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1 Our Signature Sandwiches Our Wraps TURKEY WRAP THE CLUB CHESTERFIELD THE HIGHLANDTOWN Roasted turkey breast and Muenster cheese tucked inside a A three-decker club sandwich stacked with honey ham, Herbed Greek chicken salad stuffed in a toasted pita with soft wrap with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Swiss cheese and roasted turkey breast layered with crispy sweet tri-color peppers, sliced red onions and cherry Choose your wrap~soft white flour, wheat, spinach or garlic herb bacon, green leafy lettuce and tomato. tomatoes served with tzatziki sauce. CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP THE BALTIMORE THE HALETHORPE HERO Pan roasted chicken breast and our homemade Caesar salad Thinly sliced top round roast beef and turkey breast layered Toasted Vienna roll stuffed with provolone, mozzarella, tucked inside of a soft wrap and served with our creamy with Swiss cheese, crowned with coleslaw, and served on capicola, mortadella and Genoa salami and layered with Caesar dressing. rye bread spread with Russian dressing. our house Caesar salad. MEDITERRANEAN VEGGIE WRAP THE RAVEN THE GARDENVILLE Soft wrap stuffed with fresh spring mix, hummus, roasted Thinly sliced lean corned beef, homemade Stout mustard Roasted seasonal vegetables layered with sliced cucumbers red peppers, cucumbers, seasoned olives, feta cheese and and Swiss cheese served on bakery fresh marble rye. and tomatoes served on multi-grain flatbread. vine-ripened tomatoes. THE CATONSVILLE THE ARBUTUS CLUB ITALIAN COLDCUT WRAP Roasted turkey breast, Muenster cheese and cornbread Bakery fresh pumpernickel layered with roasted turkey Premium Italian meats and cheeses layered with our on cinnamon-raisin swirl bread served with homemade breast, tavern ham, Muenster cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, chopped Italian salad and served in a soft wrap. Cosi Gustoso! cranberry mayo. tomato and crowned with cranberry sauce ~ delicious! THE BANK STREET MUFFULETTA Inspired by the original New Orleans sandwich, our ver- CITRUS CHICKEN SALAD Our special recipe made with roasted chicken breast Our Classic Sandwiches BLT sion is made with crusty Italian bread layered with Genoa marinated in citrus juices and tossed with sweet dried Crispy bacon next to vine-ripened tomatoes and green leafy salami, provolone cheese, mortadella, capicola and tavern cranberries and celery. lettuce, piled between toasted bread. ham topped with a Sicilian olive spread. WHITE ALBACORE TUNA SALAD Made fresh daily with chunks of white albacore tuna, celery, Our Salads minced red onion and Hellmanns mayo. CONNIES CORNBREAD & SMALL SALAD COMBO GARDEN SALAD ROASTED TURKEY BREAST A wedge of house made sweet cornbread served with a small Romaine hearts and field greens tossed with cucumbers, Oven roasted and thinly sliced. garden salad. sweet bell peppers, vine-ripened tomatoes, grated carrots and EGG SALAD our house-made seasoned croutons. A lunch counter classic! Our deviled egg salad is made with GREEK SALAD a hint of Dijon and horseradish. Romaine lettuce with cucumbers, red onions, tri-color CHEF SALAD HONEY HAM & CHEESE peppers, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese and served with our Our Garden Salad topped with roasted fresh turkey breast, Thinly sliced honey ham served with your choice of provo- homemade Greek dressing. honey ham, bacon and Swiss cheese. lone, cheddar, Swiss, Muenster, or American. CAESAR SALAD SOUTHWEST TEX-MEX SALAD ROAST BEEF Made in the traditional way with hearts of Romaine, Mixed greens tossed with fresh tomatoes, sweet corn, black Top round of beef thinly sliced. grated parmesan cheese and our house-made seasoned beans, Jack cheese, seasoned grilled chicken and served with CORNED BEEF croutons. Our creamy Caesar dressing is flavored with fresh our homemade cilantro-lime dressing. Thinly sliced lean lemons. Grilled Chicken optional but not available on corned beef. & combos. SALAD DRESSINGS Parmesan Peppercorn, Buttermilk Ranch, Fat-Free Italian, SPINACH SALAD Homemade Citrus Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Spinach leaves topped with fresh strawberries, walnuts and French, Homemade Greek and Thousand Island Vegetarian Selection Feta cheese, served with our honey-balsamic dressing.

2 Box Lunches from How to place an order We make it easy! The Lunchbox Lady ALL BOX LUNCHES ARE $13.95 each are perfect for: Team Building and Employee Appreciation Step 1 ~ Choose the type of Box Lunch Continuing Education Classes from the three options below Seminars / Business Meetings Marketing Calls Step 2 ~ Choose your Sandwich or Salad Lunch and Learns Step 3 ~ Choose your Beverage Road Trips and Business Travel School Events and Teacher/ Staff Appreciation Fashion Shows / Trade Shows / Boat Shows Box Lunch Options Bus Trips Gourmet SANDWICH ONLY Our traditional Box Lunch includes a hand- Box Lunches crafted sandwich, fresh fruit cup, homemade We prepare fresh food for our dessert, potato chips, chilled beverage, dinner customers every morning. We ask that you mint, condiments, napkin and utensils place your Box Lunch order 24 hours in advance, so that we may have ample time to 1311 Francis Avenue SALAD ONLY prepare your customized menu selections Lower Level Suite Our Salad Box Lunch includes a freshly made and add you to our delivery schedule. Baltimore, MD 21227 salad, your choice of salad dressing, fresh fruit 443-709-4517 cup, homemade dessert, chilled beverage, din- ner mint, napkin and utensils. HALF & HALF To Place an Order Our Combination Box Lunch includes a half sandwich (choose any sandwich from our menu) Please call 443-709-4517 Craig Falk and a small garden salad or Caesar salad, fresh Evenings & weekends, call 810-531-8022 Owner & Executive Chef fruit cup, potato chips, homemade dessert, chilled or e-mail your order to beverage, dinner mint, napkin and utensils. [email protected] www.thelunchboxlady.com Email: [email protected]

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