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  • Feb 21, 2014
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2 IMPORTANT NOTICES Please see Conditions of Business and Conditions of Sale at the back of this catalogue Dreweatts & Dreweatts 1759 are trading names of The Fine Art Auction Group Limited. The Fine Art Auction Group Limited is registered in England, company number: 03839469, registered office: 11 Adelphi Terrace, London WC2N 6BJ. Buying at Dreweatts Bidding Increments There are several ways you can bid at a Dreweatts auction; The Auctioneer will advance bids in the following preset in person, by leaving a commission or absentee bid, on the increments, and is under no obligation to accept bids telephone where available and live via the internet please between these increments. make arrangements before the sale. 200 220 240 260... 300 320 350 380 400... 500 Bidding in Person 550 600 650 700... 1000 If intending to buy you are required to register your name 1100 1200 1300 1400... 2000 and details at reception prior to the commencement of the 2200 2400 2600 2800... 3000 auction. You will then be allocated a bidding number, which 3200 3500 3800 4000... 5000 you use when bidding for an item. 5500 6000 6500 7000... 10000 11000 12000 13000 14000... 20000 Commission Bids 22000 24000 26000 28000... 30000 Dreweatts will execute bids on your behalf if you are unable 32000 35000 38000 40000... 50000 to attend the sale. Commission or absentee bids are 55000 60000 65000 70000... 100000 accepted either directly at reception, or can be sent by post, 110000 120000 130000 140000... 200000 fax, email, telephone or via the website: 220000 240000 260000 280000... 300000 Dreweatts will add these bids to the auctioneers sale book 320000 350000 380000 400000... 500000 and will undertake to purchase the lots on your behalf as Collection or Delivery cheaply as allowed by other bids and reserves. Before being able to collect your purchases you are required Dreweatts does not accept liability for failing to execute to pay the hammer price, plus the applicable commissions, commission bids, or for any errors or omissions. and obtain a receipt acknowledging payment. Collection of the purchased lots is at the purchasers risk and expense Condition and whilst Dreweatts do not provide packing and despatch Bidders must satisfy themselves as to the condition of each service we can suggest some carriers. lot. Condition reports are available on request see the Conditions of Business at the back of this catalogue for Dreweatts also require that all purchased items are more information regarding condition reports. Requests for collected within three days of the sale to avoid a storage condition reports must be submitted by 4pm on the day charge being applied. prior to the auction. Storage Charges Commission Charges All items of furniture and larger works of art not collected by All purchases are subject to a buyers premium, which is 5.30pm on theTuesday of the week following the sale will be 24% of the hammer price plus VAT on this 24% (28.8% automatically removed to commercial storage and subject to a including VAT), for items up to 150,000. The commission minimum storage charge of 20 (plus VAT) per lot and to a further reduces to 12% (14.40% including VAT) on the balance of storage charge of 2 (plus VAT) per lot per part or full day items with a hammer price of 150,001 and over. thereafter.These charges will be the sole liability of the purchaser In the event that a lot has an asterisk (*) beside the lot and will be billed directly to them by Snelsmore Storage. number in the catalogue, this indicates that the item is On payment of all sales and storage costs, items will be owned by an entity or company required to pay VAT available for collection by appointment from Snelsmore (generally not an Antique Dealer, as they operate under a Storage, tel: 01635 248636, mobile: 07774 703749. dealers margin scheme). VAT is payable at 20% on the These charges are set by Snelsmore Storage, we hammer price. recommend that you contact them directly regarding queries relating to these charges and other questions Live Internet Bidding relating to storage. Staff at the saleroom will be unable to To register to bid live via the internet or to follow the sale answer questions relating to items that have been removed go to: or Dreweatts from the saleroom. does not accept liability for any failure of these services. Further Information Payment The colours printed in this catalogue are not necessarily a Payment will be accepted, if you are a successful bidder, true reflection of the actual item. All weights and measures by debit card issued by a UK bank and registered to a UK billing address, by bank transfer direct into our bank given in the catalogue should be regarded as approximate. account, Bank Details: Natwest, Blackboys Hill, Bristol. Valuation Services Account Name: Dreweatts 1759 Limited Client Account. Dreweatts provides a range of confidential and professional A/C: 96633778 Sort Code: 60-17-24 BIC: NWBK GB 2L valuation services to private clients, solicitors, executors, IBAN: GB25 NWBK6017 2496 6337 78; in cash up to 12,000 estate managers, trustees and other professional partners. (subject to relevant money laundering regulations), or by all These services include auction valuations, insurance major UK issued credit cards registered to a UK billing valuations, probate valuations, private treaty valuations, address with the exception of American Express and Diners valuations for family division or for tax purposes. For more Club. A surcharge of 3% is payable on all payments made information, please see our website: by credit card. This surcharge does not apply to debit card payments. Payment may also be made by Sterling personal For directions to Donnington Priory, please see our website: cheques drawn on a UK bank account but Dreweatts regrets that purchases paid for by this method can not be Parking is available at Donnington Priory in two car parks collected until your cheque has cleared. on either side of the saleroom.

3 DONNINGTON PRIORY THE TRANSPORT SALE Tuesday 18th March 2014, 10am Sale No. 20637 ---For bidding and more information: +44 (0) 1635 553 553 | [email protected] Specialists Michael Matthews [email protected] Viewing Saturday 15th March 2014 9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. Monday 17th March 2014 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. Day of sale from 8.30 a.m. Free live online bidding for this sale: Catalogues 10 (12 by post) Order of Sale 1-17 Locomotives and Accessories, 2 to 7" gauges 18-24 Traction Engines 25-41 Stationary Engines There is no surcharge for using this service 42-51 Toys and Scale Models Visit our website for current catalogues, 52-64 Railwayana colour illustrations of major lots and a word 65-66 Nauticalia search service: 67-101 Aeronautica 102-114 Automobilia 115-119 Books Buyers premium is charged per lot at 24% of the Dreweatts hammer price (28.8% including VAT) up to and Donnington Priory Salerooms including 150,000, and 12% on the hammer price Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2JE (14.40% including VAT) in excess of 150,000. Tel: +44 (0)1635 553553 Fax: +44 (0)1635 553599 [email protected] Follow us on Twitter Illustrations Front cover: lot 17 (detail) | Back cover: 24 (detail) @DreweattsBlooms

4 DONNINGTON PRIORY LOCOMOTIVES AND ACCESSORIES 2" TO 7" 1 1 A well engineered 2 1/2 inch gauge freelance model of a 4-8-2 Great Western mountain type express locomotive Aldebaran, built to the design Ursa Maximus by J A Josslin and featured in the Model Engineer in 1928, the cab with fittings including sight-glass, Bonds pressure gauge, regulator, reverse wheel control and lift up firebox door, chassis with twin outside cylinders and single inside cylinder with drain cocks, piston valves, safety valve and ratchet oiling system, the tender of double bogie design with fitted steps, handrails, rear ladder and fitted hand feed pump, the model finished in polished brass and steel brightwork with steps, handrails and detail rivet-work, 132cm long, the cab 14cm wide; with transportation cases. Boiler History: None available. 1,500-2,000 2 2 A well engineered 2 1/2 inch gauge 2-6-4 side tank locomotive, the copper boiler having fittings including sight-glass, pressure gauge and regulator, chassis with twin outside cylinders, being spirit fired with fuel tank built into tender, the model is finished in brass plate work with fitted steps, handrails, polished bright-work and fluted motion, 60cm long, the cab 13cm wide. Boiler History: None available. 500-700 3

5 DONNINGTON PRIORY 3 3 A well engineered 3 1/2 inch gauge model of London & North Western Railway 2-4-0 tender locomotive Ionic 1306, built to the LBSC design, the copper super-heated multi-tubed boiler with fittings including water and pressure gauges, blower, injector, whistle and clack valve, fire grate not present, the cab detail including regulator, sight glass, drain cock, traditional fire-box door, screw reverse and cab controlled drain-cock levers, the chassis with twin outside cylinders and single inside compound low pressure cylinder fitted with lubricator, also with steps, hand-irons, the six-wheel tender with fitted hand feed pump, water cock, brake, steps, hand rails and tool boxes, finished in lined black livery with polished brightwork, 98cm long, the cab 17cm wide; comes complete with a display track. Boiler History: None available. 1,500-2,000 4 4 A model of a 3 1/2 inch gauge 2-6-4 side tank locomotive Jupiter 7482 , built by Mr C Charles of Essex and based on the LMS types with overall dimensions increased slightly using castings from the Model Engineer design for Jubilee, having silver soldered multi-tube copper boiler fitted with super heater and feed heater pipe loops in the smokebox, cab having fittings including pressure gauge, sight glass, regulator and cylinder drain-cock control lever, fitted blower and blow down valves, reversing control, fire box door and steam brake control, chassis with twin outside, cast-iron, cylinders, having iron piston rings fitted with slide valve gear, ratchet oil lubricating system, fluted motion, eccentric driven water axle pump, clack valve, injector, steam whistle, hand operated feed pump, cylinder drain cocks and brakes, the locomotive finished in red and black livery with polished brightwork and having fitted steps and handrails, 95cm long, the cab 19cm wide; comes with transportation case and some photographic history. Boiler History: Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies Boiler Test Certificate No 5477. Boiler Identification Marks C7 205. Expired 31st March 2000. Test pressure 135 psi Working Pressure 90 psi. 800-1,200 4 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

6 DONNINGTON PRIORY 5 5 A well engineered 3 1/2 inch gauge model of a Caledonian Railway 4-4-0 tender locomotive 047, the copper boiler with fittings including water and pressure gauges, safety, whistle and clack valve, the cab detail including regulator, sight glass, fire-box door and direction lever, the chassis with twin outside cylinders having Walschaerts valve gear, fluted motion with split bronze bearings, inline water pump, ratchet lubricator, fitted steps, hand-irons and lamps, the six-wheel tender with fitted hand feed pump, brake, steps and hand rails, the locomotive finished in blue and black lined livery with polished brightwork,100cm long, 15cm wide. Boiler History: None available. 1,500-2,000 6 6 6 A well engineered 5 inch gauge model of a 0-4-4 Mallet C3 four cylinder articulated compound locomotive, built by Mr J Wilks of Surrey, the copper multi-tube boiler with fittings including sight-glass, pressure gauge, vacuum gauges, regulator, direction lever, brake to rear wheels, water tanks, feed pump, whistle, clack valve and twin Salters type spring safety valve, the chassis with four outside cylinders having Walschaerts valve gear and ratchet oiler system, the model finished in green and black livery with polished bright-work having fitted hand rails, steps and chimney cap, brass builders plaques to cab sides with three fitted lamps to front, 81cm long, 22cm wide. Boiler History: Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies Boiler Test Records. Certificate of pressure test No C 160952. Test Pressure 160 psi. Working pressure 80 psi. Hydraulic Test valid until 24th September 2017. Steam test valid until 24th September 2014. Awards: The model was awarded a bronze medal at the 2012 Model Engineering Exhibition, Sandown. 3,000-4,000 5

7 DONNINGTON PRIORY 8 9 8 A 5 inch gauge model of a LMS 20 ton brake van, the fitted interior with brake man, brake wheel, stove and kettles, the van comes with footboards and hand-rails on metal chassis with leaf spring 7 suspension, buffers and lamp, finished in grey and black livery, 62cm long, 22cm wide. 7 A 5 inch gauge model of a passenger coach, the 150-200 upper portion formed in moulded fibreglass with blanked windows and finished in grey, light blue 9 and white livery with red lining and mounted on A 5 inch gauge model of an 8 ton flat bed railway metal chassis with coil spring suspension, two wagon, for the transportation of Staveley Tube on double bogies, fitted buffers and linkage chains, metal chassis with leaf spring suspension, lever 176cm long, 25cm wide; comes complete with a operated brake to two wheels and having fitted transportation box. buffers and linkage chains, 59cm long, 22cm wide; 200-300 together with a transportation box. 150-200 6 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

8 DONNINGTON PRIORY 10 A 5 inch gauge model of a Shell - BP fuel tanker railway wagon, with fitted ladder on metal chassis with lever operated brakes to all four wheels, leaf spring suspension, buffers and linkage chains, finished in black livery, 50cm long, 22cm wide; comes complete with transportation box. 150-200 10 11 A 5 inch gauge model of a GEC Railway box carriage, with simulated plank-work and metal bracing on chassis with leaf spring suspension, lever operated brake to two wheels and fitted buffers, finished in grey and black livery, 52cm long, 22cm wide. 150-200 12 A 5 inch gauge model of a BWW 5 ton crane mounted on railway wagon, with leaf spring suspension and fitted buffers; together with BWW associated 7 ton railway wagon with lockable tool compartment, hand lever operated wheel brakes, 11 leaf spring suspension and fitted buffers, finished in black and grey livery, 110cm long in total, 22cm wide; comes with transportation box. 200-300 12 7

9 DONNINGTON PRIORY 13 13 A well engineered 5 in gauge model of a B.R. (ex LNER) Class B1 Roedeer 4-6-0 locomotive and tender, 61040, based on the design by Martin Evans with brazed copper boiler and fittings including water sight- glass, steam pressure gauge, safety valve, blower, injector, fitted steam brakes, direction screw control in cab, whistle and clack valve, the chassis with twin outside cylinders having Walschaerts valve gear, fluted motion, vacuum hoses and detailed couplings, cab controlled drain-cocks with associated pipework, twin mechanical lubricators, eccentric driven feed pump with bypass. Tender details including leaf springs, brake gear, water cock, hand operated feed pump, steps, hand irons and British Railways transfers to sides. The model is finished in British Railways black lined livery with polished bright-work, 172cm long, the cab 27cm wide. Boiler History: None available. 4,000-5,000 14 14 A 5 inch gauge model of a 0-6-0 diesel locomotive Charles 08 288 , the chassis with suspension and painted motion, the model is battery powered with driving controls, forward, reverse, horn and speed control, the model finished in blue, black and red livery and comes complete with two batteries and battery charger, 81cm long, the cab 23cm wide; together with a display track. 800-1,200 8 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

10 DONNINGTON PRIORY 15 15 A well engineered 5 inch gauge model of a 0-6-0 side tank locomotive, built by Mr. G Hooper of Cornwall to the design of Achilles, with silver soldered copper boiler and fittings including water sight-glasses, regulator, steam pressure gauge, safety valve, blower, brakes, firebox door, direction lever and cab operated lever for cylinder drain cocks, whistle and clack valve fitted, the chassis with twin outside cylinders 15/8 inch bore x 21/4 inch stroke having piston valves with Walschaerts gear, fluted motion, ratchet mechanical lubricating system and hand feed water pump, the model is finished in black livery with fitted steps, hand irons and polished bright-work, 86cm long, the cab 25cm wide; with driving trolley and two bogies. Boiler History: Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies Boiler Test Certificate No 9060. Expired 29th September 2003. Test pressure 120 psi. Working pressure 80 psi. 3,000-3,500 16 16 An exhibition standard rack of seven pieces of 5 inch gauge Midland Railway and LMS rolling stock, built by the award winning late Mr Fred Lee of Derbyshire with Midland Model Engineering Exhibition 2001 rolling stock award plaque, the rolling stock includes examples of an 8 ton covered goods wagon Midland Railway 14'11" Standard Underframe to the Derby Works Drawings No 1830, a Midland Railway 10 ton engineers wagon, a 12 ton seven plank coal wagon with side and bottom doors, and four complementary wagons all fitted with hand operated brake gear, wooden planked and metal pinned floors and finished in their correct liveries, (7). 800-1,200 9

11 DONNINGTON PRIORY 17 An exhibition standard 71/4 inch gauge model of a 0-4-2 side tank locomotive Eva Lee, built by the late Mr. Fred Lee to the design of Bridget by Ken Swan, with silver soldered copper boiler and fittings including twin water sight-glasses, regulator, steam pressure gauges, safety valve, blower, injector, brakes, lever operated sliding doors to firebox, direction lever and cab operated lever for cylinder drain cocks, whistle and clack valve fitted, the chassis with twin outside cylinders 11/2 inch bore x 23/4 inch stroke having Walschaerts gear, motion with fitted brass oiler cups, detailed couplings and sanding boxes with associated pipework, twin ratchet mechanical lubricating system, eccentric driven feed pump with bypass, six wheel driving tender with details including brake gear and driver foot rests, the model is finished in green and black livery with fitted steps and hand irons with polished bright-work, 88cm long, the cab 32cm wide; also some drawings and a display track. Boiler History: Boiler Identity Number N86-100-156-2002, Buxton Model Engineering Society original boiler test certificate No. 78/46 (not dated). Test Pressure 200 psi. Working pressure 100 psi. And a Northern Association of Model Engineers boiler test certificate No 156 Expired 10th April 2005. Test Pressure 200 psi. Working pressure 100 psi. 5,000-6,000 10 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

12 DONNINGTON PRIORY TRACTION ENGINES 18 A part built model of a 1 inch scale Minnie traction engine, approximately 75% completed, no boiler present. 200-400 19 A part built model of a 1 inch scale Minnie traction engine, with unfired copper multi-tube boiler together with sundry parts illustrated. Boiler History: Past Boiler Certificate No 178 issued by The Northern Association of Model Engineers. Expired 25th February 1992, (please 18 note one digit error on boiler identification Number N8-50-81/82). 150-250 20 A dismantled model of a 1 inch scale Minnie traction engine, the model comes with a replacement unused silver soldered copper boiler. 19 Boiler History: No. NB 45 222, Tested by the Fylde Society of Model Engineers in 1992, certificate number 222 available for inspection. Northern Association of Model Engineers, expired 13th March 1994. Test pressure 90 psi. Working pressure 45 psi. 150-250 20 11

13 DONNINGTON PRIORY 21 A fine exhibition quality 1 inch scale model of a Burrell single cylinder, two-speed, three-shaft general purpose agricultural traction engine, the copper boiler and normal fittings including pressure and water gauges, blower and clack valves with brassbound polished copper cladding, engine details include twin Ramsbottom safety valves, governor, bar-type crosshead guide with oil grooves, Stephenson link gear, cab-operated draincocks with jointed reach rod, gibb and cottered big end, hinged main bearing lubricator cap, twin outside road speeds with interlocking catch and lever and eccentric-driven feed pump with bypass valve, chassis fittings include scale size nuts and screws, hand band brake on second shaft, diff locking pins, differential, cable drum with scale steel rope, fairlead, towing pins, water-lift pipe brackets, spectacle plate lubricator for second and third shaft main bearings, 5-notch damper door control, 2-latch ashpan release, working steering and full riveting detail, the model finished in polished brass, copper and brightwork, 56cm long, 36cm wide. Provenance: Purchased at Christies, Brighton and Hove Engineerium Auction, 25th September 1978. 3,000-4,000 12 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

14 DONNINGTON PRIORY 22 A fine Exhibition quality 1 1/2 inch scale model of a Royal Chester Allchin traction engine, with single cylinder, two speeds and being a general purpose engine, the engine has a silver soldered gas fired copper boiler with fittings including water gauge with protector frame, pressure gauge, safety valve, blower, clack and blow-down valve, engine details include single cylinder approximately 1 inch bore x 11/2 inch stroke, drain cocks operated from driving position with associated pipework, mechanical lubricator, trunk type crosshead guide, Stephensons link reverse eccentric driven feed pump and bypass, two road speeds and spoked flywheel, pickering type governor, chassis details include spoked straked wheels with road tyres, worm and roller chain steering, spud pan, damper, cable drum, fairleads, water lifter with hose, hand brake to second shaft, wooden footboard and tool box, the model is finished in red and black lined paintwork, 42cm x 66cm; together with driving trolley and transportation case. Boiler History: Boiler No N8-90-266. Past boiler certificate available for inspection. Northern Association of Model Engineers. Certificate No 313. Expired 30th October 1997. Pressure test 140 psi. Working pressure 90 psi. 3,000-4,000 13

15 DONNINGTON PRIORY 23 A well engineered freelance approximate 2 inch scale model of a single cylinder traction engine, the copper boiler with fittings including sight glass, pressure gauge, regulator, safety valve, blower, clack and blow-down valve, engine details include single cylinder with drain cocks, two road speeds, open crank with Stephensons link reverse, crank driven water feed pump, ratchet oiler, clack, by-pass, whistle, lever operated ash pan, worm and chain steering and band brake to rear wheel, the model finished in green and black paintwork with rivet work detailing, 90cm long, 39cm wide; together with driving trolley. Boiler History: Past History The Northern Association of Model Engineers Certificate No 298. Expired 7th October 1994. Test pressure 150 psi. Working pressure 100 psi. 1,000-2,000 14 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

16 DONNINGTON PRIORY 24 A rare well engineered exhibition and award winning two inch scale model of the Fowler showmans road locomotive Hercules, built by model engineering brothers A.A. and C.W. Verity of Swinton, Sheffield in 1934, castings and drawings from their own research, the compound live steam engine with bores of approximately 1 3/8in and 2in diameters, fitted drain cocks to cylinders with associated pipework, copper boiler with fittings including two water sight glasses, pressure gauge, safety valve, blower valve, water lifter, clack and blowdown valves, brakes fitted to back wheels, cable drum and fairleads, lubricators, crosshead guides, Stephensons link reverse, eccentric driven feed pump and bypass, two road speeds and solid disc flywheel, chassis details include spoked straked wheels, worm and roller chain steering, side belly tanks with rivet work, electric coil wound dynamo, lights to canopy which is supported on polished brass olivers with fascia board painted Anderson & Warings Super Electric Amusements, fitted road lamps and chimney extension to canopy, the engine is finished in red, yellow and black paintwork with lining and polished brightwork, 111cm long, 45cm wide; together with a polished elm wood display table having fretwork decoration and inset brass dedication plaque. Boiler History: None available but has been steamed and used over the years. Awards: This model is sold together with the original engraved silver trophy won and presented to the Verity Brothers in 1949 at The Northern Models Exhibition held in Manchester which continued for a further twelve years. 1949 is believed to be the first time this exhibition was ever held. Provenance: By direct descendants from the Verity family and referred to in The Model Engineer in 1934 and appearing on the front cover of The Model Engineer 6th June 1940 together with an article on page 540, (a copy of the 1940 magazine is being sold with this lot, also some photographic history). 4,000-6,000 15

17 DONNINGTON PRIORY STATIONARY ENGINES 25 A fine exhibition quality and award winning model of the Sir William Armstrong horizontal twin cylinder hydraulic pumping engine, built by Mr J Wingate of Winchester from the design by Anthony Mount and castings from Cotswold Heritage, this award winning model with central mounted 180mm spoked flywheel set between the sole plate with eccentric driven links to steam valves and boiler feed pump, the connecting rods are forked with the hydraulic pumps located inside the forks keeping the layout compact, the steam cylinder piston rods are directly connected to the pistons of the hydraulic pumps thus providing a simple and direct drive, the engine is fitted with a wire rope driven large Watt type speed governor, cross-head guides with inset brass oiler cups, twin simple cylinders 19mm bore x 28mm stroke and lagged in planked mahogany with vertical steam isolating valves, the model is finished in green paintwork with polished bright work and mounted on a polished mahogany plinth with moulded edge and steam inlet point, plinth measuring 43cm x 14cm, 19cm high in total. Awards: The model won a bronze medal at The Model Engineer Exhibition 2013. Chief Judge Mr Ivan Law. Copy of certificate available for inspection. Note: The full size prototype of this very interesting engine can been seen at The National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port. 1,500-2,000 16 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

18 DONNINGTON PRIORY 26 28 26 28 A Stuart Turner No. 8 horizontal single cylinder A Stuart Turner 10H horizontal single cylinder mill engine, the metal lagged cylinder 1 inch bore x steam engine, the metal lagged cylinder 3/4 inch 1 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam bore x 3/4 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven valve, open crank with trunk guide, brass cylinder steam valve, open crank with horizontal trunk drain cocks, spoken flywheel and mounted on a guide, brass oiler cups, spoked flywheel and hardwood plinth measuring 28cm x 15cm, 13cm mounted on hardwood plinth measuring 24cm x high in total. 13cm, 11cm high in total. 100-150 80-120 27 29 27 29 A Stuart Turner 10V vertical single cylinder A Stuart Turner S50 horizontal single cylinder steam engine, the metal lagged cylinder 3/4 inch mill engine, the metal lagged cylinder 5/8 inch bore bore x 3/4 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven x 11/4 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam valve, open crank with vertical trunk guide, steam valve, open crank with cross-head guides, spoked flywheel and mounted on hardwood plinth spoked flywheel and mounted on hardwood plinth measuring 22cm x 12cm, 18cm high in total. measuring 26cm x 11cm, 12cm high in total. 80-120 80-120 17

19 DONNINGTON PRIORY 30 30 A Rider Ericsson vertical hot air pumping engine, with beam action linkage to spoked flywheel nine inches in diameter, oiler cups, drain cocks and supported on cast stand with chimney base to side (chimney extension not present), engine linked to water tank with associated pipework, the model finished in green paintwork with polished brass work and mounted on wooden plinth measuring 67cm x 22cm, 46cm high in total. 400-600 32 32 A Stuart Turner No. 9 horizontal single cylinder mill engine, the metal lagged cylinder 11/2 inch bore x 11/2 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam valve, steam control valve with 31 displacement oiler, exhaust, brass oiler cups to crank with spoked flywheel and mounted on 31 hardwood plinth measuring 30cm x 17cm, A model of a B4 Robinson hot air engine, built to 15cm high in total. 1/3 scale from a Maidstone Engineering set of castings, spoked flywheel and fitted brass oiler 200-300 cup, 12cm diameter, 25cm high including plinth. 200-300 18 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

20 DONNINGTON PRIORY 33 33 A Stuart Turner D10 vertical twin cylinder steam engine, the metal lagged cylinder 3/4 inch bore x 3/4 inch stroke, fitted with two eccentric driven steam valves, open crank with vertical trunk guides, sole plate and spoked flywheel, mounted 35 on wooden plinth measuring 18cm x 17cm, 35 16cm high in total. A Stuart Turner No. 4 vertical single cylinder 150-200 steam engine, the cylinder having 11/2 inch bore x 11/4 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam 34 valves, open crank with vertical slipper guide, sole A Stuart Turner S50 horizontal single cylinder plate and disc flywheel, model 16cm x 16cm, 25cm mill engine, the metal lagged cylinder 5/8 inch high in total. bore x 11/4 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam valve, open crank with cross-head guides 100-150 and spoked flywheel, 22cm x 8cm, 12cm high in total. 80-120 34 19

21 DONNINGTON PRIORY 36 A well engineered model of a diagonal twin cylinder 65 nominal horsepower compound paddle steamer engine, based on the original engine built in 1896 at the Sunderland works of Jameson & McColl and fitted to the Medway steamer Princess of Wales, the engine of open crank design with spoked wheel operated Stephensons reverse gear, crosshead guides with fitted brass oiler cups, arm linkage to fitted water pumps, compound cylinders bores 11/2in and 3in x 21/4in stroke with fitted brass drain cocks, pressure relief valves and supported on fabricated base, 30cm x 21cm; together with transportation case. 2,000-3,000 20 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

22 DONNINGTON PRIORY 37 37 A well engineered Stuart Turner S50 horizontal single cylinder mill engine, the metal lagged cylinder 5/8 inch bore x 11/4 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam valve, open crank with cross-head guides, spoked flywheel and mounted on hardwood plinth measuring 23cm x 10cm, 10cm high in total. 150-200 39 39 A well engineered Stuart Turner 7a vertical single cylinder live steam engine, built by Mr D J Howlett of Market Drayton, the metal lagged cylinder being 1 inch bore x 1 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam valve and reversing gear, open crank with trunk guide, brass cylinder drain cocks, spoke flywheel and mounted on hardwood plinth, 21cm 38 high in total. 38 250-350 A well engineered Stuart Turner S50 horizontal single cylinder mill engine, the metal lagged cylinder 5/8 inch bore x 11/4 inch stroke, fitted with eccentric driven steam valve, open crank with cross-head guides, spoked flywheel and mounted on hardwood plinth measuring 23cm x 10cm, 10cm high in total. 150-200 21

23 DONNINGTON PRIORY 40 40 A well engineered live steam model horizontal mill engine, built by Mr D J Howlett of Market Drayton to the Edgar T Westbury design Unicorn with castings from Reeves of Birmingham, the single cylinder with 3/4 inch bore x 11/4 inch stroke, spoked flywheel, fitted water pump and governor with bevel gear and linkage to steam shut off valve, the model finished in green and red paintwork with polished brightwork, 25cm long. 400-500 41 A well engineered Stuart Turner Williamson model of a live steam barn engine, built by Mr D J Howlett of Market Drayton, this model by Tubal Cain is a replica of a vertical engine made in the last century by the Kendal firm of Williamson Brothers, the cylinder with 5/8 inch bore x 11/8 inch stroke, spoked flywheel, open crank and guides set in reeded column, eccentric operated steam valve and fitted ball speed governor, the model is finished in red and green paintwork and mounted on hardwood plinth, 31cm high in total. 500-600 41 22 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

24 DONNINGTON PRIORY TOYS AND SCALE MODELS 42 A well engineered 2 inch scale model of a Shand Mason horse drawn fire engine, built by Mr J B Nickolls from Edgar T Westbury drawings and Reeves castings, the model with vertical copper boiler having J tubes, normal steam fittings, twin cylinder live steam engine with cylinder head lubricators, scotch cranks, eccentric driven feed pump with stop cocks, twin spoked flywheels and twin direct coupled water pumps with change over lever, water tanks, suction and delivery hose, chassis and body details include spoked wooden wheels with metal rims, turning lock, coal bunker, drivers seat with brass rail to back, box body with foot rest, brake gear, bell, two branches and lamp brackets, the model finished in red and black paintwork with brass plate inscribed Shand Mason & Co. Engineers, London, 56cm long, 36cm wide; comes complete with a glazed display case and a set of build instructions as published in The Model Engineer magazine. 2,000-3,000 23

25 DONNINGTON PRIORY 43 A recently restored full size horse drawn bakers delivery van, being of wooden construction and supported on twin axles with metal leaf springs, metal and wooden steering turn table, wooden spoked wheels with forged metal rims, steps and foot operated brake, linked to back wheels with wooden block brake shoes, the van comes complete with wooden shafts having metal fittings, finished in blue and red lined livery with drivers canopy, 236cm long (excluding shafts), 178cm wide (including wheels), 236cm high overall. Restoration: The bakers van has had a restoration completed in September 2013 by David Birch, Wendy House, 81 Battle Road, Hailshaw, East Sussex. 4,000-4,500 24 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

26 DONNINGTON PRIORY 44 A Bing model vertical steam engine, with vertical boiler having spirit burner, whistle, steam control and inline displacement oiler with pipework to single cylinder vertical steam engine with spoked flywheel, Bing impressed mark for 1924-1932, 32cm high. 100-150 45 A collection of three 1/24 scale model traction engines, by Midsummer Models Ltd. Cambridge, The President, General Gough and Britannia, all in original boxes, with packing and display cases. 150-200 46 No Lot 44 45 25

27 DONNINGTON PRIORY 47 A finely detailed model of the live steam Windermere paddle steamer Dodo, built by Mr Colin Ball of Bristol from his own research and photographs of the original paddle steamer which no longer exists, Mr Ball has named his model Daniel Gilbert and has built it on a Bob Underwood fibre glass hull which is wooden lined, planked and finished in 1/16 beech and mahogany ply, the boat is powered by a Cheddar Puffin horizontal wooden lagged boiler with fittings including sight glass, pressure gauge, super heater and inline displacement lubricator, steam feed control to Cheddar twin oscillating live steam engine modified to run lying on its side with four to one gearing to Grafner paddle wheels with feathering panels, the model is gas fired and has a water pump on the engine side and water storage tank to the rear, full remote control even down to a figure operating the steam whistle, comes with a radio control set and has finished detailing to a very high standard with saloon, figures, detailed rigging and comes with photographs and detailed steaming instructions issued by Cheddar Models, 131cm long, 44cm wide; together with transportation cradle. Boiler History: Northern Association of Model Engineers Boiler Test Records relating to the past, plus Cheddar Models past hydraulic pressure records and a current certificate from Cheddar Steam Club. No N105/ SC263402 which expires on 10th April 2014. Marked working pressure 45 psi. Safety Valve set at 40 psi. Boiler Number N105-45-121. The owner informs us that as this boiler is under 3 bar litre it does not need a new hydraulic test issued. 1,000-1,500 26 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

28 DONNINGTON PRIORY 48 48 A model of an early 20th century steam yacht, the hull fitted with brass three- blade propeller and shaped rudder, the model with horizontal copper central flue boiler with no burner present, boiler fittings include sight glass, pressure gauge, safety, steam supply to live steam vertical single cylinder engine with eccentric driven steam valve, oiler cup and solid flywheel to propeller shaft, supported on polished hardwood stand with engraved plaque S S Aroon, 136cm long, 16cm wide. 500-1,000 49 49 A scale model of a steam tug, complete with funnel, rigging, wheel house, steps, lockers, air vents, search light and electric motor fitted in hull, 110cm long, 25cm wide. 100-150 27

29 DONNINGTON PRIORY 50 50 A late Victorian model of a steam ship, the horizontal spirit fired boiler with weighted safety valve and mahogany planked lagging having brass bands and steam supply to brass vertical, single cylinder, steam engine also with mahogany planked cladding to cylinder and driving prop-shaft with disc flywheel linked to propellor, of totally wooden construction, 130cm long, 23cm wide; comes complete with display stand. 500-700 51 51 A collection of twenty one 1/600 scale and smaller Waterline models of ships, paddle steamers and tugs, including models of Arundel Castle, Walmer Castle, Dover Castle, Briton, Saxon, Norman and smaller models of ships, paddle steamers and tugs, (21). 200-300 28 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

30 DONNINGTON PRIORY RAILWAYANA 52 53 A collection of twelve name and makers plates: A Great Western Railway weighbridge enamel The Alaska Railroad, Constructors John Brown sign, GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY / NOTICE / Ltd, Pikrose Electro Hydraulic, Clarke Chapman STEAM ROLLERS, TRACTION / ENGINES, MOTOR and Co Ltd, Armstrong Whitworth Crusher, LORRIES / and similar Vehicles are strictly Sunderland Forge & Engineering Co Ltd, Tilghmans prohibited from passing over the plate of this Cart Compressor Ltd, Metropolitan Vickers Ltd, GEC Weighbridge..., with white lettering against a navy Mechanical Leslie Ltd, Venduct Ltd and W H Davis blue ground, 35.5cm x 25.5cm. and Sons Ltd., Mansfield. 50-70 50-100 54 54 A London & North Eastern Railway (later British Railways North Eastern region) brass wall clock, the circular white dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, marked B.R. (N.E.) and numbered 12053, the case with flange stamped 53 L.N.E.R. verso and with scratched name Redcliffe Sand, 18.5cm diameter. 100-150 29

31 DONNINGTON PRIORY 56 55 56 55 Terence Cuneo Simon Watson - three limited edition prints with Limited edition print certificates of authenticity and signed on mounts, Out of the Night No 489/500 No. 18/500 At Rest 38cm x 58cm framed, No. 7/500 Signed on mount Stourpaine 28cm x 42cm framed, and No. 26/500 39cm x 58cm A drink for us both 28cm x 42cm, (3). Framed. David Shepherd 100-150 Print Study for oil Muck and Sunlight 60cm x 50cm. Framed, (2). 100-150 30 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

32 DONNINGTON PRIORY 57 58 57 58 An LMS Railway three aspect hand lamp, with A British Railways lamp, with bulls-eye hook bracket and original burner together with a magnification aperture and burner, collection of BR(M) Railway lamp with bulls-eye magnification bound 71/4 inch gauge society magazines and aperture (burner not present). collection of six books, Railway Wonders of the World Edited by Clarence Winchester 2 vols., 50-100 Locomotives A.M.Bell 2 vols. The Worlds Locomotives by Chas.S.Lake and Meccano Magazines bound January 1927 to July 1927. 80-120 59 Great Western Railway; an evocative collection of twenty photographic images of locomotives, in shed in G.W.R. and B.R. livery, including Gladiator and Clun Castle, the photographers stamp verso, the largest 71/4in x 113/4in (18.3cm x 28.8cm), (20). 70-100 60 Midland & South Western & Great Western Railway; a miscellaneous collection of twenty images, including views of Kemble junction for Cirencester, Swindon West signal box, Penzance and other associated railway views, the photographers stamp verso, the largest 9in x 12in (22.8cm x 30.5cm), (20). 59 80-120 31

33 DONNINGTON PRIORY 61 62 61 NAUTICALIA Railway Personnel; a fine collection of twenty-five monochrome images of working men on British 65 Railways, mostly after nationalisation, including A pair of cast brass ships port holes, with fitted signalmen, guards, porters, gangers, engine toughened glass. Numbered 1 and 2 with screw drivers, firemen and others, photographers stamp operated openings, 44cm diameter. verso on each image, the largest 9in x 71/4in (22.8cm x 18.4cm), (25). 80-120 50-100 62 Railwaymen at work; a collection of twenty monochrome photographs, various sizes, the largest 9in x 71/4in (22.8cm x 18.4cm), taken during the working day at Paddington Station and other locations during the final years of steam, other images of passengers, photographers stamp verso, (20). 100-150 63 Midland & South Western Junction Railway; a collection of sixteen monochrome photographs taken just prior to the closure and track lifting of this railway, including images of locomotive 5306 in steam, the abandoned Foss Cross station and signalbox, each image with photographers stamp verso, each image approximately 71/2in x 91/4in (19cm x 23.5cm), (16). 66 100-150 66 64 An occasional table incorporating a teak eight- Dusk Silhouette; a romantic monochrome spoke ships wheel, 77cm high, the glass top photo-study of a G.W.R. Express train on a 76.5cm diameter Thames-side embankment, together with Signals 200-300 by Moonlight, location unknown, both images with photographers stamp verso, approximately 91/4in x 71/2in (23.5cm x 19cm), (2). 80-120 32 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

34 DONNINGTON PRIORY AERONAUTICA FROM THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DAVID E AINSLIE EVANS 67 67 A French two-tone walnut and mahogany two- blade propeller, stamped Les Fils de ? Freres / Heliges / Paris and, additionally, SFA, Serie No.240 and No.618, 209cm diameter, mounted to a metal plate for wall-hanging. 300-500 69 69 Supermarine S.6B; a silver-plated brass car mascot model of this famous Schneider trophy aircraft, the underside of the starbond float stamped Rolls-Royce, with rotating propeller, on stand, 6in (15.2cm) wing span mounted on an oak plinth base. 200-300 OTHER PROPERTIES 70 Hovercraft and Air cushion vehicles; a good collection of manufacturers press and private 68 photographs of these vehicles, from prototypes to 68 those in civil and military use, many experimental [Photographs]. AVIATION. Bristol aircraft. types illustrated, some extraordinary creations Thirty-eight black and white official publicity from Bertin and Cie, Westland, Vickers, Saunders images of aircraft, from early biplanes to Second Roe and others, approximately 110 images World War fighters, most on the ground and displayed in two folders, together with a stationary, including the Braemar Mark II and watercolour and gouache painting, heightened Beaufighter, various sizes, the average with white of Hoverlloyd and Bell Aerosystems 18cm x 24cm. vehicles, 7in x 81/4in (17.8cm x 21cm), framed and glazed, (a lot). 100-150 200-300 33

35 DONNINGTON PRIORY 71 71 LAeronautique -Revue Mensvelle Illustree; seven issues - February 1937, May 1937, June 1937, January 1939, January 1940, February 1940, April 73 1940, some covers detached and stained, contents 73 good, many colour advertisement plates, special Wyllie (Iain) - after; a collection of twenty colour features include the Hindenburg disaster, the prints, after the original paintings by the artist of 16th Paris Salon, the Finnish/Soviet conflict, civil and military aircraft, types include Bristol details of the Schneider Trophy Macchi-Castoldi Brabazon, Boeing Clipper, the Howard Hughes M.C. 72 and many articles of similar interest with Spruce Goose, Handley-Page H.P.42, Hawker photographs, technical drawings and graphs, (7). Hart, Junkers G-38 and others, each 91/2in x 93/4in 70-90 (23.5cm x 24.8cm), (21). 40-60 72 Danilowatz, (Josef) The Danube Express - the 74 high-speed train passing the great Abbey at Melk Avro; a company brochure illustrating and on the Danube, paddle steamers on the river, one describing the Tutor training biplane, the 626, drawing alongside the Abbey jetty, Cadet, 636 fighter, 652 Anson, 642 airliner in twin chromolithograph after the original painting by the engined and four engined form, 18pp original artist, 23in x 34in (58.5cm x 86.3cm) framed and covers C. 1934, together with a City of Gothenburg glazed. See illustration Aero Exhibition catalogue 1923, a Bristol Airport Josef Danilowatz (1877-1945). Studied at the Art opening brochure including flying programme, Academy in Vienna. Became well-known for his numerous illustrations, advertisements and depiction of industrial scenes, particularly diagrams, dated May 31st 1930, a Miles M100 locomotives, mining, tramways and associated Student brochure, 26pp original colour plates, figures. He was engaged by the toy maker Marklin diagrams and descriptive text, Bristol Type 140 for whom he created the artwork for their model pilots notes and other items, (a lot). locomotive boxes 100-150 250-350 74 34 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

36 DONNINGTON PRIORY 77 75 78 de Havilland; an original manual with illustrations English Electric Lightning; a fine collection of for the D.H. 90 Dragonfly, together with manufacturers, press, publicity, private and approximately 85 photographs of de Havilland M.O.D. photographs of this iconic aircraft, many aircraft, types include Dragon/Dominie, good air-to-air aircraft portraits, formations, Mosquito, Sea Harrier, Vampire, Chipmunk, various squadron liveries, pilots and other service Dove, Heron and many others 1925-75, (a lot). personnel, many images with labels or inscribed verso, some in colour, a memorable collection of a 150-200 much respected aircraft, approximately 50 images contained in a folder. 76 LAutomobile aux Armes; 2nd year No. 25 dated 100-150 15.4.1918, numerous cartoons of the period, many fine advertisements for Renault, Citroen, Ballot, Salmson and other manufacturers colour covers, folio; together with a good copy of Englebert Magazine Jan/Feb 1921 covering the XVII Salon de LAutomobile de Bruxelles numerous colour plates, advertisements text with vehicle specifications, and an Italian framed advertisement for Shell petrol, (3). 50-70 79 77 79 Aircraft of the United States Navy and Army Air Concours dAviation; en Aeroplane, Force; a good collection of manufacturers press, Course dAeroplanes and Gesetzl Geschutzt publicity and private photographs - various sizes, (patented), four games-box lid coloured 1935-1975, piston to jet age, numerous types from lithographs, early 20th century, each with aviation various manufacturers including Boeing, Curtiss, scenes of the period, the largest 13in x 18in Lockheed, McDonnell, Republic and others, many (33cm x 45.7cm), (4). labelled or inscribed verso, approximately 120 images contained in two folders. 60-80 150-200 35

37 DONNINGTON PRIORY 80 80 Aerobatics; a collection of colour and black and white photographs, of varying sizes of aerobatic aircraft flown by Brian Lecomber and other pilots for competition and air display work, the aircraft painted in various liveries for Jaguar, MG, Daily Express, Rover, Microlease and other sponsors, 45 images, the largest 12in x 18in (30.5cm x 45.7cm). 40-60 81 Ala Littoria S.A.; a collection of original company publicity photographs of pilots and other personnel, aircraft and some views of this fascist airlines destinations, aircraft types include Caproni, Cant, Savoia-Marchetti and others, most showing the aircraft identification letters, a historical collection from the original company archive, approximately 145 images, many inscribed verso, contained in a folder. 150-200 82 82 Ala Littoria S.A.; an original photographic archive from this fascist period airline, various images showing the inspection of aircraft by Benito Mussolini, inspections of civil and military aircraft by various dignitaries, flights of Ala Littoria, Swissair and other aircraft, airshows, commemorative events and other historical meetings of the good and the great, approximately 30 images contained in a cord-bound album. 100-150 36 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

38 DONNINGTON PRIORY 84 Caproni Aeromobile Civil Borea; a company specification publicity brochure for this Alfa- Romeo powered twin-engined light transport aircraft, four pages of type-written specification text, together with four views of the prototype 1- MERA, each with official company stamp in red verso, a fold-out three-view die-line drawing dated Sept. 1935 within original marbled blue covers; and a four page colour brochure for the Caproni da Turismo P.S.1 monoplane, the cover with artwork by 83 Gianpaolo, a three view die-line drawing of the 83 Reggiane Re2000 Falco, another of the Ca.73 and a Caproni Aeromobile AP1; a rare official company photo reproduction of a flying control system, (a lot). folio dated 10/4/1936 describing this Alfa-Romeo 80-120 powered two-seat fighter-bomber, the type written descriptive text on thirteen large format pages with three sepia photographs of this aircraft, each stamped verso with Caproni Technical Publicity text, with four dye-line fold out three-view drawings of the A.P.1 showing location of components, within original blue covers; together with an eight-page specification folio of the sleek Caproni CAB. 330 float-plane including drawings, specifications and graphs, (2). 150-200 85 85 Aeroplani Caproni; a rare collection of seven aircraft sales and publicity brochures, A-4 format, all original with technical descriptions and photographs after the original, for the Caproni 311 powered by the P.V11.C35 radial, the Caproni 312 and 312 bis powered by the P.XV1.RC35 complete with fold-out diagrams and three-quarter view of the seaplane version, the 312 JS seaplane, the Ca313 French language brochure 16pp with inter- leaved photographs after the original and a fold-out three-view drawing, a similar brochure in Italian with Isotta-Fraschini Delta R.C.351.DS engine details, and another for the Argus engined Ghibli, one photograph showing this elegant aircraft with engine-turned fishscale aluminium finish, (7). 84 250-350 37

39 DONNINGTON PRIORY 86 88 86 BREDA., Soc Ital E; a collection of Company brochures, publicity material and the aircraft log book for Breda 39 no. 3871 with original publicity photographs, one signed and inscribed, 21 images, some inscribed verso, some by Foto-Petitti, one with (?) Marshal Balbo beside 1-AAUL and others of similar interest. 200-300 87 Alitalia and other airlines; a miscellaneous collection of press and other photographs of civil airliners post 1970, many inscribed verso, approximately 80 images, all un-mounted. 89 40-60 89 Charles E Brown; a fine air-to air photograph of Short Stirling N3676, with two others over the 88 English countryside, c.1941, together with nine Ala Littoria S.A; a collection of official fascist other similar sized air-to-air photographs, a four period publicity photographs of air and ground cannon Hawker Hurricane, a Handley-Page crews, various Savoia and other aircraft Halifax, a formation of Westland Whirlwinds a passengers including Mary Pickford, religious and Bristol Beaufighter with underslung torpedo, a military dignitaries and others of similar period short Sunderland, a Bristol Beaufort of the interest, 42 images contained in a cord-bound R.A.A.F, de Havilland Mosquito, Vickers album from the Archivo Fofgrafico at Ala Littoria, Wellington L4367 with L4369 and Avro Lancaster some inscribed verso. W4113, each image 16in x 20in (40.7cm x 50.8cm) 200-300 some with provenance verso, (10). 50-80 38 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

40 DONNINGTON PRIORY 90 Junkers G38; a collection of period photographs of this 1930s Giant-of-the-air, including this aircraft under construction, at roll-out, technical details, taxiing trials, views of take-off, when airborne and one landing approach, 23 images contained in a folder with a copy of Au pays des Geant de Lair by J. Le Boucher, (a lot). 60-80 92 92 Savoia-Marchetti; a collection of photographs of various flying boat types of the inter-war period, including the S55, S78, Macchi, Piaggio and others, each with original Stato Maggione Aeronautica stamp, with allied inscription verso, approximately 40 images. 100-150 91 91 Aero Engines; an original blue-print drawing of a 9-cylinder radial SH-12 engine, the side-view drawing by Siemens V. Halske A.G. drawing number 95222/0122; together with a similar blue- print drawing of the Colombo RC-45-1500CV engine (full size) and the Curtiss R3C-1 & 2 Army 93 and Navy 1925 Racing bi-plane drawn by Joseph Nieto, (3). 93 Aeronautica Macchi-Varese; an aircraft flying log 100-150 book for I-MISO and MB320 No. 5911 dated 12.7.61 recording a number of official flights flown by a pilot (un-named) of the Societa Nazionale Metanodotti - SNAM 1952-1962, with photograph of I-MISO and period documentation contained in a folio (a lot). 80-120 39

41 DONNINGTON PRIORY 94 94 Francesco de Pinedo; Plus Ultra de Pinedo a rare brochure published to celebrate the remarkable achievements of this famous Italian aviator who flew, in 1925, to Tokyo via Australia, and to South and North America returning to Italy in 1927, together with a quantity of original photographs of Pinedo with his various aircraft including Savoia Marchetti types, (a lot). 150-250 95 95 Savoia - Gli Aeroplani e Idrovolanti pub. Dal Giornale dItalia del 31 Maggio 1917 27pp - original marbled covers; together with a private photograph album containing 88 images, some with inscriptions of Savoia flying boats, pilots and ground areas including Della Gouda, Mattioli and others, and a quantity of official Stato Maggiore Aeronautica images of aircraft, personnel and a telegram, from Ing Marchetti to Capt. Proto Savoia, (a lot). 200-300 40 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

42 DONNINGTON PRIORY 98 98 Ala Littoria S.A; a collection of original company photographs relating to the Italian expansion into 96 North Africa and other areas, images include 96 officials in Breda 44 aircraft, Savoia types and Alfa-Romeo D2; a rare brochure for this nine- similar machines, many unusual illustrations of cylinder radial aero engine, 33pp and two fold-out senior Royal and official dignitaries, approximately diagrams, together with fourteen plates, dated 60 images contained in an official Ala Littoria 18.4.1933, original covers, some minor staining to archive album with cord ties. covers. 100-150 80-120 97 97 Fiat Motori dAviazione; a catalogue pub. 1931, illustrating and describing numerous Fiat aero- 99 engines and aircraft either built by or using Fiat engines 74pp, original covers with illustrations 99 after the original, graphs and specifications; World War I; Caproni aircraft; a rare Biplano together with two original specification brochures Caproni 300/350hp illustrated parts manual, with for the Fiat G.12 trimotor, including fold-out twenty-nine plates illustrating component parts of diagrams dated 6.3.39 and 21.2.41, (3). this aircraft pub. 1915-1916 landscape folio, original cord-bound covers; together with a similar manual 150-200 for the Biplano 60hp, 25pp of inventoried aircraft components with nine illustrated plates, original embossed illustrated cover, (2). 400-600 41

43 DONNINGTON PRIORY AUTOMOBILIA FROM THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DAVID E AINSLIE EVANS 100 100 Caproni Ca73 - 73 bis; a rare original 1925 Ca73 illustrated landscape format brochure for this successful military and civil aircraft notably for the variety for the power plants used being in 102 Italian Air France service for eight years, 14pp and 102 six plates, original marbled covers illustrating the Star spanners; a collection of four original wheel-nut Caproni logo, cord-bound. spanners, one embossed Star Motor, Wolverhampton, 150-200 with company logo at centre, another embossed Star Engineering Co. Ltd, another stamped 1591 with W 101 beneath trademark and another to fit the wheelnuts Fretwell (Keith); Breguet XIX Super Bidon Port of the 11.9hp and 12/25 models, (A). Dinterrogation, 20in x 28in (50.5cm x 73cm) 100-150 watercolour and gouache heightened with white, signed by the artist; together with U.S. Navy F4-B4 No. 9026, original by L. Hasegamo 231/4in x 401/4in 103 (59cm x 102.2cm) similar medium, signed by the Hub caps; a group of five brass hub-caps, one with artist, on board, (2). Star logo in relief, two Edwardian period caps, another engraved Edward Evans Builder Dudley and a large 100-150 cap with Star log in relief 5in (12.7cm) diameter; together with two rubber running-board mats, (a lot). 40-60 103 42 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

44 DONNINGTON PRIORY 104 105 104 105 Radiator scripts; a brass script for a Briton car, a Star Comet; a radiator badge for the 18/50 and nickel-brass script for an early vintage Star 20/60 Comet and Planet range of cars, chromium radiator with mounting studs, and another for a plated with red enamelled Star on black ground, late vintage period Star car, (3). stamped SALE BIRMINGHAM verso; together with a Little Comet 14/40 chromium plated badge with 150-200 red enamelled background to Star logo and name, 31/2in (9cm) high, and a Star Comet series radiator cap with adjustable fluted centre, (3). 80-120 106 106 Star miscellany; an original Star Motor Co. Ltd bulkhead plate for car no. E240, an Edwardian period sprung shackle with Star motif on the adjustable greaser, a Veteran Motorists 5 year membership badge with Star badge, five star Jason model hub-plates, three Comet similar, a Jason hub-plate die stamped SNC & Co., a modern key fob in the form of a star, and a brass snuffbox stamped David Evans 1907 Llainlas, (a lot). 60-80 43

45 DONNINGTON PRIORY 107 Star car radiator mascot; an early vintage period nickel mascot stamped Joseph Fray Ltd, Birmingham, the dancing naked lady in shallow relief, on original period brass and Bakelite radiator cap 41/2in (11.5cm) high. 250-350 108 Star car radiator mascot; a similar vintage period nickel mascot stamped on the base Joseph Fray Ltd, Birmingham, the dancing lady in bolder relief, the original mould having been re-worked showing some drapery, on original period brass and 107 Bakelite radiator cap, 41/2in (11.5cm). 108 250-350 109 110 111 109 110 111 Star car radiator mascot; a Star car radiator mascot; a Star car radiator mascot; a late mid-vintage period nickel similar mascot, the nickel finish vintage, possibly Jason series mascot indistinctly stamped un-polished the makers mark mascot, chromium plated brass, with makers mark (not Joseph and Reg. no. stamped inverted, the figure in bold relief well Fray), and registered no. 694695, on Bakelite and nickel-plated marked on the base, on the figure in bold relief, on brass radiator cap, 43/4in vulcanite radiator cap, 41/4in chrome plated brass radiator (12cm) high. (10.8cm) high. cap 41/2in (11.5cm) high. 200-300 200-300 200-300 112 Auto Union; an aluminium desk-top static model of this fearsome and famous 1930s racing car, modelled with driver and steering wheel, sixteen dummy exhaust pipes, radiator and other details, 151/4in (38.7cm) long. 112 200-300 44 tel. +44 (0) 1635 553 553

46 DONNINGTON PRIORY BOOKS FROM THE ESTATE OF THE LATE DAVID E AINSLIE EVANS 115 Smith (Brian) Vanden Plas Coachbuilders, dust- jacket, original cloth, 1979: Hay (Michael) Bentley The 113 Vintage Years, dust-jacket, original cloth, 1986: Conway (H.G.) Bugatti - le pur-sang des automobiles, 113 dust-jacket, original cloth, 1964, plus a quantity of Lamps; a veteran period brass Lucas Petroleum other car related vol., various sizes, (qty). motor lamp, 14in (35.6cm) high, a nickel-plated 150-200 brass Joseph Lucas Aceta no. 316 cycle lamp, 51/2in (14cm) high, a Powell & Hammer Revenge 116 cycle lamp (nickel plating faded, hinge to front Court (William), A History of Grand Prix Motor lens a/f), 61/4in (16cm) high, and a hand-held brass Racing 1906-1951, dust-jacket, original cloth, 1966: carbide lamp 73/4in (19.3cm) high, (4). Birmingham (A.T.) The Production and Competition 150-200 History of the Pre-1939 Riley Motor Cars, dust-jacket, original cloth, 1965: Atkinson (Kevin) The Singer Story, OTHER PROPERTIES Cars ,Commercial Vehicles, Bicycles, Motorcycles, dust-jacket, original cloth, 1996, plus a quantity of other vehicle related vol., various sizes, (qty). 150-200 117 Boddy (William), The History of the Brooklands Motor Course, dust-jacket, original cloth, 1957: Schrader (Halwart) BMW A History, dust-jacket, original cloth, 1979: Balfour (Christopher) Bristol Cars A Very British Story, dust-jacket, original cloth, 2009, plus a quantity of transport related and other vol., various sizes, (qty). 100-150 OTHER PROPERTIES 114 118 114 Cox (E.S.), Locomotive Panorama, 2 vol., dust- A Finnigan of New Bond Street London Picnic jackets, original cloth, 1965/66: Ellis (C. Hamilton) case, being bound in green leather with brown The North British Railway, dust-jacket, rubbed, leather edging and carrying handles, the case original cloth, 1959: Nock (O.S.) Britains New comes with fitted interior, two leather mounted Railway, dust jacket, original cloth, 1966, plus a Autotherm vacuum flasks, six white enamelled quantity of other railway related books and sandwich trays, five various tea cups, five coffee pamphlets, various sizes, (qty). cans and selection of cutlery (incomplete), English 150-200 Patent No. 18693/1909, 63cm x 40cm x 18cm (25 inches x 16 inches x 7 inches). 119 Provenance: Nunney Court, Wiltshire, formerly the Thomas (David A.), Submarine Victory, dust- residence of Mr Rob Walker, of Formula One's jacket, original cloth, 1961: Agar (Augustus) highly successful Rob Walker Racing team. Footprints in the Sea, dust-jacket, original cloth, 1959: Shankland (Peter & Anthony Hunter) 150-250 Dardanelles Patrol. dust-jacket, rubbed, original cloth, 1964, plus a quantity of other Naval related books, various sizes, (qty). 150-200 45

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If transferring from a foreign Estimates do not include the Buyers Premium or VAT (where chargeable). currency, the amount we receive must be the total due in pounds Estimates are prepared some time before the sale and may be altered by sterling (after currency conversion and the deduction of any bank announcement before the sale. They are in no sense definitive. charges). Our bank details can be found on the reverse of your invoice or in the sale catalogue under Important Notices. 4. Buyers Premium. The Buyer agrees to pay a buyer's premium on the hammer price of each lot purchased. The buyer's premium is 24% Debit cards drawn on a UK bank and registered to a UK billing address. (28.8% including VAT) of the hammer price on each lot up to and There is no additional charge for purchases made with these cards. including 150,000, plus 12% (14.40% including VAT) for any amount in Debit cards drawn on an overseas bank or deferred debit cards will be excess of 150,000.VAT at the prevailing rate of 20% is added to all of subject to a 3% surcharge. these premiums and additional charges as defined below. Sterling cash payments of up to 8,000 and debit cards payments can 5. VAT. (*) indicates that VAT is payable by the purchaser at the standard be made at the Cashiers Office, either during or after the sale. rate (presently 20%) on the hammer price as well as being an element 12. Collection and storage. Please note what the Conditions of Sale state in the buyers premium. This imposition of VAT is likely to be because about collection and storage. It is important that goods are paid for the seller is registered for VAT within the European Union and is not and collected promptly. Any delay may involve the buyer in paying operating the Dealers Margin Scheme or because VAT is due at 20% on storage charges. importation into the UK. The double symbol (**) indicates that the lot 13. Droit de suite royalty charges. From 1st January 2012 all UK art has been imported from outside the European Union and the present market professionals (which includes but is not limited to; auctioneers, position is that these lots are liable to a reduced rate of VAT (5%) on dealers, galleries, agents and other intermediaries) are required to the gross lot price (i.e. both the hammer price and the buyers collect a royalty payment for all works of art that have been produced premium). Lots which appear without either of the above symbols by qualifying artists each time a work is re-sold during the artists indicate that no VAT is payable on the hammer price. This is because lifetime and for a period up to 70 years following the artists death. This such lots are sold using the Auctioneers Margin Scheme and it should payment is only calculated on qualifying works of art which are sold be noted that the VAT included within the Premium is not recoverable for a hammer price more than the UK sterling equivalent of EURO as input tax. 1,000 the UK sterling equivalent will fluctuate in line with prevailing 6. Descriptions and Conditions. Condition reports are provided on our exchange rates. website or upon request. The absence of a report does not imply that a It is entirely the responsibility of the buyer to acquaint himself with the lot is without imperfections. The detail in a report will reflect the precise EURO to UK Sterling exchange rate on the day of the sale in estimated value of the lot, and large numbers of such requests received this regard, and the auctioneer accepts no responsibility whatsoever shortly before the sale may not receive a response to all lots. Members All items in this catalogue that are marked with are potentially if the qualifying rate is different to the rate indicated. of staff are not trained restorers or conservators and, particularly for higher value lots, you should obtain an opinion from such a professional. qualifying items, and the royalty charge will be applied if the hammer We recommend that you always view a lot in person. price achieved is more than the UK sterling equivalent of EURO We are, primarily, agents for the seller. We are dependent on information 1,000.The royalty charge will be added to all relevant buyers invoices, provided by the seller and whilst we may inspect lots and act reasonably and must be paid before items can be cleared. All royalty charges are in taking a general view about them we are normally unable to carry out passed on to the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS), no a detailed or any examination of lots in order to ascertain their condition handling costs or additional fees with respect to these charges will be in the way in which it would be wise for a buyer to do. Intending buyers retained by the auctioneers. have ample opportunity for inspection of goods and, therefore, accept responsibility for inspecting and investigating lots in which they may The royalty charge that will be applied to qualifying items which be interested. Please note carefully the exclusion of liability for the achieve a hammer price of more than the UK sterling equivalent of condition of lots contained in the Conditions of Sale. Neither the seller EURO 1,000, but less than the UK sterling equivalent of EURO 50,000 nor we, as the auctioneers, accept any responsibility for their condition. is 4%. For qualifying items that sell for more than the UK sterling In particular, mechanical objects of any age are not guaranteed to be equivalent of EURO 50,000 a sliding scale of royalty charges will apply in working order. However, in so far as we have examined the goods and for a complete list of the royalty charges and threshold levels, please make a representation about their condition, we shall be liable for any see There is no VAT payable on this royalty charge. defect which that examination ought to have revealed to the auctioneer but which would not have been revealed to the buyer had the buyer TERMS OF CONSIGNMENT FOR SELLERS examined the goods. Additionally, in specified circumstances lots misdescribed because they are deliberate forgeries may be returned 1. Interpretation. In these Terms the words you, yours, etc. refer to the and repayment made. There is a 3 week time limit. (The expression Seller and if the consignment of goods to us is made by an agent we deliberate forgery is defined in our Conditions of Sale). assume that the Seller has authorised the consignment and that the 7. Electrical goods.These are sold as antiques only and if bought for use consignor has the Sellers authority to contract. Similarly the words must be checked over for compliance with safety regulations by a we, us, etc. refer to the Auctioneers. qualified electrician first. 2. Warranty. The Seller warrants that possession in the lots can be 8. Export of goods. Buyers intending to export goods should ascertain (a) transferred to the Buyer with good and marketable title, free from any whether an export licence is required and (b) whether there is any specific third party right and encumbrances, claims or potential claims. The Seller prohibition on importing goods of that character because, e.g. they may has provided all information concerning the items ownership, condition contain prohibited materials such as ivory. Ask us if you need help. and provenance, attribution, authenticity, import or export history and of any concerns expressed by third parties concerning the same. 9. Bidding. Bidders may be required to register before the sale commences and lots will be invoiced to the name and address on the 3. All commissions and fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate. registration form. Some form of identification may be required if you 4. Commission is charged to sellers at the following rates:- please enquire are unknown to us. Please enquire in advance about our arrangements at our salerooms. for telephone bidding. 5. Removal costs. Items for sale must be consigned to the saleroom by 10. Commission bidding. Commission bids may be left with the any stated deadline and at your expense. We may be able to assist you auctioneers indicating the maximum amount to be bid excluding with this process but any liability incurred to a carrier for haulage buyers premium. They will be executed as cheaply as possible having charges is solely your responsibility. 46

48 6. Loss and damage of goods. 16. Authority to deduct commission and expenses and retain premium (a) Loss and Damage Warranty - Dreweatts is not authorised by the FSA and interest. to provide insurance to its clients, and does not do so. However (a) You authorise us to deduct commission at the stated rate and all Dreweatts for its own protection, assumes liability for property expenses incurred for your account from the hammer price and consigned to it at the lower pre-sale estimate until the hammer falls. consent to our right to retain beneficially the premium paid by the To justify accepting liability, Dreweatts makes a charge of 1.5% of buyer in accordance with our Conditions of Sale and any interest the hammer price plus VAT, subject to a minimum charge of 1.50, earned on the sale proceeds until the date of settlement. or if unsold 1.5% of our lower estimate. The liability assumed by (b) You authorise us in our discretion to negotiate a sale by private Dreweatts shall be limited to the lower pre-sale estimate or the treaty not later than the close of business 48 hours after the day of hammer price if the lot is sold. sale in the case of lots unsold at auction, in which case the same (b) If the owner of the goods consigned instructs us in writing not to take charges will be payable as if such lots had been sold at auction and such action, the goods then remain entirely at the owners risk unless so far as appropriate these Terms apply. and until the property in them passes to the Buyer or they are 17. Warehousing. We disclaim all liability for goods delivered to our collected by or on behalf of the owner, and clause 6 (a) is inapplicable. saleroom without sufficient sale instructions and reserve the right to 7. Illustrations.The cost of any illustrations is borne by you. If we consider make minimum warehousing charge of 10 per lot per day. Unsold lots that the Lot should be illustrated your permission will be asked first. are subject to the same charges if you do not remove them within a The copyright in respect of such illustrations shall be the property of reasonable time of notification. If not removed within three weeks we us, the auctioneers, as is the text of the catalogue. reserve the right to sell them and defray charges from any net 8. Minimum bids and our discretion. Goods will normally be offered proceeds of sale or at your expense to consign them to the local subject to a reserve agreed between us before the sale in accordance authority for disposal. with clause 9. We may sell Lots below the reserve provided we account 18. Settlement. After sale settlement of the net sum due to you normally to you for the same sale proceeds as you would have received had the takes place within 28 days of the sale (by crossed cheque to the seller) reserve been the hammer price. If you specifically give us a discretion unless the buyer has not paid for the goods. In this case no settlement we may accept a bid of up to 10% below the formal reserve. will then be made but we will take your instructions in the light of our 9. Reserves. Conditions of Sale. You authorise any sums owed by you to us on other (a) You are entitled to place prior to the auction a reserve on any lot transactions to be deducted from the sale proceeds. You must note consigned, being the minimum hammer price at which that lot may the liability to reimburse the proceeds of sale to us as under the be sold. Reserves must be reasonable and we may decline to offer circumstances provided for in Condition 12 above. You should therefore goods which in our opinion would be subject to an unreasonably high bear this potential liability in mind before parting with the proceeds reserve (in which case goods carry the storage and loss and damage of sale until the expiry of 28 days from the date of sale. warranty charges stipulated in these Terms of Consignment). (b) A reserve once set cannot be changed except with our consent. CONDITIONS OF SALE (c) Where a reserve has been placed only we may bid on your behalf and Bloomsbury Auctions carries on business with bidders, buyers and all only up to the reserve (if any) and you may in no circumstances bid those present in the auction room prior to or in connection with a sale on personally. the following General Conditions and on such other terms, conditions and (d) Reserves are not usually accepted for lots expected to realise below notices as may be referred to herein. 100 1. Definitions 10. Electrical items. These are subject to detailed statutory safety In these Conditions: controls. Where such items are accepted for sale you accept (a) auctioneer means the firm of Bloomsbury Auctions or its responsibility for the cost of testing by external contractors. Goods authorised auctioneer, as appropriate; not certified as safe by an electrician (unless antiques) will not be (b) deliberate forgery means an imitation made with the intention of accepted for sale. They must be removed at your expense on your deceiving as to authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or being notified. We reserve the right to dispose of unsafe goods as source but which is unequivocally described in the catalogue as refuse, at your expense. being the work of a particular creator and which at the date of the 11. Soft furnishings. Soft furnishings. The sale of soft furnishings is sale had a value materially less than it would have had if it had been strictly regulated by statute law in the interests of fire safety. Goods in accordance with the description; found to infringe safety regulations will not be offered and must be (c) hammer price means the level of bidding reached (at or above any removed at your expense. We reserve the right to dispose of unsafe reserve) when the auctioneer brings down the hammer; goods as refuse, at your expense. (d) terms of consignment means the stipulated terms and rates of The rights of disposal referred to in clause 10 and 11 are subject to the commission on which Bloomsbury accepts instructions from provisions of The Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, Schedule sellers or their agents; 1, a copy of which is available for inspection on request (e) total amount due means the hammer price in respect of the lot 12. Descriptions. Please assist us with accurate information as to the sold together with any premium, Value Added Tax chargeable and provenance etc. of goods where this is relevant. There is strict liability any additional charges payable by a defaulting buyer under these for the accuracy of descriptions under modern consumer legislation Conditions; and in some circumstances responsibility lies with sellers if (f) sale proceeds means the net amount due to the seller, being the inaccuracies occur. We will assume that you have approved the hammer price of the lot sold less commission at the stated rate, catalogue description of your lots unless informed to the contrary. Value Added Tax chargeable and any other amounts due to us by the Where we are obliged to return the price to the buyer when the lot is seller in whatever capacity and however arising; a deliberate forgery under Condition 15 of the Conditions of Sale and (g) You, Your, etc. refer to the buyer as identified in Condition 2. we have accounted to you for the proceeds of sale you agree to (h) The singular includes the plural and vice versa as appropriate. reimburse us the sale proceeds. 2. Bidding procedures and the Buyer 13. Unsold. Unsold. If an item is unsold it may at our discretion be re-offered (a) Bidders are required to register their particulars before bidding and at a future sale. Where in our opinion an item is unsaleable you must to satisfy any security arrangements before entering the auction collect such items from the saleroom promptly on being so informed. room to view or bid; Otherwise, storage charges may be incurred. We reserve the right to (b) the maker of the highest bid accepted by the auctioneer conducting charge for storage in these circumstances at a reasonable daily rate. the sale shall be the buyer at the hammer price and any dispute 14. Withdrawn and bought in items. These are liable to incur a charge of about a bid shall be settled at the auctioneers absolute discretion 15% commission, 1.5 % Loss and Damage Warranty and any other by reoffering the Lot during the course of the auction or otherwise. costs incurred including but not limited to illustration and restoration The auctioneer shall act reasonably in exercising this discretion. fees all of these charges being subject to VAT on being bought in or (c) Bidders shall be deemed to act as principals. withdrawn after being catalogued. (2) Our right to bid on behalf of the seller is expressly reserved up to the amount of any reserve and the right to refuse any bid is also reserved. 15. Conditions of Sale. You agree that all goods will be sold on our Conditions of Sale. In particular you undertake that you have the right 3. Increments to sell the goods either as owner or agent for the owner. You undertake Bidding increments shall be at the auctioneers sole discretion. to compensate us and any buyer or third party for all losses liabilities 4. The purchase price and expenses incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of this together with a premium thereon of 28.8% which shall include VAT on the undertaking. We will also, at our discretion, and as far as practicable, premium at the rate imposed by law. The buyer will also be liable for any confirm that an item consigned for sale does not appear on the Art Loss royalties payable under Droit de Suite as set out under Information for register, which is administered by an independent third party. Buyers. 47

49 5. Value Added Tax 10. Commission bids Value Added Tax on the hammer price is imposed by law on all items Whilst prospective buyers are strongly advised to attend the auction and affixed with an asterisk or double asterisk. Value Added Tax is charged at are always responsible for any decision to bid for a particular Lot and shall the appropriate rate prevailing by law at the date of sale and is payable be assumed to have carefully inspected and satisfied themselves as to its by buyers of relevant Lots. (Please refer to Information for Buyers for a condition we will if so instructed clearly and in writing execute bids on brief explanation of the VAT position). their behalf. Neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall be 6. Payment responsible for any failure to do so save where such failure is unreasonable. (1) Immediately a Lot is sold you will: Where two or more commission bids at the same level are recorded we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to prefer the first bid so made. (a) give to us, if requested, proof of identity, and (b) pay to us the total amount due or in such other way as is agreed by us. 11. Warranty of title and availability (2) Any payments by you to us may be applied by us towards any sums The seller warrants to the auctioneer and you that the seller is the true owing from you to us on any account whatever without regard to any owner of the property consigned or is properly authorised by the true directions of you or your agent, whether express or implied. owner to consign it for sale and is able to transfer good and marketable (3) Buyers who utilise the services of ATG Live Auctions or any other live title to the property free from any third party claims. internet services are hereby informed that the payment method details 12. Agency that are provided to ATG Live Auctions or any other live internet The auctioneer normally acts as agent only and disclaims any services as part of the process of registration will, in the absence of responsibility for default by sellers or buyers. compliance with paragraph (1) of this clause, be utilised by us to settle 13. Terms of sale any amounts owing by such buyers to us. The seller acknowledges that Lots are sold subject to the stipulations of 7. Title and collection of purchases these Conditions in their entirety and on the Terms of Consignment as (1) The ownership of any Lots purchased shall not pass to you until you notified to the consignor at the time of the entry of the Lot. have made payment in full to us of the total amount due. 14. Descriptions and condition (2) You shall at your own risk and expense take away any lots that you have (1) Whilst we seek to describe lots accurately, it may be impractical for purchased and paid for not later than 3 working days following the day us to carry out exhaustive due diligence on each lot. Prospective of the auction or upon the clearance of any cheque used for payment buyers are given ample opportunities to view and inspect before any after which you shall be responsible for any removal, storage and sale and they (and any independent experts on their behalf) must insurance charges. satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any description applied to a (3) No purchase can be claimed or removed until it has been paid for. lot. Prospective buyers also bid on the understanding that, inevitably, (4) Bloomsbury Auctions can accommodate packing and shipping for representations or statements by us as to authorship, genuineness, certain items. For lots they are unable to provide this service for, origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price successful buyers must make these arrangements independently, involve matters of opinion. We undertake that any such opinion shall though the saleroom may be able to suggest specialist shipping be honestly and reasonably held and accept liability for opinions given negligently or fraudulently. Subject to the foregoing neither we the companies who can advise buyers, this advice is not a auctioneer nor our employees or agents nor the seller accept liability recommendation and the saleroom is not liable for any aspect of the for the correctness of such opinions and all conditions and warranties, packaging and shipping process. Please note that the cost of whether relating to description, condition or quality of lots, express, packaging and shipping depends on the size/weight of the item(s) implied or statutory, are hereby excluded. This Condition is subject to purchased, insurance requirements, and the shipping destination, not the next following Condition concerning deliberate forgeries and on the value of the item(s) purchased. Please note that any items not applies save as provided for in paragraph 6 information to buyers. collected within one week of the sale date may be automatically (2) Private treaty sales made under these Conditions are deemed to be removed to commercial storage and subject to a storage charge. sales by auction for purposes of consumer legislation. 8. Remedies for non-payment or failure to collect purchases 15. Forgeries (1) If any Lot is not paid for in full and taken away in accordance with Notwithstanding the preceding Condition, any Lot which proves to be a these Conditions or if there is any other breach of these Conditions, deliberate forgery (as defined) may be returned to us by you within 21 we, as agent for the seller and on our own behalf, shall at our absolute days of the auction provided it is in the same condition as when bought, discretion and without prejudice to any other rights we may have, be and is accompanied by particulars identifying it from the relevant entitled to exercise one or more of the following rights and remedies: catalogue description and a written statement of defects. If we are (a) to proceed against you for damages for breach of contract; satisfied from the evidence presented that the Lot is a deliberate forgery (b) to rescind the sale of that Lot and/or any other Lots sold by us to you; we shall refund the money paid by you for the Lot including any buyers (c) to resell the Lot (by auction or private treaty) in which case you premium provided that (1) if the catalogue description reflected the shall be responsible for any resulting deficiency in the total amount accepted view of scholars and experts as at the date of sale or (2) you due (after crediting any part payment and adding any resale costs). personally are not able to transfer a good and marketable title to us, you Any surplus so arising shall belong to the seller; shall have no rights under this condition. (d) to remove, store and insure the Lot at your expense and, in the case The right of return provided by this Condition is additional to any right or of storage, either at our premises or elsewhere; remedy provided by law or by these Conditions of Sale. (e) to charge interest at a rate not exceeding 1.5% per month on the General total amount due to the extent it remains unpaid for more than 3 16. We shall have the right at our discretion, to refuse admission to our working days after the sale; premises or attendance at our auctions by any person. (f) to retain that or any other Lot sold to you until you pay the total 17. (1) Any right to compensation for losses liabilities and expenses amount due; incurred in respect of and as a result of any breach of these (g) to reject or ignore bids from you or your agent at future auctions or Conditions and any exclusions provided by them shall be available to impose conditions before any such bids shall be accepted; to the seller and/or the auctioneer as appropriate. (h) to apply any proceeds of sale of other Lots due or in future (2). Such rights and exclusions shall extend to and be deemed to be becoming due to you towards the settlement of the total amount for the benefit of employees and agents of the seller and/or the due and to exercise a lien (that is a right to retain possession of) auctioneer who may themselves enforce them. any of your property in our possession for any purpose until the 18. Any notice to any buyer, seller, bidder or viewer may be given by first debt due is satisfied. class mail, email or Swiftmail in which case it shall be deemed to have (2) We shall, as agent for the seller and on our own behalf pursue these been received by the addressee 48 hours after posting. rights and remedies only so far as is reasonable to make appropriate 19. Special terms may be used in catalogue descriptions of particular recovery in respect of breach of these conditions classes of items in which case the descriptions must be interpreted in accordance with any glossary appearing at the commencement of 9. Third party liability the catalogue. All members of the public on our premises are there at their own risk and 20. Any indulgence extended to bidders, buyers or sellers by us must note the lay-out of the accommodation and security arrangements. notwithstanding the strict terms of these Conditions or of the Terms Accordingly neither the auctioneer nor our employees or agents shall of Consignment shall affect the position at the relevant time only and incur liability for death or personal injury (except as required by law by in respect of that particular concession only; in all other respects reason of our negligence) or similarly for the safety of the property of these Conditions shall be construed as having full force and effect. persons visiting prior to or at a sale. 21. English law applies to the interpretation of these Conditions. 48

50 GROUP DEPARTMENTS LONDON MADDOX STREET BOOKS AND MANUSCRIPTS PHOTOGRAPHS Rupert Powell Deputy Chairman (Bloomsbury Auctions), Travel, Natural History Sarah Wheeler Bloomsbury House & Science John Cumming Consultant 24 Maddox Street Dido Arthur Art & Architecture, Private Press & Illustrated London, W1S 1PP VINTAGE POSTERS Justin Phillips Continental & Early Printing Tel: +44 (0) 20 7495 9494 Simon Luterbacher Manuscripts & English Literature Richard Barclay Consultant [email protected] Clive Moss Childrens Books MEDALS AND MILITARIA Max Hasler Modern First Editions David Kirk Emily Bradfield Books Roxana Kashani Books PHILATELICS Michael Heseltine Consultant Rick Warren Director, UK & World Stamps Stephen Massey Senior International Consultant Tim Francis Director, UK & World Stamps Colin Avery UK & World Stamps PICTURES AND MAPS Heather Babington Smith Mixtures Archie Parker International Head of Old Master & 19th Century Paintings Olivia Odell Autographs Robert Hall Peter Elwood Approvals Richard Carroll MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART AND PRINTS Alexander Hayter International Head of Contemporary Art Ross Thomas Shane Xu LONDON ADELPHI TERRACE NUMISMATICS 11 Adelphi Terrace Dimitri Loulakakis Director, European & Latin American Coins, Modern Greek Coins London WC2N 6BJ Edward Baldwin Chairman of Baldwin's, European, Russian, Colonial and Oriental Coins Stephen Hill Director, English hammered and milled Coins Tel: +44 (0) 20 7930 6879 Seth Freeman Director, Banknotes and Tokens [email protected] Graham Byfield Indian & Islamic Coins & Commemorative Medals Paul Hill Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Coins Andre de Clermont Islamic, Indian & South American Coins David Kirk Military Medals and English hammered and milled Coins Caroline Holmes Numismatic Books Julie Lecoindre World Coins Randy Weir Consultant, Canada Ma Tak Wo Consultant, Hong Kong Daniel Fearon Consultant, Commemorative Medals Stan Goron Consultant, Indian and Islamic Coins Peter Donald Consultant, Byzantine Coins Peter Brooks Consultant, Australia NEWBURY DONNINGTON PRIORY ASIAN CERAMICS AND WORKS OF ART JEWELLERY, SILVER, WATCHES Benedetta Mottino AND OBJECTS OF VERTU Donnington Priory James Nicholson Deputy Chairman Dreweatts Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2JE CLOCKS AND SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS David Rees Director, Silver & Objects of Vertu Tel: +44 (0) 1635 553 553 Leighton Gillibrand Director Ian Pickford Silver Consultant [email protected] COUNTRY SPORTING Nick Mann Geoffrey Stafford Charles Director Patricia Law Alexandra Francis DECORATIVE ARTS Tessa Parry David Rees Director MEDALS AND MILITARIA ENGLISH AND CONTINENTAL CERAMICS Malcolm Claridge Geoffrey Stafford Charles Director PICTURES FURNITURE AND CARPETS Archie Parker International Head of Old Master & 19th Century Paintings Will Richards Deputy Chairman (Dreweatts) Richard Madley Senior Director STEAM MODEL ENGINEERING Cristian Beadman Associate Director Michael Matthews Consultant Ben Millerchip-Brown Associate Director WINE Emma Terry Chris Hambleton Consultant Elaine Binning Consultant ROME / MILAN We are pleased to continue our joint venture in Italy. Together with Philobiblon Auctions, a subsidiary of the highly respected antiquarian books and manuscripts dealership, we are able to offer a first class service For further information, please contact: throughout Italy from premises in both Rome and Milan. We have Italian speaking specialists in all major Dott. Luciana Scarpa departments and offer a regular calendar of both valuation events and sales in Rome and Milan. Tel: +39 388 8813070 [email protected] WE ALSO OPERATE FROM THE FOLLOWING SALEROOMS: BRISTOL: Dreweatts Baynton Road, Ashton, Bristol BS3 2EB. Tel: +44 (0) 117 953 1603 | [email protected] GODALMING: Baverstock House, 93 High St., Godalming, Surrey GU7 1AL. Tel: +44 (0) 1483 423 567 | [email protected]

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