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1 ,..""''t $'?'l\:L \\ ..+\,! th f 3' -r"' .f ri. ii ll .+{' t .."c -*/ EME-AFie l. g.qJscr: :.:1t.. : in Non- The rnain object of the schqme is tp eqqourage the study of Hindi I tindi speaking ,tut., ancl to make available to the Governments of these States' of Hindi is suitable personnel to man;teaohing and other posts where knowledge cssential.,' 2. qCg,RE: The scholarstrips under the scheme will be given from class Xl to Ph' D of the lcvel tbr recognized fulltirrre',c,ourses q'f educatiol for stUdy of Hindi conducted by a *ubiects on tti*e basis of the results of "examinations next below'' 'tloard of Education or a University or a Voluntary Hindi Organisation' :, : (i) 1OthClasslMatriculation/High School - For flward'of scholarshiP in +2 levellpre university/pre Degree. , i , it, ; 1...1,. (ii) l2'r'Class of l0 r- 2 patternhntermediate/pre Ufliversity/pre Degree 'For award of scholarship in Q.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(Pass or llonors) or an equivalentexamination' ' i ,' (iii) B.A./B.Ss./B.Com.(Pass or Honors) or an equivalent pxamination 'For award ofi scholn.rtrip in $.A., M.Litt. and equivalent courses and Hindi Teacher's Training Course' ' ( iv) M.A. Hindi/M;l.itt, (Hindi)/Pre Ph. D./qualiticatiotl P- tl' admission to Ph. D (Flindi) Degree - Ph' D' For award of icholarship i (v) :T:r:. .ourr.. in Frindi,rbr which examinations arq,,con*?1:dlv Hindi Voluntary Orgunitutinnt e,ngageci in the propagatign of Hindi .or. I tr by tI U"i"..iiii", piouiO.d these Jxi*inations are recognizbd as equivalettt to of the results of the h.rte,rrnediate or above. These will ibe given on th1 !!s1s ..Examination next below,.. A list ofr"rognized voluntary organisations conductetl by thern ii given in Appendix 'A' along "il;;-;;;inations with the "Examination next below'"..

2 2.v colleg3 run by the ivi) Training courses in Hindi Teacher's Training piovided. these are either Government or Hindi Voluntar!"Ottunitution conducted by an Institution recognized by a Stare Government or are declared aS an Institution of national irnpolance .W...s Act of Parliament, Candidare$ taking up B.Ed;Bi. *tt.i. botrr ilrltent and method of teaching Hindi aie stuclieO *iff also be eligible' Schol4rships will be arvarded i.tit fhe result of the txamination which makes the "i ";;; candidate eligible for admission to the courSe' of national (vii)CoutseconcluctedbvinstitutionsdeclaredaSirrstitutions cQurse are equivalent to importance by an A'ct of Parliament' provided these "or abovt:;' These r'vili be awarded on basis of aclmission lnterrnediate . qualification for these courses' -) J. .t N UnaBER. O[j;gF{oL.ABSr{rPs' per year from 2004-05 onwards ot all 2.500 scholarshiPs lvi11 be availabre speakirrg state/union Territory lndia basis as Per the quota of each Non-Hincli ... qivetr in APPetdiX t B' i.'"t ,r coltDITlQNgfl:EIoIfiIFItITY: .rl .l whose mother tonglle is not Hindi and who ( i) Only those carididates Speakilg States/lJpiol Territories will hrelong to any of the follorn'ing l{on-Hindi .r lre eligible for the scholarshiP : iAndhraPlade;h,A1sam,6u.iarat'Jaryrnu&-Kashmir'Karnataka'Kerala' Orissa, Punjab' Sikkim' Tamil Maharashtra, Manipirr. ivieghalay";:Nug"i*4. Pradesh' Nadu, Tripura. West Bengal, er,aaman--in-ct Nicobar lsiands'-Arunachal -Nugor (.handigarh. nuo.a *d Hrr.ri bou. Daman &. Ditt' Lakshadweep' Mizorain and Pondicherryr' i . ,: in Rule 4(i) to Non-Hindi Speakin$ States specified 1ii) Candidates who belong speut ing state will not be above but have been residing for ^ry il6;.1 I uiiai This conditiln of residence will not cligible to, sctrotalsr,ip ,"0"t tti, l"iiti.. -tiudl]lq in Hindi Speaking States on *pply t. canaiOaies wto afe ^fr.rJy scholarships awarded under the scheme'upto 2003-04'

3 .(iii) Candidates in emplol,.oxent, whether tull or part-tirne qr whether in a private organisation or a goverhrnent organisation, will not be eligible unless ttiey are sponsored by the State Government/Union Territory Adrninisffation concerned and provided they execute a bond with the State Government/Union Territory Adrninistration, if so, required by thern. Explanation : The certificate regarding sponsorship is not required to be given to the Governrnent of India. This certificate will be taken into . consideration by the State Government/IJnion Territory Administration concerned while clecicling the eligibility of the candidate. (iv) Candidates studying for a bachelor's degree will not be eligible for a scholarship unless they have taken Hindi as a subject which will rnake thern cligible for adrnission to M.A. (Hindi) course of the same University. This condition will not apply in case of universities which do not conduct M.A. (Hindi) examinations. (v) Candidates who are studying for M.A. course will not be eligible for a scholarship unless they have taken Hindi as their princip+l subject. (This applies to cases of Universities, vvhere candidates have to offer trvo subjects for the M.A, degree). (vi) Candidates who wish to pursue their,studies through correspondence course or who are preparing for an examinrition piivately, will flJt be eligible. (vii) Since this scholarship is in the fgrrn of an incentive to study H{ndi, a candidate in receipt of this scholarshjp is, po! dpbarred from receiving any other scholarships irespective of terms and conditicns of those scholarshipr. A fee concession, in part or full, is not copsidered as a scholarships or a stipend for this purpose. Scholars studying for Ph.D. oourse can be permitted to accept remuneration for teaching, provided it is part,rf study or research 5 TENAEIL{rTY: The scholarships are tenable tbr study in recognized lnstitutions only. The scholarship will be awarded to those studpnts whose mother tongue is not Hindi and are stud5zing in Non-Hindi'speakihg States. The minimum eligibility requirement for award of scholarship under the Hindi Scherne is that the student should secure atleast 60% rnarks in the qualifying examination.

4 t.,r it tf (l : 6. B]{TIES QLSCH9L,ABEIITPp Narne of the class - R"ies of I scholarshiP (Rs. pef qrg{tlL) (3) 3oo xI &, xII (ii.e. +Z stag*., Intermediate'Pre I University I Pt:e Degree. 500 B.A./B.Sc./B . I equivalent ex'amination I I 1 000 M.A., M.Litt -l-rAining Course/Ph.D' I q Hindi Teacher's ' 1 sEr.FCTIoN. OJ$ qArypxHATps : Speaking State to which the (i) A stuclent will be selected by the Non-Hindi student belongs against its qurota. below will be eligible r'vho have pa-ssed^ the,"'next : candidates -..*i"*l"n wtrictr i* it. minimum qualifrcation t9r. adrnission examination,. (the in the year.irt lYflu,ltne vear m to the course norv joined by the il;;;t;ither o' i"- the year imrnediately which application for schor"rJt+"it'*uo*i preceding the Year of arvard' , o'next beiow will be eligible who have passed the tiii) only those canrlidates one of tne .,r6i.ra or ha'e passed another examination cxaminati,on,. with Hindi as "'next below as equivalent to the i* Hindi recognized by- the cor.rr*ln*i rnOiu cxarnination". passed the "next below (iv) only those canclidates will be eligible who have \ cxumination" in the first attelnpt' ' the can.{idatls:"1t1:::d in Rute 7 (iv)'above' some (v) lf after considering to particular State remain available' sch6larship out of the quota allotted years' ma) candidates rvho passecl the **r*.ii,rtion **tioned in Rlrle 2 in earlier also be considered'

5 t( 5 tI. DURATION AND ITENEWAL OF AWARDS : (i) An award once made will be tenable only for the stage of course for which itis given, subject to good couduct and regularity in attendance. Within a course rvhich is continuous for a nurnber of years, the scholarship will be renewed from year to year provided the scholar passes in Hindi" secures promotion to the next highefr class, and Hindi continues to be'part of the course of study in the next higher class. The periocl of scholarship for Ph. D. wili be 2 years, but this rnay be extended for one lnore ye4r at the rnost, subiect to good,progress in research work and the.recommpndation of the appropriate academic authorities. :)..: .:ii ,, -l'tG'award BXPLANATION :- is tenable tbr only one stage of education. For example, candidates r,r,ho are awarded scholarships tbr the P.U.C. class witl have. to apply afresh for ,8.A./B.Sc./B.Corn. course through the State , Governrngnt, and take their chance along with other applicants for courses. Similarly candidates awarded scholarship, for B.,AJB,Sc./B.Com. course will haie to apply frds,h for the.M.A. (Hindi) course, and take chance. But, . in case' of continuouslcourse'promotion,tiom B.A. I to B.A. [I or from t].A.ll to B. A. III or frorn M.A. (prev.) to M.A. (final), the renewal would be automatic, subject to submission of an Annual Progress,.Report and furlf-rlhnent of other conditio[s of award. =ntr it"!iit (ii) Candidates rvho have been adrnitted,te a three-year degree oourle will rcceive the scholarship 'for one year. two'years or three years if th0 Hindi examination is taken at the end .bf first .year, second year and third year respectivcly. i.e. the period for which they are required to study Hindi courpulsorily. ; (iii) If the :sctrolar-is unable to appear for the annual. examinaliOn within a continuous colrrse owing to illness,- ihe scholarship rnay b'e? susppnded till the scholar secures promoti

6 I a.-r'+. lt t. { ,$ ,f,' ,i! - :j:, [email protected] (i) Arthough rhe schorarship paymenr ro nhe will be sanctioned sctrolar wi, be fbr the acadernic year, I leacl of rhe Instiiution. made in regular monthly installrnents the thrlugh the of schotrarship w,r start frora the rnonth li'*t,*. u:yT"* "'il of ioinins the .,;i"pr.i.o {i: :ili #T:",*:,,:i,*#_:1,:rJ: ## Jlu,1,i,,utio, i, n;"'*::lm;ffi llififfi .y,+;]iiiill'Hfr:T,3,",ff asaqemtc year, provided the ii";l-"*f.;,1:,,l?; continuous. vYruu. ""rir.'"t:str,rdies is drte to illness theschorarship wiil be adrnissibrsprov.ided i:i'*dff^u.?t1io*ence li::li',':'i'.'"istr.['J,gd;::l::,#ffi tr,e 1x::l'it;. ilf peiroJ;#'-J*:ffi*Jf,.1:riciencv in"r'rno ,tuoi.s during the rest of ;,il; r0. -rhe RN: ( i) schorars srra, o*ror:,_*..mserves orh.i, 'satisfacrion of t\ t'vhether part or oi'rrr- full-time ;; ;ililr.under i*ri*rir *o ,nr,lto studies to the e.ntire paid work, excepr as provided u y v,,r,r_11,*o"rtute.any couJn*err . or a privare oiganisation under nrr. + i"jil. (ii; In case' u migrates from one Tto]r insritution ro anorher withour cha,ging ll,:" X lij 1T; H * il,l ;rcf ry;:m1 ;n:.Xo- au,h or i ty o r the . r,i,g' (iiil In case a sllglar changes over ro a course not r ,IJ:*1,";:";:?J*ir';""""",TJ'l;";ilil:#::ffi*11ipi;1il'ffi ,l,i ll ANN _1-?-r-!ar : Te'ritorv Administrarions :IT"dltnstlli.oovernlrent/Union concerned will r, . c" * * #' , t'ssuing ". a press "ii: U ?; J'fl-"""rruorce llLll.", ;'ilffi"ti ::andT,$ 0t'scherne ; il," v ar by F,,,apptitatiod "1 invite ty I'if-1!i '!':.,i.1.;i:i:4 ;.".iirj.,l.l -,fi:jid*;i:.;l{:..lliliri1e +4,oii},:i*F*,i;$d$A;i*,,lxi;h.-X=iatgs.a.t

7 uE t2 PROCEDURE FOR A PPLYM.{G : (i) The application should comprise :- (a) One copy of the application for scholarship in the prescribed ttom fcir the year ; : (b) One copy of a recent passport size photogtapl with Signature (to be pasted on the applicatibp fbrpr in the'Space provided for it); and (c) One attestecl copy each of the certificates, diplomas, degreeS, mark sheets, eto., in respect of all '' examinations" passed since Mairiculation. Original doctments should not' be sent unless especially called for. The Goverhtneht will not be responsible if the original documents sent without being called for, are lost' l ( ii1 Candiclates must ensure that they apply through the State to which theY belong as defined under Rule 7 (i) of these Rules. (iii) The application tbrms will be supplied by the Non-Hindi Speaking States to rvhom the applications are to be submitted. APPLICATION FORMS WILL NOT BE SI.iPPI,IED BY THE GOVERNMENT OTJ INDIA. (iv 1 Each Non-Hindi Speaking State Government will prescribe the authority which rvill suppl/ the ipplication tbrms and to whom the completed application fonrts are to be subrnitted. Application sent to any other authority are liable to be rejected. (v) Cornpletecl applications rnust be submitted by the date prescribed by each Non-Hindi Speatcing State in the newspapers. Applications received by the State Government after the last date prescribed, are liable to be rejected. (vi) Incomplete application are liable to be reiected. (vii) Incorrect entry in the application form or wrong declaration in any respect wotrld make the scholai.t ip tiuUt" to cancellation and/or to penalties to be determined by the Ciovernnnent,

8 s) :1.: - ti'.r. *,ifl 13. OF (i) Applications are reQrrllsd to.b: submitred to the Non-Hinrji (iovenuenr/Union Territory speaking state ao*inirr.atio. io *nln the defjned in Rule .1 ti) or rr,.r" nrr"r. y;L&;"Hinai candiduf,'t"tong, u. required' to send the uppri"*tion, organisations are arso Administration con.*.ned. ro the stati Go.,r.rnrnJrrr6"" Territory The Non-Hrlai sp."tirs state I'errirory Administration will ;k. the finar ;iil;, of theGovernmenilunion issue award letters to the ..r,oiuir ahrough g.uo, oi Institutionsschorars and w,r i,structions to' sentJ their u.;;il;. concerned with (i.vernrnent/Union Territory' retters to tt" oitrcer designated by the state Airninistration t-*' frrth", n"."rrury rcgarding pavrnent or a,nou,i, received by them-on the basis J;iliii;ttr';" lill ,.norurr. fire action I.rwarded ro the Ministry ; #*r,i.r, ,.r.itioo oiscrrohrs is madeapprications will not be t*ern tbr their record. H;;;, Resouree o*iop,renrprnent but will wilr bbe kepr by (ii) Institution'.,::1*,t11q--t:,o-l.1":^{--votunrarv submit the applications Hincli orgauisations musr runducrl'panc*i ridd .r

9 sl AP.PBNDI}L'A,' ( Reterrecl to irr Rule 2(v)I Standard of Nailre of the .\. Name of thc Organisation ttexamination Hindti prescribed \o. in the eduivalent next below'o examinntiort rt) (2) I II indi SahitYa (Hons.) ,,\ llahabacl. Llttam (in Flindi SahitYa) B.A. | Intermectiate Itashtraphasha Prachar Samiti" Kovid inter I ParichaYa Wardha. Ratna B.A. I Kovid Vishard ll indi Prachar Sabha,, Bhushan Bhushan I lyc{erabad. Vidrvan Inter B.A- Prabod h Rashtrabhasha Praveen Pandit Praveen l'rachar Sabha. Pune 'fisri Vinit [nEr B.A. t;uiarat VidYaPeeth. r\ hnredabad. Inter B.A. Praveshika Visharad Inter Prabodh Intet' Praboclh Praveen Kcrala I{incli 'r'i I vettdrLl111 . Bhuslran lnter B.A. Praveshika l() I Iincli Vic11'apeeth- Deoghar Sahitya Sahityalanltar Bhushan Uttam Bhasha ll llottrbay Hindi \, tdy"p";;l' I Bii*t,* R"t'* I Inter llqq[ity_ _t

10 $?: ,/ ; qb t0 St**Aarcl of N ame of the \. Nalue of the orgr"Gti". -IN'Nanle 'of the course for Hindi Prescribed ttexannination whictr sctrolarshiP rnay iwl \u. I r,* be awarde'cl in the equivalent next beluw" rrl exarniPation I I i (4) (2) h'rter Tisri Knbit t I irrclr,rta,",l Pretchi'ir Sabtra' I ]t, rl hay' . lnte'r Pravesh f,"l i Uttarn I l'nrishad. Bangalore ' r-*# Iuter B.A. l{indi Uilarna i-H *a i Bh-th"-g h"t''u'l : Hindi Bhasha Bhasha Pr&veen Bhushan Sirrliti. Bangalore' lrrter B.A. Raj Bhasha Pravesh Raj Elhasha Prakash Inter Vinod S hastri Praveen l' iu'i shatl - -l agartrnirthdhaur' I ' rtt'i .

11 #1 " ll [email protected] in tlinai Narne of Statei[Jnion Territory Nurnber of Scholarships ANDfm)ES ASSAIVI 189 B9 GLIJARAT r35 .IAMMU & KASf-I MIR 23 KARNATAKA 32s KERALA -F! . - ' tl. . . - 239 MAHARASI-ITRA + 2s5 MANIPUR l0 MEG}-IALAYA l0 NAGALAND -r i- I l0 68 5 I "J4 r . /* ! '|RIPTIRA _-_t_.___ l-;l l5 i, _u)lylsr BENGAL _=,-__ )-3g _--_-:5 5 3 5 .3 ,y. IDAMAN&DIU J{, lTffiEEp ? : 6 TOTAL 2,500

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