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1 Church of the Brethren Study and Action Guide on Modern-Day Slavery Resources on Modern-Day Slavery Church of the Brethren Global Food Crisis Fund Interfaith Action of Southwest Florida Resolution on Slavery in the pagename=go_give_food_crisis 21st Century: A Call to Aware- ness, Education, and Action The Church of the Brethrens Global This network of people of faith and Food Crisis Fund, although not an anti- religious institutions works in partner- slavery movement per se, supports low- ship with the Coalition of Immokalee A resolution adopted by the Church of Workers to improve sub-poverty wages income communities around the world the Brethren Annual Conference in 2008. and end modern-day slavery and human with food security measures that help prevent the economic conditions that rights abuses in the fields. make people vulnerable to slavery. Church of the Brethren Study and Action Guide on Modern- Church Women United Day Slavery SERRV On its Global Action menu, the CWU This page on the denominational website website offers education and action SERRV is a fair-trade organization that includes various resources to help you markets handcrafts, jewelry, clothing, resources and Internet links on learn more about the issue of modern- trafficking in women and children, food and others items to help artisans day slavery. Pieces highlight facts about from many different countries around the prostitution, and sex tourism. modern-day slavery, biblical teachings, world to earn fair compensation for their Annual Meeting minutes, resources, work. SERRV was begun by the Church suggestions for action, and worship National Council of Churches of the Brethren, but now is an independ- resources including sermon starters and a USA Justice for Women Work- ent nonprofit working with a number of childrens story. different faith groups. ing Group humantrafficking2.html Interfaith Organizations This working group of the National Coalition of Immokalee Council of Churches provides ecumeni- The Church of the Brethren Study and Workers cal resources to help people of faith Action Guide on Modern-Day Slavery educate themselves on the issue of is posted at and slavery and take action to end human includes pieces on: Modern-Day Slavery The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a trafficking. Biblical Teachings on Slavery farm workers group of tomato pickers, Church of the Brethren Statements on Slavery offers information about cases of Resources for a Worship Focus on Slavery modern-day slavery emerging from Other Not-for-Profit Groups Suggestions for Action on Modern-Day Floridas fields. CIW also has an Anti- Slavery Slavery Campaign a worker-based Free the Slaves Resources on Modern-Day Slavery approach to eliminating slavery in Bulletin Insert agriculture. A not-for-profit that fights slavery worldwide by helping people to freedom,

2 Resources on Modern-Day Slavery Page 2 removing slave labor from commercial sex trade in the US. wide. Free the Children raises consumer products, and helping Children of the Night focuses on money to build and staff schools, to governments enforce antislavery working with law enforcement to support alternative income projects, laws, Free the Slaves offers rescue children from prostitution in to construct clean water systems, resources including books, videos, southern California, Las Vegas and and to provide better health care to personal stories of people who have other western cities, Miami, New marginalized communities. been freed from slavery, an interac- York, Minneapolis, Atlanta, tive world slavery map, Top 10 Phoenix, Hawaii, and Washington, Facts about Modern Slavery, and D.C. It offers residential homes and Global Centurion an online store. rehabilitation for the children, including medical and psychologi- cal care, academic assessment, and Founded in 2008 by former State Business and Human social services. If you suspect a Department official Laura Lederer Rights Resource Center case of child prostitution call the and others, this organization hotline at 800-551-1300. focuses on investigation, arrest, prosecution, and conviction of This organization tracks positive predators and perpetrators of child and negative impacts of more than ECPAT-USA sexual slavery. 4,000 companies worldwide. Standing for End Child Prostitu- Not for Sale Campaign Coalition Against tion, Pornography, and Trafficking Trafficking in Women of Children for Sexual Purposes, the organization focuses on com- This organization was founded by mercial sexual exploitation of scholar and activist David Batstone. A coalition promoting womens children, child sex tourism, and Its mission is to equip and mobilize rights by working internationally to child trafficking to the US. Its activists to work against slavery at combat sexual exploitation and TassaTag luggage tag project, for home and abroad. challenge the legalization and Travelers Against Sex Slavery and normalization of prostitution. It is Trafficking, raises funds to train part of the International Human Polaris Project: For a people in the travel industry to take Rights Network, and has Category active roles against sex tourism, World Without Slavery II Consultative Status with the UN inform the public that sex with Economic and Social Council. At children is against the law in every the website find international news country, and mobilize the US reports on the trafficking of This project works to end human Congress against child sex tourism. women, prostitution, other human trafficking, with offices in many rights issues, and a list of states and on university campuses. campaigns and projects in specific It offers contact numbers to report Free the Children countries. suspected trafficking on its website as well as a Fellowship Program for An organization of children help- young adults interested in working Children of the Night ing children founded in 1995 by for the anti-trafficking movement, Canadian Craig Kielburger, who at and a national grassroots campaign age 12, gathered school friends and Slavery Still Exists. Contact the The group rescues children ages 11 Polaris Project at 202-745-1001. began a campaign against the to 17 who have been forced into the exploitation of child labor world-

3 Resources on Modern-Day Slavery Page 3 United States Government National Day of Human UN Cyber Schoolbus Trafficking Awareness State Department Office to Set for January 11 each year. It was childsoldiers/webquest Monitor and Combat established in June 2007 by a con- Trafficking in Persons A youth-friendly online educational current resolution of the US House of resource offers information about the Representatives and the US Senate. problem of children recruited into The website offers the federal govern- military forces, information on child ments annual Trafficking in Persons soldiers by country, helps for student Report, along with other government The House Human researchers, and suggestions for documents and reports of US funding Trafficking Caucus taking action. for work against human trafficking. Ask your US Representative to join this bipartisan caucus, if she or he is not already a member. UNICEF Department of Health and Human Services Campaign to Rescue and Restore Victims Congressional Human UNICEF offers information and of Human Trafficking Rights Caucus in the Senate resources on child trafficking and Ask your Senator to join this caucus exploitation, and child labor. and work to make slavery and human A joint project of the US Department trafficking an important focus of of Health and Human Services, the attention. Films and Videos Anti-Trafficking in Persons (ATIP) Program in the Office of Refugee It Takes a Child Resettlement, and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. The campaigns United Nations Rescue and Restore works on local A 58-minute film released in 1998 outreach with grassroots organiza- UN Office on Drugs and documenting the work of then-15- tions that identify and work with Crime Global Program year-old antislavery activist Craig victims. Against Trafficking Kielburger. After learning about the death of a child labor activist in trafficking/index.html Pakistan, Kielburger started a child- National Human Traffick- run organization called Free the The website gives an overview of the ing Resource Center Hotline Children, which now has 10,000 United Nations work in the human 888-373-7888 members worldwide. Appropriate for trafficking field and the real-life grade 5 through adult. Call this hotline to report suspected complexities faced by people globally incidents of human trafficking. every day, in the areas of prevention of trafficking, protection of victims, and prosecution of offenders. Call and Response How to identify and report Information is offered about UN trafficking victims GIFT, a Global Initiative to Fight This is an antislavery rockumentary Human Trafficking. produced and directed by Justin Dillon. It features many actors and This page offers helpful information singers, along with other prominent on recognizing and aiding victims of political and cultural figures. This human trafficking. film is currently only viewable by

4 Resources on Modern-Day Slavery Page 4 attending a showing. See the website Not My Life Modern Slavery: The Secret for a schedule. World of 27 Million People By Kevin Bales, Zoe Trodd, and Alex A feature-length documentary about Kent Williamson, published by One- Lives for Sale global human trafficking filmed in world Publications, 2009. This book North and South America, Europe, gives a brief history of slavery Asia, and Africa. It follows the stories throughout time and then conducts a A one-hour investigative docu- of several trafficked persons. chapter-by-chapter discussion of the mentary about human trafficking, a different forms of slavery today. It production of Maryknoll and concludes with a chapter on how we Lightfoot Films in association with Books can end slavery in our lifetimes. Faith & Values Media, which has been shown on PBS stations. A pre- Be the Change: Your Guide view is available on the website and a to Freeing Slaves and Chang- To Plead Our Own Cause: DVD may be ordered for $19.95. ing the World Personal Stories By Zach Hunter, published by Edited by. Kevin Bales and Zoe Zondervan, 2007. This is a book by a Trodd, published by Cornell Univer- Free the Slaves videos teen for teens. Zach Hunter is a teen- sity Press, 2008. This book includes age abolitionist who started an organi- narratives from 95 people who have zation called Loose Change to Loosen Videos that are available include chosen to share their stories of Chains. The book has quotes, Slavery 101, The Silent Revolution, enslavement. vignettes, short commentaries, and Freedom and Beyond, Dreams Die questions for reflection and Hard, and Slavery: A Global discussion. Investigation. Many of these may be Amazing Grace: William viewed free of charge on a home Wilberforce and the Heroic computer, or ordered in DVD format Half the Sky: Turning Campaign to End Slavery for viewing in classes or study groups. Oppression into Opportunity By Eric Metaxas, published by for Women Worldwide HarperSanFrancisco, this book is a companion volume to the movie of By Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl Not For Sale videos the same title. Order from Brethren WuDunn, published by Alfred A. Press for $13.95 plus shipping and Knopf, 2009. Kristof and WuDunn handling, call 800-441-3712. are New York Times correspondents These include an NBC Special Report whose book chronicles many severe about the Not for Sale Campaign injustices faced by women today but work to combat sex slavery in San A Crime So Monstrous: offers, through case studies, inspiring Francisco, and a 30-minute docu- Face-to-Face with Modern- stories of women who have triumphed mentary about how students at the Day Slavery against adversity and people and University of San Francisco carried groups who are making a difference By Benjamin E. Skinner, published by out a successful effort against local worldwide. Free Press in New York, 2008. The traffickers. This documentary also can book offers an expos of modern-day be purchased for $4.99. slavery and human trafficking. Order from Brethren Press for $26 plus shipping and handling.

5 Resources on Modern-Day Slavery Page 5 Disposable People: New rescued and rehabilitated by a Other Resources Slavery in the Global Economy UNICEF-sponsored rehabilitation center. He now lives in the United Slavery Still Exists: And It By Kevin Bales, published by States. Could Be in Your Backyard Berkeley: University of California Press, 1999. This well-researched From Free the Slaves, this booklet is a book documents the existence of community members guide to fight- Not For Sale: The Return ing human trafficking and slavery. modern-day slavery. It provides of the Global Slave Trade examples of slavery in Thailand, Mauritania, Brazil, Pakistan, and and How We Can Fight It India, and offers suggestions for By David Batstone. An award- Amnesty International (AI) action. Order from Brethren Press for winning journalist, Batstone profiles a Kids Urgent Action $19.95 plus shipping and handling. new generation of abolitionists lead- ing the struggle to end slavery, and tells of those in bondage (HarperOne, Amnesty International USA lists Ending Slavery: How We 2007). Order from Brethren Press for among its priorities violence against Free Todays Slaves $14.95 plus shipping and handling. women, human trafficking, the sex Go to trade, international marriage brokers, By Kevin Bales, from the University for resources to address slavery, in- and childrens rights, including the of California Press, 2007. The book cluding helps to develop local investi- problem of child soldiers. The website suggests a program for abolishing gation and intervention programs. offers the AI Kids Urgent Action slavery worldwide in 25 years. Order Resources include Not For Trade resource giving children and youth a from Brethren Press for $24.95 plus Show on organizing an anti-slavery way to support human rights. shipping and handling, call event at a college; and High School 800-441-3712. Toolkit for teenagers. Enslaved: True Stories of The Slave Next Door: Modern Day Slavery Human Trafficking and By Jesse Sage and Liora Kasten, Slavery in America Today published by Palgrave MacMillan in By Kevin Bales and Ron Soodalter, 2006. It tells the stories of seven University of California Press, 2009. former slaves who were held in loca- The book exposes the human traffick- tions from Belarus to China to the US, ing and slavery that currently exists in and includes testimony from a former the United States. slaveowner in Mauritania. Order from Brethren Press for $14.95 plus shipping and handling. A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah. In this book, Beah chronicles his experience as a 12- year-old fleeing civil war in his home- land of Sierra Leone and being picked up and trained to fight in the govern- ment army. After four years he was Copyright 2010 Church of the Brethren

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