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1 Profiles The Elster-Instromet customer magazine 2/2013 SM-RI 2 and Q.Sonicplus in bi-directional continu ous series operation Anniversary 165 years of Elster Smart meter roll-out with ENCODER

2 2 editoria l Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Forever Young! This was Elsters motto when it celebrated Overall, our lives have become faster, its 150th anniversary in 1998. Mathema more hectic and subjected to more ticians will have worked out that Elster changes. This is no different in the gas has already added a further 10% to this industry and the companies working in in 2013 and that the 165th anniversary is this field. Its a good thing that we have upon us. Somehow I cant help feeling many new employees who readily take that as much has happened in these past on these changes and drive them for 15 years in the gas industry and at Elster ward. But it is also a good thing that we as during the preceding 150 years. have employees who have worked for us for much longer than these 15 years In the gas industry, we have seen the and who can keep our feet on the ground. change from municipal utility companies to The mix is important and we have a good grid operators, metering service providers mix at Elster. and energy distributors and to a certain extent back again. In metrology, it seems Forever Young was the motto 15 years that the simple, robust diaphragm gas ago. When I look around me today and meter used for over 150 years just to mea see all of the changes, it should now read: sure gas consumption is evolving into a Younger Than Ever! smart meter in many countries. Meters are expected to provide not just the read With our very best wishes, ing but also to transmit the meter data and provide many other functions. Over the past 15 years, Elster has signifi cantly grown. Not only has it expanded its gas business by acquiring Magnol in Peter Hampel 1999 and Instromet in 2000, but it has Sales Director Metering International also entered the water and electricity sec tors with the takeover of ABB Messtechnik. Incidentally, over the last 15 years Elster has had two changes of ownership which is the same number as in the previous 150 years. Publisher Asia: Authors Customer magazine online: Elster GmbH Elster-Instromet Sdn. Bhd. Hans Arp, Elster Germany 55252 Mainz-Kastel, Germany K. C. Tan Addy Baksteen, Elster-Instromet NL 29 Tai Seng Avenue Michael Franz, Elster Germany #06-05A Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub Page 10: Editorial staff Dmitry Gusev, Elster Russia Gudrun Biedermann, Elster Germany Singapore 534119 T +65 62477728 Michael Halm, Elster Germany Dr Feix Translation Agency Paul Webster, Elster Instromet UK Peter Hampel, Elster Germany K. C. Tan, Elster-Instromet Singapore E [email protected] Ernst Peter, GWF Lucerne Please write to England: Rdiger Pfeil, Elster Germany Publishing dates: Europe/Africa/America/Australia: Elster Metering Ltd. Rainer Sesterheim, Elster Germany Three editions for the year 2013 Elster GmbH Steve Case Hans-Peter Smid, Elster Belgium Gudrun Biedermann Tollgate Business Park Steinern Strasse 1921 Beaconside, Stafford Rdiger Timm, Elster Germany 55252 Mainz-Kastel, Germany Staffordshire ST16 3HS, England T +49 6134 6 05-2 18 T +44 1785 275306 Articles signed by the author E [email protected] E [email protected] reflect their personal opinion.

3 A pplications 3 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 German premiere for bi-directional turbine gas meters: SM-RI 2 and Q.Sonic plus in bi-directional continuous series operation Turbine gas meters (SM-RI 2) are being used in Germany in bi-directional operation for the first time. In combination with our ultrasonic gas meter, Q.Sonicplus, measurement lines are being implemented that are virtually maintenance-free. This device combination fulfils the legal unlimited recalibration requirements of a series connection using two different physical measuring principles. A great advantage is that all the main worthy is the fact that the SM-RI 2 is the The maximum MID approved measuring assemblies and devices are supplied by first MID approved turbine gas meter for range for the SM-RI 2 in the 16 inch nom manufacturing companies of the Elster bi-directional operation in Europe. inal size is 320 to 16,000 m/h. The meters family. Thus, no additional interface clear of the system were calibrated up to Qmax ances were required. The turbine gas meters used in the project 12,900 m/h at the Euroloop high-pres implemented here are equipped with a sure test rig in Rotterdam. Three identical measurement lines (sized fully automatic lubrication system which is 3 x 50% of Qmax) allow operation either also quantity-weighted. Lubrication and The second meter in the series connection singly or in parallel. Thanks to the redun oil level are, of course, monitored. is the ultrasonic gas meter Q.Sonicplus. This dant design, maintenance work is also constitutes the permanent reference meter. possible while maintaining the full supply The technical capabilities and also the MID The Q.Sonicplus uses CMB (Coded Multiple capacity. approval of the SM-RI 2 allow utilization of Burst) signal processing which achieves the full measuring range of the Q.Sonicplus, increased signal detection. The Q.Sonicplus All Elster meters are latest generation if the nominal size is the same. The opti has six reflection paths. The arrangement devices and therefore represent the mized design of the SM-RI 2 reduces the of the paths and the double reflection paths current state of the art. Particularly note pressure drop by around 50% in compari ensure optimal gas profile detection. son with conventional turbine gas meters. New: measurement lines in bi-directional continuous operation

4 4 App l ications Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 land GmbH, the planer UGS (Untergrund speicher- und Geotechnologie-Systeme GmbH) from Mittenwalde, and our Elster project team from Dortmund, the project was successfully implemented in accor dance with all high requirements. EnCal 3000 in use The design of the gas quality analysis sys in this DSfG measuring equipment group tem is redundant. It consists of the Elster is that the official system time is synchron gas chromatograph EnCal 3000 with inte ized via GPS. Connection to the PTB time grated H2 measurement. The analysis server is thus not required. The commis The system cabinet offers clear control system is complemented by a sulphur sioning is successfully completed and the capabilities. analysis measurement system from Messrs. system meets all the planned require Axel Semrau. The energy and flow rates ments. Particular mention should be The result illustrates a bi-directional con are calculated using flow computer F1n made of the meter synchronization tinuous operation system which is so far from the gas-net series. Here, process behaviour. The deviations are minimal, unique in Germany for traditional turbine data is recorded and made available for in a range from 0.06% to 0.23% an gas meter equipment with the most up-to- further use (e.g. in the control system) via outstanding result! date ultrasonic gas metering technology various data interfaces and protocols such and lets hope it is the first of many more as DSfG or Modbus. Signed data is trans Thanks to the excellent cooperation systems of this type to come! mitted over gas-net M1. A special feature between the customer Storengy Deutsch . Rdiger Timm [email protected] The EnCal App store: Take your pick Elster presented the EnCal 3000 gas chromatograph for the first time eight years ago. The aim was to offer a compact analyzer based on MEMS technology. Thanks to this technology, a compact measuring device was developed which could analyze natural gas from up to five metering points. The standard EnCal 3000 unit determines allow for these changing gas composi the percentage by volume of all hydrocar tions in the supply networks to be deter bons (C6+ or C9+) in natural gas up to mined. In order to be able to offer such hexane or nonane as well as determining flexibility, Elster has further developed the the proportion of nitrogen and carbon EnCal, using the standard unit as a basis. dioxide. The EnCal 3000 internally consists of the The injection of biogas and in future of following main components: hydrogen into the grid has resulted in new Mainboard and interconnection board requirements on gas quality analyzers. Stream selector block Device technology must be flexible to Two micro-column modules

5 A pplications 5 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 The mainboard handles all the calcula Most of these apps can be combined into The hydrocarbon dew point tions and controls the analysis. The inter a single and thus more powerful analysis HC (HCDP) is universally used connection board supplies power to the system. DP in the natural gas industry analyzer and the interface connections to as an important quality the customer. The stream selector block To give an indication of the possibilities, parameter. By supplement routes the different gas streams to the two here is an overview of the most common ing the EnCal with an external control unit, micro-column modules where the natural applications: the customer also has the option of calcu gas is analyzed. lating the HCDP. Measurements are taken Biogas production is for the analysis up to C9+, while the val This platform is the same for every Bio- becoming more common ues for C10 to C12 are extrapolated from EnCal 3000. The channels comprise an gas but the quality of the gas is these results. Alternatively, the EnCal can electronic pressure regulator, an injector, subject to certain limit val carry out an analysis up to C12+ and then a separation column and a detector. The ues. Not only in terms of the calculate the HCDP. combination of the different available sep calorific value but also the hydrogen and aration columns and their configuration is sulphur content. The biogas application Odorization of natural gas called the application. requires different separation columns in THT is important for safety rea the EnCal and is to be regarded as a stan TBM sons. Natural gas does not By simply choosing different columns, dard product. have an intrinsically strong changing configurations or installing addi smell or colour. Tetrahydro tional hardware, the EnCal 3000 shows The hydrogen content in thiophene (THT) and/or tert-butyl mercap its flexibility. H2 natural gas must not tane (TBM) can be added to overcome O2 exceed certain levels. There this. When doing so, checking the amount It is highly adaptable and can therefore are two reasons for this: of odorant is crucial. be used in many different applications. safety and energy content. Think of a smartphone as the platform: To begin with the latter, high levels of By complementing the you use an App store to choose your hydrogen will alter the calorific value of analyzer with a multi-level applications. The EnCal 3000 is the plat the gas significantly and therefore change MLC calibration (MLC) function, form and the analyzer applications are the combustion characteristics of the gas. the accuracy is increased the apps in the App store. from 0.1% to 0.06%. This is The hydrogen can be generated by elec done by calculating the true (non-linear) trolyzing water using an electrical source response function of the TCD and entering like surplus solar or wind energy. The the formula of this cubic function in the advantage is that when energy demand analyzer. is low, the hydrogen acts as an energy carrier and the pipeline as the store for If two separation columns that energy. are not enough to do the QUAD job, the EnCal can be deliv There are plans to inject hydrogen into the ered with a maximum of natural gas grid. This will also have an four columns. In principle, impact on the price/Nm3. the EnCal Quad is composed of two EnCals connected together but with a The second reason for concern is that ele single CPU to combine the analysis of vated hydrogen levels in natural gas can all column modules in a single report. affect the pipeline materials used. Think of burst resistance, fast crack propaga For example, we could combine full natu tion, adhesion resistance of internal coat ral gas analysis up to C9, calculate the ings and fatigue crack behaviour. HCDP and determine the H2S, COS and H2O content in two further column mod Similarly, higher oxygen concentrations ules. would increase the risk of uncontrolled oxidation in the pipelines. Alternatively, you could calculate the HCDP using an analysis up to C12 and, in addition, For pipeline integrity, it is analyze the H2S/COS, water and THT/TBM H 2S vital that the sulphur con content. COS tent of the natural gas is monitored. H2S and COS So take your pick from the applications can be measured as indi Elster has to offer and combine them in vidual components or in combination with your EnCal 3000 chromatograph. the calorific value. Hans-Peter Smid [email protected]

6 6 App l ications Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Utility company Werkbetriebe Frauenfeld: Smart Meter roll-out with Absolute ENCODER technology Werkbetriebe Frauenfeld, a medium-sized Swiss company, is the energy supplier of the capital of the canton of Thurgau. The utility company operates a comprehensive electricity, natural gas and water grid. As a multi-utility energy provider, the com In 2010, the utility company, supported that might result from non-registered pany generates a total annual turnover of by the city council, decided to introduce pulses in the recording device. 60 million Swiss Francs providing gas, water smart metering technology. The main and electricity. Werkbetriebe Frauenfeld focus was to replace the existing ripple Since 2006, GWF has been supplying has about 45 employees. control. At the same time, the gas and only the Elster gas diaphragm meters with water meters were to be connected to Absolute ENCODER index to the utility The gas and electricity sectors are operated the new smart electricity meters. This company in Frauenfeld. The long-estab as a trading business whereas the total was to be done through cabling via the lished business partnership with GWF water volume is supplied from own M-Bus interface in accordance with the and their innovative products in the gas resources. The meter park consists of EN 13757-2/3 standard. sector encouraged the utility company approximately 14,000 electricity meters, to equip its water meter park with the 4,400 water meters and 3,300 gas The gas and water meters supplied by GWFcoder technology, too. meters. In the near future, another mile GWF comprise the patented Absolute stone in the district heating and local ENCODER technology which has been Already during the introduction phase of heating sector is planned in cooperation developed by GWF. The advantages speak the gas diaphragm meters with Absolute with a neighbouring municipality. In the for themselves: no battery in the index, no ENCODER, the utility company made the first stage, about 80 metering points are sensing lines, no parameterization and decision to use meters with this technology planned which are likely to be integrated always an absolute meter reading. Even for the annual replacement of meters, too. in the AMR infrastructure. in the event of a total power outage, the These meters can now be connected to absolute meter data is transmitted with the system without additional parameter the next reading. This prevents gas losses ization efforts. Project partners Florin Hollenstein (Manager of building automation for the natural gas and water sector) and Jrg Seemann (Heating Market Manager)

7 A pplications 7 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Smart Metering roll-out The major driving force behind the project GWF MessSysteme AG is the leading company for the measurement and the was the electricity sector with the ripple recording of consumption data for electricity, gas, water and heat in Switzerland. control that would have had to be replaced GWF offers its customers trend-setting system solutions for the reading and com in the medium term. Thus, it was obvious munication as well as the management of measurement data. that the other media should also be inte GWF has been in a cooperative partnerhip with Elster for many years. Elster uses grated in the project in order to optimize the smart ENCODER indexes of their Swiss colleagues and installs them on the the reading process as a whole. The major gas meters. But GWFs product range also includes products from Elster. goal is to integrate the complete meter park in the Smart Metering infrastructure Thanks to the long-time experience with high-precision measuring equipment, the by 2019. high professionalism and development expertise and the patented GWFcoder technology, GWF provides trend-setting Smart Metering system solutions which In addition, the utility company operates contribute to sustainable use of energy resources. GWF systems are modular and an inter-regional natural gas grid. The migration-capable. The standardized data interfaces enable interoperability with Absolute ENCODER technology of Elsters all common system components and future communications technologies. diaphragm gas meters is used for these The Swiss family business with about 140 employees and with a success story of end customers, too. The collection of data over 110 years has developed from a proven measuring equipment manufacturer (recording of meter reading) will be based to a competent and innovative partner for metering systems and meter data on radio technology. The data is retrieved management. via wireless M-Bus (EN 13757-4) twice a year using the drive-by procedure. GWF looks forward to remaining a reliable partner of Werkbetriebe Frauenfeld in the future. Ernst Peter (Switzerland) [email protected] Hans Arp (Germany) [email protected]

8 8 P roducts Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 The right partner for improving your process Creating stable conditions Natural gas is a natural product which comes in a range of qualities and origins. The composition of the gas changes depending on the delivery situation of the utility companies. To keep the billing of the energy, in other words the natural gas, as accurate as possible, the gas must be measured continuously at the injection stations in the grid area concerned. The permitted natural gas quality is set out in DVGW Code of Practice G 260 Gas quality. According to this the grid calorific value may fluctuate between 8.4 and 13.1 kWh/m. Certain industries, however, are depen dent on a stable calorific value or Wobbe index of the natural gas. These industries include the glass and ceramics processing industries, brick works, roofing tile plants, etc. In other words, industries in which flames are the tool.. And this should be as precise as possible because the quality demands of consumers are constantly rising. So what can be done if the calorific value or Wobbe index of the natural gas which provides the energy for the process fluctu ates and is allowed to fluctuate under DVGW Code of Practice G 260? type of calorific value fluctuations from the The Wobbe index uses the same unit as natural gas supply grid. Often, however, the calorific value, namely kWh/m. On the one hand, it is possible to raise the stabilization of the Wobbe index is the calorific value of the natural gas by more important for the process than the Hs Hi adding a precise volume of a gas with a calorific value. Ws = or Wi = higher calorific value (e.g. propane). This air air allows the calorific value fluctuations from The Wobbe index is the quotient of the Upper Wobbe index Lower Wobbe index the natural gas supply grid to be compen calorific value (Hs) or heating value (Hi) sated, which means that the calorific and the square root of the relative density. value at the consumption point, e.g. the The relative density is the quotient of the Between 1995 and 2002, Elster installed natural gas burner, is stable. density of the fuel gas and the density of and commissioned so-called Wobbe sys dry air in the same pressure and temper tems or gas mixing systems for the glass On the other hand, it is possible to adjust ature conditions. The Wobbe index can processing industry. These systems were the calorific value to a lower but stable be used to assess the interchangeability mainly supplied with compressed air from calorific value by adding a highly precise of fuel gases. Fuel gases with the same the factory compressed air system or volume of air so as to compensate for this Wobbe index produce the same heat load external compressors which supplied in the burner if the same nozzle pressure conditioned air. The use of these Wobbe is used. Thus, the burner nozzle must not systems stabilized the Wobbe index for be replaced. part or all of the factorys internal natural gas network.

9 P roducts 9 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Function diagram of a Wobbe system Q Q EnCal 3000 gas-lab Q1 gas-lab Q1 Natural gas Mixed gas Gas volume measurment Static mixer PZ P Air OO SSV Solenoid Control Air volume valve valve measurement gas quality at the injection point (e.g. ral gas substitution systems. These systems using an EnCal 3000). The volume of provide an alternative to natural gas using natural gas is determined by gas volume a mixture of propane and air in countries measuring instruments (quantometers where supplies of natural gas cannot or rotary gas meters). The consumer can always be maintained for production then determine the purchase volume. processes. The volume of air is also determined Another application is LCV gas condition by gas volume measuring instruments ing systems for landfill gas. In these sys (quantometers or rotary gas meters). The tems, the steadily decreasing quality of volume of air is regulated by a high-speed the LCV gas, for example from a landfill regulator (e.g. a pneumatic or electric site, is conditioned using natural gas. This control valve). The quality of the mixed means that the consumer (e.g. CHPs) can gas is monitored by a high-speed gas be operated stably using this gas mixture. quality analyzer. With the appropriate expertise and spe A state-of-the-art programmable logic cialist gas volume measuring instruments controller such as a SIEMENS SIMATIC-S7 and gas quality analyzers, a competent is used nowadays as the station computer systems engineering department and with a visualization system and data com an experienced project team, Elster is the munication to a control centre. ideal partner for turning your process improvement ideas into reality. The core of these systems at the time was Elster is the right point of contact for the GAS-ACE station computer from the bespoke, turnkey all-in solutions in this Michael Halm [email protected] Elster branch in Dortmund (Flow Comp). field as well. Often, the situation at the The Wobbe index of the mixed gas was end customer does not permit the Wobbe recorded by a calorimeter. The measuring system to be installed in the gas supply and control technology has been improved room. In many cases, the compressed air since then and adjusted to comply with supply system must be planned with a current industry standards. drying unit or an additional building must be built on the customers factory site. Today, the Wobbe index of the mixed gas is adjusted by a volume ratio control Adjusting the gas quality is not just a system. The required volume ratio is matter for natural gas supplies. The same determined by measuring the natural technology is also used for planning natu

10 10 P roducts Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 EK280 operation made easy: Clear structures in the user interface The EK280 offers many functions and new options. We reported on this in the last editions of Profiles. Today, we would like to describe to you the structure of the user interface on the unit and within the enSuite software in somewhat greater detail. This is because these represent your communications channel to the EK280. The user interface of the EK280 is subdi vided into two areas: the topmost line (status line) is available at all times and displays information on the current status of the unit. The area beneath it is subdi vided into several tabs the content is based on the requirements and access rights of the various user groups. The content of the tab currently selected in each case is displayed in this area. The unit status all OK? With a few symbols, the status line pro or externally connected modem, for The most important aspects at a glance vides information in relation to the most example. It signals pending messages, The Main tab contains the current meter important unit statuses, such as remain alarms and warnings with corresponding readings for the standard and operating ing service life of the units battery or the letters. volume, the current pressure, the temper reception field strength of the integrated ature and the conversion factor, in addi tion to the compressibility (Fig. 1). If you so wish, you can reduce the contents of the tab to a minimum number of displayed values such as the operating and stan dard volume, for instance (Fig. 2). Information for the customer A definable number of values is displayed in the tab in a simple list, depending on customer access rights. This is where you can also find the peak-load values of the data logging function, for instance. Fig. 1: Everything at a glance Is the display to be restricted to this tab so Fig. 2: Short overview Fig. 3: The Customer menu

11 P roducts 11 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 as to prevent unauthorized access to Control Go back to Start the others? Not a problem you can set The parameters for monitoring special Imagine you have delved deeply into the the number of tabs displayed individually settings of the unit have been transferred structure of the parameter tree and want (Fig. 3). to the Ctrl. tab. These are scheduled for to quickly go back again to the main use by administrators and service techni screen without individually closing the Administration and service cians only. Amongst other items, you can menu items which have dropped down Of course, the unit administrator (e.g. the define how many tabs are to be displayed and selecting the Main tab. Well, thats meter operator) and a service technician and what values the user can see in the no problem! The context menu of the (calibration officers) need all available val main screen (Main). EK280 provides a corresponding function ues and parameters to make changes or interpret status information during com Fig. 6: missioning. For this purpose, the two tabs The context menu important functions Admin and Serv. keep at hand all at the press of a required values and parameters grouped button logically and arranged in a tree structure (Fig. 4). for this which can be accessed simply and quickly: activate the context menu with the function button, select the Go to Main function and thats it (Fig. 6). The functions which clear the status register or allow Fig. 4: Logical grouping and display on the unit you to freeze the current display for servic and in the enSuite parameterization software ing purposes are also extremely useful. are the same. The diversity of functions and the new The difference between the two tabs is options of our volume conversion device that they provide the service technician EK280 mean many setting options. Organ and the calibration officer with even more izing operation so that it remains clearly additional functions which are required arranged both for the simple user (cus for their relevant tasks in each case. For tomer) and for administrators and servic instance, these are functions used during ing staff is without doubt a challenge. a test and also the data book. Thanks to this new operating philosophy, we have overcome this challenge and It is advantageous that the enSuite have implemented intuitive use of the parameterization software uses the same unit without additional software either. structure in the navigation tree under the This allows you to reach your goal more quickly! Rdiger Pfeil [email protected] Fig. 5: In the parameterization software enSuite, the individual parameters (in this case, the parameters for the internal modem) are also displayed in exactly the same way as on the unit. Parameterize online function (Figs. 4 and 5). This means that if you are familiar with programming the unit, you will also be familiar with the enSuite software or vice-versa.

12 12 P roducts Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 EK270 volume conversion and more: Holistic approach to gas metering consistent with Russian federal requirements ELSTER Gaselectronica is serving the gas metering market in Russia and produces specific products for the region. One of the main devices produced by ELSTER Gaselectronica is a metering system SG-EK comprising a gas meter TRZ or RVG and an elec- tronic volume conversion device EK270. Volume conversion device EK270 has been custom-designed for manufacture and sale in the market of the Russian Federation. The EK270 has been designed taking into consideration both RF national standards and requests of gas suppliers and consumers which have arisen from daily use of volume conversion devices EK260. Measuring pressure drop across the gas meter Pursuant to the requirements of the national standard of the Russian Federa tion GOST R 8.740-2011, turbine and rotary gas meters must conduct periodic differ ential pressure measurements. The tech Fig. 1: Volume nologies used for differential pressure conversion measurement in these cases may vary, device EK270 however. Pressure measurements may be taken on the body of the rotary gas meter and on the straight pipe sections Depending on changes in pressure drop A distinctive feature of the solution offered upstream and downstream of the turbine across the meter in the course of opera by ELSTER Gaselectronica is the combina meter. tion, maintenance work on the meter or tion of measurements of standard gas a non-scheduled verification may be volume and differential pressure and necessary. storage of measured values in the same archive within a single device (volume conversion device EK270). Depending on the specific operating conditions, each type and size of gas meter is fitted with matching differential pressure transducers featuring a corresponding upper measur ing limit (Figs. 1 and 2). The archived differential pressure values and values of other parameters may be browsed through either directly on the unit display or on the PC screen upon reading and evaluating the archive using the Fig. 2: Differential SODEK software suite. pressure transducer mounted to the body On request, more than half of the volume of volume conversion conversion devices EK270 produced in device EK270 2011 and 2012 were equipped with differ ential pressure transducers. The differen

13 P roducts 13 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Fig. 3: SG-EK system with fitted differential pressure transdu- cer and straight pipe set (SPS) ready assembled tial pressure transducer version with digital Metrology Rosstandart) straight pipe for in the Russian market on the part of output enables remote installation of the sets (SPS) for the entire range of gas Elster GmbH, and upon high-quality Rus EK270 at a distance of up to 10 m from the meters produced. A complete supply sian production of metering instruments, relevant gas meter. In this case, the differ package is especially beneficial for the intimate knowledge of the Russian market ential pressure transducer is installed next customer as the gas meter is delivered of gas metering equipment and the needs to the gas meter. ready assembled and complete with of gas suppliers and consumers on the straight pipe sets (SPS), whereas the part of ELSTER Gaselectronica. Devices Electronic volume conversion devices differential pressure transducer mounted developed and manufactured as result EK270 may be retrofitted with a differential on the EK270 is pre-connected to the of such cooperation not only enable gas pressure transducer with digital output pressure test points on the straight pipe suppliers and customers to meter precisely directly at the installation site of the meter sections upstream and downstream the gas volume consumed, but also to ing system by experts of ELSTER Gaselec of the gas meter (Fig. 3). address a number of important tasks: tronicas regional service centres. measuring the pressure drop across the Summary gas meter, monitoring the ambient tem Measuring ambient temperature Successful sales of metering systems perature, enabling billing on the basis of In some regions of the Russian Federation SG-EK and volume conversion devices substitute values for gas consumption, etc. with low ambient temperatures in winter, EK270 in the Russian Federation is a spec ambient temperature monitoring has tacular example of the effective coopera In cooperation with ELSTER Gaselectronica, become a mandatory requirement. The tion of Elster GmbH and ELSTER Gaselec Elster GmbH is developing even more EK270 offers the option of connecting a tronica. This success is based upon the new products with additional functions as second transducer to be used for this development of smart, high-quality devices needed by gas suppliers and consumers purpose. for gas metering, the commitment of our in the Russian Federation. design engineers, the flexible approach to Storing ambient temperature values in implementation of special functions called Dmitry Gusev [email protected] the archive of the EK270 allows for remote monitoring of the ambient temperature, e.g. the temperature in the heated gas meter cabinet. The SODEK software suite enables readout and evaluation of this data, as well as visualization in the form of various reports. Supply of the SG-EK system with a straight pipe set Another requirement of the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 8.740-2011 consists in the certifi cation of straight piping upstream and downstream of the gas meter (if the device documentation stipulates require ments as to the length of such straight pipe sections). Accordingly, ELSTER Gas electronica has launched manufacture and organized supply of the certified (by the Regional representative of the Federal Fig. 4: Turnkey station produced by ELSTER Gaselectronica with SG-EK system, gas filter FG and Agency on Technical Regulating and gas meter BK G2,5

14 14 E vents Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Anniversary 165 years of Elster: Today we are writing a little bit of history Johannes Siegmar Elster founded the Elster Gasapparate company in Berlin on 1st October 1848, which initially produced glass lanterns. The first gas meters were built in 1878. The foundation stone was thus laid for Elster as a leading international manufacturer of measuring and control equipment for natural gas. The very interesting and extensive history factor was reflected not only in the many of the first 150 years is available for refer branches, but also in our daily work. ence as a special edition (www.elster- Discussions have become meetings now; I would the telephone or video conferences are therefore like to concentrate on the sub held in English. To be frank, it is more sequent years in the gas sector. a kind of Germish The company merged with the Instromet Business development in the last 15 years Group in 2005, which extended the prod has been characterized by increasing uct range to include the ultrasonic gas internationalisation, with the result that meter (Q.Sonic) and the gas chromato Elster has been able to participate in graphs (EnCal), besides the well-known building the gas economy in the emerging products turbine gas meters (SM-RI) and markets of the world. Another driving rotary gas meters (IRM). The international force, most of all in Europe, is liberaliza orientation was extended further and this tion and the energy transition which Diaphragm gas meter around 1900 demand new measurement solutions and business models like data security, bio gas, hydrogen and gas quality manage ment in gas utilization. From the perspective of development and production, the commissioning and sub sequent approval of the high-pressure air test rig in Mainz-Kastel in 2006 was a milestone. It enabled us to test the meters much more effectively at increased pres sure. Among others, the turbine gas meters of the TRZ2 series were developed here to achieve technically high standards. 2006: the new high-pressure test rig (air) in Mainz-Kastel

15 Events 15 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Main factory in Mainz around 1900 Important products of the last 15 years Elster developed the Industrial gas meters worlds first horizontal 1999Market launch of Absolute ENCODER turbine gas meter (1936) C1 for the electronic transfer of origi nal absolute meter readings 2011Automatic oil lubrication system for Gas pressure regulators turbine gas meters up to -25C 1997Development of the compact 2003Industrial diaphragm gas meters two-stage gas pressure regulator of the BK-G40 G100 series with 2012RABO rotary gas meter M2R 25 (for max. 5 bar) multi-measuring unit 2003High-pressure gas regulator series 2004ENCODER index S1 for industrial MR PN10 and integrated excess flow gas meters valves for low and medium pressure regulators 2006TRZ2 with innovative flow straightener (available from 2010 in AFG version 2004Take-over of production of high- made of aluminium) pressure gas regulators of the AFV series in PED version by 2009SM-RI 2 (first bi-directional turbine Mainz-Kastel gas meter with MID approval) 2006Introduction of the two-stage 2010TurbinScope (diagnostic device for gas pressure regulator M2R 75 Elster turbine gas meters in ongoing operation) 2012: RABO 2007Relocation of regulator production from Jeavons/UK to Mainz-Kastel 2010Production of the one millionth M2R 2011High-pressure gas regulator MR HP20 DN50 2012High-pressure gas regulator MR HP20 DN80/DN100 2004: BK-G40 1997: M2R 25

16 16 E vents Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Electronics 1999Data logger DL240 with replaceable communications module and approval as peak-load display 2006: EnCal 3000 device 2000Volume conversion device EK260 with integrated event-based data 2008First volume conversion device with 2012Volume conversion device EK280 logger and approval as peak-load MID approval (successor to EK260) with integrated display device GSM/GPRS modem and power 2010 C&I Gas software package for com supply unit, DLMS/COSEM communi 2001Volume conversion device EK260 mercial and industrial customers, cation as well as extended volume with ENCODER interface new meter data management soft conversion functions and options ware on the basis of the EIServer for system monitoring 2002Data logger DL220 with integrated from EnergyICT GSM modem for data communica tion in battery mode 2011Complete solution AGR 155/08 Flowcomputer customer project in Italy: daily provi 2000Launch of gas-net Z0, volume 2004First customer project for the trans sion of billing data from more than conversion device Z1 mission of billing data via the GPRS 10,000 gas metering stations with communications network an availability of more than 98%; 2001Product presentation of flow includes the delivery and installation computer gas-net F1 2006Data logger DL210 with ENCODER of measuring and communications interface, integrated GSM/GPRS technology including customer ser 2002Presentation of station control unit modem and power supply unit vice and data service provision gas-net M1 2002: gas-net M1 2006Second generation of series 2009First DSfG signature gateway gas-net M1n+ 2008: EK260 with MID approval 2010 DSfG-GPRS router gas-net D2n

17 Events 17 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Gas quality analysis 1998Foundation of the new business area Gas quality analysis at Elster at the Dortmund site: development of alternative measuring methods 2003Market launch and PTB approval of the correlative gas analyser gas-lab Q1 2005Consolidation with the portfolio of Instromet (process gas chromato graph (PGC) EnCal 2000) 2010: BK-G100 with S1 index and data logger DL210 2006Market launch of PGC EnCal 3000 Residential measurement We hope we shall be able to shape the 2005Market launch of Absolute ENCODER coming years together by remaining from 2006 Continuous development of for diaphragm gas meters innovative and by accommodating your analytical applications on the basis needs. of the EnCal 3000 platform: biogas, 2010Extension of the mechanical temper Michael Franz [email protected] sulphur, odorants, hydrocarbon ature compensation (TC) to the entire dewpoint, hydrogen, series of diaphragm gas meters up to BK-G100 2011Extended PGC platform EnCal 3000 Quad with up to four GC modules 2013Production of themis electronic index for Smart Metering applications begins 2011Acquisition of the Hamburg-based company SLS Microtechnology GmbH to extend the technology portfolio. Integration of a complete GC with column switching in the Eurocard format. 2011: Micro gaschromatograph on printed circuit board 2013: BK-G4 with electronic index themisalpha

18 18 service Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Elster 1 2 3 Happy Birthday, Electronics helpdesk For ten years now, our central electronics helpdesk for volume conversion devices, data loggers and retrieval systems, located in Mainz-Kastel, Germany, has been available to you. Thats a reason to celebrate, isnt it? One or the other of you will still remember considered it important to better under how it was before the central helpdesk stand where there are difficulties operat was available. If you had a technical ing the system components because the problem, you called various specialists on equipment had long been performing their individual telephone number. If you more than just measurement and meter were out of luck, no-one was currently ing processes. The equipment also available. offered more and more additional func tions and interfaces. Remote data transfer Since 1 October 2003, such situations which was increasingly being used result have been a thing of the past. Ever since, ed in more stringent challenges to those there has been someone available within in charge of metering points on site. At the office hours on ELSTER 1-2-3 to provide time, questions were mainly about basic you with support for any problem from matters relating to set-up of the equip A for alarm value to Z for zero shut-off. ment, remote data transfer components German Wohlrab at one of the helpdesk work and the day-to-day battle with analogue stations We keep up with the times PBX connections which had been provid At the time, there were several indicators ed by the end customer. Today, the help Right at the start, we documented the that we needed to set up a central elec desk operators frequently have to deal questions in an Excel spreadsheet. Later tronics helpdesk. We wanted to achieve with questions on the various communi we rolled out the Support Tracking ticket better availability of contacts for you on cations options, such as setting up the system developed by Elster. The first real the one hand, and, on the other hand, we infrastructures for IP communication in ticket in the Support Tracking database is cellular networks. ticket No. 10 dated 23 October 2003 and it was created at ten past eleven in the morning. After maintenance work in the station, the caller was no longer able to reach his DL240 by modem. We were able to quickly help him with this. By late 2003, we already had over 400 tickets which we had dealt with. The figure has risen to over 30,000 tickets today, whereby briefly answering a question taking less than one minute is recorded as a ticket only if it is important for the purposes of quality statistics. Today as then, it was and is our claim to assist you briskly and comprehensively preferably first time. We actually can already answer over 75% of questions during the first telephone call. Support Tracking:: the electronics helpdesk ticket system

19 service 19 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 The EAS team, from left to right: Robert Lieblich, Otmar Hees, Marc Solms, German Wohlrab, Rainer Sesterheim, Ralf Dries, Thorsten Crezelius. For this, we have set up a team now com information on consignments, product Good things can only keep getting prising seven specialists at the Mainz- configurations and more extensive analyt better Kastel site, Germany. They have all stud ical functions. Besides the Electronics helpline in Mainz- ied engineering or have been trained as Kastel, Germany, many of you will certainly technicians and have several years of Come and visit the Support area on Elsters also be familiar with the helpdesk for flow servicing, project management and train website and see for yourself. Besides computers and gas quality analyzers in ing experience. They head seminars at general contact information and forms for Dortmund, Germany. There as well, you Elster or individual training courses direct simpler repair handling, it also provides can reach a team of highly qualified col ly on site on your premises. With this wide you with tools such as Teamviewer which leagues who will endeavour to answer range of tasks, we achieve a situation in allows you to connect your PC directly with your questions. We are currently network which our specialists not only know your an operator at the helpdesk via a secure ing these specialists even more closely questions and problems in theory and Internet connection. and look forward to being able to offer from the telephone but are also familiar you an even more comprehensive service with them from practical situations on site Directly next to it, we provide you with a soon. Look forward to it as well and make and from direct, personal contact with you. data-exchange portal for executable files use of the support because we want you or large quantities of data which are fre to feel at home with our products and This is not a matter of course as you quently too large to be sent by e-mail. solutions. might know not every company provides a high level support like we do. So we In addition to this, we have been offering Rainer Sesterheim [email protected] may also be a bit proud of it! you an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) area for some time now. This allows you And if, at some time or other, a problem to gain offline access to helpful informa cannot be solved directly, it is only a few tion on current questions. Simply pop in steps to our Development Department or sometime: http://www.elster-instromet. the Production Department. This always com/en/support_electronics.html allows us to very quickly access the latest Customer statements show us that we are on the right track! We have never had a problem which The helpdesk solves problems quic We are very satisfied with Elster GASs we couldnt solve quickly with the kly and precisely and if, from time to technical support. Competent staff, support provided by the helpdesk. time, there was too big a problem, willing to help, always find a good, Thats also one of the reasons why we got feedback from the helpdesk quick solution. we like using Elster equipment. within a very short time on how to Many others could follow the example Hello to all helpdesk staff at Elster solve the problem. Carry on the good of your support. Thanks for the good GmbH and thanks very much for the work. teamwork. great teamwork.

20 20 P roducts Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Biogas Successful biomethane injection in France Elster realizes GrDFs (Gaz Reseau Distribution France) first biomethane connection. Since the announcement of feed-in tariffs for biomethane in France, Elster has been working on a grid injection package that meets the requirements of the French market. With the EnCal 3000 gas chromatograph as the heart of the system, Elster has won the tender for supplying grid injection systems to GrDF. The first project has now been successfully commissioned and biogas supplier SYDEME has been injecting biogas into the grid since 17 May 2013. From waste to fuel surface area per home of 100 m). SYDEME grid, there is a public CNG and biogas- The waste treatment company SYDEME is planning to gradually increase the based CNG fuelling station which supplies has chosen to take advantage of the syn flow rate in order to subsequently inject private individuals, SYDEMEs fleet of 34 ergies which exist between two types of 100 Nm3/h. At the connection point of the gas-powered vehicles (ranging from energy recovery from biogas produced Mthavalor site and the public distribution utility vehicles to heavy goods vehicles of by the recycling of waste: the generation of electricity and heat (cogeneration) and the production of biomethane to be inject ed into the grid. The Syndicate had been waiting for the regulatory legal texts allowing double energy recovery to be published so that it could benefit from the feed-in tariffs and begin operation of its production plant. The site is located in Forbach and has been designed to inject a minimum of 50 Nm3/h of biomethane into the grid, i.e. approximately 4 GWh p.a. This represents the annual consumption of around 800 low-energy homes (based on a consump tion of 50 kWh/m p.a. with an average 44 tonnes) as well as the 6 buses operat Catherine Martin Fournier (GrDF) on the cooperation between Elster and GrDF: ed by the urban transport agency of the This project is a first for both GrDF and Elster who have worked together hand conurbation community Forbach Porte in hand. The upcoming projects involving the injection of biomethane into the de France. GrDF grids will make use of an injection system identical to the one purchased by GrDF from Elster and installed at the Mthavalor site. This initial project has THT analysis verifies stabile greatly mobilized both GrDF (the national teams just as much as the regional odorization ones) and Elster since it was essential to take advantage of this first experience The grid injection system supplied by as a basis for the smooth running of future projects. Between 17 May and Elster is a container-based solution that 30 June, 380 MWh were injected with an average flow rate of 32 Nm3/h. contains a metering package comprising a fiscal flow metering system, including an A few minor difficulties still need to be resolved (and will be very shortly), but EK220 volume conversion device, the since 17 May 2013, the injection plant has been working very satisfactorily. EnCal 3000 Biogas chromatograph and a GrDF and Elster are very pleased that such strong cooperation and an excellent second EnCal 3000 gas chromatograph relationship have been established during this project and look forward to this for analyzing the THT (odorant) concentra continuing in the future. tion. Based on the gas quality, the gas is either accepted or rejected for grid access.

21 G roup 21 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Besides the metering package, the systems main function is to reduce the pressure, Backed by the positive example of the control the access to the grid, odorize the plant in Forbach, Elster is now working on gas and transmit the measurement data various new projects in France and the via GrDFs telemetry system. United Kingdom. With our expertise in the area of gas metering and the experience While in many EU countries, the odorant in grid injection we have gained over the is only checked via spot measurements, past 4 years, we are confident that we can it is continuously measured in the Elster offer you a solution that suits your needs. system. The EnCal 3000 THT analysis accurately measures the odorant concen If you are involved in biomethane grid tration before the gas enters the grid. This injection and would like more information, ensures that the odorant level is always please contact us or join us on a site visit! within specification. Even though the injected volume at the Forbach site is Please contact Addy Baksteen, should you relatively low (around 50 Nm3/h) the THT ble! The value does not vary more than have any further questions. concentration has proven to be very sta between 23 and 28 mg/Nm3 during nor mal operation. Addy Baksteen [email protected] Under new management Thomas Kujadt, Head of Marketing Communication, Gas Thomas Kujadt, Graduate Industrial Thomas Kujadt joined the G. Krom Now as then, process heat still has the Engineer (BA), 50 schrder AG company in Osnabrck, lions share in the Elster Kromschrder Germany, in the Key Account Heating Gas Utilization Division. Department in October 1988. It was referred to as Key Account Sales at the Since 2008, he has been responsible for time. This was where the first tentative Sales and Marketing, Gas Utilization, attempts were undertaken to sell which includes heating heat. Since 2013, compact gas appliances to forced he has also been Head of the Marketing draught burner OEMs. Subsequently, Communication Division for Elster Gas. he was responsible for planning and marketing functions. Thomas Kujadt is convinced that Elster is in a good position for the future in the gas In 1993, he switched to the Hppe Form sector. Elster operates under the umbrella Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH in Olden of a strong brand whose good image burg, Germany. There he gathered expe must be cultivated and extended world rience as Senior Product Manager for wide. In a technical, demanding industry, sunshading and daylight-guidance sys the best way of doing this is with good tems and as Head of Exports. products, solutions and systems expertise. Having knowledge of new, technical chal In 2003, Thomas Kujadt returned to lenges and the related regulations is also Kromschrder and started as Market essential. Manager for Western Europe in the Pro cess Heat Division. His family takes up a major part of his leisure time. In 2006, he became Head of Marketing and Sales, Process Heat. E-mail: [email protected]

22 22 Group Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Under new management Ulrich Engelmann, Head of Product Management Ulrich Engelmann, Graduate Engineer Ulrich Engelmann studied electrical engi With its two brands, Instromet und Krom (University of Applied Science), 48 neering after passing his industrial busi schrder, Elster is in an optimum position Director Product Management Elster ness management assistant examination. to offer all-round solutions. The Training Gas Utilization, Gas Metering Europe In 1991, he joined Kromschrder within and Seminars Division which is affiliated & International the framework of a diaphragm gas meter to Product Management also supports installation quality assurance project the expertise in the distributed sales group, backed by the Federal Research organization network, besides imparting Ministry. He went on to implement a test knowledge. bench with critical nozzles for official certi fication testing and, in 1995, he switched The Product Manager is the entrepreneur to the Sales Division, Gas Utilization/Pro for his or her own products. For this, it is cess Heat. His diverse tasks included important to take and coordinate all mea trade-fair organization, strategic planning, sures to make available a high-perfor structuring planning tools, roll-out of SAP- mance and coordinated product portfolio R3 in Sales and market launch of various, to the market. The starting point for this is new product families. Since 1999, he has a profound understanding of the market been Product Manager for Industrial Gas and implementing customer requirements Utilization. This sector covers fittings, fail- in innovative technology. Elster has adopt safe electronics and industrial burners. ed the approach of system integration so He set up product management for the as to offer customers the best advantages individual Product Divisions and was, in the system solution. The technically himself, responsible for the Electronics sophisticated products necessitate an Division. extensive understanding of the system environment by the sales organization Joint product management for Gas Meter and optimizing the products in line with ing and Gas Utilization now guarantees customer requirements. This is where close cooperation between both Divisions Ulrich Engelmann sees his special chal so that they can learn from each other lenges. and utilize possible synergy effects. Even though both market segments differ as His private life focuses on his family, friends regards customer structures and technol and home. As far as sports are concerned, ogies, both of course follow the general you will either find him jogging or, in the driving factors of the gas market. winter, skiing. There are many interactions, particularly E-mail: [email protected] as regards regenerative energies. Differ ing gas qualities lead to a situation in which combustion processes in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector need to be optimized in ongoing fashion.

23 G roup 23 Elster-Instromet Profiles 2/2013 Faces of Elster: Heinrich Bertke a pilot leaves the ship We have often said goodbye to colleagues who retire and then intro- duced their successors. Generally, however, it has been colleagues from the Sales Department who were the face of Elster for many of you. Heinrich Bertke is another of these faces of Elster although he has never worked in Sales. Heinrich Bertke started work at Elster His successor as Development Manager in the Development Department of will be Guido Temme who will also take G. Kromschrder AG on 1 August 1972. over his duties on the DVGW NA Gas Stan After 41 years of service, he has therefore dardization Committee and in the Future experienced one-quarter of Elsters 165- of Domestic Gas Metering working com year history and played a major role in mittee. Michael Franz is Development shaping the company. He has also expe Manager for rotary and turbine gas meters rienced all the changes of ownership. and is already involved in the CEN/TC237 He has been Manager of Gas Meter working groups for rotary and turbine gas Development since 1976. The products meters and on various DVGW bodies. He developed under his management will also take over the Chair of the figawa include the magnetic coupling, the fire- Gas Metering Technical Committee from resistant diaphragm gas meters, the suc Heinrich Bertke. cessful BK series of our diaphragm gas meters, the retrofittable pulse generators, Together, Guido Temme and Michael the mechanical temperature compensa Franz also have forty years of gas experi tion system and of course the pioneering ence with Elster. When the pilot leaves, in modular concepts of our current Smart Heinrich Bertke a pilot leaves the ship other words, his responsibilities will pass Meters. Heinrich Bertke has also held the into safe hands. We are sure you will join position of Testing Laboratory Manager When somebody with this amount of us in wishing Heinrich Bertke all the best at Kromschrder since 2001. experience retires, we always ask who for the future and his two successors lots will take over the rudder to steer us of luck with their work inside and outside Outside the Elster Group, he has not only through the choppy waters left by his Elster. become well known for his publications departure. Fortunately, at Elster we do and lectures but also due to his extensive not just have old hands and newcomers. Peter Hampel [email protected] work on standards bodies, committees and organizations. For example, he has been Chairman of the Technical Committee of German Gas Meter Manufacturers since 1987 and initially Deputy Chairman and then Chairman of the Technical Com mission of European Gas Meter Manufac turers since 1997. In particular, he has gained a reputation for his work on stan dards committees for gas meters as a result of his ability to achieve consensus. He will continue to work for Elster in this respect for a little time yet. and two experienced pilots take over: Michael Franz (left) and Guido Temme (right)

24 Elster GmbH Steinern Strasse 1921 55252 Mainz-Kastel, Germany Vital Connections

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