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  • Jul 4, 2005
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1 VM1 Vacuum circuit-breaker with magnetic actuator mechanism

2 VM1. Universal applications. Power stations Transformer substations Chemicals industry Steel industry Automobile industry Airport power supply Building power supply 2

3 VM1. The circuit-breaker. The VM1 vacuum circuit- breaker finds its universal range of applications throughout the chain from power generation in power stations through controlled distribution in transformer substations to the final consumer, such as the chemicals industry, steel industry, automobile industry, airport and building power supply. 3

4 VM1. Qualities that convince. Maintenance-free vacuum interrup- ter and complete pole part as a positive unit. New pole part design. In the VM1 circuit-breaker, pole parts in which the maintenance-free vacuum interrupter forms a positive unit together with the entire pole part are used for the first time. This is achieved by a specially developed embedding technology in which the vacuum interrupter is directly potted in epoxy resin to form a pole part. External influences on the switching element are therefore extensively precluded. 4

5 VM1. The sum of the benefits. Few individual parts Simple mechanical sequences Extremely high reliability High quality standard Extremely long life Maintenance-free Magnetic actuator Capacitor Lever shaft The heart of the electromagnetically Electrical energy store for a complete The only mechanical component for operated mechanism with the autoreclosing cycle. force transmission from the magnet switching, latching and release armature to the vacuum interrupter. functions. Sensor Non-contact detection of switch position. Electronic controller Electronic control of release, opera- ting motion, energy storage and functional reliability. 5

6 VM1. The new operating mechanism technology. Force generation by magnetic actuator Latching by magnetic actuator Release by magnetic actuator No parts subject to wear Maintenance-free as a standard feature The innovative mechanism concept facilitates a drastic reduction in the number of parts and complete freedom from maintenance. 6

7 VM1. Maintenance-free with magnet technology. Following the triumphal advance Instantaneous representation of of the vacuum interrupter in the magnetic flux density distribution field of medium voltage circuit- breakers in the last 20 years, a highly promising, natural team has now been found with ma- gnetic actuator technology. The requirements of one techno- logy are optimally matched by the opportunities of the other. Magnet technology naturally provides the suitable travel-time and force-travel characteristics for vacuum switching devices. All operating mechanism functions are integrated in the Magnetic latching in a limit position. magnetic actuator of the VM1 circuit-breaker. The actuator is a bi-stable magnet system, in which switchover of the armature to the relevant limit position is effected by the magnetic field of two electrically excited coils. The armature is held magnetically in the limit positions by the fields of two permanent magnets. Switching operations are released by excitation of one of the two coils until the retaining force of the permanent magnets is excee- Magnetic latching plus current build up ded. Even on complete failure of in one coil. auxiliary power, electrical operati- on is still possible for a period of 60 s. The circuit-breaker can then be opened by the standard emergency manual operating system. The characteristics of the actuators magnetic circuit are designed in such a way that the armature can act directly via the lever shaft on the moving con- tact in the vacuum interrupter. With this method of actuating force generation and transmissi- on, wear is unknown. Mainte- Armature reaching the opposite limit position. nance up to extremely high numbers of operating cycles is simply a thing of the past. 7

8 VM1. Circuit-breaker of the high tech generation. The selection of a suitable inter- nal power supply with feed via a UC-DC converter makes the VM1 circuit-breaker independent of the type and also almost of the level of auxiliary voltage. The external power consumption is less than 4 watts when the circuit-breaker is in the on or off position. After an autoreclosing cycle, the power consumption from the auxiliary power supply is less than 100 W for only a few seconds. The energy store not only provides the necessary coil energy, but also ensures power supply to the electronics. The energy content is sufficient for a buffer time of 60 s on failure of the auxiliary power. The charge condition is of course monitored and displayed. Careful selection of all compo- nents and reliable design guaran- tee maximum reliability even under EMC load. VM1. The control module with sensors. EMC proofing by electrical decoupling Self-monitoring with fault signalling Independent of auxiliary power supply Low energy consumption on recharging of the capacitor Sensor detection of the mechanical switch position Monitoring of all switching functions 8

9 The complete electrical isolation have proven their worth for from the outside also contribu- these functions in practice, and tes. For an important electronic are of course also included in the control system to have a watch- self-monitoring system. The electronic dog function with fault signalling controller with is nowadays a matter of course. All necessary application-specific sensors monitors The concept of a circuit-breaker input and output signals are all the functions control system without any independent of the type of of the circuit- auxiliary switches makes use of auxiliary voltage in accordance breaker and its sensors to detect the mechanical with the rest of the system, own functional limit positions. The inductive and are integrated reliability. proximity sensors employed by plug-in technology. 9

10 Technical data Rated voltage kV 12 17.5 24 Rated power frequency withstand voltage kV 28 38 50 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 75 95 125 Rated current A 3150 1) 3150 2500 Rated short-time current, 3s kA 50 40 25 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 50 40 25 Rated short-circuit making current kA 125 ...100 63 Mechanical operating cycles Operating mechanism ...100 000 ...100 000 ...100 000 Vacuum interrupter ...30 000 ...30 000 ...30 000 Operating cycles at rated current ...30 000 ...30 000 ...30 000 Operating cycles at short-circuit current 100 100 100 Power consumption At rest W 10 10 10 After an autoreclosing cycle W 100 100 100 Operating time ON, approx.2) ms 4560 4560 4560 OFF, approx.2) ms 3550 3550 3550 Pole centres2) mm 150/210/275 150/210/275 210/275 Distance between upper and lower contact terminal2) mm 205/310 205/310 310 Height2) mm 475/598/620 475/598/620 631/643 Depth mm 424 424 424 2) Width mm 450/570/600/750 450/570/600/750 570/750 Weight2) kg 90-148 90-148 100-145 1) Breakers for 4000 A with fan cooling 2) According to rated values 10

11 VM1. The modern circuit-breaker. The VM1 circuit-break- er is the first vacuum 1 circuit-breaker app- 16 lying a combination of maintenance-free, 15 moulded in vacuum 2 interrupters, mainte- nance-free magnetic 3 14 actuator and mainte- nance-free electronic 13 controller without 4 auxiliary switches and with sensors. The result is a com- 12 pletely maintenance- 5 free circuit-breaker 11 which functions so 6 reliably it can simply be forgotten about! 7 10 9 8 12 kV 1 Upper contact terminal 7 Insulated coupling rod 12 Permanent magnets 2 Vacuum interrupter 8 Lever shaft 13 Magnet armature 3 Epoxy resin enclosure 9 Stroke adjuster 14 Opening coil 4 Lower contact terminal 10 Sensors for switch 15 Emergency manual 5 Flexible connector position detection breaking mechanism 6 Contact force spring 11 Closing coil 16 Mechanism enclosure with magnetic actuator VM1. The equipment characteristics. Compatible external dimensions Potted vacuum interrupters Unchanged power classes Low power consumption High quality standard Completely maintenance-free 11

12 Leaflet no. DEABB 2233 03 E Printed in Germany (06.05-500-PPI) ABB AG Note: We reserve the right to make technical changes or modify the contents of this Calor Emag Medium Voltage Products document without prior notice. With regard to purchase orders, the agreed particulars shall prevail. Oberhausener Strasse 33 Petzower Strasse 8 ABB does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for potential errors 40472 Ratingen 14542 Werder (Havel) OT Glindow or possible lack of information in this document. We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject matter and illustrations GERMANY GERMANY contained therein. Any reproduction in whole or in parts is forbidden without Phone: +49(0)21 02/12-12 30, Fax: +49(0)21 02/12-19 16 ABBs prior written consent. Copyright 2005 ABB AG E-mail: [email protected] All rights reserved. Internet:

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