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1 ARTIST FINDS BARGAINS AT BRING, PAGE 5. News You Can Use and Reuse | Vol. 22 , No. 4 Winter 2013 Agent of Change economy. Purchasing used goods from a local retailer makes use of an existing Building a better world for our children and grandchildren resource in our community, A climate change is progressing faster, says Leisha Wood, outreach sk anyone how they feel about and the effects will be more drastic and coordinator at Willamette waste, and the response is Farm and Food Coalition pretty universal: wasting stuff longer lasting, than previously predicted. (and former BRING is bad. No matter what stuff youre It promises to impact every aspect of educator). Just as with talking aboutfrom wrapping paper our lives, from public health and food buying local food, the dollars to gasolineeveryone agrees that the production to air and water quality and you spend (and save) stay in world would be better off if we used (and our economy. Were especially vulnerable our local economy. wasted) less of it. in Oregon, where we rely on plentiful, Unfortunately, we live in a culture cool waters, healthy forests, and the Widening the Circle where wasteful consumption is agriculture and fishing industries, all The Planet Improvement encouraged at every turn. Disposable likely to feel the impact of rapid change. Center has allowed BRING products make life convenient; cheaply (See sidebar, Turning Up the Heat, for to reach more people. made goods are more affordable in the more on these reports.) Building this facility has short term; style dictates buying new not only given us a great new instead of repairing and reusing the old. When you buy used, youre home. It has transformed Most of us have lived through BRING and allowed us to prosperous times, with economic growth not adding to the play an important role in fueled by cheap energy and plentiful environmental burden. shaping our communitys resources. But rampant consumption future, says Julie. has not always been the norm. Its only Youll now see many in the last 50 to 60 years or so that its Acting Locally seniors and families really taken offnot coincidentally, a While the global outlook is gloomy, shopping at BRING. They time of rapid global warming. The recent there are many things we can (and must) appreciate the safer, cleaner, recession, coupled with the acceleration do. According to the EPA, more than more accessible shopping of climate change, have given us good 50% of greenhouse gas emissions come Continued on Page 3 Young and old find bargains at BRING. reason to hit the pause button. from the production of food and new So, how do we make the cultural shift so goods. To make a meaningful impact on that our values (conservation) line up with climate change and our childrens future, our behavior (consuming and wasting less)? How do we create a community culture where we borrow, share, repair, we need to rethink what we use and reuse the things we already have. Turning Up the Heat The Planet Improvement Center makes or buy used before we resort to buying this cultural shift possible by making Hot News on Climate Change something new? And what are the stakes reuse convenient, accessible, and fun. A September report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on if we dont change our wasteful ways? More than a place to buy great used stuff, Climate Change (IPCC) gives us a good idea of whats in store if we do nothing its part of the foundation for a healthier, to reduce planet warming greenhouse High Stakes more prosperous, and sustainable future gas emissions. Prepared by more than Recent scientific reports shed light on for our community and world. 800 scientists from around the world, the urgent need to do something about BRING gives ordinary people a the report concludes that, with more climate changenow. By all accounts, way to make a difference, says Julie than 95% certainty, people are the Daniel, BRING's main cause of climate change, which executive director. continues unabated. When you buy used, According to the report, sheet ice youre not adding to and glaciers are shrinking; sea levels the environmental are rising; oceans are warming and burdenthat cost was acidifying; and temperatures are already paid when risingall at faster rates than previously the item was first reported. The odds have increased that manufactured. the average global temperature will rise Buying used also more than two degrees Celsius by the end of the century, widely considered the supports the local danger point. Dry areas will become drier (more droughts), and wet areas moister (more floods). And heres the kicker: the warming will become irreversible. Even if CO2 emissions drop to zero, according to the report, global temperatures will Kids cant resist our remain at elevated levels for centuries. donut hole bench, lined A subsequent, and even more alarming, study published in the journal Nature, with toilet tank lidsone of many examples of names 2047 as the tipping point for average global temperaturesjust 33 years creative reuse. away. From that year on, the study predicts, every year will be warmer than the hottest year on record to date (2005). The study found that ocean acidity has already reached the tipping point. recycle this newsletter. How do these sobering statistics relate to us here in Oregon? A warmer climate Please read, reuse and impacts public health, food production, natural systems, and the economy. More mosquitoes bring more mosquito-borne diseases. Ozone levels rise with the temperature, leading to more inversion days with poor air quality. Milder winters are bad for the snow pack, which impacts a lot more than the ski season. The snow pack feeds our rivers all year long, water we rely on for drinking, irrigation, electric power, and natural habitats. Lower river levels mean warmer water, harmful to fish and the fishing industry. Ocean acidification has already begun to take its toll on fragile oyster beds, shellfish, and other marine life. Called the equally evil twin of climate change by Permit No. 24 Return Service Requested Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Eugene, OR acidification is caused by a rapid increase in the amount of carbon dioxide taken PAID Eugene OR 97403-2437 up by the ocean. Because of current and wind conditions, the West Coast has been U.S. Postage 4446 Franklin Blvd. hit harder and sooner than other places. Are oysters destined to become Oregons Non-Profit Org. polar bears, a symbol of habitat lost to climate change? Not if we can help it. BRING RECYCLING

2 2 BRING's UsedNews | Winter 2013 BRING's An Ounce of Prevention How do we stay healthy during the winter sniffle Quality Commission adopted the Department of season? Take a pill when the symptoms hit, or prevent Environmental Qualitys Materials Management in illness with a strong immune system? While Sudafed or Oregon: 2050 Vision and Framework for Action. The report zinc might alleviate some of the misery, they dont stop aims to move Oregonians towards a new, more holistic, VOL. 22, NO. 4 Winter 2013 us from getting sick. Following a healthy lifestyle way of thinking. The 2050 Vision states: with nutritious foods, Recognizing that Earths resources are finite, Mission: plenty of sleep, regular Oregonians live within the limits of our sustainable Helping people understand how the stuff we use shapes exercise, and frequent share of the worlds natural resources. the planet we share. hand washinggets far We take into account the full impacts of materials What We Do: better results. throughout their life cycle. The same concept We use renewable resources at levels that can be EDUCATION: BRING provides workshops, activities and presentations to groups of all ages throughout the county. applies to waste. sustained in perpetuity while maintaining the Each year, the education program reaches well over Instead of dealing resiliency of natural systems. 15,000 individuals with the reduce, reuse, recycle message. with the symptom All Oregonians have access to the knowledge, RE:THINK: RE:think Business provides free, hands- (garbage) through capabilities, resources, and services required to use on services for businesses in Lane County. We offer recycling, composting, materials responsibly. independent, confidential advice on cost efficient ways to reduce waste, recycle more, and use less electricity, incinerating, and carting stuff to the landfill, its To make the 2050 Vision a reality, humans need to water and materials. Businesses that meet conservation benchmarks are eligible to receive the RE:think far more effective to practice thoughtful consumption and use a lot less stuff. Recognition Award and publicity for their efforts. prevent waste in the first One way to do that is to buy used, and in Lane County, REUSE: BRING sells used building materials, bicycles, place. To do so requires its easy! BRING offers a huge selection of used building lawn mowers, canning jars, windows, doors, sinks, a major paradigm shift, from simply managing our waste and fabricating materials, industrial goods, and house plumbing fixtures and much, much more. We offer parts. Theres a wealth of for-profit and non-profit disposal of unwantedyet still reusablematerial from to managing materials throughout their life cycle: from remodels, construction projects, garage clean-outs, etc. the extraction or harvest of resources, to product design, businesses where you can find clothes, computers, music, manufacture, packaging, transportation, consumption, books, furniture, and sporting goods. Every time you buy STAFF and dealing with stuff once its no longer useful. used, you save energy, water and raw materials; reduce Kara Brinkman, Administrative Assistant Managing resources sustainably is critical not just pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; create jobs; and Judy Bryant, Director of Finance & Administration for the environment, but also for human health and the save money. And you help to keep our planet healthy. Julie Daniel, Executive Director Brady Davis, Retail Outlet economy. And its an important component in battling Julie Daniel, Executive Director Emily Horton, Assistant Retail Manager climate change. Thats why the Oregon Environmental Brett Jacobs, Community Education Program Manager James Jones, Retail Outlet Kinsey Kaylor, Retail Outlet Gary Knox, Retail Outlet Larry Levinson, Director of Business & Operations Vanessa Manzano, Retail Outlet Coffee Cup Challenge Sophie has pledged to send a Megan Meister, Retail Outlet By Shirley Perez West dollar to BRING Deveron Musgrave, Retail Business Manager every time someone Shirley Perez West, Tour/Event Coordinator Early this fall, Sophie Terrell had an epiphany thats Jay Ritcher, Receiving Manager led her to donate to BRNG and challenge others to stop writes to her to Sonja Snyder, Director of Communications & Development using disposable coffee cups. It happened while buying report that they have Carolyn Stein, Business Education Program Manager used a reusable cup. Sherry Tillett, Retail Outlet her usual cup of decaf at the grocery store. Ben Zublin, Assistant Retail Manager I actually looked in the garbage can after tossing the As of late October, fifth disposable coffee cup that week, and I got really Sophie had counted BOARD OF DIRECTORS freaked out. There were so many coffee cups in there. 48 cup re-uses, If you use a reusable cup for your Doug Bovee It was like a sea of coffee cups. An entire ocean of cups which means $48 beverage-on-the-go, email Sophie Gabriel Cross just waiting there to get dumped into the actual ocean, for BRING. When shell donate a dollar to BRING. Donna Doperoy she reaches the $100 Al Eckerdt, Treasurer Sophie writes in her blog, Dick Helgeson, Past President That day when I got home, Sophie continues, I mark, a friend from Beth Hjelm looked in my cup cabinet, and there was a reusable coffee New York has pledged to cover the next $100. This could Britt Jefferson cup with a lid. I looked at it for a while, and I swear, it become a movement! Meg Kieran, Secretary Carole Knapel spoke to me. It said, "Use me, and write about it." If you use a reusable cup for your beverage-on-the-go, Marie Matsen, President That epiphany and a book Sophie accidentally write to Sophie at [email protected] and tell her so. Candy Neville bought at an art store led to a daily blog, in which Says Sophie, I love the cup. It reminds me that there Brittany Quick-Warner is hope for the future. That maybe the coffee cup sea is David Richey Sophie, a Eugene Symphony violinist, writes about Eli Volem,Vice President life with and without coffee. She also posts a daily a tiny bit smaller because of it. And if I forget the cup at Dave Winship watercolor, no matter how busy she is with her two home, I am despondent until I can get home and make young children. my own cup of decaf. Graphic Design by Cindy Parks Printed on 40% post consumer paper, low/no VOC soy inks. BRING is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit agency, serving Lane BRING Holiday Hours County since 1971. The BRING store and office will be closed on: 4446 Franklin Blvd., Eugene, OR 97403-2437 Thursday-Friday, November 28-29 Phone: 541-746-3023 Fax: 541-726-9894 Tuesday-Wednesday, December 24-25 email: [email protected] Web address: Tuesday-Wednesday, December 31-January 1 In addition, the office will be closed: December 23-January 1 Happy Holidays from all of us at BRING. Good Earth Home Show January 24-26 Support BRING Lane Events Center/Fairgrounds Every Time You Shop Come see us and hundreds of other green- Did you know that Market of Choice will donate up minded, locally-owned businesses at this fun and to 4% of your purchases to BRINGat no cost to inspiring event. Talk to the experts. Sample great you? Its true! All you need to do is register your products. Support the local economy. Celebrate debit or credit cards on the E-scrip web site, name the people and businesses that make our com- BRING as your group, then use that card when you munity special. check out at your neighborhood Market of Choice. With nearly 100 subscribers to date, it really adds OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Give a Waste-Free Gift upand it costs you nothing. Go to Mon.-Sat. 9-5; Sun. 10-5; receiving until 4 Click on Sign UpIts Free. Enter BRING as your preferred group. Securely register your debit or credit cards (skipping steps 3 and 5). Save resources. Read Thank you! the online version.

3 BRING's UsedNews | Winter 2013 3 Capital CampaignBRING It Home! Excuse Our Mess! January: Construction begins, weather permitting. The outdoor sales area will be Store to Stay Open roped off, but the store will During Construction be open. Both covered retail buildings and the indoor BRING shoppers will witness history Gallery will be open, dry, in the making this winter, as we complete and brimming with bargains. major construction on the Planet Youll find plenty of parking. Improvement Center. The project takes We timed our construction place in the back southwest corner of the during our least busy season. property, involving about one-third of our entire site. When done, well have a new February: Construction bioswale, an enclosure for our dumpsters, continues. Store is open. some new landscaping, and a paved, fully March: If all goes as accessible outdoor sales area. planned, well be moving BRINGs store will be open throughout back in, setting up new the project. Heres a peek at whats in store. racking, re-stocking the December: Well be clearing out shelves, and opening the the entire outdoor sales and processing new, accessible outdoor sales area, selling off inventory and moving area this month. Our new This winter, the southwest corner of our site whats left off-site to make way for major bioswale will be collecting will be under construction, as we complete renovation of the area. If youre looking for storm water, and our renovation of the property. Our store will be bargains on some of the big, bulky items dumpsters will be tidy and open throughout the project. weve been storing out there, this is snug in their new covered your chance. trash and recycling station. BRING It Home: $40,000 to Go! Agent of Change Thanks to a recent grant from the Oregon Community Foundation, we are Continued from Page 1 within striking distance of reaching our campaign goal and finishing the Planet environment. Weve Improvement Center. We need your help now to wrap it up by the end of instituted special the year. discount days for Your gift will help insure that we break ground this winter and complete the seniors (Monday), last piece of major construction in time for our busy spring season. Please help SNAP cardholders BRING It Home! (Tuesday), and veterans Grants Made and Matched (Wednesday), and we donate tons of materials In September, we completed a $190,000 challenge from the Meyer Memorial to other non-profits in Trust, raising an equal amount in new gifts and pledges. Thanks to all who the community. contributed over the past year, and a special thanks to the Trust for supporting Youll often see us from the beginning. children trooping In November, we were awarded a $35,000 community grant from the Oregon through the site. Community Foundation. Our heartfelt thanks to OCF and to the R.W. Teachers appreciate Family Fund, John and Betty Soreng Environmental Fund, Redtail Fund, and the curriculum weve developed for Older customers enjoy the comfort and accessibility of our new the Floyd Dement Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation. facility and senior discounts every Monday. classroom and assembly presentations, as well as our popular tours of the gardening, supports the green building landfill, dump, and BRING. Upwards of industry, and celebrates the ingenuity that 9,000 school children from all over Lane defines our community. County learn about the 4Rs from us BRING has helped shape Thanks for Your Support each year. environmental policy at the state level For Gifts Made August - October, 2013 Volunteers have new opportunities too, as the focus shifts from waste to explore the world of reuse and waste handling and recycling to the broader CAPITAL RECYCLERS prevention (see page 4 for a recent goal of managing materials from cradle CAMPAIGN DONORS David Allaway example). Events in our Garden of to grave. Read more about this topic in Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts & James Ellison, Earthly Delights bring new constituents Julies message on page 2. Building the Planet Improvement Center in honor of Marie Matsen RETHINKERS Ron & Janet Bertucci (and future shoppers) to BRING. This winter marks a turning point for Meyer Memorial Trust Bob & Merle Bottge Two successful new programs have BRING. With your help, well complete Kara Brinkman extended our reach into the community. a 13-year long capital campaign and RENEWERS Judy Bryant Jim & Barbara Sly Erik Burke RE:think Business provides free construction project, ready to lead the Cynthia Dickinson consulting services to businesses to help way toward a more sustainable world. REBUILDERS Donna Doperoy Evelyn Anderton & Janet Anderson them reduce waste and environmental We hope youll continue to support our Karin Edla Caf Yumm! Robert Ewing impact while improving their bottom line. work and help shape the future of the Marie Matsen, in memory of Ele Hansen Jeanne Flink & Herb Matthews The BRING Home and Garden Tour planet we share. Sanipac Patricia Hathaway promotes sustainable home design and REDUCERS Vicki Huffman Peter & Rebecca Kovach Douglas Bovee & Sally Marie Reed & Christianne Kratka Wells Fargo Ardyth McGrath REUSERS Jill & Gary McKenney Autohaus/EuroAsian/Stadium Automotive Neal & Nancy Miller Al & Vicki Eckerdt Jean & Bud Murphy Kathy Ging Valerie Rogers Mark & Kathy Heerema Jodi Sommers & Jay Keister Richard Helgeson & Christina Gryc Michael & Carman Souther Douglas Hintzman John Sugar, in honor of Dave Winship Meg Kieran, in memory of Bill Ray David Ulrich, in memory of Ann Johnson Carole Knapel Merle Weiner New Axiom, LLC Anonymous in memory of Doug Ebbitt Oregon Country Fair Anonymous (3) Karla Rice, in memory of Ele Hansen Donor categories represent value Ken Sandusky of cumulative gifts to the campaign. Carol Schirmer See full donor list at Emily Shack April Snell & Anthony Tomlinson Eli & Jennifer Volem GENERAL FUND DONORS David Winship & Lisa Bieber Supporting BRING Programs Anonymous and Operations Terry & Deborah Allen Royal Blue Organics/Cafe Mam Annie Vrijmoet Permaculture designer Heiko Koester shares his expertise at the BRING Home and Garden Tour.

4 4 BRING's UsedNews | Winter 2013 Retail Store 1 Volunteers Get Creative at BRING United Way Day of Caring: September 18 As the Garden of Earthly Delights finished drying out from the previous nights rain, our first group of volunteers from Bigfoot Beverages started their Day of Caring with a tour of the retail store to check out our wares and gather up bits of inspiration for the days project: creating chalkboard art from materials found at BRING. With crates of used cupboard doors, baskets of knobs and other hardware, and miscellaneous treasures culled from our shelves, the volunteers set to work. BRING provided chalkboard paint and several colors of MetroPaint to choose from. The warm, sunny September day was ideal for our projectpaint dried quickly, allowing us to apply multiple coats and finish up most pieces 2 in a short period of time. As the morning session drew to a close, several volunteers chose to extend their stay, starting and finishing 1 - A perfect day new items before departing. 3 for painting in One volunteer returned later in BRINGs Garden of Earthly Delights. the day to purchase the table she paintedthe beginning of a trend that continued throughout the day. Others left with armloads of BRING merchandise purchased from our retail store, inspired to do 2 With MetroPaints great selection of colors, some up-cycling at home. combined with chalkboard paint, volunteers turn used Fresh recruits arrived just before items into functional works of art. 1:00 p.m., including a team from Hershner Hunter Attorneys and a big contingent from Pacific Continental Bank. After a brief introduction and 3 - Terra cotta pots orientation, participants scoured the warehouses for items that sparked their creativity. become handy From terra cotta plant pots to an old suitcase, volunteers chose a wide variety of BRING organizers with a little merchandise to transform with a little paint and ingenuity. chalkboard paint. At the end of the day, the group created a display in the BRING Gallery and gathered for group pix, networking, and a little shopping. As with the morning group, several volunteers just couldnt leave behind some of the wonderful items they created. At press time, there were still some pieces left for sale. Or try making something yourself! 5 - Angie Schoppe BRING carries a complete from Bigfoot line of MetroPaint, along with Beverages couldnt endless items for repurposing. pass up the table she You can find chalkboard paint at painted a great craft 5 most home improvement stores. station for kids. 4 - Jill Sibbald from Pacific Day of Caring Volunteers Continental Bank displays her 4 cute hanging chalkboard made Bigfoot Beverages: Julie Alexander Hershner Hunter: William Brewer Pacific Continental Bank: Angie Bosch Halie Henderson from a cupboard door. Karissa Hibbard Nick Frost Onalee Carson Susan Loomis Bruce Inman Pat Neill Dianna Eidchoff Meghan Morgavan Brian Ostrander Craig Smith Byron Garrow Aimee Potter Angie Schoppe Pablo Valentine Mellissa Goodson Jill Sibbald Larrys World: Secrets to a Great Deal Every day, our customers find great deals on Buy itemsnew or used, clean or dirty, broken or working like new. Unlike traditional retailers of new Metro Paint goods, our inventory varies constantly, including a huge array of one-of-a-kind items, which come to us in all conditions. We make every effort to price at BRING! our merchandise fairlybased on research and experiencebut we do occasionally make mistakes. While we seldom get complaints for under-pricing, High quality, 100% over-pricing is quickly spotted by our savvy shoppers. recycled latex paint Here are some tips to help you get the best deals Full line of beautiful colors at BRING: Indoor and outdoor use We generally dont haggle over pricing, but we will listen to your concerns. We adjust pricing if an item is damaged after reaching the sales floor or if its been Save resources, landfill mistakenly over-priced. Items with missing or altered price tags are sent back to space, and money! receiving for re-pricing. Watch for our sales! We have something on sale almost every day and storewide sales with deep discounts at least quarterly. Sign up for advance email notice of sales 1-gallon paint $ 13 5-gallon paint $ 50 and specials, and look for postings in the store. Come early on sale days. Keep your eyes 1-gallon primer $ 15 5-gallon primer $ 58 open for daily deals. Seniors (65+), SNAP cardholders, and veterans get 20 percent off all used goods on Senior Day (Monday), SNAP Day (Tuesday), or Vets Day (Wednesday). Need a large quantity of something? Were happy to discuss a discount for larger quantity purchases, providing we have adequate inventory. If you are interested in an item that has been on the floor for an extended period of time, bring it to our attention. We date the arrival of most items, and were glad to review the price, if warranted. Like anyone, our staff appreciates a good sense of humor and a smilealways a good investment. Dont neglect to inspect! We sell merchandise as-is in a wide range of conditions. We want you to be happy with your purchase. Larry Levinson, Director of Business & Operations

5 BRING's UsedNews | Winter 2013 5 Retail Store The Art of the Bargain By Shirley Perez West Days* Its likely youve seen his worka whimsical trio of turtle BRING Discount nior Day musicians jamming on the corner of Broadway and Oak; a short Monday Se stack of innocent looking skunks; a straight-up bronze of civil (for 65 or be tte r) rights icon Rosa Parks taking her rightful place on the bus; AP Day Tuesday SN and a few blocks away, literary legend Ken Kesey reads to his n Tr ail Card) (with Orego grandchildren amid the hustle of Kesey Square. Veterans Day Pete Helzer, the artist, has been sculpting public works for Wednesday nearly three decades, with work commissioned by municipalities (with Vets ID) ed goods and institutions from Portland to Peru. And for just as long, Pete, the do-it- * 20% off all us Pete Helzer, the do-it-yourselfer, has been a devoted customer of yourselfer, finds and paint BRING, seeking salvaged material to use at his Dexter workshop the perfect piece and the home he shares with wife, Marge, a paleobotanist who of metal for his works with him on his sculptures and often steps in as a model. new foundry floor. She has hands and feet and arms on pieces all around the state, Pete says mischievously. Pete figures hes been shopping at BRING since the That wasnt the end of it. Mucking around in the expanded beginning. It started back when he was building his first crawlspace, Pete noticed the dry rot extended to the adjacent room. foundry, a place he could cast molten bronze into wax molds. Next thing Marge knew, Pete had taken his skill saw and cut out Im a real scrounger of materials, said Pete gesturing at the entire floor. The deeper he delved into the project, the more he his foundry equipment. Everything I have hereI dont use relied on BRING for bargain-priced materials. anything commercial. I just go running around here and there Once repairs were made Pete noticed the floor had settled some, and usually find what I need. so he jacked up the house to get things level, neglecting to open the interior doors. The righted floors created a tight seal around the Better Head to BRING bathroom doorimpossible to open. Petes solution: cut a hole in This summer and fall Pete became a regular at BRING the door, crawl through, and unhinge it. I knew Marge wouldnt after a minor repair mushroomed into a remodel. like not having a bathroom door, says Pete, so once again, he high- It started with a leaky showerhead, he says. That led to tailed it to BRING. evidence of a rotted bathroom floor. Once he removed the floor By the time Marge came home (she teaches anthropology at he saw that the joists were rotted as well. But the crawlspace LCC), all she noticed was that there was a new door. It was fast and beneath his hillside house was pretty tight. So I dug it out, convenient just needed a little stain and varnish, said Pete. r says Pete. Throughout the Helzers home and Petes workshop, there are Frequent Reuse And carted it in his wheelbarrow down the hall, through the Reward Card windows, doors, and odd bits from BRING that fit the bill. While living room and out the front door, adds Marge. Pete claims hes better at breaking things than fixing them, theres BRING, and plenty of evidence that hes mastered the art of finding what he Spend $300 at of used goods. earn $50 wor th Photo by Brian Lanker needs to get the job done. ard Card Outside Petes studio is the original foundry he made from parts Ask for your Rew counter and found at BRING. Since then hes built a larger foundry for his at the cashiers . larger projects, including a current commission from Marist start saving now High School to sculpt four life-size bronze figures. Inside Petes studio, a former horse barn, one stall has been enclosed and fitted with windows and a wide, wood-framed glass door he found at BRING, perfect for moving large objects in and out. This summer as Marge prepared to teach a class in Pete, the artist, sculpts paleoethnobotany for the UO archaeology field school, her the head of his late microscope needed fixing. With no time to send away for an friend Ken Kesey for his sculpture at Broadway expensive replacement part, Pete went down to BRING and found a and Willamette (below). piece of vacuum cleaner hose tapered to the right size to hold a ring light adapter. There are so many things there, says Pete. I thought, if I think creatively, I might find something. And its not just the range of material BRING sells, which he says is 50% Off Sale! well suited to both building a workspace and ! Sign up for Be first to know of f making sculpture, that keeps him coming of our big 50% advance notice hout back. Says Pete, The material I buy at adically throug sales, held spor g, BRING is usually priced at a fraction of what bringrecycling.or the year. Go to: d I would pay at a hardware store. ge envelope, an Case in point: that leaky showerhead that click on the oran Specials. touched off the remodel. select Sales & I was taking apart the showerhead and lost a part and thought, how am I going to get out of this one? Pete said. The missing piece was a cover plate for the shower handle. He looked for a replacement at two home improvement stores. They didn't have the exact part I needed but offered to sell me the entire shower assembly for between $90 and $120. I went to BRING and found the exact part I needed for fifty cents. Now that's what I call a bargain.

6 6 BRING's UsedNews | Winter 2013 RE:think Business Join the Crowd Making Connections Get RE:think Certified BRINGs RE:think Business program not only helps local Autohaus businesses reduce waste and save Blackburn and Company Catering money. We also connect them to Brothers Cleaning Services one another, creating win-win Burley opportunities that contribute to a Cafe Yumm! healthy and sustainable community. Catalyst Technologies Recently, two certified RE:think Cawood Businesses had the opportunity to Creswell Coffee Company collaborate on a major storm water The Divine Cupcake retrofit project that will protect a ElderHealth and Living fragile piece of our ecosystem and Emberex meet sustainability goals for both Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce organizations. Eugene Coffee Company When Life Technologies, a global A demolished building located on the Life Technologies campus in West EuroAsian Automotive bio-tech company with roots in Eugene and a strong Eugene will soon be home to an 18,000 square foot bioswale and habitat FedEx Ground for local wildlife. commitment to sustainability, was re-certified this First Congregational Church UCC summer, RE:think staff learned of the companys Full Access decided to move forward with a proposed design to redirect storm water plans to demolish an unused building on its West GloryBee Foods run-off from nearly one acre of impervious surface parking lots to an Eugene campus. Green Solutions Printing engineered wetlands and swale, which will filter the run-off before it Meanwhile, another organization was just becoming HEROweb Marketing and Design reaches Amazon Creek. certified. The non-profit Long Tom Watershed Council Hot Mama's Wings At over 18,000 square feet, the wetlands and swale will reduce the works to protect water and habitats in the Long Tom Hummingbird Wholesale impacts of parking lot run-off on water quality and provide significant River basin, which encompasses Amazon Creek, Fern Jones & Roth habitat for local native wildlife. The facility is in close proximity to the Ridge Reservoir, and surrounding areas. We suggested Kraig's Carpet Cleaning West Eugene Wetlands, home to many native and endangered species the two companies get together. Lane County Historical Society right in the heart of Eugene. Native plants, including Oregon white oak, Long Tom provided Life Tech with free technical and Museum Pacific willow, camas, Nootka rose, and tufted hairgrass will enhance the assistance to determine if their site had potential to Life Technologies ecological value of the site and complement the West Eugene Wetlands be converted into a storm water treatment facility. Mount Pisgah Arboretum surroundings. Planting began in October, and the new wetlands and With guidance from the folks at Long Tom, Life Tech swale will be completed in time for the winter rains. Newly Certified And the Finalists Are Printing options in Eugene and Springfield just got greener. Three local Three certified RE:think Businesses have printers just became certified RE:think Businesses. Congratulations to QSL been selected as finalists for the Mayor's Print Communications, Shelton Turnbull, and Green Solutions Printing! Bold Steps Award: Rainbow Valley Design and Construction, GloryBee Foods, and Life Technologies. Each business will receive publicity featuring their company's accomplishments, including a professionally produced two-minute video and coverage in the local media. The winner will be announced at the State of the City address in January. On that night, the winning business will receive the Bold Steps Award: a metal welded sculpture RE:think Annual Report available online at by Jud Turner (below). Turners piece, with triangular shaped steps in a circular staircase, includes wood reclaimed from the former Cuthbert Amphitheater seats and metal Mountain Rose Herbs partially sourced at BRING. The winning The Nature Conservancy business will work with Jud to craft a finial Nearby Nature The QSL gang in front of their new Springfield facility. "topper" that depicts their business. NEDCO Turner is known locally for the large heron New Dream Child Care Center sculpture at the corner of 13th and Agate and 9Wood for the triptych wall and gate in BRING's Not Your Mom's Sandwich Shop Garden of Earthly Delights. His entry in this Oregon Community Credit Union years Mayors Art Show was named Best Main Office and Downtown Branch in Show. Oregon Eye Surgery Center Oregon Research Institute Out on A Limb Gallery Pacific Women's Center Parenting Now! Potter Decals Presentation Design Group QSL Print Communications Rainbow Valley Design & Construction Rural Development Initiatives Saturday Market SeQuential Biofuels ShelterCare Shelton TurnbullRE:think certified and proud of it! Shelton Turnbull So Delicious Dairy Free South Lane Mental Health Sperry Tree Care Springfield Chamber of Commerce Stadium Automotive Sundance Natural Foods Sustainable Wealth Management Sweet Life Patisserie Unique Properties The UPS Store, Springfield Vox Public Relations Public Affairs Western Environmental Law Center Westminster Presbyterian Church Willamette Massage RE:think manager, Carolyn Stein (left), presents Green Solutions Printing with their plaque.

7 BRING's UsedNews | Winter 2013 7 Community Education Dear Goddess What Does BRING Mean to You? BRING has been part of Lane County giving students an up-close- of Garbage life for 42 years, a history marked by and-personal experience of growth and change. What started as where things go when we a group of folks bothered by glass jars throw them away. being thrown into the garbage has turned BRING informs grown-ups into the three-acre Planet Improvement too. Youll find us at events Center, with a reuse retail outlet and the throughout Lane County, Garden of Earthly Delights, as well as a from the Florence Green community education program, a business Faire and Marcolas Mary assistance program, and the annual Cole Days to the Oregon BRING Home and Garden Tour. Country Fair and Art and the Our community education program Vineyard. Were a resource has evolved from its humble roots, for all kinds of organizations, though the goal has remained the from churches to the sameteaching people how to live well Chamber of Commerce, without waste. Today, BRING employs helping community members Lets Talk Trash! a licensed science teacher who visits reduce waste and live more schools throughout Lane County with sustainably. a curriculum based in state teaching If BRING has touched Dear Goddess, standards. With new technology and your life, wed like to hear program. Maybe youve gone on the slides from around the world, the from you. Tell us what BRING means BRING Home and Garden Tour. With the holidays coming up, I educator shows kids how the choices to you. Maybe youve heard one of Send us your comments to [email protected] am again contemplating/dreading they make shape the planet they share. our speakers. Maybe you shop at our Well print them the cross-country trip my presents BRING also leads classrooms on field reuse store. Maybe your company is in upcoming newsletters. will take to get back East. With trips of county waste handling facilities, participating in the RE:think Business 13 relatives scattered along the Atlantic coast, there is a lot of distance my gifts have to cover. What can I do to reduce the carbon BRING Home & Garden Tour: Best One Yet! footprint of my Christmas cheer? A bright sunny day greeted 800 tour goers at the Fifth Annual BRING Home and Garden Tour this year. The warm September Looking Over Opportunities weather was only one of the draws. With 12 sites to choose from and a host of experts on hand, the tour provided a fun and for Presents this Yule inspiring day for all. Save the date for next years tour: Sunday, September 14. Thanks to our generous sponsors, donors, and volunteerswe couldnt do it without you. Dear Loopy, Co-Hosts Organically Grown Company Brett Jacobs I see you are troubled right now. City of Eugene Springfield Creamery Dixie Lee The answers right there, but you EWEB Sundance Natural Foods Karen Lee need to learn how. Territorial Seeds Larry Levinson Sponsors Territorial Wines Marie Matsen With relatives scattered all over and Down to Earth The Grocery Outlet Elizabeth McFarland around, Eugene Weekly The Kiva Robin McLure The presents you give must come Trader Joes Rumi Miyasaka Site Sponsors Wild Chicken Eggs Karen Moeller from their town. & Supporters Marianna Monaco Buy Local. I know that youve heard 2fORM Architecture Steering Committee Tamsin Morgan Delano Designs Robin Bird that before. Paul Murray Ecobuilding Collaborative Donna Doperoy Sandra Otsyula Youre probably just stuck not being of Oregon Jenna Garmon Jeannine Parisi next to their store. Energy Design Miranda Hawkes Janet Perez GloryBee Foods Deb Jones With all sorts of zero waste presents Cristina Piccioni Heiko Koester Colleen McCaffrey Maureen Pollock to give, Lane County Master Composters Brooke Mittermann Brittany and Eric Just browse through the services Lane Forest Products Deveron Musgrave Quick-Warner LUCiA Development Jeannine Parisi where your friends live. Hossein Rajabzadeh Neil Kelly Brittany Quick-Warner Amelia Reising Massages and tickets, gift cards and NLC Committee on Sustainability Lani Timm Trish Rosin stuff, Nowhaus Ollin Timm Anna Ross Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing Eli Volem Neighborhood shops carry more than Emily Sangstrom Oregon Tilth Annie Vrijmoet Sarah Shmigelsky enough. Six Degrees Construction Stephen West Sonja Snyder Just call them and ask them to wrap Solar Assist Michael Wherley Karen Tate Sperry Tree Care up a gift. Tour-Day Greeters Ollin Timm Studio-e Architecture Carolina Trabuco Theyll send it off quickly in less John Andriola The Eugene Backyard Farmer Joe Barthlow Jo Victoria than a jiff. The Green Store Eli Volem Diane Binnings Have them wrap it up pretty, maybe In-Kind Donors Judy Brower Site Hosts in orange; Burley Judy Bryant Grace Bennett Caf Mam Carlos and Donna Cabrera Your family can then leave the Anne and Chris Donahue Carmens Chips Robert Cecil Mark and Sarah Gillem package in storage. City of Eugene Karen Chrisman Lloyd Hamilton and Sue And when it comes time to open the DeCasa Foods Lisa Christensen Schumacher Down to Earth Zoe Cohen wrapping, Allen Hancock ElderHealth & Living Gabriel Cross Jessica Jackowski Your local gifts sure to make EWEB Julie Daniel and Matt Lutter everyone happy. Fall Creek Nursery Alan and Sue Dickman Neal Mandich and Full City Coffee Donna Doperoy Be it Chanukah or Christmas, John Morse Hummingbird Wholesale Al and Vicky Eckerdt Mike and Susan Pease Kwanzaa or Festivus, INGEO Design & Construction Pat Fischer Bill Rodgers I want to wish Happy Holidays to all Lane Transit District Sherry Franzen Catherine and Gordon Tibbitts Market of Choice Elliot Grey from the rest of us. Don and Carol VanHouten My Party Bus Sarah Helmers Deirdre Jackson The Goddess Ninkasi Brewing Send your questions to [email protected] What Do I Do With My into the paper. When sent to a plant for recycling, freezer boxes are ground up in an industrial blender with the rest of Freezer Boxes? the paper recyclables. The wet strengthening chemicals do Its quick and convenient. All you have to do is pull a box their job well. Little bits of the original paper are left floating Composting Workshops about, contaminating the out of the freezer, pop it in the microwave, and, voila, you Learn from the experts. Free hands-on whole batch of recycled have a meal ready to eat. classes from the City of Eugene and OSU/ paper pulp. But did you know that box your frozen dinner came in Lane County Extension Service cover all the These boxes belong in isnt recyclable? basics for beginning composters. the trash! Boxes that hold frozen food are subjected to continual Preregistration not required. According to wetting from condensation as they move from one freezer to Sat., Feb. 9 10:00 a.m. noon BRING CompaniesAndMarkets. another and as you open and close your freezer door. That Sat., Feb. 23 10:00 a.m. noon GrassRoots com, Americans spent condensation causes the paper fibers to separate and the box Garden $34 billion on frozen food to fall apart. BRING: 4446 Franklin Blvd. Parking is limited. Take LTD bus in 2012, and projections show that frozen food purchases In order to keep freezer boxes from falling apart, a 85 or the EmX to McVay Station. will continue to grow. Why not buy fresh, local food instead, chemical strengthener is used to keep water from absorbing eliminating the need for freezer boxes altogether? GrassRoots Garden: Located behind St. Thomas Episcopal Church at 1465 Coburg Rd.

8 8 BRING's UsedNews | Winter 2013 Where to Take It KEY Curbside recycling is just the $ Fees may apply. Call for information. beginning. Take advantage of Illegal to throw away as garbage. all the opportunities to reuse Reuse and Recycling in Lane County BRING 541-746-3023 and recycle in Lane County. CRS Central Receiving Station, Glenwood, 541-682-4120. CURBSIDE call your hauler for details. MECCA 541-302-1810 APPLIANCES HAZARDOUS WASTE METAL NEXTSTEP (RECYLING) 541-686-2366 Common household hazardous waste is taken free of charge Air Conditioners by Lane County Hazardous Waste. Call 541-682-3111 to Aerosol Spray Cans REMOVAL (Free Appilaince Removal) $, CRS, XFER, SVDP, REMOVAL make an appointment. CRS, XFER 541-844-6867 If EMPTY, recycle in tin can collectionremove caps, do SCHNITZER (STEEL) 541-686-0515 Dishwashers; Washers & Dryers Batteries not flatten or puncture. CRS, XFER, SCHNITZER, SVDP, NEXTSTEP, CRS, XFER If NOT empty, take to Lane County Hazardous Waste, by SVDP 541-687-5820 REMOVAL Most batteries (car, watch, rechargeable, NiCad, mercury, appointment, 541-682-3111 Mr. Appliance, 541-343-1698 lithium, lead-acid) free to recycle. THRIFT (STORES) Alkaline batteries go in the trash. Aluminum cans, foil, trays; rinse clean of any food/ Goodwill 541-345-1801 Hot Water Heaters contamination; wad foil into a baseball-sized ball. CRS, XFER, SCHNITZER, REMOVAL Batteries + Bulbs, 541-349-5030 The Salvation Army 541-343-3341 Other: CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE St. Vincent de Paul 541-345-0595 Microwave Ovens Hot Water Heaters CRS, XFER, NEXTSTEP, SCHNITZER, REMOVAL Fire Extinguishers XFER some or all Lane County Transfer & $ CRS, XFER, SCHNITZER Pacific Recycling, 541-461-3443 Pacific Recycling, 541-461-3443 Recycling sites, 541-682-4120. Call to check. A1 Fire, 541-726-7287 Refrigerators & Freezers Lane County Hazardous Waste, by appointment, Propane Tanks $, CRS, XFER, SVDP, REMOVAL 541-682-3111 $ CRS, XFER, SVDP Mr. Appliance, 541-343-1698 National Firefighter, 541-485-3566 Plastic Film, Pallet Wrap & Lumber Wrap Pacific Recycling, 541-461-3443 CRS, XFER Small Appliances (toasters, irons, blenders) Fluorescent Light Tubes & Bulbs Most lighting & hardware stores (incl. Jerry's & True Value) will take Scrap 75% or more metal; barrels, toasters, bed frames, Styrofoam (Block Foam) CRS, XFER, THRIFT, NEXTSTEP, REMOVAL bikes, etc.; containers must be visibly punctured from all those under 4 ft. The Bear Factory, 541-746-4842 Stoves Lane County Hazardous Waste, by appointment, sides. CRS, XFER, BRING, NEXTSTEP, REMOVAL 541-682-3111 CRS, XFER, BRING, SCHNITZER, NEXTSTEP Tyvek Envelopes Mr. Appliance, 541-343-1698 Pacific Recycling, 541-461-3443 Tyvek Recycling Hotline, 866-338-9835 Paint Enter your zip code for a listing of drop off sites. Tin Cans Rinse clean of any food/contamination. Labels and lids OK. CONSTRUCTION Pesticides & Fertilizers CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE WOOD Lane County Hazardous Waste, by appointment, Pallets Asphalt & Concrete 541-682-3111 Pacific Pallet, 541-688-2887 $ CRS Delta Sand & Gravel, 541-688-2233 Prescription Drugs DO NOT flush down the toilet. PAPER Eugene Pallet Services, 541-485-0549 Lane County Sheriffs Office lobby, 9:00 a.m.- Corrugated Cardboard & Brown Paper Wood, Dimensional Lumber & Plywood, Building Materials Lumber, bricks, doors, windows, 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, 541-682-4150 cabinets, flowerpots, garage doors, hardware, plumbing, & Springfield Justice Center lobby, available 24/7, Bags Flatten; only 3-ply; no waxed, no food contamination. Reusable Dimensional lumber 4 or longer. Plywood more. 541-744-4177 CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE sheets, nails OK. $ BRING Florence Justice Center, 900 Greenwood Street, BRING Habitat Restore, 541-344-4809 Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap Florence, available 24/7, 541-997-3515 CRS, XFER Recyclable, if non-metallic Wood, Not Reusable Some restrictions apply. Ceiling Tiles Oakridge & more. MECCA reusable $ CRS, XFER Armstrong World Industries, 1-888-CEILING Sharps Medical needles, scapels, etc. CURBSIDE Recyclable, if non-metallic Rotten wood, pegboard; NO railroad ties or pressure treated CRS, XFER wood. Lead-free painted wood OK. Tile Junk Mail Remove any samples. Rexius Forest Products, 541-342-1835 BRING (reusable) Place in a red, rigid container with a screw-top lid (such as a CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE detergent bottle). Lane Forest Products, 541-345-9085 MECCA (broken) Prevent It website: Magazines Remove plastic packaging to recycle; ELECTRONICS HOUSEHOLD donate to social service agency waiting rooms. VEHICLE CRS, XFER, SVDP, CURBSIDE Books Textbooks, hard/paperback, computer manuals; Antifreeze, Oil Filters Highly toxic but free to CDs, DVDs & Cases Milk, Soy, & Juice Cartons Rinse and let air-dry; recycle at all county sites. CRS, NEXTSTEP NOT wet or moldy. CRS, SVDP remove plastic parts/straws. CRS, XFER CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE Cell Phones & PDAs International Paper, 541-744-4100 Auto Batteries CRS, XFER, NEXTSTEP Newsprint Loose or place in brown paper bag. CRS, XFER Drop box at UO Bookstore and various locations, ASUO Carpet CRS Carpet padding only, restrictions apply. CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE Battery X-Change, 541-689-9134 office, UO Telecom office, and Kennedy Middle School. Batteries Plus, 541-349-5030 THRIFT new and stain-free Paper, High-Grade Office Christmas Lights scrap metal BRING new or like new CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE, NEXTSTEP Cars wrecked, broken, or unwanted CRS, XFER, NEXTSTEP Computer/copy machine paper, fax paper, envelopes, light- SCHNITZER Candles, Wax, & Crayons colored office and school paper, etc.; staples, windows, Pacific Recycling, 541-461-3443 Computers & Peripherals MECCA adhesives OK. SVDP Working only. CRS, NEXTSTEP Goodwill Industries, 541-345-1801 Garten Industries, 541-868-1550 Paper, Low-Grade Mixed Magazines, junk mail, Motorcycles wrecked, broken, or unwanted Goodwill, 541-345-0769 Clothing catalogs, egg cartons, gift wrap, cereal and 6-pack boxes, Cyclepsycho Motorcycle Recycling, 541-461- CRS, THRIFT and all high-grade paper. 9279 Phones & Phone Equipment CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE Pacific Recycling, 541-461-3443 CRS, XFER, NEXTSTEP Corks NO plastic, composite, or metal closures. BRING Phone Books Cancel the ones you do not use. Motor Oil Printer, Inkjet, Fax & Other Cartridges CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE CRS, XFER NEXTSTEP Cooking Oil & Grease Some curbside recyclers accept motor oil in labeled, non- Rapid Refill, 541-334-4465 SeQuential Biofuels, 541-736-5864 breakable containers with a screw-top lid. Redundant Cartridge, 541-302-1444 Shredded NOT cross-cut Furniture CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE Place in paper bag, staple Tires Passenger tires only. Maximum 22" diameter, Stereos, Radios, etc. CRS For recycling, must be 100% wood; hardware no CRS, XFER, NEXTSTEP once and label "shredded paper." measured at rim. bigger than a thumb. International Paper, 541-744-4100 commercial $ CRS, XFER Televisions BRING reusable non-upholstered. quantities Big B Tires, 541-746-4193 CRS, XFER, NEXTSTEP Hearing Aids & Eyeglasses Les Schwab many locations VCRs & DVD Players Key Bank, 725 A Street, Springfield CRS, XFER, NEXTSTEP Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation, PLASTIC 1-800-635-4667 Bottles, Tubs, & Jars Rinse, discard lids YARD Video Cassette Tapes & Cases Pre-recorded Williamalane has Lion's box. only NO #6 plastic (most takeout containers & foam). Brush, Yard Debris, Grass Clipping, SVDP, NEXTSTEP Luggage, Backpacks, Totes CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE Leaves Grass, leaves, weeds, branches 20 diameter and THRIFT less; compost/mulch at home. AAA will donate these to a foster care program, 541-484- 6-Pack Rings Recyclable as bags/film. $ CRS, XFER 0661. CRS, XFER GLASS Mattresses & Box Springs Clean and dry ONLY. Packing Peanuts No food containers or cups. Lane Forest Products, 541-345-9085 Rexius Forest Products, 541-342-1835 Bottles, Jars, & Jugs $ CRS, SVDP NEXTSTEP CRS, XFER, CURBSIDE Try craigslist, UPS Stores, and other mailing services. For recycling: rinse clean, remove lids. Labels OK. Shoes BRING For reuse: only canning jars, vases, antiques THRIFT all brands NIKE Store, 541-686-3141recycle: athletic shoes only Plant Pots Remove all dirt. Drinking Glasses, Vases (Reusable) BRING One gallon or larger. BRING, THRIFT Wine Bottle Foil BRING Plastic Bags Clean and dry only. Shower Doors CRS, XFER CONFUSED? $ BRING Call BRING Windows 541-746-3023 $ BRING Lane County Transfer and Recycling Sites For information on rural disposal and recycling sites, hazardous waste and paint disposal, or other Lane County Solid Waste Department issues and services, call 541-682-4120. Cottage Grove: Low Pass: Sharps Creek: 78760 Sears Road, 541-942-8986 22377 Highway 36, Cheshire, 541-998-8215 74540 Sharps Creek Road, 541-946-1029 Wed. through Sat., 8-6 All year Fri. & Sat., S 8-6, W 9-5 Culp Creek, Sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5 Creswell: Mapleton: Swiss Home: 34293 Cloverdale Road, 541-895-3274 13570 Highway 126, 541-953-0217 13711 Highway 36, 541-268-4841 Wed. through Sat., 8-6 All year Sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5 S Fri. & Sat., 8-6 Marcola: W Sat. only, 9-5 Florence: 38935 Shotgun Creek Road, 541-933-2823 2820 N. Rhododendron Drive, 541-997-6243 Wed. through Sat., S 8-6, W 9-5 Veneta: Mon. through Sat., 8-6 All year 24444 Bolton Hill Road, 541-935-1297 McKenzie Bridge: Mon. through Sat., 8-6 All year GLENWOOD Central Receiving Station 55805 McKenzie Hwy., Blue River, 541-822-3748 3100 East 17th Ave., 541-682-4120 S Sat., 8-6, Mon. & Thu., 1-6 Vida: Oct.Mar. Mon. through Sat: 8am6pm W Sat., 9-5, Mon. & Thu., 1-5 44041 Canal Lane, Leaburg, 541-896-3643 Apr.Sept.: Mon. through Sat. 8am6pm; Wed. through Sat., S 8-6, W 9-5 Sun.: 8am5pm Oakridge: 48977 Kitson Springs Road, 541-782-3923 Walton: London: Wed. through Sat., 8-6 All year 18585 Transformer Road, 541-935-5348 73111 London Road, 541-942-0120 Rattlesnake: Sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5 Hours and Days subject to change without notice. Sat. only, S 8-6, W 9-5 82572 Rattlesnake Road, Dexter, 541-937-3403 S = Summer hrs. MaySept. W = Winter hrs. Oct.April Wed. through Sat., S 8-6, W 9-5

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