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1 Bulletin the Vol. 65 - No. 11 April 1, 2011 Roger Stoutenburgh D5590311 Tom Butcher and Bonnie Sherwood Roger Stoutenburgh D5830311 BNLers Stay Warm and Save Through a Cold Winter Pumping up the Polarization By Taking Lab Research Home Of Protons for RHIC With rising oil and found others Pictured are some of the many BNLers involved in upgrading the AGS, with a graphic showing the improved per- prices and the SAVE THE DATE at the Lab who centage of polarized protons a new world record set at BNL. Front row, from left: Louis Russo, Zeynep Altinbas, bitterly cold had a good expe- Butchers work leaves Woody Glenn, Vincent Schoefer, and Jian-Lin Mi. Back, from left: Will Jackson, Piyush Joshi, Charlie Theisen, winter just expe- rience with one rienced on Long little time for giving particular model, Frank Dusek, Ken Hartmann, Pablo Rosas, John Addessi, Leif Ahrens, Yugang Tan, Wenge Fu, and Rob Zapasek. individual advice on Not present: Matt Ceglia, Haixin Huang, Animesh Jain, Rob Karl, Chong-Jer Liaw, Ioannis Marneris, Wuzheng Island, many which I bought. Meng, Brian Oerter, Steve Perlstein, Steve Pontieri, Jon Sandberg, Rocco Tuccio, Joe Tuozzolo, and Arling Zhang. BNL employees replacing inefficient But Tom was the have received eye-popping home-heating systems, so all are invited to his one who helped steer me in the AGS Upgrades Help BNL Set a New World Record home heating noontime talk on this right direction. The competition may have been bills. But some Lab employees topic, in Berkner, 4/26. Kalb decided to keep track of slim, but the feat was great. With custom-built power supplies built Tadvance hese improvements significantly who took the how much oil he time several years ago to thor- burned during the entire heat- from old inventory and 1960s quadrupole magnets pulled from our ability to unravel how oughly research new models of ing season to compare it to his storage, Brookhaven Labs Al- quarks and gluons contribute to boilers before replacing their previous average use. To make ternating Gradient Synchrotron old ones have already seen sav- a fair comparison, he took four (AGS) can now provide research- the protons intrinsic spin. ings. And one of the resources years of oil usage information ers with five to eight percent they used was BNLs head of the and used data generated by BNLs more protons that are polarized Steven Vigdor, ALD for Nuclear & Particle Physics Energy Conversion Group in the meteorological services group to breaking its own world record newly formed Sustainable En- adjust for differences in seasonal set in 2009 for the highest po- ergy Technologies Department, temperatures. He found that his larization, energy, and intensity in RHIC measurements of spin more than half a mile around. Tom Butcher, who knows a thing savings were somewhere around beams at BNLs Relativistic Heavy sensitivity, so an eight-percent rel- This synchrotron is made up of or two about the subject. 25 percent. Ion Collider (RHIC). ative beam polarization improve- 12 sections, labeled A through I am a strong enthusiast for I was very pleased with In the quest to understand ment can reduce the time needed L, each containing 20 different doing this right, Butcher said. I that, he said. It was a signifi- how the universe works by look- to reach given data quality by as magnets. Alternating, opposing know that theres a lot of energy cant investment, but a boiler is ing at the smallest subatomic much as 36 percent, said Steven magnetic forces focus or defocus to be saved. something you keep for 30 years. particles, RHIC is the only ma- Vigdor, Associate Lab Director for the beam particles hence the And in six or eight years, its paid chine in the world that can smash Nuclear & Particle Physics. These name Alternating Gradient Syn- Choosing a Heating System off. protons that are polarized spin- improvements significantly ad- chrotron steering the particles Paul Kalb, head of the Environ- Scientists are not the only ning in the same direction. Before vance our ability to unravel how on their way to RHIC. mental Research & Technology beneficiaries of this sharing of reaching 99.9 percent the speed quarks and gluons contribute to Accelerating polarized protons Division, sought Butchers ad- the Labs technical know-how. of light at the RHIC demolition the protons intrinsic spin. typically wobble and become vice last year when it became Bonnie Sherwood, executive derby, these tiny particles travel Most polarization is lost in less polarized as they complete clear he would need to replace assistant in the Global and Re- approximately one million miles the AGS, said Vincent Schoefer, approximately two million laps his heating system. gional Solutions Directorate, had through a series of linear and this years AGS Run Coordinator, in the AGS. Woody Glenn, a I really didnt know that to replace her 30-year-old leak- circular accelerators, includ- who is responsible for the AGSs physicist in BNLs Collider-Accel- much about it, Kalb said. But ing boiler in 2008. ing the AGS, to get up to speed performance during the ongoing erator Department (C-AD) who I was interested in something I had no clue as to how to and reach RHIC. With the new RHIC Run 11. Polarization figures has worked at the Lab for more that would be high-efficiency to proceed but I knew this was Tom upgrade, the AGS can now keep strongly into what makes RHIC than 50 years, led the project to save on oil and reduce carbon Butchers area of expertise, she up to 75 percent of those par- unique, so even a five percent in- limit this wobble and increase dioxide emissions. Tom steered said. He gave me websites to ticles in the beam polarized while crease counts. the percentage of protons that me toward a particular type of look at and his suggestion as to they accelerate. Home to three of BNLs seven reach RHIC spinning in the burner and boiler system so I did the top three systems that he The enhancement from the Nobel-prize-winning discoveries, correct direction. some research, called around, See Heating Systems on p. 2 new AGS quadrupoles is amplified the AGS is a circular accelerator See AGS Upgrade on p. 2 Eight BNL Scientists Receive Tenure Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) The Bulletin of March 18, 2011. The contri- tant framework for theories in this field. granted tenure to eight BNL scientists, ef- butions of Peter Petreczky are summarized in In 2002, he joined the Nuclear Theory fective December 1, 2010. The scientists this issue. Group in the Physics Department as a are: Elke Aschenauer, Physics Department; Goldhaber Fellow, then became a RIKEN Mary Bishai, Physics Department; Vasilis Peter Petreczky Fellow at the RIKEN-BNL Research Cen- Fthenakis, Sustainable Energy Technologies Scientist Peter Petreczky, Physics Depart- ter on site in 2003. In 2005, he joined Department; Peter Petreczky, Physics Depart- ment, was granted tenure for significant the newly formed Lattice Gauge Theory ment; Vadim Ptitsyn, Collider-Accelerator creative accomplishments and leader- Group in Physics. Department; Jianwei Qiu, Physics Depart- ship in nuclear theory and for develop- Petreczky is recognized as having ment; Jian Wang, Environmental Sciences ing quantum chromodynamic (QCD) made significant contributions to cur- Department; and Lin Yang, Photon Sciences numerical computations that deepened rent understanding of the phase tran- Directorate. understanding of novel phenomena in sition from ordinary matter to QGP Tenure appointments are made after a the quark gluon plasma (QGP) created of great importance in interpreting rigorous selection procedure culminating in a in relativistic heavy ion collisions. experimental results at the Relativistic Roger Stoutenburgh D2260211 comprehensive review of each tenure case by Petreczky earned a 1999 Ph.D. in Heavy Ion Collider. In particular, he the Brookhaven Council, an elected body that physics from Eotvos University in Buda- pioneered the use of model calculations advises the Director on matters of concern to pest, Hungary, then moved to Bielefeld of heavy quark physics combined with the scientific staff. The BSA Science & Tech- University, Germany, to develop numer- lattice QCD results to interpret experi- nology Steering Committee oversees the tenure ical lattice gauge techniques to study mental data, yielding essential insights process and makes final recommendations to QCD predictions for quark-gluon mat- into the properties of hot, dense quark- the BSA board. The newly tenured scientists ter. His thesis resulted in a well recog- gluon matter. He plays a major role in are featured in alphabetical order, starting in nized publication providing an impor- See Petreczky on p.2 Peter Petreczky

2 The Bulletin April 1, 2011 Petreczky from p.1 AGS Upgrade from p. 1 these were assembled from a coordinating and defining With specifications from thousand thin layers laminated the research directions of large- C-AD Chair Thomas Roser, together a design by BNL re- scale numerical studies of the Glenn turned to plans for a tiree Gordon Danby, who, with equation of state in QCD ther- Jump Quad system that he de- retiree James Powell, held the modynamics. veloped and detailed with team earliest patents for Maglev tech- Said Physics Chair Tom Lud- members from C-AD Haixin nologies. Glenn realized that the lam, Peter is an internation- Huang, Animesh Jain, Chong- magnets could be pulsed because ally acknowledged leader in a Jer Liaw, Ioannis Marneris, Wu- they were laminated, and he de- new approach to QCD in which zheng Meng, Jian-Lin Mi, Steve signed a way to shim the layers Roger Stoutenburgh D5140311 precise lattice gauge results are Pontieri, Pablo Rosas, Jon Sand- for the correct geometry. combined with analytic calcu- berg, Joe Tuozzolo, Arling Zhang The quadrupoles were lations and phenomenology to for the Particle Accelerator scrubbed, scraped, painted, and provide a direct connection be- Conference in 2009. outfitted with new coils and tween theory and experiment To m i n i m i z e i n h e r e n t shims. The Labs Superconduct- at RHIC and elsewhere. He is proton-wobble problems, the ing Magnet Division tested the a valuable addition to the ten- Jump Quad system required first prototype before the instal- ured staff of the department. custom-built power supplies lation. Liz Seubert and two quadrupole magnets We couldnt just turn this From left, Helen Savage of the Fiscal Division with daughter Stephanie to be installed in AGSs I and J on and have it work, added Savage, Ron Prwivo of the Magnet Division with granddaughter, Heather positions. As the particles race Glenn. Commissioning this In Memoriam through the AGS, two of the cus- unique system required help Haas, and wife Cathy Prwivo. Edward Rogers, who started tomized power supplies quickly from a large group, including Now, Heres Something to Cheer About! at the Lab in the Plant Engi- pulse, hold, and pull back surges Run Coordinators Haixin Huang Heather Haas, granddaughter of cheerleading champs was a mo- neering Division on May 17, of power for each of the quad- and Vincent Schoefer, Lead AGS BNL Magnet Division employee ment they will never forget, and 1976, as a senior stationary en- rupoles in a matter of millisec- Physicist Leif Ahrens, and our Ron Prwivo, and Stephanie Sav- they said there were tears of joy gineer and retired as a procure- onds. Forty two times within physicists, programmers, and the age, daughter of BNL Fiscal Di- and a lot of screaming when ment specialist on November half a second, these pulsed cur- operations staff at C-AD for more vision employee Helen Savage, they heard their school name. 30, 1986, died on December 26, rents produce magnetic kicks than a year. have lots to cheer about. Recently the squad, together 2010. He was 86. that keep the particles spinning This AGS upgrade to increase Haas and Savage belong to the with their Head Coach Anna in the correct direction. the proton polarization for RHIC 26-member competitive varsity Spallina, and Assistant Coach Francis Leperra, who joined I dont know what it would was truly a tour-de-force achieve- the then Applied Mathematics cheerleading team from Rocky Samantha Spallina, who is a have cost to buy new equipment, ment that only could have been Point High School the winners Rocky Point alumni cheerleader, Department as a senior techni- but it would have been a mil- done with tremendous amounts cal specialist on September 17, of the 2011 Universal Cheer- traveled to the New York State lion dollars or so, and we didnt of know-how, resourcefulness, leaders Association High School Capital in Albany as guests of As- 1973, and retired from the In- have a lot of money, Glenn and teamwork. Congratulations formation Technology Division Cheerleading Competition. semblyman Dan Losquadro and explained. So, we did it with to everyone who was involved, The squad already holds Senator Ken LaValle. The senator as a technology architect on parts that we pulled out of the said Roser. October 31, 2003, died on Janu- seven Northeast regional cham- presented the cheerleaders with junkyard. Glenn, Schoefer, and their pionship titles. a resolution recognizing their ary 2, 2011, at the age of 71. Glenn scrounged power sup- team in C-AD do not consider Before we could advance to talent and teamwork. Supervisor Cecil Ayres, who came to the plies from the Labs previous this case closed just yet. As they Orlando, Florida, for the nation- Mark Lesko also invited them Lab as an electrician A in the g-2 experiment and decommis- continue to adjust the timing for al competition we had to win the to a Brookhaven Town meet- Plant Engineering Division on sioned beam lines, and the two when the quadrupoles pulse and regional title, said Stephanie. ing, where they entertained the January 19, 1981, and retired quadrupoles he needed sat in a better control the particles orbit, We practice three hours a day, town board and residents with a on April 21, 1986, died on Janu- scrap pile waiting for disposal. they hope to increase the polar- six days a week, and it was ex- short cheer. ary 6, 2011. He was 84. Built in the 1960s, the magnets ization of protons produced for hilarating when our dedication Haas will graduate this June were previously used at the AGS. RHIC again and set the next and endurance paid off. and plans to attend college. Borge Espensen, who joined Unlike many modern magnets world record for BNL. This was a very tough compe- Savage hopes to spend her last the Physics Department as a milled from one solid block, Joe Gettler tition, added Haas. Cheerlead- year of high school enjoying the technician A on May 5, 1952, and retired as a technical asso- The two refurbished quadrupole magnets before being installed at the AGS. ing has become a sport of great camaraderie of her fellow cheer- ciate I on July 1, 1986, died on athleticism, gymnastics and leading champions before head- January 21, 2011. He was 88. choreography, so winning the ing off to college in 2012. national title was a great accom- To watch a short video clip of Joanne Smith, who joined plishment for all of us. the squads performance in Or- the Personnel Division as a Both girls agree that hearing lando, go to: clerical assistant on May 11, the name of their school an- watch?v=AwtliuRKCis 1989, and moved to the Direc- nounced as the 2011 national Jane Koropsak tors Office as a senior secretary on June 5, 1989, died at 56 on Attn.: Former EBS-RMSCO Dental Participants January 25, 2011. She had left Anyone who was enrolled in the EBS-RMSCO Dental program in the Lab on November 24, 1994. 2010 must submit any claims not previously submitted for process- ing to EBS-RMSCO by no later than June 30, 2011. Claims submit- Edmund Killian, who joined ted after June 30, 2011 will not be processed by EBS-RMSCO nor the Accelerator Development will they be processed or reimbursed by the new Delta Dental plans. Department as a project engi- For instructions on filing claims, see neer I on July 1, 1990, and re- dental/linkablefiles/EBS_ClmIns.pdf. tired from the Superconducting Magnet Division on September 18, 2003, died at the age of 74 Heating Systems from p. 1 fired and also gas-fired heating percent savings range by replacing to have saved around $20 billion on January 30, 2011. thought would work well for systems. old systems. by people like Kalb and Sherwood my home. He also gave me names The published efficiency rat- Butcher explained that idle who buy improved burner tech- Henry Pfister, who became a of fuel oil companies that install ings dont tell the whole story, loss is important because during nologies, or change the controls designer IV in the Alternating these different types of burners he said. Theres a lot of other most of the year, most systems and reconfigure existing heating Gradient Synchrotron Depart- because not all of them do. things that you have to look at, carry very little load and become systems. ment on February 27, 1956, and maybe the most important very inefficient. Toms work is right at the and retired as a senior designer Good Savings among those is what I call idle In the summertime theyre forefront of changing the equa- on February 16, 1987, died at Sherwood finally bought an loss, which is basically the energy just keeping themselves warm tion, Looney said. age 86 on March 18, 2011. He advanced system with a com- these systems use when theyre and it wastes a tremendous To make a real difference, had held guest senior mechani- puter that monitors the outside not doing anything. amount of energy, he said. everybody has to play a role in cal designer appointments temperature as well as the tem- His team developed perfor- our personal as well as our work from 1974 through 1978. Becoming More perature in the domestic hot mance maps for many different lives, Kalb said. If you take water tank. systems and laid them against Energy Efficient that philosophy home with you, The first year the difference building energy-use profiles for Pat Looney, Chair of the Labs you have a more fuel-efficient Arrivals & Departures was incredible, she said. It was a mild year but they put oil in the different cities. That way they could look at the effect of steady- Sustainable Energy Technologies Department, hopes that more car, you insulate your house, you buy energy-efficient products and Arrivals Yuanheng Cai.....................Biology end of April and I didnt need an- state efficiency and the effect of employees will take the initiative appliances. In my case, I could other drop of oil until December. idle loss, among other things, on to become more energy efficient, have spent less money on a re- Janine Mehlinger............ Bus. Ops Sherwood said she has re- how much fuel would be used in both at work and at home. placement boiler, but I spent the Matthew White....................... PPM couped half of her investment a year. Theyve created a web tool As DOE Lab employees, we extra money because I knew that I Departures with the savings from three win- people can use to estimate the po- should demonstrate leadership would get it back eventually. But, Daejin Eom................. Photon Scis ters. She lowered her house tem- tential savings for their buildings. in sound energy management as more importantly, I knew it was Kuanping Gong..............Chemistry perature and with her sons help Its our prediction that 50 per- well as use of more sustainable the right thing to do. Sachin Junnarkar...............Instrum insulated all the exposed pipes cent of the units out there could energy technologies, he said. Butcher advised those shop- Gwen Wallasch.....................Fiscal and the floor in her basement. save a bit under 25 percent by be- We have to modify our patterns ping for a new heating system not With those cost-saving mea- ing replaced by new systems that of behavior. That means first and to focus on a particular manufac- New BERA Judo Class sures along with the new boiler, are high-efficiency and also mini- foremost at-home conservation: turer but to look at features. A new BERA judo class will be Im doing just fine and also re- mize the idle losses or off-cycle changing light bulbs from incan- When youre going to buy a held in the gym (Bldg. 461) on ducing our carbon footprint, losses, Butcher said. So some descents to compact fluorescents, system, ask the salesman how it Thursdays from 7:30 until 8:30 she said. smaller fraction can save consid- turning off lights, and replacing will keep idle losses low in the p.m. Each class costs $5, but the Butcher said his group has erably more and some fraction inefficient heating systems. summertime, he said. Design first is free. For more information, long been focused on how to will save less, but our prediction is Looney cited economic impact features and general principles are call Tom Baldwin, Ext. 4556. increase the efficiency of oil- that the median is in the 20 to 25 studies that show Butchers work important. Kay Cordtz

3 The Bulletin April 1, 2011 Sleep Apnea: Getting Help Calendar From the Employee Assistance Program WEEK OF 4/4 Tuesday, 4/5 Trouble sleeping? Call the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Ext. 4567. *Talk: Dying to Get Some Sleep Noon. Berkner Hall. Talk by More than 50 percent of adults is diagnosed, like OGradys, a Marta Maczaj, M.D., Co-Direc- tor of St. Charles Hospital Sleep suffer from sleep problems at CPAP device is provided. The Center. See notice at left. some point in their lives. Nancy cost of the sleep study, as well Losinno, EAP Manager, can help as the equipment, is covered by WEEK OF 4/11 BNLers determine the possible insurance. The mask, hose, and Tuesday, 4/12 causes of a sleep problem by per- headgear can be replaced several forming a short sleep screening, times a year, at no cost to the *Brookhaven Veterans Association and providing educational ma- insured patient. Noon. Hamilton Auditorium, Chemistry, Bldg. 555. Quarter- terials and a referral to a board- I used the mask for a few ly BVA meeting. See below, left. Roger Stoutenburgh D2410311 certified sleep physician. hours a night at first, OGrady said. It is hard to get used to, Wednesday, 4/13 Sleep Apnea but Nancy coached me on how BSA Noon Recital There are numerous causes for in- to use the mask. Now I feel the Noon. Berkner Hall. The Prima somnia or fragmented sleep, but difference. I sleep about seven Trio, winners of the 2007 Fischoff one of the most common is sleep hours, and Im not tired during National Chamber Music Com- petitions Grand Prize and Gold apnea. In fact, an estimated one the day. OGrady added that Medal, will perform. Sponsored in 15 Americans suffers from the she soon will be getting an- by BSA, the concert is free and malady. The Greek word apnea Employee Program Assistance Manager Nancy Losinno holds a continu- other sleep evaluation because open to the public. means without breath, and ous positive airflow pressure (CPAP) mask, and (from left) Pat OGrady, she thinks she may need a new that is the root of the problem Collider-Accelerator Department; Al Borrelli, Photon Sciences; and mask to cover both her nose and WEEK OF 4/18 with this disorder: People with Achim Franz, Physics Department, shared their stories about using CPAP mouth. Wednesday, 4/20 sleep apnea literally stop breath- devices to help them sleep soundly. Achim Franz, a physicist in 468th Brookhaven Lecture ing many times each night. The the Physics Department, said loss of breath can last from 10 to EAP-Sponsored Talk on Sleep, 4/5 his partner noticed that he was 4 p.m. Berkner Hall. Robert Bari, Energy Sciences & Tech- 30 seconds for up to 400 times gasping for air during sleep and lology Department, will talk If you would like to learn more about sleep, come on Small Modular Reactors. per night. persuaded him to see a sleep spe- If sleep apnea is left untreated, to an EAP-sponsored talk on Tuesday, April 5, at cialist. Also, he felt tired when he All are welcome to this free lec- ture, open to the public. Visi- it can lead to additional prob- noon in Berkner Hall. Titled Dying to Get Some awoke in the morning, and he tors to the Lab of 16 and older lems that are potentially life Sleep, the talk will be given by Marta Maczaj, felt a slump in energy at about must carry a photo I.D. threatening, such as high blood M.D., Co-Director of St. Charles Hospital Sleep 2 p.m. each day. He followed Thursday, 4/21 pressure, coronary heart disease through with a sleep evaluation Center. All are invited to learn about the effects of Talk on Robots for Surgery and stroke. Also, the safety of at a sleep clinic in Riverhead. those afflicted with the ailment sleep deprivation, tips on improving sleep, and how Initially I used a CPAP mask 4 p.m. Berkner Hall. Catherine is compromised; they are six undetected sleep disorders affect memory, mood, that did not fit over my mouth, Mohr, M.D., Director of Medi- cal Research at Intuitive Surgi- times more likely to die in a car and stress levels. If you register at [email protected] Franz said. As air was pumped cal, Inc., will talk on From Sur- accident. gov, you will get an email reminder of the talk. through the device, I made geons to Superheroes How Blocked or narrowed airways a hissing sound through my Robots Can Change the Future of Surgery. All are invited. in the nose, mouth, or throat cialists, Losinno said. If you not collapse when a breath is mouth, so I stopped using it, and can cause sleep apnea. The air- are an employee who is having drawn. I had another sleep study done at WEEK OF 4/25 way may also become blocked trouble sleeping or feel chroni- St. Charles Hospital. Then I was when throat muscles and tongue cally tired or fatigued during the Using CPAP able to get a CPAP mask that fit Monday, 4/25 relax during sleep. Large tonsils, day, I encourage you to come in Three BNL employees agreed to over both my nose and mouth. IBEW Meeting adenoids, or uvula may also be for an evaluation. share their stories about their Nancy Losinno showed me how 6 p.m. Centereach Knights of the cause of the problem. Sleep There are a number of rem- sleep apnea and how they benefit to use it effectively. It took a Columbus Hall, 41 Horseblock apnea can afflict anyone, but it edies for sleep apnea, including from using CPAP. while to get used to, but now I Rd., Centereach. A meeting for shift workers will be held at 3 is more likely to occur in men, if it is mild self-help remedies, Pat OGrady, a technical spe- dont even notice it. p.m. in the union office. The in people who are overweight, such as losing weight, quitting cialist in the Collider-Accelerator He added, I sleep less now agenda includes regular busi- smokers, older adults, and people smoking, and sleeping on your Department, said she noticed than I used to without CPAP, but ness, committee reports, and the presidents report. with a large neck circumference. side. There are also a number of about four years ago feeling tired I actually feel more rested. Many people do not know medical interventions that can even after sleeping for seven Al Borrelli, a technical as- they have sleep apnea, and help alleviate the problem, in- hours or more each night, and sociate in Photon Sciences, also often a bed partner will be the first to spot the problem, since cluding dental devices that open your airway by bringing your low- she would have to take short naps during her breaks at work. At the went to St. Charles Hospital for a sleep evaluation after his wife BERA Trips Buy tickets at BERA Store, Berkner those who suffer from it tend to er jaw or tongue forward during time, she was seeing Losinno complained that he would wake Hall, weekdays, 9 a.m. -3 p.m. snore and gasp for breath during sleep (only effective for mild to about a stress-related problem. her by snoring and gasping for the night. The daytime symp- moderate sleep apnea), and surgi- Losinno suggested that OGrady breath in his sleep. The first CPAP Long Island Ducks Tickets toms are sleepiness or fatigue, cal options for more severe cases. go for a sleep evaluation. device he used initially did not The 2011 season begins Friday, dry mouth or sore throat upon The most common treatment OGrady was evaluated in an work well for him. After another May 6, and tickets are $10 each. awakening, trouble concentrat- for sleep apnea is continuous overnight study at St. Charles sleep study, he was fitted for an- Buy one ticket for games Tues- ing, forgetfulness, depression or positive airflow pressure (CPAP) Hospital, in which electrodes other, which worked better. day, May 10, through Saturday, irritability, and difficulty getting therapy, which uses a machine were placed on her head and I was stubborn at first, and I May 28, and get a second for up in the morning. that is connected by a flexible body to electronically record her didnt use it for a while, Borelli free. tube to a mask that covers the bodily functions during sleep. A said. But now Im using it con- Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 5/7 Getting Help nose and mouth (or, in some sleep specialist interprets them, sistently, and I feel better. I sleep Lilacs, bluebells, and cherry I have been conducting sleep mild cases, just the nose). CPAP and follows up with an inter- more deeply and feel refreshed in blossoms await you on Saturday, screenings at the Lab since 2006, increases air pressure in the view, to confirm the diagnosis. the morning. May 7. $22 per person includes and I make referrals to sleep spe- throat so that the airway does In cases in which sleep apnea Diane Greenberg luxury bus, driver tip, and entry to gardens. Children to age two on parents lap are free. Bus Brookhaven Veterans Association Lab Support of Japan Disaster Relief leaves Brookhaven Center at 9 a.m., leaves garden at 4:30 p.m. Quarterly Meeting Rescheduled, 4/12 Lunchtime Collections, Daily Until April 15 The BERA Asian Pacific American Association will staff a table in Berkner BVA Quarterly Meeting, 4/12: This meet- near the cafeteria entrance from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. until April 15. Classified Ads from p. 4 ing, which was previously scheduled for April SHIRLEY main flr, 1 bdrm apt, pvt ent, lr/kit Cash and checks will be accepted. cmbo, granite, new appl, fll bath, hardwd flrs, 5, will now be held at noon on Tuesday, April BSA Matching Donation Up to $25,000 off st prkg, no smkg/pets, sing. pers., credit 12, in the Chemistry Departments Hamil- Brookhaven Science Associates will match dollar-for-dollar all donations chk, 1st & last sec, $1,000/mo. all. 848-6353. ton Auditorium, Bldg. 555. All BNLers who up to $25,000 total from Lab wide to the Japan Society, an American non- SHOREHAM lg bdrm w/furn, tv/ profit organization that aims to bring people of Japan and the U.S. closer int, elect, etc, all incl, 7 mi from BNL, have served in the military are encouraged avail now. $675/mo. 516-380-2650 or to attend. together. BSA and BNLs Asian Pacific American Association have select- [email protected] ed the Japan Society because of its partnership with several Japanese The A d o p t a P l a t o o n team in the YAPHANK lower lvl apt, ideal for 1, suit for and American not-for-profits working on the front lines of disaster relief 2 pple, 1 bdrm, living area, eik, F/bath, sep Brookhaven Veterans Association (BVA) and recovery. Japan Society will forward 100 percent of the donations re- ent, util incl except cable/phone, immed Joseph Rubino D3380509 is again collecting lip balm, baby powder, ceived to organizations that will have the maximum impact, both in terms occup, 5 min to Lab. $1,000/mo. 816-6424. and instant drink mix in individual stick of immediate relief needs as well as the long-term recovery process. For Sale packages for the Labs adopted platoon this You may make a tax-deductible donation online at www.japansociety. WEEKI WACHI, FL Gulf Coast Ranch, month. Drop off gifts in boxes located at org/earthquake (do not select the matching gift program box since BSA 70m Orlando, 45m Tampa, 7m to Gulf, will handle the match separately). If you prefer, you may write a check Ssreen/igp & lanai, fruit trees, SW archi- Bldg. 490, clinic; Bldg. 400, lobby; Bldg. tecture, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, lg d/r, f/p, 2x gar, 488, lobby; and Bldg. 510, library. payable to Japan Society, indicate Japan Earthquake Relief Fund on shed, see photos. $129,900 neg. 344-5537. the memo line, and mail it to: Japan Society, 333 East 47th Street, New S. SETAUKET 02 Col. in Three Village SD, York, New York 10017, Attn: Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Following your 3 bdrms 2.5 baths, master suite w/jacuzzi, Fore! Golf Season Starts Soon donation, you will receive an acknowledgment for your 100 percent tax deductible donation with additional receipt information through the mail. den w/f/p, full bsmt, 2/car gar, lawn care/ snow removal incl. $429,000 neg. 473-5957. The BERA Golf Association is now accepting applications for the For the BSA matching donation, send a copy of your receipt or check S. BLUE POINT Reduced! 4bdrm 2bath 2011 Golf League. New members are welcome. For more informa- Cape, fresh paint, new roof, high effic by April 15 to Jeanne DAscoli, Community Relations Manager, Bldg. heater, cac, eik, fpl, ovr sz gar full bsmt, tion about the league, visit the website at 400C, Attn: Japan Donation. For questions about the BSA match, contact walk to water, see pics youtube, 64 Pau- ties/golf/ or contact Jeff Williams at Ext. 5587 or [email protected] Jeanne at [email protected] or Ext. 2277. manake Rd. $399,000 neg. 516-885-5174.

4 COMPONENTS wads, 12g AA Winchester, Classified 1-1 1/8oz 1000 pc, $10; 12g Rem. Fig 8 & Claybstr 1-1 1/8oz 2500pc, $15. Ext. 5864. Advertisements ELECTRIC GUITAR Epiphone Special II (Ebony), new in box, autographed by Joe Current job openings and a statement of Bonamassa. $250. 878-1303. job placement policy at BNL are available EXERCISE BIKE Sears Pursuit 310CS, ex- on the homepage at cel cond, like new, cust wide/lg seat/digital reers/. To apply for a position, go to www. spd/time/dist/cal.counter, $75. 821-2586. and select Search Job List. For KAYAK Perception Aquaterra Jocassee more information, call Ext. 2882. tamdem, stable, easy to row, gd cond, ask $400. Robert, Ext. 4548, [email protected] Motor Vehicles & Supplies MALTESE/SHIH TZU DOG 19 mos, white 05 NISSAN 350Z 91K mi. 35th Anniv Ed, & gray, under 10 lbs, v/playful, well trained, mint, a/t, orig owner, gar, loaded, new tires, w/papers, chip & shots; w/crate/gate/beds/ belts, brakes, $14,900 neg. 294-7505. toys; mvg, must sell; ask/$450. 445-4027. 05 NISSAN ALTIMA S/SL 32K mi. v/gd STAIR MASTER 4000PT excel cond, cond, 4cyl, 2.5L, fwd, a/t, a/c, p/w, p/s, p/b, b/o. Michael, 804-4662. 4w/abs. $11,000 neg. Chulwoo, Ext. 5254. TERRY CAMPER 29, mstr bdrm, full kit, 04 DODGE NEON SXT 122K mi. 4dr, 4cyl, shwr, 2 fold-down bnk beds, v/gd con, pics, a/t, prem sound, new batt/tires/timing blt, $3000/neg. Ext. 4931, [email protected] Roger Stoutenburgh D5230311 32 mpg. $4,300 neg. Jinying, Ext. 4269. 03 CHRYSTLER PT CRUISER GT 80K mi. Tools, House & Garden Turbo, rear spoiler, tinted wndws, all pwr, AFGHANS 46 sq black, wh. w/red trim; alarm, a/t stick, more. $5,975. 252-259-9056. 52 sq blue & brown; old-fashnd pillowcase 02 NISSAN ALTIMA 122K mi. 4 dr, blk, 4 bed dolls, hand-embr, $30/ea. Ext. 7114. cyl, a/t, a/c, c/c, p/w, p/l, p/s, am/fm/cd, RADIAL ARM SAW Sears, 10, gd cond new brakes, batt. $5,900 neg. Ext. 2947. w/manual, old but gd, $75/obo. 286-3626. 00 TOYOTA CAMRY 108K mi. a/t, v/ REAR TILLER Agri-Fab 36 tow behind, gd cond, elec locks and windows, gold. used w/atv, garden tractor, 6.5hp Briggs $4,800 neg. Bob, Ext. 7161. & Stratton eng, $700. Carol, Ext. 2587. RIMS WITH TIRES 4 18 RT6 Enkei 360 Perfect Rims; 6 Lug; used 1/summer, ex- Yard & Garage Sales The Accelerators BNL Swim Team (from left) Andrew Fox, Wlodek Guryn, Pete Heotis, and Robert Todd cel cond, ask/$700, pd $1,800, 813-6583. ROCKY POINT 4/16/17, 9a-3p; Multi- Boats & Marine Supplies family, furn, childrens clothes, toys, etc; 20 Westchester Dr. Rocky Pt. Ext. 3085. BNL Accelerator Swim Team Wins NYS Freestyle Relay Championship 25 TANZER SAILBOAT Shoal draft 211, aft cabin, encl head, roller furling, 4 winches, Happenings outbd, GPS, more. $5,500 neg. 905-8808. CHINESE AUCTION Mastic Beach Property Owners (Neighborhood Rd & 16 STOWE CANOE 84, green w/wood accents, v/gd shape, orig paddles. $340 Orchid) Sat. April 2. noon - 5p, $6./pp, in- cludes coffee, tea, dessert & start up tix. Plus another 11 medals, but whos counting? neg. Roy, Ext. 6392 or [email protected] Reserve your seat now! Kelly, 874-9048. SUZUKI OUTBOARD MOTOR DF2.5, Mdl Four members of the BNL Swim Team, also known as the BNL Accelerators brought home three SHEN YUN PERFORMING ARTS SHOW 2009, short shaft (15), 2.5 HP, like new, Lincoln Cntr, 6/23-26, 5000 yrs in the mak- gold, six silver, and three bronze medals for age-group finishes at the New York State Masters Short ideal for dinghies, etc, ask/ $600. Ext. 7179. ing 4 days only, shenyunperformingarts. Course Championships held at Eisenhower Park during the weekend of March 12 and 13. The 200 org Brilliant, Inspiring. George, Ext. 4033. Furnishings & Appliances Yard Freestyle Relay team of Robert Todd, Wlodek Guryn, Andrew Fox and Peter Heotis won the NYS THEME BASKET AUCTION St Andrews AIR PURIFIER Honeywell HEPA, $20. Episcopal Church 10th Theme Basket championship in the 45-plus age group. 751-4539. FREEZER CHEST lg, Kenmore/$125; Auction: E. Main St, Yaphank, Sat, 4/30, from noon, $5 admiss. [email protected] Race, Swimmer Place, Age Group Time Take Time in the Pool Glider Rocker maple chair/$200; Laurie, 50 yard Freestyle Many BNL swimmers, including the Accelerators 516-740-8418 or [email protected] Free Peter Heotis 3rd, men 60-64 28.03 BNL Swim Team, have formed a group to log miles FUNTON MATTRESS full size, gd cond, VACUUM FITTINGS ETC. Moving out 100 yard Freestyle v/firm, $30/obo. 744-3902. of my lab for renovations, have conflat towards the goal of a virtual swim to Belize. KITCHEN SET tile table, 4 chairs, gd cond, flanges mini to 10, 3 APD displexes, lab Andrew Fox 5th, men 45-49 1:08.33 Reports Peter Heotis, We are currently almost $100; lamps/$10; custom coffee tble/$100; stuff. Cabinets will be open, if you need it Peter Heotis 1st, men 60-64 1:02.98 at our goal, which was to swim 1,850 miles by the car vacuum/$10; food procsr/$15. 744-4077. its yours (for Lab use only). Bill, Ext. 2377. 200 yard Freestyle end of March. We may have to extend the swim MICROWAVE GE, black, over the range, Wanted Andrew Fox 4th, men 45-49 2:30.71 end-time as we have lost over a week through $40. 751-4539. RANGE GE 30, elect, self-cleaning free BOOSTER SEAT for visiting grandson, Peter Heotis 1st, men 60-64 2:22.51 snow closings and pool repair shutdowns. We gd cond. Betty, Ext. 3562, [email protected] standing, coil burners, beige, v/gd cond, 500 yard Freestyle have 125 swimmers putting in laps toward our $50. Ext. 5128. BOXTOPS & CAMPBELLS UPCS Needed for Kindergarten and 4th Grade Robert Todd 2nd, men 45-49 6:15.68 goal, but we can always use more. TV CABINET 52h, 21d, 36w, natu- ral oak finish comp shelf, drawer, excel class. Bldg. 911A. Nina, Ext. 5894 or nri- 50 yard Backstroke Anyone can participate in the virtual swim to [email protected] cond, $75. Hank, 744-9812. Robert Todd 2nd, men 45-49 34.01 Belize event; you do not have to be in the club. CANOE preferably Colman, gd cond, WHITE & STAINLESS BAKERS RACK reasonably priced. Ginny, 208-0009. Andrew Fox 3rd, men 45-49 41.52 Just add your name to the list held by the life- Substantial, 2 drawers, many shelves, call 50 yard Breaststroke guard, and when you leave, report the number of for photo, $75 u-pic-up in Islip. Ext. 8122. DONATIONS OF DOG/CAT FOOD For pets of struggling families/elderly and or Wlodek Guryn 2nd, men 60-64 38.32 laps you swam. It doesnt matter how long you Audio, Video & Computers Kent Animal Shelter. Collection bins are in 100 yard Breaststroke take, so have courage. The BNL Swim Club, which 2GB DDR3 1066 SODIMM memory Bldgs. 134, 400, 510 (X5864), 725, 901 and 902. Kathleen, Ext. 3161 or [email protected] Andrew Fox 6th, men 45-49 1:24.62 started in 1984, has been organizing these group modules, 4 total, $15 each. Achim, Ext. 4750, 816-0348 or [email protected] FILEMAKER PRO DEVELOPER We are Wlodek Guryn 2nd, men 60-64 1:22.26 swims for several years. Every lap counts and is BLACKBERRY TRAVEL CHARGER fold- looking to hire or contract someone who 200 yard Breaststroke welcome. Liz Seubert ing micro USB portable new $25, ask/$7. excells at FileMakerPro and can develop [email protected] a database for our agency. 516-352-6088. Wlodek Guryn 2nd, men 60-64 2:59.07 Swim One, Swim All DIGITAL ANTENNA RCA 1080 HDTV (AN- FIREARMS I want to buy your unwant- 50 yard Butterfly The BNL pool is open weekdays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. T1251R) digital amplified indr, didnt work ed firearms, new/old, fair $$ paid. Joe, Peter Heotis 3rd, men 60-64 31.78 Ext. 3783, 487-1479. and 4:15-5:30 p.m. for lap swimming by employ- in my house, $20. Stephen, Ext. 7268. Wlodek Guryn 5th, men 60-64 35.65 INK CARTRIDGES new HP 02, 1 of ea FIREWOOD cut hrdwd logs oak/maple/ ees, facility users, and retirees; and from 6:30-8:30 blk/cyan/light magenta, 2 light cyan, $20/ etc, 14-20, split/non split pcs, will re- 100 yard Butterfly p.m. for open and family swimming. Aqua aerobic move free nr Rocky Pt vicinity. Ext. 7861. Peter Heotis 2nd, men 60-64 1:18.31 all. 286-5897. classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30- GIRLS LACROSSE EQUIPMENT 2nd MEMOREX BLU-RAY PLAYER Model grade, need lacrosse stick, colored 200 yard Individual Medley 6:30 p.m. Friday evenings are devoted to family MVBD2535 - used once, have box, has Net- flix streaming & WIFI built-in, $95. Ext. 3970. mouth piece, & eye protection. 703-6323. Robert Todd 4th, men 45-49 2:33.76 swimming 5-8 p.m. ($5/family) and lap swim- PROVIEW LCD MONITOR 15 mon. in OLD US COINS/PAPER CURRENCY 200 yard Freestyle Relay ming 8-8:30 p.m. Admission is $3/employees, loose or collections wanted. Will pay a excel wrkng cond. Pics available. $30. fair price. Ryan, 678-2334. R. Todd, W. Guryn, A. Fox, P. Heotis users; $4/guests; 3-month season passes are $55/ Janine, Ext. 2431 or [email protected] 1st, men 45-plus 1:55.48 individual; $65/family. Retirees swim free. TURBOTAX 2010 Federal & State Home Lost & Found & Business, $25. Rich, [email protected] Miscellaneous BNL OFFICE KEY FOUND in the parking lot on the west side of bldg 421, in the Alternate BNL Swim Champs Make a Splash afternoon of 3/23. Sonya, [email protected] FISHER PRICE POWER WHEELS Harley D mtrcycle model, red/blk, ride on top, ex- For Rent cel, batt chrgr, pics, $75. [email protected] KISSIMMEE, FL T/share, 15 mins Disney Wld, JEWELRY handmade, unique, $5 ear- see, 1bdrm unit/$500/ rings and pins; $10 necklaces. Ext. 7114. wk, slps 4; 2bdrm unit/$1,000/wk, slps 8. JOGGING STROLLER Baby Trend Exped, $500/wk neg. Ext. 5894 or [email protected] unused, blue & gray, 3 lge wheel design, WEEKI WACHI, FL Gulf Coast Ranch, hand brake, ask $50. [email protected] 70m Orlando, 45m Tampa, fly Islip dir, igp LIVE RENT-FREE in waterfront hse, in lanai, fruit trees, 3/bdrm, 2/bath, d/r, f/p, Massapequa. 3/bdrm, beach backyd, 2x gar photos. $950/mo neg. 344-5537. patio, dock; in exchange, take care of el- FARMINGVILLE lg furn bdrm on 2nd flr, derly gentleman. Rick, Ext. 3005. share bath, kitch, lr/, d/r, incl wifi, cable MET ORCHESTRA TICKET Carnegie tv, phone, elect. $575/mo. Ben, 513-8275 Hall, Sun., 4/10, 3 pm. 2nd. tier cen. rgt box or [email protected] 22, seat 3, $100. [email protected] MIDDLE ISLAND 1 bdrm lg bsmt apt, XBOX 360 HOMEFRONT Video game pvt ent, tel., cable, int, strictly no smkg/ mint cond/$35. Robert, 708-6238 or mag- pet, quiet, all incl, nr Lab, BNL employee [email protected] only, 1 mo sec. $800/mo. 672-2451. YAMAHA BABY GRD PIANO 78-79, blck MIDDLE ISLAND priv 1 bdrm loft w/ laquer, mde in Hamamatsu, Japan, E2770345 deck, w/d, d/w, int ,cable, a/c, heat & elec Ser. No.; mtching bnch, ask/$8,900. Ext. 7161. all incl, 3 mi to Lab. $1,400/mo neg. Jim, Roger Stoutenburgh D5150311 Ext. 2765. Sports, Hobbies & Pets RIDGE 3 bdrm/1 bath cozy home quiet 180-GALL AQUARIUM Oceanic: built in nborhd, 3.5 mi to BNL, hdwd flrs/part overflows, stnd, lights, smp, prot. skimmer, bsmt, w/d, updated appli, no smkg/pets, pump, pwrhds, fish, more. $2000. Ext. 7049. please, util not incl. $1,500/mo. 834-9176. BOW FLEX ULTIMATE up to 410/lbs of re- RIDGE spacious 1 bdrm, bath, 7 min to sist, 90 exercises, works all major muscles, Lab, pvt ent&drwy, all utils incl, l/r, eik, w/ attchmts incl, like new, ask/$400. 264-5473. dryer, no pets, tile/new carpet, fresh paint. BOWFLEX Motivator w/lat pulldown & $1,000/mo. 236-9114, [email protected] leg exten, excel cond, $450/obo. Ext. 5873. See Classified Ads on p. 3 On the Web, the Bulletin is located at Bldg. 134, P.O. Box 5000 Bulletin Published weekly by the Media & Liz Seubert, editor Upton, NY 11973-5000 the Communications Office for the em- Joe Gettler, assistant editor A calendar listing scientific and technical phone: (631) 344-2345 ployees, facility users, and retirees of Roger Stoutenburgh, photographer seminars and lectures is found at www. fax: (631) 344-3368 Brookhaven National Laboratory. e-mail: [email protected]

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