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  • Nov 8, 2011
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1 Contributing to the global information industry through manufacturing The Horizon Group is the leading global supplier of on-demand postpress equipment, devoted to the design and manufacture of innovative finishing solutions that deliver efficiency and value to a diverse worldwide community of print service providers.

2 Business Activities Postpress Machines for On-demand Printing Industrial Book Binding Systems Horizon leads the field in automated postpress equipment Production in-line systems with collating, binding and trimming that is tailored to short-run and on-demand production have been developed for high-volume book work, producing printing. Solutions are designed to serve both convention- thousands of books per hour. Large-format folding machines are al offset and digital print markets. also produced in support of offset-printed book manufacturing. Postpress Machines for Digital Printing Digital Workflow System Horizon collaborates with the major digital printer manufac- The Horizon pXnet bindery management system can be de- turers to develop near-line and in-line finishing systems for ployed with or without a JDF workflow to provide highly-efficient high-speed cut-sheet and continuous-feed digital printers. management and connections to MIS, prepress, and pressroom. Postpress Machines for Office Use Silkscreen and Transcription Printing A broad range of fast, easy-to-use binding, folding and Horizon has developed a range of low-volume silkscreen other machines are offered to support high-quality docu- machines for T-shirt printing and a thermal transfer print- ment finishing in office and school environments. ing machine.

3 Integrated Production The Horizon Group is unique in that it develops and manufactures all products in-house. Product design starts with deep applications knowledge, married with best-in-class technology. Integrated manufacturing is a core competency. technical competence innovation user feedback flows into development De es ve al l op S me nt Horizon solving problems by accelerated Manufacturing listening time-to-market Philosophy on s Ma n ti l ta u ct fa u ns ur i Co ng vertically-integrated, flexible production applications knowledge state-of-the-art efficiency Product Design A global sales network feeds market requirements into product design teams, which convert ideas into superior products. A robust network allows 3D-CAD data to be shared across all departments for con- current processing of design tasks. This permits accelerated development and very fast time-to-market. Automated Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) Parts move from raw material to finished goods in a state-of-the- art flexible manufacturing system. Materials and machine tools are staged each day. Second-shifts operate virtually lights-out with robotic control, automated delivery to large machining lines, and complicated multiple processes completed in one step. This integrated system permits the highest possible level of quality control and reliability.

4 PC Board Manufacturing EMC Laboratory PC boards the heart A fully-equipped in- of a machine are self- house EMC chamber is manufactured in the used to measure ma- Biwako plant, with circuit chine electromagnetic design, cleanroom work, emissions to insure mounting, and testing all they are below the pre- performed in-house. scribed standard and to meet the EMC Directive safety standards for electrical design. Accurate laboratory measurements are used for improved product design and safety performance. Environmental Test Laboratory In-house Manual Publishing Horizons in-house All operating, service laboratory performs a and parts manuals for variety of environmental Horizon machines are tests, including extreme prepared by a profes- high/low tempera- sional documentation ture and humidity, to staff, then printed and meet regional safety bound in our in-house standards, for example CE for Europe, GS for Germany, Print-On-Demand production facility. UL for USA, and CSA for Canada. Horizon conforms as required to meet applicable safety standards. Trade Show Participation Horizon exhibits at various trade shows including the international fairs drupa, IPEX, PRINT, and IGAS to give customers an opportunity to see the very latest product developments. PRINT'09 (Chicago, USA) IPEX2010 (Birmingham, England) IGAS2011 (Tokyo, Japan) drupa2008 (Dusseldorf, Germany)

5 Worldwide Sales Network Horizons Worldwide sales network extends to over 100 countries to accommodate global customer needs. Sales Offices International Sales Horizon International Inc. (Kyoto) A showroom, Responsible for sales and parts and logistics service support to Horizons center in Ger- global dealer network, and many serves all Sales Company: Horizon GmbH European coun- the planning and execution of international exhibitions. tries. Domestic Sales Horizon East Horizon East Horizon West Horizon West Tokyo Head Office Tohoku Office (Miyagi) Kyoto Head Office Kyusyu Office (Fukuoka) Development & Manufacturing Biwako Plant (Shiga) Kyoto Plant (Kyoto) The major manufacturing center for the Horizon Group is built alongside beauti- Horizon was founded in Kyoto, which ful Lake Biwa in a scenic region about an hour from Kyoto. The Biwako factory is prospered for many years as the capital situated on 140,000 m2 (nearly 35 acres), and represents a world-class concen- of Japan, and continues today as a vi- tration of state-of-the-art design and production technology. brant and innovative commercial center.

6 Environmental Efforts Horizons primary R&D and manufacturing center is located on the shore of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. Horizon has accepted the corporate responsibility to protect this rich natural environment for today and future generations. Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Closed System Liquid Waste Disposal The Biwako plant uses a high-level Liquid byproduct from painting and plating processes control standard and self-monitoring goes directly into a closed waste disposal system, with no system to reduce energy consump- discharge of hazardous material. Liquid waste is tightly tion, use resources efficiently, and controlled to be within accepted regulation levels estab- reduce waste for environmental con- lished by Shiga prefecture to protect Lake Biwa. servation. As an example, Horizon has set a RoHS Compatible Electrical Parts ISO 9001 Certification goal to reduce annual energy con- sumption by at least 1%. An Energy- The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive saving Committee works with differ- (RoHS) was enacted by ent departments to identify areas for the EU in 2003 to restrict continuous electricity savings and the use of hazardous efficiency. substances in electronic devices for safer recovery In 1997 Horizon was first certified to and recycling. Electrical be in compliance with quality man- parts in Horizon products ISO 14001 Certification agement system ISO 9001. Then in are RoHS compatible, and we are making further technol- 1999, Horizon obtained the international environment ogy investments for Pb-free solder in our PC board manu- standard ISO 14001, issued by the strict German certifica- facturing process. tion authority TUV. Horizon has been praised in Germany, EU countries, and North America, where sound environ- mental practices are highly valued. Corporate History 1946 Hachiro Hori begins trial manufacturing and repair service for 1982 Horizon group makes a full-scale entry to the European market, electrical equipment. exhibiting for the first time at drupa82 in Dusseldorf, Germany. 1953 The factory is moved to Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City and 1993 Launch of the first CABS system with in line collating, binding, Taiyo Seiki Co., Ltd. is established to begin commer- and three-knife trimming. First entry as a manufacturer of large- cial production of electrical measuring instruments. scale book binding systems. 1964 The factory is moved to Minami-ku, Kyoto City, where the Kyoto plant is still located today. 1973 The table-top binder (BB-S) is invented. Folding, collating, and cutting machines are launched. 1996 Taiyo Seiki Co., Ltd. is certified according to the quality manage- 1975 Sales offices in Tokyo and Kyoto are established to expand the direct-sales system. ment system ISO 9002. 1976 A 114,000 m2 site in Shiga is purchased and the Biwako plant is 1997 Taiyo Seiki Co., Ltd. is certified according to the quality manage- ment system ISO 9001. established with a space of 2,400 m2 to begin integrated manu- facturing of book binding machines. 1999 Taiyo Seiki Co., Ltd. is certified according to the international environmental standard ISO 14001. 1981 Horizon International Inc. is established for international sales. 2004 Horizon GmbH is established in Germany.

7 Date Founded January, 1946 Total Capital 10,800,000,000 yen Number of Employees 540 Company Address Horizon International Inc. 510 Kuze Ooyabu-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto Phone: +81-(0)75-934-6700 Horizon GmbH (Germany) Pascalstrasse 20, 25451 Quickborn, GERMANY Phone: +49-4106-8042-0 Web site: 111108/SO/COM_PROFILE/01E/TV

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