Application to the MA and PhD Programs - Loyola School of Theology

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  • Apr 16, 2011
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1 Application to the MA and PhD Programs Loyola School of Theology Application Period & Deadlines: Students may PhD-Th Course Work: The PhD-Th apply for admission to any of the civil programs in either semester. Procedures, required program requires at least four semesters documents and deadlines for application are of course work in which the student must posted on the website of the Loyola School of Graduate Program in Biblical Exegesis complete successfully sixteen (16) doctoral Theology ( level courses belonging to the following categories: [a] Philosophical Theology (9 Entrance Tests: All applicants to the civil units): Three courses chosen from the pool degree programs are required to take the Master of Arts of Philosophical Theology courses offered Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School Entrance Exam and the LST English Proficiency in Theological Studies during the school year. [b] Concentration (30 units): Ten courses or seminars in the Test. Fees are charged for these exams. Doctor of Philosophy students area of concentration, two of which must be reading courses that are TOEFL: The Test of English as a Foreign in Theology Language is required by the Ateneo de Manila specifically geared toward the topic of Graduate School for international students who his/her dissertation. [c] Electives (9 units): come from countries where English is NOT the Three courses chosen from outside the medium of instruction. It is best that they take MA in Biblical Exegesis students area of concentration. the TOEFL in their home countries BEFORE coming to the Philippines. The test result should Probation Period: Before successfully form part of their application documents to the PhD in Biblical Exegesis completing eighteen (18) units of course Ateneo de Manila Graduate School. work, the student is on academic probation Additional Requirements for PhD Applicants: status and needs to be approved for Applicants to the PhD program are required definitive acceptance to the PhD-Th program to submit a copy of their masters thesis or its by the Dean upon the recommendation equivalent, on which their capacity to write a of the Standards and Degrees Committee. dissertation will be evaluated. In addition, they The bases for definitive acceptance are the must also submit a 1 to 2-page, double-spaced grades, and at least one major research essay explaining why they are pursuing the For complete information regarding paper written in the doctoral course work. doctorate, mentioning the area they wish to admission procedures, deadlines, and pursue in their dissertation. required documents, visit: PhD-Th Comprehensive Examination: After the completion of all course work, Screening and Acceptance to the Programs: Applicants are accepted to the programs by LST Student Handbook (2007): the student takes the comprehensive the LST Dean upon the recommendation of examination. the Admissions Committee or the Standards and Degrees Committee which evaluates the PhD-Th Dissertation: The doctoral applicants on the basis of their academic records, Mailing Address: Ateneo de Manila University dissertation is expected to manifest the entrance test results, essays, bio-data, etc. On P.O. Box 240, UP Post Office Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines students firm grasp of theological method the recommendation of the committee, some 1144 Quezon City, Philippines and criticism and his/her ability to control students may be required to take propaedeutic and marshal pertinent data around some courses as a condition for their acceptance. Tel. (632) 426-6430 to 35 original specialized topic. Tele-Fax. (632) 426-5967 E-mail: [email protected]

2 Sacramental Theology, Moral Theology, and Pastoral Theology. Master of Arts in Theological Studies Academic Prerequisite: To get accepted Students who are not approved for definitive to the MA Theological Studies program, acceptance are automatically dropped creative theological reflection regarding the applicant must have a government- from the MA-TS program. However, they situations and problems facing the Christian major in recognized (civil) bachelors degree with may shift to the non-thesis MA program in community in the Philippines and Asia. [c] Biblical Theology at least 12 units of undergraduate (college) pastoral ministry. To equip men and women who can train theology courses. Moreover, they must have students to a level of high qualification in Systematic & Sacramental Theology attained at least a general undergraduate MA-TS Comprehensive Examination: their own disciplines according to Catholic Moral Theology average of B (2.5 or 85). After completing his/her course work, the doctrine. student must pass a written comprehensive Pastoral Theology MA-TS Course Work: This program examination. The two-part examination is Upon admission to the program, the requires at least three semesters of course given on two successive Saturdays: Part I doctoral student must choose from any work in which the student must complete covers the foundation courses; and Part II of the following areas of concentration: The MA Theological Studies (MA-TS) successfully 10 masters level courses covers the courses the student has taken in Biblical Theology, Systematic/Dogmatic program has the following purposes: belonging to the following categories: his/her area of concentration. Theology, Moral Theology, and Religious [a] To prepare teachers for college-level Education. theology in the Philippines; [b] To present [a] Foundation Courses (15 units): The MA-TS Research Thesis: The MA-TS a sound and serious grounding in the basic five core courses are: Revelation-Faith, program requires a research thesis. With the Academic Prerequisite: To get accepted to theological disciplines relating to both the Christology, Ecclesiology, Fundamental approval of the Dean, any of the following the PhD in Theology program, the applicant Christian tradition and to the contemporary Moral Theology, and Christian Worship. may be substituted for the thesis. [a] Four must have a government-recognized (civil) life of the Christian community; [c] To foster [b] Concentration (9 units): Three courses Major Papers; [b] Religious Education/ Masters degree in Theological Studies with a capacity for disciplined reflection and or seminars in the students area of Ministry Project; [c] Translation Work. a thesis and a general average of B+ (2.0). effective communication, principally on the concentration. [c] Electives (6 units): Two college level. elective courses chosen from outside the PhD-Th Language Requirements: The PhD- students area of concentration. Courses Th program requires a reading knowledge in excess of the minimum requirements of Doctor of Philosophy in of two modern languages, besides English, Upon admission into the program, the student may choose his/her area of ones field of concentration may count as Theology in which significant theological writing has concentration from any of the following: electives. been done (e.g., German, French, Spanish, Biblical Theology, Systematic and The PhD in Theology (PhD-Th) program has Italian). Latin or Greek may substitute for Probation Period: Before successfully the following purposes: [a] To help students one of these. The PhD-Th with concentration completing eighteen (18) units of course acquire a high professional and scientific in Biblical Theology will demand Biblical work, the student is on academic probation competence in one of the following areas Hebrew for those specializing in the OT, or status and needs to be approved for of theology: Biblical Theology, Dogmatic/ Biblical Greek for those specializing in the definitive acceptance to the MA-TS program Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, NT. All these language requirements must by the Dean. The bases for the definitive Religious Education. [b] To help them be fulfilled before writing the dissertation. acceptance are the grades, proficiency in manifest in a scholarly dissertation the English, and at least one major research capacity for disciplined research, for clear paper written in the MA-TS course work. communication, and for both critical and

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