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1 AIR F RCE Vol. 52, No. 17, September 16, 2010 The official newspaper of the Royal Australian Air Force IN PAKISTAN:: SUPER FIRST: Our medics Rhino bomb are on the camp P5 scene P3 ON THE DOUBLE: During a routine training flight near Renmark in South Australia, two Routine flight turns PC-9 crews answered a distress call from a civilian pilot experiencing engine difficulty. The two ARDU crews located the downed Story aircraft and then coordinated a successful into rescue mission for P2 search and rescue operation from the air. The crew members were, from left, SQNLDR Steve Howe, FLTLT Rich Ling, FLTLT Peter two PC-9 crews Nugent and PLTOFF Joal McCutcheon. Photo: LAC Scott Woodward HIGH DRAMA

2 2 News AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 FLTLT Melody Earl IN BRIEF Routine A ROUTINE PC-9 training sortie became a search and rescue mis- Four Party dialogue sion for four Air Force personnel CAF AIRMSHL Mark Binskin has played host to his when they received a civilian pi- counterparts from the US, Britain and Canada for a lots distress transmission on Au- series of key strategic meetings in Australia. The Air gust 31. Force Four Party dialogue covered issues of shared The crew members of PC-9s strategic interest including Afghanistan operations, sortie Delta 1 and Delta 2, SQNLDR current and emerging aircraft and space capabilities, Steve Howe, PLTOFF Joal and opportunities for future training cooperation and engagement. US Air Force Chief of Staff GEN Norton McCutcheon and FLTLTs Peter A. Schwartz, Royal Air Force Chief of Air Staff ACM Nugent and Rich Ling, from the Sir Stephen Dalton, and Canadian Air Force Chief Aircraft Research and Development of Air Staff LTGEN Andre Deschamps attended the Unit (ARDU), were conducting dialogue. a low-level formation, navigation becomes training sortie eight miles from Renmark, South Australia, when Peacekeeping service they received a distress call from a A COMMEMORATIVE service honouring Australias pilot experiencing engine trouble involvement in peacekeeping missions was to be with his Jabiru aircraft. held at the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial site On-board Delta 1, FLTLT on Anzac Parade in Canberra on September 14 (at Nugent said the Jabiru pilots the time of going to print). The national memorial a rescue voice was composed but task- honours the sacrifice of Australian peacekeepers saturated. in the service of international peace and security, The Jabiru pilot said he wasnt and recognises the courage and professionalism of going to make it to Renmark peacekeepers in the face of the particular challenges Airfield and was identifying a road of their operations. The memorial also focuses on south to conduct an emergency recognising the continuing significant contribution by landing. Together, Delta 1 and Australians to international peacekeeping. For more Delta 2 tracked to the last-known information on the memorial, call 0406 168 655. location of the distressed aircraft Delta 1 climbed to 2500 feet and Tindal helps the Marines Delta 2 descended to 500 feet to search. PERSONNEL from RAAF Base Tindal are providing FLTLT Nugent spotted the logistics support to the United States Marine Corps (USMC), including aircraft refuelling services, meals, aircraft about 30m adjacent to a working and living accommodation for their person- road in dense scrub, three nautical nel, during Exercise Southern Frontier. The annual miles south of Renmark Airfield. exercise, which finishes on September 23, involves Delta 1 guided Delta 2 toward USMC Super Hornet multiple deep-air support and the Jabirus crash site, where Delta close-air support training missions over Northern 2 descended to 250 feet for visual Territory airspace, including the Delamere Air verification. Weapons Range Facility. FLTLT Ling said Delta 1 took on the role of scene of action com- mander and relayed information to Air focus on pay TV an operator at Renmark Airfield, PAST and present Air Force aircraft are getting their while Delta 2 flew over the site screen time on pay television channel Discovery at low level to assure the Jabirus Turbo Max. FlightPath TV is an aviation-based series pilot help was on its way. which has been shot in Australia and around the It rapidly became apparent world over the past three years. Among the Air Force that the Jabiru was extensively aircraft being featured on the series are C-17As and damaged with collapsed nose and Roulettes, as well as the Caribous before their retire- port landing gear struts, FLTLT ment. The series also features a fly-in to Temora Ling said. Aviation Museum and the Australian International Air We saw one person walking Show at Avalon. Red Bull Air Race competitor and former Hornet pilot Matt Hall also presents a series beside the aircraft waving, but of segments called In the Loop, demonstrating were unsure if there were other some extreme aerobatics. The series airs at 8pm on passengers. Saturdays and is repeated throughout the week. Renmark Airfields operator informed the PC-9 crews that the local ambulance had inadvertent- DELTA FORCE: Above, one of the two ARDU Weapons made safer ly been dispatched to the airfield PC-9 aircraft involved in the search and THE development of a new innovative device to be instead of the crash site, and that rescue mission near Renmark. Right, the crew fitted to F88, M4 and F89 weapons on exercises will it would have difficulty locating a of the Delta 1 and 2 PC-9s involved, from prevent injuries to soldiers, sailors and airmen. The light aircraft, 6km away from the left, PLTOFF Joal McCutcheon, FLTLT Peter bullet-trap blank-firing attachment (BTBFA) developed airfield and next to an unnamed Nugent, FLTLT Rich Ling and SQNLDR Steve by Thales Australia Ltd is designed to catch a live dirt road. Howe. Photos: LAC Scott Woodward round fired from a weapon during a blank-firing exer- SQNLDR Howe said Delta 2 cise, if live ammunition was mistakenly mixed with located the ambulance and con- blank. The device is made of steel and only allows ducted low-altitude passes over- blank rounds to be fired. The internal baffles and head, rocking its wings to indi- outer casing will stop live rounds from exiting the cate follow me, while Delta 1 barrel, preventing injury or death to the weapon firer gave turning instructions to the or bystanders. More than 35,000 F88 BTBFAs will be Renmark Airfield operator, who delivered, with the remaining F89 and M4 variants to was iin safe f hhands, d FLTLT N Nugentt relayed them to an operator in the Given the ambulance couldnt see said. be delivered by November 2012. ambulance on a mobile phone. We were relieved to learn that We had the ambulance at the the aircraft, they could have been no passengers were on board. Frontline online survey site within minutes, SQNLDR searching for hours without our PLTOFF McCutcheon said the AIR FORCE personnel are being encouraged to take Howe said. experience had validated his Air Given the ambulance couldnt assistance. SQNLDR Steve Howe Force training because there was no a 10-minute online survey addressing the quality of Frontline, and subsidiary Australian Commercial see the aircraft, they could have time for hesitation. Catering, products and services in return for the been searching for hours without It resulted in a great crew chance to win a $100 Coles Myers Gift Card. The sur- our assistance. resource management exercise, vey will provide vital information to help the company During the course of the rescue much fuel was required to return location, the PC-9s had just PLTOFF McCutcheon said. To lead shape the products and services offered at local out- mission, the PC-9s fuel supplies to RAAF Base Edinburgh safely. enough fuel to return to base. two aircraft into a search and rescue lets. Running until the end of December, the survey became a concern, so the crews FLTLT Nugent said that as the It was difficult leaving the scenario, just 18 months off course, can be found at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FDS had to regularly calculate how ambulance reached the Jabirus site, but we knew the Jabirus pilot was an amazing experience. or by emailing [email protected] Director Disc Disclaimer Air Force online AIR F RCE Rod Horan: (02) 6265 4650 Air A Ai irr Force FFoo News is published fortnightly [email protected] by tthe by h Directorate of Defence AirForce.gov.au Editor News Ne w ws Newspapers. Printed by Capital Fine Simone Liebelt: (02) 6265 2253 PPrint. 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3 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 perations 3 Answering the call LEUT Brooke Olds ADF medical specialists are working with AusAID as part of the Australian Medical Task Force (AMTF) to provide basic healthcare to the flood-affected population of Kot Addu in central Paki- stan. Within a few days of being made fully operational, the temporary Camp Cockatoo Health Centre had seen about 1000 patients an effort that was applauded by its OIC, SQNLDR Andrew Pearson. Whats exciting is that were treat- ing a lot of people who may otherwise not have been treated and were giving them a good standard of care, he said. Were seeing a lot of malaria and diarrhoeal cases. Were seeing heat stress, tuberculosis and severe dehy- dration. Were seeing cases here on a daily basis that you may never see in an entire medical career in Australia. SQNLDR Pearson said the medi- cal specialists were working in hot and humid conditions to treat some very sick people, including children. The sheer volume of patients is T TAKING A exceptionally high but we continue to B BREAK: reassess and streamline our practices to S SQNLDR ensure we get through a large number S Simon more quickly without compromising on M McLaughlin quality of service. HEAVY DEMAND: Above, Australian Medical Task Force personnel clean ta takes a short The AMTF investigates the symp- the inflatable Camp Cockatoo Health Centre in Kot Addu; right, Pakistani b break to toms of patients, conducts blood tests women and children line up to be treated. Photos: CPL Chris Moore re rehydrate. for malaria and provides worming treat- ment as a standard measure. Specialised treatment and medication are then ... were treating a afforded as appropriate. There is an excellent working rela- lot of people who tionship between AusAID and the ADF may otherwise %ULQJLQJ\HDUV staff. I have been impressed with just how not have been well we work together in the health cen- tre. The civilian medical specialists bring treated and were RIH[SHULHQFHWR a lot of experience and knowledge to the table, while the military personnel are giving them a good $QH[SHULHQFHGQDQFLDOSDUWQHUKHOSLQJ\RX EHFRPHQDQFLDOO\WIRUOLIH 'HIHQFHSHUVRQQHO exceptionally adaptable and resourceful, standard of care. SQNLDR Pearson said. Were learning SQNLDR Andrew Pearson $XVWUDOLDZLGHWR a lot from each other. WGCDR Ross Wadsworth, com- KHOS\RX mander of the ADF troops assigned to Operation Pakistan Assist II, also ducted regular sustainment flights into praised the efforts. Multan. From there our Air Load Team There is a great deal of moving based in Multan is doing a superb job 8QGHUVWDQGDQG pieces that make an operation like this at ensuring those goods are transferred XWLOLVH\RXU'HIHQFH come together, WGCDR Wadsworth from Multan to Kot Addu. said. Once the supplies arrive in Kot HQWLWOHPHQWVLQFOXGLQJ The RAAF C-17As have con- Addu, the engineers, logistics, electri- cians and communications experts in Camp Cockatoo are all working around 5HFHLYHGD '+2$6 /XPS6XP" the clock to make sure the Medical Task 'HYHORSUHYLHZJURZ Force have the support and facilities up DGLYHUVLHGLQYHVWPHQW and running to focus on their role in the health centre. SRUWIROLR Im proud of the efforts I see here 3DLGDORWRIWD[" every day and Australians should be proud of the work that the AMTF, and :DQWWROHJDOO\PLQLPLVH\RXUWD[" /RFDWHSURSHUWLHVLQ all our support elements, are doing 7KLQNLQJRI,QYHVWLQJ"3URSHUW\RU6KDUHV" FDSLWDOJURZWKDUHDV IN TOUCH: Commander Joint to support the Pakistani Government Task Force 636 WGCDR Ross and help the Pakistanis affected by the Wadsworth with AusAID workers. floods. 0LQLPLVH\RXUWD[ $VVHVV\RXUORDQRSWLRQV %HVWXWLOLVH\RXUVDYLQJV DQGIRUWQLJKWO\QHWSD\ 3523(57< 7< 6+$5(6 5HJXODUUHYLHZVWRNHHS :LWKPLQLPDORXWOD\\RXFRXOGVWDUW \RXRQWUDFN \RXUSURSHUW\DQGVKDUHSRUWIROLRWRGD\ &DOO %22 RUYLVLWZZZVSHFWFRPDX 12:. IR UD FRQVX )5(( OWDWLR Q 6SHFWUXPLVD/LFHQVHG5HDO(VWDWH$JHQW5HJLVWHUHG7D[$JHQW$FFUHGLWHG0RUWJDJH&RQVXOWDQW 7DLORULQJLPSOHPHQWLQJDQGUHYLHZLQJLQYHVWPHQWVWUDWHJLHVIRU'HIHQFH3HUVRQQHO MEDICAL ATTENTION: FLTLT Rupert Templeman assesses a Pakistani patient for breathing difficulties at Kot Addu.

4 4 News AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 2500 Nashos march again SPECTACLE: The Roulettes added to the sense of occasion when they flew in formation over the Australian War Memorial at the memorial service on September 8 in Canberra; inset, members of Australias Federation Guard at the ceremony. Photos: ABCIS Melanie Schinkel ABCIS Melanie Schinkel During the Vietnam War this involved selection for service by birthday ballot. THE LARGEST reunion of national servicemen, Nashos, The president of the National Servicemens in Australia marched down Anzac Parade and congregated Associations Tasmanian Branch, ex-airman Mr for the dedication of the National Servicemens Memorial Royce Close, was called up during the first national service scheme from 1951 to 1959. at the Australian War Memorial on September 8. He said he completed 176 days of national ser- For more than 2500 Nashos who attended, the cere- vice in RAAF Base Point Cooks pay office in 1952. mony acknowledged the service of young Australian men This memorial means a lot to me because my who accepted the call for duty between 1950 and 1972. comrades were killed in Vietnam, Mr Royce said. Afterwards, what really hurt me was the way the Vietnam veterans were treated when they finally came home they were just ignored. They should have been thanked and looked after, so thats what were all doing here today. Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce dedicated recruit training in the Air Force, Navy and Army, fol- PROUD the $600,000 memorial fountain which was built lowed by five years in their respective reserves. MOMENT: Just to commemorate about 290,000 former Nashos The first call-up notices were issued on April 12, some of the who served in the ADF, including 212 who died 1951 and the first Nashos, for the RAAF, marched-in former national on active service in the Borneo and Vietnam con- during July. servicemen flicts. During this period, about 23,500 Nashos undertook who marched Fast becoming the #1 tax agent Under the National Service Act 1951, all young their training in national service training units and were up Anzac men turning 18 on or after November 1, 1950 allocated to flights, corresponding to platoons, at the Parade. for ADF members were required to undertake 176 days standard major air bases and depots throughout Australia. Defence Force tax specialists - We have extensive experience across all ranks and specialities, including: Members who have served overseas, and/or have investment properties Merici College PANCAKE Caters for ADF families in the ACT MANOR Members who have fallen behind on lodging their tax returns Maximum returns - We know all the specific Merici College . deductions, so you get a great tax return every year! Phone consultations - All tax returns are completed over the phone, so you dont have to leave your base, s is a quality, affordable non-government secondary school, educating girls in a Catholic environment sISRENOWNEDfor its strong focus on pastoral care sHASTARGETEDSUPPORTfor !$&FAMILIESWITHAn IPSWICH ship or assignment. ADF mentor on site sOfFERSAWIDEANDVARIEDCURRICULUMINa 20% technology rich environment One tax agent - We are not limited by locality so you and your family dont ever have to look for another tax sHASDIRECTBUSESTOTHE#OLLEGEFROMMOSTSUBURBS and neighbouring NSW centres Discount agent again. Sept/Oct 2010 Special Offer - Introduce your partner to us and they will receive a 20% discount on our fee. Bring Service ID & this coupon!!! Call 1300 76 35 75 24/7 or visit us online at To find out more about Merici College see our WEbsite at www.merici.act.edu.au 43 Brisbane Rd Newtown www.phatreturns.com.au or contact the Enrolment Officer Ms Trish Ryan on (02) 6243 4102 or by email: [email protected] 3812 8900

5 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 News 5 Rhinos are on target FLTLT Skye Smith ON SHOW: Below, CO 1SQN WGCDR Glen Braz talks to the Adelaide media AUSTRALIAS new Super Hor- about the arrival of the Super Hornets to RAAF Base Edinburgh. nets are testing their deployment ca- Photo: LACW Shannon McCarthy pabilities as 1SQN conducts its first live weapon trials at the Woomera Test Range, north of Adelaide. Five F/A-18F Super Hornets and about 100 aircrew, maintenance and support personnel from 1SQN are operating from RAAF Base Edinburgh during the squadrons first major deployment away from its main oper- ating base of RAAF Base Amberley. The deployment to South Australia will include the trial of the Super Hornets air-to-ground weap- ons techniques, tactics and proce- dures for the first time since being accepted into service in March this year. The weapons being trialled on the Super Hornet include the Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW), Laser Guided Bombs (LGBs), Joint Direct HERE COMES THE SUN: Above, a 1SQN F/A-18F Super Attack Munition (JDAM) and the Hornet flies over the Woomera Test Range as CAF AIRMSHL M61A2 gun. Mark Binskin (right) and other spectators watch on from below. The JSOW is an air-to-ground Photos: LAC Glynn Jones glide weapon with range of up to 70 nautical miles or 130kms providing in achieving Initial Operational craft, personnel and logistics support a stand-off precision strike capability Capability by December, he said. will mature to realise the final opera- against hardened targets. This will result in Australias first tional capability of the squadron by The weapon trials and deployment to CO 1SQN WGCDR Glen Braz operational air combat capable Super 2012. praised the excellent facilities at both Hornet squadron with a complement The Super Hornet weapons trials, Adelaide will assist 1SQN in achieving Edinburgh and the Woomera Test of 12 aircraft, associated trained per- that started on August 30, are due to Initial Operational Capability by Range. sonnel, weapons and logistics support. end on September 15. The weapon trials and deploy- Through extensive training in December. CO 1SQN WGCDR Glen Braz ment to Adelaide will assist 1SQN Australia, the 24 Super Hornet air- See the next edition for more coverage. lateralaspect.fnw1233 Vehicle salary packaging. Limited Save now by salary sacrificing your next vehicle. Mention you saw this flyer prior to completing your initial contract and well give Offer* you a choice of either a Free Nav Man C40 Portable GPS or a Teac Portable DVD Player with 7 Screen when your new vehicle is delivered. Call us on 1300 738 601 FleetNetwork fleetnetwork.com.au *To qualify for this offer you must mention this advert to Fleet Network, prior to completion of your initial contract. Fleet Network Pty Ltd D/L No. 20462 The offer is subject to Fleet Networks terms and conditions. Check our website for details.

6 6 News AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Baling out the Army Eamon Hamilton cal delivery of soldiers to a combat zone, whether onto an airstrip or by an AUSTRALIAN airdrops dont often airdrop. come much bigger than this. Captaining one of the C-17As, In the dawn hours of September 6, SQNLDR Dean Bolton said the Army about 200 paratroopers and their equip- commanders were happy with the ment parachuted into Charters Towers result. in northern Queensland as part of The Army commanders were Exercise CATA. happy customers on the day the vehi- Making the delivery was a pair of cle drop was only 15 metres off the 37SQN C-130Hs and another pair of target, and the CDSs were only two 36SQN C-17As. metres off, which is a good result. The troops, from Armys 3rd Brigade, As for the C-17A: We can carry were loaded at RAAF Base Townsville platforms or CDSs along the centreline, for their drop into Charters Towers. and still have room for up to 50 para- Rolling in first were the C-17As troops on the side wall seating. one aircraft delivering a platform con- The airborne capability gives Army taining a Landrover and trailer, and commanders significant flexibility in the other delivering a series of Cargo planning operations, particularly entry Delivery Systems (CDSs). operations where a rapid response over The platform load was the first of long distances is important. its kind to be dropped by C-17A in Another airborne activity will take Australia. place during Exercise Hamel with The C-130Hs followed in as a for- Armys Force Command next month, mation to drop the first chalk of para- when Air Lift Group and 3 Brigade troops. will continue to develop an airborne THIS IS OUR STOP: The mass airdrop over Both the C-130 and C-17A have capability using both C-130 and C-17A Charters Towers. Photos: LCPL Mark Doran their individual strengths in the tacti- aircraft. NEW ZEALAND TOUCHDOWN: Unloading one of the Black Hawks from a C-17A at Christchurch Airport. Photo: SGT Jeremy Brown Getting them over to NZ THE TASK of making a trip across the tude and cold weather flying. MAJ Paul ditch has been made easier for Army. Lewis of 6th Aviation Regiment said: Last month, Air Lift Group C-17As Crews renewed trade skills and new and C-130s were able to facili- pilots gained experience in mountain tate Exercise Anzac Rotor, an activ- flying and cold weather operations. ity involving the Holsworthy Barracks- Such experience is useful for Army based 171 Aviation Squadron operating Black Hawk crews and support per- in New Zealands South Island. sonnel. While Australia lacks such The 2100km trip from Sydney to high mountainous terrain, Army Black Christchurch for four Black Hawks was made possible after they were con- Hawks have in recent years been called figured and loaded in the back of two away on operations in the mountains of 36SQN C-17As. Pakistan and Papua New Guinea. C-130s from 37SQN likewise pro- A 36SQN C-17A transported vided support for personnel and cargo. three Black Hawks from RAAF Base Once in country, Black Hawk crews Richmond to Port Moresby in August were able to practise high-density alti- last year. $27 million warehouse opens A NEW ADF warehouse modern equipment and operations. From early capable of storing up to technology, streamlining next year Australias 19,000 pallets of combat the storage and distribu- deployed servicemen and non-combat cloth- tion of ADF clothing and women will all be ing and field equipment and equipment. supplied with combat was opened at Joint Commander Joint clothing and other Logistics Unit Victoria Logistics AVM Margaret essential equipment (JLU (V)), Wadsworth Staib, who opened the from this new facility, Barracks in Bandiana on warehouse, said its AVM Staib said. August 27. capabilities will sup- The warehouse con- The new $27 million port all ADF personnel struction phase began facility replaces eight including those who in June 2009 and was World War II-era ware- are deploying or are handed over to JLU (V) houses and is fitted with currently deployed on in July this year.

7 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 News 7 Kakadu connection LEUT Emily Kennedy LOOK AT THAT: HMAS Collins AIR FORCE and the Navy used this submariners years multinational maritime exercise, ABMTs Yaan Kakadu 2010, to test their interoper- Kelly-Flanders ability. and Alex Melville For the first time, Air Task Unit watch a Hawk- Headquarters (Air TUHQ), which 127 fighter taxi planned and coordinated the air sup- before take-off port, was co-located with the Navys on Exercise exercise control staff, who planned Kakadu; inset, and executed the maritime serials. Chief of Staff Kakadu, held off the coast of Exercise Kakadu Darwin between August 16 and CMDR Allison September 3, was a busy time for Norris sits in the the Air Force and Navy staff as they cockpit of an coordinated 11 ships, two submarines, F-111 as Deputy three helicopters and 16 fixed-wing Air Task Unit aircraft from four nations. Headquarters Air Force contributed one AP-3C Commander from 11SQN, four Hawk-127 fighters SQNLDR Glen from 79SQN and three F-111s from Ferguson 6SQN. explains the Adding to the Air Task Unit capa- controls. bility was a P-3K from the Royal New Photos: LSIS Helen Zealand Air Forces 5SQN and a VP3 Frank detachment from Japan comprising two P-3Cs. It was the first time Japan had sent a VP3 air detachment to an The four Hawk and F-111 jets respective maritime ffor simulated attacks by our aircraft, Australian exercise. were essential to Navy ships to and air environ- WWGCDR Gray said. The maritime patrol aircraft achieve their training objectives in ments. For the young aircrew, it is very were employed to hunt the two sub- anti-air warfare, where the aircraft CO 6SQN and iinteresting for them to see what their so often tried to simulate striking. As marines, HMA Ships Collins and either simulated firing attacks on the Air Task Unit Commander WGCDR opposite numbers do in the ship to ships. Micka Gray gave the Navy staff a the CO of an F-111 squadron it is simulate shooting them down. Dechaineux. An AP-3C also prac- Apart from the attacking and detailed brief of its roles and perfor- always good to understand the train- Following Kakadu, the F-111s tised a stores drop to one of the submarines during the course of the defending roles undertaken in high- mance, and also shared some of his ing and preparation that happens on supported Exercise Singaroo in what exercise, as well as compiling an threat scenarios at sea, the Navy and highlights flying the F-111. a ship, particularly in the operations was the F-111s last appearance in accurate surface picture to share Air Force came together to learn He said it was beneficial to go on room, bridge and damage control sta- the Top End before being retired from with ships and strike aircraft. more about how each operates in their board one of the ships that his aircraft tions, when the ship is getting ready service in December. Working in Defence means 36% off petrol Ask us how! Salary packaging makes sense. You can lease a car with Smartleasing and put more in your pocket. Smartleasings specialists l u s , a pplyet will: P y and g todaonus $100 Source your car a b if t Fuel G ard! Use our buying power for the best price C Handle all the paperwork Its that easy and that good! Arrange 36% discount on petrol, Call today for an obligation-free discussion. maintenance, rego and insurance Call us now on 1300 116 846 Visit www.smartleasing.com.au * Offer available only to Defence members who choose Smartleasing as their lease provider.

8 8 perations AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Dropping in on Sudan AIR FORCE CONTINGENT: Australian Ambassador to FLTLT Tiaan Wolzak LTCOL Tim Rudd, the Egypt Ms Stephanie Commander of Australian Contingent Shwabsky with, from THE Australian Ambassador to Egypt, 11 to UNMIS, thanked the left, FLTLT Tiaan Ms Stephanie Shwabsky, visited ADF Ambassador for making time in her Wolzak, CPL Emma Operation Azure staff working in busy schedule for the small group of Campbell, FSGT Khartoum recently. ADF staff. Its an honour to have the Brendan Dalton Ms Shwabsky was in Khartoum Ambassador visit us here at Australia and SQNLDR Greg conducting business with the House, present our ASMs and share Jervis. Sudanese Government and the United her views on the political build-up to Photo: Federal Agent Nations, and visited Australia House the referenda in Sudan early next year. Darren McClelland, where the UN Mission in Sudan Clearly, Sudan plays an important Australian Federal Police (UNMIS) Australian Staff Officers are part in her broader responsibilities in living. Africa, he said. During the visit, Ms Shwabsky Aside from being the Australian presented the Staff Officers with their Ambassador to Egypt, Ms Shwabsky Australian Service Medals (ASMs) also holds non-resident accreditation and Sudan clasps. to Sudan, Syria and Tunisia. A MilHOP, SKIP CHALLENGE: A common sight on Sudanese airfields, an Antonov 26 that has seen better days, at El Obeid UN Logistics base. Photo: courtesy FLTLT Tiaan Wolzak AND A JUMP Keeping the focus TO A BETTER on safety HEALTH FUTURE SINCE 2005, RAAF officers have been contributing their aviation experience and expertise to the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS). SQNLDR Greg Jervis and FLTLT Tiaan Wolzak, currently deployed to Sudan under Operation Azure, are continuing to build on the excellent reputation For a better health service for you and your ADF established by their predecessors. SQNLDR Jervis is responsible for providing teammates, participate in the MilHOP survey. advice and recommendations on aviation safety mat- ters to the mission. This work involves regular interac- tion with the mission staff, civilian aviation contrac- tors, airfield staff, Sudanese officials and military avia- tion assets provided by various contributing nations. I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to [email protected] work alongside very dedicated aviation safety offic- ers here in Khartoum, he said. Safety remains our cmvh.org.au/milhop number-one priority, giving the 600 people who travel on UNMIS aircraft every day the confidence that their 1800 886 567 journey will be safe, secure and convenient. An average day might include inspections of new contracted aircraft arriving in the mission, inspections of some of the approximately 20 airfields and provid- ing planning and safety advice to senior UNMIS staff. The biggest challenge we face in the mission is overcoming a poor reporting culture among our air- crew, SQNLDR Jervis said. Many aircrews have joined the mission after work- ing for many years in a punitive aviation safety culture and hence are reluctant to report incidents for fear of punishment. Our very successful aviation safety education campaign is slowly changing this culture to a just one that will, when fully implemented, ultimately benefit the wider UNMIS aviation community. FLTLT Wolzak contributes to the UNMIS mission as an Air Operations Staff Officer and is responsible for managing and controlling the air operations teams dis- persed across Sudan on a daily basis. This entails manag- ing about 40 aircraft, rotary and fixed wing, of more than 12 different types, operating on more than 20 airfields, helicopter landing sites and often in remote locations. FLTLT Wolzak has planned, coordinated and exe- cuted almost two dozen casualty and medical evacua- tions from sites across Sudan. In some ways its more dynamic than military aviation operations, because UNMIS not only con- ducts military flights, it also has to juggle those tasks with regular civilian-style operations; moving a vast amount of cargo and passengers around the country using a combination of civilian and military crews. Crews are also operating in an environment where airfields and air traffic control services are more rudi- mentary than what they would otherwise be used to, FLTLT Wolzak said. It certainly is a challenge. The key is that the avia- tion team is flexible and focused.

9 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 News 9 Focus shifts to PNG MORE than 250 ADF personnel spent HOLD a week in Papua New Guinea (PNG) STILL: early this month as part of the humani- SQNLDR tarian assistance mission Pacific Part- David nership 2010 (PP10). Cooksley They worked side-by-side with conducts an personnel from the PNG Defence eye check. Force to provide medical, dental, engineering and community service assistance. heavy landing craft as our base and The US-sponsored PP10 is a mis- camped at night on its tank deck then sion intent on improving the capaci- went ashore each day. ties of nations and organisations His other RON was in the moun- to respond to disasters such as the tains of East Timor at a small village 2004 Asian tsunami. called Same with a local population PP10s shift to PNG closely fol- of 500 people. We saw just shy of lows the missions presence in 2000 patients during the three work- Indonesia and East Timor. ing days we spent there. One of the team was SQNLDR There were challenges. David Cooksley, a reservist medical He learnt of one woman who officer from Townsville who treated came back to the clinic because patients at medical clinics ashore and the antibiotic dispensed didnt participated in many exchanges with seem to be working. medical professionals of both coun- It had been prescribed to be tries during his six-week deployment. taken on an empty stomach and I undertook two extended dura- rubbing it on to her empty stom- tion Remain Overnight (RON) mis- ach was exactly what she was ONE OUT OF THE BOX: Above, LACW Terri-Anne Dehncke from RAAF sions, the first for six days at Sofifi, doing. Base Tindal passes supplies to US Navy Commander Laura McFarland on a small coastal village in Indonesia, Overall, though, his experience the tank deck of HMAS Tobruk in Darwin in preparation for the PNG mission SQNLDR Cooksley said. was positive, productive and one during Pacific Partnership 2010; left, FLTLT Stephen Walker counts pain relief We used an Australian Navy he wont quickly forget. medication for dispatch at medical clinics. Photos: ABIS Andrew Dakin Hit the road. Whatever you want in life, we can help with a Personal Loan For more information visit www.adcu.com.au, call 1300 13 23 28 or visit your local ADCU branch. Schedule of Fees & Charges and Terms and Conditions may be obtained by calling 1300 13 23 28 or calling into any ADCU Branch. The terms and conditions should be considered in deciding whether to acquire the product. To receive this product, you must become a member of ADCU. Lending Criteria applies. ABN 48 087 649 741 AFSL No. 237988.

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11 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 News 11 Muscling in on a Herc Eamon Hamilton HOW MANY police officers does it take to pull a Hercules? The answer is about 20, as police and state emergency personnel found out at RAAF Base Richmond on Squad beat some tight competition from other teams to record a time of September 4. 13.99 seconds and take the winners More than 500 people turned out trophy. on the base to watch teams pull the The Plane Pull, coordinated Hercules over 10 metres in the quick- between Richmond and the Police est time possible. charity Law Enforcement Torch Run, A rope was connected to the nose raised about $20,000 by competing wheel of the 47-tonne workhorse, teams. HEAVE-HO: Senior Constable Claire Hawthorn, from the with each team of 20 people taking A cheque for $150,000, which Public Order and Riot Squad (PORS), hauls a C-130J with her the strain to tow the aircraft. included funds raised by the Plane colleagues at RAAF Base Richmond. The team went on to win Ordinarily, the C-130J has four Pull, was presented to the Special the competition. Right, Incremental Sergeant Nugent from PORS 4000-horsepower turboprops to power Olympics by the Commissioner of is presented with the Law Enforcement Torch Run Plane Pull itself through the air. NSW Police, Commissioner Andrew Champions trophy by Commander Air Lift Group AIRCDRE John The polices Public Order and Riot Scipione, at Richmond. Oddie. Photos: LAC Michael Green Hit the beach. Whatever you want in life, we can help with a Personal Loan For more information visit www.adcu.com.au, call 1300 13 23 28 or visit your local ADCU branch. Schedule of Fees & Charges and Terms and Conditions may be obtained by calling 1300 13 23 28 or calling into any ADCU Branch. The terms and conditions should be considered in deciding whether to acquire the product. To receive this product, you must become a member of ADCU. Lending Criteria applies. ABN 48 087 649 741 AFSL No. 237988.

12 12 Centrepiece AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 S 13 EXTREME LENGTHS Trudging through snow takes 1AFDS out of comfort zone I N A FIRST for 1 Airfield tude Forward Operating Base naissance and access to Despite these conditions out in the elements while Defence Squadron (FOB) at Dinner Plain in the direct-fire positions and the and following extreme cold manning an observation post (1AFDS), 122 members Alpine National Park, Victoria. ability to employ indirect-fire weather training, the ADGs on an enemy resupply cache were taken out of their CO 1AFDS WGCDR support weapon systems or quickly gained an appre- overnight. comfort zone into the snowy Robert Peterson said the conduct raiding operations, ciation for the terrain and the The men performed well peaks of Australias alpine objective of the deployment he said. unique challenges of operat- and were ably supported to the FOB was to exercise The physical challenge ing in a high-altitude environ- by 30SQN, 4 Expeditionary country last month. the squadron command post of actually patrolling through ment, WGCDR Peterson Health Squadron and the 5/6 Exercise Alpine Rodeo while ADGs in the rifle flights snow that is knee-high with said. Royal Victorian Regiment, (AR10) was a patrol and sur- conducted screening opera- equipment weighing up to Historically, airfield defence WGCDR Peterson said. veillance exercise, which air- tions to support notional air 40kg tested the patience and squadrons operate in warmer After the exercise, 1AFDS field defence guards (ADGs), operations at Dutson. stamina of all personnel. northern conditions but it is will begin preparing for further both reserve and perma- An airfield defence At the FOB, squadron important for the squadron to capability assessment as part nent, deployed from a Main squadron conducts screen- personnel were taken into a be able to operate in all envi- of its role within the Enhanced Operating Base established at ing operations around the remote location where they ronments by day and night. Land Force program when it Dutson Air Weapons Range key approaches to an airfield faced snow, rain and temper- The ADGs were pushed deploys to South Australia for near East Sale, to a high-alti- to deny the enemy recon- atures below minus six. even harder by having to stay Exercise Gathering Storm. CAVE SKILLS: Above and left, 1AFDS Squadron Warrant Officer, WOFF Lawrie Best, provides a brief on the design and construction of a snow cave. WHITE WAY: Above, a 1AFDS section patrol PLANNING: Above, FLTLT Grant Harvey heads out from the Forward Operation Base. provides a situation report to FLTLT Paul OShea in the squadron command post. SNOW FALL: Left, AC Alex Borman experiences the challenges of patrolling in the snow. SNOW GOING: Left, lead scout AC Kenneth Brand leads a patrol on its way EVER ALERT: AC James Croydon scans his surroundings during a to establish an observation post on an short halt while on patrol in the Alpine National Park. Photos: CPL Steve Duncan identified enemy resupply cache.

13 14 News AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Dont get stuck in techno trap Brooke Audsley when handling and storing documents, they might not apply the same vigilance to technological devices. DEFENCE Chief Security Officer Frank Roberts has There is a real risk if we believe that the techno warned people against dropping their security guard gadgets we use every day are designed to protect the information we place on them, Mr Roberts said. when using modern technology for the transfer and car- THINK TWICE: There is a real risk if we believe that the techno gadgets we In reality, these gadgets provide very little pro- riage of classified information. tection, as shown by numerous incidents worldwide use every day are designed to protect the information we place on them, Mr Roberts said that while many Defence members involving the loss or compromise of information, says Defences Chief Security Officer, Frank Roberts. Photo: LAC Aaron Curran were most likely aware of their security responsibilities including information stored on portable electronic devices. Inappropriate use of electronic devices such as USB thumb drives also heightens the risk of serious viruses being introduced into Defences ICT net- work which can compromise the security of classified information. The implications resulting from lost information can be severe, Mr Roberts said. It can place at risk the lives of our colleagues and the success of Defence operations. Insecure transfer of sensitive information could also mean severe repercussions for the individual responsible. While there are still risks involved in the trans- fer of classified information in Australia, it can be exposed to far greater risk when it is transferred out- side Australia, which means that increased protective measures are required. Any Defence member travelling overseas must Your back-up receive a briefing from their security officer before they go, which includes advice and arrangements for the safe transfer or carriage of information during business travel, Mr Roberts said. The risk that foreign intelligence services may be able to acquire information that could be used against us militarily, financially, strategically (for example, in government-to-government negotiations), or to gain an advantage over individuals within Defence is very serious. Remember, border protection authorities in most countries have the right to inspect the contents of electronic media carried across their borders. Using an encrypted laptop, CD, DVD or thumb drive, even where DSD-approved encryption technologies are used, will not prevent such inspections from occur- ring. If you need to transfer classified information whether in hard copy or electronic form overseas, you must first talk to your security officer or DSA regional office, who will be able to assist you to undertake the correct procedures and fulfil all requirements. For more information, refer to the Defence Security Manual at http://intranet.defence.gov.au/dsa/dsm SECURITY POINTERS Your comma commander nder d or manager must give authorisation for you to remove classified information from Defence or Defence industry premises. The Defence Safehand Service provides a secure method for the carriage of highly classified material between bases and installations. SCEC-approved briefcases, satchels, seals, pouches or transit bags, or special enveloping procedures must be used for War Zone Cover Injury & Accident Insurance classified information outside Defence premises. Classified electronic media, including laptops and other portable electronic Accidents do happen. To make an injury less painful, take out Defence Health Injury & Accident Insurance. devices, must be protected to the same degree as paper-based classified Youll be covered 24/7 wherever you are including on deployment. Its handy financial back-up until information. military compensation arrives. If you need to take classified information home you must have the correct You can also extend the cover to include accidental death. But you must take out this option 12 months protective security arrangements at your before being deployed for cover in a war zone. residence as per the Defence Security Manual. Try getting protection like that elsewhere! Its easy to apply online for guaranteed and immediate cover. There are several options available Visit www.defencehealth.com.au or call 1800 102 994. for transferring classified information overseas including the DFAT courier This information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider your personal circumstances and the relevant Product service and the Defence Safehand Disclosure Statement (PDS) in deciding whether to acquire Injury & Accident Insurance. You may wish to seek independent advice. Defence Health Injury & Accident Insurance is underwritten by American Home Service. It is important that you talk to Assurance Company ABN 67 007 483 267 AFSL 230903 incorporated with limited liability in the USA, trading in Australia as Chartis. Defence Health receives remuneration of 13% of premiums you pay to Chartis. The Financial Services Guide and PDS may be obtained by calling the Defence Health Member Service Centre on 1800 335 425 or downloaded from www.defencehealth.com.au your DSA regional office, who will help tailor a workable solution for your specific needs.

14 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Flightline 15 ME AND MY JEEP: Military working dog handler ACW Lauren Marshall from RAAF Base Richmond and her dog Jeep take a break after performing at the ADFA Open Day in Canberra. Photo: Leonie Gall EYES ON THE HERON SKIES: Photographer LAC Mark Friend of RAAF Base Williamtown analyses mission footage from the Heron Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) during his tour providing imagery intelligence support in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Photo: CPL Raymond Vance www.airforceshop.com.au Air Force Swords These stunning swords crafted by Windlass, an ISO accredited sword maker, are used by and made to the exact specifications of the Australian Defence Force and the British Ministry of Defence. Air Force Sword. Available in full and small sizes. Windlass swords ensure the highest standards of With Below Air Rank scabbard craftsmanship by using traditional manufacturing $1,195.00 techniques and individual hand-assembly. The blades are forged from a single billet of high-carbon steel, hand-ground, hardened and tampered, and polished to a mirror finish before acid-etching with their distinctive, ornate patterns. Whether you are selecting the next precious blade to add to your collection, looking for a masterpiece to start one, or perhaps selecting a Below Air Rank unique Christmas gift that will be treasured forever, all Air Force Shop Scabbard swords provide you with unrivalled quality and value for money. Air Force Shop offers all our discerning clients a 100% money back guarantee on the quality of each sword, scabbard, and boxes and stands for our miniatures. We also extend to you our price guarantee, where Air Force Shop will match or beat any advertised price*. THATS A WRAP: Above, medical *Proof of lower advertised price must be presented to Air Force Shop to ensure you assistant CPL Brendan receive the benefits of our price guarantee. Shea from RAAF Base Wagga attends Air Force Shop also has a large range of other Ceremonial Military to a patient stationed Swords and accessories available. at the Timber Creek Detachment near RAAF Base Tindal Miniature Air Force Sword. during Exercise Pitch Complete with scabbard and Black 2010. gift box - $179.00 Photo: LACW Jessica Smith Approx 260mm long. TOP END TUCKER: Right, LAC Benjamin Stanbridge from 13SQN catering PHONE 02 6123 2930 WEB airforceshop.com.au SHOWROOM 65 Kembla Street,Fyshwick ACT section collects food to prepare in-flight meals VOLUME DISCOUNTS The more you buy, the less they cost. during Pitch Black at ADF, NAVY, ARMY & AIR FORCE Hundreds of other military branded products available. RAAF Base Darwin. Photo: CPL Melina Mancuso Air Force Shop Supports Air Force Personnel A percentage of all profits go to the Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund

15 16 Personnel AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 New handbook for reservists HELPING reservists maintain a good working rela- tionship with their civilian employers is the focus of a new 34-page handbook. The Reservist Handbook has been produced by the Cadet, Reserve and Employer Support Division (CRESD) and aims to provide reservists with infor- mation about their rights and responsibilities. Reservists are increasingly providing their skills and expertise to maintain the ADFs capabili- ty, Head of CRESD, MAJGEN Greg Melick, said. Naturally, this places additional pressures on their civilian employers. To help reservists main- tain a productive relationship with their civilian employers, CRESD has developed the Reservist Handbook. The handbook covers a range of topics, includ- ing sections about the Employer Support Payment Scheme, Office of Reserve Service Protection, tips on how to liaise with your employer to arrange Defence leave and also information about the opportunities for your employer to personally expe- rience life as a reservist through employer engage- BOLD START: WOFF-AF JJ Millar and CAF AIRMSHL Mark Binskin with delegates at the 2010 Warrant Officers Conference ment activities. group at RAAF Base Richmond. Photo: AC Christopher Hall Reservists can obtain a copy of the handbook by calling their local Defence Reserves Support Office on WARRANT Officers of the world Navy and Army are being more Warrant 1800 803 485. united for the 2010 WOFFs con- pro-active on this subject. ference at RAAF Base Richmond Wed like to see the role of on August 9. the WOFF to come up with solu- The conference was attended tions, provide stewardship and Departure Lounge by 120 RAAF warrant officers who workshopped ideas with plan the action. We need to set up the right systems. By this we Whos leaving after 20+ years service representatives from the US, mean career progression. officers Singapore, Malaysia and New We see Army going with con- Name Must/Spec Last day Years Zealand. tracts and offers for extra years. If AIRCDRE Richard Owen ACO August 16 33 CAF AIRMSHL Mark Binskin they can deliver a benefit back to SGT John Power ASURFIN August 1 27 set his intent at the annual con- the organisation, maybe Air Force FSGT Warren Davey CESYSTECH August 16 27 ferences opening a common can look at something similar. WGCDR David Blacklock AERO August 8 27 approach to leading, mentoring Singapore has been bold in FLTLT Shane Nolan ATC August 1 27 and managing change to meet the swap SQNLDR Philip Ploughman ACO August 15 27 its career progression, so perhaps Workforce 2030 plan. SGT Lance Salter AVTECH August 15 21 The Air Forces Senior we need to start to think outside Leadership Teams insight on the of the British rank structure sys- approach to the Strategic Reform tem, WOFF-AF Millar said. Program (SRP) was also on the The conferences final ses- agenda. sion was dedicated to deliver- Discussion on a common ing outcomes and findings to ideas approach to leading, mentoring ACAUST, where the need for a and managing change to meet plan for WOFFs to get informa- the Workforce 2030 plan was the tion to their COs was idenitified. main topic for debate, with the Air The WOFFs asked ACAUST Forces Senior Leadership Teams and the chain of command to rein- insight on the approach to the force to our junior officers about Strategic Reform Program (SRP) the importance of the position of also on the agenda. delivered service and country The warrant officers all agreed WOFFs and the importance CAF, The Air Force Senior Enlisted briefs to the conference, out- on a format for improving lines of DCAF and ACAUST put on the Leaders (SELs) also provided a lining the challenges they are communication, with a roadmap to WOFF fraternity, WOFF-AF forum to discuss and workshop experiencing and highlighting be developed to enable communi- Millar said. significant challenges that will the similarities to the ones being cation with the right people in the Both groups need to work impact the Air Forces ability to faced by the RAAF. right places. much closer in order to achieve proactively manage the workforce They have all shared their The tools we require to the requirements the future Air and capability in the immediate experiences with us and their ensure we are able to lead our input and involvement was people through the changes Force will demand of us. future. WOFF-AF JJ Millar said this invaluable and greatly received by include a repository for infor- To have CAF, DCAF and years conference also saw invi- syndicate members. mation. The organisation ACAUST, along with other key tations extended to the warrant One of the first things we requires a greater understand- presenters like DGSP AIRCDRE officers for Army and Navy. looked at was the effect of the ing as to whether the Air Force Bennett, DGAFI AIRCDRE Regimental Sergeant Major Defence SRP including the website is effective or not; is Brown and DP-AF GPCAPT of the Army WO Stephen Ward development of a comprehensive information actually useable at Harland take time out of their and Warrant Officer of the Navy schedule, structure, role and a all levels, WOFF-AF Millar busy schedules shows the impor- WO Mark Tandy both attended, clear understanding the impact said. tance that is put on to the WOFF WOFF-AF Millar said. SRP will have across our organi- Another topic that was dis- fraternity to help our command- The service WOFFs, along sation, particularly in relation to cussed strongly was the WOFF ers steer the workforce through with our international guests, all our airmen. structure. It appears that both the challenges ahead. BULLETIN BOARD AIR FORCE BAND September 18: FORCE10 will the annual Royal Melbourne and Trades School, opened provide musical support to Show from 12.30pm. in Melbourne on September September 16: The band will the annual spring ball at RAAF 19, 1940. Most of its earliest support the Australian Industry Base East Sale. students, trained to be cooks CONTACT and Defence Network NSW WILLIAM ANGLISS September 22: The for the service, came from the NSW Branch (02) 9682 1788 [email protected] dinner at the Westin Hotel in Ceremonial Band will support ANNIVERSARY RAAF and WAAF. Sydney at 6.30pm. Newcastle (02) 4951 2666 [email protected] the 1RTU graduation parade at As part of the 70th anniversary If you would like to be part of September 17: The RAAF Base Wagga from 11am. this project and are happy to QLD Nerang (07) 5578 2233 [email protected] Ceremonial Band will support of the William Angliss Institute, an oral history project is being have your recollections of your Townsville (07) 4722 4655 [email protected] the Air Force Gap Year gradua- September 24: The conducted to record interviews time training at William Angliss ACT Branch (02) 6255 1599 [email protected] tion parade at Point Cook. Ceremonial Band will provide with former staff and students included in our archive, or if VIC Branch (03) 5248 0996 [email protected] September 18-19: The musical support to the 8ACO you would like more informa- graduation parade at RAAF of the college over the past SA Branch (08) 8296 2411 [email protected] Ceremonial Band will per- tion about the project, contact Base East Sale from 11am. seven decades. WA Branch (08) 94096682 vvppwabranch form at the 2010 Defence Jill Adams on (03) 9606 2401, @iprimus.com.au Force Air Show at RAAF Base September 26-27: FORCE10 The institute, formerly known mobile 04310 38810 or email: Tasmania (03) 6376 2804 [email protected] Williamtown. will give two performances at as the William Angliss Food [email protected]

16 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 History 17 70 years of nursing Andrew Stackpool A SIGNIFICANT but little-known mile- stone turned over recently when the Air Forces Angels of Mercy, as they were once known, turned 70. Director-General Garrison Health Operations AIRCDRE Tracy Smart said the 70th anniversary of the RAAF Nursing Service (RAAFNS) on July 26 was a moment to reflect on the proud service of nursing officers over a signifi- cant period of the Air Forces history. These women, and later men, were initially employed to care for patients in hospitals but soon became a fundamen- tal component of our operational health capability, she said. It should be remembered, too, that nursing officers have given their lives in the service of our country. Still with an important job to do Today, they are an integral and cru- cial component of the Air Force health DIRECTOR-GENERAL Garrison Wing and we have three full-time services, and hold many of our key lead- Health Operations AIRCDRE Smart GPCAPT nursing officers for the ership positions. says that although the training and first time; one is the OC of the Recognising the need for enhanced focus of the nurse has remained wing, she says. medical services as WWII progressed by and large unchanged, their Nurses are a vital element and the service rapidly expanded, in functions have changed. in the Air Force health services July 1940, the RAAF established the No longer is their focus team and the leadership of the Air RAAFNS. limited to clinical roles and man- Forces health services. Margaret Irene Lang, a matron from aging other nurses; today they We are all now very much one the Victorian Hospitals Service, was ANGELS OF MERCY: Since World War II, nurses from the have become true leaders in the Air Force health team, but I think called in to form and then run the ser- RAAF Nursing Service have been tending the injured in many field of Air Force health. They its important that we recognise vice as its Matron-in-Chief a GPCAPT parts of the world, including, insets above, Vietnam War soldiers hold or have held most of the the significance of this distin- equivalent. returning home. Photos: courtesy RAAF Museum CO positions in Health Services guished group. The RAAF service started with just 45 members in December that year, increasing to 616 by the end of the war. Initially, they were attached to Air Navy Sea King helicopter on Nias Force bases around Australia; however, Island, Indonesia, in 2005. as the fighting to the north intensified, W h e r ev e r t h e A i r F o r c e i s they were posted to Papua New Guinea deployed, its nurses are to be found. and a number of the Pacific islands. As the birthday came around, they As the war neared its end, in were in the MEAO, deployed with February 1944, the Medical Air Pacific Partnership, a joint combined Evacuation Transport Unit (MAETU) health deployment in Papua New was established and was manned almost Guinea, East Timor and the Far East exclusively by nurses. aboard USNS Mercy. The unit played a vital role in the Others have served on Navy patrol medical evacuation of former prisoners- boats and other warships, on AMEs and on exercises, as well as looking of-war after the liberation of Singapore after the health and welfare of Air and other areas. Force personnel in Australia. It would become the basis for the Air Forces modern aero-medical evacuation (AME) organisation. The RAAFNS disbanded at the end of the war. In 1948, a new nursing service was established. It was intended for peace-time service but was soon serv- ing in Korea. From then, its members have served alongside their medical colleagues in places such as Malaya, Vi e t n a m , R w a n d a , E a s t Ti m o r, Bougainville and the MEAO, often under direct and indirect fire. Defence Force Credit Union Limited ABN 57 087 651 385 AFSL 234582 DEF2362_AF (08/10) Banking thats built It has taken its share of casualties, the last being FLTLT Lynne Rowbottom who tragically died in the crash of the on the service For over 35 years Defcredit has provided a full range of tailored financial services to the Defence Force and greater community. As a credit union our aim is to constantly offer competitive products designed to suit any member of the community including Defence personnel on deployment. From savings and insurance, to credit cards and loans, everything we offer, and everything we do, is for our members. But most important of all, our members tell us they consistently receive great service. And with branches in close proximity and on base that service is even easier to access. We are Defcredit. Built on the service in more ways than one. Call 1800 033 139 or visit your local Defcredit branch. PROUD HERITAGE: Above, a RAAF nursing officer from 6RAAF Hospital on the tarmac at RAAF Base Williams, Laverton, in front of a Hercules in defcredit.com.au 1967; above inset, nursing officer FLTLT Lynne Rowbottom who was killed in the Navy Sea King helicopter crash in Indonesia in 2005.

17 18 Tax feature AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Is your return rn fit to lodge? The level of work-related deductions made by some Air Force members in their income tax returns has been noted as unusually high by the Australian Taxation Office. Here is some advice on what you may be eligible to claim for next time you lodge your tax return. R EMEMBER that even if you tion, you can claim a deduction for self- keep it at work. His unit was placed on use a tax agent to lodge your education expenses at item D4 on your a 24 hour high readiness notice which tax return, you are respon- tax return if: required him to bring his kitbag into sible for the deductions you the course maintains or improves the work. The cost of transporting the kitbag claim. Below lists some of the specific skills or knowledge you need into work is an allowable deduction. common work-related deductions and in your current role, or He had a field activity that required whether you may be eligible to claim for the course results in, or is likely to the use of his kitbag. He can claim the them. result in, an increase in your income cost of transporting his kitbag between Home office expenses from your current role. home and work for the field activity. If you work at home you may incur Self-education expenses can include running expenses for services such as textbooks, stationery, student union fees, Gym memberships and fit- lighting, heating and cooling, cleaning course fees, certain travel expenses and ness-related deductions costs and the cost of repairs to furniture the decline in value (depreciation) of Most Air Force members must main- in the home office. You can also claim equipment to the extent it is used for tain a high level of physical fitness, but the work-related part of the decline in self-education purposes. some in special units must maintain value (depreciation) of your office furni- If you incur costs for attending fitness levels well above the general Air Force standard. Examples of these THE BALLS IN YOUR COURT: You may be eligible to claim for fitness- ture and fittings. seminars, conferences, workshops or training courses connected to your work include physical training instructors and related deducations in your tax return if you can demonstrate that it is an You can claim a deduction for all the running costs for the home office if that activities, you should claim them as other those in special combat squads. essential and regular element of your job. Photo: LAC Aaron Curran area is used exclusively (100 per cent) work-related expenses (item D5 on your You can only claim a deduction for for work-related activities. tax return). costs for attending a fitness course or Conventional clothing such as track- you are participating as an official Air If you work in an area of the home You cannot claim any costs paid or gym membership fees if you can dem- suits, shorts, t-shirts, socks and sports Force representative at inter-service not used exclusively (100 per cent) for reimbursed by your employer. onstrate that: youre required to maintain shoes are not allowable deductions. or combined service competitions; or work-related activities, you can claim a Example: a level of fitness well above the general Although certain Air Force units youre required to take part in the deduction for part of the total running Air Force standard, and physical activ- have designed their own physical train- activity as part of your normal income LACW Mitchell is a technician and is costs if you work there when others ity is an essential and regular element of ing clothing with the logo or emblem studying for an advanced system techni- earning activities. arent present or you use a separate your job. of their particular unit, this clothing is cian diploma. Because the course relates Example: room. to her current job and will improve her Example: non-compulsory and is not part of the You can either keep a diary of the traditional Air Force uniform, and cannot FLGOFF Douglas is a pilot and is chance of promotion, she can claim a SQNLDR Johnson is paid extra required to play rugby union on his details of your actual costs and your deduction for its cost. remuneration to maintain a very high be claimed as a deduction. work-related use of that area of the Where physical training clothing weekly sports afternoon, when he is con- If she was studying to become a level of fitness. To maintain this level, he house, or use a fixed rate of 26 cents per forms part of a compulsory uniform, sidered to be on duty. medical officer, she could not claim a does extra training three times a week at hour for use of the facilities in that area you may claim a deduction for costs He also plays with the same Air deduction because it would be unrelated a city gym. His gym fees are an allow- of the house. incurred. Force team in the local civilian competi- to her current role. able deduction. Example: SGT Brown undertakes fitness train- Examples of compulsory physical tion on weekends. FLTLT Williams works in his lounge ing three times per week while on duty. training clothing include official mono- He can claim a deduction for expens- Transporting bulky equip- es incurred for his sports afternoon, but room where the rest of the family can ment between home and She also attends her local gym in her grammed shirts, shorts and tracksuits watch television, so the costs of lighting own time. Because she is not required that clearly identify to the public that you not for his weekend sport. work and heating/cooling are private and not to maintain an above standard level of are a member of the ADF, such as a shirt The cost of travel to and from work Some Air Force members have used deductible. fitness, she cannot claim a deduction for with an official monogram of a squadron is usually not an allowable deduction. patch. unregistered tax agents in the past, so If he uses the room when others her gym fees. However, you can claim a deduction for arent present, or goes into a separate it is important that you seek a reputable the cost of transporting bulky tools and room, he can claim a deduction for addi- equipment between home and work only Physical training clothing Expenses for sporting activi- and registered tax practitioner. To check tional running costs associated with the As part of your physical training you ties if your tax agent is registered, visit work activities. This applies even though if the following apply: are required to wear suitable sports attire. To maintain physical fitness, many www.tabd.gov.au the room is not set aside solely as a home you are required to use them at work, Whether you can claim a deduction for members of the Air Force choose to par- Further information regarding com- office. and the cost of this attire depends on the type ticipate in a sporting activity. mon deductions specific to ADF mem- there is no secure area for storing A deduction is allowable for expenses bers is available at www.ato.gov.au/ of clothing worn. The types are: Work-related self-education them at your workplace. Conventional physical training cloth- incurred when taking part in a sporting individuals and select: Your situation expenses Example: ing, non-compulsory physical training activity if you are considered to be on Employment Work-related expenses If you are doing an educational FSGT Brown keeps his kitbag at clothing and compulsory physical train- duty while participating in the activity Occupational guides to help you com- course that results in a formal qualifica- home because there is no secure place to ing clothing. and: plete your tax return.

18 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Health 19 Loading up for PT Pack carrying has its fitness advantages but needs careful planning, LT Rob Orr reports. P ACK load-carriage activities When designing conditioning pro- can be conducted as part of grams, the most commonly used fit- your military vocation or on ness industry approach is the frequen- a hiking vacation. cy of training, intensity of training, Either way, heavy load carriage time or duration of session and type of just like lifting heavy weights or run- training (or FITT). ning can lead to injury if you have Following this approach the rec- not taken the time to prepare your ommended conditioning dose for load body for the demands you will place carriage improvement would be as fol- on it. lows: Poor preparation for load carriage can lead to blisters (which, believe it Frequency LOAD MASTERED: Training for heavy load carriage, as well as doing complementary strength and cardio or not, can be fatal), stress fractures, Research suggests that the optimal training, will improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury in the field. Photo: CPL David Gibbs spinal injury, nervous system inju- training regime for load carriage is at ries to the arm and thighs as well as least two sessions per month and as Time carriage performance. With this in Finally it is important that your common muscle strains and ligament sprains. often as once a week, depending on As with intensity, the duration of mind, however, it does place strain load-carriage training progresses to To prepare for load-carriage activi- session intensity and length. your session should again gradually on the body, and separate training is meet your environmental conditions. ties and minimise the risk of injuries, increase to meet your requirements. recommended to increase performance Consider the temperatures and humid- Intensity For maintenance, a minimum of 30 and resilience. ity you will be carrying the loads in, as the structures of the body need con- ditioning, as does the ability of the Gradually increase load carriage minutes is recommended. It is impor- Activities that train the aerobic well as the type of clothing you will be body to supply energy to the working context (load weight, speed, terrain) to tant that you avoid increasing your system, like running, swimming and wearing. systems. meet your requirements. If you have training duration at the same time as cycling, can help make your energy no specific requirements then adopt increasing your training intensity (load systems more efficient. Likewise, Just like playing sport, running a Further, to condition the body cor- rectly you need to appreciate that load a maintenance training program with weight, speed, etc). weight training, conditioning the legs, race or lifting weights, to minimise carriage is more than just load weight: sufficient intensity to elicit a training trunk and upper body, can strengthen your chance of injury you must gradu- speed of march, distance or duration of response similar to that recommended Type of training the muscles and tendons, increasing ally and progressively condition your march, and the terrain (grade and com- by Fitness Australia for maintaining Load-carriage training is undoubt- joint protection and increasing muscle body to withstand the stresses that will position) all bear consideration. cardio respiratory health. edly the best way of improving load- efficiency when carrying load. be placed on it. Why not try one of the RAAF Welfare NEED A Recreational Companys apartments in one of three HOLIDAY? amazing locations www.raafholidays.com.au GOLD COAST DARWIN MERIMBULA AMBASSADOR APARTMENTS MARRAKAI APARTMENTS TUSCANY APARTMENTS Attractions Attractions Attractions Theme Parks Gateway to National Parks Magic Mountain Family Recreation Park Currumbin Sanctuary and the Top End Yellow Pinch Wildlife Park Jupiters Casino Whale watching cruises (Sep to Nov) Jazz festival (June long weekend) BOOKINGS BOOKINGS BOOKINGS Phone: 07 5531 5692/0417 780 961 Phone: 08 8981 9283 Phone: 02 6495 2030

19 Finding it hard to help your people with nancial issues? This lm will help you. Watch the video or order the DVD on the website Helping ADF www.adfconsumer.gov.au members with their finances VOLUME SIX Helping ADF members the with their finances DOs & the DOs & DONTs VOLUME SIX DONTs If you are interested in your personal and family finances, this is a MUST SEE! ADF Financial Services Consumer Council ADF Financial Services Consumer Council

20 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Sp rt 21 Attacking Perths City to Surf in numbers WHEN we mention the City to Surf We received a go-ahead from the all there, running their own races so in the eastern states, we usually think Pearce Senior ADF Officer, WGCDR RUNNING to speak. about Sydney and Heartbreak Hill. Russell Page, and sent out an email MACHINES: The other good news is that the But over in the west, its a dif- to all Pearce staff, FLGOFF Figgins 2FTS Air Force Sports Council has reim- ferent story and one that Air Force said. OFFCDTs bursed the $2400 the team spent on played a part in this year. What followed was a total sur- Will entry fees and running shirts and Carabott, this is being donated to the Prostate On a sunny morning on Sunday, prise. Aaron Cancer Research. August 29 more than 40,000 people We were going to be happy with Fitch, Kyle donned their running shoes for the half a dozen people. Air Forces leading competitors Hornberg City to Surf in Perth and 43 of those But personnel came out of the and Terry Half-marathon: Darren Allbeury, 1hr were Air Force personnel. woodwork both PAF and reserve Manenti. 35mins (Airflite), OFFCDT Will Carabott, The driving forces behind the members from 25SQN, 2 Flying 1hr 49mins; OFFCDT Aaron Fitch, 1hr teams were FLGOFF Linda Figgins Training School, 79SQN, 44WG 52mins. and reservist CPL Andrew Robinson Detachment, as well as APS, BAE and Unfortunately, the plan for them although 20 did manage to meet up. 12km run: AC Michael Vukotich, who both competed last year. Airflite personnel. A couple of part- 54mins; reservist CPL John Burn, to start as a group in the race came Do you know how many of those 55mins. They both signed up again this ners of members also signed on. unstuck. 40,000 people wore the same grey 4km run: OFFCDT Terry Manenti, year but decided to drum up some col- A bunch of running shirts were FLGOFF Figgins found it hard running shirts? 23mins; OFFCDT Kyle Hornberg, leagues from RAAF Base Pearce, too. printed with the Air Force Logo. to find them in the throng of people, The good news is that they were 23mins. Cliffhanger loss GOTCHA: SGT Jon Durrant with his great big snapper. Photo: CPL Scott Muhling Muehlbergs TALL TIMBER: AC Jacob Walsh takes a 22 points not shot at goal. Photo: LACW Shannon McCarthy enough See, a dapper snapper DESPITE SGT Tim Muehlbergs 22 points in the final, Air Force WOMENS WEVE all heard the story about the big fish that got away. Well, this story is about one that didnt. relinquished its stranglehold on the South Australian Defence WINNER When SGT Jon Durrant weighed in with a report from South Australia, he said eight members from Basketball (SADB) mens inter- 10SQN and 292SQN at RAAF Base Edinburgh service title at RAAF Base LACW Michelle Hiesley won contested the angling section of the South Australian Edinburgh on August 19. the Sheralee Gormley Trophy Police Emergency Services games on the Yorke It was a cliffhanger though, for the most valuable womens Peninsula. with Air Force losing to Army, player at the South Australian The catch tally for the day was low, however 44-40. Defence Basketball inter- CPL David Lawson was the best performer, he said. Four teams contested the mens service championships. He totalled 10 fish for the day including a metre- competition Air Force, which LACW Hiesley was part long snook. CPL Evan McGillvray also took a few had won the title for the previous of the ADF Red team that lost large squid that we thought may take out a prize, four years; Techos, from 10SQN to the ADF Club in the grand however the firefighters took a massive squid that and 11SQN, who were competing final. They were the only two pipped ours to take out the points. for the second year and had pre- teams in the womens section What SGT Durrant didnt tell us and something pared well, having earlier compet- and each was drawn from all that one of his teammates did was that he actually ed at the South Australian Police the services. caught the biggest fish in the team, a snapper that and Emergency Services Games; came a close sixth overall in size. Army and APS. The mens teams proved to be extremely well matched and the two finalists were not decided until the final match. After the round-robin competi- tion, Army was top, with Air Force Men second, the Techos third and APS fourth. The Techos narrowly missed out on making their first grand final appearance after a 31-40 loss to Air Force in their last game. The grand final pitted Air Force against Army for the second year running. Army took the honours during the round-robin competition, how- 33-27 going into the final quarter. ferocious all day with the rebound- ever Air Force attempted to alter its Unfortunately, Army racked up ing at both ends of the floor; LAC game play going into the final. 17 points, while forcing Air Force Joel Geddes and FLTLT Laine The tactics of Air Force seemed into foul trouble, to win 44-40. Pearce who were versatile key men to be paying off at half-time Aside from SGT Muehlberg, with their inside and outside shoot- when it led 20-15 after an excel- Air Force was well served by ing game; and LAC Scott Benyon lent second quarter in which SGT Garry Browning, who provided who scored a crucial three-point Muehlberg racked up 14 points. point guard leadership and spec- play in the dying minute of the Army clawed back early in tacular passing; CPL Dave Thomas final, that gave Air Force one last the third quarter but Air Force led and AC Jacob Walsh who were chance to retain the trophy. SADB training www.wrightlawyersandassociates.com SADB is about to Why Pay more to get your RESUMES A unique start training for the Australian Defence entitlements? Military /($',1*3529,'(5 experience Basketball combined Compensation 5HVXPHV Thousands of services competition at 6HOHFWLRQ&ULWHULD products available RAAF Base Williamtown Experienced Solicitor ,QWHUYLHZFRDFKLQJ from November 27 to Showroom: December 4. Former Defence &7$60HG'LVFK member (22 years) 6:$33VSRXVHV

21 65 Kembla Street For more information, Contact Dean Wright $')VSHFLDOLVW Fyshwick Canberra contact SGT Tim Muehlberg 1DWLRQDOFRYHUDJH on (08) 738 94095, timothy. Free call 02 6123 2950 [email protected] 1300 174 247 For all latest SADB news, CALL militaryshop.com.au visit www.sadb.basketball. Wright Lawyers net.au and Associates 1300 112 114 MILITARY SHOP

22 22 Sp rt AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 NIMBLE AND QUICK: FLTLT Amanda Gosling who recorded a better time than the men. Heres how ACHIEVERS: FLTLT Ewan Reid, above, who was second in the overall its done, guys ... mens combined ski individual at the ADF titles and, right, CPL Timothy Burrows whose pace in the bottom half of the course helped him to victory in the Air Force advanced IF YOU want any tips on snow- the inaugural snowboard womens exciting finishes as he repeatedly snowboarder cross boarding, youd be hard pressed to team competition. overtook riders on the last turns. mens race. look past FLTLT Amanda Gosling. Army won the competition The Canberra 2 team of FLTLT Gosling even showed overall, but Air Force had some SQNLDR Greg Mathams, SGT the men how at the RAAF Alpine other high achievers. Peter Hohn, GPCAPT Karon Millet Sports Association championships FLTLT Ewan Reid and FLTLT and Ms Peta-Anne Garrett won the v8.com.au at Mt Hotham from July 26 to Justin Carstairs were second and advanced ski team championship. EXCLUSIVE TO mynew August 1. third respectively in the over- LAC Rhyan Bassett had an She won the womens giant sla- all mens combined ski individual, excellent performance in the giant lom in a faster time than the men posting very competitive times in slalom and snowboarder cross to 7KH+ROGHQ*;6HULHV8WH recorded in the same event. the slalom and giant slalom races. take out the overall male champion. She also won the womens At the earlier Air Force titles, Combining with LAC Benjamin snowboarder cross and was award- FLTLT Reid held off FLTLT Sharpe and CPL James Banks, he 6SHFLDO)LQDQFH3DFNDJHV ed the title for the overall womens Carstairs to win the advanced male also led the Williamtown 1 team to $YDLODEOHIRU champion. RXU$UPHG)RUFHV championship. victory in the advanced snowboard FLTLT Gosling was select- Skiers and snowboarders came team competition. LQFOXGLQJVDODU\VDFULFHRSWLRQV ed to represent Air Force at the from all over for the Air Force Australian Defence Alpine Sports titles, with teams from RAAF Association Championships at The Air Force Snowsports Bases Richmond, Williams, East championship is held annually at Mt Mt Hotham from August 2 to 6 where her sparkling form contin- Sale, Williamtown, Edinburgh and Hotham. The competition caters for ued. Amberley as well as competitors all levels of skiers and snowboarders. ([FOXVLYHWR She won the Defence giant sla- from Canberra, Townsville and At a cost of about $1200 including lom against six Army snowboard- Perth. lift pass, meals, accommodation, ZZZP\QHZYFRPDX ers, two from Navy and two other The advanced snowboarder transport, lessons and racing, it is IURP Air Force competitors. It was a pretty tight competi- cross mens race was tightly con- tested. a great week. If you are interested in coming along next year or would tion, she said. The top three qualifying times like more information, check out '5,9($:$< She led narrowly after the first were all within one second with the RAAF Alpine Sports Association *;6HULHV69 66DQG669 SQNLDR Des Meacham qualify- website on the Intranet: http:// )5(('HOLYHU\WRWKH of two runs, so she was pretty $/62$9$,/$%/(,1 chuffed to hang on. ing first. intranet.defence.gov.au/raafweb/ (DVW&RDVWRI$XVWUDOLD 6('$1$1'63257:$*21 As if that wasnt enough, But CPL Timothy Burrows sur- sites/RASA/comweb.asp?page=Home (QTXLUHIRURWKHUDUHDV ewv8.com.au now she also combined with FLTLT vived all the knockout rounds to or for more information, contact Go to myn 7RDSSURYHGSXUFKDVHUV Rachael Webb and ACW Katrina finish first, his pace in the bottom PLTOFF Katarina Babic at: katarina. Black to beat Army and Navy in half of the course making for some [email protected] '/; LEAD TWICE THE LIFE DMO MILITARY RESERVES DMO exciting opportunities Australia wide! Exciting opportunities are available for Military Reservists in the following trades/ specialisations: Project Managment Logistics Finance Administration Technical Trades Engineering (mechanical & electrical) Aircrew D E F EN C E MATERIEL ORGA N ISATIO N | w w w. dm oj obs. go v. a u or call 1800 DMO JOBS (1800 366 562)

23 AIR F RCE September 16, 2010 Sp rt 23 Our biathlon champs FLTLTs Tina Willmett and Jane Ked- and Keddie shared the ADFs wom- die were the toast of the Air Force ens biathlon championship with an cross-country skiing and biathlon Army woman. GATHERING team after jointly winning the ADFs OF THE GUNS: Right, womens sprint biathlon championship Next years competition is already in WOFF Hans at Mt Hotham in Victoria last month. planning. For details, contact SQNLDR Foehn and It brought to an end nearly two Andrew Scholten (02) 6265 3369 or FLTLT Tina weeks of exciting competition in a Garry Boxsell (02) 6265 4526. Images Willmett. sport that combines cross-country ski- and results from the 2010 competition, Below, SGT ing and military-skills target shooting. and more information about the sport Carl Trindorfer During the first week in August, is available at the Air Force Nordic & takes a shot. skiers undertook skills training, rifle Biathlon Association website: http:// handling drills and fitness routines in intranet.defence.gov.au/raafweb/sites/ order to compete against Navy and AFNBA/comweb.asp?page=48303 Army, and to determine the overall Air Force champions. The second weeks intense rivalry between the services brought out the best of all members in the team, and demon- strated once again that Air Force can mix it with the best. For the week of Air Force champi- onships, 12 service and APS competi- tors braved the daily snowfalls to bat- tle for the top Air Force awards. The teams long-term mentor, WOFF Hans Foehn, was narrowly beaten to the championship trophy with a late surge by SGT Carl Trindorfer, who took out the mens The cook and the shooters: food for wintersport classic track and biathlon trophies. LACW Karen de Weerdt is quite sure followed by a pasta dish, platter of of the season after the inter-service Rising star FLTLT Keddie won her banana muffins are what got her OVER THE LINE cold meats and garden salad. relays in the Mt Hotham Village. the womens classic track award, and over the line as cook for the Air Force BANANA MUFFINS For dinner, the skiers could My cross-country skiing experi- FLTLT Willmett won the womens cross-country skiing and biathlon team. relax in front of the open fire with a ence is limited to one lesson a week biathlon trophy. The skiers who dined out on her INGREDIENTS: 3 cups self view over the valley and have their before the race from WOFF Hans The novice skier award went to cooking for two weeks at Mt Hotham raising flour, 1 cup caster choice of two types of meat, potatoes Foehn who has over 20 years experi- FLTLT Rod Orrock and the team last month might disagree though. sugar, cup vegetable oil, 1 and vegetables. ence, she said. encouragement award to SQNLDR For them, the beef hotpots, grilled cup of milk, 1 banana, cup For race times there were those There were only two other cooks Andrew Scholten. steak with mushrooms, chicken breast chocolate bits. yummy banana muffins and toasted in the race both from Navy (the The Air Force titles were fol- stuffed with cheese and fresh basil or sandwiches for mornos on the biath- Army cook didnt make it). METHOD: Mix all ingredients lowed by the inter-service com- spaghetti bolognese might have won together and spoon into a lon range and in the afternoons chick- The track was all of about petition week, held in conjunc- their hearts as well as their stomachs. muffin tin and bake in the oven en noodle soup to warm the skiers up 400m, with three corners. Corners tion with the Australian Biathlon for 15-20mins at 180 degrees. and keep them hydrated and loaded are tricky when youre starting Whatever the case, LACW de Championships a national-level with carbs. out. There was a hill coming up to Weerdt is now a devotee and cant wait civilian race where Australias best for her next chance to go to the ski Her brief was to provide an extra And of course they loved their the finish line followed by a cor- up-and-coming biathletes, including fields. 1000 calories a day for the athletes to desserts usually hot apple crumble ner where I made my move to get Olympic representatives, compete. Usually she works as a cook in help keep up their energy levels. or chocolate cake. in front of the Navy cook where The Navy took out the ADF cham- pionships with Army second and Air the Sergeants Mess at RAAF Base That meant three meals a day, It wasnt all work and no play, I gracefully slipped and fell, and Force third. Williamtown, where the weather is starting with porridge and fresh fruit though. came last laughing in front of an But the Air Force did not go home somewhat warmer and where there is for breakfast and lunch of hearty soup LACW de Weerdt contested the audience of about 60 Air Force, empty handed as FLTLTs Willmett definitely no snow. with fresh bread from the bread maker cooks race which is the last event Navy, Army and civilian spectators. He never thought hed be back on the slopes 3 GREAT REASONS Great Value Use promo code df2010 for an instant 5% off your order at the checkout. All orders over $300 will receive a FREE training shirt or singlet* Great Service 4XDOLHGDGYLFHIURPRXU personal trainers with unbiased opinions (we do UNTIL he participated in group that also included three not make our own the ADF Paralympic Sports Army personnel and one from supplements!) Program winter camp in the Navy. Snowy Mountains last month, They stayed at Jindabyne FSGT Tony Benfer hadnt and travelled each day up to Great Guarantee been on skis for about 15 Smiggins, where they had All orders shipped within years. ski lessons with specialist ski After losing his lower instructors. 24hours** or you will right leg in a hit and run traf- Other activities included: receive a credit for $20 fic accident more than three R ehabilitation programs years ago he didnt expect to designed by Army PTIs in either. consultation with physios. * subject to availability, please leave size in customer comments FSGT Benfer, a PTI at P rograms and recovery **guarantee doesnt apply to public holidays or weekends from Fri 2pm RAAF Base Wagga, had fond memories of taking a group to sessions in a swimming & is subject to payment clearance the Snowy Mountains in the pool conducted by Chris 1990s for some cross-country Nunn from the Australian skiing. Institute of Sport (AIS). So he was delighted to be S essions conducted by invited to the winter camp. physios and PTIs at the It was fantastic getting Jindabyne gymnasium. back on skis, he said. Really Talent search by the AIS good. for any potential future THE ICEMAN RETURNS: FSGT Tony Phone: 1800 111 445 www.thesupplementden.com.au Benfer happy to be back on skis; above, FSGT Benfer was part of a winter paralympians. thats him skiing at Smiggins.

24 SP RT Thriller in SA basketball Page 21 September 16, 2010 RAAF BASE PEARCES BIG FUN RUN RESPONSE PAGE 21 HIGH DINING THEY say an Army marches on its stomach and you can apply the same principle to the Air Force cross-country skiing and biathlon team which spent two weeks at Mt Hotham in Victoria last month. Mt Hotham village sits 1750 metres above sea level, making it the second-highest resort village in Australia. The Air Force team went well prepared, taking with them a cook from the Sergeants Mess at RAAF Base Williamtown, LACW Karen de Weerdt, who had a brief to provide the athletes with an extra 1000 calories a day. We cant say how the Army and Navy ate, but our people had fare such as piping hot soup, pasta, chocolate cake and banana muffins. It must have helped, too, because Air Force had its share of success. FLTLT Tina Willmett, also from Williamtown, and FLTLT Jane Keddie, from RAAF Base East Sale, were members of the womens champion sprint biathon team. Full story, Page 23 TOP SHOT: FLTLT Tina Willmett. Photo: CPL Mick Kearnes Snowboarder Paralympian Shhh, no one must know Karens shows the back on the COOKS TOUR: Team cook LACW Karen de Weerdt gets out of the kitchen to rattle Over The Line banana muffin recipe men how snow those skis for herself. (except us Air Force Photo: SQNLDR Andrew Scholten people) Page 23 Page 22 Page 23

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