,941 $563,939 Excess Income/Expense $104 $32,320 $61 1 Totals include Employer Social Security & Medicare 2 Totals include continuing education allowance *Denotes Mission Income & Disbursements 3 Totals include professional expense allowance P a ge 3 3 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

34 Assets StatementDecember 31, 2012 Cash Equivalents $357,387 (including Money Market & inventory) Investment Accounts $1,596,255 Land/Building $2,806,000 Total Asset Value $4,759,642 On December 31, 2012 liquid cash totaled $356,672 in accounts at Midwest One & Hills Bank. $715.00 in FPC Inventory. Investment accounts at Hills Bank and US Bank totaled $1,596,255 (917,237 Endowment Trust and $679,018) P a ge 3 4 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

35 Pastors Terms of Call for 2013 Salary $50,281 Housing $26,120 SECA $5,745 Pension $8,723 Medical & Dental Insurance $18,099 Death/Disability/Long Term Care Insurance $2,788 Professional Development $2,270 Expenses $4,600 $118,626 Five weeks vacation and three weeks Professional Development leave. The Professional Development leave may be accumulated over a maximum of three years. Mileage reimbursement at current IRS rate. P a ge 3 5 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

36 2013 CHURCH OFFICERS Email Home Phone Moderator: Sam Massey , 705 Fairway Ln., 52240 .............................. [email protected] .341-5753 Clerk: Judy Terry, 3575 Hanks Dr. SE, 52240 ....................................... [email protected] ................. 337-3617 SESSION Class of 2013 Sue Dallam 18 Valley View Knoll, Coralville, 52241 ........... [email protected] ..................... 331-0638 John Barr 512 Scott Park Dr., 52245 ............................ [email protected] .................. 338-7740 Carol Kirsch 806 Alpine Dr., 52245 ................................. [email protected] ............ 358-7163 Lara Marsh 2925 Orchard View Lane NE, 52240 ............... [email protected] .... 471-2265 Dan Thedens 317 S. Westminster St., 52245 ....................... [email protected] ................. 936-1061 Nancy Weber 500 Whiting Ave., 52245 ............................. [email protected] ........... 321-9458 Class of 2014 Chad Greimann 4655 Rapid Creek Trl. NE, 52240................... [email protected] ............... 530-9470 Dan Katalinich 418 5th Ave., 52245 ................................... [email protected] ............. 533-8391 Tom Martin 167 Notting Hill Lane, 52245 ........................ [email protected] .................... 530-1550 Meg Ketterer 2526 Mayfield Rd., 52245 ............................ [email protected] ..... 351-2210 Ron Mildenstein 3129 Alpine Ct., 52245 ............................... [email protected] ............... 631-4914 Judy Whitford 849 Rachael St., N. Liberty, 52317.................. [email protected] ........... 331-3660 Class of 2015 Ann Burton 640 Highland Park Ave., Coralville, 52241 ........ [email protected] ............ 341-3414 Ann Grosscup 945 Boston Way #4, Coralville, 52241............. [email protected] .......... 358-5929 Ken Miller 115 Auburn East Lane, Coralville, 52241 .......... [email protected] ..... 541-2155 Connie Richardson 2109 Oakdale Ct., Coralville, 52241................ [email protected] .. 541-1204 Carol Ulch 1896 NE Racine Ave., Solon, 52333 ................ [email protected] .............. 530-1599 Bob Youngquist 831 S 13th Ave., Washington, 52353 ............... [email protected] 319-653-4673 DEACONS Moderator: Vern Dengler Secretary/Treasurer: Sue Olson Class of 2013 Anita Burnett 661 Palm St, PO Box 427, Riverside, 52327 ...... [email protected] ......... 325-7640 Vern Dengler 2418 Princeton Rd., 52245 ........................... [email protected] ........... 337-5184 Pauline Miller 10 Rita Lyn Ct., 52245 ................................ [email protected] ............ 351-2576 Mary Linn 1404 11th St., 52241 ................................... [email protected] 351-3428 Mike Phelps 2151 Keokuk St. #3, 52240 .......................... [email protected] ............ 430-7121 Bill Terry 3575 Hanks Dr. SE, 52240 ............................ [email protected] .................. 337-3617 Class of 2014 Tim Fehr 1116 Hampton Ct., 52245 ............................ [email protected] ..................... 337-5561 Becky Crutchfield 440 Magowan Ave. ..................................... [email protected] 594-6793 David Carlson 110 Raven Crest Dr., 52245 .......................... [email protected] .................. 354-3343 Liz Hall 7 Valley View Pl. NE, 52240 ......................... [email protected] ................. 339-8260 Sue Olson 2527 Aaron Dr. SE, 52240 ............................ [email protected] .............. 337-5695 Steve Smith 1013 20th Ave., Coralville, 52241 .................. [email protected] ......... 608-343-2168 Class of 2015 Rhonda Barr 512 Scott Park Dr., 52245 ............................ [email protected] ............ 325-6029 Jeremy Fletcher 326 N. Mt. Vernon Dr., 52245 ...................... [email protected] ......... 338-5328 Jenny Kirschling 2101 Banbury Cir, NE, 52240 ........................ [email protected] .......... 338-2889 Glen Van Roekel 2265 E Grantview Dr., Coralville, 52241 .......... [email protected] ..................... 351-6723 Paul Schaefer 124 N. First Ave., 52245 .............................. [email protected] ................... 331-6981 Sarah Swisher 917 Bowery St., 52240 ................................ [email protected] ................ 530-8364 CORPORATION OFFICERS President: Bob Woodburn 3109 E. Court St., 52245 .............................. [email protected] .... 338-5600 Vice President: Jeri Smith 1232 Guilford Ct., Tulane Ct., 52240 .............. [email protected] ............... 530-8562 Treasurer: Larry Bruner 4203 Westcott Dr. NE, 52240 ....................... [email protected] .. 337-4245 P a ge 3 6 F irst Pr esbyt er i an C h u rch 2 0 12 A nn ua l R e p ort www.firstpresiowacity.org

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